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Figures DomonBtrato tlio Popu
larity of tho Rosort.
Aur. 22. 1. M. Sunday school of Shen
andoah. Aur. 25. EnglUh .Lutheran, llahanoy
Aub. 26. EvanReliral Lutheran Sunday
school, Tamequa.
Auk. 27. YounR Men's Democratic
Olub, Mahanoy City.
Asli Your Friends About It.
Vniir rliatrnsslne couah can bo cured.
"Wo know it becauso Kemp's Balsao.
within the va.t few years has cured so
many coughs and colds in thls'.community.
Its remarkablo sale has been won entirely
by its ftenulno merit. Ask somo friend
who has used it what ho thinks of Kemp's
Balsam. There is no medicine so pure,
none so effective. Largo bottles GOo and 81
at all druRRists'.
1'ull moon.
A Guro for Constipation
Dr. Silas Lane, while in tho Kooky
Mountains, discovered a root that wbn
hinod witli other herbs, makes an eatj
and certain cure for constipation. It is In
rnnls and lcavos, and It
known as Lane's Family Medicine. It
u,ill riini sink headache For tho blood,
liver and kidneys, and for clearinR up the
r-nmnloxion it does wonders. DrURRistt
sell it at 60 cents a package
Crab apples aro plonty.
A Comparison,
Jnclt I linvo cotno to bcllcvo that
thcro's a roo1 l0111- o similarity be
tween n l'ullman car porter und Cupid's
Nolllo GraclousI How ilo you make
tfiitt out?
.lock Well, noithor aro effectivo un
less tipped with trold or silver. Pitts
burgh Bulletin.
Spoiling tho JJCTcrt.
Clnra (who lias loft tho door open for
a purpose In a low voice) Don't closo
tho door, Dolpli.
Tliat Horrible Llttlo Brotlior (in nn ex
tra loud voice) Oh, I oatoh on, sis; you
want to let Mr. Goodman see youwasn
tnir tho ilislu-s. What a tract Onco a
Must Cmilfl to It.
Customer (with little boy) Have you
good thick sole lonther that a boy can't
wear through in a wccicv
tTnlililor The very best. uo you
want me to malco a pair of shoes for
vnllr lltn?
Customer No, I want you to mako
him a pair of pants. Good Incws.
Ills Convert.
l'rof. Initr (author of "Metempsycho
f.ls." f-te.l Don't vou beliovo in tho
transmigration of bonis, Miss Ilayve?
Miss llee Havve Yes, I believe 1 do
for, do you know, at times you have the
same hunted look in your eyes that my
poor h'ido had when tho dog catcher:
were after him. nicic.
VHHY IJlI'ROIlAlll.12.
Io Wns Found Ilidiug in Mr
Warden's Barn.
new Vonii. February 2H. 18t
Alva's Brazilian Hpeciric Co.-liontiemeii:
I tike pleasure. In certifying to thecureliH
reived through your medicine, he Urtu
i iavA lifrm a sunerer irum
eruptions upon the skin iitKm". etc., lor
several yeats. During that time I was
treated by several skilled phlclaus In tliiws
trouble i without any ben'eflt. Acr talcing
two bottles I am e.tirely well, and ;' 'J
iccommeud the modlulnu to am mm sutler
iug nam like troubles.
Griirirs ITorriblo tliinff, that murdc:
in tliis mominff's paper. It will fairly
Bold at KIrlln's Drug Btore.rerguBon House j.aiso your hair when you rend it.
Block, bhenandoau.
Camp raeotinRS are closing.
Shlloh's Consumption Curo.
This 1r beyond questiou the most snc
cesslul Cough Medicine we have ever sold.
i low aones luvariamy cure inn ""'".""V"
llaldv It may, but I don't bcllcvo
will. Munsey's Weekly.
A Mutual lllimdor.
Tho Stout One I took you for
gentleman when I first met you.
Tho Thin One And 1 toon you tor
Tho Murderer Gave Up tho Battle Only
When Crippled and Woupded.
l0Ilfer u, flrbt timo 1 cvcr laid eyes oa
without a parallel in the history oi meaigiue.
Since It's llrst discovery It has been sold op a
guarantee, a test which no other medicine
can stand. It you luve a Cough we earnestly
Jsk you to try it. ITice 10 cents, 60 rents, nnd
81.10. If your Lung? re tore, ipem or jbuij
mine, use rnnoii -ra
O. U. llngcnbnch, N. 15. corner Wain and
Lloyd streets.
Uool mornings and evenings aro horo.
How to Succood.
This is the great problem of Hie .which few
Jkuir mm sninn la 1 because oi
poor health, others waul oi luck, but the
majority from deficient gr t-want of nerve,
They are nervous, Irresolute, chiingeab o,
easily net the blues nnd "tako the spirits
downKTkeep the spirits up," thus wast lug
money, time, opportunity und nerve lorce.
There is nothing -'ike thellestomtlveNirylne,
discovered by the sreot specialist, llr. Mites,
to curo all nervous duonses, aa headacho, the
blues, nervous prostiatlon, kleeiilessuess,
u, Vltnw fljnrn. rltH. ttud liv.te la.
Trial bottles 'and tine honk of tootlmunlals
lree at O. II. Ilageubuch's drug store.
