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Shenandoah Herald.
I, 0. BOYEE, Editor and Publisher,
W. J. W ATKINS, Local Editor.
subscription rates:
Daily, per year,.....-.; S3 00
VfjtxKLY, per year
, i 50
Enttred at the Postofflce, at Bhenandoah, Pa.,
Mr tranimlMlott through the Mails
as seeon d doss mall matter.
Suddon Deaths.
Heart disease is by far the most frequent
cause of sudden death, which In three outof
four cases Is unsuspected. Tlio symptoms are
not generally understood. These arc: lylcj,
on the rleht side, short breath, rain or dis
tress In side. back or shoulder, Irregular
Fiuise, tim.mn, went: anu uuugry speus, winu
n stomach, swelling ol ankles or drops;,
oppression, dry cough and smothering. Dr.
Mi'es' Illustrated book on Heart Disease, fret
atC. n. Hageubueb, who sc-ll and guarantte
Dr. Miles' unequried New Heart Cure, andhls
KcsloratUe Nervine, which cures ne.vout
ness, headache, sleeplessness eflects of drink
ing, eic. ii coniams no opinies.
The Twentieth Victim.
TARRTTOWtr, N. Y., May 29. After
sufferinn: nearly two weeks Edward
Flnnluan. who was injured in tho dyna
mite explosion hero May 19, died nt tho
Provident Home Hospital at :5U a. in,
His death makes tho twentieth on the
roll of that nwful Tuosday.
Shot Ills Sister.
New Yonrc, May 29. John Brndley,
ngod 17, while testing n newly purchased
riuo accidentally shot his sister veronica,
need 13 years, who was watchli.: ha
from a window in the rear of tho house.
She died almost instantly.
Shoo Blnnufnctnrers in Trouble
Boston, May 29. W. & J. M. Bent, boot
and shoo manufacturers of Cochituato,
Mass., are financially embarrassed and
will probably settlo through insolvency.
Their liabilities oro estimated at $150,000.
Sir John Dlacdounld'g Illness.
Ottawa, Out., May 29. There is no
cause for alarm about Sir John Macdon
nld. Ho Is suffering from a cold, and al
though in a woak condition is ablo to
attend to the publio bui'noss at his homo.
Delay Cuasod by Oan. K't'.lor's Illness.
Boston, May 29. 0" account of the ill
Bess ol General Butler tho habeas corpus
proceedings in tho caso of Clarietta
Johnson have been continued until next
Hold It to tho Light.
Tho man who tolls you confidentially
ust what will euro your cold is prescribing
JKomp's Balsam this yoar. In tho prep
aration of this romarkablo medicino for
coughs and colds no oxponso is spared to
combino only tho best and purest ingredi
ents. Hold a bottlo of Komp'e Balsam to
tho light and look through it; notice the
bright, clear look; then compare with
o'Aor romedies. Price COc. and ?1
These aro bicycling days when arnica
and sticking plastor aro at a premium.
Rooky Mountain Cure.
Tho druggists claim that people call
daily for tho now cure for constipation and
sick headache, discovered by Dr. Silas
Lano whilo in tho Kocky Mountains. It is
said to bo Oregon grape root (a groat
remedy in tho far west for those com
plaints) combined with simple herbs, and is
made for use by pouring on boiling water
to draw out tho strength. It sells at 60
cents a package and is called Lane's
Family Medicino.
IIo who livos only for the sako of his
stomach will soma day dio for tho same
Oh, What a Cough.
Will you heed the warning? The signal per
haps of the sure approach of that more ter
rible disease. Consumption. Ask yourselves
if you can afford for tho sako or saving SO
cents, to run the risk and do nothing for It.
We know from experience that Bhlloh'g Cure
17111 Cure your Cough. It never falls. This
explains why more than n Million Bottles
wero sold the past year. It relieves Croup
and Whopping Cough at once. Mothers do
not be without It. For Lame Back, Bide or
Chest, use Shlloh's Porous Plaster. Bold by
O. II. Hagenbucb, N. E. corner Main and
Laoja sireeis.
Though somo womon have golden hair
others havo but plaited hair.
Shiloh's Consumption Curo.
This is beyond question the mosts suc
cessful Cough Medicine we have ever sold,
a few doses Invariably curo the worst eases of
Congh, Croup, and Bronchitis, while Its won
derful success In the cure of Consumption Is
without a parallel In the history of medicine.
Since it's first discovery It has been sold on a
guarantee, a test which no other medicine
can stand. Ii you have a Cough we earnestly
ask you to try it. Price 10 cents, 60 cents, aud
81.00. If your Lungs nre sore. Chest or Back
lame, use Bhlloh's Porous Plaster. Bold by
C. U. Hagenbuch, N. E. corner Main and
juioya streets.
