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The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, July 13, 1891, Image 2

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Evening Herald.
jr. O. nor I'll, JMUnr and I'nlitltlirr.
IfM. r. IIMI7i.V.S, .nceif IMItoi:
A Happy Thought.
Mr. GootUellow (rnonilizlnglyi Alas,
thnt oue cnnnot nlvvays ceo things ns lis
ought. What one needs Is more light.
Mrs. Goodfcliow (quick to see nil oppor
tunity lir (lie dimly burnltiK ns) Shall I
ting for lamps, dearr Detroit Kree Press.
Ttu KVKSIXQ MCRALDhma Inner cir
culation in ienanWi than any ollur jwper
jmblMrd, Jiwkn f.)fn lo .
Daily, tier year -
Wr.tKi.T, lr year -
...W W
Entered it toe HoMtofflee, at FHutuMMlofth, l
for transmission threrauh the mall
wmil olasn mall matter.
Ihn lCxirclcs 1'rimlilMl Ornr by l'
Prankmnvilue, N. Y., July 18. Tin
State Farmers' Alliance liml a mass mee.
ln in Lime Lake Grove, upward of 1,511
people being prenent. The promiiieiil
SlHle Alliance men preset J. waro Presi
dent Arnold, of Arcade; S. H. Venner, ol
Knst Anrors; Cbnrlcs Moore, of Canistotn:
Prank '. Hulett, State lecturer. The
spe'iker or the ilny were National Preei
dent 1- h. Polk, of North Oarolinn; llidpli
lieiumiout, of Washington, and JE. P.
The exorcises wero presided over h
President Arnold. Polk spoke for nil
hour and a half, setting forth the op
pressed condition of the funning clni
mid calling for action. Ho pictured the
prosperity of the cltlos nnd townH In
contrast to the country, declaring the
unfavorable comparison was not duo to
the lnzlness or oxtravagnnco of the
farming class, and declared that no class
of mou work so hard and got so llttlo for
tliolr labor as does tho farmer.
Tho statement wan made that 100
farmers could be found at the plow in
the Alliance States who can bettor copo
with the economic questions of tho day
than the average men of Congress. The
depression In ngrlculturul matters was
due to overproduction, tho cause of
which Is under consideration, l'ho gov
ernment, once tho palladium of tho peo-
tilo. bad beun transformed nuo n nm
chine for manufacturing p.mpers
Eastern Man I should like you to meet
my partner, but bo Is not here today. He
lias not been well since the lost bllsxard. I
presume you know what a bllward is, ehf
Western Man -N0-0: I have not been
east long. New fork Weekly.
Tim I1 .rson's Smile.
"Your engagement, this evening, John,"
ventured the clergyman's wife, "ta of u
binding nature, 1 presume."
"Particularly so, Mary. I bavo a mar
riage ceremony to perform." Detroit lfrea
A Hnonallo Kplnwln.
The Cutter Do you want anything else
sn Urn stone besides the Ijoy's namef
Herenveil t'ju-ent Well, yon might just
out i vir 1 f HklvUm."Hn8t0ll fimtr"
2Io Ltuglis t Tlione Hlllr Reports lie
irni-ellng III Health.
IUn HAiuion, Me., July 10. Mr. Blaine
returned from a long drive at noon, and
ns he passed the lodge at Stanwood and
stnrtod to walk up the gravel path he
was met by n reporter.
As tho Scoretnry of State approached
the wilier was enabled to get a good
view of him and itoto his physical con
dition. Ho walked (Irmly and without
effort, and seemed In no way changed
from the condition ho was In whon ho ar
rival! home from his European trip throa
years ago.
He stood erect, ppoko without effort,
nnd his eyos wero bright with tho glow
of returning health. His face was
round nnd full, and there was nothing
about him to betoken tho ln-alld. A)
lie stood there conversing the corres
pondent thought that his recovory from
so serious au illness so quickly was as
tonishing, nnd only demonstrared the
wonderful vltnl powers that ho possesses.
"I am convalescing, as you see," Bald
Mr. Maine, "and have just returned from
n very delightful drive."
"1 had feared to Hud n very sick man,
Mr. Blaine."
"What a bother theso oorrespqjulerits
nre making over rao," said the Secretary,
and his eyes twinkled with amuse-
I ment.
I "Hut I pay no attention whatever to
I thoui. There is not a word of truth in
j any of those reports nnd reputed inter
1 vlows. I have gained every day since I
1 came to liar Harbor, and, as you see, my
, vacation Is doing me a world of good. I
bavo taken no mcdloliio since I came
I here, nnd the bracing air nnd tho rest I
am enjoying afford mo nil tho tonics I
I After a brief conversation Sir. Blaine
said: "I "take my rides dally aud on joy
eveh'y Vormof SKIN DISEASE
Prom Simple EMmnlcs to olintlnnte KCKlSMAi
also irfcilINO IMI.IiS.
3-8cttcl for" Hint H for Kllclton null Bleb.
