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mauMmo Friday irmftyq, -auqtjst 10 ib.
i tjt
V wo xjsa
for putting up fruit. Don't get a poor
Article. but eet the nest. Made only at
-. . Casper's Drus Store.
CUaalBg Corn.
.',SeJ',t "Wole for this la pure Tartaric
Aeld. but It mutt be free from alum. Full
direction! f or uiisEana the pure article
told at Casper's Drue Store.
Sake Ice Cream.
To makecopd cream with little trouble,
aae Caiper'a Ice Cream Powder. It In a
crest help Try It and you will be aur
prlaed. Sold only at
Caiper'a Drue Store
Cuper'a Estrrct Yullla.
- The beat and finest Vanilla made. Rich
fiaTor.no bitterness, ereat delicacy. Sold
tn bottles and by the ounce or pint, at
rorth.be.tof UtoodESFS'" Vnatm-
GASPER'S Drup; Store,
Mala taltart Bnlldlnc, EprlnjtBeld.
Tart -DJly Bepublle" at Urbana Camp
fc OraQud.
The Dah.t' Republic can be bad at Ur-
Dana camp grounds on day of its publication.
.It will be delivered to subscribers at regu
lar weekly price by special carrier. Orders
will receive prompt attention If handed to
the camp grounds chief of police He. K.
F. Bayward.
-. ', IColonel Lamont was awakened by an Aaao-
tatearress reporter and Informed of Gener
al Sheridan's death, lie aald he would not
-eoamnnleate It to the piesldent until morn.
-P tne.aa-he'a asleep." Aasociated Press Dia
ls pateh.1
Don't disturb him, let him rest.
What cares he for the veteran eons?
What cares he tor the worst or best
ej', - ui me pauper crcwi let mm sleep.
"'" j ..
u uoa i uisruro mm. ne's asleep.
.- ,A he was when Sheridan mxlohiarM
E3. Or climbed with his bora ud Lockout'. stern.
3p.-j.i' While Cleveland rested nor cared who died.
:!$, Dost disturb him. let htm aleep.
T . While the bells toll mournfullv nri amw
HA Jtnd the veterans bow their heads and weep,
, vti tnt thn hfMA nf thn hBHnn fAAla ... A
it Ji v"
. .uiufcauuioseioBiuisaieesiy sianar
-y it it because we made men free
K-,. And drove armed treason from the land?
K-.; x uurcap ot eau has been filled full
Ana we cave drained tt every drop,
While copperheads, rebels and John Bell,
itavelauchedwithslee. Mow let It stop.
.vTe've had enough: so have a care,
Show common decency at least.
Or by the cods you'll think the air
Is filled with fiends from west to east.
Mr. Frank Woodbrldge, of Sandusky.was
In tie city yesterday.
Mr.1u a Morris, of the 0. L & W., was
In the city last night.
General Manager Henderson, of Indian-
polls, returned home this morning.
. Ur. John Sanderson, of the Arcade
rff, """" "" """"J 'f U.lftl
.wanaaa ana me norm, lie will be gone
about ten days.
jfcgS The Kippers, a base bail club eompostd
.,--n. -.v. muki naiKio, VLm2 uid uiimuh fc
, fee latter city today. B. T. Fountain is
sBanager of the local team.
'General Manager Moore, of the C. S. &
r-. t f . ,...- -1. .. 1 .
;,, ., wumuie cuy last evening on onsi-
.sew. tie ieii mis morning tor nmn ana
i , Is traveling in tits special ear.
KjT Tt U trt Ka Mmtl aA fKiif 'TaT Tnilt.m V
Vjf --- -.v.- -.. ....a.u ,.
: BrodnecK. the first pastor of SL Paul M. E.
church, tills city, will not be able to visit
Springfield during his present tour In the
There was born, Thursday afternoon, to
'Mr. and Mrs. John Burns, worthy people
living In the east end, across the creek, a
ay baby, which, though small, was physi
cally perfect, except it. was born with six
Sogers on each band,
There is a brown hand-satchel at the pa
trol bouse which was dropped by three
-yonne ladies from a carriage yesterday,
-aad handed In by a farmer. It contains
, ao e keys, toilet articles and ladies' gar-
' sects. It can
be recovered by proper
Tbe storm Tuesday night has played
havoc with the patrol boxes. The police
have responded to a half dozen calls since
that evening that had their origin only in
the disarranged condition of tbe box. Last
sight a "ghost" call came in from Water
and Columbia streets, which nobody
turned in.