For every man who knows more than ho
tells thoro aro fifty who tell more than
they know.
The great Dumoulin, when dying, said: "I
leave you two great physicians slraplo diet and
BOft water.' Had he lived until now he would
liave addod a third Cactus Blood Cure for it 13
the only Infallible curo for scrofula and specific
disease yet discovered. Three hundred years' ex
perience in Brazil. Mo failures and no relapses.
Bold at Klrlln's Drug Store, Ferguson House
Block SbonandoaD,
The bird concerts begin now about four
o'clock each morning.
To Nervous, Debilitated Men.
If you send us your address, wo will
mail you our illustrated pamphlot explain
ing all about Dr. Dyos Oolobrated Electro
Voltaio Belt and Appliances, and their
charming effects upon the nervous de
bilitated system, and how they will quickly
rdstore you to vigor, and manhood. Pamph
let freo. If you aro thus afflicted, wo will
send you a Bolt and Appliances on n trial
Voltaio Bklt Co., Marshall, Mich.
Tho difforonco between an oculist and
optician is mainly in tho cost, and in tho
place of business. (
Miles' Norvo and Liver Pllla
Act on a new principle regulating the
liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves.
A new discovery. Br. Miles' Pills speedily
cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, plies,
constipation. Unequaled for men, women,
children. Smallest, rolldest,surestl 5') doses,
6cU. Samples Free, at O. H. Hagenbuch's
rug store.
Oonttnued JFroM First Page.
Annunciation Tempcranco Socloty
St. Patrick's Bohovolont Association
German Order of Rod Hon
Silvor V; avo Castlo, K. M. 0.
Form on North Jardin streot, right rest
ing on Oak streot.
Marshal William Mltchol
Guard of VarBaw Band
Guard of Warsaw
Kosciusko Guard
Koscuo Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1
Phoenix Hoso Co. No. 2
Columbia U. &. S. P. E. Co. No. 1.
Oarriag03 containing the School Board,
Council and others will form in tho rear of
Fifth Division.
Line will movo over tho following
route Out Oak to "VVhito, "White to Coal,
Coal to Jardin, down Jardin to Chorry,
down Chorry to Main, up Main to tho
eemetory. Societies will march four deep,
Marshals and aides will report to tho Chief
Marshal at the Ferguson House at 8 a. m
Tho following letter illustrate thointerost
taken in Memorial Day by tho veterans
of the rebellion :
Erie, Pa., May 23, 1801. J
Mr. Fred. Hopkins,
Dkar Friind and Comrade : I avail
myself of this opportunity of writing n fow
linos to the Post, through you. I slnceroly
hopo you aro prospering and adding to
your number frequently of good material
for ' no G. A. K. I often think of you and
specially on your meeting nights, and as
tho Decoration Day is rapidly approaching,
I wish I wero with you to sharo tho tender
duly of fraternal lovo to tho dear departed
onos who aro resting peacefully in tho long,
last sleep 'till tho reveillo is sounded and
wo shall meet each other in that land of
lifo and joy. I hope to bo remombored by
tho comrades. As I cannot minglo with
thorn, I sharo in their labor of lovo and
pationce of hopo. Wishing you a pleasant
timo on the coming anniversary, I beg to
remain yours in JF. C. & L.,
David Parrt.
P. S. I wish to stato that John Fergu
son and Comrado Burns aro both in our
home. Comrado Forguson h in better
health than ho has bcon for tho past throe
years. They unito in tho bonds of tho
G. A. K. with mo. Wo shall bo glad to
hoar from you at your convenience.
Philadelphia Ilnnk Officers Arrestod for
Sinking False Entries.
Philadelphia, May 29. Francis W.
Konnody, president of tho susponded
Spring Garden National Bank, is
under nrrest again on a warrant
sworn out by Bank Examiner Drew,
charging him with making false entries
in tho books, falso returns to tho Uomp
troller of tho Currency and tho ombezzle
mont of $100,000 and upwards of tho
bank's lundf..
Harry H. Kennedy, enshior of the bank,
and brother of tho president, was also
nrrested nnd charged with conspiracy
with Francis w. Konnody to make false
entries and falso returns.
The hoarlng in the Bardsloy caso will
probably tako placo this afternoon. From
what the law officers say ho will not bo
Bhown any mercy.
It is said that the accoptanco of the
Treasurer's office by Mr. Wright, who
was appointed by uovernor Pnttison, will
quickly bring tho quostion boforo tho
Supreme Court, of who is tho authorized
party to All tho vacancy.
