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"VOL. VI.--NO. 17G.
Republican State Ticket.
J.UBIT011 anKEll.IT.!
I)eleoate-at-T.arge to iho Constitutional
County Ticket.
Judge lion. D. 11. Green.
Sheriff Benjamin .Smith.
Jurii Commissioner Mai. William
Poor Director George lleffner.
Delegates to the Constitutional Con
vention, SOlh District Joseph II.
JPomeroy, John J. Coyle.
Get registered If you have not al
ready done so.
They haven't got the Republicans
on the run this year.
Pattison Republicans are becom
ing scarcer than hen's teeth.
Chairman James promises to
mike this a brilliant campaign. He
will bo ably assisted by his Executive
825,000 has been refused for the
Bucks county Intelligencer. They
want $50,000. Newspaper plants are
not given away. It is not a cheap
operation to build up a successful
leading county newspaper,
In December, 1857, James Buchanan
said In his message to Congress: "In
the midst of unsurpassed plenty in all
the productions and In all the elements
of national wealth, we And our manu
factories suspended, our public works
, retarded, our private enterprises of
different kinds abandoned, and thou-
glands of useful laborers thrown out of
arc Being received dally at
Carpet Store, 10 South Jardin SL, near Centre
OLD APPLE VINEGAR tor Fielding. Twice the
strength of ordinary Vinegar and strictly pure.
Is a strictly pure sugar syrup, and equal In color, flavor
and body to any high'prlced syrup.
this season's catch, while and
days our first invoice of New Fancy FLOATER MACK
' EREL, extra large and fine.
Fresh Creamery and Dairy Butter.
Imported Maccarom and Gelatine.
Fine Old Government Java Coffee.
One Car ot MIDLINGS.
OXE FAIR OF GOOD MULES a good team for farm)
employment and reduced to want."
This ftato of r flairs was reached under
a freo trade tarlfl. Do the people want
a repetition of that condition of the
Thursday, September 3d, Is the
last day for the registration of votes.
Republican committeemen and other
active party men should examino the
lists at once, and If the names of any
Republicans are omitted, they should
be notified and requested to register
The Wilmington, (Del.) licpublican
says "that If the Democrats of Penn
sylvania work up the Eurdsley
defalcation racket right lively they
may keep the state from giving more
than 60,000 Republican mnjoilty at
this coming fall's election, and more
than 100,000 majority for DIaiue nest
year if he is the candidate for Presi
Rsi'Ubi.ioans should be registered or
assessed on or before Thursday, Sep
tember 3d, which 13 the last day. This
matter is a vitally important one,
Thousands of votes are lost annually
on account of voters neglecting to
have their names placed upon the re'
glstry of their precinct.
Free Traders claim that Protection
aflords u monopoy to American man
ufacturers. Free Trade will afford a
monopoly to English manufacturers,
It is only a question, if the first pio
position is true, whether you will en
list under the Stars and Stripes or the
British flag.
It is all coming out now. The
Chronicle charges tho Miners' Journal
with the atrocious crime of accepting
"job work and binding" from the
County Commissioners. Sour grapes
Second Hand Books at Half Price.
Havojuat purchased a largo invoice of
second hand school books, almost, new,
which I will soli at halt price. A spocially
inhigh school books.
Also, 5.000 tablets, formorly sold at 15
cents, now G cents.
Como early betoro all gbne.
Max Rkesk, Agent,
Four tintypes for 25 cents, at Dabb's. tf
Buy Keystone flour, lie careful that the
name Lessiq & Co,, Ashland, Pa., u
printed on evorv sack. 3-3-3t&w
fat. TPlll receive in a few
Warm Dobates Ovor tho Promo
tion of Two Teachers Now j
Quartors to be Scoured for (
Messrs. Beddall, O'llaron, Conry, Gable,
Butts, Balrd, Davouport, Williams, Bach-
man, Iliuirm, Broonan, Owons, Gallagher,
Muldoon and Trezlso wero in attondanco
at the special mooting of tho School Board
last evening.
Tho first business disposed of was tho ac
ceptance of tho resignation of Miss Bobena
Glovor, who roslgned to accept a position as
teacher In ono of the Atlantic City schools.
A proposition from Rot. John Gruhler,
pastor of tho Gorman Lutheran church, to
lease tho basoment of tho church for school
purposos, for a term of flvo yoars, at 520
per month, was read. Tho proper com
mittee was Instructed to lease tho place for
tireo years, with tho privilege of a ro-
nowal for two years more.
