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YOLi. YI.--KO. 232.
publican State Ticket.
AUinxoit any r.n Ai.t
letegates-at-Znrge to the Constitutional
County Ticket.
Judge lion. D. B. Green.
Slieriff Benjamin Smith.
Jury Commissioner MaJ. William
Pnnr nirp.r.tar Henrae lleflher.
nexpired Term Harry H. MoQinnis
tf'onstttutlonal Convention Delegate).
9 UOBEHT ALLISON. Port Carbon.
B. BtJRD EDVAUDS. Pottsvllle.
JOHN J. COYLE, Mabnnoy City.
The friends of Mr. Wadllnger have
en distributing circulars saying that
is un American for persons to seek a
.ird term, arid have cited some cases
Islng in the walks of civil life. That
lis Is not true of tho judiciary is
islly seen by a reference to the, ju
clary of tho state. Judge Elwell
as elected for the third term in tho
unties of Columbia and Montour,
id the Republicans refused to noml
ito any person against him. Judge
earson, of the Dauphin county court,
as nominated and elected for his
urth terra. Tudge IJucher,of Union
unty, has been renominated for the
ilrd term and the Republican mem
irs of the bar unanimously endorsed
is nomination.
"iow that tho object of the Demo
ats in Ohio to capture tho Legisla
te has been made plain, that of
tanging the mode of electing eleo
rs, the Republicans are no longing
mthetic and they will look after that
(ly. The DomScratio cause is hope-
a good home-made rug carpet.
It is one of tlio3e:stra heavy
carpets, mudoof the best yam
ad clean rags. Finest line of Velvet
rusbel and Ingrain Carpets in Shen
idoah at
less and they will trade oil their can
didate for Governor for the Leglsla-
ture, but It will not work. TdcKlnloy
and the Legislature aro both safe.
"Where an election takes place on
the day preceding his twenty-first
birthday a man can vole on age. The
courts have so decided In a test case.
That is, If a man's birthday falls this
year on November 4th he can legally
deposit his ballot at the election on
November 3rd.
TnE skies are growing brighter nnd
brighter. The news from Ohio and
New York Is of a very cheering char
acter. There Is no longer any doubt of
the election of McKlnley and Faseett
by rousing maorltles.
Soldiers, remember your comrades
when you go to the polls next Tues
day. General Gregg and Colonel
Morrison are worthy of the sufltago of
every ex-soldier or unionist in the
Judge Green's election is as cer
tain on Tue-day uextjas the sun rises.
There need bo no alarm on that score.
Every Republican should endeavor to
make hla majority as great as possible.
Senator Quay will settle the
O'Harrity's, Henzels, McClures et. al.
in the courts. Tho mudsllnging of this
tribe will be brought to a sudden close
and with swift punishment.
Let every Republican see that the
vote of his. district is gotten out next
Tuesday. On a fairly full vote the
Democrats have no chance of success,
Beware of spurious tickets. Com
pare your ticket with one that you
know is right, before depositing it.
Don't trade. Vote the whole Re
publican ticket. The Democrats will
not irlve but take.
Green, Smith, Heffner, McGuin
ness and Clark should poll the full
Republican vote.
A full Republican vote means a
victory. Don't loselght of this fact.
Ben Smith Is still gaining. He
will make an excellent Sheriff.
If you want an able, fearless judge
vote for Judge Green.
Choice Creamery Butter Iresh every other day
aricy Bloater MacJcerel, Barge anil Fine. New No. 1
lacTcerel White and Fat. New Clean Currants JBre'e
rom dirt and stems. Best Mince Meat made oj best
taterlals. Jbine Table Symp strictly pure goods.
Tew Orleans Baiting Molasses. Chipped Beef.
J80 another car of Best Patent MINNESOTA FJLOUB.
Iqual to anything in the marltet.
"NOUTIIWKSTEUN DAISY" made of Minnesota
flicnt elves i-ntisjflctlon. Italics well.