Children's Day Chnngoil to tho Second
Sunday In Juno.
Lebanon, Pa., May 29. At tho morn'
ing's session of the Central Synod of the
Evangolical Lutheran Church, Prof,
Brldgenbargh reported for tho standings
of Sunday schools. It was resolved to
chango the children's day to the second
Sunday in June. There aro 180,000 per
sons in the Sunday schools of the General
Synod and over 1,000,000 in thoso of tho
Lutheran Church in the United States.
Rev. Dr. Firey of Ohio reported on the
Woman's Homo nnd Foreign Missionary
Societies. There nre 094 societies, and
they havo raised in two years S40,o87.
Rev. W. H. Dunbar of Lebanon, pros!
dent of the Orphans' Homo nt Loysvillo,
Pa., reported for the homo. There aro
sow 200 ophanc cared for at tho home.
Groat improvements havo been mado and
tho home Is In a prosperous condition
Tho ehurchos aro asked to give at loast
410.000 a year.
What the Druggists say
of Heiskell's Ointment:
" When we are asked to recommend a prepara
tion for skin disease, wo band out IIeiskkll's
Ointment, with nvtjrv confidence nf Its sumwi.
ful treatment of tho disease."
J. U. nuniCK, 6 Main St., Butler, Pa.
"I have been sellltiB IIeiskeia's Ointment
for eleven years. It elves universal satisfaction
It will cure Tetter."
G. W. IlACKKNiiEKOitn, Balrhrldge, P?
"Wehavoovldencoof the curative properties
reliable ointment"
1'usuino & Ebler, Tarentum, Pa.
"In all skin diseases I Invariably recomnied
Heiskklis Ointment."
J. J. Keil, Sharpsburg, Ta.
"JIeiskeix's Ointmewt cures when all els
falls." itcCi.Ei.LAN & Heed, Frecport, 1'n.
"Heiskell's Oiki-ment sells on Its own
merit-" II. II. Hilton. Kiltauning, Pa.
s?::.v-'B p"-w"bhu5s in wars
Bo uuuoui wet ih ucUoia for iui-rt men thai
yMj wja wim wen pni io aeauu
ft n VTfinQnna . 1 1
HfftrUg from lIEBVOtTS DE-
bvtt or caning jo.n-
bDod. PhvalpAl Rr...... Van.l
Worry, BtnnuJ Davilopmtnt. or
any riE80HAL WEAKHzSa, (tab
,n ..louw rjinrtwi UJ.ALTU ana
MEW, tb Prld aw) rowir of Nations.
o claim by years of practice by
our exclusive methods a uniform
luKBii vuiaits, wtiinetiasand
Affliction! of Mtn. Testimonials
frcm 50 States and Territories.
SSi!.' ?.u,rt?lEV"B18VBeTDAS
M bajnbj Jjjd .art. itlmonlali. addrtu at one.
Tragic Interruption in tho.
Brigg3 Caso at Detroit.
Stricken Down by Heart Disease at tho
Close of n Speeoh-
The Gonorul Assembly Greatly Excited.
tho Session nt Onco Adjourned Tho
Dead Jurist's Kemnlns Sent to St. Louis
In Gonorul Alcjor's Prlvnto Car Dr. Pat
ton's llemurks Oronto a Sensation.
Detooit, May 29. Judgo S. JI. Breekon-
rldgo fell dead while adilrosslng tho
Presbyterian Gonornl Assembly hero dur
ing tho nftoruoou.
Anything rnoro terribly dramatic It
would bo difficult to Imagine Tho
great body of Intellectual churchmen
was at fevor boat over tho Briggs mat
tor. Friends and opponents had nllko
been under great oxcitomcnt discussing
tho famous case.
Surcnsm 3Iiulo n Sensation.
Dr. Pntton had stirred up tho delegates
bv a brilliant and saroastio address
against the transfer business. IIo first
hit tho committee, then ho castigated tho
Godly brethren who could condemn a
brother without tho most minuto inves
tigation. Every word ho uttered scomod
llko a bullot flred into tho Assambly.
"Think of it," ho exclaimed, "by your
very rosolvo you infer that Dr. Briggs is
guilty of offence. "Vou cast reproach upon
his good name anu cripple a great scnooi,
already sufficiently afllioted.
"If Dr. Briircs can historically Justify
his vlows l'B has u right to hold thom. I
do not know what ho could do in that.llno.
