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YOIi. VI.--NO. 143.
It Is announced that tho marrlngo
Mr. Parnoll nnd Mrs. O'Shea will be sol
emnlzod noxt week.
Tho Ancient and Honorablo Artillery
Company celebrated Its 253d Anniversary
in Boston yesterday.
Burnett's clothing storo was burned at
Montreal, during tho night. Tho loss on
building and stock will roach $70,000.
Thero Is practically no chango In tho
situation of the New York locked out
lumberman and tho striking framors and
Tho case of FVeuchy No. 1, Now York's
alleged "Jack tho Rlpper,"for tho murder
of Corrlo Brown, has been set for trial
Monday, Juno 13.
Tho first lssuo of tho "Boston Nows"
mado Its appearance yesterday. Its poli
tics nro Republican, and tho prico of tho
paper one cent,
A contractor and builder named Blanoh
ard, a native of Cnuala, was killed by
an express train at Congers, N. Y., on tho
West Shoro railroad, early In the morning.
Harry Simpson of Mount Vernon,
while cleaning windows on tho seventh
floor of tho building at 07 Bowery, New
York, fell to tho sidewalk and was In
stantly killed.
Tho Steam Railroad Men's Protectlvo
Union has been organized at Manchester,
N. II. It Is a local branch of tho associa
tion bearing that name About soventy-
uve rmiroaa men in an nro members.
Under tho law regulating tho om
ployment of minors, tho Union Mill Cor
poration of Fall Elvor. Mass.. has been
subjected to two flnos In tho District
(Jourt, on two charges of having violated
the samo.
Henry W. Mlllor, tho oldest merchant In
Worcester, Mass., Is dead, ngod 01 years,
Ho kept a hard waro storo thoro for 05 voars.
Ho leavos two daughters, ono tho wlfo of
Senator Georgo F. Hoar and tho other
tho wifo of ox-Congressman W, W. Rico,
Melvina Jane Honrno Is under arrest at
Cobourg, Ont., charged with tho murder
of her Illegitimate child. Hor brother,
Georgo, a married man, has been arrested,
charged with being tho father of tho
Georgo S. Jenks, counsel for tho Dela-
inaters, of Moadvlllo, Pa., has applied in
the Supreme Court at Harrisburg for a con
tinuanco of tho hoarlng for a chango of
vonuo until tho October Term. Tho de
positors gavo notice that thoy would con
tost tho application.
District Assembly CO, Knights of Labor,
representing about 10,000 men of Boston,
havo officially declined to havo anything
to do with tho Boston Central Labor
Union proposition to bold a mass meet
ing In Franklin Park July 4, In' violation
of a city ordinance.
Luko Riloy, need CO years, was crushed
nnd whirled , to death while trying to
operate tho hoisting machino and en
gine at tho Union street oxcavatlon
at Elizabeth, ,N. J., during tho tem
porary absence of tho engineer. His
shirt sleovo got caught in tho machinery,
and whon taken out his body presented a
horriblo appearance. He llvod in Balti
more. "Waters' Woiss boor is the best,
lleilly solo agent.
John A.
CE3STTS per yd for tho
(Sold In other stores for Soc. All floor
Oilcloths reduced. Call for bargains
Carpet Store, 10 South Jar-din St, near Centre
Crosse and JilaclnuelVs Chow-Chow and PlcJdes,
French Macaron I, 2 lbs. for 25c.
" Sardines in Oil, 2 cans for 25c.
lancy Mice, 3 lbs, for 25c.
Eine California Emits.
Fancy Prunes, larye and fine, 15c,
Choice Prunes, 2 lbs. for 25c.
Evaporated Jellied Apricots, 20c.
Evaporated Peaches, 15o
Canned Pears, Plums, Peaches and Apricots.
Flue Rousted CofTec, 30c quality Improved.
Old Government Java fresli roasted
Fancy Table Syrup 2 qts. lor 25c.
Ginger Snaps and CoiTee Caltcs, 3 11)8. lor 25c.
Skinned Hams.
Lcbaunu Summer Snusagc and Chipped Beef
Fancy Creamery and Flue Dairy Ilutter
Toinatocs, Corn and Early
for 25c
New Raisins 4 lbs lor 25c
SVasltiuir Powder, 4 lua for 25c
Will have another lot of those Fancy MoQuette liuys at
$1.25 in
His Determination to Bring About
a Closed Soason Has tho De
sired Effect British' Gov
ornmont's Reply.
JJy National Press Association.
