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The evening herald. [volume] (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, June 16, 1891, Image 3

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Presents In the most elegant form
Combined "with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
nently cure Habitual ' Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or inactive
condition of the
It is the most excellent remedy Itnown to
When one is Bilious or Constipated
t?t'n Atio tc ..elwn- nwrl nil o f.
A ,7 via- it, uiiig w um ui' ..aw
delighted with it.
TREATED H!EE.!!5S!Sf.(5f2fJffl!
Ilfcvft c wb-I rfianv thuusan-l -a.". Cure "Mlenta irnti. iwi
h , f!e. 1 'V the t i , -.i in Ft t i first Ansa sympton I
npiiily 'twppaif. in i in r-n iliv it !eat two-tttitfts cf ft'J
nrniUlsofmir.Trn ft V0 reatnient CD EC 'ynutl U
ftcutout cures. I UN UI U flirnUtttil flltt vera ordr-r-htlill,
rnd ten tcur: ir i n, iy vnuoattti
Dr. Grosvenor's
KhetimatisTn, oearMgia, pleurisy and Inmbajjojj'j
rared at onco. Genuin lor wile by all )ruj?-.Bts. iLl
A New Venture
e Has opened a
Sales of assorted goods, notions, hardware,
elasswnre. etc.. etc
Goods from nil parts ot the county solicited
oil commission.
Committeemen should bear In
mind that the Herald olllce
Is prepared to do all kinds of
Poster Work!
fit the most reasonable rates.
Give us a call and obtain our
prices. All work done when
promised and in a satisfactory
Boot and Shoe Store
(Masteller'g old stand,)
Corner Coal nutl JnrrtlnitJtH.
Mr. Snyder will always keep In stock a flue
e oi uools ana, snoes.
Custom Work nutl Repairing;
done In the best style. He guarantees to sell
cheaper than competitors on .Main street who
nave uig rents to pay, ana guarantees a genu
lne bargain on every purchase.
All persons are hereby warned
Belonging to tho
Shenandoah Water Company,
and all parties caught violating this notice
will be
Prosecuted as Trespassers.
By order of
Or Ui Itlquor JIubtt, t'oftltlielr Curcu
jtiy auiniia.urliiff iir. liuiuca'
Uultlea Jimh-1IIc.
It Is manufactured oa a powder, whtoh can b frlTen
In a glana of beer, a cup of coffee or Lea, or In rood,
without tilt knowledge ot the patient. It la absolutely
barmlese. and will effect a permanent and epeedy
cure, whether the patient la a moderate drinker or
an aloobollc wrack It baa been given in thousands
of eases and In every imtanee a perfect eure hat fol
lowed It never Jb'all. The ayatero once lmpregnatu
ed with the 8pcolno.it beoomea an utter tmpouaibilttj
tor the liquor appetite o eilit. m . . . m
49 page book of particular! free. To be had ef
AH, HAGENBUCH, Druggist, Shenandoah
q ai, Hamilton, m. u..
Oflloe-26:WestI.Joyd Street,' BbenntMloah
Tho Tremble in Bridgeport
Culminates in a Riot.
Disarmed by Their Brother Officers After a
Terrifld Struggle.
Tho City In n 1'uroro of Incitement Tho
Militia Ordered to bo In Itcadlnots
Thousands of rcojilo Gather About tho
Central l'olloo llondqunrters nnd llreuk
Windows lllooiUhcil t Foured.
BnrooEPonT, Conn., June 10. Tlioro was
a serious riot In this city last ulght.
For several weeks thoro has beou o dis
pute regarding tho legality of two Police
Commissioners on the board in this city,
and tho old hoard of last year has hold
over and had secret meotlngs, attended
only by Commissioners W. E. Grant,
David Walsh and A. Rishor.
At u Becret meeting last Saturday night
they dismissed Chief Rylands, the Demo
cratic head of the pollco force, and Mayor
Marigold, Repiibltcau,refusod torecognlzo
their right, nnd officer Murphy, who had
rocontly been suspended by Chief Ry
lands tor drunkenness, reportou to uapr.
