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ltniortn from tin- Antliruclto mill llttii.
ti liiltiini Coal lles-lnn.
I5IlAuriism:n(i, Pa., Sep. 10. The state
ment, giving the condition Inst year of
tho anthracite nncl bituminous regions,
tins lieen completed.
In tho anthracite district the nuinhcr
of tons of coal produced wns 10,000,(115;
niimlier of mlncrH employed, 28,1)81;
number of minors' laborers employed,
18,0-iO; other employes inside the mines,
Si, K01; outside employes, !17,H08. Totnl
employes, 109,100. The number of fatal
accidents whs 878; number of non-fatal
Accidents, l,007j number of wives made
widows, 185; number of orphans left,
The report for the bituminous region Is
ns follows: Number of tons of conl pro
duced, 40,720,521: numberof miners em
ployed, 44,810, numberof miners' Inher
ent employed, 2,834; other employes In
tilde the mines, 8,098; outside employes,
(17.'ii7; number of fatal accidents, 140;
number of non-fatal acccidents, 831 i
number of wives made widows, 09; num
berof orphans left, 211.
l'lilliitlelphltl Mercantile Appraiser Ar
I'Mlcil mid II t! hi lii S2,B0O Hull Each.
1'Hit.Amtl.PlliA, Sep. 10. District-Attorney
Graham, nftera consultation with
Thomas W. llnrlow, his assistant, and
Joseph V. McCullun, counsel for City
Treasurer Wright, with reference to the
mercantile appraisers' matter, concluded
that sufliclent evidencu hnd been obtained
to make out a prima facie case nKninst
tho appraisers. He therefore requested
llr. Wright to make out an atlldavit
upon which tobae warrants for their ar
rest, which he did, and Magistrate Pole
thereupon issued warrants for the arrest
of tile live appraiser, Pattou, Houseman,
Hunter, Crawford and Bell.
Tho hlstrlct-Attornoy requested tho
magistrate to fix the bill at $2,500 each,
for a hearing on Monday morning nt 11
A l'ltLTmrj? Company Must Answer for
Importing 1'iu-uIkii "Workmen.
Pittsbuiio, Sep. 10. An important suit
has just been entered in the United
Status Circuit Court by Walter Lyon,
United States District Attorney, against
the Pittsburg Terra Cottn Lumber Com
pany to recover $1,000 penalty for viola
tion of United States laws in importing
under contract foreign laborers.
The attornoy complains that the de
fendants hnvo become liable in the above
sum in importing Hobert Brooks, nn
alien and foreigner, and n subject of
Queen Victoria, to perform the work of a
It is stated in the bill of complaint that
llrooks was brought here under contract;
he wns to have steady employment at ft
per per day for nlno hours work and
eight hours on b.iturday, and that
llrooks wns encouraged to come here iy
agonts of the defendants.
J. D. Layton, Inspector of Immlgr
tiou, Is the prime mover in this suit.
Tried to Kill 111 irnthL-rli-I.iiv.
IIoston, Sep. 10. John Cotter lias been
nrrestod in this city charged witli con
spiring to kill his brother-in-law, Luther
Howe, a prominent real estato dealer.
Cotter took a man named William Butler
into ids confidence and tho latter leportod
tho matter to Mr. Howe. How inlormcd
tho police who nrrosted Cotter. Cotter
wns loaded down with weapons when
taken into custody. He claims that
Rowe swindled him out of n large amount
of property. Cotter tried to ussasslnnto
Howe once before and served two years
tor tliu crime.
The Tliltl Nut Milliwti'il.
San FitANCisco, Sep. 10. Tho brig
Tahiti, which put Into Drnko's liny
Saturday in distress, has left for San
llenito, .Mexico with her human cargo of
South Sea Islamlers. The customs
' odicers were In doubt ns to the courso
they should pursue In the matter, but
as tho vessel was driven upon the coast
by stress of weather and had nut intended
to enter American waters, they decided
to take no action in the matter.
To right Klcintor Companies.
St. Paul, Sep. 10. The grangers hnvo
determined to lorm a combination In
their own interests under tho title of the
Grain Growers' Association, to light tho
elevator companies. They will erect
and operate their own elevators in onno-
Mtion to tho present monopolistic com
pany. This means a bitter wnr between
the elevator companies nud the fnrmerB,
llluiumteil ami Abandoned.
New Yoiik, Sep. 10. A dlsnatch from
Jonestown, Me., says the British schooner
Lmina was towed Into that port dis
masted and abandoned. The yawls were
missing, and it is supposed that thecrew
had taken to tho boats and that they
nave been picKcu up uj-some passing vos
snl. The Emma was owned nt Charlotte
town, P. E. I.