Tho pug is no longer tho fashionable dog.
A Fatal Mistake
Physlolnns make no more fatal mistake
than when thoy Inform patients that nervous
heart troubles come from tho stomach and
aro of llttlo eonscquence. Dr. I'ranltlin
Miles, the uoted Indiana specialist, has
proven ttie contrary in his new book on
i'Hfurt tisb." which may bo had free at
C. II. Hugenbuch's dru,i slore who guHniutses
and reeonuneuils Dr. Miles unrquuled Jow
Heart Cure, which hui the largest mile ol any
huHrt remedy in tho world. It cures nervous
.lid orgaulc heart dltease, short breath,
fluttering, palu or tendernw In the side, arm
or shoulder. Irregular pulse falntlog.Hinotber
lug, rtioy, etc. His Itestorattve J,ervlne
cures hesdache, tits, etc.
Stout One Well, let's .call it
square. It reems wo were botli mls-
An Adrnntac;e.
"John's mother lives with you, now,
does sho not?"
"Yesi and there's one nice thing about
having my mother-in-law here. 'John
never thinks of comparing my cooking
witli hers, for fear of having to eat one
of her dinners." Harper's Bazar.
Honors About Kieu.
Husband (readinir his morning paper)
Here's a woman who was so grieved
when her husband died that sho killed
herbelf. That's tho kind of wife for a
man to navel
Wife That's tho kind of a husband
for a woman to have. Chicago Tribuno
A Itival' Sarrinm.
Old Mr. Yallcrby Dar goes Moso
Johnsing nn' Ids gal llko two souls wif
but a single thought.
I'eto Cooliy (bittorly) Yeah, dat's
'bout right. Half nnXidca in each ob
their heads jus' covors it. Judge.
t Fashion Note.
r T T 1 i A ... 4Vii
'country this year? Everything is so
I green and lovely.
Miss Ellte-No, I'monot going, ureen
is not becoming to me. Texas Sift
Gay circles naturally indulgo in rounds
of pleasure.
Milea' Herva ta liiver Pills
Act on a new nrtnelnlw-regulatlng tho
1 tver, Houiach and bowels through the nerva.
A null. rilMmuMTir. t)r. MlleB 1'lllk IeUllvl
cute blltousueu. iiad taste, torpid liver, plies,
roustlnUoo. Unequaled lor men, woineu,
fblldren. Smiillest, mlhiost, surest! Sidoses,
1H.;U. Smples 1'ree, Mt (J. II. Himtnnuoh's
driuj store.
It Is not as essy to jump a board bill as a
boird fence.
Completed, to Doadwood.
The Burlington Koute, 0.. B. & Q. It. B.
from Uhlcago, l'eoria and St. Louis, is now
completed, and daily passenger trains are
running through Lincoln, Neb., and
Custer, S. D., to Dead wood. Also to New
castle, Wyoming. Sleeping cars to DiBd
wood, tf
To Our Roadors.
Areyou troubled with Consumption ora
deep seated Oold, If so take healthy oieroihe.
Ilva In tmen nlr. use PunTIiia Couuh and
unosumptloa dure, und be, ouied. uon t
Halitn l.nlllu (ruat Ilrllo'c
Blood is tliickor tban water,
mk! must be kept pure to
Insure good hoaltk.
Sww-r's SrKCiric is natures remwSf
for this purpose.
It never to falls ellranato the lmpo
ties and build up the general healtSs.
There is only one Swift's Specific,
cad there Is nothing llko it
He sure and get the genuine
Treatise on Blood and Skin DiBasura
nulled free.
The Swift Speciflo Co., Atlanta, Oa
delay. Trial bottles freest :
i's drug storo
CIIhkk Workers Will.
MllA.vmJt, N. J., Aug. 81. An Im
portant conference was hold in Philadel
phia between the national conference
committee of the Green Ulstss Manu
facturers' ussooUtiou and the work-
era' organization. An uureomont was
reaohad on the wage question, the manu
facturers urdutlng the demands of the
Supporters for the l'eoplii!, Party.
Chicago, Aug. 21. Attha Grand l'aclflo I
Hotel lut night were taken the llrst I
nraetioal steps toward the establishment
In Cliluauo of the People's Party. Ten
thousand names have been pledged to
support the principles and caudtdutes of
the third party.
Jlfttcrlr flolnc Iluck to the Stage
St. Louim, Aug. SI. A morning paper
la authority lor the statement that niter
nix years' retirement, Jack Uaverly, the 1
theatrical muuager, will, on tho opsalng
of the ssasen, resppssr ob the stags.
rov iinufiunBM "t
is nnd will ever bo tho
Remody for
My Ht)ftd Wai Fa'rly IToLten,
Aiiloowmucu I surr d ! h.i 1 i d.
( i e. 'fit.tl 'a 'ttsoiue . . c se r ' .
i .'sert ine slin, e, junt ih ons i.i in.
i d m. te. 've e. I i' i-miie .
mo e !)..
1.4 1 1 .1
r i.i
I ii
A M Vt
i I i. m
i ool
Is I 1
.. a. .
i . pp. yi'd no .
WO b'i 1 i - 1
ii. i .he inonev
. ime Hie s. i
II ma. ihev w n
ei . . til , JJ.