Xxonm," a hand book for tho household. FltEE.
Tho finest in tho iutorior of
tho State. Only available
health and pleasure grounds
in the Anthracite region.
Summer Resort, Pic-mc
and Pleasure Grounds I
A marolticent Peep III n rk Poll nh, which lasts on
Mon's bootR 11 wccll, and on Women's a month.
25 Dollars worth of New Furniture for
25 Cents. HOW? By painting
25 square feet of Old Furniture with
The Allun Outline Hotter.
New York, July 13. The condition of
The Alloa is improving, and Dr. Donlln,
his attending physician, has great hopes
of his ultimate recovery.
WOLFF & tlANDOLPn, Philadelphia.
"What n Prominent Physician and
Oh&miBt says Aftor Analysis
and Practical Tost.
Dr. J. Lytter, formerly 0 Hellenic lloipital
Mrtlimt College and Long Ihlund (Juliette,
weak as loUuws :
NEW YOHK, October 2ft 1800.
Alvan Hrazlllau pccllle. Co., 0 Wiillur-et.
(JentH: Tliesnmpu of ) our ChcIiih lllood
Cuie, which 1 li' tight fir nmilyi-lH, I hae
Minjecied to a very luoruugu len.nnaoun
Una not anluulo liatoof niluiriilorincreuf al
piei'nratlon In It lmlcrr; and, ns I have
linil conslOemblo experience. In ilscontl'n
tloiml ill'ict lu ceitnln tUcuts iilreacly
known to you, I cont-lrter It Iho safest nnd
best vegetable blood iiirllier In tho uimlict.
Yours tuhpeet'.illy,
1). J. I Y-.TKH. Hi I SI. I).
Bold nl KlilIirsl)iui;Btoie,bersusoti JIouso
Illock, ihuunndoai .
People nro now running away to tho sea
sWoi and mountain roforts.
Shlloh's Consumption Curo.
Tills Is beyond quei-tlou the luosl soc-
cesslul CohkIi Medicine e have evu sold,
u lew doses Invarlnbly cure the woist ram ol
Cough, Cioup, nnd llroi.iblllR, while Hr won.
derlu! sucews In the nire of Consumption is
without n parallel in the hlstoiy of medicine.
Bluco It's tlrtt dlbcove-y it I as been iold on a
guumnlee, a It&t whlcn no oilier medlclno
can stand. Ii you have a l ough we earnestly
usk you to try 11. l'rlee lOccutr, 60ct ills, and
11.10. Jf your 1. lings aie-Hire, Cliest or Uark
lame, use Hhlloh's I'oious l'lubter. Ho'd by
O. H, llneeubuuh, W. li. comer Wuln and
Lloyd streets.
Butler milk is
than Ice wator.
a better summer drink
A Husband's Mistake
The veKlIbulfrt compartment n' eplDR car
recently tnlfidtn e-i ? thp e;h1'tfo, i!. I au.
aud Kaiisiis i.'ity Itatlrtay :m uitulels 01 coi
toil, oonvenl nee lud luxury. .Uiy patron o'
tho sl(-e.li); car tsenat-led, by t'-o lr.tr.nlne
tlinol bene cow phi unwit cars, 1 heeure II
aiiiue privacy untl oiivt nience that b tvoiitu
In the best hntei. ffo olliet' Hue wcl eift hl
-aKoruns ihe eoir.perti..Li)t rars. In add
t'.ou, tho Huh saio equipped w 111 the recul
oieu t'uPmau sleeper, givlug pao-.eiiKcrK their
cliolro. Tie ell lug ear service Is lullyupii
thurtiiulrementsoi 11 odem lallwny kervlce
An t'xe'enc-nL eiltsuie, itronipiiy Herveee amie
elegant sitrftumllnKK, m moderulo -lui'ib
leaves nolhlogiioi; to be dewlrod. Any oloui
neiuiln aiiiteiMiibiilnK inrlnlouny part of Hie
west or norlhwent oh u not io(.lbly securi-lu-iter
nremiitnui.allullH rr lower rules thin
by addreHlUB VV. P. uooley, Oeneiul Aiitnt.iM
1110 1 sm nger ueiiuiiuuui,rou vuwimuou
Philadelphia, IU.
