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Presenti In the most elennt form
or THB
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
nently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or Inactive
couditiou of the
It is the most excellent remedy known to
When one is Bilious or Constipated
Every one is using it and all are
delighted with it.
lUremrtM nany thou-mrl rs Cur-1 n-trnM wo lmtniTd
hor1e'; by tli- 1
i ur-E in., vtnit
' If u tw,. trilriK rrf
lyrnntom M rcTn if-1 f i
monlaHof mir Tf U niljiw
t- WEE aOOKof test
. ncc -iv imil II
ii rv in you orVr
" it. ii: ukLt VrvW. AT5TiZW
Dr. Grosvenor's
yrom pain.
Rhenmatlsra. tumi-nM. nlnnrin.nrf lnmh.HR
it once. Smuint xur rale by all Uruirista. B
A New "Venture
lias opened a
Bales of assorted goods, notions, hardware,
glassware, etc., etc.
Goods from all parts ol the county solicited
J. wjuminaiifui
TRFATFH CfifF Pf-itiveiy cured:, i
Committeemen should bear In
mind that the Hkrald ofllce
la prepared to do all kinds of
Poster Work!
at the most reasonable rates.
Give us a call and obtain our
prices. All work douo when
promised and in a satisfactory
All persons are hereby warned
Belonging to tho
Shenandoah Water Company,
and all parties caught violating this notice
will bo
rosecuted nn Trespassers.
By order of
THE C02VT2?A2Sr-S-.
YflllNR MAN. 5fc
lay you to visit the 'llOCHJiTKU UUai.
SKSS UNIVERSITY before deciding where.
ww- . ... emi ecnooj. it will
mini umvisusiix herore dtciainir
f-onh you may live a thousand miles away.
it stands nt tho head of the list of commer.
cial schools In Its character as an educational
force, as n medium lor supplying the business
men or tne country with trained and canal
assistants, as a means ol placing ambitious
young men and women on the highroad to
suroexii, snd tn the extent, elegance and cost
MnriiHipinent, JnorougnutjaiuilsiiriAlj,
l 'L KHfcH, The Twenty-sevenlh Annual
I ualogue will be mailed to any address.
Or (he I.liiuor llalilt, I'oeltlielr Ctircu
oj uuiMiuieteriiitf nr. iLauiea'
Uolilcu SiK-rlllr.
1 fi r amfactured as a powder, which can be given
t as ma of beer, a eup of ooHee or tea, or In food.
- tfctnelmowte'iceoltaepntlent. It Is absolutely
I z Bud wUl elfeet a permanent and sneeoy
c w p-'itt the patient Is a moderate drinker or
sit. hol wraok. It has been given in thousands
, c . anil In cverr Instanoe a perfect eure has lol
i --. It in ver Fall. Tbe system onoe Impreirnae.
e . tuoSpeottla4iteoo&ieeanutteriinpoaslbiht
Uti e liquor appetite to exist.
ej esse book of particulars free. To be had o'
C. H HAGENBUCH, Drugolst, Shenandoah
rlfl L'ol l.ln-ril KlrAt. IRli.nnnrtnflh
Dolly Davis Surprised Her
Friond8 TI1I3 Morning.
And a Coroner's Jury Decided That Bho
Committed Buicido.
One of tho Most Remarkable Cases a!
Mistaken Identity That Can It Ilecalled
The Young Lady Not Pleased With the
Turn of Affairs Mystery Surrounds the
Hody That ITu Found.
TAiinrrow.v, N. Y., Juno 23. Dolly
Davit, tho well known variety actress, Is
not dead.
Under ordinary circumstances this an
nouncement would not crcnta tho least
surprUo, but it was yesterday afternoon
that a Jury, impanelled by Uoronor But
ton, 01 rueksklll, held an Inquest over
tho body of nn unfortunate and beautl
tui young woman, whoso corpse was
found lloatlng off a brick-yard at Croton
Saturdny morning, and came to the ver
dict that the dead girl was nono other
than Dolly Davis.