A transcript was filed in the court of
common pleas this morning from Mayor
Biker's court at SL Paris. It was ou eoiu
:.plaint of Martha Furkeypile against Robert
Anderson, charging bim with an assault
to commit rape upon her June 28, 1SSS.
Anderson was bound over to court In tbe
'sum of S300.
He gave a good bond for his
at the next term of court
TJrb&na Citizau
For quick raising, the Royal Baking Powder is superior to all other leavening
agents. Ifris absolutely pure and wholesome and of the highest leavening power. It
Is always uniform in strength and quality and never fails to make light, sweet, most
palatable and nutritive food. Bread, biscuits, muffins, cake, etc, raised with Koyai
Eating Powder may be eaten hot without distressing results to the most delicate
digestive organs. It will keep In any'climatc without deterioration.
Prof. H. A. llotf, TJ. S. Government Chemist, alter examining officially tho
principal baking powders of the country, reported :
"The Royal Baking Powder $s absolutely pure, for I have so found it in many
tests made both for that company and the United States Government
"Because ol the facilities that company
'-of tartar,, and lor other reasons dependent
Sjand the method of Its preparation, tho
Sparest, and most reliable biking powder
The Tillers of the Soil Have a Day To-
(ether They 'KtTect a Permanent' Or. Mlsif lliertha fierce Celebrated Last
ganlxailnn. . ' stnght.
The farmers work bardandtake fewJjCP Last (Thursday) evenlngat thoresidence
Idays and it Is certainly very proper that lot Mr. thas. H. Pierce, of south Mechanic
they should get together and have a "time" street, the marriage of Mr. Frank F
once in a while, the same as other folks. Sawyer and Miss, Bertha F. Pierce was
Pursuant io arrangements therefore tho solemnized, in the presence of about one
farmers and Ue!r families of this'"neck of 'hundred guests, by Rev. S. P. Dunlsp.
woods'' assembled at Mr. Thomas Haley's 1 The residence was beautifully and taste-
yesterday, where extensive preparations
had been been niadu for theirenteitalnmer.t
In the beautiful little grove near the wafar
works reservoir. -The time before dinner
was taken up by the coming in of the peo
ple, the putting away of the horses, the
greetings and meeting of old friends, the
hearty "how-de-do" and "how's your
f o! ks" and the preparations for dinner. Two
long tables each capable of seating one hun
dred people were put up and protected
by tent coverings and such a dinner was
put upon them as only farmers' wives and
daughters can prepare, and bow the crowd
did enjoy IL There were just about enough
people there to till the tables. Tho old peo
ple were seated together at one table and
the younger ones at the other. At a given
signal the "gentlemen were required to
change places and partners, and it was in
teresting to see the old fellows "doing the
agreeable" and making themselves pleasant
to their "girls." After dinner a business
meeting was held, over which 'Squire J. L.
lilttle presided, and at which a permanent
organization was effected under the name
of the Clark County Farmers' Picnic asso
ciation. Mr. Windowmaker was elected
president, Mr. Thomas Jlaley vice presi
dent, and J. M. Bergrr secretary. It was
agreed to hold the next meeting one year
hence on the same grounds.
After organization speeches were made by
Messrs. Holmah, Little. Merritt and others,
upon subjects of interest to farmers. Tbe
objects of the new association will be the
enjoyment of an annual picnic together, a
better acquaintance with each other, discus
sion of topics of Interest to farmers, and
other matters that may come up for atten
tion. May it do good and be enjoyed by
very many people year after year. Among
tbe old men with their families who were
present we mention Thomas Ualey, Edward
Merritt, Asahei Franklin, J. T. Warder. J.