Colorado Is a laud of Miaip roittrasls, ol
brllllunl miits, nl Intense) blindi lis; a laud
where l.clKhls anil elopllis mske obvious the
meaning of tbo uoid aullthebh.; a laud where
fiverv mood In nil- d can Unit uu anHUetli.or
n ooil in natuie. The liliih, white inluaietH of
tho n.ointalu, fioin nlieibe slender plun cles
llotii thu wind-blown bunuers 01 thosnow, ni
penl with slli tit eloqueceo 10 the lolly usplm.
ilouboi' the soul; the sombre chusms clell liy
Titan loices tluougli Krnnlte-henrted hills
-lliinvhu.,0 depths dark blmdows throng
and swlillnic louents nahspeal; to t lie heart.
a language that thrills, injures and nwea. It
dues 1101. follow that lhe,o gl'Tles ol whllo
ni ales and luobe em on s oi U1.1K c 'iions pre
cltido tho pleubutit Intereals. Hie sunny
meadows or the secluded nooK wlieieln the
tired mind or wesrled bo ly amy Hud neuee-
ful rest and refuge from turmoil aud toil. To
ono mailing a Journey in Colotudn, New
Mexico or II lab, or tailug a transcontinental
tour from Kai-t 10 West, or t ire r-ja, 1 ho IMl
ver null Itlo Qrnude lUlla ud oil rs aeci '0
modHtlons equal In elegauecconvenieuce and
luxury l-i niobo e-i any oiuer line wuu me aa
deel ultiaetlons of tbo unrivalled sceiury
along ns line, auouuuiug 111 a mngaineem
onulenco elf while Denies aud elark canons.
Tho month of November, IbliO, wltvossed one
01 1110 moHi luiiioriniu improvomenis in roil
A Commltlen to Ileal Directly With I'nst
em Ulnuey Lenderfl.
TopnKA, Kas., July 13. Prosldont
McQrath of the State FannorB' Alllauco
lias announced the appointment of n com
mittee to take charge of tho placing of
loans for members of tho Alliance. It
will be tho duty of the committee to deal
directly with Eastern tnonoy-louilers.
thus saving tho borrowor the agents'
commissions. Men having mortgages
comlnir due which they are uuablo to
meet will be nsslsted In securing cxteu
slons when they nro deemed worthy of it,
and if necessary to prevont them losing
their homes. They will bo provided with
additional oollatteral to secure the de-
Ired extension. Sir. McQratli says that
tho committee will bo of boueflt not only
to the borrower but to tho leudor, and
that It will establish between them
better understanding. lie insists that
tho rank and 11 la of the Alllauco are meu
who intend to pay tliolr honest debts,
and thnt they must not be held responsi
ble for tho doctrine, of repudiation, so in
dustriously preached by a certain class.
Iho committed will devote Its entire
time to an examination of the mortgage
indebtedness of every farmer In the State
nnd will not rocommed any extension of
time or placing of new mortgages on
anything but flrst-clnss securities. By
this plan thoy expect to Improve tno
credit of tho State atul savo tho land com
pany which oporatoa through them from
DOM pedro'S'allowance.
Iluobands too often penult wives, mid par
.. . I.t l. 1.1 . ... t, ...v. nrl....l...
dizziness, neuralgia, sleeplessness. Ills, tier- load luelllileb that lias yet been nisde I1110I
wnen ly llie use in itr. fines'
vmiNnesa. when bv
Kestoratlvo Nervine such terlous resulls
rould euslly be provinted. DrueglslN every
where sny It gives unhcrsnl satlslacilon, und
Illegal Immense sale. Woodveorth 4 Co., ol
Fort Wayne, Inel.; Hnow A. t o., of Byraeuse,
N. Y.: .l.ii. Woll. Illlisdule. Mlcb.-.and hnn-
rt edsot others say "It is the greatrtt seller
they ever know.'' It contains no opliles.
Trial boitles nnd tine book on Nervous
Diseases, frco al C. 11, Jlngcubucirs.
Trozon banana pudding is a fashionable
A Curo for Constipation and
Dr. Silas Lane, wliilo in tho Rocky
Mountains, discovered a root that when
combined with other herbs, makes an easj
nnd certain curo for constipation. It is in
tho form of dry roots and leaves, nnd It
known as Lane's' Family Medicine, It
will euro sick headache!. For tbo blood,
livor and kidneys, and for clearing up tho
completion it does wonders. Druggist
soil it at 60 conts a package
rudo and the West. Tho completion of the
standard gatikeol the Denver and JtloGninde
lcnuroitn ironi Denver, ejoiornno, over til'
mountains to Oadon. Utah, which five year
ago was eleemeu au Impossibility, Is certainly
a triumpti 01 uariug ami engineering sum,
Tho new line Is b ibewnyol Irfadvllio, tun.
uelluirTennes-eel'ass. tiireadlmr tho canon
of tho 1 agio and Ormd Klvers, giving a view
ol Iho .Mount of the Holy CTosk, enioute, tak
ing Its trains throusti Qlenwood borings a'ld
down tho Qrand Hlver to Grand Junction,
tbence to Kult Lake City, Ogden unt fan
Krancleeo. llv this route 0110 18 irlven an ein-
pori unity to behold the magulltceuceof j-'agle
lllver Canon and the murvelous tcnuty and
grandeur of the Canon of the Urand. 'Iho
overland tialn is a model In every rested
From the cugino to tho last tlist-clasa coach
everi thing Is bright and new, ni,d of tho
most elegant style of workmanship and
If any reader desires to know more about
these siupeunou8 we.rns 01 naiuro, wrue ton,
IC. llooptr, (JeDeri.1 Passenger Agent, Denver,
Colorado, and hewlll send vou. tree ol cist
elegantly Ulubtrnted bcxiss. clvlnu a full de
scription of the marvels of the 'Hoenlo
Une."- Blanley Wood 111 the "Oreat Divide.'