1 i
Advertise Io tha I1iai,d,
nin n tho Riiin. Chost antl
Joints, Neuralgia, Sprains, &o
Before yoa aoed to Dty, ootata
svence nc nMARCE1t
th vsluabls booV.i"Guljlo to Health," wltb
I endorsements of promluent physlchun,
310 BroaUway,
Prize Medals Awarded!
Vlet.ua, l'ragus, Hottordam, Olteni
50 Oojata a bottle, ForBalo by
and other drogsuu.
ror n While lie Kept 1,500 alen at liar
Curried Under Btronc (luuril to
Ilutel In llnnover lie Never I-uft ttio
sc-.nn of tint Crlma Th Assassin's
ltxT.ovr.n. N. IL. Aug. 21. Frank
Alrny, the murderer of Christine War
den, is now undor arrest. Twenty cltli
zons, under tho loauersnip or onoriii
Stevens, nil armed witu wincuosior ri
fles, captured the criminal.
Almy was found concealed in farmer
Wnruon's hay mow. He fought desper
ately for his life, and whon takon had
two revolvers in his hands from which he
bad discharged 15 shots. The arresting
enrrntindod him and kept tho an-
gry moo oi i,uuu iivuio j
the murderer. He was locked Up in the
Whcelock House, and a uanu oi citizen-,
and police cfflcorB are guarding him with
their rifles.
Mrs. Warden's Dlsooverjr.
H N a strange coincidence that iir3.
Warden, who was first accosted by Almy
on tho night of the murder, proved to be
tho first to discover his hiding placo.
While searchiug for somo stray chickens
Mrs. Warden noticed a holo under tho
barn which excited her curiosity. Pcep
W throuirh tho dim light, Bhe Baw a
miscellaneous assortment of empty cans
and bottles.
Tim runs and bottles wcro identified
ns having been stolen, with their con
tents, from the cellars of familios in tho
.in,..,. All nlizht Professor Whit-
oher nnd Sheriff Brown wutched tho
nremlses. At 3 a. m. they saw Almy
walking nbout tho garden.
He was barefooted, ragged, pnla
He tilled a bag with apples from
trees, eating ravenously at tne
He then walked back to the barn, and
walked around to tho other sldo of it.
Tim wntchcrs returned to tho villago
And nrousod nbout forty men, who soon
surrounded the; building and
Charles E. Stewart, a student of tho
Stnto College, was the first to locate
Almy. He wus prodding tho hay with a
shovel hnndlo whon he strucK tne oouy
of tho concealed man.
Timtnntlv Alxiv fired throunh the hay
Tho bullet missed Stewart. Almy fired
aeolu and again, making nis way up
wnrd through the hay at the sme time,
He flrod at least lllteon suots, and
h.irn wns nulcklv desorted.
One of tho shots struck and slightly
wounded Azro Turner, of Norwich, Vt.
n studant there.
A council was thon hold by th
men ontslda the bam, as to the best
means of continuing the attack upon
ilin nlltlHW.
By this time hundreds of men had ar
rived to recruit the forco ulroadv on tho
spot. They were armed with old army
ruus, horse pistols, revolvers, pitchforks,
bovel handles, etc.
The Murderer (Surrenders.
Almy asked for a conference with
County Solicitor Mitchell and promised
to do him no harm, and Mr. Mitchell as
sured him that his escape was Impossi
ble and advised him to surrender peace
ably Almy said he would think It over, and
told Mr. Mitchell to letire. Even then
ho was soroly wounded.
Later ho called up John I'ulier ana
promised to surrender, but the desire for
freedom v b so strong thnt ho ropented
t the lust niluuto. After his capture
e said that ho was glad the Buspanso
was over, lie was lonoweu to tuu wivu
by a procession of about 100 carriages,
which had tho appoaranco of a couutry
Almy Whs Well Armed.
Almy's revolvers were both Smith &
Wessons six-shooter, 41 c.illhre, with
four-Inch barrels, nud wero bought in
Paltnor, Mass. Ho hud on htm when ho
urrendered a halt Ulloil witu ottririuges.
Ho bad In bis pockets, a large knife,
tooth brush und some matches. It is
little short ofn miracle th it witu all tuo
shooting that occurred no one was bit,
but Almy. Bullets whistled closely uy
the heads of the men wuo were guarding
the side of the barn opposite the men
who were using Winchester rifles.
'Ill Muiderer Silmt Tluee Times.
An examination of tho murderer's
bodv showed that ho had been shot three
times, twice in the loft leg below the
knee, the lower snot uroaging tns large
bone. The Bbot scooped a hole out of the
top of his bead, but did not touoh the
skull. This shot wasjured by boiuo one
while Almv was talking with Dr. U. A.
Hoffmau about surrouuenng. inese
wounds were dressed by three puysl-
clanB. None of tho wounds aro very
Commltttd Another Clime.
After Almv bad recovered from the ex
rlteinentof belnc tnsnected by the crowd
he consented to talk about his crime. Ho
admitted that Almy was an assumed
name, and confessed that ha was hiding
to escape arrest lor a similar crime tor
which a price had been set upon his
bead, Ho refused absolutely to tell his
real name or reveal the olrcumstanoes
which led him to talse an assumed name.
