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VOL. YI.--KO. 137.
There la much concern about the
Lytle Insurance law which ha3 Just
passed tho lower branch of the Legis
lature and la now before the Senate.
Is patterned after what is known as
ie Massachusetts law, and has been
adopted In several other states. It.
secures to policy holders, who have
paid at least two years' premium and
who lapse, a return to them of the
"net value" of the policy, either In
cash, or in such proportion of the
policy payable at death as this net
cash value would purchase. A man
may have paid his premiums to a com
pany for thirty years, and then
hrougli accident or Inability, his pay
tent If not made on the,date it Is due
aU his policy is cancelled, and ho
lofea ill his rights nnder it, This law
Btaa ;hat and insures to such polloy
thj'uet value" of such polioy, a sum
fidby insurance law and custom,
anj Well kno,vn and agreed upon by
alllusurance companies. This net
vaie of the lapsed policy holder at
iaut mo V , iui.ii 'A I' uiuuug luu 11,
miner nnllnv hnlHpra In Minntinnn
ofeoates or dividends. In equity it
bemgs to the poor lapsed policy
holer, and this law secures to him
th) small justice.
A New Business.
1; J. Cloary has opened a etoro in tho
Feiuson's building, on East Centra street,
andis prepared to furnish tho local irado
wit, lino leather and shoo findings and nil
kins of shoemaker's supplios. His stock is
a latgo ono and well equipped to fully
supply all demands of the trado. 6-15-tf
Beautiful I
Is 'jbat everybody says Jof tho display of
nccrrear at "Tho Famous" j a COo tio for
Tp.NervouB, Debilitated Men.
If , you send us your address, wo will
mailvou our illustrated pamphlet explain
ing nil about Dr. Dyo's Celebrated Eloctro
Voltnio Bolt and Appliances, and their
charming effects upon tho nervous do
bilittted system, and how they will quickly
restdro you to vigor, and manhood. Pamph
let free. If you aro thus afllictod, we will
Cfna you a neu ana Appliances on a trial.
. voltaic ukiv jo.. .aiiirsaaii. jaicn.
ffifcctaclos to suit all eves at F. J. Portz's
I book and stationery store, 21 North Main
' street. 3-20-tf
Wators' Weiss beer is the bost. John A.
ltoilly solo agont. 6-5-tf
I OIEHSTTS per yd for tho
Sold In other stores for 3oc. All lloor
Oilcloths reduced. Call for bargains
Carpet Store, 10 South Jardin St., near Centre
Although Syrups have advanced In prices we make no
change In the quality or
and I2c
"We have a Fair Sugar Syrup
Our New Orleans Baiting Molasses 2 quarts for 25c Is a
strictly choice article.
Cofl'ee9 are also a little higher.
price o2 our Pine Old Java
our 30c Roasted.
Just received a 'lot of Choice
goods at reduced prices.
1 hie Prunes, 2 lbs, or 25c.
Fancy Prunes, extra, larye, 15c, were 20c
JTancy BvaporatedJcllied Apricots, 20o, vere 25c.
JTlne Evaporated Peaches, 15c, were 25c.
JS'eiv Valencia Raisins,
Good Rice, slightly broken,
't-fn .Oisy k kii a ikifiii7 7iimo
y Currant, litspberry and Quince Jelly, five,
Plum, Peach and J?l ncapple Preserves, 2 1-2
Mine Ginger Snaps, choice good, S lbs.
ff Ou Account of
)ur Flour, Our Patent gilunesotn Flour.
diirFlue Kresli Unlry nml Creameri- nuUer-we don't liny I'nteut
nutter, mifl therefore have none to Bell.
ur Clnppca neefitud Hummer Huuumre,
tppr OW Mtyle Yellow llur Soup. More and Ilettcr Hoop tlinu nuy
1 tltluir lutlie market. Will do more work, liecause ft is onl uiitl
I (tlry. Will not Hurt tfiie liauclti, tlteretore cannot Hurt tlie cloiiiou.
rwv .
iQtLnnch Bashets, from twenty five cents up.
His Leoturo to tho Militia De
nounced as Treasonable and
Inoondlary Probing Pen
sion Office Troubles.
Jtii Rational Press Association.
Washington, May 20. A committee,
composed of Messrs. Paul T. Bowon, L.