Then is it not truo that tho Biblowas
sometimes put at tho threshold of houses
to keep out spooksf "
Hero tho doctor was intorruptod for
several seconds by his auditors, who did
not caro to hoar his harangue. Excite
ment increased ovory moment. But tho
doctor went right on and made his
sledge-hammer blows right nnd left.
Judgo Itreckonrldco's Speech.
Judgo Brockonrldgo followed and his
speech was not unworthy of a goott man
about to moot his God. It was calm,
dlspassionnto, evidently sincoro, and its
closing worus wero a triuuto to uio Bonso
of duty of tho nssombly. He stnted
tho lerrnl points in the Briggs caso,
Years ago, ho said, Union Seminary was
independent, but in 1871 became Presby
terian, nnd, of course, tho assembly from
that tlmo controlled tno appointments,
"If wo don't voto now," ho said, "wo
never can. Dr. Logan's amendment for
deferring action is impracticable. Wo
view trnnsfor from ono chair to another
tho same ns an appointment. Wo can do
nothing wisely except disapprove. I think
it is wise not to assign reasons. A judge
sometimes cannot givo all tho reasons
for his decisions on tho bench. But,
without assigning other rensons, it doos
seem to mo that the mind of tho (Jhurch
for some months has been anxious and
that wo should relievo it."
His closlna words wero: "Now, gon
tlomen, I feel that I havo discharged my
duty, ana wish to no excused from fur
ther snoaking."
Just as Judgo Brockenridge finished
his roma'ks, he turned partly toward the
temporary clerk's desk, gasped nnd fell
to tho floor insonslblo. Ho was carried
to tho anto-room and Dr. Yemans at
tended him, but In a few minutes ho was
dead. The cause of death was pronounced
to bo hoart disease.
Tho shock to tho nssombly when Judgo
Breckonridgo's death was announced
was a perceptible one, Tho debate was
discontinued at onco.
A committee was appointed to take
charge of tho remains anu prepare
minuto to bo presented to tho assembly,
Tho funeral committee accepted Gen. Al
ger's tender of his private car to take tho
body home, and the remains wero shipped
to St. .Louis.
The Esmeralda Sent Away from Acapuloo
by tho Moxlcun Government.
Washington, May 29. Dr. A. M. So-
toldo, long the Venezuelan Minister here.
says that dispatches received from
the most reliable sources in Mexico
stato that tho Moxlcan government or
dered the insurgent Chilian cruiser Es
xner&'da to loavo tho harbor of Aca
Tho cornmandor ot tho vessel said ho
was willing to leave, but his ship had no
sails and ho could not depart without
steam power.
The government thon allowed tiro
Esmoralda to tako coal enough to carry
tho order into effect and she received 250
tons, her ordinary consumption being 60
tons per day.
The Esmeralda sailed Immediately af
ter receiving her coal allowance
Hor Marriage Complicated BInttor.
Washington, May 29. The President
reappointed Miss Emma C. Noblo, or
rather Mrs. Emma (J. Mcfherson, post
master at Baton, N. M. Slnco her op
polntmont some years ago Miss Noble has
been married and, while sho has boon ro
i ppointod to the position, it Is necossnry
on account ot the change ot name tha
ho be given a new commission, which
also involves a new ond and confirma
tion by the Senate. This is said to be tho
first case of Its kind on tho rocorda ot
the Fostofllco Department.
Reciprocity tVlth the United StatestfiSB
Washington, May !e0. A dispatch from
Ottawa says the following resolution
will be debated In the Senate next weoki
"That In tho opinion of this House no
troaty of reciprocity witn tno united
States should contain any provision
obliging Canaan, directly or indirectly.
to impose a duty on any article Included
in such treaty which would discriminate
against its importation from tho United
Kingdom or any othor country."
Secretary Foster Very llnsy.
Washington, May 29. Secretary Fos
ter hopes that he will ho able to got to
Now York this evening, but the pros
pects nro not favorable. Tho 4 1-2 per
cent, bond circular nocossary tor re
demption and tho proposod funding of 3
per cents will havo to bo issued on Jnno
S under the law, and this gives tho Sec
retary but little timo for outside consul
tation. '
Tnft for a Circuit Judgeship.
Washington, May 29. Thoro is apptiry
cntly strong ground for the belief that
Solicitor-General Tat t will bo appointed
m the now Circuit Judgo for the circuit
Including Ohio, . ,. B
The finest in the interior of
the State. Only available
health and pleasure grounds
in the Anthracite
The natural attractions and magnlfl-
Cent scenery of the place are un-
equalled, and a day of recrea- .
' tion and pleasure may be
spent In It to advantage.