Almy will be arraigned us soon as his
wounds will permit nis appoarance
cour. . .
John M. Fuller, who Almy called up
for the conference, says: "Almy said he
bad beeu here ever since June 14, and
that he had been to her grave as often as
twice a week. He expressed the deepest
love for Christie.
The town Is wildly excited and there
are many threats of lynching.
Iron Works Shut Down.
QlxjuoESTKn, N. J., Aug. 21. Ou Sat
urday last 20 men In the Gloucester Iron
Works wero rotlfled thnt their wages
would bo reduced. Tho men refused to
accept the reduction, nnd did not return
to work. Thereupon thoy wero Informed
that If they did not return to work the
works would be closed. As tho men did
not roturn, tho works were closed yes
terday, throwing 200 toon out of em
ployment. Water Supply Ileduocd.
NoiiWALK. Conn., Aug. 21. Tho water
supply of this place has beconio so
alnrmlngiy reduced of late that tho com
missioners have decldod to reduce tho
present continuous water sorvlce of eight
hours per dnv. Consumers are allowed
to use water only for domostio purposes
nnd factories will have to cart wator
from distant placos In order to reed thoir
Drawn Into n Threshtiis Machine.
SPENCRiiroiiT, N. y., Aug. 21. ChorloB
Hough, of I'armu, met with a fatal acci
dent while threshing grain yesterday
afternoon on the farniof L. Q. Bradshaw.
Young Hough stood upon the separator
assisting tho feeder, aud lost his balance
and was drawn into tho machine. Ono
log was torn completely off and he lived
but ten minutes.
Purifies tho blood, tones up
tho system, gives an appetite,
Cures dyspepsia, constipa
tion, sick headache. Regulates
tho liver and kidneys, and be
sides cures all blood and skin
diseases, whether manifested
inly by common pimples, or
eczema, or by ulcers, abscesses,
and the more violent effects of
scrofula and blood poison.
Is perfectly harmless and
never fails.
Sold at KIrlln's Drug Store,
Ferguson's Hotel Block, Shenandoah, Pa,
What the Druggists aay
of HeiskeiS's Ointment:
' When we ere iif.ke.1 to rwv iinmeml a prepara
tion for skin iliseuM', vie Imnd out HKisitKi.L's
Ointment, with every conltclcnce of lusuccees
ful treatment ol tho ilfaPKse."
J, C. ltuuicK, 6 Mu'.u St., Putter, Fa.
"I hnvolieen solllnz IlKtsKKU.'M Oistmknt
for eleven jer. 1 1 if Ives unlvereal satlsractlo
It will euro Tbttku.
G. W. llACKBNBEHaEn, Bnlnbrldge, I
Wohuvoevldrncn of tlie curntlvo properties
of HuisKKLL's ointmk.nt here. It Is u gool
reliable olutment.'
Klumisq Ksleii, Tarentum, Pa,
"In nil skin diseases 1 Invariably reco mined
J. .1. K bil, Khorpsburg, Pn,
TTkiskpixs Ointmi.nt cur, whin all clss
falls." ?UL'lm .an & Ueki), Frtepott, Pa,
merh " U. U. UiLtoM. Kittnuulni;, l'a.
ElekBcsdacbarxd relievo all tbo troubles IOt
Cent to a bilious Btato of tho system, snob an
Slzzlness, Kausea, Drowsiness, Distress afteff
eating. Pain In tho Side, to. Whllo their moaj
remarkable success has bosa enown In cucluy j
Hetflaeho, yot Carter's Llttlo Liver VDM arj
cqoally valuablo In Constipation, curing and pro
vcntlnR this annoylns complain t,wbllo they alas
correct alldlsordcrs of thestomachtlmulato the
liver and regulate tho bowels. Even If they only
f&clia they trould bo almostprlcelsss to those wta
i euffar from this dlatresslOB complaint; but t ortu
sately thelrgoodnoss does notond here,and those
who onco try them vrlll And theao llttlo pills valu
oble In so many ways that they will not bo wll
.liSB to do without them. Bat after alleles bead
fls tho bane of so mcny lives that horotJwhero
I vromaVe our great boast. Our pilbi cure It while
i Others do not. ...
Carter's Llttlo Liver Pills are very small ana
very easy to tako. Ono or two rills mako a doso.
'.They aro strictly vegctablj sna do not gripe or
purge, but by their gentle action please all who
ueothom. Invlalsat23cents: flvefor$l. 8013
by druggists everywhere, or sent by mall.
Your trade is what wo
This is how we propose
to get it.
By Belling you a flrst
class article; by selling you
for lees tliau others; by
Belling you furniture, an
organ, a piano, a sewing
machine or anything else
in the line of household
Wo have a large and va
ried stock to select from.
No trouble to show goods.
Call, examine and be
hiladelphiaand Beading .Railroad
Time Table in effect July JO, 1801
ror New York via 1'hlladetphin, week days.
u D.i), i.m r. m. ana lies .w ana o.&9
m. tlnnrtav 2.111 ann 7.4 a. n. Knr Nmr
y, jyiMurn ununs, wees: anys, o.o.
,W, i. in. and 12.S5 and 2.60 p. m.
KOV ltendlncr find PhllnrlarmHIn vuiiV ilav.