P. Wild and E. V. Hambleton, represent
ing Distict Assembly No. 00, Knights of
Labor, called upon tho Secretary nf War
and presented to him charges against
Brig. -Gen. Albort Ordway, commanding
tho National Guard of tho District of
Tho clinrges aro in effect that Gin.
Ordwny in n lecturo to tho officers on
tho guard usod language which was
treasonable and incendiary; calculated
to create in tho minds of tho militia
officers a sense of their superiority to tho
law, excessive fear of tho dangers to bo
encountered in tho line of their duty and
a bitter hatred and bloodthirsty vlndlc
tiveness toward such people as they may
bo called upon to restrain in tho intorest
of peace and good order.
Also, that when ho abandoned tho field
of instructions In tho proper military tac
tics to bo used in tho suppression of civil
disorder, to olucldato, compare and con
demn social, political and economic doc
trines, ho oxceoded his proper function,
fr Tho Secretary promlsod the committee
that the charges shall have proper con
The Charges Preferred Against Major llnr
kor Investigated.
Wasioxgton, May 20. Assistant Secre
tary Bussey and Commissioner of Pen
sions Haum instituted an investigation
at tho Pension Office' into tho charges
preferred against Major Barker, Chief of
tho Record Division, for appropriating
to bis personal uso money which was
raised for tho widow of a clerk, recently
deceased, and also against J. II. Dona
hue, who endorsed notes and represented
a money-lender not employed iu tho of
fice Twenty witnesses wero examined, tho
bulk of tho testimony showing conclu
sively that Barker nover had tho money
belonging to tho widow in his possession.
The conclusion of the evidence will, It
is thought, exonorato Barker; but the
charges agulnst Donahue wwo fully sub
stantiated by tho evidence adduced. Tho
Assistant Secretary said that ho was sat
lsflod.that Donahue was using his posi
tion for personal gain and would recom
mend his dismissal.
Tho Tcnnessoo Conirresstunn Drank Poison
by Mistake
Washington, May 20. There is general
regret here over tho sudden death of
Congressman Lcouidas C Houk at Knox
vjlle, Tenn.
Ho died at 0 a. m. Tho previous even
ing Judgo Houk went Into a drug store
In Knoxvillo and asked tho clerk for
a glass of ico wator. It was' placed on
our Fine 'Table Syrup at xo
at 6c a quarfi.
We make no change in the
and improve the quality oi
California Dried Fruits
iour lbs. jor 25c,
t( .
Superior Quality.
arsenic and MV. lloult picked up tho
latter and drank it.
After Mr. Honk had been informed of
what ho had drank, bo did not ap
pear excited or frightened, - but told
tho clerk to send as xpcedlly as pos
sible for a physiciau and mix him up at
once whatever ho considered the best
cmctla The clerk Immediately psramonod
physicians, whowrvked with t'lelr patient
nil night, but Xr. Houk crow worso "nd
died at 0 o'clock in tho morn.ng.
Mr. Houk suffered terribly heforo re
lieved by death and nlthough every
known antidote available was applied
tho physlcitvns in attendance said from
tho start that tn? case was hopeless.
Judgo Houk represented the Second
Tennessee District iu the House of Repre
sentatives for 12 yearv aad was re-elected
to tho 52d Congross. The district has the
largest Republican majirityo? any in tho
South. He entered the Union army as a
private August 0, 1801, and was promoted
to colonel. Sinco tho war he. ha3 held
many prominent ofTlceii, including that of
oiroult court judgo.
Departments to Close on Snturilny.
Washikoto.v, May SO. The President
has Issued the following executive order:
"It is ber$y ordered that the several ex
ecutive departments and the Government
Printing Offlco be closed on Saturday,
tho 80th instant, to enablo tho employes
to participate in tho decoration of tho
graves ol tho soldiers and sailors who
fell in the defense of tho Union during
tho war of tho robollion."
Tho President Going to Phlludnlphla.
Washixotow, May 20. Tho President
will take part In tho Momorinl day exor
cise at Philadelphia next Saturday. Ho
Will loavo Washington early In tho morn
ing and return Into tho same evening.
The Iluptlst Missionary Union.
CrscrNNATi, May 20. Tho American
Baptist Missionary Union was In session
at tho Pike Opera House to-day. Tho
morning session was occupied by tho
reading of the annual reports, which told
of the thriving condition of the work of
conversion. Tho increase over last year
summarized is 47 missionaries, 87 preach
ers, 54 churches and 14,810 members.