OH Clotlis arc selling freely. Nice patterns. All
rices. Two yards -wide from 50 cents up.
Whero Those Who Are So Dis
posed May Attend. Dlvlno
Worship To-morrow Othor
Local Nows.
English Baptist church, South Jrfrdln
s'root. Rev. H. G. Jamos, pastor. Preach
ing at 10:30 a. m. and C:30 p. m. Subject
for morning and evening: Tho Tranfig-
uratioa of Christ. Sabbath school at 2
p. m. Deacon John Burin, superinten
dent. On Monday evoning at 7:30 tho
B. Y. P. Union will meet. On Wednesday
ovening al 7 o'clock a general prayor moot
In. M. E. church, Rev. Wm.Fowick, psstor.
Servicos to-morrow at 10:30 a. m. and 0:30
p. m. Tho sacramontof tho Lord's supper
will bo administered in tho morning. In
tho ovening a special sermon will bo
preaohod, by roquest, to tho Jr. O. U. A,
M. Subject: "Patriotism, a Religious
Duty." Sunday school at 2 p m., tobo fob
lowod by thodovotional meotlngof the Ep-
worm iieaguo. Uoneral prayer mooting
'lhursday ovoning at 7:30. Scats froo.
All aro wcleomo.
Kov. W. G. Slonaker, ot Solinsgrovo,
Pa., will preach In tho English Lutheran
church to-morrow at 10:30 a. m. and 0:30
p. m. Sunday school at 1:30 p. m. All
members are requested to bo prosent.
All Saints' Episcopal church, Oak street,
near Main, Bev. Floyd E. West, rector,
Services as follows: Morning prayor and
litany with reading and sermon, 10:30.
.Evening prayer andsormon, 0:30. Sunday
school at 2 p. m. The rector officiatos and
preaches at the morning sorvico on tho
second and fourth Sundays of each month
and ot tho evening service on the first and
third, a lay reader officiating in hisabsonco,
Ebeneze'r Evangelical church. Rev. II,
J. Glick, pastor. Services Sunday at
10 a. m. in Gorman, and 6:30 p. m. in
English. Sunday school at 1:30 p. m,
All aro heartily invited to attond.
P. Mi church, cornor of Jardin and Oak
stroot8. Services. Sunday at 10:30 a. m.
and 0:30 p. m. Sabbath school at 2 p. ra,
Toung Peoples' Christian Endeavor at (
p. m. every Sabbath. Classes meet Tuos
day and Wednesday evenings al 7 o'clock
ana ounaay at u:su a. m. ueneral prayor
meeting Thursday at 7:20 p. m. Et. G,
Russell, pastor.
Froaching in tho Trinity Reformed
church to-morrow morning and ovoning by
tho pastor, Rov. Robert O! Boyle. Every,
body wolcomo.
Welsh Baptist church, cornor Wost nnd
Oak stroets. Rov. D. I. Evans, pastor.
borvicos Sunday at 10 a. m. in Welsh
and 0 p. m. in English. Sunday school at
i p. m. l'rayor meeting on Monday oven
ing, at 7 o'clock. Class meeting on Thurs
day ovoning, at 7 o'clock.
rrcEDytonan cburcb. Preaching at
10:30 a. m. and 0:30 p. ra. by Rev. W.
MuNally. Prayor meeting on Thursday
evening at 7 o'clock. All aro cordially in
Good Looks.
Good looks aro more than skin deep, do
pending upon a healthy condition of all
tho vital organs. If the Livor bo Inactivo.
you have a Bilious Look, if your stomach
bo disordered you have a Dyspeptic look
and if your Kidneys bo affactod you havo
a pinched look. Socuro good health and
you will have good looks. Electric Bitters
is tho great alterative and Tonio acts cil
rectly on thoso vital organs. Cures
Pimples, Blotches, Buils and gives a good
complexion, Sold at O. II, Hagonbuch's
Drug Btoro, bOc. per bottlo.