2.10, 6.25, 7,20, a. m., 12.35 2.N) and 5.55 n; m.
lunaay. 2.10 and 7.48 a. m.. 4.30 n. m.
, , i'arrlsburg, woek days, l!.lu,7.a) a. m,t
vO, 5. p. m.
ror Aueniown, week days, 7.20 , m. 12.M
r.O v, m.
12.3 J If 0 and 6.5S p. in. Hunriay, 2,10 and 7A&
For fairxaaua and Mahannv mtv vav
itayj, 2.10, 6.25, 7.20, a, m., 12.31 2.50 nnd 5.68
i in. Sunday, 2.10 and 7.18 a. in., 4.30 p, m.
Additional ror Mahanoy City, week days 7.00
, IU.
For Lancaster and Columbia, week rinva.
,20 a. m., 2.601). m.
For Wlllhimsporl, Bunbury and Lewlsburu,
week days, 3.23, 7.20 and 11.30 a. m 1,35, 7.00
., m, nunusy a.n u. m., o.uu i. iu.
tor mananoy fiane, weea oays, z.10 8.Z5,
35, 7.20 and 11.30 a.m.. 12.8S, 1.35, 2.50. 8.65.
.00 and ;& r. m. Hunday, 2 10. 8.23 and 7.4U
m. a.oe, 4. o. rri.
For airardvllle (Itapnshannock Htatlon)
rS days, 2.IU. 8.25, 5.25, 7.20 and 11.30 a. m
12.33, 1 35, L.60, 5,55, 7.00 and n.SO. p. m. Hunday,
10, A 1, 7.90 ft. HI, M O, I..HJP1IO1
or Ashland and Htaiuuostn. week dnvs. '
R.21, 5.25, 7.20, 11.30 a. m,, 1.35, 7.00 and V.25 f
in. Hunaay S2 ini.i.m p.m.
Leave Mew York via PhllailelDlila. week
lays, 7.43 a. in., l.XO, 4.00, 7.W p. m 12.19
llEht. Bunds y, 6.00 p.m., 12.15 nlgnt.
Leave New York via Maneii Cliunk. week
lays, 4.80. 8.4-5 a. m 1.00 and 4.03 p, in.
1 eave Phllndeinlila. wm davs. 4.10. and
10.00 a. m. 4,00 and 6.00 p. m., from Broad
nd Callowliill and 8.33 a. rn.nnd 11.30 p. m.
from Btliuuo ireeu streets. Bunday 0.05 a,
m. 11.10 p. m. from Sth ane -eu.
.Leave Heading, week days, ii. 7.10. 10.CD
md 11.60 a. m 6.55. 77 p. m. Unnday 1,35 ana
10.13 k. m.
Loiivo 1'otlsvllle, week days, 2.40, 7.10 a. m.,
I2.S0, 8.11 p. m. Sunday, 2.40, 7 00 n, m, and
1(5 p. m.
u?ave ramaqna. wees uays, a.-v, o.is ana
21 a. in.. 1.21. 7.13. and 0.18 n. m. Hundav 3.20
7.43 1. m, and 2JS0 p. m.
eavo juananciy vity, ween ways, s.w, w.io
And 11.47 a. m.. 1.51. 7.42 and 9.41 p. tn. Bun-
Jay, 3.48,8.17 a. m., 3.20 p. m.
Leave Mahanoy Plane, week days, 2-41, 4.10 ,
d.30,0,35. ll.t9a.m.,l.o5,2.C0. 6-20, 0 26,7.57, and
in.ohn. m. Sunday 2.1 j. 4.00. and fi.17.fi.ra.
3 37,5.01, p.m.
iaavv uiraraviiio tivappanuunuoK umiioni
. .n At AM Wilt i.4U.11 ... 10 0
nwJk .ml n i.vi. vmu, uuu . . u .u., ..v
1 '2, b.'Mi, 8.82, 8.03 and 10.06 p.m. unuday.2,47,
u , B.iw H. in. a.u, o.vi p. zu.
.avu Wllllamspurt. week days, 3.00,0.15 and
U.55 a. m. 8.S5 and 11.15 p. m. Hunday 11.15
fur imuiJJiure, wuouiugLuu uuu ,ud
via B. & a. B. K., tbrouzb trains leave G lrard
Lvenut) iiiauuui ruuHuoiiui, t i, n..
at 4.16, 801 and il.27 a. rn 1.84, 4.24, 6.55 am
;A p. m. Dnnoay, s.io o.w u.i u, m., turn
1.65 and 7.23 p.m. I
tave l'tUadelphla, Chostnut Otreol Wharl 4
ma. Bouth Street Wharf.
For Atlantic Cits. . M
Week-dRya Express, 5.15, 8 00.9:00,10.4.5
m. and 1 'i (Baturdoya only, 1.30), 2.00, 8.00.
