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The Evening
E 0. EOYEB, Slltor and PnUlster,
W. J. WATSIMS, Local Elite-
DATLT, per year,
.83 Oi
. 1 5'
Wkklt, per year,
loured at the Pontofflce, at Shenandoah, I'a
lrausuilklou .UiroUi;lilhe ilalle .
as second els mall mUr.
The Now Yurkt Win Another
from ttio Chlciiftoes.
NowYorir., 3 1 0 4 8 3 0
Chicago....... 0 0 3 0 0 0 0
ItntterlBS Keefe, Woloh ami
Uutcblusou and KlttrlJgo.
0 1-1
1 4-ia
Ilnnn !1 0 0 1 1 0 1 5 112
Plttsbuiv.....,...l 0 6 0 1 0 2 0 1- r,
Iiattoriee-NlehoU una Ganatilli Kintj uud
Philadelphia. .1
Cleveland 0
O rubor and Zlmrner.
2 2 0 0 0
0 0 10 0
Oleason and
I 3 0-
i s 110
Brooklyn 8 0
Cincinnati.. .o u
oioooio 4-ia
. Batteries Mullaue nml Harrington; Terry
unu ivinsiow
Tho National League Record,
nufit. tl'nn. Itnt, CI,
nub, iron, Lost ci
Now York.SS jlil .030
Chicago... .23 10 MS
Boston ....SI 21 .M.)
Brooklyn ..23 22 .480
Cleveland ..23 21 .483
l'lill'del'il. .21 23 .4.V7
IMttsbunr..l8 23 .110
Cincinnati .10 27 .413
Assoulntlou Gutties.
Baltimore. 0 0 0 1 0 0
Athletics 0 0 0 0 0 C
Guuo colled end of Oth Inning on iiccouu
of rain.
Batteries MoMahon and Itoblnson; Weyhlng
una urues.
Washington. 1 10022100
Boston 0 0 8 1 fl 0 3 4 01
Batteries Miller und MoGulro; O'Drlon un
Tlio Association Itocord,
Club', iron. IxwL Ct
Boston.. .34 18 .051
St. LOU1S..33 21 .1123
llaltiuiore32 20 .013
uclm120 27 .41)1
CIhds. iron. .Lost. C
Columbus.. 2.5 20 .403
Lou'vlllo....21 33 .421
At l et 08. ..22 31 .41
Wasll'tOU. ..15 34 .3011
KuNteru LenuF.
New Haven .2 0 0 3 2 0
Lebanon 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ilatterlcs-Clarksou and Decker;
and llushoog.
0 0 0
0 0 0
Vrnvidcnco .- 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0
Uattcrlca Stalb and Murphy; Magulro and
Albany 4 0 0 0 2 0 5 1 012
XlutTalo 0 002210139
llatterlej friekon and Hesa; Ooodall and
fiyracuso -0 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 10
llochettcr 1 2 0000000 3
Ilatturlo-Coughlln and Myers; Shrove and
Tlio ropulitr Coinuilliiu liids Ills Lontf
Careor un tho Btuso.
NcwBunan, N. Y., Juno 10. J. K. Em
met, the coinodian, died at Cornwall at
11(15 a. m. of pneumonia.
Mr. Emmut was iu poor health when
lie arrived at Cornwall about 10 days
ago, and tha symptoms of pneumoniu
developed about a week ago. Ho and
Ills son came to Cornwall to spend tho
summer, and had rooms at the Storm
King Honso, a pretty place on tho moun
tain side. He was iu charge of a nurse,
A village doctor vlslU'd him dully, and at
last a New York physician was called iu
Mr. Emmet spent several months
tbero last summer and was so well
pleased with tho place that he oxproased
Lis intention of uuyiug a residence there.
Joseph K. Emmet was one of tho most
popular specialty comedians of the day,
it.. rj -nr., ni.i i,.u ii,Mi n.,rrni..
ttlH W j V'lt 3 VIU .V MU, U L. LA UlU.
Cincinnati and St. Louis each claimed
him as a son, but Lmmot always clalmou
bt. Louis as his native city.
He leaves one son, J. Kliuo Emmet, jr..
who managod htm during the past two
years. Ills fortune is estimated at sev
eral hundred thousand dollars.
Office of J. M. 11. Kowkbon 112 East 120th L1
Kesldeuee, 685 Eai.tU3 slrcot.
Alva's Ilrazlllan Hneclflo Co.-acntlemen :
Having suITered for the rast two years with
rheumatism, Indigestion, sore throat, ando
complete breaking down or my wuoie Bynern,
I was Induced (alter treating with several
promiueut uociorsj hi try me uuutus
i'ure TChlrh I mntlDiied to liso for about
thirty days, since which time I have beeu eu-
ureiy ireeirom tno Hiuvtiucuuuut:uiiiuuucei,
niul have more ambition to day than any
time In the past four years, I can heartily
recommend the same to any one havlnethe
name troubles. J. M. B. KOUINSON.