O'Malley Wfints n Change of Vcnuo.
New Orleans, May 20. Counsel for
Detective O'Malley, charged with jury
bribing, has given notice that he would
apply for a change of venile. It is
claimed that the defendant ennuot have
a fair and impartial trial in New Orleans,
whoro tho indictment is pending.
Stay Enter the Tobacco Trust.
DunnAM, N. C, May 20. Negotiations
aro on for tho entry of Blackwell's Dur
ham Tobacco Company into tho great
Call Still In the Lead.
Tallahassee, Fla., May 20. Two bal
lots were taken in tho Senatorial caucus
Inst night, each resulting: Call, 52; Mays,
ii Bloxham, 2.
Grlimrood's Murderers Hanged.
' Calcutta, May 20. Tho murderer of
Mr. Qrlmwood, killed iu the Manipur
massacre, has been hanged at that plat's,
A Driving Tarty Meet With tt Terrlblo
Latrobe, Pa., May 25, Richard' Fouks,
a miner from Lock Haven, aged 23 years;
Miss Mollle McNally, aged 10, and Miss B.
McCreary, aged 14, of this place, while
out driving, were struck by tho Pennsyl
vania Railroad limited express at the
Jefferson street crossing nt 8:30 o'clock
last night. Fouks was instantly killed,
and Miss McNally died an hour later.
Miss McCreary was not seriously hurt.
Tho horse was killed and the 4mggy de
stroyed. An Old Woman Strangles Herself.
Cortland, N. Y., May 20. Mrs. Hul
dah B. Hathaway, who lived in Tompkins
street, was found dead In bed during the
morning by her sister. Mrs, Hathaway
had wound a small rope several times
around her neck, but not tight enough
to discolor tho skin. It is believed that
she .died in an effort to strangle herself.
She was CO years old. She bad been
troubled with rheumatism, which it is
believed caused her to become despon
dent. The Synod on un excursion To-day.
Lebaxos, Pa,, May 20. Tho General
Synod of t"o Evangelical Lutheran
Church selected the following persons as
the Board of Missions! Revs. C, S. ' Al
bert, L. A. Hammond, J. C. Kollor, W.
E. Paefcn, O. W. Eiulers, and Messrs. L.
T. Appold, E. D. Miller, J. W. Rice and
A. F. Fox. Tho headquarters will re
main at Baltimore. Tho Synod wont on
au excursion to-day to tho Cornwall oro
banks and Mt. Gretna. Saturday Is tho
day fixed for final adjournment.
Davis Shoe Company Creditors licet.
Boston, May 20, About 100 people at
tended the emitters' meeting of the
Davis Shoe Company. The bookkeepers
bad not tlnjsl.fri their work, and .no
statement was presented. The meeting
unanimously voted thilt Hssjeuces pur
chase btock and contlnuo nmuitfacturuiK
at Lynn and Richmond and fill present
contr cts. A committee was appointed
to iuyesligate,
I ' Mr. Illulim Much Hotter.
New, Yc-bk, May 20. Secretary
Blaiue was up and about tho house this
morning. 'While it is believed that Mr.
Blaine will leave this olty about tho
latter part of tho weak, no definite date
has been fixed, nor lins it been deter
mined whothoir the Secretary will go to
Washington or Malno.
Ton of Sugar Coining.
WlLJtixaTON, D'jI., May 20. Thero are
80 vessels lying at the Delaware Break
water laiea with sugar from the West
Indies. Their cargoes aro worth $720,000
and ttiimuaio i2,00u tou3 of sugar.
Sho Is Charged With DoBortion
and Goes to Jail Two Junk
Dealers Run Away to Escape
An instance of mu-ringo boh;; a failure
was unearthed in 'Squiro Williams offlco
last night. Mrs. Lizzie Beckor, formerly
known as "Lovy" Barry, was called upon
to answer a charge of desortion made by
her husband, William, Thero wore many
sensational developments In tho case and,
at times, thero wero lively scenes in the
justice's offlco. The husband charged his
wife with neglecting him, Retting drunk
and associating with disroputable men and
women. The wifo did not deny the
charged, but answered them with the asser
tion that bo, her husband, nof only con
doned her conduct, but had mado himself
the beneficiary ot her illicit earnings.