L. Little. R L. Uolman, Window
maker, Robert Collins, Joseph Wood,
J. M. Berger, and others whose
names we did not learn. Excellent
music was furnished during the day by tbe
Excelsior band of Lagonda. Reed and Gor
don bad a stand of ice cream, melons, can
dles, tc, and could fill any vacant space
not occupied by tbe dinner.. Various
amusements' were on hand for the young
folks, such as base ball, quoits, croquet,
swings. fcc, and were duly enjoyed. Dur
ing the progress of the base ball game Miss
Francis Maley, of Lagonda, was struck on
the head by the ball, but not very much
hurt. A good many persons came during
the afternoon, swelling the crowd to proba
bly three hundred.- Altogether the first
meeting of the C. C. F. P. A. was a suc
cess, and very pleasant one to all present
Action of the UUUent meeting; Last Night
The Salute tn bo Fired.
In response to -the call for a citizens'
meeting, to take appropriate action regard-
lug tbe death of General Sheridan, quite a
number assembled Tat the mayor's office at
8 o'clock last night
On Motion of Or. J. IL Rodgers, F. M.
Hagan, esq-, was made chairman of the
meeting, and Thomas G Brown secretary.
After some remarks by Dr. Rodgers and
Hon. George C. IUwlins as to what would
be appropriate anil possible, the following
was ottered by Dr. Rodgers.
In view of the near approach of the ho; r
of burial, we deem, .it inexpedient to call
together our fellow citizens in public as
sembly, or to prepare for their approval
any formal resolutions expressive of our
common sorrow at the death of Lieutenant
General Philip IL Sheridan, late commander
In chief of our armr. and of sympathy with
his bereaved family. Nevertheless, we
earnestly request that so far as possible,
flags be draped and displayed at half mast
from residences and public buildings during
all of Saturday; that the usual number of
guns due to the rank of the deceased be
fired during tbe day; and that the fire alarm
bell be tolled while the funeral service is in
progress at Washington.
The above was adopted, and on motion
tbe chairman appointed the following com
mittee to carry out the expressed desire of
tbe meeting; The committee is Thomas
Brown, J. W. R. nilne: Dr. John G.
Kennen, J. M. Rence, F. S. PenfieJd and
L. F. Young, after which the meeting
ibe committee met at Judge Young's
office tltis morning at 10 o'clock, and ar
rauged for tbe tiring of half hour guns
from sunrise to the hour when the funeral
procession m-ves, and then a salute of
seventeen guns, which is the number
deelgnatint theraukof the deceased.
Tho salute will be urea from the little
Miami yards, opposite the Central engine
houH, and the instructions of tbe meeting
will bo carried out in d tall.
Attention, 44th . V, I. and 8th O.V. C
There will be a meeting of the survivors
of the above-named regiments at the gas
office. No. 30 east Main street on Saturday
evening. August llth, at 7:S0 o'clock, for
the purpose of making arrangements for
tlica rr ( munlitn nr P.ilnn.lnia nav( mnn(h
Rnrt for fominK , clark wmty u
! nf the old regiment Let everv comrade
of tbe old regiment Let every comrade
that sees this notice be ou hand.
have for obtaining perfectly pure cream
upon tbe proper proportions cf the same,
Royal Baking Powder u undoubtedly the
offered to the public
"Da. HENRY A. MOTT, Ph. D.,"
U. S. Qovenuntni CkanUt
The N opt I all of Mr; Frank Sawyer and
fUuT decorated, which added a charm to
the scene that will ever remain In the
memory of all present
Many elegant and costly presents were
made by the relatives and friends of the
young couple, showing the high apprecia-
tjoiyand esteem in whlce they are held.
LiA fine supper was "served, consisting of
all that the most exacting epicurean could
demand, and to which tbe euests dovoted
their attention amid the pleasantries and
repartee that was being exchanged around
the banquet board.
About one hundred guests were present
consisting of the relatives and friends of
the contracting parties, among those from
abroad were Mr. and Mrs. Barley Porter,
of Lima; Mr. and Mrs. Harper, of Lowell,
ThA vnnnir mnnlA lft thl mnrnlr'ff for
Cincinnati anQ other points on a wedding
trip, to be gone several days. Upon tbelr
return they will proceed Immediately to
housekeeping, at their new residence on
Ward street, where they will be at home to
their friends.
Mueller Kansler.
At 8 o'clock last evening a pretty and Im
pressive wedding was solemnized at the
residence of the groom's mother on extreme
north Limestone street The contracting
parties were Rev. John Mueller, pastor of
the Concordia Evangelical church, Wash
ington, D. C, and Miss Tony Kanzler, late
a teacher in the Aiken (S. C.) university.
