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VOL. VI.--NO. 173.
.1 J
Republican State Ticket.
Avnrron aj:xi:ii,im
s ta rn tr va so nil n
A. S. lu S1IIKMS,
war. it. r.oamts,
to the ConitUulio:ial
.rAMKS h. HtlOWN,
County Ticket.
Judge Hon. D. 11. Grrcn.
Sheriff Pem'aminSmilh.
Jury Commissioner Maj. William
Poor Director George ITcffacr.
Delegates to the Constitutional Con
vention, 3!)th District Joseph U.
Pomeroy, John J. Coyle.
The delegates seemed to understand
tb. t they were t ) do rs they saw lit,
and they have done it. "While the
ticket Is In every way satisfactory to
Quay, the remit has been brought
nb ut without diction or dictation.
The bonator went west at midnight.
Deforo goiiig he expre;sed his pleasure
at the harmony that prevail.
It is a fact that the convention was
made up almost exclusively of the
f lends of the senator. Philadelphia
Senator Quay will leavo for his homo
on a midnight train, a happy man.
To-day's Republican state convention
lips done everything to please him,
and isenthely Bat tailed with its worlr.
Public LeCgcr.
O o of liio good effects of the bus
gestloa to s,eud a solid delegation to
the national eonvontion next year
fjom this state to help nominate Mr.
Blaine for the presidency 1s the rrcon
clliatioii of Senator Quay aud Chris
topher L. Jtagee. Wilkcs-JJarrc Pec
ord. Yi'S, to Pa'.ieuou and Lambert, of
the Journal and Yes?, respectively,
are tlie Republic ms of this Uato
Itulebi I. 'I'll ey did it, and Quay is
cut SfiKl.
aro bel ng receive J dally at
Carpet Store, 10 Sooth Jardin St, near Centre
OLD APPLE VlNEGAJtr-for PlclMng. Twice Ihe
strength of ordinary Vinegar and strictly pure.
Is a strictly imrc sugar syrup, and equal in color, flavor'
and body to any high-priced syrup.
tills season's catch, while and fat. Will receive in a few
days our first invoice of New Fancy BLOATER MACK
EREL, extra largo and fine.
Fresh Creamery and Dairy Butter.
Imported Maccaroni and Gelatine.
Fine Old Government Java Coffee.
JFOJEZj sale.
OJE PAIR OF GOOD MULES a good team for farm
The Journal did It nil. What wp'
'ho Mo of holding the s',.Uo conveu
tioi? Juit tbl'ik of t'ue amount o
inooey that c u'd Iihvo been uv :l 1
Dul, then, it w I' n'l come out now.
This wo !d bo a r Umo for l'ie
Piii.aihlpUhi Pnss to lot up oa 11
tiU'jjof i lie two U. S. Soui'o j f om
Pe.i"s.ylula. Wo have thought for
.1 lo.ig l ino tbat the Press lit'd.cil an
editor aud wj are bccouilngdal'y moro
stroug'y i up rested with the fact. Wo
need I'll our party strength Ihisyran
and wo prolist aaiahtanytlilngH vor
I"fof r adiug men out of the paily.
If the Press has the euecrss of the
party at lira. t IS w'll uotv devote I t
whole t mho towevds EO'lditing tho pa . y
uh'cli it h' s helped to we l.cu. And
lit tho saitio limo wo would sugg ,1
Unit tho Pepublican tot an example
by levfiiiin'iig in duty iu couuecuou
Willi the county ticket.
At Atlaatio City, N. J. Half Rates
via Pennsylvania Rall.oad.
Tlio Firemen's lour.iament to be held et
Atlantic City oa September LO.ti, SO.u,
October la and i!d, p om i6es to bo ono 01
Ibo most intcroillu.'r event i of i s kind ever
betd In this co unity. Invi.aiioni havo
been sent to a'l tlio promineut fie com
panies of Ibo East lo bo preiont and enter
tiio lists nd tbo number of otitiiotnl'eady
resis.cred nsiurcs u b.iiliant success. Tlio
programme of ove.,ts is a most olabora.e
ono and includes everykui.ig that per ai s
lo Ibo firemen's ar.. llu.-o iaces, team
laces, steamer Uials, prize drills, and o:bei
firemen contests, together Willi concern,
to ch'.ijjit process on, and a grand parade.