A Deep Khnme.
Tourist That is an odd setting for a
photograph gallery a gaunt oak limb
with a dunRltng noose and a background
of i howling mob.
Oklahoma Photographer That's a lit
tle invention of my own. Lots of new
Corners from the east have their pic
tures taken with that nooso around
tln ir necks, to send back where they
c.mie from. It Is cheaper than paying
their debts and easier than getting u di
vorce. Jury.
Merit Wine.
Wc desire to nay to our cltlsens, that for
yesrs weUflbBa sailing Dr. King's New
X na Nw piKcovery for Oonmiiiitlon, Dr.
Mob's New Ufr Wis, Buofclen's Arnlin
Huiv" and Rice rlo Butera, and have never
bundled remedies that i as well, or that
lnive given stien universal wnisfaoilon. V
do not beallat Via guarantee tliiu every
nine, and we sian) ready to refund the pur.
clime prlee, If atvtlifHoiory results do not All
ow their nse. Thou, remedies have won
their great ponul irlly purely oa their merits.
I . ll.Uagsubueh, Druggist.
Never apply water to a plant until
It requires it, that Is, unili It is dry,
n ul thou upply a Buillolenl quantity
to soak It.
Alva's llrsalllan Specific Co., 0 vvBU street
N. Y. Ger.tlemeu: 1 tae pleasure In leitl
fvlng to ibeuirattve iowr of jour ' ao us
jii'mki tun, wiuuii lias reueviu me 01 mm
cular rheumatism ol long standing. I w s
troubled Mirloiuiy by dyspepila as Hell, fioin
which, lam pleased to state, It has also cured
Assuring you that I shall recommrnd your
medicine to my frlonds, I am.
Yours respectfully,
i)eo. 0, 1600. W Ninth St., Brooklyn, N. V.
Hold at Ktrlln's Drug Blore,Fergroon House
.Block, bhsnandoah.
Tlmyer Own the Constellation,
Bostos, Sep. 10. Mr, Iinyard Thayer,
when asked It he had purchased the Con
stellation, the lst built schooner-yaclit
in this country, fM that he hod. The
yricht is constructed of steel nud cost
uoarly $100,000.
Kscaped Convict Cuuclit.
SINO Smo, N. Y., Sep. 10. Louis de
Luca, tho llfo convict, who escaped from
Sing Sing prison on Tuesday wns recap
tured by n policeman lu Turrytown an I
brought back to the prison. He will uo
be puulbhed.
It Is said will sell anything, this is
true In a measure; but for toy lug
qualities,- merit Is the test. Exteniv
sdvortisiug may nell anything where
It is new or unknown, but after it
comes Into general use, It hi judged
according to its worth. The oosttaued
1 steady growth of Swift's MpeclUa
U the best evideuoe of its excellent.
It Is most popular where it Is best
known. 75 very bottle sold, sella taa
others, livery one that takes it be
comes its friend, and recommends 11
ta their acquaintances.
Treatise on Blood tatd Skin Diseaaa
mailed free.
Swu-r Spzoifio Co., Atlanta, Se
National Bank.
Capital, $100,000.00.
A. W. Leiscnring, Pres.,
P. J. Ferguson, V. Pres.,
J. R. Leisennnq, Cashier,
S. W. Yost, Ass' 't Cashier.
Opcti Daily From 9 to 3.
Xu!el on KaviitH xicpoNltn
'laencral and II2UV0TJ3 DEBILITY,
! Weakness of Body and Kin d, Ettecta
KobDiU .Nobln 31AMIU0U foltf Ilrsloml. How In Kol&nrp and
htrt-nftlirii KAK,LM)M KI.((fkIH)R(JANS A 1'AKTH orUOUlf
Absotutfl i-nfuitlnic IIOflK TItMltlhSr llnteillii H day.
uea tufy intra fu piiph and rorr ivn ioaolrlri. Hrlt llietn,
IlMtrljtthe Hook, rttltnotlon cod iroor mailed (tcalntjfree
AUK aoiNa TO
nilHNmirl, ICaiiHiiH, ArltniiHiiH,
TcxiiH,;Nu1roHltii, I.otiiHlaiiH,
Colorado, Vtali, Clltoriiin,
cw Illcxlco or Arlzoiin,
and will send me a postal card
or letter stating
Where you nre going,
When you aro going,
Whoro yon will start from,
How mauy there are In your party,
What freight oiul boggugo you have,
1 will write you or call at your hoi)feanQ
furnish you with the fullest information
rfsrdltK routes, lowest rates of all
cliiFKB, Minucs msps, aeecripiive auuu.
luetriuid land pamphlets, resort books,
Hot Springs guides, etc.