A very moderate stinimor this has boon
to far.
Ask Your Frlonda About It.
Tour distressing cough can bo cured.
AVo know it because Kemp's Unlearn
within the past Tow years has cured so
many ooughs and colds in this community
IU remarkable sale has been won entiroly
by its genulno merit. Ask some friend
who has used it what hu thinks of Komp't
lUlsain. There Is no medicine to pure,
nonoso effective. Lsrgo bottles COo and $1
at all druggists'.
Watormolons are becoming plentiful.
Oh, What a Cough.
Will you heed tho warning? The signal per
linim e,r the sure annroHCU of that more ter
rible dlneaso. Comumntlou. Ask yourselves!
If you eau ntlord lor the sako nl savlug SO
cents, to run 1110 rien ana 00 uoiuing mriu
We know from experience that HhlloTi's Curs
will Cure j our Cough. Jt never falls. This
explains why more than n Million ilotiles
were sold the past year. It relieves Croup
and WhoniiliiL' Cough at once. Mothers do
not be without It. For l.nme Hack, Hide or
Chest, use Hhlloh's Porous Plaste r. Hold by
V. II, llagcnbucb, N. K. corner Main und
Uoyd stroeu.
Tliero's an assortment of oyonlngftais
this month, Saturn, Mars, Uranus and
h nnd will ever 1)0 tlio
Ilomet'- for
rtnnf. Tn flu fin r.a. liaokuolie.'
PolnH in thn Sldo. ChCBt and I
Joints, Nouralgia, t5prainj, Szo
Before you aoed to Day, obtsln
,o valuable booil "Gnlile to Djalti," wltJii
iriementa 01 promineat puywoituis
10 Broadway,
Prize Medals Awarded I
. n 3lx T 3 "S
loAni, Prsguo, llotterdara, Olteni
50 Oonts a bottle, For Salo byH
i. r. KinrjN,
T AKKSIDK (Kast JInlmnoy Jhnctlon)m!d
J way between Mali inoy UitA and Tama
qua, now mar aged by a new stock com
pnny, will be open to the publlo wlthlu n lev
weeks, and dales can now bo fecured. A
number of societies have already been booked
nnd others wishing deslinblo dntes should
ninko application without delay.
Under the now management many Improve
nientt will be made, some of them being uove
underway, thnt will make 11 the plc-ulonnd
pleantro grounds of tho region.
A lrgo dancing pavllllou nnd n trntllne
park nro umnng the new additions. Thobcsi
horses In tbo Blnlowlll botccuied to tun or
trc. this season.
TJ10 natural nttrnctlnus and mr.gnlfl-
i cent ecenery of tlio nlace aro tin-
tqimlled, aud a day of recrea-
1 1 1 lion and pleasure may bo
epeut in it to advantage.
Tlipro is good Ashing and '
"" bathing In the twin lakca "
, , Biirrotiudiugtliegrounda. Boat
bouses will be built ou the lakeside
and rega'teswill be freiiiientthis season
For Sunday Schools, Lodges, &c,
The grounds are most EUltable for pic-nics and outings. For dates and othei
lnfoniiatlon, call on or address,
O. A. KEIM, Excursion Manager,
AJi SXovfiltiont
-fro 3i3llt;2
XToi; to
In llrazll toJIReiiuw Ills
Pakis, July 13. A Itlo Jnnciro dospatch
says that there is n growing public, de
sire to ronow tho allowance to Dom
Pedro, tho ox-Emperor, on tho same terms
and for tho snmo amount ns when he
abdicated the throne. This allowance
has been withheld on tho ground that
Dom Pedro has not abandoned his claim
to tho throno nnd was still nt work in a
quiet way trying to renew Ills power In
For some time past it has been evident
that Dom Pedro had nltogothor surrou
elored any idea of tho restoration of
monarchy lu llrazll. Theroforo the
movement to renew his pension is rapidly
gaining strength.
Kx-Gor. lllnli- Tnkos a Hand lie the Mo-Clure-Klculay
Jackso.v, Jllch., July 18. Ex-QovernoT
Blair, spenking rolnlivo to tho dispute
botwoon Editor McCluro nnd Col. Nlcolay
ns to whether President Lincoln opposed
tho nomination of Hannibal Hamlin for
Vice-President in 1601, saidi
"I was a dulegnte to that convention
nnd was ohalrmau of that couimitto or
ganized to Investigate tho report that
Mr. Lincoln wanted Andy Johnson nom
inated instead of Mr. Hamliu. I dis
tinctly remember thnt tho committee
was unanimous that Mr. Lincoln had
taken no paart either for Mr. Hamliu or
against his nominntlon."