Tho board then procooded to elect
teachers to succeed Misses Hannah B.
Keeso and Uobena F. Glovor and John F.
Davies, lesignod,
Seven applications wero road. They
wore mado by Missos Mary E Koborts,
Lizzio Carroll, Lizzie Neary and Libby
Phillips, and It. A. MoHaio, of town;
Miss Elizabeth Linton, of Mahanoy City,
rtnd Miss Sue Tomlinton, of Moutoursvillo,
Montour county.
Missus Koberts and PbilMpi rocoived 15
votos each and Mis3 Linton received 8.
They woro declared elected.
Mr. Trezise caused a hum of discontent
by moving that James K. Lewis bo olected
to tako tho position vacated by Miss Glover,
Mr. Butts seconded the motion.
Mr. Baird moved, as an amendment, that
tho filling of tho podtion bo deferred until
Superintendent Freeman's rolurn from his
vacation. The amendmoni was not sec
Mr. O'llaron protested that it would bo.
against tue ruies or mo Doara lo un uio
position witnout consulting tho superin
Mr. Davenport claimed that tho matter
had been deterred too long and criticlsod the
suporintendont for remaining away so
long. As tho schools are to opsn on Mon
day, ho claimed the board should fill tho
Tho debate was a lively ono and was
b-rderlng on a personal charactor when
Mr. Conry movei that tho board adjourn.
Mr. Muldoon seconded tho motion, but the
chair declared it out of order because there
was a motion before tho board.
A vote was then taken and Mr. Lowis
was olected.
Mr. Davenport then nnved that John B
Scheuhlng be olected to fill iho position at
tho Turkey K'tn school vacated by Mr.
Davios. Mr. Gallagher nominated Michael
H. B:itt.
Chairman Beddall aroso and said, ''It is
moved and seconded that John B. Scheuh
lng bo olected to succeed Mr. Davies iu
teacher at the Turkey Kun school."
Then thoro was an uproar. Mr O'Hearn
again protested. Mr. Hanna did the same
and said tho minority members woro not
allowed a chance by tho procoeduro. Mr.
Muldoon also hotly protested, but Mr.
Conry, in a very suavo mannor, said ho
could soo nothing that tho minority mem
bers could do, other than tako their modi
cino as gracefully as possible. Thoro waa
an outburst of laughter upon Mr. Conry's
remark, but Messrs. O'llaron and Muldoon
rofusod to evon smile. Mr. B.ird asked
pcrmls ion to retire and loft the room say
ing, "I'm going home."
Tho debate continued for tt few minutes
and finally tho motion was carried. The
excitement then subsided.
Mr. BaJdall called attention to tho list of
fctUo appropriation for tho public schools,
as published in tho Hkka ,o a few nights
ago, and after some distussion it was de
cided th t the finance committee, in con
junction with tha chairman and super n
tendent, act as a committeo lo ascertain
why Shenandoah's appropriation is smaller
than tho appropriations made for PotU
vllle and Mahanoy City, when the popula
tlan of Shenandoah Is so much larger.
Chairman Beddall stated tho Borough
Council was desirous of having the board
share tho responblllty incurred in making
collection of Taxes. On motion tho sore
tsry was instructed to write lo Council and
say that tho board Is heartily in favor of
tbo method adopted for tho collection of
taxes from tho Poles, Huns and other
evaders and should their bo any trouble
tho board will share tho expense with
Last Picnic.
Columbia park will be abandoned noxt
September, as the slto will thereafter bo
used as a dumping ground for tho Kebley
llun colliery. The ast event to bu held in
the park is a plcnlo of tho Columbia Gleo
Club, to bo held on Saturday, September
I2th. 8 20-lw
Dr. O'Hara spent Tuesday
ot Wra.
Oscar Yost spent yesterdiy nt Harris-
Mrs. A. Owens has returnod from Atlan
tic City.
Jaruos Coakloy has returned from Atlan
tic City.
C. E. Titman wont to Poltsyillo this
John K. Leisenrlng was a visitor to town
yostorday afternoon,
MIm Mary D,vey, of town, is spending
a fow dujs at Maiznyllle.
Miss Annie Caster, of Pottsville, is the
guest of friends in town.
Missos Mania and Emma Wasley spent
Tuesdar at Mahanoy City.