The wifo attempted to get at tho husband
several times during tho hearing and
begged the officer to let ifer got "just ono
rap at him." She was asked to furnish
$200 bail and, being unable to furnish it,
was committed to jail until'tho next term
of court.
Tho Jacobs Disappears.
At tho last term of tho Pottsvillo crim
inal court Simon and Morris .Tucoha. twn
junk dealers of town, wore faddled with
toe costs in a caso they instituted against a
neighbor. flhe Jacobs disappeared aftor
the result of tho caso wa3 mado known and
Constable Phillips has gone to Philadel
phia to arrest them.
Levi Kessler, ono of tho local acents of
the Grand Union Tea Co., will move lo
Pottstown on Juno 1st to represont tho
company in that district.
Thomas Sanger returned to town last
night after spending a low days in Phila
delphia and New York with friends.
Thomas A. Evans loft town this morninEr
to transact businoss in Philadelphia.
Mr. Aregood, of the town P. O. S. of A.
Commandery, assisted Grant Commandery
of Port Carbon to initiate a number of
recruits on Saturday night.
W. J. Cassidy. of the hotel at Lakesido.
says visitors to that place on Decoration
Day will bo treated cordially.
Timothy Ooakley, Who was laid up tho
past two weeks with rheumatism, is ablo to
be about again.
Miss Tessie Slattary visited Mahanoy
City friends to-day.
Harry Skelton spent a part of to-day on
business in Mahknoy City.
Col. Ed. Gibbons attended tho circus at
Mahanoy City to-day.
E K. Bitterman and Hon. T. J. HigginB
loft town last night to spend a dav or two
fishing at a distant point.
Llew Herbert, tho basso of Scranton who
will sing in the Sauvago concert to-morrow
night, has been engaged as a member of a
concert troupe formed to make a tour of
England, Ireland and Whales the coming
J. Coffee, the entemrislnir Sotith Main
street clothier, spent yesterday in Mt. Car-
mei on Dusiness.
Arthur Jones, the North Main street
morchant, vas a visitor to tho county seat
J, J. Price has returned to town after
spending several days in Philadelphia pur.
chasing an additional stock of summer
Sllok Swindler.
A well drossed man entered a Pittston
clothing store on Friday night and pro
ceeded to raako purchases of various
articles of apparel, amounting in value to
$1JS. He had them put Into a new valise
and ho then asked permission to leavo bis
valise and all in tho store till next day,
when ho would call and pay for them.
Early Saturday morning when only tho
errand boy was present, ho called at the
store and saying that ho had left his valiso
on Friday, he picked up the property and
walked off without paying tho ?20 or more
which was due. He is supposed$to bo a
professional swindler who works this as a
special racket. The Gazette says: Ho is
evidently a professional sindlqr. He is
about 35 years old, 6 foet 0 inches" high, has
a sandy moustache and is dressed in a
black coat and vest, with striped panta
loons. It is said be is wanted in Wilkes
Barro also, where a few days ago bo stolo a
gross of lead pencils from an errand boy on
tho (treou Tho businoss people of the coal
region aro notified to be on tho lookout for
tho rascal. He is a slick one.
Miles' Norve and Liver Pills
Act on a new principle regulating the
liver, itomach and bowols thiouuh the nerves
A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Mils speedily
cute blHousne-K, had taste, torptu.ttver, pllai,
constipation Uuequaled tor men, wtnuTSi,
children- Binallisi, w'.laest.surex! ! fi.cUscts,
2rvrt. Haini'les b'tee, at C, 11. Uttgtnbuch'a
d ui; store.
Advertise in the Heaalp.
A Skotoh of Another Organization
of Town.
Camp, No. 2G0, P.
O. S. of A., was or
ganized on May 25tb,
1880, and instituted ot.
the evening of tho 2 d
of Juno, in tho same
year, by District Presi
dent H. A. Klock, with
a membership of 206.
This camp is tho second oldost in tho town
and embraces among its active mombort
somo of our leading and influential citi
zens, It was, at tho timo of its institution,
the banner charter camp of the state, hav
ing at that timo the largest number of
charter members of any camp in Pennsyl
vania. Tho members have sinco continued
to add to their roll many now namos, hav
ing during the past term initiated ten new
members. Its weekly meetings aro mado
interesting and instructive by debates and
general discussion upon tho leading topics
of tho day. Thero was but one death dur
ing the year, the name of tho decea'od
being Fred. J. Foltz. Arthur 0. Morgan
is tho present efficiont presiding officer.