Prof. S. F. Breckenridge, of Wittenberg
college, performed the ceremony. The
bride was attractively attired in white
satin, with bridal veil and Marechal Neil
roses. The ceremony was very impressive.
The contracting parties are both pos
sessed of intellecinai qualities of a high
order and the union Is oue of mind as well
as heart
The presents were rich and and appro
priate. Tbe bride has been the guests of
tbe groom's mother for the past month.
Tbe groom is a brother of Prof. Samuel
Mueller and is one of the most prominent
divines in the Capitol City. Among those
present were Mrs. Mueller, the venerable
mother ot the groom, Mr. Paul
Mueller. Prof. Mueller, Mr. John
V. Maler, Rev. and Mrs. Brecken
ridge. Mr. and MrsTA. McC. Wilson, the
Misses Thomas, the Misses Ballard, Miss
Bushnell, Miss Cutler of Cleveland, Miss
Lottie Zutavem. Misses Uolford, Mr. P. E.
Montanus and Prof-August Mamines.
After tbe serving of dainty' and seasona
ble refreshments tho guests were enter
lalntd by music by the "M" quartette and
by Miss utavern. The music was of a
high order of excellence.
Tbe bride and groom left after the cere
mony for a bridal trip to Newcastle, Pa.
C. A. R.
Regular Meeting of Mitchell Post Last
Last(Tbursday)eveiiIngthe regular meet
ing of Mitchell post was called to order with
all officers present, with one or two excep-
t'ons, and a large attendance of comrades,in
f ict, one of the largest turnouts this year.
Upon mot'on Comrades R. L. Kilnatrick.
Wm. Baliingcr and David King were apr
polnud to urult resolutions upon the death
of General Sheridan. "
The membership roll of the post was in
creased by the muster of live applicants
and the reinstatement of htteen delin
quents.- The new tnusteis sro J. P. Mar-
tmdell, Thomas Hoyd, Thomas Jagbe, Wm.
Let-e and W. J. Balrd.
The committee on resolutions offered the
folio wing:
WluTuas, In the death of Gen. Phil S.
Sheridan the country has lost one of Its
most distinguished patriots, the army one
of Its most Illustrious commanders and the
G. A. IL one of Its most bloved comtades,
therefore, be it
Unsolved. That so long as a comrade of
Mitchell Post shall survive love for his
memory shall have a deep place in their
Resolved, That we, the members of
Mitchell post, Springfield, Ohio, hereby ex
tend our deepest sympathy to bis bereaved
wife and'cblldren:
Resolved, That the members of the post
wear the customary badge of mourning,
and that tbe hall be draped in mourning
for forty days. R L.Kii.patiuck,
Wm. Baluxoku,
David King.
After tbe transaction of some other busi
ness of minor importance, tbe meeting
The Buckeye Bivouac" Spends Iu Last
Might Very Delightfully.
The last night of tho "Bnckeye Bivouac"
on Mad river, near Snyder's, was glorious
ly spent Thursday evening, and the grand
finale was a memorable one. A
large orchestra was presenf from Donnels
ville and dancing was carried on
with animation from 8 o'clock to far past
midnight About seventy-five guests were
present and the night was a dream of fire
works, feasting -and pleasure. It wilt be
many a day before a pleasanter camp than
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Nicknm's is presented,
Cnt Ills Foot.
Frank Morris, 15 years old, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Morris, of near Plattsburg,
met with a painful accident last Thursday
morning, which will lay him up from work
for some time to come. While felling a
tree, the ax slipped from his hands, edge
down, striking his left foot, and almost
severing the big toe, only a small portion
of the skin holding it together. However,
Mr. Morris bounded up the wounded mem
ber as best be could, and brought the young
man to the office of Dr. Farr, who skillfully
dressed the wound, which will doubtless
rapidly heal. SentlneL
After Many Days.
City Clerk Shewalter has received word
that Nettea & Co., ol Cincinnati, has taken
up 810, COO of the market bouse bonds, and
sent a draft for tbe amount from the Cin
cinnati First National Tbe bonds were
turned ouer to Blake Bros. & Co. A tele
gram was received Instructing tbe city
clerk to direct 35,000 more sent
Colgate's Cashmere Bouquet. '
A toilet soap unequaled in' purity and in
delicate combination of exquisite perfumes.