Witnessos who had known the varloty
performer for years since childhood, in
fact wont before Coroner Sutton and
swore that they believed the girl to bo
Miss Davis. The a&ilr Is one of the most
remarkuble cases of mistaken ldontity
that cau be brought to mind.
But Dolly Davis came hero this morn
ing and astonished ths authorities by
announcing herself. Much surprlso was
created at her appearance when tho
morning papors had published columns
about her death, but the little woman
only laughed a gurgling laugh and as
sured all present that tho whole affair
was nothing more than a most romarka
ble mistake.
Bho was not, bowovor, altogether
Sloascd At the turn affairs had taken, and
Isplaycd much annoyanco when she
dwelt on what sho termed the Btupldity
of the people who, on hearing of the
finding of tho body, had spread the re
port that it was hers. She had been
greatly unnoyed, for hor mother is still
living in Australia, and eho foorod the
effect of such news upon hor.
Who It the Unknown Girl?
Now oomes the question. As the cor
oner's Jury has made a mistake, and
Dolly Davis is allvo, who is the unknown
glrlf Who is tho mysterious "M. Ii J. f "
Why did the young girl end her llfef
If th'o young girl was not a resident of
the vicinity of Tarrytown why did sho
ask to bo burled in that particular ceme
tery? It is certainly strango that no ono
has missed her, that no word has come
from any quarter about her.
On tho wrist of tho dead girl was a
cheap silver bracelet and n ring of very
tawdy beads was on one of the lingers of
the left hand.
The Coroner's Inqueet.
Srso Sisa, N. Y., Jane 22. Tho inquest
on tho body of Dolly Davis, the actress,
who committed suicide by jumplna oil a
dock at Croton Landing, was hold hero.
The Coroner's Jury rendered a verdict of
suicide by drowning. The body was
taken to Tarrytown. A number of per
sons who knew her raised sufficient
money to bury.,hor beside her mother in
Dieepy iionow uoinetery, Tarrytown,
which was tho unfortunate young
woman's ia3t request.
The tjnltod States Consul Expects Trouble
at Sumo. .
ESWjLEniKQTOir, juno a. Advices re
ceived at the Stato Department from tho
United Stotea Consul at Samoa substan
tially confirm the reports rocolved in
London of tho throatened troublo between
King Malietoa and Chief Mataato, owing
to the aspirations of the latter to become
king do jure as well as ds facto.
The prospects fbr a conflict nro suffl.
clontly serious,in Consul Sewell's opinion,
to warrant the suggestion that the United
States send a warship to those waters to
look after American Interests with as
little delay as possible,
Upon the return of the Charleston to
San Francisco with tho I tat a it is under
stood she will recolva oilers to proceed
to Honolulu, while tho Iroquois, now
there, takes a run down to Samoa, It is
Dot regarded as safe to allow the Iroquois
to depart from Honolulu until after the
arrival of another vessel. But for the
necessity of sending all the available
vessels at San Francisco to Eehrlng Sea
one of them would have been dispatched
to Honolulu bofore this.
Aro Petitioned for by Heading; Railroad
Readdto, Pa., June B3. A petition
containing tho signatures of over U00
employes of the Philadelphia & Reading
Railroad Company in this city, repre
senting machinists, blacksmiths, car
builders, otc, asking for Saturday half
holidays, was returned from Philadel
phia with the request that a larger num
ber of names bo secured.
One of tho shop hands obtained over
100 additional names. It is now believed
thav the holidays will bo allowed during '
tun buuiuici iuuubun. jiuuut o,vw men
iiro employed in tho company's shops
when all the departments are in full op.
Her Gold Ensiles Stolen.
EvEnsoJf, Pa., June 23. Mrs. Margaret
Kehoo has saved her money for years, I
and hor affections ran to $20 gold pieces.