There Is good fishing and
bathing In tho twin lakes
surrounding the grounds. Boat
houses will bo built on the lakeside
and regattas will be frequent thir season
For Sunday Schools, Lodges, Sec,
The grounds are most suitable for pic
miorinauon, call
On and after Nov. 24, 1890, trains will lem
Bhenandoah as follows:
For "Wlgean, ailberton, Fraokvllle, New
Castle, Bt. Clair, and way points, 6.00, 9.1.
& maud 4.15 pm,
Bundays, 600, 9.40 a m and 3.10pm,
For Pottsvlllo, 6.00, 9.10 a m and 1.15 p m.
Bundays. 600, 8.40 a m and 8.10 v m,
For Heading, 6.00, 9.10 am and 4.15 pm.
Bundays, 600, 9.10 a.m. and 3.10pm.
For Pottstown, Phoenixville, Worrlatowi
tod Philadelphia (Broad street station), 6,00,
hlO am. and 1.15 p m week days
Bundays, 600, 9.10 a m 8.10 p m
Trains leave Fraokvllle lor Bhenandoah ai
10.40 am and 12.11, 7.42,10,09 pm, Bundays
11.13 a m and 5.40 p m ,
Leave Pottsville lor Bhenandoah, 10.16 anc
11.48, a m 7.15, 9.42 p m. Bundays, 10.10 a n
5.15 p m.
Leave Philadelphia (Broad street station)
for Pottsville and Bhenandoah, 5.67,105 a ni
2.10, 4.10 and 7.00 p m week. days. Bunday 9.23
am and 1.10 p.m.
For w York, 3.20, 4.06, 4,40, 5.85, 6.60, 7.80.
8.208.80, J.60, 11.00andll,16am,12.00noon,(llm
lted express, 1.06 and 4.60 p m.) 12.41, 1.10, 2.80
8.20. 1, 6, 6,;6.S0, 6.60 7.13 8.12 and 10.00 p m, 12.01
On Bundays, 8.20, 4.05, 4.40, 6.85, 8.12, 80, 0.60,
a m. and 12.49, 820 (limited 1.60), 6.28, 6,30, 6.6C
7.13 8.13 x m and 12.01 night.
For Bea Ulrt, Bpnng Lake, Belmar,
Ocean Grove, Asbnry Park, and Long Brancb
8.20, 11,15, a. m. 4.00 p. m, week dayi. For
Freehold, 6.0' p. m. week days.
Baltimore and Washington, 80, 7,20, 8.81
9.10, 10.20, 1.18 a m, 12."5 (limited express) 3.4t
1.41 6.7 anf.7.40 p. m., and 12.03 night. Fr
lialtlmore. nly, 2.02. 4.1 1, 6 08 and I1.8O p. m
On Bundays, 8.60. 7.20, 0.lUahd 11.18 a. m. 4.41
9.57, 7.40 P m. 12.03 night. Baltimore only
-3.08 and 11,80 pm.
For .ttlchmondand the Bouth 7.2011,18 a. m
(Limited Express 12.85 p, m.,)12.03 nlght,week
days. Bundays, 7.20 a.m., 12.03 nlghu
Trains leave Harrlsburg for Pittsburg and
the west every day at 12.26 and 8.10 a m and
S.00 (limited) and 8.40 pm. Way for Altoona,
3.15 a m and H0 p m every day.
For Pittsburg only, 11,20 a m dally and 10
(i m week days.
Leave Banbury for Wllllamsport, Elmlra,
Canandaigna, Boebester, Buflaloand Niagara
Falls, 6.10 a m dally, and 1,43 p m week days,
For wntklDii, 6.30 p m week days.
For Krie and Intermediate points, 6.10 a m
dally. For Lock Haven, 5.10, and 9.53 a m.
dally, 1.8-1 and 6.30 p. m. week days. Foi
Kenova 6.10 a m 1,43 ana 5,39 p m week days,
.10 a, m Bundays.
Hen. MaoT Uen, Pass. Act
Time table in effect May, 10, 1891.
Trains leave Reading (P. fe It. station) for
Gibraltar, Beyfert, Jllrotboro, Joanna, Spring
field, WayneBburg JuncUon, CoalesvlUe.West
Cbestcr.Chadeford Junction. 11. O. Junction,
Wilmington and Intermediate stations, dally
except Bunday, at 6.25 nnd 8.80 a.m. and 3.15
p. m, Bunday only at 8.05 p. m.
For Warwick, Bt. Peters and Intermediate
statlons,dally except Bunday, at 9,20 u.m.. and
6,19 p, m. bunday only 8.16 a. m.
For Blrdsboro and Intermediate stations,
Saturday only, at 12 m.
For Baltimore aud Washington (B. & O. R.