Fiukorman, the head of tho pollco forca
in the nbsenco of a chief, by order of the
old Pollco Board.
The 4S patrolmen of tho city, when or
dered out for duty last night, took sidc3
on the dispute rts to who were tho legal
commissioners, nnd ono-thlrd of them,
Democrats, refused to obey the order to
remain on duty. Thoy openly dofled
Chief Rylands and reported to tho cap
tain. Mayor Marigold, tho highest authority
In tho city, was called, and ordered the
men to obey Chief Rylands. One-third
of the patrolmen refused, and tho others
were commanded to disarm their brother
officers. This they did, but only after a
terrific struggle.
Cliarccd Upon tli Mob.
When tho militia wero ordered to ro
port, thousands of people gathered
about tho Central Pollco Headquarters
and broke windows and created an up
roar. Tho reserve force of tho pollco de
partment was called out and charged
upon the mob, and after a short combat
dlsporsed it, but tho rioters returned
again and again, only to bo ropellod by
tho officers.
Tho militia could not bo brought to
tho scene quickly, ai Superintendent
Barnes, of the Fire Alarm Telegraph,
could not bo found.
The utmost excitoincnt prevailed un
til Adjutant-General Embler, of Hart
ford, of the Stato militia, and Brigadier
General Vnn Kouren arrived. They or
dered tho militia to bo in readiness and
remain on duty all night.
The City ISxcltod.
Tho city is now in a furore of oxoite
ment and tho station house Is still sur
rounded by a howling mob and tho lives
of tho citizens are still In peril.
Tho city is stripped of its pollco pro
tection and thieves from Now York nro
already arriving hore, presumably to rob
houses In the city. Tho rebellious police
men who wero strlppod of their authority
by force nro James Halpin, Patrick Otia,
Bernard F. Lennon, Charles Campana, S.
Byrnes and John Murphy.
An IUHuno Clergyman Murders Ills Doj
und Thou Commits Sutcldo.
Alexandria, Va., June 10. While
temporarily insane, Rov. Frank D. Lee,
son ot tho late Casslus F. Loo, living
near the Theological Seminary in Fair
fax County, killed his nine-year-old son,
to whom ho was greatly attached, and
then committed suicldo. The tragody
was only discovered Inst night. The
neighbors, suspecting that something
was wrong, broke open the house and
found the bodies lying upon a bod.
Mr. Lee was n man of superior ability
and cultivation, was a graduate of the
University of Virginia and of tho Theo
logical Seminary, and for several years
exercised acceptably his ministry in tho
Episcopal Church, He was Bubsequontly
compelled to give It up on account of ill
health and since 183G has been living in
retirement on Seminary Hill.
A Divorce Rumor lu' Which tho Prlnco ot
Wales is Interested.
Loxr0N,June 10. There Is a rumor,
which cannot be confirmed to-day, that
Lord Brooke has filed a petition for dl,
vorce from lis wife on the ground ol
adultery, the Princa of Wales being
charged as co-respondent.
It Is a matter of common knowledge
that heretofore both the Prince and Lord
Brooko maintained that the Intimacy bo
tween the Prince and Lady Brooke was
platonlc. .
Killed Ills Grandmother.
Uniontows, Pa., Juno 10. Alexander
Boyd, of Cold Spring Hollow, near here,
shot aud killed his grandmother, Rachel
Boyd, about 1 a. m. Tho shot was fired
through the door and struck the old lady,
who was on the outside. The coroner's
Inquest dovoloped the fact that Boyd had
been much enraged for some tlmo be
cause his grandmother lived with him,
and on Sunday last quarrelled with his
father and demanded that be take his
mother away. Bbyd was therofore ar
rested on a charge of murdering the old
A rrofenlenal Sneak Thief Caught.