Tho receipts during the past term was
$1 385 21, and tho amount paid out as relief
to thoir sick and disabled members reached
tho sum of 1,225.13. Notwithstanding
the large sum paid out as sick benefits the
camp has a total valuation of ?1 024.14,
with $300 out as a loan.
Special Train3.
Arrangements have been mado for special
trains to leavo town on tho Lehihg Valley
railroad for Mt. Carmol, Centralia, Lost
Creek, Iliven Run, lishlcnd, Girardville,
and Mahanoy City at 10:30 o'clock on the
27th inst., aftor the closo of tho Sauvage
concert, at Ferguson's theatro, Shenan
doah. Four Murderers to bo Itesontonccd.
New York, May 20. Tho United States
Supremo Court dismissed the writs of
oi ror sworn out upon tho refusal of the
United States Circuit Court to grant
writs of habeas corpus in tho cirsos of
.Tuglro, Slocum, Wood and Smllor, the
condemed murderers now In Sing Sing,
Tho fou men will probably bo resen
tenced In a few days to die by electricity,
as thoy have no further legal hope.
Father Icnnttus Called u Tramp.
Cleveland, O., May 20. In an inter
view published here Dean Y. P. Morgan,
of tho Trinity Episcopul Cathedral, de
clares that In his opinion the action of
Father Ignatius in tho caso of the Rov.
Dr. Phillips Brooks "Is tho impertinent
interference of an irresponsible tramp."
Doau Morgan was a leading member 'of
tho committee which tried tho Rov. How
ard MncQueary.
llrlght lrosiucts for tho Cnpo Cod Canal.
Bostox, May 20. The House of Rep
resentatives ordered a third reading of
tho bill incorporating Alfred D. Cox and
others as the Boston, Capo Cod and New
York Canal Company. Tho bill has al
ready passed the Senate, and its final
passage iu tho House is now considered
certain. Tho cnterprlso has excellent
financial backing.
AVI11 Fill the Strikers l'laces.
Nnw Yokk, May 20. Tho striking
plate-printers of the American Bank Note
Company havo not yet returned to work,
and the ofllcers of the company say they
will till their place at onco. A largo
number of applications havo been re
ceived and no trouble Is anticipated in
filling tho strikers' places.
Uutchors Fall for 85'0,O0O.
Baltimore, May 20. Charles Loreln
and George Lerein, trading as Leroin
Brothers, havo gmado an assignment for
the benefit of their creditors. The firm
Is one of the largest in the butcher busi
ness in tho city, The liabilities are
about $50,000.
' Mrs. Green Secures u Divorce.
New York, Jlay 20. Mrs. Laura Greon
has obtalued an absolute divorce from
Douglas Grcon, latoot tho broker Arm of
Greon & Batemau, who deserted her and
wont to Europe with Mrs. Alico Snell
McCrea of Chicago. Mr. Green did not
defend tho suit.
A I.lneiumt Falls from a Polo.
Newbuhoh, N. Y., May 20. Frank
Wing, a lineman of tho Newburgh Elec
tric Lltht Company, whllo ollmblng a
polo during tho morning, fell to the
ground, a distance of about 45 feet, sus
taining Injuries that will probably provo
850 Families in if Destitute Condition,
Scottoale, Pa., May 20. Scretary
Parker has ltsued a ciranlar In which he
states there are 850 famllloa in tho region
homeless and penniless, who aro living
in stables aud coal sheds. Ho appeals
for aid to relievo their imperative wants.
An Iron Company Suffers by Fire.
Plattbbuuo, N. Y., May IsO. Numbor 4
eeparator, owned by the Chateaugay Oro
and Iron Company, and located at Lyun
Mountain, was burned to tho ground at
noon. The los is about $100,000.
Gold Going Abroad.
Nsw Yokk, May 20. Hold coin to the
amount of $800,000 has beon taken for
shipment to Europe to-morrow by steam
Ehip City of Paris.
Buy Keystone flour Un careful that tho
namo Lussra & Co., Ashland, Ph., ii
print4 on every sack. 8-8-3taw
The Firm Transacted a Shoo Bus-
ness of $20,000,000 a Year.
Tho Crash Caused by Failure
of tho Hill Company.
By National Press Association.
