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VOL. VI.--KO. 148.
That a necessity exists for the di
vision of the wards of this town is ad
mitted hy all reaaouablo citizens.
The wards as they are at present are
1 1 11. 1nwnn nnnnlniv irrnnf In.
' cnnvenlenco to voters and unneces
sarily burdening tho election olllcers.
Members of all parties must admit
that it is out of reason to havo the
work of the election boards prolonged
until almost daylight after an election,
when a system for prompt returns can
be established by Blniply d.Vlding the
It is not intended that thore shall be
any gerrymandering. Politics has
nothing to do with tho matter and op
position based upon such an Idea is
a weak and silly claim of short-sighted
people. Surely a division of tho wards
can In no wiso change the political
complexion of th6 town.
The Sunday News, after opposing
the division under thel party lash, has
at last honestly acknowledged that
.the First, Third, Fourth and Fifth
wards should be divided, leaving only
the Second ward out of the question
A conceding of four-ttths of tho claim
should not be overlooked by tho
viewers, and it is not likely that It
will escape attention, as the viewers
are men of intelligence and can see as
far as the next when reason js called
into play.
Oh, "What a Cough.
Will you heed the warning? Tho signal per
haps ot the nuro approiush of that more ter
rible disease, Consumption. Ask yourselves
If you can allord for the Bake of saving 60
cents, to run the risk and do nothing for It.
We know from experience that Hhiloh's Curs
will Cure your Cough. It never falls. This
explains why more than ft Million Hollies
were sold tho past year. It relieves Croup
and Whopping Cough at once. Mothers do
not be wlthont It. For .Lame liaolt, Hide or
Chest, use Billion's Porous Flaster;.!l8old ,by
O. II. Ilagenhuch, N. E. corner fMalni and
Lloyd streets. U '
A Now Business. j
1'. J. Cloary has oponeil a store in tho
Ferguson's building, on East Contro street,
and is proparod to furnish tho local trado
with fine leather and shoo findings and all
kinds of shoemaker's supplies. His stock is
a largo ono and well oquippod to fully
sV 1 supply all demands of tho trade. 6-15-tf
"Waters' Weiss boor is tho best,
llellly solo agont.
John A.
0333STTS por yd for tlio
Hold In other stores for S5o. All floor
Oilcloths reduced. Call for bargains
Store, 10 South Jardin St, near Centre
Crosse and IHnclcwell's Chow-Chow and Flcldes.
French Macaroit (, 2 lbs. for HSo.
" Snrdlnes In Oil, 2 cans for 23c.
lancy Mice, 3 lbs. for 25c.
Eine California Eruits,
Fancy Fmnes, large and flnc,-15c.
Choice Fruncs, 2 lbs. or 2So.
Evaporated Jellied Apricots, 20c.
Evaporated Feachea, 15c -
Canned Fears, Flums, Feaches and Apricots.
fresh: GtOOzds.
Flue Ilonsted CoiT;e, 3oc-ciuallty improved.
Old Government Java fresli roasted
Fnncy Table Byrup a qts. lo"r 25c.
Ginger Snaps and Coffee Cakes, 3 lt9. lor 25c.
Hlclnncd IIuius.
Lebanon Summer Sausngc and Clilpped Beef
Fancy Creamery and Fine Dairy nutter
Corn oud" Karlv
for 35c
New B.aIslns-4 lbs lor 25c
Waslilng Powder, 4 lb, for
Will have another lot of those Fancy'', Moquette Iliifs at
$1,25 in afeiu days.
Every State in tho Union Will bo
Aotivoly Canvassed Hundreds
of Speeches to Educate
the Masses.
By National Press Association.
Wasbi.vgiton, Juno 8-Col. L. L. polk,
President of too National Fanners' Ab
lianco, and Congressman Jerry Simpson
liavo gone to La Crosse, Wis., to attond
a convention of the different industrial
organizations of that State, which meets
to-morrow, for tho purposo of uniting
with tho Nntlonal Allianco as ono work
lug body.
After tho organization of tho Allianco
la complotod they will mako" sovoral
speeches In that State, and then proceod
to Illinois. Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
Now Jorsoy nnd Now York whero nass
meeting havo been arranged hy tho Al
liance leadors of theso States, to discuss
tho principles of tho order.