Portaoevillb, N. Y., June 10. A gang
of burglars visited this place Sunday
morning and entered both hotels and flvo
residences, securing quite an amount ot
booty. The police of Hornellsvtlle In the
afternoon arrested a professional sneak
thief named Davis at Portage bridge. On
his person were found some of the arti
cles stolen from Portagevllle. He was
locked up.
Clark on Trial for -Murder.
Woodstock, Vt., June 10. The trial ot
Lyman G. Clark, charged with tho mur
der ot Mrs. Miriam Marston, his mother-in-law,
has begun In the Supreme Court
here. Tho day was consumed in the se
lection of a jury and visiting tho scene
ot the murder.
Crushed to Deuth.
CusiuuriLAND, Md., June 10. While at
work in the Hoffmau Mluo, two miner
named Jaoob Logeer, aged 60 years, and
John Murray wero caught by a heavy tall
of coal, which crushed Legeer to death
and fatally Injured Murray.
flighest of all in Leavening Poorer.
ABSowwEOf pause
Connecticut's NenMft Adjourns
Hartford, Conn., Juno, 10. When the
Senate met an attempt was made by the
Republicans to have tho bill, Instructing
the Comptroller to draw his order for all
just claims against the State, put upon
its passage. Tho Democrats, however,
voted against It and had tho bill referred
to the Committee, on State Expenditure.
Tho Senate, adjourned until Juno SO.
Knits llrought for Illg Claim).
New York, June 10, The Brngg Mann
facturing Company has brought suits lie
this city and Brooklyn against tho flro
departments ot tho respective cttlos for
ah Infringement of n patent taken out by
Robert Bragg of California concerning a
horso-releastug device. Tho claims ag
gregate throe-quarters of a million dol
lurs. ltallroad btrllters lleturn to Work,
Lawiumce, Mass., June 10. Tho strike
on the Merrimac Valley Street Railroad
has virtually ended, nearly all tho strik
ers returning to work at former prices
and hours of lnbor. The Italian laborers
who took the places of tho strikers havo
loft town.
Ilolton'ft Fluanclnl Ilpcelpts.
Boston, June 10. City Troasuror Tur
ner reports the receipts for tho year end
ing April 80, 1891, to have beon $37,527,
812, including balance on hand a year
ago of $3,831,819. His payments wero
22,574,012, loavlug cash balanco carried
forward of about $-1,933,819.
Fletoher'e Death Duo to Drowning.
New Bedford, Mass., June 10. A fur
ther examination of Fletcher's body has
satisfied the authorities that his death
was due to drowning. Tho gash In tho
head back of tho oar, It Is believed, was
niodo by striking against tho stonos at
the bottom of tho harbor.
ihonld be displayed In buying medBU
lino above all things. In Eelootlng tt
rcmody for any disease, you should bo
positlvo that It contains nothing lnjr.
rlooj to the hcaltli. Many remedies
on the market leave tho patient In a
much worse condition, than batons
taking them.
. S. 3.
b purely vegotablo, and porfoctry
harmless; tho most delicate child can
take It with absolute safety. It contains
no mercury or minerals of any kind,
and yet it never tails to cure the dla
eases it is rooommonded for.
Book on Blood and Skin diseases fro.
Swift Speclflo Co., Atlanta, da
Capital, $100,000.00.
A. W. Leisenrmg, Pres.,
P. J. Ferguson, V. Pres.,
J. R. Leisenrmg, Cashier,
S. W. Yosi, Ass' t Cashier.
Open Daily From 9 to 3.
Paid on Savings DepoHltH.
rfi'Ji iH!WBakn0ttof Body and Mind, E tied I
Uobutt. Nfchl JU.111D011 folly lUilorcd. How l rait re aai
irf IhtaVlltiK, I ROKVKLOl'KO OKOi '8 I'ARTSOIf tODT.
'lbftvlc.tt.lr osftlllar IIOttK TKRiTHKNT Uiai la a dar.