R.) dally except Bunday at 0.25 and 8.30 a. m,
and 8.16 p, ni. Bunday only at 8.05 r, m.
Trains arrive at Reading (P. & ll. station)
irom Wilmington. B. & O. Junction, Mont
chimin, Clinddssford Junction, West Chester,
Lenape, Coatesvllle, Waynesbnrg Junction,
Bpringfleld.Joanna, Blrdtboro, Gibraltar, Bey.
fert and inteimedlate stations, dally except
Bunday at 10.20 a. m. 0.62 and S.17 p. m. Bun.
day only at 11.24 a. m.
From Bt, Peters, Warwick and intermediate
stations, dally except Sunday, at 8.23 a. in.
and 2.26 p. m. Bunday only at 6 p. m.
From lilrdsboro and intermediate stations,
Saturday only at 1.40 p. in.
From Washington and Baltimore, dally ex
cept Sunday, 10 20 a. m. 6.62 and 8.17 p. m.
Bunduy only at ll.il a. m.
BOWNKSH BRIGGS, Gen'l Pass. Agt.
1'JIlLAlJKI.i'lIi Kasn at oir ,-, no oie utlon
or tubs of tm-u trm buHlnoss, t asos pronouncod ia
curablo by ibert w&iiteil, baud tur c Ircular,
Thiu.au, li.ivt l ('iiiK'i inaneutly emeu by-
3ot to Xls?oolQ3y!
Summer Resort, Pic-ntc
and Pleasure Grounds !
LAKESIDE (East Mahanoy Junction) mid
way between Mahunov Cltir nnd Tnitin.
qua, now managed by a now stock com-
ruuy, win oe open to uio puono within a lew
weeks, and dates
number o f societies have already been booked
uuu oiners wisning atsirable dates should
make application without dnlnv.
Under the new management many improve
ments will bo mado, somo of them being now
under way, that will make It the plc-nlcand
pleasure grounds or tho region,
A large dancing pavllllon nnd a trotting
park aro among the new additions. The hput
horses In tho Btate will he secured to run or
trot this season.
- nics and outings. For dates and other
on or address,
Excursion Manager,
flams d Bro,
Chamber Bets,
Wash Btands,
Dressing Cabinets,
lllnlrg Tables,
China Closets,
Dining Chairs,
Smoking Chairs,
Card Tables,
Tea Tables,
Parlor Suits,
Easy Chairs,
Parlor Cabinets,
Muslo Cabinets,
Piano Chairs,
Hall Stands,
Hall Tables,
Fancy Tables,
Wood Mantels,
Book Cases,
Writing Desks,
Book Cabinets,
Sewing Machines.
Anewlv discovered MINERAL WATER,
the use of which will supply Important ele
ments necessary to health. It will cure the
Kidneys, Liver, Stomach, and all Bowel and
juaaaer aiseases. it win dissolve enicun una
remove them. It removes the uric acid from
the blood and thus destroys Malaria and
Chills. It cures Brlgbt'a disease, and Is es
pecially recommended for people advanced In
life, and for general deb.Uty. For undoubted
proofs of this send lor pamphlet giving full
particulars, to J. R. PEItRY, Waler ol Llle
wo., 01 CJoum juain til., wuKes-uarre, ra.
PooiMvely Cured with
vLf,'i'thIo ItomtKlie-,
curL patiL-nti nrunounre
f.mlillv 1K .tirv ir nil tn ,Ibv. r I, ,1 tt.A l
tytnuuimtatd n-mpved. I5ftii f,,r FREE nOOK testfc
ItN UAYS'rWffiaFHtt WSJ?
Uftl. nd ten reuts in .tamos 10 mv noata7e mm
.,' MARK'
Philadelphia and Beading .Railroad,'
xime tomb n effect May 10, 1BV1
i.. u iuu mu.iiuu t.w a. m, ror New
York, via Maueh Chunk, week, dars. 5 25.
.20. a.m.aml lz.SSnim 2.fnW B'a
o,nsiV!aT!iBnaa ?aefpliln weekdays,
2.10, 5.26, 7.20, a. m., 1235 zio RUd 6.65 pirn!
A i ESn Dur week days, 2.10,7.20 a. m
,C0, 6.65 p. m.
ror Aueniown, week days, 7.20 i. m., 12.SS
. 0 p. m.
oVoorn 'to1!1? weelc dftyBj 2.1, 7.20,9. m;.
2.8 2.60 h"U 5.65 p. m. Sunday, 2.10 and 7.18
For Tamaona and Mahanoy City, week
i .v, a. ui., xz.u3 z.cu ana o.oo
p.m. Sunday, 2.10 ana 7.18a.m. Additional
'or Mahanoy City, weok days 7.00 p, m.