Bold at Klrlln's Drug Btore.Kersuson House
11 lock, mienandoab.
"Killed by olgarottes" is becoming ft
familiar headline in tho nowspapors.
A Cura for Constipation and
Dr. Silas Lano, whilo In the Kocky
Mountaini, ditoorared a root that w)n
combined with other herbs, makes an oasy
nnd certain cure for constipation. It li In
tho form of dry roots and leaves, and It
known as Lano' a; Family Medicine. It
will cure sloli headache, For tho blood,
liver and kidneys, und for clearing up thq
complexion it does wonders. Druggists
soil It at 60 cents "n igkai)
Ho nover does u good day's work who
goo grumbling about It.
Ask Your Friends About It,
Your distressing cough can bo cured,
Ve know It because Kemp's Daliam
within the, pott few yean hni cured so
many ooUaihi and oolds In this community.
Its remarkable tale has been won entirely
by its genuine merit. Ask some friend
who has used It what be thinkB of Kcmp
Ualsam. There U no medicino to puro,
nonoso effective. Largo bottles 60o and f 1
at all druggists'.
Vegetables of oycry
very rapidly.
bird Is growing
f. XT
'Jt Ituu' Iliitru by an Illeofrlo Car.
IrociiESTKn, .'. iY., JunovJO.John J
, . . i i i. i ri 1 ... .7TI f : ..V ...... xr
Sclitiyverfmgeil 40, wero ruh down. bylTti
lectrlc car mat mgut wiino marching id
pnrndo In houor of Lieut. bchoireljust
eturneil from West Point. Whitney
and Vnu Schltycr wcro badly hurt.
Ynrtl Keleuseil on Hall.
PuiLAnrxraiA, Juno 10. Henry H.
Yard,, who was nrrested nt Trenton on
Friday last on trio cnaree oi conspiring
with ox-City Treujiuror Enrilsloy to' mis
use $200,0011 o( cUy and ptifte motio, ha
surrendered himself and was released on
$10,OOODH. - -
"Killed nMl'oimc llrotliir. - (
EastON. Pa., Juno 10 Joseph Soaroka.
aged 13 ytar.i, hcelucutrtlly shot and
killed his 11-ycnr-old brother Frank dur
ing the afternoon. The boys wero hunt-
lug near their home nt Hlegellsvilla when
tho accident ocaurred.
Commonennient t LehlKli University.
BeTnLSHBJi. I'a.. Juno 10.-r-Lns6 night
the graduates of Lehigh University wo re
tendered a hop by the juniors. Two hun
dred nluruul are hero to attend the
commencement to-morrow.
Death Warrant Issued.
Harrumwiiu, Va.,, June 10. A warrant
for the oxecutlon of John McJIanus at
Vhllndelphlii on Aug. 20 has beeu Issued
by Gov. Paulson.
Mvvtlnir of tho rrlouds.
Voutlani), Jle., Juno 10. Tho mornltiH
session of the Friends' yearly meetlug
was entirely devoted to listening to re
ports, which were approved.
srorrwG!- memold men
TLey nti hrolo efforts to irea inemiiivci.
DB1 nOL IIOVIDI now w uvvcai.u.iy
lacy Vive op in Qcrpmr nn iiuk lmo bd nn j
K?t Hukiaa tuuuisi intra it
int frie. noil rtll. iftleJ)
forsllroltca llm.tpllM
tht phlloiopbr of Dlsess
u Aalctlom of tho
Oriui ot Msn, sndhowl by
by msthodi sxclmlvely our
own, mo "f:r"J i
bllltr. Weskntis of Body
.-a Mind, rsecti ot Errors
r Eicenei. SUntsd or
The vesllbuled compartment sleeping cars
recently Introduced on the Chicago, Ul. 1'au,
aud Kansas City Hallway are models or com
lort, convenience and luxury. Any patrou v
the sleeping car Is enabled, by tne Inlrodur
Hon of these compartment cars, to t-ccure tht
same privacy and ouvenlence that he would
iu the best hotel. No other line west ofchl
cngo runs the compirtmetit cars. In nddl
tlou, the trains are equipped w th the regnlai
open Pullman sleeper, giving passengers the!)
choice. Tne dl ing car service Is lully up t
the requirements ot moderu railway service
An excellent cuisine, promptly served amlc
eleiiunt surroundlucs. at moderate I'linmet.
leaves nothing now to be desired. Any or our
people contemplating a irip to any part oi int
west or northwest cannot josslbly secun
better accommodations or lower rales thai
by addressing I. Cooley, General Agent oi
the 1'ashenger department, MO ChettuutBt.