President Polk says: "Every Stato In
tho Union will bo actively canvassed by
tho best talent in tho Allianco in tho way
of speakers, lecturers and canvassers, who
will fully explain tho objects of the Al
lianco and what will bo asked la the way
of Stato and National legislation."
President Polk has arranged through
his 40 Stato Allianco presidents to havo
mass meetings at sovoral points In each
of tho 40 States during tho noxt four
months with a view of accomplishing
the greatost amount of work iu tho short
est possible time. Ho will have hun
dreds of speakers at work at the samo
tlmo throughout tho entiro Union, edu
cating, as ho says, tho masses to tho Alli
anco cause before tho meeting of tho 52d
By tho timo tho Nntlonal convontlon
moots in November ho thinks tho Alli
ance will bo fully posted ns to what
strength tho order will havo as a Prosl
dontlal and Congressional factor in 1803,
Prosldont Polk ha3 taken tho Held in
Sorson, and will visit every Stato from
alno to tho Pacific coast.
Tho Allianco to Mako a Tost of tho Bub
Treasnry Plan.
Topeka, Kan., Juno 8. Tho Exocutlvo
Commlttoo of tho Farmers' Allianco- of
Kansas Is considering a gigantic schemo
which will at onco test the practicability
of tho Sub-Troasury warohouso plan. Mr.
J. Hopkins of NowYork, who was a dol
cgato to tho Cincinnati Convention from
tho Economic Club, is tho originator of
tho plan, which is to establish a bank In
each county of tho Stato uudor tho di
rection of tho local Allianco Exchange.
In connection with each bank Is to bo an
elevator or storehouse.
A farmer may then dump his grain
Into tho elevator, receiving for It ft check
for 80 per cont, of tho valuo of tho groin
doposited. By paying a small per cont.
for storage and Insurance ho will be al
lowed to keep his grain in tho doposltory
until such tlmo as ho may deem It bast
to placo It on tho market.
Corn, silk, castor beans or othor Im
perishable products may bo stored, and
June Peas not soalcs 3 cans
cont wlfl bo issued. Tho schemo will "bo
tosted by tho Alllauca of Kansas.
A Now Prison Industry.
StNO Sino, Juno 8. Warden William
It Brown, of Sing Sing Prison, has started
about ISO convicts to work at proparing
raw matorlal to bo used in tho manufao
turo of brushes. This is known as tho
brush libra Industry, nnd consists princi
pally In convortiug balos of Tamplco
horses' tails, hogs' bristles nnd like ma
terials Into a proper condition to bo sold
to brush mauufucturors. Tho material
used is proparcd in England nnd Ger
many nnd imported to this country. It
Is irtuallya now Industry, and if it
proves successful In Sing Sing Prison it
will bo Introduced into tho other .penal
institutions In the Stato.
Tho Aiitl-Kfdnnppluir league.
New Yoiik, Juno 8. Tho Antl-Kldnnp-plng
Union's central committee passed
resolutions that tho caso of Mrs. Sopranla
Northrup, whom official Investigation
shows was Imprisoned eight months in
tho lunatic asylum nt St. Paul, Minn.,
without lawful authority and without
being insnuo, Is a flagrant outrage, a
signal disproof of tho statement of tho
National Convontlon of Asylum Superin
tendents that no Bano person was ever
Imprisoned In an asylum, and a clear
proof of tho need for tho Anti-Klduapping
Union's exlstouce. .
Her Head Cut to Pieces.
Vounostown, O., Juno 8. Mrs. John
Booker, aged 40 years, wlfo of a colored
barber, was found murdered nt 6 a. m.
in a shed noar her homo. Tho murdered
woman's head was cut Into pieces. Al
though there has been several arrests
thcro is no poslttvo cluo. It is supposed
tho crimo was committed oarly in tho
ovonlng. Tho woman had been assaulted,
linkers Gain Their Point
CracAOO, Juno 8. Tho strlko of German
bakers, which was inaugurated Saturday
night. Is practically over, luu out of. the
135 bosses conceding tho strikers' de
mands. Of the 1,200 men who went on
strike, 800 havo been called back to work
and It is expected tho remaining 400 will
be at work by to-morrow.
Jlofinn Knocked Out.