Cheap Fannin? Lar.ds In Missouri, ArSun
sa", Kansas and Texas.
J. P. McCANN. Eastern Trav. Agt.,
Q. E. 1'. Agt., 301 Broad wny.Now York
Iron Mountain Route,
Genuine . "
is and will evor bo tho
Remedy for
Omit Tnflnans. Tankohe.'
Onina in tha fMrin. RhSBt BUdl
Joints, Ifeuralgia, Bpruins, &o
Befure yoa aoea to loy, cotaut
rar-cntre nC flHJUlCEtS
tlio valWo book 1 "Guide to Hesltb," wiUl i
enoors8eni 01 prummini uujuauuii.
Auiissii: A
310 Broadway,
'rlzs Medals Awarded!
Viani l'rgn?i Eotteidam, Oltoni
50 Cents a bottle, For Salo by j
1. . ItlllXIN,
ana otner arossun.
King Hiiinljort's Silonco Has
Aroused Italians Horo.
Strong Efforts Being Mado to Have the
Oonntry Bopresentod.
The I'hmioiis tVlilte Hiiuailron to Mo I)ls
l)iiniled"i)iieesloiis ltvllevrtl to Hnro
Keen Made lly lloth Sides In tlio Itntn
Matter Chairman Cooloy's llonignatlon
tho Iteaillt of 111 Health.
WashivqtoK, Sep. 10. Tho fallttro of
tho Italian government to accept the In
vitation of tho United States to partici
pate in the World's Fair caused promi
nent Italian citizens lu this country
some time ago tourgo Italy to change its
No answer was mnilo to tho request.
At a meeting held here last night of
the ItHlo-Ainerican committee on promo
tion of the World's Columbian Exposi
tion, a body created at a meeting wh ch
urged the acceptnnee of the Invitation,
the president, Dr. T. S. Verdi, reported
that the previous resolutions had been
forwarded through the proper diplo
matic channel to the Italian government,
and, though eight weeks have elapsed,
no otllclal answer has been received, and
that, under tho circumstances, ho would
Buggest that ft general meeting he held
In Washington, at which tho Italo
American citiiens of tho United States
should he represented to givo expression
to the necessity of having tho Italian
government participate in the great ex
position. llr. Cnraoristi, tho secretary of the
committee, agreed to the necessity of
such an nppcnl coming from 1,600,000
ltalo-Amerionus in tho United States.
There wero differences, he said, between
tho two governments, for which tho
people, ns a whole, of neither country nre
responsible; therefore, he said, the gov
ernment of Italy should overcome sensl
tivoness whou confronted witlin national
Kesolutlons calling for n meeting of
Italo-Amcricnns in Washington on Dec.
7 next, to take action looking to the pro
motion of the fair and urging Italy to
accept the invitation of tho United
States, were ndopted.
Vessols of the rnmou Whlto Squadron
Ordered to Different Station.
Wasiuxqton, Sep. 10. Tho Squadron
of Evolution, or tho White Squadron,
which has attracted so much attention
throughout this country nud Europe is
to be disbanded.
Secretary Tracy has Issued orders to
the chiefs of bureaus in tho Navy De
partment directing them to mako the
nccossary arrangements for preparing
for sea service two vossels of tho squad
ron the Yorktown ami tho Petrol.
Tho Petrel, one of tho smaller vessels
of tho navy, will go to China via tho
Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal.
Her small sizo makes her especially litted
for tho Chiua station, enabling her to
cruise In many of the rivers for a consider
able distanco inland.
Tho Yorktown, a gunboat, will bo as
signed to tho rncillo.
The other vessels of Admiral Wnlkor's
command will probably bo assigned to
foreign stations.
Concessions llulluvvd to Have llocn Made
l.y lloth Sides.
Washington, Sep. 10. It is learned
that tho abandonment of tho case against
the Itatn is tho result of an agreement
between this government and tho now
Chilian government, whereby tho latter
is to reimburse the United States for tho
expense incurred in tho chase of tho Itata.
In return the Congrossionalist agonts
aro freed from a further prosecution of
the neutrality laws and the steamer is
Conference Over Keystone Dunk Affairs.
Washington. Sep. 10. Itccelver Ynrd
loy, of the Keystone National Bank of
I'hlladolphln, accompanied by several
government officials from Philadelphia,
had an extonded conference with Comp
troller Lacey at tho Treasury Depart
ment last evening in regard to matters
concerning tho Keystone Bank. Second
Comptroller Gilkerson was called into
tho conference, tho result of which is un
known. Those In it refused to disclose
its object
Chilian IloAizoea Landed Teru.