Philadelphia. Pa.
Colorado Is n land of sharp conttnsls. ni
brilliant Debts, ol Intense shndiws;u land
where heights and depths make obvious tho
meaning ot the word antithesis; a land where
every mood In mind can And an answerlnc
inoou in uaiuro, ino uign, wane minarets ol
the mountains, from whose slender pinnacles
Uoatthe wind-blown banners oi thesuuw, ap-
etu wuii sueiii eloquence 10 me lony asnira.
Ions of the soul; the sombre chasms cleft by
Tltnn forces throiurh eianlte-hearted hills
within whose depths dark shadows throng
aud swirling torrents dashspeak to the heart,
a language that thrills, inspires and awes. It
does not follow that thee glories ot white
peaks and those glooms ot dark canons pre
clude the pleasant Intervals, the sunny
meadows or the secluded nooks wherein the
tired mind or wearied body may find peace,
nil rest and rctuge from turmoil and toil. To
one muklng a Journey in Colorado, New
aiu&icu or u tan, or laaiug a transcontinental'
tour from East to West, or rleeverm, the Den
ver and Hlo Grande Itallroad oilers ncuiin.
modatlons equal lu elegance, convenience and
m&ury iu uiuse oi any oiuer lino wiiu ino na
ded nttractlliiis of tho unrivalled scenery
along Its line, abounding in a uiagnlflctut
opulence of white peaks and dark canons,
The month of fiovember, 1SU0, wltueesed one
of the most Important Improvements In rail
road lacllltles that has vet been made in Cnl.
orado mid the West, The completion of the
standard gauge of the Denver and KloGrande
Itallroad from Denver, Colorado, over the
mountains to Ogdcn. Utah, which nvo years
ugu wat ueeiueu an lmposfeiunuy, is certainly
a triumph of daring nud engineering skill.
The new lino Is by the waVoI Lendvllie. tun.
nellngTeuneskee Pass, threading the canons
of Hie Kagle and Grand Klvers, giving a view
oi the .Mount of the Holy Cross, enroute, Jalt.
Ing Its trains through Glenwood Kprlugsnnd
down the Grand lllver to Grand Junction,
thence to Halt Lake City, Ogdcn ana fan
FrancUco. By this routo one Is given an op
portunity to behold the magnificence or Kngle
lllver Canon aud the marvelous beaut nnd
grandeur of the Canon of the Grand. The
overland nam is a model in every respect.
From the engine to tho last first-class coach
everything Is bright nnd new, and of the
most elegant style of workmanship and
If any reader desires to know more about
these stupendous works of nature, write to 8,
K. ilooprr, General Passenger Agent,Denver,
Colorado, and be will send you, free ol cost.
elegantly illustrated boons, giving a mil de
scription of the marvels ftf the '-Bcenlo
r,ine."-Mianiey Wood in the "Great Divide.'
la and will over bo tho
V. - yt.V ltB"I
r Bpnaody' foy
rtMit Tnflnrvnwtx. 'nfioknohB. '
(Pnlnri (n t.Yin irto. Ohnnt nnrll
aointB, neuralgia, cprams, ctu
Bf foro you pee to buy, ottaln
xenee stir rUAnrp-M
tis valuaWo bookt 'Qaia to Uesltb," withi
k c&doriementi of promiseiit pbyclclnuii M
a 10 Broadway
Prize Medals Awarded I
50 Cents a bottle, For Salo Ly i
C. It. JIAfcrl JIVIlUOIIsi
SOU VtMf wtui,r,.
fi i
Sucraostions for SUnarintendant of
iviiiiiH iojuunaiaor,
Fjom Frackvlllo "Item."
From Frnckvlllevto Sheuaiidonh ns
llles tliocrow la abouti miles. Uy
Jho Pennsytonln rnjlrontfthedlstBuce
is ubout 4 miles. Still It, It) luiposal
'liltj t'o'seuil rf letter ta flint tdwu nud
receive uii uitsWer oir tire same: day by
mail, though a uiau may wall; over In
less than tin.'hoiit, drive (hither Ju Si)
mliiutfs, ride by mil in 10 mfuutec,
unU th'ree pafseiigerTrhTiis goover a'utT
four couio from there through Frack
vlllo every secular day. If the same
statement is not entirely true ns eoi
cerus our mall connections with Mali
auoy City, Glrardvllle, Ashland, Jit.