1'1,-ht tilth Clroiin Mhii.
iNDiANArous, lud., July 18. A dis
patch from Shoals to the News says that
after tho performance of Sells' circus
Friday night in that city n fight occurred
between tho circus omployes anil local
toughs, in which rovolvers and clubs
were freely used. James Itlchey of
Shoals was struck on the head with a
stake. His skull was crushed and he
died a few hours afterwards. Several of
tho circus employes were injured. The
circus train left Shoals for Washington
and no arrests were made.
and otucr arucgisu.
tVeinlher lndloutluiif.
Wasiiinoton, July 13. For New England,
Eastern New iork nnd Now Jersey! Fair,
slightly wuruior, southerly winds.
For Westoi-n New Yorki Futr; slightly
warmer; southwesterly winds.
NK1V YOltlt 31. VUti UTS.
New Voiir. July 10,
eeisy at pur cunt.,
4Us, 1891 Hog.
Money on cxill loans!
Lehigli Valley Railroad.
MAY 10, 1891.
Passenger trains will leave Hhenandoah fct
Mauch Cliunk, Lchlebton, Blatlnijton, Cats
sauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Plill
aelelpliiaauclNew York at 6.47, 7.41), .Mu.l.,
12J52, 3.10, 6.28 p.m.
Knr ltelvldere. Delaware Wnter Oan and
-it rourlsburg at 6.47, a. m and 6.20 p. m.
For Lnrauertvllle aud Trenton, U.lw a, m
For White Haven, Wilkes-Barre and Fltte
ton 6.47, U.08, 111.41 a. 111.. 3.10 and 620 p. m.
For Tunulianuock, 10.41 a. m 3.10 and 6.26
p. m.
For Auburn, Ithaca, Geneva and and Lyons
10.41 n. in., and 6.VM p. m.
For Lacevvllle, Towanda. Bayre, waverly,
h.lmlra, Itochesier, Uullalo. Niagara Falls,
Chicago and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,and
v.2P, m.
For Hnilra and the West via rlalamanca at
3.10 p.m.
For Audenrled, Haileton, Btockton, Lum
ner Yard, Weatherly and Fenn Haven Juno
lion at 6.47, 7.40,11,08 a. in. and 12.&2, aiO and
WW p.m.
For Jeanesvllle, Levlston and lieavet
Meadow, 7.40, 8.08 a. m. and 6.28 p. m.
For Hcrannmut 5.47 von, 10.41a. m. 3,10 and
5;2 p. in;
For llaile Brook. Jedilo, DrlRon and Free
land at 6.47, 7.40, 0.08, 10.41 a. m., 12A2 8.10 and
6.20 p. in.
For (luakaae at 6.47 and 9.03 a. m and
1.10 p. 111.
For Wlgeans, Gllbcrton and Frackville at
5.60andtf.08a m and 4.10 p. m.
For Yatesville, Mabanoy City and Delano
5.47, 7.40, 0.08, 10.41, 10,63 a. m.,12.52,3.10,5.20, 8,03,
0.2 nnd 10.27 p.m.
For Lost Creek, 31rardvllle and Ashland
1.27, 7.46,8.52, 10.15 a. in., 1.00,1.40,4.10, 6.S5
4.10 and 9.14 p. m.
F'or IJarKwater, Bt. Clair and I'otUvllle.
7.40, 9.08, 10.68 a. m 122,3.10,4.10, 6.26 and 8.(to
P. m.
F'or Duck Mountain. New Boston and
Mores, 7.40, 9.08, 10.63 a. lu., 12.62, 8.10, 6.2S and
s.03 p. m.
For Haven Ilnu, Centralla, ML Car reel and
shamokln, 8.62, and 10.15 a. m., 1.10, 4.11,
aid 8.0(1 p. m.
lrainH leavu niiaiuumu lur ouguhuuuhii,
l.K lljbi a. m., 2.10, 4.30 and 9.S0 p. m., arriving
at Sheuanaoah, 9.05 a.m., 12.52, 8.10, 6.26 and
n, in p. iu.
For iost Creek, tilrardvllle and Ashland,
0.10 11 .85 a. m.( 2.45 p. m.
For Darkwater, Bt. Clair and l'oltsvllle,
.M), 8.00, ;0 1 . m., 2.45 p. m.
For Yatesville, Mahanoy City and Delano,
s.uu, iijo a. ui., i.w, d.iu ji. ui.
For Lolly, Audenrled and llaileton, 8.0
a- m 1.40 p. m:
For Mauch Chunk, lieblghton, Blatlngton
I'ataviuiqiia, Allentown, llethlehem, Kasto)
and New York, 8.00 a. in., 1.40 p. m;1
For Philadelphia, 1.40 p. m.
Uen'l I'aMi. Agt., liethlebem.
illiams d Bro.