3.30, tI , B 00, 0.00 y, 9j. Aooomwuiatlon, 7 49
a. m,, i.lo.uouptiJii
rtunnyii. express, 6 15, 7.00, 7.30, 8.00, 8 30,
9.00, 9.30 a. m.nnd 4 30 p. m. ACL-uuiniuAAUun
8.00 u. m. and 1.43 i-. iu.
tveturnlne, leavu Atlantic City, depot come
Atlantic una Arkansas avennes. wceknve
Express, 7.00, 7.30, 8 00, 9.00, 10.00 a. m. and 8.15,
4 00, 5.30, d.30, 7.80, 0 30 p. m. Accommodation
0.00, 8.10 a. m. and 4.M)p m. 8undnys-Ex-press,
3 80, 4.00, 6 00, 0.O0, fl-30, 7-00, 7.50. 8.00, 9.80
p. m. Accommodation, 7.30 a. m., 6.05 p. m.
U. U. JdAJNOOUK, Ucll' . x-U r Aktl
A. A. MOLEOIJ. Pres. Qen'l Manaccr,
Sontli Main St.
coo North rourth Ot.,
QOO fid Crei-n, Fmilamilthi.,
th riv gectuln.. Gtrium Amirlcw
Pl dullil In lb. Coli.il htsu hi U
.l.l la eura Rlood PolSOn.
Narvous Debility ""iSpi.-
. n : . of both Hex.'
Ulill wi.Da.DO -
Sklo Dlwswa. R.4 SpoUPcJnl to tht
iKii..ii,8oreThroat Mouth
Blouihci, rifliln Fruptlons. ton or
OHrd 1 lai'M, SwtllloRS. irrllttlool,
lnllummftiloni and Runololt,
eulcturuo, WeaineM and rally
laoat. lott mroorj, wt bsak, mental aiulrtr. m'1 .
Hlal-iT uiaeaaaa an ail m"
ludtiuritlnii or OTerwork. Rcaot a.ca curwl Io 4 I" 1 naj ,
rellff at onoe Ilo nol loaa tiopo no mall.r Hat Mr.
tlalna Iiootor. qual. Famllr ot lloaillal Phynlclan baa raiim.
lit. Tllbhl, oot. positively on '1111"' "
tnaloaaa. old. yncva. attoM-B aaio M moat cosinmiTiaa
THUTH" otponliig QoaiAa ondfr awora taaBuortala.
nJmH 'Hit rm SMS. Ea w , Tsl. and Sal.
Ir-aa to 10. 9indtv till U Wrllo or oaj and bo "ttd.
ror Beroreoeaa M woan, --o isa,aj
Hie 1'reslilent floss l'lstilnz.
Mt. MofiiiEaon, N. Y , Auc. 3J. This
morning the Trcslilent went on a ilsbing
excursion witu Mr. Arkeli ou a private
Uke. lUturuliiu to tlie hotel to din.
ner. he will in the afternoon leave lit.
McGregor for Saratoga, arriving there
at 4 o'olock. lie will lie met nt the at a
tlon bv a urocesslou ot citizens and sol
Btute Couvelitl'in Uelscutus.
Socuehteb, N. Y., Ang. 21. The Demo
cratic city convention last night elected
the followlnu delesatss to the State con
vention! William H. Tracy, George
Ealues and J. Miller Kslly.
Loliigh Valley Railroad.
MAY 10, 1891.
Passenger trains will leave Shenandoah fci
Mauch Chunk. LehlKhton, Slatlngton, Cat.
sa-Mua, Allentown, Bethltbem, Easton, P1U1
aaVpnla and New York at 6.47, 7.40, 9.08 tv. m.,
i9D aid fi.2iln. m.
For belvldere, Delaware Wnter Gap and
atroudsburg at 6.47, a. m.. and 5.20 p. m.
For Lnmuertviiieaua -Areiuon, v.vo u, iu
For WUlto Haven, Wllkes-Barre and i'ltts
ton 6.47, 9.08, 10.41 a.m., 3.10 and 6.28 p.m. , .
ForTunkh&nncck, 10,41a. m 3.10 and 5.26
P-.."! t.. r...
r 111 AUUU1U .Ut..AXt JOUVHi .-- S-J va.
iiKixa AT HASH,
Coirtinitteemen ebouhl Dear In
mind that tbe Hehald olllee
is prepared to do all kinds of
Poster Work!
at the moet reaponnule rates.
Give ua u call aud obtain our
prices. All work done when
promised aud in a satisfactory
mil o , itntt 6.2ft- n. m.
loi. LflAoiuviiln .Tnwnnda. Savre. Waverls
Kimira, iwcneeier, jjuuuiu, i.mniui
Chicago and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,and
b:is p.m.
For Omlra and the West vlaSalomanca at
3.10 p.m.
For Aufienrled, llazleton, Stockton, Lum.
her Yard, Wentherly and Penn liaven Juno
llou at 5.47,7.40, 0,08 a. m.and 12.52, 3.10 and
6.20 p. iji,
ror Jeaneavtlle, Lovlston and Heave)
Meadow. 7.10, 0.08 a. m. and 6,26 p. m.
For8orautouat5.47 0.08, 10.11a. m. 3.10 and
1.. IW.I. ....... .i ll.ln.n rf, Vrtit
land at 5.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41 a. m., 122 3.10 and
B-2.P-?P. h
j. i1" iiauaue fc ". uuu o-.w, u. u..,
''For Vlgiran8, qilberton and FTactvllIe al
5.60andn.08a in., and 4.10 p. m. M , .
For Yatesvllle, llabanoy City and Ueiano
5.47, 7.40, tt.06, 10.41, 10,68 a. m.,122,S.10,W8, 8.03,
H.2' and 10.27 p.m.