Caraiel and Shamokln, it is almost a
fact. All of these towns but one ate
wilhiu easy walking distance of our
borough, four of them not over 1
minutes distance by the 11 ending iall
road from our nearest station, yet It i
almost If not wholly impossible to
send to and receive fiom those towns
it mail message in the same day. In
this day of rapid mall service such n
story ought not be told of towns locu
ted iu the heart of thickly-populated
Let us look nt the facts iu the cae
especially ns it concerns Shenandoah.
Our first mall outleaves this post nfllci
at S:10 a. m. A letter from Shenan
doah, about 4 miles distant by th
Pennsylvania route, is taken to Potts
vllle by the Heading route, thence vtu
Lamuqua to jUauuiioy naue, (.carried
13 nines to reacn a point less tiian i
quarter ot a mile from this borough
und thence to its destination, having
traveled 60 mile, and reaches Shen
andoah at 2:30 o'clock iu Hie afternoon.
No reply to this can be had lu Frack
viile before the next morning at 8:1 1.
The next chance to reach Sheuau-
doidi is the mail which is carried by a
messenger to Mahanoy Plane at noon.
This reaches Shenandoah at the same
hour as the morning mail does, and
admits of no reply that day. The
malls leaving here at 1:40 aud 4:2.5 n
m. reach Shenandoah too late that
night to be distributed before the next
day. and no reply to nuy letter sent nt
either of those hours can be had at the
earliest before about 2 o'clock the uexl
afternoon. Heuce, a town within
sight of some points lu Frackville. is
about as distant us mail commuuiea.
lion goei as either Philadelphia, 102
miles away, or New York, 170 miles
distant. Sluce it is possible to' com
muuicate with either of those great
cities inside ol "i nours.
Look at the other side of thenlcture
Sheuandoah's llrst out-goimr mai
leaves at 7:20 n. m., and after its 50
nine trip readies nere at i:4.u p. m
Another pouch is dispatched at noon
and the Shenandoah man who sends
a message to anybody in our town by
that mail will reach his man late iu
the evening. Let him take a later
out-going mail, and his letter will
come here the next day. Yet all the'e
mans are carried p.st our town, with
in a nine ot our post onice, en route.
The Pennsylvania railroad, which
not a mail routo through Frackville,
is our natural avenue of communica.
tion with Shenandoah, and should be
made the means of mail carriage be
tween us. If even closed pouches
were carried between Pottsville nnd
bliennuiloau over that line, our facil
uies couiu ue greatly enlarged; but
what a route that would make for a
railway postofUce! But better still It
would be to run such a service between
Pottsville nnd Shamokln nud Ash
land. Look at the people that are to
be served by that means on n run via
I' rncKviue, n distance of 40 miles:
Pottsville 15,000
Bt. Clair.... 4,000
Frackville 2 MX)
Gllberlon 3,01)0
Bhenandoiih 10,000
L-ist Creek 1 .nil
Glrardvllle 3 500
Ashland 7,100
Centralla 2,000
Mt. Carmel 8.300
Bhamokin 15.0G0
In a word, 80,000 people would thus
be provided with the superior rnllwny
postni service w wnicn we uciiev
they nro entitled. One round trin
day would satisfy them, and the train
passing northward through Frackville
at 10:40 a. m, and returnlncr from
Shamokiu at 4:30 p. m. would fill the
urn admirably lor sucu a service. We
would like to call the attention ot
Hunt. Jackson to this condition of af
fairs nnd ask him whether he does not
believe that the Itkm Is right In what
it urges to nave done.
Shlloh'a Consumption Cure.
This is beyond question the most
r..... inMl ... i.n ..
a lew doses Invariably cure the woist cases of
congh, Croup, and Uronchltls, while Its won
derlul success In the cure of Consumntlon u
without a parallel In the history of medicine,
since ivs nrsi aiseovery 11 nas neen sold on 1
guarantee, a test which no other medlcln
can stand. It you have a Cough we earnestly
ask you to try it. Price 10 cents, 60 cents, and
51.10. If your Lungs are sore. Chest or Back
lame, use Bhlloh's Porous Plaster. Bold by
C. It. Hageubuch, H, 12. comer Main and
uoya streets,
The 21st init. will bo the longest day
tho year.
To Norvoua, Debilitated Mon,
If you sond us your address, we will
Mail you our Illustrated pamphlet explain'
ing all about Dr, Dye's Celebrated EloctrO'
Voltaic Bolt and Appliances, and their
inarming oilocts upon the nervous de
bilitated system, and how thoy will quickly
rnetoro you to vigor, and manhood. Pamph
let free, Ifyou ore thus nflllctod, we will
vinu you a ueit ana Appuancos on a trial
voltaic dkla wo.. .Marshall, Alice,
Dancing picnics will soon bo tho popular
Miles' Nerve nnd Llvor Pills
Act on a new principle regulating the
liver, kUinuich and bowels thimph the nmw,
A new discovery. Dr. lilies' Pills speedily
hd uiiiuiuuQM, uhii ihmu, vuipia liver, pile,
constipation. une4ualed for men, women,
children. Hmallesi, mildest, surest I aldoses,
ra". nmupies rree, ui u. u, liagsnuucu1
us; ovui e.