Muncik, Ind., Juno 7. A prlzo light
occurrod early In tho morningjfour miles
north of this city betweon Tommy liogan
of Clyde, N. Y and John II. Sullivan of
Sacramento, Cal., for a purso of $500.
Hocun was knocked out In tho fifteenth
Pai-noll's FInanclal'Statoment.
Dublin, Juno 8. Mr. 'Parnell says that
he has propared a balanco shoot of tho
funds that ho controls, and will submit
it to William O'Biien when the latter
leaves jail with permission to publish it
it ho liked.
New Jorsoy Shukon.
New Brunswick, N. J., Juno 8. A dis
tinct shock of ourtkquako, from south
oast to northwest, accompanied hy a
rumbling noiso, was felt hero yesterday.
Superintendent flrny Acqulttod.
Unionotwn, Pa., Juno 8. Superin
tendent Gray, of Frick's Loisouring No.
" ko works, was acqulttod of the charge
ot llmurrln.B ono ,of tho Hungarian
strikers Bduriug a riot near Loisouring
Tho strikers had inducod some of tho
workmen to Join them In drinking beer.
When' Superintendent Gray wont after
his imprisoned men ho was assaulted and
beaten. During tho row ono ot tho Huns
wus shot nnd killed.
Trottltifr Mootluz tit Washington.
Washington, June 8. The trotting
meeting of tho Wushlngton Driving Club
will bo hold at Benniugs' tritqk. com
mencing to-morrow und continue until
Juno 12. Tho best class ot trotters and
pacers havo been engaged, and tho lov
ers of tho trotting horso will bo treated
to one of tho best exhibitions of speed
ever shown hero.
Mysteriously Assaulted.
PPall IIiveii, Mass., June 8. Imrah
Holllugsworth was knocked down on
Central streot by an unknown man and
lay seuBelosH until placed up by pedes
trians. Ho was unconscious all night
and is now In a critical condition. Bob
bery was not tho motive, as Holllngs
worth's uiouoy and watch were on his
person when picked up.
Chilian Insurgents Kxcltod.
Iqoiqde (via Galveston), Juno 8.-
decision ot Admiral McCunn to tako tho
Itata without allowing the dlschargo of
her arms and ammunition has caused
groat excitement hero, while tha press
comraonts very bitterly upon the matter,
and considers that tho United States, tho
cradlo of republican Ideas, commits a
grievous mistake la thus indirectly as
sisting Balmaceda, the dictator.
ltalns Help the Minors.
Pittbduuo, Pa., Juno 8. Tho rains of
the past faw days havo been a gousend to
the river coal operators. It is expected
that fully 20,UO0,UUu busUels of coul will
co to the lower ports to-morrow it au
8'feot stage water Is reached.
Lochport's Centeuurlun Dead.
Buffalo. N. Y June 8. Asa Carpen
ter. Lockport's centenarian, died last
night in the 108th year of his life. Death
resulted from the wasting away of the
vital forces
Gorman Win-ships Hull for Chill.
San Francisco, Jnne 8. Tho Asiatic
squadron of Oermau warships, the LelpJ
y.iir. Sonhlo and Aloxandrlno, sailed last
night for Chill after a stay of two days
lu this port.
AVm the Oruud l'rli.
Paius, Juno 8, The Grand Prix has
boon won by Olamart, Itoverend second
and Clement third. . , -;-,if
A Tiial in tho LockUD Tho Bur-
goes Botweon two Firos A
Base Ball Match Political
Tho office of Chief Burtt is not an al-
toceltsr 8G7iM8 -MMfc Thy bOBflr or
ibglhochiof officials of a town If, of course,
umething worth havinc, but the man who
succeeds in socuring it soon finds that tho
"alary is nono to much for tho unpleas
antrios with which ho is obliged tocotitond.
At about ton o'clock last night Chief
Burgess Losslg was nrousod from slumber
to givo two young men in tho lockup a
hearing. Ho hastened lo respond to tho
call and tho first younir man was called
from his coll. Ho said i "I was walking
along East Contro streot when tho other
fellow flrod a dead rat at mo and hit mo."
"He fired a dead rat, did ho'?" askod tho
Chiof Burgees, as he wroto tho young man's
name in his book.
"Yes, sir."
"And what did you do."