Chamber Bets,
Wash Stands,
Dressing Cabinets,
Dining Tables,
China Closets,
Dining Chairs,
Brooking Chairs,
Card Tables,
Tea Tables,
Parlor Bulls,
Closlni Closlnf
Saturday. To-ilur
,...IU0 10QH
lHOl I'nun
s, 1007 lteg 11BH
a, 1907 Coup.... IS..AIW
BtULli ilAllRlTl,
C'lodlnu Closlnj
Saturday. To-Uay.
Canadian Paclflo W) 81
llentnil rueltlo. 30 30
('liioago, Bur A Qulney 80X
Deluevaio & lludsem 1V8M 1UU
Del.. Lack. & Western iaJ 133H
urie iu
j:rlepret 4814 48
J.nkeMiore IIkAm
Louis, it Nash 742 .')!
MloliWsii c entral H7 88
Missouri Piiultlo 07 U ml
NewJiro ivntval I13M 114
Northw, litem 1U4 105
OrtKim Navigation 70 70
Fiuilno Mull 3511 S3
Itenillng U8i no
itooklbland 7314
BLl'aul 04)4 ml
Union l'aeltlo '4i i
Westttra Union.,,, , 7U lift
ttfiit ni Sldiil ftllillt ftnlj Cult hsjnlii
Heprescnted by
Jardln Btrest
lo.l o,l tiERVOUs DEBILlIx:
Wualinciior iioay anauLtca, aulcu
of KrrorlorEiccuel InOldorYouij.
uubj,l. nidlliicii ninj iiMiorto. "",lrn'-,r--i"
. ....if. t.. ii.Ui.i.i.i t-rrfirrt Cfomtri- Writ IbtMa
Ulrni CR1 filLDICAL CO., UUr FALO, N. Vv
Jmllexl Uxpiess 12.85 . m.012.03 niKLt,weet.
ij-a. .-.MiiuHn. ,.u n. ui., i.uo uiyilt,.
trains leave Havrtabuiir for I'llisounc end
and aftrr TTov. 24, 1890, (ra(n w(H Kas
Shenandoah at follows;
for WlgKan, uilberton, Frackville, New
astle, Ht. Clair, and way points, e.tM, 9.13
tn and 4.15 p in.
Jnndays, ooo, 9.40 a m aud uop m,
fc'or IotUvllle, .oo, 9.IU n in and 4.19p tu.
nnday s, 600, S.4n a m nnd 8. 10 p m,
'or Rending, 6.00, 9.10a m and 1.15 pm.
iindays, MX),9.4Ua.m. nnd8.1Upm.
VfTv J,"lJIx'S'.n' , .Vboenixville, NorrUtown
id Fblladelphla (Broad street ktatloni. H.W.
10 a m. anil 4.15 n m wee clays '
euudays, 600, 9.40 a m 3.10 p m
rralne leave Fmcivilie lor Mhenaudoah nl
'.SSmnM'p'J:42- Al
i.savo rniiaaeinnia (uroaa strct Untlonl
, PoltsvUle and BhenanrluHh. s bi in 'S -J:
1.10, 4.1uand 7.00 p m week days, Buuday R,w
i a ana i.iu p. in
"or WYOrfc, 8,20, 4.05, 4.10, 6.86, 6.50, 7,811.
i.m, U.0oandll.l6am,12(J(lAewn,(IJm,
ect express, l'.os and 4,50 p m.) 12.44, 1,40. iao.
til. 4, 5, u, i-..U), 8.60 7.13 8.12 and 10.00 p m, 12 ui
in nuneinys, a.aj, .ua o.ho, b.iz, 8,80. 9.50.
m.aud lllmlled 4.501. fi.il. (i.iL rj1
.18 8.11 p to oad 12.01 night.
t-or nea win, npima iar,e, uelniar.
cean timve. Asluirv Pai k. anel Ixinc Hn.nih
), 11.15, a. ni, 4.00 p. ni. wens davr For
reenoia, n.v . p. m, ntcK days.
atiiJnor" ann wapnuu i,n, a.su, 7,30, 8,HA
;('. i.2(l. J L18 a in. 12."S lltmlted exnrniwl 8.48
41 817 nn' 7.40 o. m . and 12.0J iilplii. Kn-
lalti nore my J.02, 4.) ., frnsand I18O p. m
1 n uioayn, o.du, , , b li'iu.ci 11. 1 a. In. 4,41
u. l 40 0 ui. lil.08 nlKht (iHlI'morn nnlv
03 and 11. SO pro
.''or Klehmond uid tiie Houtn 7J0ll.i8a. m.,
is west evorv elav at 12.35 and 8.10 a m a,ic1
XKlliallod) and 3.40 p m. Way for Altoemu.
'6 a in ana 4.10 p m every uay.
ITor Plttsbnrt! only, ll.SO a mi nally and 10.20
oj v. be -c tiayH.
oave Knnbnrv lor Wllliamsiiort. Klmlra. "
-iTipndalfroa, Boehi!ver, BaRaloana Nlairaru
.,!Is 5.10 a m daily, ami 1.48 nm week elnvs.