Uta (Mtlfr from 10 8tati and I'arrltfa Conalrlva Writ ILtia
Deierlptlo Dank, 1 bltaatloa and proof nulled (tttlfd) fr
mum. ere Medical cc, buffalo, n. Vt
look: here,
A grand opportunity for Joining a new
The Beneficial Order of Equity,
A fraternal society for both sexes.
Pays From $200 to $5,000 !
Advances money to bny hemes, cancels the
Indebtedness In case of disability or death,
pays sick and death benefits.
For further particulars call on or address,
oxt . c. Deputy Supreme President,
w 41. .uuiu ai., nuvuiumouu, jt'a,
First National Bank,
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889,
Ilosult of an Karlv Morning Fracas Over a
Exitkil N. It., Juno 10. Tho Phillips
Academy studonU attempted early in,
the morning to build their annual bon
fire, but the authorities prevented It.
About 2 o'clock a crowd of angry stu
dents, inflamed with champagne aud no
comnnnlcd by friends from Portsmouth,
Manchester and Haverhill, started to
storm the house of tho selectman who Is
sued the obnoxious order.
Thoy mistook the place nnd invadod
the houso of a merchant, who fired threo
shots with a pistol. One student, aged
10, was wounded in tho leg.
Ynlo'n Commencement Near.
New Havex, Conn., Juno 10, Com
moncoment day is near. Just now
overybody Is busy with examination"),
nnd there is a sort or hush in col lego &f
fairs, which will, however, give placo to
a gleeful burst when examinations are
finished to-morrow. Tho graduating
class at the law school numbers UU stu
dents, tho largest class that has over
graduated from that department. It
contains representatives from Japan.
Franco, Italy, Canada and ona Indian
A Train Ilrenlis Throush n Trestle.
WATERBt-RT, Conn., Juno 10. A load
cd Nw England Railroad coal train
broke through a trostlo at tho work's of
tho Wnterbnry Brass Company, severely
injuring Ward Knickerbocker, englnocr;
limothy Lcary, liremau, aud .John .Ucltv
tyro and Patrick Gallagher, brakemcn.
Tho encino nnd train foil 15 feet. Tho
trestle, which was owned by the brass
company, was rotten.
Ho Wanted ll Doath gentonce.
New York, Juno 10. The jury In
the caso of Fordiuand Lograno, charged
with tho murder of Charles Mauro, April
"0, 1891, returned a verdict of murder In
tho second degree. When iegrnuo was
Informed of the natnro of the verdict, ho
exclaimed: "It's a humbug. 1 don't
want Imprisonment for life. I want a
death sontoncol"
Tho bicycle rider is ono of the fow men
who know when thoy aro well oft"
tick nendacheand rolloveall the. trouble Inci
dent to a bilious state of tho system, suoh 09
tlzz!oess, Kausea, Drowsiness. Distress after
eating, Fain In tho Bldo, to. Whllo their mosO
jrcnarkable success has been shown la curtog
ttcaaacbo, yet Carter'a Uttlo liver Flthl ara
equally valuable- In Constipation, curing and pre
venting thl8annoyingcomplalnt,whllQ they also
correct aUdlsordersorthastomartajitlmnlata the
fiver and regulate tho bowels. Evon If they onUr
ftcbe they would bo ahnos tprlceless to tho so who
enffer from this distressing complaint; bat f ortu
I iiately their goodness docs no tend hcro.and those
.who once try them will find theso llttlo pills vulu
leMe in eo many ways that they will not be wit
lUsg to do without them. Cat after allalcb head
Is the base of so many lives that hore fa whora
we make our groat boaaL Our puis euro it whilo
Others do not.
Carter's Little Liver nils aro very small an3
verv easv to take. One or two tulla xnakoa dose.
,Thcy are strictly vegotablo and do not grlpo or
purge, but by their gentle action please all who)
Itusthem. In vials at SS cental five for ft. Bold
'by dioggUta everywhere, or sent by mall.
The Photographer
is located at
No. 14 North White Street.