Ladies, If you want fine writing pape'
and envolopos to match, call on Max
Beose- tf
Lit by Electricity.
Schuylkill Ilaven is now litbv electrlcltv
and is in pace with tho larger towns. The
borough owns the plant and tho ocst to tho
taxpayers will be less than that of tho old
wsy of lighting the town with oil or gas,
and at the samo timo thero will bo no
danger of a combine raising tho price.
"Guide to Health," a valuable book, con
taining (tho indorsements of prominent
physicians in regard to tho "Anchor Pain
Expellor," tho boet known remedy for all
forms of Rheumatic diseaso. . Mailed, freo
of charge, on application to F. Ad. Richtcr
& Co., 310 Broadway, Now York City,
The finest nolo paper and envelopes In
tho country at Max Reese's. tf
Phconlx Pbalr.
Tho Phoenix Iloso Comuanv will hold n
grand fair In Bobbins' opera house, com
mencing on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 1891. It
will bo one of the largest and best fairs oyer
held In this county. 10-11-lf
Hyrup lias beeu termed by arents, whoso
An Early Delicacy.
A sallow faced man, drcssod In faded
and Insufficient garments, with a knot
ted, sandy beard, Bkipped lightly Into a
Danbury dry goods store yesterday after
noon, lie naa nuggea up cloxo to him
in one arm a glass jar with a bit of dingy
muslin over It He wanted to see tho
proprietor, and a clork obligingly pointed
out that gentleman to him, who was
then engaged In the herculean task of
selling a lady half a yard of linen. Tho
stranger stalked up to him.
'Be you tho boss, mlsterr' ho asked,
with a seductive smile.
"Yes, sir. Anything I can do for your
"Yes," said the stranger, carefully de
positing the jar on the counter, and with
an nlr as if the counter had beeu erected
with thi3 object specially In view. "I've
got a prime article of horseradish hero
that I want to sell you.
"I don't want to buy any," said tho
merchant, with a tinge of pettishuess in
his tono.
"It's a prime article, I can tell ye."
"I don't want it."
"But you ain't looked at It, you ain't
tried it," argued the vonder.
"I tell you 1 don't wnnt it."
"You can have it for fifty cents, al
though It's worth seventy-five. I'll dump
it right out in a paper, or I'll leave the
jar and you kin bring it back tomor
row." "I don't want it, I say. Take it away,"
demanded the merchant, flushing slight
ly In the face.
"Don't you git in a hurry, bos3," per
suasively urged the proprietor of the
condiment. "You don't git such horse
radish as this everyday, I kin inform ye.
I growed tho roots that came from my
self, by jickeyt I growed 'em back of'a
barn, an 1 took as much care of their
cultivation as if they had been my own
flesh and blood. Why, I've got up in tho
dead of night with n lantern, and went
out back of that bam an tucked them
up, as it were. An I said to my ole wom
an, sez I, 'Ole woman, them roots will
go to make glad the heart of a merchant
prince,' sez I, an here they be, grated up
an ready for tho table. What do you
"I say, as I said before, that I don't
want yonr stuff, and I want yon to take
It away from here at once," said the mer
chant, who had now become very rod In
tho face.
"Stuff r -ejaculated the man, with a
start, while his eyes watered and hla
under lip trembled.' "Stuff 1 Yon call
that Btuff that which grew right be
hind my own barn, an which haa had a
lantern above it in the dead of night
grated up by my own hands, an with a
pint of the best cider vinegar in the
country dancing through its veins you
call it stuff, do you? an you stand right
Here an in tho broad light of day declare
that none of that horseradish will fresco
your cold meat, an set up before your
children like a thing of beauty? All
right." (He gathered tho jar up in his
arm again.) "You can't have this horse
radish now. Von needn't whimper for
It. Not a word from you," he added,
with as much earnestness as if tho mer
chant had dropped on his knees and was
agonizingly begging for a hopeless favor.