'or 'atsirs, 5.30 p m week elsys,
far Krle and lnteriiiecllate noliits. 5.10 aire..
tally. Pot i.ocs Haven, 5.1(1, and n m.
lally, 11 and J)0 p. m. week days. For
ionovs 0,111 a iu i.h oua u,;n. p m weec aays.
10 a. m Kaudays,
'ia'j. a. I'ljua, j. h, wtiou.
nan. Man'' 'sn fane. agl.
Philadelphia and Roadiug Aailroad''
Time Tabic in cEect Mat 10, 18V1
'for Mew York via Philadelphia, week days.
12. 0 5.25, 7.20 a. m. and 1285 2.60 and 5.5S
1. m. uanday 2.10 and 7.48 a. 111. For New
c'ors:, via Mauoh Chunk, week days, 6.25,
mj, a. to. ana la.di unu .ou p. in.
For Headlnc aud Fhllaelelpnia week days.
2.10, 5.25, 7.20, a. m., 12.35 2.60 and 5.55 p: iu.
-uuuay,ii.iu uiu 1,10 u. ju. ,
For iiunisonrg, wees: aays, a.iy,i,zu a. m x
.CO, 6.56 p.m. , .
lor Allentown, week days, 7.20 1. m 12.3ei
,10 p.m.
1 jr roltsville. week days, 2.10,7.20,a. m
,2.3 1 2.50 and 6.55 p.m. Bunday, 2,10 and 7.48
For Tamaqua and Mahanoy City, week
ays, 2. 0, 5.25, 7.20, a. in., 123) 2.50 ana 5.M1
. in, Sunday, 2.10 and 7.48 n. in. Additional
,ir Mahanoy City, week dnys 7.00 p. m.
l'or Lancater ana uoiumoia, wbok ubjo,
,20 a. ra., 2.50 p.m.
Eur v Jlliltuinuui l, ouiiwinf uDnnuuiui
fottL days, 3.23, 7.20 and 11.30 n. m 1.35, 7.00
, m. wunuiiy b:.j a. m.
or juanauoy nanc, weeia auye, a.iu 0.1,
I' xo, .iu anu icon a.m., i.m, u.w.
7.00 anc il.2.t, p. in. Bunday, 2 10, 8.23 and 7.4S
a. m. i.i;o t m.
Easy Chairs,
Parlor Cabinets,
Muslo Cabinets,
Hall Btands,
Uall Tables,
Fancy Tables,
Wood Mantels,
Book Cases,
Writing Desks,
Book Cabinets,
.Sewing Machines.
J. P. Williams & Bro.
I a. in 1 - l.ii. n. m.. R.I15 11. m.
nor Asuiana nna Bnamomu, wees: uays,
.21,5.25,7.20, ll.Si) a. m., 1 83, 7.00 and 9,26
U.mnn -J IU n D IA n m
Ijeavo New York via Philadelphia, weeK
lays, 7.45 a. m 1.80, 4.00, 7.30 p. m 12.10-
eight. Bunday, 6.00 p. m., 12.15 night.
xjeave, huit xuijl vm muuuu
lays, 4.80. 8.45 n. m., 1.00 nnd 4.0) p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, weez days, 4.10, anct
10.00 a. no. 4.00 and 0.00 p. m.. from Broad
itnd Caliowuill ana b.h.) a. m. ana ii.su p. m
from 9th unc mveu ttrceta. Buuday 9.05 a.
m. ll.SO p. ro. from Bth anC u-eeu.
lieave Itc-adlnn. week aays, i.ai. 7.10. iu.10
ind 1LC0 a. m., 6.63, 77 p, m. Bunday 1.S5 ana
10.48 a. m. ....
Leavo rotuviue, wees: aays, i.iu a. in.,
13X0, 6,U p. m. Bunday, 2.40 a. m. and2.C6
p. in.
loave Tamaqua, week days, 8.?0, 8.48 and
11.2 i a. m., 1.21, 7.13, and 9.18 p. m. Bunday 8.20
. mi find ARll . m. 4
LeaTJ Mahanoy City, week days, 8.40, 9.1 1
ind 11.17 a.m., 1.51, 7.42 and 9,41 p.m. Bun
Jay, 3.48 a. in., 8.20 p. Hi.,
Lenva Maliutiov Plane, week days.2'4.4.tt
8.30, 9.35, 11.L.9 a. m.,1.0B, 2.C0. 5 20, U26. 7.57, and
iu.uu p. m. nunuay a.i , aw, unu rw, a. xu
4i, p. in.
Leave Glrardvllle (ltappahannock Btatlon)
week days, 2.47, 4.07, 6.30, and 9.41 a. in., 12.03,
4.12, 6.26, 6.82, 8.03 und 10.06 p, in. Bunday, 2,47,
1.27, 8.26 a, m. 8.41 p. m.
ijeave YviiuameiKjii, weDxunfB.uv,tr.niiiiu
11.55 a. m, 8.85 and 11.16 p. m. Bunday 11.15
For Baltimore, Washington and the west
via B, & O. it. It., through trains leave Glrard
Avenue (station. Philadelphia, (P. & H. 11. It.)
at 4.18, 801 and 11.27 a. in., 1.34, 4.24, 6.65 ana
;,23 p. m. Bunday, 4.16 8.02 11.27 a, m 4.24
AiijAieiiuejii i niyiDiun.