Her board footed up to $3,000. She had '
no faith in hanks and kept tho money in
a satohoi. It proved convenient forsoms
thief, and In the morning she had not n
dollar. A Polish domestlo named Topper,
found Becreted in a barn and arrested,
denies all knowledge of the money,
Tha Engineer llurned tu Dentil,
Massixlox, O., June 23. The boiler at
the Drake Company's mines, two miles
from this city, exploded at au early hour,
setting fire to tho buildings and burning
Henry Yogt, the engineer, to ashes. Low
water was the cause. '
Ilesult of theJGeririun Derby.
IXamburo, June 23. Tho Germany
Dorby was favored with exceptional fine
weather, and Peter of the Royal Stud
won tho grand prize of 50,000 marks.
QIgorl, owned by Mr. A, Drshr. took ths
second prize.
rllghcst of all in Leavening Power
men In 1881.
In 18T8 coal mining was befftrn at
Tongsan, about eighty miles northeast
of Tion-Tsln, says "Railways In Korth
China.! It was arranged to build a
railroad ttvcnty-nlno miles long- from
tho mines to tho nearest navigable
waters that is, to Lutal, on tho Pelt
Tang IIo. It was then, in 1678, that(
Mr. Kinder went ont as a rosident en
gineer. Boforo tho railroad worlt could
bo begun tho authorities had deolded
to operato a canal tweuty-ono miles
long to a point witnin sovon miles of
tho colliery, and to connoct tho canal
nod colliery byn tramway to bo worlred
by mulesi this was dono.
Fortunately, tho gaugo of four feet
eight and one-half inohes was, after!
much dlClcnlty, sanctioned, but it vraa
stipulated that no locomotives should
bo used, but before tho track was com
pleted Oils had virtually bocomo a dead
lfittor. Tim mn(ftf tvnn nnt-
,: i4'.i.',...,
to avoid graves. Subsequently tlio
ownors of theso graves objecting to
tho nolso so near tbo bones of their an-1
cestors, allowed tbo remains to bo re-i
moved and tho lino was rectlflod. Thlsi
truck was laid with thirty-pound stcol
ralla, flange section, and ballasted with
broken llmostono.
Dnrlng tho winter of 1880-61 Mr..
Kinder built a locomotive in tho shops,
of the -company. It was built entirely
of odd3 and ends which could bo pro
cured without attracting attention. Tho
bollor belonged to a portable winding!
machine. Tho wheels were thirty-inch,
Whltnoy chilled wheels, which had
been bought as scrap castings, and tho
frames were mado of channel Iron. Be
fore this was finished its preparation,
became known and orders wore Issued
that it should bo stopped.
Eventually, howovor, throngh tho of
fices of Li Hung Chang, Mr. Kinder
was allowed to finish the locomotive,
which was christened tbo "Rocket of
China," Just ono hundred roars aiter
tho birth of George Stephenson. N01
vember 8, 1881, this engine took a party
of officials over tho lino at a speed of
twenty miles an hour, and after that
tho objections to locomotives woro
virtually abandonod. Mr. Kinder says
thoro is little doubt that if this engine,
had not boon tiullt lis It was. In China
and by natlye workmen, It would never
havo boon allowed to ran, and tho use
of locomotives would havo boon post
poned for many years.
Ilrohe Out of Jail to Commit Murdor.
IIakbciio, Juno 22. A shoomakei
named Losorlos, of this city, was recoutly
put in Jail for cruelty to his wife. IIo
escaped last night and wont homo, lock
ed his wife in, and begun to abuse hor,
After torturing her in various ways, he
finally murdered hor by breuklng hor
skull with a hammoE. He ponndod the
Uoad woman's head almost to a Jelly
and then committed, suicide by cutting
his throat.