Iiusido this, ilio a.r 'igemou's fit; luo e,i
telta'nmeni ot tho vi-i.o.a aro very o ab
o.alc. For Ilia bailor accommodation of '-itoi-rndcou
csUii s tlio lmHj"lvaiiin Kailroad
Cm a '7 will sell cxcur.ion ticket) to
Atlantic Civj fruiu nil piiu ipil e'.a.ipns on
i'.a system u; a hiulo faio for tlio round
trip. 'Iliot'ckets will bo sola Sep'.uiuber
2j.ii to 0 louor 2l, nlid for lo.uni uniil
OcL' bc. O.ii, 1691. Tlio facilities picsonlcd
by llio Pei.n ylvania llailroad for rcacbug
Atlantic Ci.y quickly, and comibrtablyaie
too woll known lo need comment.
A Kind FrloncJ
la wuat they call Ih't Famous Heinedy, Red
Kl.; on. It qulculy cures Khemmutsm.
No. ral.l , Cuts, llmi .a, Hums, boles ana all
iKuha'a Uiug t.oie.
Four tintypes for '25 conts, at Dabb's. If
Waters' Welis beor is tbo best. John A
r.eilly eolo agent. 6'5 '1
Best work done at Brennan's stoam
aundry. EvorythlnR white and spotless,
fiaca curtain) a specialty. AH work guaranteed.
Tho Tattlo ef tho TaU'ors Timely
Taken and Told Typograplcally
in a Tastorul and Templing
Tbo local tboalricid season for 1801 92
will soon open, I. is hoped It will prove
mora 6a.islt.c'.ory than tbo last ono. The
bookings last seasjn did not give a comic
opera. In tu s nspect cUr litlle neighbor,
Girardville, a'ivi- piomiso of turpa ing us
ilia commx envJii, a-she tuts a comic opera
booked ib. every month of tho season.
It is bopei tho borough authorities and
tho propmy ownori una thoir tenants will
seo lhal their prnper.ios ara put in good
condition before llio winter season sets in.
ilauy pavemonu still rema n in bad eon
d lion and tho s.reols ire still well sirown
wiili tin cai s and other lciuio. It would
pay t :o borough council to enforce cleanli
ness in the latter respect by maUins an ex
amp oof a few of ti.o parties who peisisl in
violating the borou .h ordinances.
There lias been htt'o complaint about
dusty tlr.'Ols this turn nor. Nature, t "aisl
ed by the sprinklors of tho liro companies
ha3 hold tho upper band. The spnnkleu
wore not out yestorday, but na.uro didn't
givo tbo dust a trliott of a show.
Whenoveryou hava knowledge of local
hap.ienlnss, havo frioods or relauivts visi -inz
you, or Ihey aro abou; to or have Ie..
town, no'.Ify "Town Ttlker," Herald
otDco, and bo will "pui you on the list."
It may surprise tho n (skald readers to
bear that there, is not a preserving jar to bo
bad off any dealor In town to-day, so great
h-s been tho demand for them. Cheap
fruit aud sugar has encouraged housewives
to can and prese vo to considerable ei ont
end there a a but few collars that aro not
prepared for tbo winter siogo.
The lntnl'ters of tho gospel are about to
(Rkoalindln stopping Sabbath desecra
tion. A meeting of all ministers and
Irionds of law and order in town has boen
called for next Sunday afternoon, at 3
o'clock, and will be hold in tho Primitive
Methodist church.
A man of town added a new branch to
his business recently and whon nskod If ho
did not think judicious advertising would
bo of advantage to him ho snappishly an
swered, "No, I don't want no advortUe
raont." The man Is now Booking a pur
chaser for tho new branch,' It Is tho 6amo
old story. Ho who does not advertise is
like the man who trusts to luck for busines 6
G. A. R. Notes.
All mtmberanf Post 110 are requested to
bo present at next Friday's muster. Im
portant. Tho lit. Cirmel veterans aro busy psr
feclins arrangements to glva their com
rades a fitting recaption on September 9".h.