AH kinds of snakes aro reported plenty
this year.
It don't do to neclect nature's warn!
aches t urolith the system, canse ltbenm
nam, neuralgia ana iiacsiicue. Try ilea t
un. me f amous ruin lure, zacentsaiii.
1111 '8 drugstore.
nud 11L-LLU I"!' THE '110LEJJYiSTE31 TO J!E11FECT linAT.Tif. ' '
Ef" UP
T3"at to-
g ' mar.
lie finest in tho interior of
the State. Only available
health and pleasure grounds
in the Anthracite
The natural attractions aud uiagulli-
mmmmmmmmmm cent scenery of the place nre uu-
equalled, and n day of recrea-
tion and pleasure may be
spent in it to advantage,
'lhere is good fishing and
- bathing in tho twin lakes ------
surrouudlngthegrounds. Boat
houses will be bullt'on the lakeside
nnd regattas will bo frequent this sensou
For Sunday Schools, Lodges, &c,
The grounds nre most suitable' for pic -
information, call
On and after Nov. 24, 1890, (ratm u itl (eat
0ienanaoan as loumov
for Wlrean. Gilbert. Frackville. New
Castle, Bt. Clair, and way points, 0.00, 9.11
4 m and 4.15 p m.
Uundays, uou, D.4U a m and 3.10 p m.
For rottsvllle, 6.00, U.lo a m nnd 4. 15 n m.
Sundays, 600, 6.40 a ni and 8.10 v m,
For Heading, 6.00, 9.10 am and 4.15 pm.
Sundays, 600,9.40 a.m. and 8.10 pm.
For Pottstown. Phoentxvllle. Norrlstowi
and Philadelphia (Ilroad street station), 8.00,
S.1U S Ul, HUU l,li) P IU ffWK UH8
Hnnaays, 600, H.40 a m 3.10 p m
Trains leave Fraekvlhe lor Shenandoah ai
10.40 a in and 12.14, 7.12, 10,09 p m. Sundays
11.13 a m and 6.40 p m.
j.enve roiisvuie lor anenanaoan, iu.io ano
11.43, a m 7.15, 9.42 p m, Sundays, 10.40 a a
5,15 p m. ,
Leave Philadelphia (Broad street station)
for Pottsville aud Shenandoah. a ra
2.10, 4.10 and 7.00 p m week days. Sunday 9.2H
a in aim i.iuy, in.
For w York. 3.20, 1,05, 4.40, 8.35, 6.60, 7.80
8.208.30, J.60, ll.oOand 11.15am, 12.00noon.01m
iia express, i.uo ana s,ou p zn.i ii, i.iu, !u
3.20, 4, 5, 6, .S0, 6.50 7.18 8.12 and 10.00 p m, 12.01
On Sundays, 8.20, 4.05, 4.40, S.85, 8.12, 8.80, B.Oi
a m.and 12.49. 3.V0 lllmlled 4.60). 5.28. 6.80. 6.5(
7.13 8.12 n m and 12.01 night.
ror cett uiri, espring itae, lietmar,
Ocean tiroye, Asbnry Park, and Long Branch
iSO, 11,15, a. m. 4.00 p. m. week dayr O)
Freehold, S-tf-i m. week days.
Daltlmor" aud Washington, 8.50, 7.20, 8,31
9.10, 10.20, J 1.18 a m, 12."5 (limited express) 8.1f
4.41 8.W anr.7.10 p. m., and 12.03 night. ,Fo'
Baltimore, nly. 2.02. 4.1 1, 6 08 and 1130 p. m
On Sandays, 8.60. 7.20, 9.lliana 11,18 a. m. 4.41
6.57, 7.40 p m. 12.03 night. Baltimore only
6.08 and 11.30 p m.
For Richmond and the Bonth 7.20 11.18 ai m
(Limited Express 12.35 p. m.,)12.03 nlEht.weeli.
days. Sundays, 7.20 a. m 12.03 night.
Trains leave Harrlsbure for Pittsburg ant)
the west every day at 12.25 and 8.1o n m and
3.00 (Umlted) and 8,40 p m. Way for Altoona,
s.16 a m and 4.10 p m every day.
For Pittsburg only, 11.20 a m dally and 10.2C
p m week days.