Is lllimaretc the Unzrntertll Vnesnlf
BKOLur, June 221 Count Schulonburg,
of the Tenth Uussar Reserves and a mom
tat of tho Upper nonse, has been brovet
ted lieutenant colonel by special order
of the Emporor for "tho gallunt defense
of his highness against au ungrateful
vassal." The fact of tho case is that
Schulonburg seconded Chancellor Caprlvi
in his rocont onslaught against l'rinco
Bismarck in the Upper House.
r-rtze fight Postponed.
Sah Francisco, Juno 0. Tho Califor
nia Athletic Club has postponed tho fight
between Billy Maber and Billy Mahan
from Juno 23 to Juno 2U on account of
Mabar's Illness.
This Week's Failures.
hew yonK, June uradstreefs re
ports 280 failures in ths United States
against 228 in the previous week and 114
In the corresponding week of 1890.
John V. Adrlanee Dead.
Pocaninntpsrx, N, Y.. Jano 10.. John
Jf, Adrlanee, tho uoad of tho firm of
Adrlanee, I'latt & Co., manufacturers of
the uucseyo mowers snd reapers, died at
his home In this city last. night of heart
disease. Mr, Adrlanee was born in 1825
in this city, and has been engaged In tho
manufacture or mowers and reapers
since 1851. Ho leaves a widow, ilvn enn
and a daughter, Mr. Adrlanee was very
Opposed ta a Contract bor System.
New Yoiie, Juno 10. Tho Republican
County Committee last night adopted
resolutions protesting against the intro
duction of a contract labor system in
the public service by tho Socretarykof tho
Treasury. The lengthy preamble of tha
resolutions recited an alleged change to
this effect contemplated1- by Secretary
Heavy Coke Shipments.
Scottdalr, Pa., June 10. Thoro was
tnoro activity in the coko region this
weak than there has been for several
months. The production and shipments
wero the heaviest of tho year. Thera
were over 121,000 tons of coke sent from
tho district, or an averaga of nearly COj
107 tons a day.
The Apiarist round Guilty.
Mabcxixcs, N. Y., Juno 10. Nicholas
Retslnger, tho apiarist, was found guilty
of the abduction of two little girls. On
his first trial ho was convicted of rape
and sentenced to 14 years. Tbo convic
tion was reversed, and on a second trial
he was acquitted. He was then charged
with abduction with tho above result.
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
A nre I'artv of r.icurilonlsls In
road Acclilont
Ctxvxusri, O., June 98. An excursion
train of IS ooaohes left this olty for Oak
Point, a pleasure resort on the New
York, Chicago & St. IxjuIs Railroad,
ubout L'O miles wesl of here, early yester
day afternoon.
Tho engine was running with tho ten
dor in front, and when about two tulles
wo oi norer Jumped the track, cau's
iug tho rails to spread and ditching the
I trn'n
rbo engine went down the embank
ment, pulliug ono oar with it. The next
two 0.1 rs were telescoped and reduced to
Kindling wood.
rho farmers livlna near the railroad
hastened to tho scene and with the aid of
tho pasengers unhurt began tho ro
moval of the dead and injured.
Tho air was filled with the screams o
mo injured anil tho frightened women
In the shattered coaches. Only ono per
son, Henry Hogers, was killod outright.
At least 13 and possibly more woro ln
blx coaches in all left the track. Tho
fact that tho eoacbes broko loose from
tho trucks Is undoubtedly all that saved
tne lives of tho passongoM.
The engine was turned oomplotely
nrouna nnu lies uismantlod In the ditch
-iuo eniDnnKmcnt over which tho cars
plunged is about six feet high. Muny
01 mo passengers Jnmpod through tho
windows In their efforts to escapo and
lied in all directions.
An Insane Father Startles tho Paiionjiin
of the Steamer La Urotagno.
New York, June 22. Among tho pas
sengers on tho steamer La Brotagnev
whlok arrived here yesterday, was tho
Keys family, consisting of tho father, Jo
seph, tho mother and a son and daugh
ter, tho latter two aged respectively
auu 14 years, ihero were, when
family loft Nanoy. France, llvo in
fnmily, but the fifth member, Plerro, agod
0, tho victim of his father's lnsano act,
now lies at tne oottom of tbo Atlantic.