Oowen Tost and Third Brlgada band, of
1'ottsvllle, wl'l go to Alt. Oarmul on Grand
Army Day.
Post l'O, of town, propo:ostogo to lit.
Caruio! in sirjnz forco on G"aod Army
dhy. Every member, and nil old soldiers.
nut oonnoited with tho organization in
town aod vicinity, are invi.d to j jjn with
Second' Hand Eoobfl at Half Price.
iUvolu.it put'ciiBsed a larc invoice of
second Ijnnd .icbool books, i.lmost new.
...kui. t ...rn .n- t.-f. ...tA A 1.1 --
iu nigh icbool bcoLi.
Also, S.tXj tab'oti, formerly sold at 15
cents, now 5 cents.
Coma early beforo all gone.
Max ItKESE, Agent.
Go to Goslett's for your preserving fruit.
8.22 tf
Struck by Llghtnluff.
Th school house and two residences on
Baiiieit kt oet, Pracbvi le, weio stiuok by
ligntning tt night. A lady whose name
could no; bo learned was stunned by the
Geiirse W. I) iv d i, Samuel Evr anrt
e' G... dwell tun ho no i oai Atlau'io
flbu IV.tit hai been cmn'.ovod r--
at .' e'.,ht, p.eat at the loctl Lehb,h
Sclnol Di c ctor Wilti.-m Trcaijo and
Pra: O. ll:ese ii.niss d a anma of llm
nal 'fi'il .j)cL on Satunbiy.
A Most iw and dtugliter visited friends
in Cf ra i d ' lie Saturday.
Et-Sberitr B. J. Duffy, of Ashland,
Mieiji Saturday in town transacting buti
nc s
D '. P. II. Glaghor, of Wuhlngton, D.
G., fu mer Schuvlkllt countlan, was in
Aslland, on Wodue.day. Duiiiig bis
-tAM there, bo vliud tho Stato Iln pUal,
and was hown through tho building by
Dr..). C. Middle. Ue (peaks In high terms
ot tn I'.n'.itd raon igoinont.
i' is. E. T. Welervoll, who was 111 tho
paEjwoek, h sroeoveiel.
JU? M.mio Ch is'.o. her was vis"tingSlrs.
P. A. Tr t or, at Ashland, li"t week.
Thorn- i J. Keilly spent S-turdsy at the
county s at.
3 on. 0. Ben. Johnson, of Wilkes-Barro,
formerly employed on tho lluaALD,
hrs accepted a po-ition on tho editorial
stvtt'of tho Scranton Iribitne.
0on. Ilasting will luelure for Ibo benefit
of tbo lt-jfoiaied chuicb, at Orwigsbu'g
on! Sept. 3. Subject "Pamiuisconce9 of
Jol nstown Flood."
1 rs. Thomas Mooro, of St. Clair, is
spe iding a few days in town.
A . J. Scanlan, tho hatter, went to Potts
vIMo on bulnosj Ill's morning.
Of T. Jones, of "Tho Famoui" c'.olhing
store, Sundayed at Minersvillo.
Eliitor Doylo, of the Sunday News, says
a local correspondent, is about to retire
from business and devote his titno to hunl
Ing.'and fishing. Af.or reading tbis state
most who dnro say thnra is no money to bo
xn&o in country journalism? Ashland
dpi. Whltohouso, Esq., formerly of this
town, but now praoucing law ia Tacomn,
Washington, is vis'ting friends about lids
ill.-ses L'zzlo Will'ams, Mary Watson
and Gwennio Evans were ut Pottsvillo
All-sliouiso Scbeublng, of Now York
City, it hero on a visit to her parents.
ili-s Iiou Williams is homo from Phila
delphia on blief vis't.
It is rumored that Max Mayor, tho drug'
gist, Is about to tuko a partner for lifo.