Work dons at
10 & 12 W. High.
IV. T. Smith's Drus stute Damaged by an
Early Mornlnc Blase,
Shortly after 7 o'clock this (Friday)
morning a disastrous fire did heavy damage
at W. T. Smith's drug store, No. 10 south
Market street, between High and Main
streets. It is probable that the loss on
stock and building will aggregate fully
53,000, and may exceed that figure.
At 7 o'clock" this morning, Mr. Smith
was driven down to tbe store fiom his resi
dence on west High street by his son Vic
tor. The latter then drove back home,
and after opening the front and rear
doors, Mr. Smith washed off a piece of
ice the ice wagon had deposited at the
frontdoor, and, after placing it in the
cooler, went out to the hydrant to fill a
measure with water. While he was bend
ing over tbe hydrant parties from across
the street rushed over and told him the
store was on firev. Mr Smith hastened to
the door and found the stbre full of dense,
oily smoke and the rear a dense, crackling
mass of tames.
An alarm was keyed in from box 3. and
the Centrals, Westerns and Cllftous re
sponded. A line of hose was run In by the
Westerns, and two lines from the chemical
carried' to the rear through Conklin's gro
cery adjoining. Such prompt and excel
lent wore was done that the blaze wasi
speedily extinguished before the fire had
Tbe fire and smoke damaeed all tbe
Lstock and scorched and charred the wood
nwti oocviaujr tuai iu wo jcar put ui tuo
The department In which the blaze orig
inated was filled with'olls, paints, alcohol,
kerosene varnishes and other materials of a
highly combustible character.
It ia probable that tbe fire had been
smouldering all night and that the draft
between the open doors fanned It into a
fierce and immediate flame. Three bar
rels of "alabastlne" plaster, In the room
over tho rear of the store, were burned up
and tbe wood-work charred.
Mr. Smith estimates his damage to stock
at 81,500 and to the building 83.000. Both
fully covered by an aggregate of 84,500
insurance in the Knox and Ohio Mutual
Mr.Alex. Syke, a JTormer Sprlngflelder
FrlgutfullylnjuredXear Larkes, Kan
The distressing news was received In
Springfield yesterday that Mr. Alex. Sykes,
a former well-known resident of this city.
now operating his new farm, six miles from
Larken. Kansas, met with a terrible acci
dent a day or two ago, which will make
him a cripple for life. While operating a
mowing machine upon his place, he acci
dentally got bis right foot caught In the
knives of the machine and was so
badly cut and torn that it may
have to be amputated, although the
physicians are making Btrenuous efforts to
save it At all events. Mr. Sykea wwl be a
cripple for life. The tendons were nearly
all severed, and tbe Injury Is a frightful
Mr. Sykes was doing splendidly at his
new. home, had just paid for a farm of 100
acies and purchased another of tbe same
Mze. He was a prominent musician in
Springfield and had many friends who will
sincerely deplore his misfortune.
At Home Again.
Rev. Dr. Steele, rector of Christ (Episco
pal) church, has returned home from bis
summer vacation trip, and will resume his
services next Sunday at tbe usual hour.
AH "are cordially Invited and will be wel
The llddy Cae.
In the police court, this afternoon, young
Pat Llddy was fined 85 and costs in tbe
case of disorderly filed against him some
days ago.
Transfers of Real Estate.
John Hell to Peter Lothscbuetz, lot on
Sycamore street: .81,500.
Executors of Peter Lohnes to Albert J.
Detrlck, lot In Lohnes's heirs' addition:
Board of education ot Bethel township to
Henry Monk, lot In Med way: 8250.
Almon Bradford to Elizabeth A. Haines,
property in 'South Charleston: 82,500.
John Haines to Rosa. Walde, lot In Ed
wardsville: 8250.
Fred A. Blckel to Albrecht Gaebel, lot In
Gove's subdivision: 8000.
Uouck and Coleman, assignees, to W. C,
Metcair, lot la KL Uouck's addition
B. F. Prince to Wittenberg college, lot In
Ward streef 8200.
James P. Coffidel to George W. Coflldel,
quit-claim to land in Mad River township:
James C. Fuller to Mary J. Black, 4
acres ot land In Pike township: 8295.