J. Coflb and I. Lautorstoln spent yester
day afternoon in Pottsville.
Nolson Davi, of East Lloyd street, has
returned homo from Allentown.
Mrs. Josh Holt, of Ilinglown, was a
visitor to town yesterday afternoon.
Gaorgo Cox sars Iho Columbia Boso
Company has a new young ongineer.
Miss Maggie Uongler Is home again after
enjoying the sea breeze of Ocean Grove.
Mrs. J. ICirlin, who has boon visiting
friends hero, returned to her homo at Mid
diet iwn.
Mr. Savago, reprasentlng Plummor &
Co., New York paper dealers, was in town
Mrs. Sallio E. Zweizlg, of Heading, is
tboguostof Mrs. John Bittler, of South
West street.
i . J. iionagnan returned last evening
from Philadelphia, whom ho purchasod a
completo lino of fall goods.
Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Swalm and family,
who spent two weeks at Ocenn Grove, re
turned home on Tuesday.
II. S. Puuh, of 'Wiikoj-BArre, who has
beon in town for several days Inspecting
coal, left for home to-day.
Mrs. Sarah Dunn and daughter, of
Philadelphia, who are woll known hore.
aro visiting frioi'.ds in Central!.
Felix Kloclc Is hero from Lebanon visit'
ing friends. Mr. Klock was a former
popular resident of this town
Joseph M. Boyer, tho hustling solicitor
of tho Herald, mado a business and social
trip to Mahanoy City last ovoning,
MissJJmily Kerns to-day left for Katon,
Now Jiaxico, and on Monday her sister,
Estella, will Ieavo for Denver, Colorado.
Alex. Scheinert, of Philadelphia, tuner
and repairer of organs and pianos, is the
guest of mino host Neiiwonter, of tho
Commercial hotel.
Bees Kosser, of Mahanoy City, was a
v'sitor to town lust evening and took homo
tho badge awarded him for loiding the
successful choir at lio Likesldo eisteddfod.
Miss Hattio E. Crawshnw, who for over
two yoar fi led tho position of clerk of tho
monly ord;r and register department of
tho local post office, resigned soma ttmo
ago and is no longer to bo found thero.
Sho was a careful, painstaking and obliging
omployo, and will be mhsod by tho many
p.itrous of tho office. Her relations with
tho attaches of tha office were always of
tbo most pleasant charactor and it is their
wish that her futuro may bo a brilll.int ono.
Lodge Reunion.
Llanerch Yr Ewig Ladgo, No. 41, True
lvorltre of America, will ontortain a num
ber of its friends at an ico cream festival in
its moeling room in Bobbins' ball, corner
of Mala and Oak stroots, to-morrow (Fri
day) evening, ut 7 o'clock. There will bo
a musical and literary programme. No
price ot admission will bo charged. Mem
bers and their friends aro cordially invited
to bo present.
The New Photograph Gallery.
We aro still with you, and intend to
stay, grealor inducomonts being offered
every day. Call and get prices and eoo
work. Wo do copying, enlarging in
crayon, oil and water colors. Have been
cxtremoly busy with an Increase In trade,
ltcmember tho place, 1'oshon's gallery,
No. 20 "W. Centro streot. (Hoffman's old
stand.) 8-21-0i
Boy Badly Injured.
A Mahanoy City teamster drove to Ellen
gowan yesterday to dolivt-r goods and look
a small boy with him. When the teamster
entered tho house the horses ran away.
Tho boy was thrown from tho soat of tbo
wug.in and the whoels paued oyer his arms
and chest, dangerously iojurying him.
Notice I
Thoundcrsignod vtlshos to inform tho
peoplo of Shenandoah and vicinity that he
will be in town on Thursday and Friday,
August 27th and 28th, and begs tb'oso who
aro desirous of having their Instruments
tuned or repaired to kindly leave their val
ued orders at the Commercial hotel. Alex
Scheinert, tuner and ropairor of organs
and pianos, Philadelphia. 6-27-lt
Breokor Basrgod Him.
One of our townsmen, who is striving
for distinction as a knight of tho cuo, yes
terday afternoon altemptod to play oleven
games of pool with Frank Brecker, tho
local champion, for a purso of f -O. Brcckor
won by a score of 0 to 0.