Mr. Smith, tho polite and accommodat
ing agent at tho Pennsy, is aiain nt his
post ai'.cr spending a week ploasantly with
Sunbury friends.
liar, is Sell", tbo South Main street mer
chant, is in New York City purchasing bis
fall (,oou's.
Miss Laura M. Tobias, formorly of town
but late of Shamokin, was tbo guest tho
pit several flays of tho Mi-ses Bolich, ot
South Jardin s.rett. Miss Tobias and bor
mother lefy ibis morning for Kane, Now
II impshire, their new homo, Mr. Tobias
having preceded them nfew weeks ago.
Miss Mama Crader, of Allentown, who
has been visiting friends in town forseveral
weeks past, left for Mabanoy City on Sat
urday. Mr. and Mrs. John K. Boyor roturnod
homo from Port Carbon on Saturday.
Mr. Strouso cama up from Philadelphia
on Saturday lo spand Sunday with Mr.
nnd Mrs. Simon l'odinisky.
Ilov. and Mrs. J. McNally, of Pittslon,
weio the guests of Bupt. Thomas Balrd
over Sunday.
M. E. Gablo, of Pittsburg, son-in-law of
lion. M, P. Fowler, was in town oa Sat
urday. Miss Mamo Snydor, ono of Philadel
phia's fair school teachers, was in town
over Sunday the gueet of her uncle, Major
Miss .Annlo Mann has resigned her po
slt'on In Max Schmidt's store.
Mr. and Mrs. Evans, of Berwick, aro the
guests of their son-in-law Ilenry Wleder
hold. Wbllam Kendrick is In Philadelphia.
Moses Owens left town on Saturday lo
join bis family at Atlantic City,
J. II. Quinn spent yesterday Id Pottsvlllo
on business of Importance.
John Cur Lin spout Saturday eveninz at
tba county toat whh II. M. P.aynolds, of
Lost Creek.
Evan J, Jones, who bas beon spending
the past seven weeks with bis father,
Ar.bur Jone, of South Wet stroet, will
leave on Wednesday morning for the
Clar;on Stato Normal school tocomploto
bis studios.
Tax ColleCor W. 0. Both, of Shamokin,
spent Sunday in town.
Richard Snydor spent yesterday at
Charles Curtln, watchman at tbo Lohlgb
Valloy depot, is visiting friends in New
Tho Now Photograph Gallery.
Wo aro Hill with von. and Intend In
stay, croator inducements being o flared
every day. Call and get prices and seo
work. Wo do copylag, enlarjInx In
crsyon, oil and water colors. Ilavo been
extromely busy with an Inoreaso in fade.
Kemember tbo place, Boshon's gallery,
No. 29 W. Contro street. (Ilou'man's old
stand.) 8 2I-6t
Tho Pottsvlllo German Had His
Fonces Too Well Oonstruotod
for tho Doughty Little Lo
gal Pleader.
Special to tbellKitAi.D.
1'OTTSVtl.l.E, Aug. ?4, 3 p. m. Georeo
J. Wadllnger, Esq., tho brilliant and popu
lar young German lawyer ot this plnee, bas
been nominated for Judgo by tho Demo
cratic county convention.
Great excitemont prevails hero and while
the Germans, on tbo ono band, nro wild
with enthusiasm, tbo defeated parties aro
loud in their crios of denunciation.
Threats ol vongeanco aro undbgulsod
nnd at times it looks ss If the convention
will break up in a gigantic row.
Already capital is being mado of tho fact
that Wadlingor stumpod tbo county for
Brumm against Itoilly for Congress.
Democratlo Primaries.
So far as the voting was concerned the
interest taken In the Democratic primaries
iu town on Saturday did not reach a high
mark. The di-cussions indulged In were of
such a character as to war-ant tho belief
that tho vuIb would bo n very largo one,
but, as ono of tbo cand dales temarked,
thera wero too many pooplo who bad
friends iu both factions rnd did not wih to
volo rguinst any Of Ihom, honco Ihero was
a largo 6lay-at-horno de'egtion.