Boston, May 20. Pottor, Whito
Bayloy, boots aud shoos, doing business
at 130 Sumner street, havo assigned to
E. H. Dunn, W. H. Allen and President
Bullins of tho Rovcro Bank, whero Mr.
Potter is a director. Their liabilities aro
estimated at about $1,000,000.
Tho firm has done a business of $20,
000,000 a year, aud tho failure gives tho
mercantile community a decided shook,
although during tho past threo years
thero has been more or less talk to tho
effect that the firm's condition was not
of tho bost.
The firm Is composed of John G. Pot
tor, II. M. Stephens nnd Frank C. Potter.
John G. Potter is the only living mem
ber of tho original firm. In June, 1880,
Mr. Pottor admitted his son, Frank C,
and Mr. Stephons, the latter having long
been an omployo of tho house. Tho
firm's fnctorios aro at Farmlngton, N.H.,
and Cochltuate, Mass.
Tho Hill failure Is belioved to havo
been tho immediate cause of tho fnlluro.
Tho slump In tho Wostern and Southern
trado also lias much to do with it. Mem
bers of tho firm declined to talk ot tho
fatluro and roforred all Inquirers to thoir
counsel. Tho latter, however, is out of
Interesting Developments Expoctod Abi.'it
, tho Star Itubber Company.
Trextox, N. J., May 20. Tho counsel
for tho Star Rubber Company will ask
tho Chancellor for n receiver. No ex
planation Is mado as to whero tho money
has gone, except that the banks will re
fuse to discount the paper now held by
tho Star.
It is estimated that thero Is at least
$700,000 of tho Star Company's paper
scattered- around iu New Jorsey banks,
with somo In' Now York and Philadel
phia. The plant of tho concern Is valued
at $200,000. Tho valuo of tho stock on
hand is not known. There will bo somo
interesting developments in tho next two
Ho 1p Still Too 111 to Appoar for tho Koy
( stono Hank Hearing.
Philadelphia, Pa., May 20. Chief of
Polled A. W. Wikort of Harrlsburg ar
rived in this city with a warrant for tho
arrest of City Treasurer Bardsloy, charged
with tho embezzlement of Stnto funds.
Tho warrant was sworn out by Chief
Wikert before Alderman Maurer of Har
rlsburg, and immediately thereafter Auditor-General
McCamant and Chief Wi
kert started on a train for Philadelphia,
being joined at Lancaster by Attorney
General Hensol, nnd reaching this city
shortly after 10 o'clock.
Tho warrant and affidavit, mado by
Chief Wikert charges Mr. Bardsley "with
embezzling a largo sum of money, to-witt
The Bum of $453,034.08 belonging to tho
State of Pennsylvania, and was de
manded from him ou tho 10th of May A.
D., 1891, in a settlemont, mado by tho
Audltor-Gonernl, according to tho act of
General Assembly In such cases mado
and provided."
Bardsloy was put under $50,000 ball
for a furthor hoaring on Friday, and will
go to jail as soon ns he Is ablo to leavo
his sick bed, which will bo in two or
threo days, his attending physician, says,
providing ho improves as ho has dona to
day. No trace of G. W. Marsh, tho fugltivo
prosidont of tho Keystone Bank, has yot
been dtsmv&rcd. United States Commis
sioner Bell said to-day that it would be
impossible for him to leavo tho country,
as every i ort is watched. He also said
that ho never know of such strenuou ef
forts being mado to capturo a fugitive,
no expense being spared.
Gov. Puttlson Appoints u City Treasurer.
IlARBigBuno, Ph., May 20. Gov, Pnttt
son sent to the Senate last night the namo
of William Redwood Wright, of Phila
delphia, for tho position of olty treasurer
ot Philadelphia, vice John Bardsley.
The Governor urges prompt considera
tion and action In the matter in view ot
tho grave oonditlons and complications
existing In Philadelphia as to tho funda
of tho olty and State.
Teacher 7ov,Touuuy,wheu ehould
a capital T be used ?
Tommy Always.
Teacher Always! Wlat do you
mearj ?
Tommy Why, we use Graf's Tea
always at home, aud mamma says it la
a capital tea. '
And Tommy was right. For a cheap
lea we defy competition on bur25-eent
goods. We have an exoellejit mixed
tea at 40 conts, and bettor ones at iO,
00 and 75c. No presents.
No. 122 North Jardin Street

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