Washington, Jnno 2. Tho President
has made publlithalatesl correspondence
touching the Behrlng Sea question.
Tho hearing of this new Instalment of
Behrlng Sea liternturo can only bo prop
erly understood by going back to what
occurred a year ago. Then tho Presi
dent, acting upon his viow of Amorican
rights In Behrlng Soa and the uniform
construction placed by this Government
upon tho acts of Congress for tho protec
tion of tho fur seal, undertook to excludo
Canadian sealing vessols from Behrlng
Soa by force. Thcroupon Lord Salisbury,
failing to change the purpose of tho
Presidont, caused this Government to bo
advised that until somo mutually chosen
arbitrator should decido that Behrlng Sea
belongs to the United States, tho right of
British vessels to tako seals in that sea
would bo dofendod by such means as Her
Majesty's government possessed.
Upon this notification the President
sought to induco Lord Salisbury to pro
hibit sealing by British vessels till could
bo determined whether the United States
was right or wrong In claiming to con
trol the (oal fishery. Lord Salisbury
offered to do so provided tho President
would agreo to an lmmedlato arbitration
of the disputed question of Jurisdiction
and to pay damages if dofeatcd in tho
Tho Presidont would not consent to
this, but ordered tho revenue cruisers
not to molest tho British sealers. At tho
lato session of Congress tho President
laid tho wholo matter boforo that body,
which took no action upon It. Tho
President, not desiring a repetition of
last year's f utile proceedings, according'
ly determined to bring about a closed
season this year.
Tho result of this action was that c
bill was immediately Introduced In Par
llament on tho subject.
It X'usscs the Second Heading In tho
JIouso of Commons
London, Juno 2. In tho Houso of Com
mons tho Hon. W. H. Smith moved tho
second reading of the bill for a closo sea'
son on Behrlng Sea,
Ho said that tho govornment was en
deavoriug to arrive at friendly conclu
slons with a kindred power, and no order
In council would lssuo under tho bill un
less assurances were obtained that tho
conditions of arbitration were satisfac
tory, and that sealing would bo prevent
ed, except as to tho 7,000 seals nocossary
for tho natives. Tho arraugouieut ap
peared the best that could bo obtained.
Sir John Ferguson said ho believed tho
reply about to bo addressed to tho United
States government would bring thorn so
closely together that harmony would
soon bo obtained.
Tho bill then passed n second roadlng.
lSra G-OOID-
June Pens not soaks 3 cans
a few days.
Nonrly 300 Delegates of tlio Amalgamated
Convention In Pittsburg To-dny.
PiTTSBvna, Juno ii. Thoro nro 284 dele
gates at tho convention of tho Amalga
mated Association, which opened In Tur
ner Hall this morning, The convention
Is tho largost ever held by tho organiza
Nothing official about tho scale has yet
teeu given out nnd will not be until tho
convention nets upou tho matter. It
is mora than likely that tho prosont
officers will bo re-electod.
Damneo Douo ly Ileccnt Frosts.
LocKroivr, N. Y., June 2. Reports from
Western New York show that the damago
done by May frosts has beon largo and
widely extended, but has not been really
disastrous anywhero oxcept in tho deep
valleys of tho south towns of Erlo county.
irom that region the complaints nro
serious nnd tho outlook somewhat dis
couraging. Tho region Is largely devoted
to dairying, nnd suffors by the shortened
hny and pasturago causod by tho drouth
and frosts.
Tho groat grape-growing region on tho
South shoro of Lako Erlo roports a full
crop In sight, nnd tho peach-growing
region along the Niagara river makes an
equally favorable report.
the drouth nnd frosts camo too soon
to Injuro Wyoming county's, staple, tho
bean, and tho most recent agricultural
experiment, tho tobacco plantations in
Southoru Erie, oscnped tho genoral devas
tation in that region.
Apples nnd other fruits sufferod
Mlnlstor llomero to Loavo Washington.
City op Mkxico, June 2. It is roportod,
Upon authority which should bo reliable,
that President Diaz has telegraphed to
Minister icomoro at Washington, order
ing him to return to Mexico and assume
tho office of secretary of the Treasury,
vice Senor Dublanx, deceased. Senor
Romero was once boforo Secretary of the
Treasury tinder President Lordo.
Dunknrdg Call on the President.
Washington, Juno 2. A delegation of
sovcral hundred Dunknrds, on their way
to tho Hagerstown, Md., convention,
called on tho President and Secretary
Itarron's Hody Found.