Peter S. Zim to Mary J. Black, 3 77-100
acres land In 1 ike township: 8200.
Houek Jc Coleman, assignees, to Mellnda
Keul, lot in K. L. Uouck's addition: 8234.
Uouck i Coleman, assignees, James
B. Swick, property on south Yellow
Springs street: 84.000.
N. S. Conway to Charles H. Grove, lot
in Catawba: 3300.
D. R Uosterntan to Cornelia Moody, lot
in Oliver Clark's addition: 8600. '
W. II. Houck et al., assignees, to Silas
Crowoll, lot in E. L. Uouck's addition:
W. U. Houck et al.. assignees, to A. B.
Crowell, two lots In E. L. Uouck's addi
tion: 8463.
Martin Kuntzto E. N. Tibbetts, lot on
Taylor htreet: 81,000
W. B. Baker, sheriff, to George Rnnyan,
80 84-100 acres land In Pleasant township:
Mary A. Todd to John H. Wolfe, 11 66-
100 acres land iu Greene township: $1,200.
W. H. Houck. et al., assignees to Ansel
Vlriney, lot in E. L. Houck's addition:
W. II. Clayton to John IL Fnnderburg,
lot In Enon. 8300.
George Slntz to Philip F. Crisslnger, two
lots in Limestone Utty: sioo.-
W. IL Houck, et al, assignees, to John
Houck. lot In E. L. Uouck's addition: 867.
W II. Houck, et al.. assignees to Laura
B. Uouck. two lots in E. L. Uouck's addi
tion: S29.-1
W. II. Houck et al. to B. F. and J. A.
Funk, lot in E. L. Houck's addition: 8875.
Marl ha Baker to Margaret Paul, lot In
New Carlisle; 8675.
August L. Molno to Demont Stephen
son, lot In Stroud's addition; 81,000.
34.00 to Niagara Falls and return, via tbe
C. S. & C. R. K., Tuesday, August 21st,
10 and 12
West High St.
One Pi
From 25 to 40 per cent, below regular former price, as long as they last. Not a
garment will I carry over. Every article is marked with the regular as well as
the reduced price, so you can see the sacrifice I am making. Remember, this is
straight goods, all wool and a yard wide. NO OLD CHESTNUT in this house.
Remaining In thff PiMtoffleti at Sprint-1
Held, Ohio, August O, 1888.
Atchison. Mrs Betsy Mecashen Jllas Minnie
Alrv. Daild
.ticranana. j.iaa
Miller, Dudley
Mongen, Ii E
Monmn. Johnnie
Miller, Mrs Mary.
Nura. Walter N
Korrla, Miss Katie
Predmor. Miss flora
Kjan. John
Knblnion, Isaac
Roberts. Miss Mary E
Randall. Miss Louie
Republican Music Co
Rader Miss Kate
Roabson. Sam
Koppold Co
Benson. Miss Nora
Blair, John
Bryant, SB.
Baker, MIssMoley
Brown, Harry
Clark, Ollle
Curtis, J J
Dolem. II
Kppert, f aul
Erwtn.W P
Fencll. Chris
Flatter. Harold K
Ford, Miss Kittle
403 North Madison
Falkner. Richard
Oalie, W II
tlAwwln. MlmDolIle
Uoodtellow.Mlss ClaraSexrls. John
S&eksteader. A
Green.MIss Leila M
George, Miss Mary
Harris. J Y
Haver. W II
Selser, Thomas B
Stove, Mrs Anns
Searls, John .
Scoot. Mrs Mack
Houtshell. Harre
SlnlDKer.Mtsa Eliza
Ilalthcock, Miss Clem- Smith. Tbomas
eotlns roan, unwu
Harris, V A Thompson. Earl W
Barber Trlteh, A P (2)
Ibaeh.MrsBF Thomas.Mrs
Jacobs. P II (2) Updegrote. Miss Mag
Jones. rs Frank kle .
Jones. Henry TTahl.CW
Knleter. Harry B Whitney, W A
Kernan. Edward Willlaon.Webb
Lyie. Charles Williams, Willie
Lamber.Nlas Williams: K
Laundress Walter. Miss Mary
Llppeneott. George II Worthtonton.Mrsgllen
Lewis Art & Co Walter. Laura.