Fancy Bartlett pears, 75 cents per basket,
ot Coslett's. 8-22-tf
One ot Thom Marries Him and tho
Othora Seeks Consolation at
tho Hands of tho Law Ho
is in Jail.
Stevo Sobo Is a handsome young Polish
widower of Groen Mountain. He is about
six foet tall, weighs about 160 pounds, is k
straight as an arrow, as muscular as n
trained athlete, and has tho fouures of an
tYdonls. Steve's strikingly attractive ap
pearance is tho root of his troubles. A
year ago last March his wife died at Green
Mountain. Ho kept a largo Fol'sh board
ing houso and required a housokeepor after
tho death of his partner. Emma Barno, a
prepossessing young Polish woman, was
his choico and she filled tho position very
accoptobly. Sho had charge of tho houso
until last May and during tho intorvoning
period they became intimate. In May
Stove sent Emma to Now York, promising
to join her thera In a fow woek, or sond
for her as soon as ha could secure work in
somo other part of tho country. Emma
waited patiently lo soo or hear from Stevo,
out no lailea to put in his appearance or
send hor nny mossago. Meanwhilo a
daughter wus Kirn to hor and last wook
she resolved lo go bsck to Green Mountain.
Upon her arnvulthera she was astounded
to And that Siovo had married a Polish
widow. Emma camo to town yostorday
and swore out a warrant for Sobo's arrest
and Constable Toomey scooped him in at
Green Mountain yesterday morning. At
the hearing beforo 'Squire Monaghau it
was shown that Emma has a husband liv
ing in Stockton, but sho has not lived with
him for several months, articles of separa
tion having been agreed upon a fow weeks
beforo Emma wont into Sobo's sorvice.
'Squire Monaghan askod Stove to furnish
500 bail and Emma offered to settle tbo
oaso for $150. As tho" man could not
furnish tho security or py tho amount
askod by tho prosecutor, ho was committed
to tho lockup.
Tho Sessions Aro Now Boing Hold
in Philadelphia.
The annual sessions of the Patriotic Or
der Sons of America aro now being hold
in Philadelphia, and is ono of tbo largest
altonded in tbo history of tho ordor. At
tho last session hold in Boston tho word
"while" was inrorted in tho constitution
relating to tho qualification of members,
and. has causod considerable dlssaiUfaclion
among the membors of tho order, especially
in this stato.
"Wlion tho camp reconvenod yostorday
morning thsro was a full attendance to
consider tho propriety of breaking down
tho color lino to which tho order has ad
bored sIdcci its incep ion. After a long and
spliiteddobato tho motion to strike out tho
word "white" was defeated for want of a
four-firths vote, thu result being 53 for and
6G against. A motion to reconsider was
then put, but was laid on tho table, which
disposes of tho question for another year.
At the afternoon session tho roports from
tho committeo on ritual wero received and
also from tho committeo on amendments,
resolutions and olhor routine matters.
Morning and aftornoon sessions will bo
held to-day.
Tho visiting members will mako a trip lo
Atlantic City to-morrow a9 tbo guosls of
tho Philadelphia delegation.
Life at the Seasldo.
Thoboach at Atlantic City and fomo
characteristic bits of lite at Coney Island
are portrayed In this week's issuo ot Frank
Lulie's Weekly There Is also a beautiful
picturo by Miss G. A. Davis of tho rooks
on the New England coast woll worthy of
framing. The art of making great guns;
the Chicago Exposition; an old house nt
Guilford, Conn., built In 1080, and
amateur photographs make subjeots for
other Illustrations. There is also a picture
of the lato Kussell Lowell. The ohlef
editorial is an interesting article on the
"Causes of Kussla's Persecution of tho
Jews." l'rioe, ton oents. Get it of your
Tho Salvation Army of town will hold
an ico cream and peach festival in Praney's
ball, Saturday evening, 20th inst. Tickets
10 cents, entitling boldor to plato of cream.
Lloonso Transferred.
Another Poliih saloon has beon added to
tho list. John Cummingi, of tho Fifth
ward, has sold out lo Anthony Tobak.
A Kind Friend.
Ii what they cull that Fumous Remedy. Ited
Flug Oil, It quickly cures Hheumatlsni,
WeuraUla. Cuts, llruues, llurug, yore and all
pain. It Is gnotl lor mua or beast. 23 cenu,
Al Ktrllu's drugstore.
A Connecticut Woman MrIcca ullold Tight;.
- The Ituttltm Cnptureil.