Tho tfagody occurred on tho mornlnu
01 Juno la i'eys and his boys wero
standing at tho stern of tho steamer,
wane numerous passengers wero loung
lug or walking about closo by.
Suddenly a cry of horror aroio, Tho
father reined the little fellow from tha
deck and throw him far out Into tho
Tho vessel was quloklr Btonnod and a
boat lowered, but no trace ol the unfor
tunate boy could be found. Tho father
was selzod by several of tho crow, whoa
it was found that ho had gono aturlc
Ho was plaoed in a strait Jacket, and on
tlio arrival of th vessel hero was turned
over to the police. The other mombers
of tho family are deeply grlavod at tho
uoutuo auuctlon.
Slnvlu's Ilapresontatlve May Cover Ball I.
vuu's Forfeit To-duj.
New Yotuc, June 23. Sports whoso in
cllnatlons lie toward tho ring side are
speculating to-day as to whethor or not a
representative of tSlavln will oall upon
Arthur Lumley and cover tlio $1,000
which Wakoly and Johnson, acting foi
Sullivan, Vava deposited with him to
bind a mntoa.
With Sullivan aaross tho continent
and Slnvln figuratively "half sous over''
between the time of his flcht with KI1,
rain and his departure on the Auranla
Saturday, it was impossible to get down
to business. Now, however, that a repre
sentative may moot ouiuvan's friend!
terms mutually satisfactory may b
agreed upon.
So much has been said by both parties
that it does not soem possible for elthoi
to escape a battle without the odium of I
backdown. It may hardly bo expected,
however, before November, and when il
doos take placo it will bo fought iq
Amorica. Slavin's talk about havlnn it
iu Australia is oil moonshine. If Sullivan
elects to stay In the ring ho is tho cham
pion still and has the right to namo the
country, at loust, in which the champion
ship battle shall bo fought. There is not
muoh doubt about the country John L,
The sensational Charllo Mitchell hai
managod to make himself mysterious.
Ho was not In the stateroom in which
Slavin and llooro sold ho was lying sick
Saturday on board tho steamer, nor was.
ho yesterday about the haunts usually
visited when ho is In town. At O'Brien's
Hotel at Coney Island it was said that h
was not there, though there waa an air of
mystery about the young man who wai
in charge. It would bo very little sur
prise if Uharllo turned up to-day as Site
vln's representative.
thooM be displayed ta buying uU
line above all fng, la seletlDg
remedy for any dUe, you sho-ld bof
positivo that It contains nothing injtw
tkms to tha he th. Many remedit
oa tha market Wv the patient in
uooh worse coadltion, than betfossa
taking them.
s s s
Is prrrely vegetaible, and perfootly
harmless; tho moeit delicate child can
take It with ahsoluta safety. It contain
no mercury or bn of any kind,
and yot It never fails to curt) tha
eases It Is recommended for.
Bock on Blooand Skin tliscaaoi fre.
Swift Spoclflo Ccv, Atlanta, 0
OfalC A Tlrtll A I TflAHr? f
M-rrUrt Man Kill. Hlmlf Afl
Wounding Another Man's Wife.
Mnir,,,,, p. r 00 1 .,
tlonal shooting affair ocenrrod here at
IO18O p. m., resulting in tho
resulting in too uni m
William Myers And the sorlous injury of
Mrs. William Harding,
Both partial are
Myers had been making love to Mrs.
Harding for several months. Yesterday
the Myors and Harding families attended
a ptculo. livers began his renewal of
love to Mrs. nirdin$r, to which she paid
but little attention.