Miller. Alfred Webber.FA
Moon. Miss Era Willis, Elmer
Foley, John
Hammond. Mrs Klckart, Joseph
Kleppenbont.J Slayter. Mrs Mollle
Mallory, J U 2SH east Main
Persons calllnr tor these letters will please
say "adrertised." and el re date ot list. It cot
called tor In one mouth they will be sent to
the Bead Letter Lfflce.
Letters must be directed to street and num
ber In order to havethem premptly and cor
rectly dellrered.
F. M. Haoim, Postmaster.
Uolou Depot Ilullettn.
The C. S. & C. and O. I. &. W. railways
will sell cheap tickets to the delegates arj4
others attending tbe following meetings:
The Crand Lodge of Knights and Ladles
nf Honor, annual session, Indianapolis.
Ind., August 14 to 16, 18SS. Tbe National
Association of expert Judges, on Swine,
Indianapolis, Ind., July 31 to August S,
1888 The young Mens' Prohibition Leasrue
of Indiana, Indianapolis, July SO. The
North-western Volunteer Firemens' asso
ciation, Upper Sandusky, O., August 15 to
16, 18S8. The American Society of Mlcro
scopists, Columbus, O., August 21 to 25.
The General Council of the Evangelic
Lutheran church. Minneapolis. Minn.. Sep
tember 13 to 20. 1SSS. Tbe Ninth Illinois
Volunteer Veteran association, Chicago,
Ills., September 1U and 21, 18S8. The Ohio
State Recorders' association, Newark, .0.,
August 1 and 2. For rates, time of trains
and general Information call on or address
C. L. Hilleary. passenger and ticket agent.
Union depot, Springfield. Ohio.
"r ,
Missouri, according to certain statistics,
contains over 20.000 manufacturing estab
lishments which furnish employment for
about 150,000 people.
Hra a fine team and pas winger wagon that
he will run to the
Urbana Camp Ground,
To ennTey private parties nt twelve nr fif
teen. Kates very reasonab'o. Mtdress
V F. 1!10.!-M vv-.
Ko 2sr, West Columbia Street-
.t. 13. Ani-aLt,
t Dissolution Kollce.
Theeo-parrnerablp heretofore existing be
tween J. M. Stewart and J, M. Oldbaci, under
tbe Arm n.ime ot J M Stewart Jt Co, Is this
day dissolved by mutual consent
All debts contracted by aald firm will be
paid by J. M.Oldham, and all o1dk to said
firm will be paid to him.
J. M. Stswabt,
Ausust 9. 1881.
Mr. Stewart retires on account ot ill health,
and bespeaks for the new firm the patronage
so liberally bestowed upon the old, at No. 10
east Hicb street. 190m&S2a
Urbana drop Meetlt-g.
Best 'bus in the city will leave the post (lfflce
corner at 6 a. m. Sunday and Wednesday. 15th.
Round triu tickets SI. On saleatclirxrstnn-.
37 east Main, and 248 Clifton street. Be sure
aud buy your tickets early, or they may all be
.T -
NOS. 17 AND 19
Embracing over 200 styles, at greatly reduced prices.
P. S Goods sold by ths pattern, if desired.
jotust h:. "wilsoiet;.
Superior to all
rruit Salts and Mineral
forlndlgeJtIon.DTspepsla.Headache.Costtreness. Prickly llfl Mill W L.sJln
Ueat, Tetter. Salt Bheum. Scurvy and all diseases 'arialnJIWI'" '
trom a disordered condition ot the Stomach. Liver. Bowels." ,l
& C0MPY5,
o w.
Pleasant to the taste. Cooling Refresh! nir.Invlzoratlnir. Adapt
aiiI,HVUblAO, DRV In mvdrr nd eirrr..
I cent. evDon't tall to use It.
-' :l
. -.1
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,&.. &
sT -'J
m ;.
- ?
''' MB!
': . ffif
' i -; m
' am
.i , Hi
ft i n
i m
'ar.- -rfeTP'.K'
-7: " Z-.KK AiSj&Aiki
"fSeo-."'. r. ,f
m?gr.-.;3-Tcygsatja..eMa , -"aStEiSCKi
- .. V ',WMMLJUlSJ2- ' f i C. le&l B319BSJ1
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