Having han his gallery greatly Improved, he
Is nowbetter prepared than ever to meet
the wants or the public, lu the photo,
graphic line. The best photo
graphs at lowest prices.
Crayon Work a Specialty.
New Jiirm,
New Stock.
Creen TrucK, Fine Groceries,
Delaware roe shad and o'.her fresh fish right
from the boatsonj'rldays. fresh
Ureens from the Bomb.
Evan's Building E. Centre St.
J. S. milla u' oW anf)
Everything new and 'reeli. Goods delivered
to any part of town.
fwiuentlr following a ci ur xpo-iir or frot. ( r
UluUonal WtttsiLO(t'- a parol iar lather a i, iti i
Uae DR. OuCHOHiE'3 Otebrntecj
Therara Strength rrt 4
i a pnti aratrf . ,
wine, vigor ana ina."--
1 ti fnurp JiifO
mil ffiind. iant m I t r- juartlt'd,. .
Qr. Hartor Mcj J.w.uu Co.. ST.lOUli. U':
IplifiiV 1
Tho Political Situation Oro-
iitiiig Wild Excitement.
A Prediction that the Preiient Govern-1
merit Will Not Last a Month.
Abbott Is n Canadian Paoliln Man Chap
man und MneUenzlo CtnmurliiK fr tho
Ministry or Itatlvruy mid Cnnnls Tupper
Now Sulci to bo tlin Only Man to Save
tho Phlp and May Ilecomo Trcmter.
MovrnKAL, June 10. Tin outlook of
the Conservative party Is anything but
encouraging, and it U admitted that
Thompson's failure to form a Cabinet
und Abbott's acceptance of the responsi
bility shows that tho p.trty Is rapidly
falling to pieces. Abbott Is nothing If
not a Canadian Pacific man. He was un
til Saturday a large shareholder and a
director In that company, and he has
mado millions by his connection with It.
He was mlxwl up In the first Canadian
Pacilic scandal and has no actual follow
ing In Parliament.
No one expects that this government
Will last n month, and it may go to
pieces this woek if it doei not satisfy tho
personal claims of Chapman and Mac
kenzie Howell, who aro already clamor
ing for the Ministry of Railways and
Canals. Tho only man to save the ship
isTupper, and It is expected that Abbott
will, If possible, havo tho supplies votod
and adjourn until autumn, when Tupper
will meet tho Houso ns I'remior.
Onlclul Cliolo. Excited.
Ottawa, Juno 10. Tho political situa
tion hore continues to create tho wildest
cxcltcmont In official circles. No one
seems to know exactly how matters
stand and ovon tho most triiBtod emlssa
rlos of tho Conservative party aro con
tinually putting their foot In tt by mak
ing positive statements In tho pross
which they hnvo to contradict tho next
Tho Liberals aro doing their utmost to
crcuto a split.
l'nrllamont T.tatons to an Apology from
th Prlnco of Wnloa.
London, Juno 10. According to pro
gramme tho Prluco of Wnlos was ready
with his apology In the Houso of Com
mons. So was IJerkolay Lovott, to whom
tho Princa has been acting as u fldus
Achates. Hon. Edward Stanhope, Sec
retary of Stato for War, amidst pro
found silence, and followed by tho closo
nnd anxious attention ot nllouso crowded
on floor and In gallery, and speaking
with tho utmost deliberation, said that
His Royal Highness, tho Prince of
Wales, on looking back upon all tho cir
cumstances of tho gambling caso, author
ized him (Mr. Stanhope) to say that ho
now saw tho error of judgment which ho
committed. The Secretary of Stnte for
War also Informed tho Houso thatLlout.
Berkely Lovett had written to his com
mander (Colonel Stracoy of tho Scots'
guards) expressing his deep rogretthatho
had failed to act in aocordanco with army
Mr. Stanhopo conoludod his statement
by saying that It was not pronosod bv
the government to take further action in
tho matter. Whon Mr. Stanhopo had
finished his statement on behalf of tho
Prlnco thoro was n general outburst of
applause, but whon In his concluding ro-
marics ho declared the matter dropped by
tho government the cheers came only
from the Tory bonchos.