HAVEnmtx, Mass., Juno 2. Tho body
of James E. Barron, who has been miss
ing sinco March 1, was found Uoatlng In
tho Morrlmac, opposite Pock's Village, at
noon. Tho body was badly decomposed.
Result of tho Election 111 Norwich.
Norwich, Conn., Juno 2. Tho city olec
Hon, with ono exception, resulted in a
Victory for the Republican ticket by
about 80U majority. The" Democrats
elected their cnudldato for city collector.
Hoot and Shoo AVorlcors In Convention.
Boston, Juno 2. Tho Boot and Shoe
Workers' International Union of America
pro holding their third annual convention
tu Wells' Memorial Hall.
A Chlncso Swindler Condemned to Death
London, Juno 2. Tohonekltong, for
merly Chineso Socrotary of Logation In
Paris and London, hag been tried and
conaemnou to death in uiiiim. llo was
rocallod by his government in April, tho
dlscovory having boon mado that ho was
guilty of extensive swindling.
Mlnlstor Lincoln Smiled,
London, Juno 2. In nn interview MIn-
lstor Lincoln smiled at tho rumor that ho
was going to bo succeeded In tho Minis
try by Secretary Noble. It was tho first
intimation, ho said, ho bad had on the
'Tlio General Assembly to Adjourn
Detroit, Mich., Juno 2. It Is decided
that tho Assembly cannot sond delegates
to other than ocloslastlcal oodles, and so
cannot do so for a temperance congress to
bo bold nt baratoga this month. The As
sembly will probably adjourn to-day.
llnstlly Summoned to Ottnwn
St. Johns, N. II., Juno 2. Lieutonant
Govornor of tho Province, Sir Leonard
Tilloy, hns been hastily summoned to Ot
tnwa, and left on tho midnight train.
'1 no object of his mission cannot be defin
itely ascertained.
Directors of the Memo! lul Hitttlcflold
Gbttysbubo, Pa., June 2. Gen. Daniel
E. Sickle, of Ivew York City has been
elected n direotor of the Battlefield Me
morial Association. All the old director
woro re-elected. Gen. Sickles' names la
nu addition to the list.
Mrs. Duncan lias n Uulnpse.
London, June 2. Mis. Duncan, whose
husband recently made a muiderous as
sault upon her in Wales, has suffered f
relapse, and her physicians pronounce
her condition precarious.
l'oiml Servitude for I.lfe.
London, Juno 2. The would.ho assas
sin of the Czarowltch has been sentenced
to penal servitude for life.
Startling' Facts,
The American people are rapidly becoming
a race of nervous wrecks, and the following
suggests the best reuiedy i Alphonsollemplf-
101,, oi turner, i-a.,swtars nun wneniusson
was speechless from at. Vitas 'dance Dr.
nines' great uesiorauve nervine curta nira,
Mrs, J. K Miller, of Valparaiso, and J.I),
Taylor, of Logansport, Ind., mo 4 gained 30
pounds from tnalng It. Mrs. it, a. uarduer,
ot Vistula, tua., was curea ono leeuoou
vulklous a day. ani much heaaachi. aim-
us, bacUache and nervous ijrwtrallon by
one bottle. Trial bottles, :inrt nae 'books of
marvelous cures, tree at u. il, iiiuwipucQ,
tueuruggisi, wuo reouinuieuus unavwran'
tees this unequaled remedy.
Spectacles to suit all eyoa nt I. J. 1 rU's
book nnd stationery store, 21 North Main
stroot. a-20-lf
A Now Organization Tho Old Of
ficers Bo-eloctod Superinten
dent Freeman Makoa His
School Koports.
Tho old Sohool Board met in Superin
tendent Freeman's ofOco last night to wind
up its businoss. Tho members presont
were ilesirs. Trezlso, lluldoon, Bnird,
Bellis, Owe-n, Daveoport, Butts, O'Hnron,
Gable, Conry, Bachman, Knobol, Usnnn
and Bedddll.
Superintendent Freemnn prosonlod his
report for tho month ending May 20, 1891,
and also his Eoyonlh annunl report. Tho
former report was as follows: Enrollment
for tho month boys. 8S8; eirls, 1,033; total,
1,971. Averago daily attendant, 1,613.
l'orcontBRO ol attendance, 89. Number
prosont overy session, 610. Visits by citi
zens, 219. By directors, 20.