"You ain't got money enough in your
hull store to buy a grain of It Yon
shouldn't git as much as a smell of it if
you was to git right down on your snoot
an howl till you were cracked open.
Uosh duin me!" he suddenly shouted,
"I'll go out on the boundless prairio an
eat every bit of it myself, if it bnrns a
hole clean through me as big as a tun
nel, an sets the prairio afire an devas
tates tho land."
And with this terrific threat he strode
gloomily away in search of a prairio.
J, At BAimr.
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
Tho Beet Salvo in tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Soros, Tettor, Cbarped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no payment requirod.
It is guaranteod to give perfect satisfaction,
or money rofundod. Prico 23 cents por
box. For falo by O. II. Uagenbuch.
Tho paintors havo finished tboir work of
painting tho M. E. church and right well
has tho work been dono. Tho scaifolding
was takor. down yesterday.
From Tho Nation's Capitol.
Mr. A. N. Hnzen, Wanhlugton, p, (J., says:
The Fhuioih lted 1'iag Oil. Is a rerlect family
medlcluu, anil hug ue equal lor ltheumntlsra,
Neurnlsla, bpralus. Cms, Burns, nnd nil
bodily pain. rrloeiSceuts, At Klrlln's drug
Buroblll's Bestaurant.
Charles Buichill is now located at corner
of Main and Coal stroets, ShenMidoah,
Regular meals, at popular prices, sorvod
any time. Ladios1 dining and refreshment
rooms atlachod. 0-M-tf
Frosted feet may be cured in ono or two
daj-B by the uso ol Halvatton Oil, the gnut
A fine stock of guns and amunitlon for
sale choap at Max Reese's. 10-21-tf
A Surprise.
Keop your eyo on this local. Kagey,
tho I'holographor, will havo his new open
ing in a few days an J wdl havo something
interesting that will turprlsatho ppopla. Jf
Tho Tattlo of tho Tattlers Timoly
Taken and Told Typograplcally
In a Taatoful and Tempt
ing Tono.
Tho road ol tho newspaper man Is, in'
doed a rough one especially at tho prosent
A Herald reporter scoured tho town to
day for nows, but failed, to find any. All
of tho Justices of tho Peaco .wear a most
mournful aspect. "Nothing doing," said
ono, "Politics form tho bulk of all movablo
things just now. Thank goodness Tuesday
win ena tno agony ana give tho poor
'squires a chanco to, got in a bill of costs."
A party of local Democratic politicians
wont down tho valley to-day to spend a fow
dimos in Girardvillo and Ashland. They
returnod smiling, bnt it is rumorod that the
results will not develop according to their
Assistant District Attornoy Shay was in
town to-day. Ho' said, 'Potttvillo will
give Judgo Ureon l.oOO majority. Tho
Indopondont Democratic Committee is
doing excellent work throughout tho
county. Tho report that thoso gontlomon
aro not in earnest is absurd."
It is a nico thing for tho iriends of a can
didate for a judgeship to bo promising kegs
ot beer.
So that all may know tho fact: Candl
due for Judge, George J. Wadlingor, is
marriod to a Wolsh woman. Tho friends
of Mr. Wadlingor scorn very anxious that
this should bo impressed upon tho minds of
tho Wolsh voters of tho county. I soo no
objection to helping to impress the fact, but
would say that If Georgo J. Wadlingor is
e'ectcd judgo his wifo will not prosido at
It is said that "Jim" Smith, of town:
would not obiect to accepting a deputy
sheriUshlp. "Jim," in this case is quito
wiso. Should ho eay ho wanted a deputy-
ship wo thould bo tempted to criticizo him
Tho man who seeks a judgeship and his
tactics should bo dignified, Tbo office is
ono of dignity.
Harry McGinnis was In town to-day.
Harry is in tho race and will bo ablo to ro
port on Tuesday.
Got tho Genuine.
If you suffer with lamo back, especially
in morning, Allccck's Plastors aro a sure
If you cannot sloep, try an Allcock
Plaster, woll up between tho shoulder
blade often relieves sometimes cures.