Wabhinoton, Sep. 10. Tho only Chil
ian news of an official character received
during tho past 13 hours was contained
in a cable dispatch from Admiral Brown
to the Navy Department. Ho said tho
Jlaltimorehad urrived at Jlalcndo, Peru,
ami placed the Chilian refugees on shore
and would return without delay to Val
paraiso. Hand ItcHtcuiptlon.
Washinoton, Sep. 10. At the close of
business last evening the Treasury De
partment had redeemed 10,5o,100 four
and a half per cent, bonds, and extended
$324,118,850 at' 8 per cent., leaving out
standing about $47,000,000.
AVIiy Chulrman Conloy Ileslgned.
Wasmnuton, Sep. 10. A letter baa
been received from Judge Cooley giving
sickness as a reason for resigning his po
sition as chairman of the Interstate Com
mission. Silo for T.ynn's I'ubllo lltilldlng.
Washington, Sep. 10. Assistant Sec
retary Crounse has seleoted the property
bounded by Liberty, Willow and Wash
ington streets in Lynn, Mass., as theslto
for the new publio building in that city.
Will Demand Indemnity.
New York, Sept. 10. Tho ITorgnn
Line Steamship Company announces that
a demand will be made upon the British
government for indemnity for the cargo
stolen from the stranded steamer El Do
rado by the Bahama wreckers.
Ki-Jmiltur Daley's Trial.
ILuitford, Conn., Sep. 10. The trial
of ex-Janitor Daley of Trinity College,
who, on tho night of the Trinity olasa
day dance shot and killed John McCarthy,
1 set down for next Tuesday.
H oilJtmenit
CVEBV rnnui ne
Weather Indications.
Washiscito.v, Sop. 10. For Now England!
Generally fair, no chauuo lu toinperaturo,
northerly wlmli.
For liustorn New York, pastern Pennsyl
vania, Now Jersey: Generally fair, stationary
temperature, northerly winds,
For Western Now York and Western Penn
sylvania: Generally fair, warmer, w.torly
Nbw Yonrc, Sep. 0. llonoy on call easy
loaning at 3 and 4 per cone
4Ws, 1801 ltoy.,..
4i 1801 Coup..
4 s, 1007 Ho....
4 b, 1007 Coup..
Cnnnrtlnti Tactile 8N
Central Fnoltla 'S'i
Chloaifo, tlur. Qulncy 00
Delaware & Hudson 140
Del., Lack. & Western 14.1
nrle 27W
l.rin prof , OltS
Lake Shore 11BVJ
Ixiuln. & Nan
Michigan Central 09
iliSMjiiri 1'iiclfle M
New Jerser I entral 120
Koithwestern 112!
Oregon Navigation 72
Vaulflo Mall 30U
UeaUlne U.Vtf
Itock Wand 84
t-'t. l'uul Tuff
Union l'aoino -Tj
Western Union 84 )
Corn opened weak, but rallied boforo 0I039.
No. -', mixed, To Oct. osfcl: Doo. Ou.
Outs Fairly actlvo and steady. No. 2,
mixed :.
Wlioat Market oponod weak and furthor
declined t No. 2, 'lied wlutor, loajj; Oot.
10TW: Dec 110J4.
Creamorr. State It Ponn.. extras. 24 n.a24t$o.
Creamery, wostorn. flrsls 20 caJS 0.
Creamery, western, seconds 17 o.alO o.
State dairy, h. f. tubs, oxtras..., 21o.a-2 o.
N. Y. State, now laid, per doz,...10,o.a30 0.
Venn., new laid lu c.alUlja.
Weetorn A Nortbwcitern, good to
prime 17 nl7
Jerser Koxa, per libl 1 lav I 2;
Sweet potatoes. Vs., clioico 1 unl 7.5
Live Poolthv
blirlmr cliickunj. choice, laro per lb. .14 all!4
Miring ctilcke is. prime Ill ul3j
i'Owls.Jen-ey.State&l'a., perlb 13 al3i
Turkeys, mixed weights, nor lb. 13 an
bpr clik's, Pliiln., 3o. Hh to puilr....li alO
Md. &l)cl., yellow, choice, per bosk.. 03b 75
lid. A; Dei.. .-d fruit, choice, InWK.... UUa ia
Jersey, prime, per b.titot uo 73
Md. 3t Del., cholco, per crjto HOa 43
JId. & Del . , ooramon, per crutc 20a 25
NyuaJc or UoUuad t'lpiiiu, p U-U.bLliM 2.'sl til
"There's something behind it."