Watehbvhy, Conn., Aug. 87. Mrs.
Catherine Strohacker, of Hunker Hill,
yesterday was met at her door by n burly
tramp, who tried to assault ber. Ho
nsked for a drink of water, which was
Riven htm. He returned within half an
hour and attacked the woman. Though
nlono In tho house with a llttlo dnughtor
she mado u bold fight, and tho fellow
filially gavo up and fled.
A poee, headed by D. V. Stoddard and
his son, followed tho fellow into tha
woods and caught him hiding in a clumti
of bushed. He was brought to the police
station here, where be gave tho name of
Patrick Galvin.
Itrooltlj-n Italians Clntm Tliat They Aro
Kccclvlna Ttircutviilng Letter.
BnooKLYN, N. Y., An?. C". A number
ot Italians In South Brooklyn have com
plained to tho police that they have re
ceived threatening letters from tho Mafia
demanding money, but it Is difficult to
secure the nnmes of the solected victims,
as Rome refuse to givo them.
Ono was ltobert Castelano, a confec
tioner, of 17 President street. Ho gavo
the money, and was frightened into sllonco
for a timo.
Sons of Veterans' llncumpmont.
Mimkcapous, Minn., Aug. 27. Tba
Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Vet
erans has udopted a pinn for tbo organi
zation of Its military rank into n body
to bo known as tho Sons of Veterans'
Guard. It provides tor tho regular or
ganization of companies, regiments, and
brigades, uniformed and governed so far
as possiblo as tho United States Army is.
Washington, In., Helena and Omaha aro
fishing for the noxt encampment.
Novel Suit for Damages.
ItocilESTEH, N. Y.. Aug. 37. Lnwyer
F. D. H. Cobb, of this city, has brought
action against tbo New York Central
Huilroad for 13,000. On July 0 ho, with
a lady friend, tendered a conductor on.
tho Charlotto train a coupon ticket for
ono fnro both ways In payment for bis
ride and tho conductor refused to tako It,
demanding nn additional fare for tho lady.
Ho refused to pay and was arrested, for
which Cobb brings, tho suit.
No Use fur King Kelly.
Bostok, Aug. 27. Tho directors ot
tho Boston ball club of tho American
Association say that nothing will ha
dono about the jumping of Kelly. Thoy
sent a telegram to President Kramer ask
ing that tho Kelly matter bo not con
sidered in tho conference nt Washington.
They do not need him. and would have
no use for him even if ho did roturn.
The club Is just as Btrong without him.
Tho DIuAllllrro-dll.lMms right.
New YonK, AU'i. 27. The report that
Jack McAulilfe had malaria and would
not make a final deposit In Ids match
with Austin Gibbons was disproved at
noon by thu depositing of tho money,
5500, at tho Police Qazetto office. The
men aro to bo In the ring at t) p. m. on
September 11, the Granito Club giving a
purso of 1,000. Gibbons' money was
also deposited.
Iron Vt'orUors' Htrllto Kndcrt.
Pottsville, Pa.. Aug. !)7. Tho Potts
ville Iron and Steel Company hnvo ptnrtcd
their twelve-inch finishing mill. AH of
tiio mills of tho company aro now work
ing and tiio puddling furnaces will start
up noxt week. Tho officials of tho com
pany say the strike Is ended bo far as the
company is concerned,
Suits loitered Against Itecclver Yardley.
Philadelphia, Aug. 87. Crane, Pnrris
& Co., of Washington, and tho Second
National Bank of New York hnvo entered
suite in tho United States District Court
against Itecclver Yardley, of tho Keystone
Bank, to recover money which thoy claim
is due them.
Another Story About lUnft- Kelly.
Boston, Aug. S37. Manager .Bancroft
of the Milwaukee ald that Tuesday
Kelly told him what be bad done.
Kelly said ho was to get $80,000 $13,500
down, besides a ticket for Europe for
himself and wife.
L'rlxe Vlgliter Hull Xlecovorlne;,
Mount Clembkb, Mich., Aug. 27. Hall,
tho prize fighter slashed by Put-non Davies,
is rapidly improving and expects to bo
out by Saturday. Blood poisoning alonu
can give him a relapse.
You aro lo vkiiis
for a pieco of
good butt or
Sond the child
ren to us,and
you can
depend on getting
tho best. Wo al
ways havo it at
No. 122 North Jardin Shoot

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