For lxist Creek, airardvllle and Ashland
4.27, 7.46,8.62, 10.15 a. m.. 1.00,1.40,4.10, fl.85
8.10 and 9.14 p. m. ,
iuHintntr. Mr- riplr and Pnttsvlllft.
7.40, 0.08, 10.53 a. in., 122,3.10,4.10, 5.28 aud 8.0E
v'vm Unotr Mnnntnln.' New Boston and
Mores, 7.40, 9.08, 10.68 a. n.., 122, 3.10, 6.26 and
' For Haven Run, Centralla, Mt. Carmel and
Bbamoktn, 8.52, and 10.15 a. ra., 1.40, 4.46
ana k.uo p. m. .
Trains leave Bhamoklu for Shenandoah,
7.55 115 a. m.. 2.10, 4.30 and 9.80 p. m., arrtvlnK
at Shenandoah, 9.05 a.m., 12.32, 3.10, 6.28 and
li.io p. in.
F,,r Ixiat Creek. GirardvlUe and Asbland
6.50, 9.10 11.35 a.m., 2.45 p. m.
For Darkwatcr. St. Clair and Poltaville
DU, 0.ia,, 0-.3U. ail., i'. " .. .
Knr Vntesvllle. Mahanoy City nnd Delano,
tnn IIRRn m . 1 4fl. 4.40. H.03 n. m.
- . . ' . . ... . .. . .. iin.i,inn cni
i. Or lOlLy, AUUOmiCU UUU ,taMOJU
iror Mnnnh Chunk. Leblebton. Slatlnston,
Catasaviqua, Allentown, ueinienem, liasujt
and New York, 8.00 a. m., 1.111 p. m;
For Pbl.aae.pnia, u.'jjyiNQTON,
Uen'l Pass. AKt.. Cetblebem.
Qtiand after Nov, 24, 1S80, fi'aftu will lem
Hhcnandoah at fotlowi: 1
For Wlepan, tillberton, Fraokvllle, Newi
Castle,' Bt. Clair, and way points, 6.00, 0.10!
m and 4.15 p m, 1
Sundays, 600, v.40 amandiUOpm.
For PotUvlUe, 6.00, 0.10 a m and 4. 15 p m.
Sundays, 600, s.40a m and 8.10 n m.
For Keadln", 6.00, 9.10 a ra and 4.15 pm,
Sundays, 600,9,40 a.m. and 3.10 pm,
For Pottstown, Phoenixvillo, Norristown
nnd Philadelphia (Ilroad street station), 6.00,
?,10 a m. and 4.15 p m week days
Sundays, 600, 9.40 am 8.10 p m
Trnlus leave Frackvllie lor Shenandoah nV
10.40 am and 12.14, 7.47, 10,09 p m. Sundays,
U.13 a m and 5.40 p m.
Uve Pottsvllle lor Shenandoah, 10.15 ana
11.48, a a 7.15, H.42 p rn. Bundcys, 10.40 a ra
5.16 p m.
Leave Philadelphia (Broad street station),
for Fottsvlllo and Shenandoah, 6.67,10.25 a m ,
2.10. 4.10 and 5.00 p m week days. Sunday 9aM
m and 1.10 p.m.
r or a,j, u.ou, uriAi, rv
b.20 5.S0. d.50, 11.00anall.l5aiu.lii.00uoon,(llln
Wtikaen of Body and Mind, tcccts
Itubn. Nohla HIMIIHIII full. H..,umm1. llaa. la Kalanra aal
abaololalr aoralilaa I1UUK 'rKSlTaXXT-BroeflU las dar.
Bontoallff rrura fill blaUa and furrlro t'ouatrlra. Hrltf laeoa.
llaierlpthe llouk, tilaoalloa and broofa aiallad (atalcd)frcol
Or Uo Liquor Habit, luHlllelx Curu
byulinIiiUUrIiitf Ir. Iliiiut
1 la tms.niirDyttnirl u m. nowdf-r. Which amn badVOD
til B1MI Of V9irt OUy Ul uuueo wr !:, mi swv
i.lrnnaiMaa nf .ha nntlnt. It lH absiOluttll:
harmteu. and will erteot a permanont ddJ poed
..... k v. tv,m naiinni lis m tnnrt, rAta drinker or
of cue, and in every tnatknoa a penLj ours nm io
lowed. lmoverFalU Tbe ytem once impmu
jid with the BpeolHo.il beoomea an utter irapoaalbllity
SOrue uquor appu.e to ...
43 ptft book ol partioular free. Tq bo bad a
C, H. HAGENBUCH, Druatjlst, Shtn&ndoah
11 uai r m unft 12.01 niarhLa
Pnr Hpa. eirt. yrriL-k.- L-ar-e. Bel mar.
nceau Orove, AFbnryl'arb, and Long Branob
g.au, IlelO, a. TO. .w t. n. weujt uuvr xux
Kreehotd, 6.(J p. ua. wet fe aayti.
Bailijoaoi' ana Vi'Ui.Licu.Am. o,-m, o.oj
10. ib.LO. JU8h iu.l2."iUimlta express) 3.10
41 b.vi mm 7.40 p. m., and lliiU nlfiUt. Fo
..i.i 1 il fsl A I . IiButirl li tn m
On SnndftyB,ll50, ','AJ, H.Mand U.1S a. la.