Tho annual report was: Numbor of
pupils enrolled during tho yoar boys,
1,255; rie, 1,421; total, 2.GTG. AveraRO
daily .ondanco, 1,850. . Percentage of at
ton c, 88. Total number of visits by
citizons, 2,083. By directors, 300.
Tho following shows tho percentage of
altendanco at tho sovoral echooU for tho
month of "May :
High School .-. 6
Stcoiul Grade.
Miss Lizzie II. O'Knnnell's nlnRS. .",
Jlr A. E. L. Lccklo IB
Miss Lydla Elsenhower to!
Hri Grade.
Miss I.lzzlo LcsMsr Ill
Miss Aluia i eniiTei Mi
Miss Amelia C. Hch euer b7
Miss Mahalla Falrcutld Mt
Fourth Grade.
Miss llrldeet A. Hums in
Miss Carrie W. Faust 6!)
Mr M. K. Conrv t-s
Miss Anna K. .Mansell 81
Miw uobenii uiovcr a
Mis Jano T. Lain bert ill
Third Grade.
Miss Jeanettell. Hamnge m
Miss Maggie K Cavauaugh ,. ill
Miss KHz i J, Flnncrty U3
Mr. John U. Bchiuultig 87
MI&sMnryA. Latterly 7(1
Miss Lizzie Lehe 77
Mr. James It. Lowls (,9
Second Grade.
Miss A. Adello Bhallor Oi
Miss Mary II. Wasley S3
Miss Hattle Hess 1)1
Miss Maggie U. Ilrenuan 69
MUs Florenco; O. Hess 91
Miss Annie M. Klinmel 1)1
Miss Minnie 0. Harnett Ul
Mr. Michael H. lirllt 85
lllrst Grade.
Miss Irene Shane 98
Miss Mary A. Slack 87
Miss Mary A Counely tv
Alts Corluoe Tempest b2
Miss Ballle K. Conry SI
Mlss-KllaM. l'lauscr..... 90
Miss Hannah II. lleeso M
MUs Nellie Ilalrd 77
Miss IduhoKolb 111
Miss Sarah Fadden 90
Mr. J. W. burke 80
Miss Carrie Hmlth .. 85
Turkey Run.
Mr. M. X, Wbltaker 83
Mr, John F. Davles 8j
Tho Superintendent roportod that tho
Main, Centre and Lloyd street buildings
need painting on tho outsido. That the
Union street building should bo raised and
tho White street building should receive
immediate attention, as tho foundations
neod repair. That tho old dosks In room
No. 6 of tho Centro stroot building should
bo removed and replaced with new ones
and a janitor should be employed lor the
Turkey Kun building. Tho teachers oro
now doing tho work and it provente them
from attending tho woekly teachers' meet
ings. It is necossary they should attend
tho meeting, but they will not bo able to do
so if a janitor is not employed for their
schools. Aftor speaking well of tho work
accomplished by tho use of supplementary
readers, Mr. Freeman recommonded that
primary histories ho supplied for supple
mentary reading ond that, Ustoad of re
quiring pupils to purchase thorn, tho board
purchase sots so that two schools may use
one set. This will require an expenditure
of but about 8200. But if pulls aro re
quired to purchase them tho oxpenso will
run up into a thousand dollars.
Continuing Mr. Freoman said, "It is my
opinion that if parents of children and
other citizons of tho town would visit our
schools more than thoy do thero would bo
less occasion for complaint. Thoy would
become acquainted with tho teachers,
know more of their work and caroa, and
havo raoro sympathy for tho teachors. If
thoro is any way by which wo might pro
vail upon parents to vi'it tho schools it
would be a good thing. Thero is complaint
frequently about our drawing nnd music.
Some think It is a useless thing in our
schools. I havo takon pains to notify thoso
who have found fault to visit tho schools
and sea what tho work is nnd in no case
havo I failed to convinco those that those
studies are good things."
Tho nnnual report ot tho treasurer,
through the finance committee, was as fol
lows: T tnl receipts saS.8U0.10
uijieuuiiureN , , i,ot3,ui
JJalauce fM2S
Superintendent Frooman then made the
ropu.t for tbo library committee, showing
that tho numbor of books on hand is 1,571.
Mr. Freeman stated that larger quarters
for tho library are requlrod and, as another
room for n grammar school will soon bo
nooded, ho rccommendod that a building
with two rooms, ono for tho library and
ono for school purposes, bo erected at tho
rear of tho Main street building.
Presidont Beddall suggested that it would
bo woll, at tho same time, to build somo
placo that would do nwny with tho ronting
of places for schools, as is now tho case.