Myers wanted to sell his property and
eiopo to Uerninny with Mrs. Harding, but
she il
did not think he was in earnest, and
0 It but Httlo attention.
ATtcr theplcaio tho Myers and Harding
families went home togother, with the
exception of Mrs. Myers, who had gone 1
on abend. As tho party reached Myers' ,
home, Harding Invited Myors to his
nouse. Myers accompanied tho liardlngs
to tholr home. On their arrival Harding
went out In the yard to lock up bis
chicken coop. Just as Harding went out
In . 1 1 r. m.1 .. - 1.1 . 1, TT II.
... ... j,u, .ujeiii nmu.vu iura. unruiugi
" ill you like mef"
"Mr. Hardlug replied "No," where
upon Myers shot her twice In the breast.
He then put a bullet Into his own brain,
ying immediately, llrs. llanlluir wi
likely recover. Mvers and Harding were
mill workers and had homes close to
The Italian Press Opposed to Italy Send
ing Exhibits to Chicago.
Romb, June 22. During the past week
there have been a great many strong ar
ticles iu tho Italian press, Incited, per
haps, by those which havo appeared in
the Paris papers, aud all directed against
tho Chicago Fair, which they treat with
Theso newspapers aro discouraging tho
idoa of any Italian oxhlblts on tho occa
sion, and It appears to an Impartial ob
server that unless something Is dono bo
cause n compldte change In publlo feel
ing Italy will ho almost If not entirely
unrepresented at the World's Fair.
Thoro is a genor.il impression
throughout the country that, in spite of
the semi-ofilciol doulnls which havo been
published, Minister Portor will never ro
turu to Romo, or, at all events, until
Baron dl Fava Is sent back again to
Superintendent Porter Denies tliifi. IIo
Intends to Iteslgn. t
WasmxoToy, Juno 23. Superintendent
Porter denies emphatically tho truth of
the report that the Census Bureau work
Is blockaded and swamped and Its appro
priations exhaustod, aud that, therefore,
he is tired and discouraged and Intends
to resign.
Ho hns, ho says, no intention of resign
ing until tho workof tho oloventh con
sus is completed. As to tho work of the
bureau being blockaded, thoro Is no
truth whatever, he says, In the state
ment; but, on the other hand, it is well
advanced, with ample appropriations
yet unexpended'to carry on tho work for
another 12 months, or as far ns Congress
expected it would be carried with tho ap
propriations already made.
Suporlntondont Porter says he is moro
than pleased with tho progress mado
thus far. Two volumes will bo ready for
the printer next month. The voluino
embodying tho aggregate population of
minor cities will be ready for tho nrlnte
by August 1st, and the first 500 pages of
the population compendium will go to
me printer about tho middle of Auirnst.
By July 81 the tabulating cards will bo
ready, and then it will bo necessary to
aisnenso with too servloes of about 1.000
cierKs now employed la tho noDuIatlon
.... - -
Tho system adopted for collecting non-
niatlon statistics has given satisfactory
results, ami omy a lew days ago. nltor 11
careful examination by Canadian offi
cials was adopted by their covernmont
for use In tbo taking of tho next census
of uanada.
Died on Iter Way Homo.
Washington, June 23. Miss 8. SL
Packard, well known as ono of tlio
founders of tho cjpellman Hemlnury at
Atlanta, Qa., died hero yesterday. Miss
Packard wns on her way from Atlanta
to ner noma in Massachusetts and ar
rived here last Thursday. She wns taken
suddenly 111 after leaving Atlanta, and
wuen suo roacneu Washington was un
able to proceed further. Her remains
were sent on to Massachusetts last night.
They Cheered for Purnell.
CniCAOo, Juno 23. James J. Olvollv.
William Redmond nnd Henry Harrison,
the Parnoll envoys, addressed a large ond
enthusiastic mooting of Irish-Americans
at Central Muslo Hall. Every roferonoa
to Parnell was loudly cheered. Thun
derous shouts greeted a mossaco read to
the meeting, which had been received by
Mr. O'Kelly. It roadi "Parnoll will
visit Chicago In tha autumn."
Two Thousand Moldore Btrlho.
Chicago, Juno 23. Moldors Union No.