Leave ennbury tor Wllllamsport, Elmlra,
ilanandalgna, Jlochester, Bnllaloaud Mlagart
falls, 6.10 a m dally, and 1.43 pm week days.
For Vatklns, 6.80 p m week days.
For lviioaud Intermediate pelnta, 6.10 am.
dally. Fcr Lock Haven, 6,10, and 9.53 a m.
ddly, ,84 and 6.30 p. m. week days. Ko
It mova 6.10 a m 1.43 and 6,30 p ra week days,
6.10 a. m Sundays,
OriAS. 15 PUOH, J. It, WOOD,
4n Man'r i-)ti. Pas". Ant
Timetable in effect Jait10,)89L
Trains leave Heading (P. & It. station) foi
Gibraltar, Seyfert, Illrasboro, Joanua, Spring
Held, Waynefcburg Junction, Coatesvllle.West
Chcster,Chadsford Junction. B. O. Junction,
Wllmlugton and Interim diate stations, dully
except Sunday, at 0.26 aud ts.ura.in, and 8.15
p. m. Snuday ouly at 8.05 p. in.
For Warwick, SLPeters and Intermediate
statIons,dally except Sunday, at 9.20 a.m., aud
6.10 p. in. Mimday only 8.15 a. m,
lor Blrdsboro and Intermediate stations,
Saturday only, at 12 m.
For Baltimore and Washington (B. A O. K.
It.) dally except Sunday at .25 and Bo. a. m.
and 8.15 n. in
Sunday only ai 8 05 p. in.
Trains arrive at Beading (P, & H. station)
iroiu wununguin, li. as. u, junction, moiii
chanlu, t'haddslord Junction, West Chester,
lA'nape, Coalesvllle, Waynesburg Junction,
H.rlugneld,Joanua, Blrdsboro, Gibraltar, Hey.
rert and lnleimedlate stations, dally except
Sunday at 10.20 a, m. 6.62 and 8.17 p. in. Sun.
day ouly at 11.21a. in.
From BL Peters, Warwick and Intermediate
Millions, dally except Hunday, at 8.23 a. in.
and 2.25 p. m. Sunday ouly at 0 p. m.
From Blrdsboro and Intermediate stations,
Batuiday only at 1.40 p. in.
From Washington und Baltimore, dally ex
rpt Sunday, 10 20 a. in. 6.62 and 8.17 p, m.
Sunday only at 11.24 a. m.
lso wnesh uitlGoa, aen'l Pass. Agt.
swi:i;ti:n the nrtnATn,
TtltnT'T.ATTt TtllS l.ivril A vn iimvnto
3 Podophylliri' Pills
pOLLAft on Siff,
Summer Resort, Pic-nic
and Pleasure Grounds I
T AKESIDB (East Mnhanoy Junction) mM-
u way between Jlahanoy city nnd Tama
qua, now managed by a new stock com
pany, will be open to the public within a few
weeks, and dates can now bo secured, A
number of societies have already been booked
nnd others wishing desirable dates should
make application without delay,
Under the new management many improve
ments will be made, some of them being now
under way, that will make It fAo plc-nioand
pleasure grounds of the region.
A large dancing pavilllou and a trotting
park are among the new additions. The best
horses in the Slate will be secured to run or
nics and outings. For dates and other
on or address,
Excursion Manager,
1 lams & Bro.
Chamber Sets,
Wash Stands,
Dressing Cabinet,
Dining Tables,
China Closets,
Dining Chairs,
Smoking Chain,
Card Tables,
Tea Tables,
Parlor Suits,
Easy Chairs,
Parlor Cabinets,
Music Cabinets,
Piano Chairs,
Hall Stands,
Hall Tables,
Fancy Tables,
Wood 'Mantels,
Book Coses; , ,
WriUng Desks,
Book Cabinets,
Sewing Machines.
J. P. Williams & Bro
A newly discovered MINERAL WATER
the use of which will supply important ele
ments nerevsary to health, It will cure the
Kidneys, Liver, Stomach, and all Bowel and
Bladder diseases. It will dissolve calculi and
remoethem. Itremoves the in lo acid from
the blood and thus destroys Malnrtu nnd
t hills. It cures Bright - disease, aud Is es
pecially recommended for people advanoed In
life, and for general ileblllly. For undoubted
proofs of this send lor pamphlet giving frill
partlculars.toJ.lt. PEIUIY, Water ol me
I . ' "
w., oi Duuiu juum di., wuKerMj&rre, ra.
-tt r:
Mlfldolbliia and Eeadint? flailrondJ
nmffiabtejin effect May 10, lib X
Ko Ne-yrtYor via Philadelphia, week dayei.