Leave Pnlladelphla. Chestnut Btreel Wfcarl
nd BonthBtroet Wharf.
For Atlantic Citv.
WeekKlays Express 9:00 a. m. and 2.00-,
4.00 p. in. Accommodation, 8.00 a. in., 6.00
P-."L .
ounuayn. iLzpreMi, t;.w, u. ju, accuxuiuu
datlon, 8.00 a. m. and 4.80 p. m.
Keinrmug, leave Auaniic iviiy, aepoi corner
Atlantic and Arkansas avenues. Week-days
-uxuress. 7.3U, v.uu, a. m, anai.uu. p. m,
Accommodation, 6.00, 8.96 a. m. and 4.89
(.80 p. in.
uunuays. ixpresB, s.w p. m. Accommoia
tlon, 7.80 a. in. and 4.30p. m.
u. u, ji uejuA., uivu i roan r akii
i, A. MOLKOD. Pres. b Gen'l Manasccr.
jmeiaoie tneneci May, 10, istu.
TralnB leave IteadTnc (P. & It. station) fat
Gibraltar, Beyfert, Blratboro, Joanna, Bprlnr;
Held, WaynestiurB Junction, Coatesvllle.W!1
Cbester,CnadsfOrd Junction. B, A O. Junction
Wllmlucton and Intermediate stations, dally
except Bunday, at 6.25 and 8.30 a.m. aud3.lt
p. m. Bunday only at 3.05 p. m.
rui wnrwica, nuxeeern aim luiDrmcuiuK
Btatlons, daily except Hunday, at 9.20 a.m., and
o.isp.m. eunoay only e.io a. in.
F'or Blrdsboro and Intermediate Btatlons.
Batnrday only, at 12 m. . v. i
ror naiiimorc anil w atiiiiiKiuu iu. .v w. .
U.) dally except Bunday at 6.25 and 8.80 a. in
and 8.16 p. m. Bunday only at 3.05 p, m.
Trains arrive al Heading (P. & It. nation;
Irom Wilmington, B. & O. Junctlon.Mont
chanln, cnaaosiora junciiun, west iMiiescer
Lenape, Coatesvllle, Waynesburg Junction
npringneiu,JUnuun, tiuueuutu, uiuimuir, nej,
fen. and lnleimediate stations, dally excen:
Bunday at 10.20 a. m. 5.62 and 8.17 p. m. Bun
aay only ui, ii.t u. in.
From Ht, Peters. Warwick and Intermediate
stations, dally except Hunday, at 8.2J a. m
and 2.25 p.m. Bunday only at 0 p.m.
F'rom lllrdsboro nnd Intermediate stations
Saturday only at 1.40 p. m.
Fiom Wat-blngton nnd Baltimore, dally ex
cent Bundav. 10 20 a. m. fi.52 and R 17 n. in
Bunday only nt 11.21 a. m.
iiuwuiivirt liuiiiUM, oen'i pass. Ag.
Vhun tablM v?ttb tbtKbacnoInt Irtesult. itlc
'r-a,, ,,,-! tn I Inn In ill n, (ir I IBflrlirB. or froLv ( '
iiltuUonal Ueuknesset t,. .raUurto their ez, shrtiii
11km DB DuCH01NE8 Cn ebrutea
TbcfBrv StrtiDgtheulnff to tho entui jtrr , ip.PW
one, Tigorftnu itiwrn uo loroeio an innciionsoi
Qr, HurtcirModlclPoCo..ST.L0UI3. U0
We, the undersigned
nre entirely cured o
ltunture bv Dr. J. II
MAYER, 831 Arch Bt., Phlla. Thomas II
llarluug. New Ringgold, Pa., I. Pandt. Boull
luiBinn, rii., ii. i'. , u. a. ueiurcn, u ey, l'n,
It. II. Hlnnlev. 421 Hmneo Ht . Lelinnnn. l'n.. A
Bchnelder. Locunt Dale, Pn.,D, B.Noll, Lime
nun, i-a., w in. r.. liar ensiiue, i-uoenixviue
in., vv. oi. iinnacn, on vvnfciimgioii ni.
Reading, Pa., J, 0. Lyme. 1310 W. Howard Bt
llarrlstiurr. Pa.. O. Keehn. Douelaesvllle. Pe
Dr, MAYER is at UolelPcnn, Reading, Pa
on the 2nd Baturday of eaeh mouth. Call t
see him.
pj- R. BRIOKER, M. D J
No'. 0 East Centre Btreet; Mahanoy City, Vt
null ana ui specuei uisewea a upecuuur.

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