Mr. Boddall thon thankod tho board for
its co-operation nnd courtosios during tho
past year, and commented favorably upon
tho work accomplished. Referring to tho
remarks mado by 1. J. Forgmon at the
High School graduating oxcrclses, Mr.
Beddall said, "During tho past year wo
increased tho lowost salnries of thotoachors
from?32to 835 and I think that was a
great thing for tho board to do, consider
ing tho disadvantages it labored under dur
ing tho year, and, so far as tho statements
that tho toachors aro not r"coiving laboring
mon's wages is concerned, I would sny
thero aro plonty men, miners and laborers,
in tho mines who aro receiving less than
835 a mont! While tho toachors may bo
deserving of moro pay, I think this board,
under tho conditions it has been laboring,
has boon very liboral, indeed.
Superintendent Freeman then said :
"Last year tho board raised tho salaries of
toachors who had no oxperienco S8 for tho
first year and tnat soemod an injustico to
toachors who had taught throo years. To
mnko that right it Eooms to mo the board
had bottor raiso tho salaries along tho lino
two or throo dollars. I think tho board
could afford to do it."
A motion that tho old board adjourn
sine (fie, was thou carried and Messrs. Bellis
and Knebol, whoso terms as diroctors ox
pirodwith tho meeting, withdrew.
Messrs. Boddall and O'Hoarn retained
their seats as re-oloctod directors and
Mossrs. A. J. Gallaghor, Michnol J. Bron
nan nnd W. P. Williams took their seats
as now directors.
Mr. It. A, Davenport was mado tem
porary chairman and Mr. Philip Gablo
tomporary secretary.
Mr. Muldoon nominated Mr. Boddall
for permanent chairman and Mr. O' Ileum
socondod tho nomination. Mr. Boddall
was unanimously oloctod.
Mr. Gallaghor nominated Mr. Gablo for
secretary and Mr. Brennan sccoi.dod tho
nomination. Mr. Dnvonport nominntod
Mr. Bachman, Mr. Treziso soconding tho
nomination, Mr. Gablo was oloctod on
tho first ballot tho voto being Gablo 8;
Bachnian 7.
Mr. Hannn nominated Thomas Bollis for
treasurer and Mr, Davenport nominatod
Archio B. Lamb. Tho ballot resulted
Lamb 9; Bellis 0.
Mr. Conry moved that tho rulos by
which tho board was governed last year bo
adopted, and the motion prevailed.
It was then decided that tlio board meet
to-morrow (Wodnosday) evoningto fix tho
school tax and elect teachers.
Every Railroad Man Will Want It.
No railroad man in tho world is moro
widely known or more popular than
Chnuncoy M. Depow. Over tho caption
of "Our National Orator," a magnificent
picture of him is presented on tho first pago
of J'Vank Leslie's Illustrated Arcwspaier
this wtek. Anothor striking foaturo is tho
prediction by Professor Totten, of Yalo
University, thnt tho Millonnium will cotno
in 18991. The pictures include illustra
tions of tho Now York Contral Kailroad
systom, the Utica Masonio Homo, a Nash
villo belle, sealing in Alaska, Italian fish
doalors in San Francisco, nmateur photo
graphs, otc. Got it from your newsdealer
for ton cents.
Down Again.
Tho following collieries, drawn to make
return of prices for coal for month of May,
1891, to determine the rate of wagos to be
paid, make tho following returns:
Win. l'euu Colliery, Wm. I'eun CoalCo.82.11
Locust Hprlng do V. & It. 0. A I. Co 2 21-3
North Miilianoy do do 2.2i il
Indian HMgo do do 2A&t
Kehleylluu do Thomas Coal Co 0
ei i.oo-a
The average of these prices is $2.20, and
the rato of wngoa to be paid for last two
weeks of May and tho first two weeks ol
Juno, 1S01, is ton (10) per cent, bolow tho
fiW basis.
Two Miners Injured.
David nnd Joseph rJbingle. brotbors and
aged, respectively, 21 and 20 voars of ago,
were injured by a fall ol slato In tho Wm.
Penn mines yesterday afternoon. It is
feared that the injuries, of David may
prove fatal. Tho men are single and are
now nt tho residence of thoir mothor in
Win. Penn,
A Now Business.