20 a. m 2.60 p.m. '
For Wllllamsport, uunbury and Lewlsburt.
week days, 3.25, 7.20 and 11.33 a. m 1.83, 7.00
XJl OUUUItv 111.
For Mahanoy Piano, week davs, 2.10 3 23,
OS. 7.9n find 11 fl! m 19 r. 1 -l -i cn k cs
T . -v v Ha iui m ns y i,uut U.CnJf.
7.00 and i.ib, p. m, Bunday, 2 10, 8,25 and 7,18
ek days, 2.1i, 8.25, 5.25, 7.V) and 11.80 a. m
12.85. 1 85. K.60. 6.53. T'.OO and 9.25. n. m. Handpji
"or uiraraviiie iitanDnnfinnnnic Hts.finni
'iu . i. i.ta Hi xn SAO p. m, , n
Kor Ashland find Uhamolrln. weok
.25,5.25,7.20, 11.80 a. m., 1.85, 7.0Q and W,
u. m. Hunday .25 a, m., 8.05 p, m.
L,oave new York via Philadelphia, week
iilcht, Bundny, 0.00 p. m., 12.15 night.
ueuvo new xoik vm Mauon ununs, woes
lays, 4.80,8.15 a. m 1.00 ahd 4M p. m.
10.00 a. m. 4.00 and 6.00 p. m., ft- m Uroud
iaa uanownui ann a.ao a, m. ana u.80 p. m,
from BthanO Ureon streets. Bunday 9.06 a.
m. ll.in p. m. from 9th and Gren.
inv- ..aiumsi huua luiytt, 107, -.lr, lu. &
nd 11.50 a. m.. 5.55. 77 v. in. Huodav 1.8o una
it).18a. m.
Leave Poltsvllle, week dayo, 2.40, 7.40 a, m
ci.SO, 6.11 p. m, Bunday, 2.40 a, m, and 2.15
Leave Tamaqua, week days, 3.20. 8.48 and
1 1.21 a. m., 1.21, 7.13, and 9.18 p. m. Bunday 8,I
m, and 2.50 p.m.
Iieave Mahanoy City, week days, 3.40, 9.;8
4tid 11.47a. m 1.61. 7.42 and 9.41 p.m. Bun.
day, 8.40 a. m 3.20 p. m
Leave Mahanoy Plane, weak days, 2-40, 4.C0
J.30,9.35, ll.tOn. m.,1.05, 2.00. 6-20. 0 20,7.57, ana
10.00 p. m. Bunday 2.4ii, 4.00, and 8,20, a. m,
, 4), p. in.
Leave Olrardvllle (Rappahannock Htatlon)
,Y iraa a. O.OU, UUU V.tL IX. 111., LA VJm
JJ2, 6.26, 6.32, 8.03 and 10.06 p. m, bunday, 2,47,
,', o.oo, m. 0.1 p, in.
Leave Wllllamsport, week days, 3.00,9.45 and
11.65 a. in. 3.35 and 11.15 p. ni. Bunday 11.15
n.m. nor .uaiumore, wasnington ana the west
via B, ft O. K. IV., through Trains leave Qlrard
, ............ . . I 1 1 1 . 1 1 .1 1 t . t II a. 1, . 1 1 .
tduud auvbiuii, luiinuciiiuin, 1 1 . iv . i x.,J
it 4.16, 801 and 11.27 a. m 1.84. 4.24, 5.65 and
p, in. ousaay, 1.10 b.ih u.i a, m., f.zf
1.55 and 7.23 p. m,
Leave Philadelphia, Chestnut Btreot Wh:5, lm.
mil Hnnlli Hlrnnt. Whnrf. n!n
STor Atlantic Cltv.
Tf coiknid jo JZiAJJlVOB O.W U. HI. U1JU 'wt
1.00 p. to. Accommodation, 8.00 a.m., 6.00
P ni.
Bundays. Express, 9.00, a, m, Accommo
lotion, 8.00 a. m. and 4.80 p. m.
Returning, leave Atlantic City, depot corner
Ulantlo and Arkansas avenues. week-day
-Express, 7.80, 9.00, a. m. and 4.00, p, m,
Accommodation, 6.00, 8.05 n. m, and 1.30
1.30 p. m.
Bundays. Express, i.X) p. m. AccommolO"
tlon, 7.80 a. m. and 40 p. m,
O. O. HANCOCK, Gen'l Fass'r Asitl
i. A. MOLEOD, Fres. S Qen'l Manacer,
Lehigli Valley Railroad.