Willie the i cenes about some of tho polls
wero of nn animated character thore wero
no open disagreeable features. Tho polling
place at which tho most bitter feeling was
shown ws that in Iho Second ward. Somo
lizing tactics. They did not think it right
forbimtomako two bitos at the cherry.
Iio wa not content with ktriving for a dele
galesbip to tho senatorial convention, but
also wanted to get on tho standing com
mittee In the latter fight ho was knocked
A prominent Democrat said to tba re
porter, "You can say thnt Democratic
Scbcifly, who is a Citizen ia local politics,
had bis hu tling looked afier by local Re
publican Llewellyn, who is a Democrat in
ccunty polilios."
During tbo early pf rt of tlio afternoon
John Stanton exp'cs'cd tho opinion that bo
would tako tho ten dolegatos of the town,
but the returns showed that ha had secured
but four, with ibo chances of losing Ihem
to-day. Mr. Stanton held to this hope,
however: "If Wadllnger is nominated I
will bo nominated for S erifl". If Nash is
namod my goote will be cooked."
Wadlinger's fr ends claimed flvo of tho
PotUvllle wards la t night.
A prominent Damocrat said this morn
ing, just prior to bis doparturo for Potts
vlllo, "This talk about Nash having a cloar
flold is not without reason and I must ad
mit that It looks as If the banner that wil'
bo hoisted to-day will bear tho names of
Nash and Woll. But I am prepared for a
surprise. Nash is being fought by somo of
tbo men who ought to bo tho first to stand
by blm. There is something moro behind
the flgbt than man can seo. Hero It is:
If Nasb can be knocked out this limo there
may be somo show for lion. James B.
Keilly to become tho Democratic candidala
next year to succeed Judge Pershing and,
as Itoilly and ox-Senator King aro working
together against Nasb now, it is roasonablo
to suppose that King hopes to tucccod
Beilly In Congress,"
Tho "Demmy" Exodus.
All tho big Democratic workers of town
wnt to the oounly seat tbis morning.
Denny Doylo got to the dopot just in
limo to catch tho 9:08 train. As be got
aboard he breathlessly answered a ques
tion, "No, P .i not a delegate. I'm a
semi-delegate. I bear something is wrong
with Nash and I'm going down to fix it
up." What would havo become of the
con.ention if Denny had missed the train.
'Squlro Jack wont down to adjust legal
differences nnd seo thet Jere. Toomey re
ceived a square deal for the Jury Com
mlstionertbip. Jim Smith went down on an early train.
He said, "My nomination for Jury Com
missioner ie almost a certainly. I am tho
on'y man who fits In between all 'actions."
Tim O'Brien want down with Jimmy
Shields to sea that the lattor did not fed too
muob Rochester into the delegates. '
Mike Thompson took the 9:08 train and
tho smile upon his broad countenance In
dicated that be had the West Mabauoy
township delegation in bis yest pocket for
A Glorious Record.
Since tlio Introduction of the Famous Pan
TlnaCoiiiih and Consumption Cure in this
vicinity, the death rate from Coueumptlou
n a decreased wonderfully; It never fall lo
meet ucure, anu is me uestuouzn medicine.
, Try It. Trial botllea free at Klrllu'B chug
P.thy, Fuufr nt, Pleasing Points
Pointedly Prraiaphed.
The soldiors are all for Gregg and Mor
Chairman Jm wilt leal the party to
'.c'o.y if a pa -ly united aud harmonious
em accompl b that end, and be lbink u,
o "I.
The.e will bo no sulking In tho ttnts ih'i
Ha mony in the Republican pi v
rounded out so oven'y that no ill'nflbst I
member of the p ty bas any excuse to
wi'hhold h's suppoi. .'rjm it.
Let the Repub ican show their ontmy.
tba Domocra' , what thero ilia In: ono , .
Well, Is General Gregg a toil o-' Hi
boi'es ? No Democrat dare make lh.it .
r ion.
Now let the Repub'icans of Ponniyl
vniag'i7eat ong pu'l and a pull all t
gether. A deciive rtsult this year w 'l
pnvo tho way for 1C3.C. J m ijoiity one y r
n- nco.