That's what you think, perhaps,
when you read that tho proprietors
of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy offer
$500 reward for an inctirablo caso
of Catarrh. Rather unusual, you
think, to find tho raakora of a medi
cine trying to provo that thoy be
lievo in it, "Thero must bo some
thing back of it 1 "
But it's a plain, squaro offer, mado
in good failh. Tho only thing that's
back of it Is tho Remedy. It cures
Catarrh in tho Head. To its mild,
soothing, cleansing and healing
properties, tho worst cases yield,
no matter how bad or of how long
standing. It has a record that
goes back for 25 years. It doesn't
simply relievo it perfectly and
permanently cures. With a Rem
edy liko this, tho proprietors can
mako such an offor and mean, it.
To bo sure there's risk in it, but
it's so very small that they aro
willing to take it.
You've " never heard of anything
like this offer?" True enough.
But then you'vo never heard of
anything liko Dr. Sage's Remedy.
Bank Counters, Tyler System, Port
ablo, Unequalod In Styles.
,.,Cost nd Finish.
Also Tyler's It oral
Office JJcka and Type
writer Cabinet!,
Htylea. llot ond cheap
cbi on earth, with great
reduction in prices.
Iso pug MUivgu rive,
ro.ugt J eta. Full Its, of
Pe.kt, ifaMn, Table. UmIi
Ci.ro, Cabuitu, Lrrftl IlUati
Ckblarli, tie., ! la .lock.
k ...!. I A.fc .A- .- I
TYt.r:it J) Eg It CO., Ht.l.oill., Mo., U.S.A.
nouclexs y the bct piiviitiftm J-tam Kai t'r
ymptoruf tmreirv-wl, fWm! f. Ft?HE ftfJOi- t
11MW it
Tones up your system and
gives you an appetite that a
lumberman might envy.
Cures dyspepsia, stomach
troubles, constipation, and
liver or kidney diseases. In
addition to this it cures all
skin affections and the more
violent blood troubles.
Effects aro immediate and
cures permanent;.
Sold at Kirllit's Drup Store,
Ferguson's Hotel lHock, Shenandoah, Pa.
Your trade Is what we
This Is how we proposo
to get it.
By selling you a flrst
class article; by selling you
for less than others; by
eellirg you furniture, nn
organ, u piano, n tewing
nuieliinc or anything else
In the line of howehold
We have a largo and va
ried stock to select fiom.
No trouble to showgoods.
Call, examine and bo
South Main St.,
SHE 3ST.nST3D ov.r.
Loliigli Valley Railroad.
-MAY 10, 1891..
Passenger trains will leave HhenandoaU for
Muuch Chunk, Jhlgbton, Blatlnstou, Cata
siiuqua, Alleulown, Betlilehem, Eastou, 1'hU
dlplilKarid!ew Vort at 6.47, 7.40, 9.03 a.m.,
lZ52,aiO,5.1Wp.iii. '
For Helvldere, Delaware Wter Gap and
StroudEburg at 5.47, a. m., and 5.26 p. m.
Kor Lambcrtvlllo and Trenton, tf.ub a, m
For White Haven, Wilkes-Harre and t'ltto
1011 5,47. f .0!j, m.41 a. to., 8.10 and 5.26 p. in.
For TiinlihannocR-, 10,11 a. in., 8.10 and 5.S6
p. 01
For Anbnrn, lthaoa, Qeneva and and Lyons
10.41 a. m and 5.26 p. in.
For Laowy vllle, Towanda, Bayre, Waverlr,
lilnilra, llocheeter, JBuOalo, Magara. FUa
I'hlcsRU and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,aiid
5.2ii p. 111.
For l-lmlra and the West vlnHiilnninn-fi ni
3.10 p.m.
but Auaennea, nazieton, Stockton, 1,11111.
tier Yard, Weatfcerly and Fenn Haven Jnno
tlou at 5.47, 7.40, t),08a. m.and 12.52, 3.10 abd
0,26 p.m.
Kor Joanesvllle, LevlBton and Iieavei
Meadow, 7.10, 9.08 a. m. and 628 p. m.
Fort(crantonat6.47 V.m, 10.41a. m. 3,10 and
5:21) p. to.
For Hasle Brook. Jeddo, Drlfton and Free
land at b.47, 7.10, 9.08, 10.11 a. in., 1252 8.10 and
5.20 p, 111.
For Quakaie at 5.47 and 9.08 a.m., and
3.10 p. in.
For Wlgnaiis, Ollberton and Fracfevllle at
5.50 and 9.08a m.,and 4.10 p. m.
For Yatt-sYille, Mahanoy City and Drlatio
5.47, 7.40, 9.0S, 10.41, 10,58 a. m.,12.52,, 8.03,
8.2 audl0.27p.in. '
For Unl CreeK, aiiardvllle and Ashland
I. 27, 7.16. 8.52, 10.15 a. m., 1.00, 1.10, 4.10. 8.35,
B.10 and 9.11 p. m.