"Woll, I spoke to him about it and ho
insulted mo. Then I hit him."
"Y.ou hit him ?"
"Yes, sir."
"Whero is tho other follow?" asked tha
Burgess, turning lo Folicoman Williams,
Prisoner number one, who was John
Giblin, stood asido and Fred. Uildorbrandt
stepped lrni a coll. Ho said, "A follow
threw a dead rat at mo and I pickod it up
and throw it back. Tho fellow dodged and
the rat hit Giblin.1
In answer to a question of tho Burgess,
rouceman Williams said, "When 1 ar
rested thom Giblin had Uildorbrandt down
on a collar door uud was putting tho boots
to him."
"Theywero fighting, thon?" said tho
Burgess. .
"Welloys,- if you
each' you'may,'go homo.
"But tho other follow
pay four dollars
Btruck first with
tho rat," interposed ono of Giblin's friends.
"Yes, I know, but thoy wore both light
ing on tho etreot, and that is a borough of
fense" By this timo 0 rolatlve of Hildebrandt's
arrived and wanted witnesses brought.
The Chief Burgess said that thoy could
havo another caso boforo a 'squiro if thoy
wished, but tho flnoa would havo to bo
paid, That fighting on the streots was tho
caso under consideration and a caso on tho
rat could bo takon before a 'squire.
Giblin'B father thon offorod himself as
bail for payment of tho fino on Monday
night, but the Burgess said ho wanted cash,
and not bail.
Finally Air. Giblin paid tho fine and loft
tho lockup promising to put his voto against
tho Burgess if bo runs for ofUco again,
Tho Burgess then turned to Hildobiandt
and, not receiving tho lino, ordorcd him to
bo locked up. As tho door was closod Hil-
lobrandt's rolativo .stopped up and said,
Never mind locking him up, I'll pay tho
fine." And in ho handed tho four dollars
to tho Chiof Burgess ho said, "I would
rather givoyou a doso of poison than glvo
you this."
This angered tho Burgoss, who ex-
claimed, "Whatl Poison 1 1 Poison what?
PoUon who?"
Never mind," said Hilderbrandt, as he
started for tho door.
What d'd you say about poison ?" con
tinued the official. "You had bittor look
out, or you will.go in. You poison 60ino-
body, eh ?"
But tho lockup was soon clearod and tho
BurgObS was left with eight dollars in hi
II a borough official wants to perform
his duty ho must oxpect to incur coutider-
ablo ill-will," remarked n bystander to a
reporter. "Thoro was only ono way to
satisfy all tho parties in that case and that
was to dismiss tho principals without a fine.
and thon Burgess would be put on tho rack
by tho Borough Council."
Limb of the Law.
The Hkhat.ii has at hand an invitation
to attend tho' commencement of tho faculty
and graduating class of tho Columbian
University Law School at tho Academy of
Music, Wttbhlngton, D, O., on June 0th,
1801. Mr. J. O. Koiper, formerly of this
town, Is a member of tho graduating class
Fall on a Pavement.
Joseph Townsend, residing at the corner
of Coal and Emorick streots, is confined to
bis bod by injuries sustained by a fall upon
tho pavement in front of tho Bobbins'
homes, on East Coal street, Thursday oven
ing. It ! thought he will be laid up for
several days.
Gratifying Keport.
It is announced that the Poltsvlllu eleo
trio railway has oarnod during tho first five
inontha of its oxiitonco more than onough
to pay a go-d seml-anr ual dividend.
Items Interesting Concerning tho
County Political Affairs.
Pottsvillo is now hcadquartors for tho
judgeship business.
Two judges are to bo elected next fall.
Judge David B. Greon's commission will
oxpiro in 1892 and an olection will be
neeoseary for tho recently created Or
phans' Court judgeship. Tho chances are
that Judgo Green will succeed himself.
At least such sooms to bo tho dosiro of two
thirds tho people, irrespective of politics.
In fact the Democratic leaders aro soriously
contemplating advUing that no candidato
be put up against him.
Tho candidates on tin Democratic sido
for the Orphans' Court are quite numerous
and the fight in thfrt cnmj. promises to be
an interesting one.
Tho Shrievalty continues n bone of con
tention among a large numboj of Demo
crats and there will bo a regular Kilkenny
fight when tho ball opens. When the
German district is hoard from tho fight
will wax warraor.