P. J, Cleary has opened a storo in tho
Ferguson's building, on East Centro street,
and is prepared to furnish tho local trnde
with fine leather nnd shoo findings nnd nil
kinds of shoemaker's supplies. Ills stock is
a largo ono and wnll equipped to fully
supply ull demands of the trade. 5-16-tf
A well known nhvslolan In New York ad
vises his i utlunUi i hut sutler with Coughs and
Colds to use l'an-Tlna rough ud Consump
tion Cure. 26 nud 60 cents. Trial bottles tree
at IClrlln's drug ttre.
Advertise in toe Herald.
ItWasthoPrlncoof Wales' Money
That Was Won by Foul Moans.
Tho Prince Dotormlnod to i
Face tho Exposure
Londo.v, Juno 2. Tho bearing In th
baccarat caso has thrown a flood of light
on tho affair, ond oponed tlio public oyos
to tho fact that tbo Princo of Wales it
tho real defendant in tho caso.
It was the l'rlnco's money that Sir
William Gordon dimming is said to havo
been winning by foul means, It was tho
Prince who got the paper signed, which
tho defence rely upon ns an acknowledge
ment of guilt, and It Is tho Prince who
steadfastly upheld Jlr. and Mrs. Wilson
over sinco tlio beginning of tho suit.
Tho behavior of Sir William in court
left no doubt as to the feoliug between
himself and tho Princo, nnd It was no
ticed thnt when their eyes met once, as
Cummiug was taking tlio witness stand,
tho Princo had that haughty, distant
look for which be Is noted on occasion.
Ho hns evidently determined to face tho
wholo oxposure, nnd show that ho, at
least, gambled liko a gentleman.
Lord Colorldgo was peculiarly subser
viont in his manner towards tho Princo,
n fact whicli did not impress tbo specta
tors favorably.
Tho court adjourned until to-morrow.
Tlio Princo of Wales remained until tho
ond. Ho smiled and bowed to acquaint
ances, and scorned to feel merry over tho
circumstances. Sir William Gordon
Cumming tostifled with groat coolness.
Thoy Derail an I!iiro Train and Capture
Sovurnl Tourists.
Vienna, Juno 2. Brigands derailed
tho Eastern express near , Tchorkesskol,
Sovoral Gorman and English tourists,
Including a Berlin banker, woro captured.
Tho brigands demanded a ransom of
$40,000 for tbo prisoners.
Tlio lattor sent word to tho Gorman,
Ambassador nt Constantinople, Do Itado
witz. Chancellor Cnprivl, on being com
municated with, authorized Radowitz to
advance the amount, and tho prisoners
were released.
Tho other passongors, not tho tourists,
woro plundered, but were not carried oft,
Hportcd Fnl!ura of n ltnstou Merchant
hut No Confirmation of It.
Boston, Juno 2. Francis F. Emery,
boots and shoos, 100 Poarl stroot, Is ro
portod to havo assigned. Tho liabilities
nro estimated at $UOO,000.
Tho factory at Plymouth, Mass., whiob
Is said to havo cost $-10,000, only stood on
tho books nt 10,000.
Mr. Emery's sons are with him in tho
business, but not ns partners. When ho
started in business Mr. Emery claimed to
bo wortli $300,000. His credit has been
very high, and his capital has been given
out as between $300,000 nnd $400,000.
Mr. Emory is president of tho Boston
Boot nnd Shoo Club, nnd ha Is also u di
rector in tho National Eschanga Bank of
Two minora Stabhod.
Huntingdon, Pa., Juno 2. William
Loudon nnd Snyder Loighdy, two miners
from Bobortsdni, woro stnbbod by Anton.
Belchtol, n Frenchman, nnd fatally in
jured, at a ball gumo at Orbisouia. A
largo number of miners from Bobortsdal
attonded tho game and engaged In riot
with tho cllizous, with tho nbove result.
Tho minors woro mostly nil under tho In
fluence of liquor. Belchtol is lu jail hero.
Contributions AV111 llo Returned.
HAnTFOim, Conn., Juno 2. The largo
number of chnrltable persons In Now
England who were victimized into send
ing clothing, money, etc., to Clementine
St. George Bay of Rockvilic, will havo
their contributions returned to them
through tlio Dead Letter office at Wash
ington, where several sacks of detained
matter will be forwarded.
Buy Keystone flour. Be enreful that tho
name Lbshio & Co., Ashland, Pa., is
printed on overy sack. St-3-3taw
Butter Took a Tumble
It is down to a reapect
ablo prico now. You
might as avoII havo tho
good. Tho difference is
only a fow cents. Wo al
Avays havo tho finest
No. 122 North Jardin Street.

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