For Darfcwater, Bt. Clair and Pottavllle,
7.40, 9.08, 10.68 a. in., 12.52,3.10,4.10, 6.26 and S.Ot
p. m.
For Bock Mountain, New Boston and
Mnrea, 7.40, 9.08, lu.58 a. m., ISL52, 8.10, 6.26 and
8.08 p. in.
For Haven Run, Centralla,Mt. Carmel and
Bhamoklu, 8.52, and 10.15 a. m., 1.10, lit
and 8.06 p.m.
Trains leave Hhsmokln for Shenandoah,
7.55 11.65 a. in., 2.10, 40 and 9.30 p. m arriving
at Hhenandoah, 9.05 a. m., 12.52, 8.10, 6.a8 and
II. 15 p.m.
Ft Lost l iei.li, Olrardvllie and AshlonO,
i.50, 9.10 llJto u. m., 3.45 p. m.
For Darkwater. Ht. Clair and Fottsvlue,
1.5(1, 8.(, 9.80 . . 111.. 2,45 p. m.
Foi Vetesvili. , MahanoytJIty and Delano,
.U, J1.86 s. n. 1.40, 4.4M.0p. ra.
l'nr Uifiy, Aailsnrlsd and Hazleton, bJX
A' m,, 1.40 p. in.
F"r :: ucb Chunk. Lehlghton. Ulsttntlon
Cstaaiiqnn, AU-Dtown, Bitlilelieni, Kostoi
and New York, H.00 a. in., 1.40 p. ra:
For fuluulr lj-hls, 1.40 p. ra.
Uen'l Prs. ARt.. Bethlehem.
Pure Ice Cream I
Orders promptly Mended to, Tartlcular at
tention puld to Balls, Picnics,
rcttuls, etc,
n. TIT'A.T
Near Corner olJUoyd, (HENAKDQAH, PENNs
Philadelphia and Roading Eailroad
Vime Tabl in egeel July JO, ltsbl
m1?r2lJU,f.Dd 1M m. Kor New
V Il,m,jF.n1 '2.85 and 2.50 p.m.
2in ScaTi!!,tand i'hllBdelphla Weekday
Z',..??'?' R.'.m-i 12-35 V-M and 5.55 p;m,
nnitay. 2.10 and 7.48 a. m., 4.80 n. m.
op. '"wu weel!: Jtrtt, 7.20 . m. 12.W
2l3irm'0flnd1S& 'k ayl 2-w.7.a),.M..
m fu p.iii. ' Hnnfl,5' Z10nrt7.(8
fof and Mahnnoy city, week
.ays, 2i0, 5.25, 7.20. a, lu., 12.3j W0 and 655
;JSf..8uudar' I1'!' 7.43a,m.74.S)p. m.
Additional ,..r Mnuanoy City, week days 7.00
',0p.Tni Columllla. lays.
For Wllllameport, Munbnry and Lewlubnrr..
.wkilay.8.2i, 7.20 and n 80 m.. 1.85 7 64
. vo. Sunday 8:25 h. m., 3.06 p. m.
iL.Run.BO.1,1,luci wws flayi, 2.10 8.2,.
i. 7J and 11.30 a. m., 12.W, lSu, Au. r 55
7.00i..ne ,.s, ,. m. Sunday, 2.V& au'd
or AAhland and fsbhn.dr'in. ' wmi-
h.j, 7.wi, u.m a m., i 85, 7.00 and 9.36
.. m. Unnday 3.25, 8 32.,. ro S. p.m.
laye New York via Fhlladelplila, weov
lays, 7.45 . m.. 1.80, 4.00, 7.80 p. m 12.11
ilibt. BnndKy,koop.m..f2.16ulimt.
. '"eTL?'??. m V,R Mnch diunk, weel
lays, 4.30. 8.45 n.m 1.00 mid 4.0J p. m.
,'aVB l'hU';delphlu, ween dnyo, 4.10, anfl
ni Oallowtiil) and 85 a. m. and 11.30 p. in,
from 9th ano wrwiu ireui. Bunday 9.05 a.
m. 11.10 p. m. from fun n -ii.
"'"dins, week days, 1.85, 7.10, lu.id
ad 11.80 a. in., 56, 7.57 p.m. Bunday 1.85 hn
'.v a. m.