A movomeut Is on foot In several clubs
to forco tho resignation or oxpulsion
of Sir Edward Clarko iu consequence of
what is styled his "disloyal" speoch in
the baccarat trial, wherein ho attacked
tho Prlnco of Wales.
Sir Edward Clarke does not seem to
stagger under tho aristocratic displeasure
which ho incurred by his attack on the
f rlnce. sir bdwnrd Is a man of tho poo
pie, sprung from n respectable family,
but not akin to tho tanta-ra-ra classes.
AH Heady for tho Contest lletweon Slavln
and ICIlniln.
New York, Juno 10. All Is in readi
ness for tho 10-round glove coutest be
tween Francis Patrick Slavln and Jake
Kilrain for $10,000 this evening.
It will occur beforo tho Oranlte Ath
letic Club of Hoboken, and, ns the mana
gers declare that It Is not an Infringe
ment of the law in any particular, thero
need be no fear that It will not come, oft
as advertised.
Slavln will bo soconded by Charley
Mitchell and Ed Stoddard. Kllraiu's
squires will be Muldoou, and, Probably,
junto uicary. jcro uunn win ua tho ref
Skeleton Found by Worktncjmon.
Contocook, N. IL, Juno 18. The skele
ton of a man was found at 11 a. m. by
some workmen who were removing a
ehed on the Perley Beck placo. Tbo bones
wore found underneath tho structure
and gave ovldenco ot foul ploy. There
were two fracturos of the skull and the
thigh bones were broken. It was also
shown that lime had been used to
destroy the body. It Is supposed to bo
the skeleton of Calvin Deck, believed to
h ivo been murdered by his brother, Per
ley, ten years ago.
IUajral Juries Drawn.
Wheeling, W. Va., June 10. A sen
sation has been caused In legal circles of
the State by the discovery that over four
fifths ot the juries drawn since the ses
sion ot tho Legislatura were drawn ille
gally. At Its session the Legislature
modified tbo Jury laws, but owing to a
misunderstanding the chaugos were gen
erally disregarded. Dozens pf Important
trials will be rendered void and thous
ands of dollars lost. In some circuits
the judges have notu&ed to hold court
until the new law 1b tested.
llllla Itofurn the Ifou.utif Commons,
London, Juno 10. In the Houso of
Commons tho Hon. W. II, Smith moved
that tor the romalnder ot the session
government mausuros precede all others.
He said that all would be dropped ex
cept the Irish Land bill, the Education,
the Factories, tbo Public Health, and
tho Renewal of Gold Coinage bills. Mr,
Labouchero protested, but the motion
was adopted;
A Nwtv Trench l'url.li.
Boston, June 10. Archbishop Williams
has appoluted the iiov. ueorge italnevllle
ot Natick to takeoborgeot the formation
of a new French Cathollo Parish in thil
L Have yo p,ttsbUr?h,
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"Pearl Glass," made by
Geo. A. Macbeth & Co., Pitts
burgh, makers of the cele
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ney, which have given univer
sal satisfaction.
rantp.1. nnrt n, RtAinw,! mi l,ft ,n jl,i,i,.i
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from which tho excess o
oil lias boon removed, is
Absolutely JPure
and It is Soluble.
No Chemicals
nro used In its preparation. It has
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Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
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Or! final and Oniy Croatne.
tirt al)i t Utbla. UDiil ut i
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f Jiuii " natn fnptr.
Boll tr U LocH lTd.-ii.li. 1'blUda., l'a
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t ilailat for aildtituci or tola
Special Diseascslloo J Poison
VLrERS b.elchei.nmpln. flora
UouUi, Th'ott Irrltatlao tfeall
loci. lctlmmtin, Kldotra
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S3 &frSOE .r.n
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l'JtPi( nil', lismuwi;
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