Nothing doflnlto has takon shapo regard
ing tho Poor Directorship. Thoro aro
plenty who would like to tako caro of tho
poor for thrco years, an oluco that carries
with it good meals, good times and a fair
salary ; but one scorns to bo waiting for tho
other to stop out for tho hunt and when a
start is made tho woods will soon bo full.
It would soem that tho next Diroctor must
como from tho west end and this, of course,
gives Leiningor, whoso term oxpiros in
1802, hopo that he will succood himself.
I ho Congressional olection is at some
distance, but considerable shaping is going
on. It is staled upon what scorns to bo
very good authority that Jamos J. Franoy,
of town, will again enter tho arena and his
frionds say hw will mako tho nomination
and Hon. James B. Beilly will bo relegated
to tho rear.
A Surprise.
Friday evening Mrs. Cuick, Into of tho
W. O. T. U. coffee houso of this place, was
out making calls of farowoll, preparatory
to her return to her nativo homo in
England. Sho was acoompaniod by Mrs,
Joromiah Itoxby, who was privy to tho
surpriso planned by tho niembors of tho
Biblo class, of which Mrs. Conick had
been an active member, and thus sho was
takon to 'Squire Shoomakor's. Any bus
picion she might otherwiso havo outer'
tortaincd Mrs. Itoxby dispelled by saying,
"If Mrs. Shoomaker is not at homo, we'll
call around on Whito slroet, at Mrs. Hut'
tons." But Mrs. Shoemaker was at homo
to g.-cet tho callers. Sho had scarcely con'
eluded expressing her fears of an oppor.
tunity to say tho sad words of a porsonal
parting when Kev. Powick and his good
Hdy, at tho head of a procession, onlerod
from the rear. Tho class oame in a body.
Tno surpriso was comploto und an onjoy
abio evening 1 'as had over tho bouutoous
supply of rofnshments furnishod for tho
occasion by tho class. Among thoso who
had ine good tortuno to be presont wore
Kov. and Mrs. Powick, Mr. and Mrs,
Harry Main, Mrs. A. Wildo, Mrs. Web
tor, Mrs. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Shoemakor,
Mrs. II. Shoomaker, Mrs. Lathlano, Mis
Horring, Mrs. Koxby, Mrs. Gregory, Mrs,
Ilutton, Mrs. Slraughn, Mrs. Yost, Mrs.
Davis, Mrs. Bird, Mrs, Itcoso, Mrs, Beovos,
Mrs, Matter, Miss Hughos und Mrs.
Conick. Aftor an earnest and oloquont
prayor by Kov. Powick, invoking tho
divino blessing upon all, tho party retired
wishing a 6afo journey and futuro happl
ness to Mrs. Conick.
William Davis, of Pollsvillo, spout Sun
day in town.
Leo Bambergor is visiting frionds in
Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. Thomas Van Dusen spent yesterday
at Mabanoy City.
Kichard Cloary, of Mahanoy City, was
n town Saturday evoaing.
John Costlott wont to Philadelphia this
morning lo attend to business.
Mr. and Mrs. William Lalhlain, of
Tremont, are visiting l'riendj in town,
B. F. Lnudig have beon appointed local
aent for the Venntyhania Telegram.
Daniol Hughes, of Philadelphia, spout
Saturday and Sunday in town tho guest of
Guy O. Keipor loft this morning for
WasDington, D. 0., whero ho will tpvnd
the summer vacation,
Will Lucks, who spent tho past week
with David Glover, of town, returnod to
his homo in Vineland, N. J,, to-day.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis, of North
Jardin streot, have left lor Boston, Mass.,
whero thoy will spond Beveral weeks with
Two Hot Killed by I-Iclitulnc.
PAnKKnsnuito. W. Vn.. Juno 8. A tor-
rlble storm passed over this section last
night. Tho wind felled trees and small
bulldlnc. and tuo lightning BtrucK mjv
oral houses, a church In Belpre nnd barns
in different neighborhoods. During tho
Htnrm in Jackson County. John and
CharleB took refuge under a straw stack
which the lightning struck, killing both
boys Instantly.
Sudden Death.