Kor uicnmonaRnu me aouin i.wuu. ui.,
be vest every day at L2.35and S.10 a m and
,lt & m ana -i.iu v m every iy.
i- or nttfittarg oniy, r. xu a&uy uxiu i-u
m wee daya.
; ,Aftv hunbarv for Williainsport. JClmira,
Jaaandalgua, KocheBter, Ba Halo and JNlagara
( in,, m flAllv tirA 1 alQ t-l ri D,.ni1r rinva
VorWaUlDBaCSOpm weekdays.
r or itrie ana lnieniieaiaio puiuvn. o.iu w wit
dally. For Sjock Haven, 5.10, and a m
Uyf 14 anu a,aj p, in. wuc. unjn, i-ui
All persons are herchy warned
Belongtug to the
Slienandoali Water Company,
and all parties caught violating this notice
mil s-'v
Prosecuted as Trespassers
By order of
A newly discovered MINKKAIj WATER,
the use or which will supply Important ele
ments. n(vssi,rT to health. It will cure the
Kldnoys, Liver, Stomach, and all Rowel and
iiiaauer uibcum:h, . m uim.uiv ttutuu uuu
Tpmnvethem. ltrrmovrs the urlo acid from
the blood and thus destroys Malaria and
( hills. It cures llrlirbt's disease, and Is es
pecially recommended for people advanced In
tlfn. nnd for I'pneirnl flelillll v. For nndonbtAd
pioolsor this send lor pamphlet Giving full
particulars, UJ It. PKUllY, Water ol Lite
Co., Si South Main St.. Wllkes-Barra Pa.
lilAUUUUUUilllJll '
T. . ' . ii - inn i non
lira expreea. a.uo huu .w i iu.j .vt .trv.
;IM lUlU 1V,UU y Hit AX.VJ
On Sundays, 8.20, 4.05, 4.40, B.i5, 8.12, 8.W. 9.50,
8,120, 4. 6, BiB.W, 6.50 7.18 8,
aight. ' c a
nn ountiays, omj. .iw, u.j.o.j. o.w. u.kjv
in. and 12.49, :t20 )itnltd 1.00;, 6.2$, fj.SO, tt.50
.10a. m Sundays.
-3HAH. 11 JfOHH.
tiu Pass. Act
uxme laotr n-fncci juuy,iv, ioi. a,
Trnlna ipnvB Itea diner IP. & it. station) foe
Gibraltar, seyien, inroanoro, Joanna, r.prrnc
neia, wayufNuurK j uuaiuui
a junction,
a Jt f 11 . r.
stations. dJn'J
u.m. auuJA
unnsier,i.uuuisiiMuuuuvittiu. j.
Wllmlnirton and intermediate
except Sunday, at 0.25 and tiso
, in. ruuuuy uuiy ui..wj in ui,
nvir Warwick. HLPctera and Intermedial
statlonslally except Hunday, at 9.20 a.m., am
6.10 p. nr. eunaay oniy b io k. jo.
For Hlrdsboni and intermediate etatloni
Saturday only, at 12 m. tS
J(or Jiammore arm wiummriuuin. a yj. r
11A dally except Sunduy at.S6and -8.80 a. no
und 8.15 p. m. Bundai- only ai 8.05 p, m.
urains arnvw ' avaatawiuK ar. wt av. r-w. ,w
Irom Wilmington. II. & O. Junction, Mom
rhanln, Uhaddslord Junction, West Cheste;
Lenape. Coatesvllle, Waynesburg Junctloi
Sprlngneld.Joanna, Blrdsbom, Gibraltar, Bej
fen and intermediate station., daily excel
Sunday at 10.20 a. m. 6.M and 8.17 p. m. But
any only at u si a. in.
From St. l'eters. Wurwlck ai.d intermedial
stations, dally except Sunday, at H.2.1 a. n
and 2.25 ii. m. Sunday only at 6 p. m.
IToru mrunDoro sna intermediate tuu ion
Bstunlay only at 1.40 p. in.
From Washington and Baltimore, dally e:
cent Sunday. 10 20 a. m. S.&2 and 8.17 . n
Sunday only at 11.24 a. m.
HOWriKSB BltlUGS, Gen'l 1'ass. Agt.
We, the underslgnei
are entirely cured '
ltunturo by Dr. J. '
MAYER, 831 Arch St., Thlla. Tl.omas j
Ilartuug. Hew Ringgold, l'a., I.Pandt, Soul
Easton, l'a., I 1'. & C. A. Deturck, Olcy, 1' I
11. G. Stanley. 424 snruce hi, irfuanon, J-a., i
Schneider. Locut Dale, ra.,D, U.Noll, Lip 1
Rim, ra., wm. Jiariensiine, ruoeuixviM
Reading, l'a., J.O. Lyme. 1810 W. Howards
Harrlsburi;, l'a., C. Keehn, Uourlassyllle, V
Dr. MAYEll Is at Motcii-enn, iieaainp.i
on the 2nd Saturday or each month. Cull
see him.
t. MihannTnif..'
(fol (East Centre street; nananoy uiiy,--
kin and an special diseases a specialty.

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