Leave PolUvllle, week dfcys, S.10, 7.40 a, n...
i?.s&,6H p. in. BnndRy, 2.40, 7.00 a. m. and
3.15 1 . m.
uwvoTamwiUtt, week days, 3.S0, 8.4B and
21 a. m., 1.21, 7.13, and 9.1b p. m. Bunday s.iO
7 43 u to. and 2.60 p. m.
iwavo Mahanoy city, week days, 8.10, 9.18
nd 11,47 a. m 1.61, 7.42 and 9.41 p. in. (Inn.
lay, 8.46,8.17 u. m., S.20 p. m.
teae Mahanoy X'lauc, week days, 2-4, 4.C0
I. 80,95, 1U 9 a. m.,1.06, 2.10. 520. 626,7.57, and
l"."1' Sunday 2.1j, 4.00, and 8.i7,a. m.
3 37, 5.01, p. m.
iuvti Glrnrdvllle (lUvppahannocs Btatlon)
weok days, 2.47, 4.07, 6.30, and 8.41 tt. in., 12.0
' 2, 6.1(1. 6.82, 8.03 and 10.06 p. m. Sunday. 2.47;
0 ,b 33 a.m. 8.11,6.1.7 p. lu.
lm.u Wllllamiiport, week days, 3.00,9.45 anfl
II. 55 a. m. 8.35 and 11.16 p. m. Bunday 11.1
p, m.
tor Baltimore, Washington and the west
1 B. A O. B. It., through trains leave Olrard
Vvenue station, Fhlladelphla, tF. d: R. 1. K.)
at 4.16, 8U1 and 11.27 a. m 1.81, 4.24, 5.55 am
1.23 p. ui. Bunday, 4.16 8.02 11.27 a. m 4.24
i avo Philadelphia, Chestnut otreet Wharf,
tn.l hnnth Ul.ul uri.n.r
Weok-dyii Bxpretr, 6.15, 8 00.9:00,10.45 a.
m.auali' (turdny. only, 1.80), 2.(0, 3 00,
3.80, , 5 00. 0.00 y. Auoommodatton, 7 40
a. xu., 4.15, 0 30 p. ni.
nii'i ,. clxprnw 615, 7.00, 7.3J. 8.00, 8 SO,
9.00, 9.30 . ni. anil 4 30 p. in. aocoiuuh, .jiuon
8.00 a. m.and 1 45 i. lu.
tetarnlnn. leave Atlantic City, depot corner
iiilltniniAi Knu.r MTl"'llHV- V IVHIIl'l
ExprePP, 7.00, 7.30, 8 00, 0.00, 10.00 a. m. and 3 15
4 ni. .1 .an. fi-.T l 7 an a :u n m a iwuvtirtii.n
(I.0U, 8.10a.m. and O0p in. Hnudays-hx-
tircuD 'Xl A IV K IWt 0 (UI it. Of I r or. Ann n .in.
p. in. AccommoJiitlon, 7.3U a. m,,G.05 p. su.
sounyiKHj. sivibiok.
Onanii after Scjilember 1, 1391, iroim xellt ob
For WICKan, OUberton, Frackvllle, Neve
Smtlo, Bt. Clair, and way points, 6.W, 9.1S
. m tnd 4.16 p in.
Sundays, boo, 9.40 a m and 3.10 p m.
For Fottavlllo, 6.00, 9.10 a m and 4.15p m.
r m.
For Folttown. PhnenlxvillA. Nnrrlnt..n-,
:.d Philadelphia fB-oad street station), 6,00,
a. in. and 4.15 p m week days
fjur.days, too, 9.40 a m AM p m
Trains leave FrackvlUe lor Bhcnandotu at
10.40 am and 12.14, 7.42, 10,09 p in. Bcndavs.
IU18 m and 6.40 p m.
t,eAve 1'oitsvllle lorOhenandoah, 10.15 and
U.48, a m 7.15, 9.42 p m, BnsCays, 19,40 a m
i.15 p ra.
i.unvo uuMuvivum (xiruuu mreei kihviosi.
i Pottsvlllo and Bbennnrtoah. 5.S7. RS ni
4'C anil 7.00 Ti tn wattlr rlnvR. Hnnilftv ft fin nn.
9.23 r Ja
c or New York, 8.20, 4,0f, MO, 6.85, (1.60, 7.S0.
.aos.Sn, 1I.60, 11.00andllJ4, 11.35am, 12.00 noonL
(Umtleit er-ross, l,n 4.60 p m.) 12.21 12.41, 1.40.
3.30, 4.J0, .02 5,,6.2), 6.51) 7.13 8.12 and lU.OO p.
m. 12.01 ultut.
Btsnuuys, t i. 4.0B, 4.4a r,.B6. 8.12, 8.W), 9.50.
1135 m. ma 12 2t, 12 41, 2 30, 4 02, (limited
, . ,. , 4 ai i.ui muni.
For Bea Girt. IjOncBranch and lnlerm ed lot
stations 1,05, 6.50, 8.25 and 11 89 a. in., 6.10, 8.30,
4. 10 p. m. week days. .turdays only 6 00 p.
in. HiinanynUdtiuaB2ia. m.