208 decided that they would aid tho
architectural iron workors in their strike
by refusing to do any moldlnc in tha
architectural lino in the foundries. This
went into elfrct to-day and practically
orders a strike of 2,000 members in tho
city who aro engaged In that class of
A Dnntjuot for Homosopnthe.
Atlantic City, N. J,, Juno 23. This
evening the physicians attending tho In
ternational Convention of Homceopaths
will be tendered 11 banquot by Mrs. Neal
P. Hamilton. It fs expected that Presi
dent Harrison will bo present and pre
side. Will Tapper no the Man?
Ottawa, Ont., June 22. It is reported
on yuut seems to be good authority that
tho vacant sent in tha House of Com
mons for Kingston will bo offered to Sir
Charles Tupper.
Struck bf an Erie Trutn.
Pateiison, N. J., June ESI. A laborer
named Degrow, living In tills city, was
struok by passenger train No. Isttba
Riversido crossing of the Erie road during
tho morning His skull was fractured
and bo cannot recover.
Two Truo mils Against Yard.
PniLADKLPniA, Juno 23 Tho Grand
Jury found two truo bills agilnst Henry
II. Yard, charging him with conpiraoy
with ex-City Treasurer Bardsley to un
lawfully use tho publlo funds.
I ma . t 1
" vxnunuai aroppincf wears
QWay tllQ StOtlC,"
i - riVj t r
I ' 1 he contiiraal breakincr 01
lamp-chimney9 COStS a gOO(3
rinl ,n rl, ,rc r
I X OU Can Stop It. UCt liaf
beths "pearl top" or "pearl
glass." Vou will have no mora
trouble with breaking from
heat. You will have clear glass
instead of misty ; fine instead
of routrh : rifrht shane instead
of Wronfjf ! and Uniform. OtlG
. '
ui biimc as anoiner.
You will pay a nickel a chim
ney more; and your dealer
will gain in good-will what he
a r.1? 1 i
IOSCS In trade J lie Will Wldeil
life trade bv llPtrcr inrvirr
, ' . .
- o
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Leading Churchmen.
The National TninrrKir. ira,iiinn,nn r.
O., the Orent National Weekly for tbelloua
and Flroslde, will shortly begin the publico
Hon of a hieh'y Interesting series of artlcleu
on the condition, development and nrosnectn
of the several churches.
The urtlcles and
ineir centrioutors are:
Roman Catholic Churth- PArrllnnl nihhftna
Archblfchop ol Haltlmore
Methodist Episcopal Church, Bishop John P.
Protestant Episcopal Church, Bight Ilev. Leigh
ton Coleman, ti. T. I)., ti. U V., Bishop of Uel
awore. Prcsbiterlan Church, Bev. Dr. II. SI. JlcCrao
ken. Chancellor of tho Unlvnrsltv nr t)m r?itv
ol New Vo'lt.
unitarian Church, Ilev. Edward Everott Hale.
tbt dinlngulshed author.
Evangelical Lutheran Church. I'rnf. R. T u'.ilir
ol tne CleiiykburiiHomlnurj.
Congregational Church, Uev, J N.Whlton, of
the Trlnliy Church, New York City.
Baptist Church, ltobertfc). MoArthnr, D.D., pas
tor Calvary Bupllst Church, New York City.
Hubscrlmlon nrlra of nnner fil n vm, thnu.
months conlnluln j tbewi Hrllcles.25o. A'ddreaa
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ti- DR. tWitVfrklA. E K t tirt
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l;inl. Hnnt " l. u 1 . . ai ) 4t .t, i Aiisli
1r.HrtftrWr' n.t . FT.L0UI& ME
Oysters, Clams and Poultry
Koceivod daily at tbo old reliable
stand oi
North Main SL, near Uord.
Whole-Bale HJicl Retail.
PIrnlrs. fe-stl-tils nnrl .-rlvntn nartle ann
plied In quantities at Lbort notice.
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