Don't worry, the Rspublican ticket Is a'
n&ht. Uiine to oompUin is kuer the elec
Do your duty like Republicans and a't
wi'l bo well.
Everything is serene in tho RepabMcan.
ranks. Can tho Democrats say as much for
Grogg and Morrbon are "In it" thi' ye-ir.
Thol i3iman Kave tha Greeen I-lo to
rid himself ,f Eng Ifh tvrnnny, and femes
to America that be nipv ei joy .reedont ai d
A vo vout to bit patrioc fceli-tgi. Iho
mystery 's why ho over frateruizes with
tie Democratic paity, whic'a Is tho sworn,
and paid ally of Eniland. Whon will tbo
I.hh-Ameiican see that in tbo Rspublicaa
part.v lios his weapon to avongo hiswron?;-?
To vote tho Democ. alic ticket means to , id
England in her attempt to reduce tho
wages of the laboring man all ovor tho
world, and lo reduce him to tho level Jof
her own poveiiy-ftricken, half-starvod and
under-paid woik'nij men and women,
Tho Repuuiic.uis aro united and now
stronger llini over.
Gjvemor Patf'on'a veto of tho Educa
tional bi'l wid lose li s paily many thou
sands of votes.
Tha retiroci'.y treaty recently mado
witli Spain, according to English evidonco
is worth at least f8,0J0,0 3 per annum to
the United Suites at tho expenso o," Eng
land al ne. And y.t some lieo trade or-
gans are declaring that rociprooi.y i n't
working to tho advantago of tho U.iUo I
Sta.r .
For yflvo mil ions pf dollars saved to
the people of the United States luh rccort
of tho MiKuiley law for tho firs, niuo
month. Frea tugar accouuU for about
one-half of tho reduition, and tho ba.nfit
of this is felt on every table in tho Ian I.
Tbo otbor half is nccoualed for by tho f ct
that lacos, hnts, cutlory, woolen cloth, dro.;s
goods, etc., to tho amount of many mil
lions, nro no longer bought from E ropcan
manufacturer.', but aro purchased from
Tbo action of tho Ilar.isburg Convention
in chnoM g tlio basis of Republican repre
sentation in coming Sialo Conventions will
havo tho otToct of incroa ing tne number of
do'egates Tho Keening Bulletin, ol Phila
delphia, bas mado a calculation, and b s
found that ins.ead of 0-1 do ogates tho noxt
convention will havo 208. Allegheny
county gooiup from sixteen to twenty-two
delegates, and Philadelphia from thirty-,
nino lo fi.ty-sovon. Tho presidential voza
of 'SS is taken as tho bads of loo calcula
tion, and will bold until '93, the convent,' n
of that year depondmg upon the voto erst
in '92. Forovory 2 0.0 Ropabllcan votes
cast in a legislative district a delogato Is
allowed lo tho convention, and an add"
llonal ono lor 1,CC!J votes and ovor. As
noxt yoar's voto will fli tho status of tho
conventions for four yoarj, a greater
stimulus to get out a large voto will bo tbo
ro ult. It Is singular that a better bi ls of
representation was not fixed long nj,o, and
now that tbo new ru'o bas been mlop ed,
thosowho aro iu tbo bablt of at. ending;
conventions will wonder wb thoieo.m
bas been delayed to loag. Miuo uy coun
ties will be rewarded fur duing better.
Playinar Cards,
You oan ob.a'n a pick of best qua'ity
playing oards by sending fifteen coo s in
nostaje to P. S. Eui, Gei'l Pass. Agt.,
B C. & Q. R. R. Cu t -o, III. f
All Hands Come I
And get a knifo for nothing.
Tho only conditions aro that
you buy twenty ton-cent plugs
of "Filly" tobacco. $ good
a plug as you ever put a tooth,
to. Tho knifo is a beautiful
4-blado, inlaid celluloid han
dle, good material and good
workmanship. Can bo seen at
No. 122 North JarJin Street

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