Pdr ll.llltm.irn ftnrt VlTuulilnrrltti Kill Ol
0.10 and 11.18 a. ra., 4 41, 0.57, 7.1U p.m. and" 12.0S
iiIctI,! Hn.li, mw u ni iAm.. ... IOM , ...1...
express with dlnluc car to llaltlmore) 1.30,8.46
p. m. wek days. For Baltimore only 2.02, 4.01
weekdays, 5.0i, 11.80 p.m. dally.
For ltlcbniond, 7 20 a. m. and 12.03 night
daily, 130 p. m. uaily, except Sunday.
iniiiB w.ive imrnAuutll lor lllfeDCirK ana
he weBtevorj day at '".Wand 8.10 a m and
..on (ltmltedl and 8.41'. 8 SO. 0.35 n m. Wn fnr-
Altuohn h m and 4.10 p m erery aay.
1 or ritisourt: only, 11.20 a m daily una 10.20
, na week days.
Leave Bunbury lor 'Wllltainsport, Blmlia,
nsudalgna, Uochestr,Bnftnloand Niagara
I'alls, B.lOanidnlly, and l,2pm weokdnys.
for Vatklns, 6.S0 p m week days.
Kor F.rle and interniedlato pcilate,5.1uatn.,
dally. For lack ijHven, 6J0, and 9,8 a m.
dally, 1 U and 6.30 p. 111. week days. For
rtenova 0.10 a m 1.42 and 6,'JO p ia week days,
1.10 a. 10 aunrtay m.
.'HAB. S. 1'U1, J.K.WOUU,
flan. Khu'r 6n. Buss. Alt.
2me table in tffect May.W, 1881.
Trains leave Heading (F. & It. nation) for
Gibraltar, Beyfert, Blrohboro, Joanua, Spring
field, Wnyntshuie Junction, CoaUBVille,We6t
Chester,l badsford Junction, B. a O. Junction,
Wilmington and Intermediate stations, dully
except bunday, at 6J25 and 8.30 a.m. and 3,15
p. in. Bundny only at 8.05 p. 111.
For Warwick, ht.Feter and liitermedlata
statlons.daUy except Bunday, at 9.20 u.m., and
6.19 p. ra. hunday only 8.16 a ra.
For Blrdkburo and intermediate Stallone,
Saturday only, at 12 m. . -f
For Baltlmnrr and Washington ,1). O.K.
K.) dntly except Bunday at 6.26 and 8.80 a, m
and 8.U p. in. bunday only ai 8.05 p. m.
Trains arrive si Itvbdtng (!' V It. nation)
ironi Wilmington. B. it O. Junction, Mmt
rhanln,'Cliaddslord Junction, Wist t'htstrr,
Inape, Coatesvllle, Waynesburg Junction,
bpriUKllold.Jounna, lilidtboro, Ulbniliur, y
feriand Intermediate ktatlonK, dally tict .
Bunday st 10.30 a. in. 5.62 and 8.17 p. m. Bin
day only at 11.94 a. in.
From Bt. Feters, Warwick and Intermrdtale
stations, daily excopt Bunday, at K.2J a. m.
and 2.35 p.m. Bunday only at 6 p. m.
From Blidaboro and Intermediate stations
Saturday only at 1.40 p. m.
Fiom Washington and llaltlmore, dally x
copt Bunday, 10 20 a. ra. 6.62 and 817 p. m.
Bandsy only at 11.24 a. rn.
BOWNKKB BB1GOB, Gen'lPass. As1
II U I I U li ll Hupture by Dr J. B.
MAYEIt, 831 Arch Bt., Vhlla. Tl omaa B.
Harlung, New Uluggold, Fa., I.f'audt, houtb
Eautun, I'll., I,. I". s O. A. Deturck, Oley, l'a
It. O. Htanlev. 421Bnruce Bt.. Lebanon. 1 'a . A
eciiueiaer. ixicuh iiaie, ra.,11, 11. jsoii. Limn
Dr. MAYKH Is at Hotel l'enn, Beading, l'a.,
on the 2nd Baturday ol each inomh. Call to
see him.
jg- E. BIUCKER, M. D
NolSEast Centre Street; Mahanoy City, F
Bkln and all special diseases k specialty,
una, i'ii., win. in. iinneuKiiiie, rnoenixvnie.
Fa., W. M. Irflnbach, tSl W'sthliigton Bt.!
Beading, Fa., J, C. Lyme. 1310 W. Howard Bt,,
llarrlsbiirir. 1'u.. O. Keehu. Douelassvllle. l'a.

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