R.-J2' Byuday Slu and 7.48 a. m. For New
Xork, via Maueh Chunir. wpt rtnvn. s.us.
W, a. m. and 12.35 and 2.E0 p. m.
i.lU. 0.25. iJ2L. ft. Tt T7 1. nii nA c-r W.
ouridays.lOandTnsaTlflT ""v
V t 55 t)"m?Ur4' Week r"' 2-107lS0 ? m"
uop.m. "u
rtvsviiie, week days, 2.10, t.m.b. mi.
a.ou rjma 0.00 p. in. Hunday, 2,10 and 7.18
For 1famaoun"iinrt MihiM m.-J Lw
oys, 2405, 7(20,.a. m,. Vl&ii'&SaJU
71 raj ooiiusy. luana 7.4Sa.flS. AHdllWlial
'or Mahanoy city, week days 7,00 p.m.
1'or Laneaatof and cbltunblai week days.
JJIII4.1.U j. JU.
i or WllllamsDorr, Cunburv and r,oirui,r..
week days, 8.25, 7.20 and 11.30 a. nr.. i.si. 7.S1
m Unirt a.ai '
1-A OUlllMIJ' VlJ HtUlt
nr.- 8.0S n. m.
For Glrnrdvl)le (ttappahanfiock Station)
So. 1 So 2.o0. S.BS. 7.0ll ami B.5S. n. tn. Hrnirlov
1S-10 .2.,r.a,m.,8.l5p.nii
ur aiDiwia anu Bnamoxin, ween days,
2i,5JS,7.20, 41,3 1. n, m,., 135,, 7.00 and w,2J
Leave New Ynrrc vtn PlillaflAiniita vhait
lays, 7.43 11. in., l.0, 4.00. 7.80 p, m 12.U
alfrht. rJunday, 8.00 p.m., 12.15 night.
, Leave flew York: via Itancii crmiitr. urnAsr
days, 4.80. 8.45 n. m LOO aud 4.03 p. m.
iave riuiHoeipuiu, weez urjb, 1.10, ana
1.00 a. m. 4.00 and H.00 n. m.. frrm nmni
met OftllowhUl aud 8Jj a. m.nnd 11. .Ill n. m.
from Bthana i.reen streets. Bunday u.oa a.
m. ll.SO p. m. from tn aue ..rn.
Leave Keadlntt, week days, 1,81. 7.10, 10.16
and 1L60 a. m., 6.55, 7J7 p, m. Huuday 1.35 ana
10.48 a. m.
Lieave Pottsville, week days, 2.10, 7,40 a. m..
12.8V, 6.11 p. m. Bunday, 2,40 a, m. ftndXlS
Leave Tamaqna, week days, 8.20, 8,48 ana
u.a; a, in., 1.21, 7.13, aud U.1S p. m. Bunday 3.10
. m. and 2.W p. m.
Leave Mahanoy City, week days, 3.10, 9.1S
and 11.17 a. m.. LSI. 7.42 and U.44 .m. knn.
day, 8.4(1 a. m 3J20 p. m.,
jjruw luuuimuy x rune, iveen uays, wj. s.io
Oil 11 no m 1 nE o rtt K.n., .1 nu - ' -
wjvf vyj, .x.vu ... .,,1,VU, M U, U J.O. i.tjt. UUU
10.00 p. m. Huuday 2.4J, 4.00, and 8.20, a, m.
1.77. 8.26 a. in. 3.41 d. m.
Leave Wllllamsport, week days, 3.00,9.J5 ana
11.65 a.m. 3.35 and 11.15 p. m. Hunday 11.1
For Baltimore, Washington and the west
vlaB. & O.K. II., through Trains leave Ulrard
Avenue station, Philadelphia, (P, A K. K. H.)
at 4.10, 801 and iL'27 a. m., 1.84, 4.21, 5.55 ami
,4o p. ui. oujiuuy,,a.io o.vA nut a, m., m
,55 and 7.23 p. m. '
Leave Philadelphia. Chestnut Street Wharf i 4v
and South Street Wharf. r.V
For AtiHiitlc Cllr.
Week-daya Express :U0 a, m. and 2.00,
,00 p. m. Accommodation, 8.00 a.m., 6.09
Hunilrtvn. Exrrra. 9.00. a. m. Acoomuo.
nation, 8.00 a. m. and 4.80 p. m,
Ae.urmng, leave Auanuo uuy, depot comer
Mlantta and Arkansas avenues. week-davn
Express, 7.80, 9.00, a. m, and 4.00, p. rn.
Accommodation, 6.00, 8.05 a. m. and 4.80
r.30p. m.
aunuays. cspresu, s.uu p. m, Accominoja
tlou, 7.S0 a. ru. ana 4.30 p. ra.
n 44 14 A NI-VirllT riAntl Vqetii, Anil
K, A. MCLEOD. Pres. dr. oen'l Manager.