MAY 10, 1891.
Passenger trains will leave Bhenandoah for
Mauch Chunk, Lehlghton, Slatlngton, Cnta
sauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, Has ton, Phil
adelphia and New Vork at 6.47, 7.40, 9.0S a. m.,
122,3.10, 5.20 p.m.
For Belvldere, Delaware Water Gap and
Utroudsburg at 6.47, a. m., and 5.20 p. m.
For Lambertvllle and Trenton, 9.08 a, m.
For White Haven. Wilkes-Barre and Pitta
ton 6.47, 9.08 a. m., 8.10 and 6.26 p. m.
For Tunkhannock, 9,08 a. m 3.10 and 6.26
p. m.
For Auburn, Ithaca; Geneva and and Lyons
9.08 a, m and 5.26 p. m.
ForLoceyville, Towanda, Sayre, Waverly,
Elmlra, Rochester, Buffalo. Niagara Falls,
Chicago and all points West at 9.08 a. m., ana
6.26 p. m.
For Klmlra and the West via Salamanca at
3.10 p.m.
For Audenrled, Hazleton, Stockton, Tjum
her Yard, Weatherly and Penn Haver. Juno
uon at o.n, 7.1U, a. m, ana iz.oz, a,iu ap
6; P.m. iM
For Jeanesvllle, Levlston and BeaufMf
Meadow, 7.40, 9.08 a. m. and 6.28 p. m, W
ForScrantonat5.47and9.08a, m. 3,10 ana
6:26 p, m.
For Hazle Brook. Jeddo, Drifton and Freo.
land at 5.47, 7.40 and 9.08 a. m 1Z52 8.10 and
5.20 p. m.
For Quakake at 6.47 and 9.08 a. m., and
8.10 p. m.
For WlgganB, GUberton nnd Fnjkvllle at
60 and 9.08 a.m., and 4,10 p.m. -
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy City and Delano,
6.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10, m., 12.52, 3.10, 6J26, 8,03, 92k
ttllll p. iu;w.
For Lost Creek, airardville and Ashland,
4.27,, 10.15 a. m., 1.00,1.40,4.10, 65,
8.06 and 9.14 p.m.
ForUew Castle, St. Clair and Pottsville.
7.40, 9.08, 10.68 a. m 1Z62, 8.10, 4.10, 626 and 8.03
For Buck Mountain, New Boston and
Morea, 7.40, 9.08, 10.63 a. m., 12.62, 8.10, 6.26 ana
For Raven Run, Centralis, Mt. Carmel and
Shamokln, 8.62, 9.45 and 10,15 a. m., 1.40, 4.40
and 8.06 p. m.
Trains leave Shamokln for Shenandoah,
7.55 11.65 a. in., 2.10, 4.80 and 9.30 p. m., arriving
at Bhenandoah, 9.05 a.m., 12.52. 3.10, 6.26 and
U.15p.m. '
For Lost Creek, Olrardvllle and Ashland.
6.60, 9.10 11.85 a. m., 2.45 p. m.
For New Castle, Bt. Clair and Pottsville,
650, 8.00, 90 s . m., 2.45 p. m.
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy City and Delano,
8.00, 11.35 a. m., 1.40, 4.40, 6.03 p. m.
For Lofty, Audenrled and Hazleton, 8D0
a m 1:40 p. m:
For Maueh Chunk. Lehlghton, Blatington,
Catasauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, Eastoa
and Now York, 8.00 a. m., 1.40 p. in:
ur ruiiuaeipnia, i.w p. in
Gen'l Pass. Agt., Bethlehem;
At onoe the newest; oldest and best blood
purifier known. 200 years old In llrazi, two
years' teBt Inthls country, and without a rival
In the cure ol skin diseases and rheumatism,
eating ulcers, bolls, tumors, king's evil, white
swelling, hip disease, and alldltorders irom
the poison taint ol scrofula and specific dl
sense, No mineral, no failures, no lelapbes.
Bold at Klrlln's Drug Siore,
Ferguson's Hotel Bloeh, Shenandoah, Pa,
hen trouhlM with those annoying1 IrrerfuU. Itlu- r
rrflquentiT rouowiiiaa coiaorfipoKure, or iroL' o
.UtuUon&lWeatiDsiisesBa peculiar to tholr , uhcul,
They are Strength en las to the entlrB pystrf ippnrft
tons, vigor nnd magnet ia force to alt functions of hoJy
nnd mind. Bent bniall, ture1reealMl,ll. Addres
pr, Hartor Medicino Co., ST.IOUIS. Mfi

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