A hemorrhage caused tho death of tho
f iurtoon-year-old daughter of John Jeffer
son, of Huckleberry alloy, on Saturday
Tho Body to be Burled at Kings
ton With Groat Honors Hun
dreds of Messages of Con
dolonoo Bocoivod.
Ottawa, Juna 8. Ottawa Is a city of.
mourning to-day. Everywhere are seen
signs of the general sorrow felt at tho
om the nation has sustained iu the death
of Sir John Moedonald, one ot her gr.-it-
estSMKl- Flags are dying at half-'
from thearliftmeut ud; i.1I'U's
building)) and also many private 84 .res,
somu of which are draped with crape, t he
United States Hag Is floating at half-mast
ovor tho United Stato3 consulate.
Tho body of tho dead loador has boon
embalmod. Tho ombalmer says It Is loss
emaciated than was gonorally supposod.
Tho casket was raado iu Wost Merldon,
Conn. It Is of rollod steol and is painted
roso color. Tho masslvo handles aro
solid bars of oxidized sllvor, and extend
along both side. On tho lid aro throo
largo silver llgures emblematic 01 tno
flight of tlmo. Tho lusido Is lined with
hoavy whito silk. No Inscription has yet
bocu engraved on tho sllvor plate.
Sir John Mucdounlrt's body will bo prl-
votoly removed from Earnscliffo to tho
Parliament buildings and will llo in
stato from 10 o'clock to-morrow morning
uutll tho hour-ot tho fuueral.
Tho stato funeral will loavo tho Par
liament buildings at 10 o'clock p. m.
Wednosday for St. Alban's church, thonco
to tho Canadian Paclflo station, whence
tho body will bo convoyed to Kingston.
Tho body will llo In stato In the City
Hall in Kingston until noon, when tho
Interment will tako placo.
Hundreds of tolegrnms roaohod Mrs.
Mncdonuld during the day. Thoy all ex
tended condoleuco nnd sympathy, yuoon
Victoria telegraphed from Balmoral to
tho Govoruor-General that sho was deep
ly uainod to loam of Sir Johu's death,
which sho regarded as a groat loss to
Canada and tho sovoroign. Sir Charles
Tuppor also cabled a messago of sympathy
from Vienna. Uthor mossagos wero re
ceived from Lord S dlsbury and scores of
other notables in England.
Ornnireiueu OppoActl tu Thompson
TonoNTO, Juno 8. A quiet canvass U
being carried on nraong prominent Con
Bervatlves In this city with a viow of dis
covering how far tho accession of Sir
John Thompson to tho party leadership
would bo acceptablo. Tho feeling agalnBt
lilm on tho part of tho Orangemen ha
beon found to bo of unexpected strength.
London's Trlbuto tu Mucdounld.
London, Juno Q. Tho papers nil eulo
gize Sir John Macdonnld. Tho Daily
News snj-K that his donth is a loss to the
wholo empire. If not exactly a groat
man, he did great things. His death
was likely to produco far-reaching
The Times says that tho Canadian Pa
cific Hallway will bo Macdouald's endur
ing monument, From his death we
must dato a now period of doubt and
A Young Swindler's Dcflporato Aot TVhon
llofused riminvlfil Aid.
New Yoiik, Juno 8. Georgo Monsor,
18 years old, who has probably boou ou
gagod in a wholosalo swindllngof olorgy
ruen, tried to kill to tho Bov. Dr. Clark
Wright, pastor of tho Tremont Methodist
Episcopal church nt 178th Btrcot anil
Washington avenue, on Saturday mgnc
His only provocation was- that tho
clergyman would not glvo hlui the finan
cial aid for which ho asked. Aftor shoot-
ng at tho pastor he mado his escape, but
ho had the hardihood, to return to Mr.
Wright's house last night. Ho was meti
by tho pastor, who hold him until a
policeman nrrlvou. 110 was iockou up iu
the Tremont police station.
A Kind Friond.
s what they oull Unit Famous Hemedy, lied
(III, it (illicitly cures Rheumatism,
eurauu, uui. uruiMM, iiuins, iwre auanu
riftlu. It la good fur man or beast. 25 cents.
iMKlrllu's drug store.
15 Cents a Pound.
Not off grade goods,
But First-class Stock,
No. 122 North Jardin Streot.

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