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
MAY 10, 1891.
Passenger trains will leavo Shenandoah far
Mauch Chunk. .Lehlehton. Slattneton. Catn-
sauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, Eoston, Phil,
adelphla and New York at 5.47, 7.40, 9.08 a.m.,
izaz, d,iu, o.zo p. m.
For Belvldere, Delaware Water Gap and
Stroudsburg at 5.47, a. m., and 5.28 p. in.
A Jl Sl- UV 1111UU S1-1V AlCMtUU) 0tVU Cf AAA t
.For WhltoUaveu. Wllkes-Barre and PltU.
ton 5.47, 9,08, lu.41 a. m., 8.10 and 50 p. m.
t or xunsnannocir, iu,ii a. m s.iu ana o.jc
, m.
For Auburn. Ithaca: Geneva and and Lyons
10.41 n. m and 5,28 p. m.
For Lacey vine, Towauda, sayre, Waveny,
Elnilra. Kochesier. BuUalo. Mafars Falls.
Chicago and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,ancb
6.26 p. m.
For Klmlra and the West via Balamanca aJ
8.10 p.m.
r or Auaenriea, iiazieion, chockiou, x.um
her Yard, Weatherly and Peun Haven Junc
tion at 5.47. 7.40, 9.08 a. m. aud 12.52. 8.10 antl.-fN
58 p.m.
1'or ueanesvnie, ljevision ana ueavex
Meadow, 7.40, 9.03 a. m, and 6.28 p. m,
ForScraiitonat5.47 9.08, 10.41a. m. 8,10 and
521 p. in.
For Hazle Brook. Jeddo, Drllton and Free
land at 6.47. 7.40. 0.08. 10.41 a. in.. 122 3.10 and
5.26 p. m.
r oriiuaauBe ai o.n ana u.i a. m., oiiis
3.10 p, ra.
For Wlggans, Gllberton and Frackville at.
6.50 and tf.08 a. m.,nnd 4.10 p. m.
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy City and Delano,
6.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41, 10,68 a. m.,lZ52,3.10,5.26, 8,03,
For Lost Creek, 31rardvllle and Ashland,
4.27,, 10.15 a. m., 1.00,1.40,4.10, 6.35,
8.10 and 9.14 p. m.
For Darkwater, St. Clair and Pottsville.
7.40, 9.08, 10.68 a. w., 12.52,8.10,4.10, 5.26 and 8.CO
p. m.
ror isucil iuuunuuu, new xiuhiaju uuu
Morea. 7.10. 9.03. 10.53 a. a... 12.52. 3.10. 6.28 anil
8.03 p.m.
For Haven Hun, Centralla, Mt. Carmel and
Shamokln, 8.52, and 10.16 a. m., 1.40, 4.40
anaB.ua p. m.
Trains leave Shamokln for Shenandoah.
7.55 11.55 a. m., 2.10, 4.30 and 9.30 p. m., arriving:
at Shenandoah, 9.05 a. in., 12.52, 3.10, 6.26 and
11.15 p. m.
nuniiAX AttAina,
For Lost Creek. Glrardvllle and Ashland.
6.50, 9,10 11.85 a. in., 2.15 p. m.
For Darkwater. St. Clair aud Pottsville,
U0, JV 9.30 a.m., 2.45 p. m.
ror xaiesviiie, jianauoy uny anu Aieiuuu,
6.00, 11.S5 a. m 1.40, 4.40, 6,03 p. m.
For Lofty, Audenrled and Haileton, 8J
a, m., 1.40 p. m:
For Mauch Chunk. Lehlghton, Slatlngton.
.Catasauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, Eastoxt
and New York, 8.00 a. in., 1,40 p. mi '
r ur rxiiiuueipnia, l.ir p. m.
Gen'l Pass, Agt., Bethlehem.
Don't forget that this is the only purely veg
table and ellecllve blood purifier known.
Used for SOOycais In Brazil, and two years
tested lu this country. It absolutely neutral
izes and reruoveasll ImpuriUes of the blood,
whether of scrolulous or speclrlo origin, In
herited or acquired, nnd Is the only .reliable
remedy. Contains no mineral, and has no
failures and nq relapses.
Sold at Klrlln's Drug Store,
Ferguson's Hotel Slock, Shenandoah, Pa.
lucji jwri.iaiieiatv
cura. le
mi , ' 1 a'-eat nurcutMipemilon
' U II 43 orl b IT i' 'Ulll Vl All
i H.-i-b ir I- uiii-n -O-b
idf f i in mar.

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