Try this boforo you resort to opiates.
If Bny of your muscles are lamo Joints
stiff feel as if they want oiling or if you
suffer with any local pains or aches, these
plastors will cure you.
If you use them onoo you will realize
why so many platters bavo been made in
Imitation of them. Like all good things,
they aro copiod as closely as the law allows.
Don't to duped by taking an Imitation
when it as easy to get the genuine.
If you always insist upon having All
oock's Porus Platters and never acoept a
substitute, you wi 1 not be disappointed. 3t
Special Sermon.
By epsolal request of Major Jennings
Council, No. 807, Jr. O. U. A. M., of
town, Rev. Wm. Powick, of the itothoditt
Episcopal church, will deliver a special
sermon to-morrow evening, tho subject
being: "rutrlotitm, a Boligious Duty."
Tho organization will attend the ohurch In
a body, Tho largo congregations thst at
tond this church un Sundays to hear tho
ablo pastor, is evklcnco of tho treat In storo
fur the un in tors of the Jr. O, U. A. M.
to-morrow ovoning.
David James tpent yesterday In Allen-town.
222VTtltlM of town, will
Vote for Grogg and Morrison.
I'hoS'news gang not having anything
olso to do, havo gono into tho business of
circulating campaign documents.
Whonevor thero is any doubt of Demo
cratic success the German Club of town
comes to tho rescue
"Farmer" Tildon la rather a ploasant
looking man, but ho knows more of politics
than farming. Next week ho may know a
great deal more of Pennsylvania politics.
Every year tho Democrats howl against
corporation enndidates. This year they
aro dumb as oystors. They have a corpora
tion candidate in Mr. W right.
Get out tho Republican voto.
Ohildron Enjoy
The ploasant flavor, gontlo action and
soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when in
neod of n laxativo, and if tho father or
mother bo costivo or bilious tho most grat
ifying results follow its use, so that it Is tho
best family remedy known and every
family should havo a bottle.
William, tho son of 'Squiro nugh
Thomas, of South Wost street, diod yester
day, aged 17 years and 0 months. Ilohad
been ill for tomo timo. Funeral will tako
place at St Clair on Monday, leaving town
on tho 0:15 a. m. Pennsylvania train.
Tho funeral of tho lato John Whomsloy,
who died at Chicago, 111., on Thursday,
will tako placo in town on Monday, at 3
p. m. Tho remain! will bo intorrod in tho
Odd Follows' coinotery.
Look Out lor Bargain's.
J. Cofl'eo is in Now York City, whero
ho is purchasing! an immonso stock of
clothing, dry goods and notions which .ho
will ell at ;bottom-rcck pricos. Don't
fall to visit his stores on South Main street
and inspect this stock. People in soarch of
bargains will find thom thero. Everything
will bo ontiroly now. Go oarly and get
first choice 10-20-31
Letter List.
Tho following loiters remain uncalled for
in tho Shonandoah, Schuylkill county, Pa.,
post office, October 31, 1891 :
Hecker Cathf rlne
Bird Mrs. W. V.
Calfmsn Yetllo
Btroust Florence
Parties calling for advortisod letters
should ploaso say "advortisod." Ono cent
will bo charged on all advertised lottors.
II. O. Boykr, P. M.
Night School Notice.
Tho ovoning schools will bo opened in
the Union, White and Lloyd stroets school
buildings on Monday ovoning, November
2, at 7 o'clock. Pupils will bo admitted,
without tickets, to tho samo schools thoy at
tended last year. Tho school hold in tho
Centro street building last year will bo
transferred to loom No. 12, in tho Lloyd
street building. Now applicants for ad
mission enn procuro tickets at the superin
tendent's office, Main street building, at
0:30 o'clock Monday ovoning. Hy order of
10-20-3t Evbniko School Comsiittee.
Stationary packages, S and 10 cents each,
at Max Beoso's. tf
Tho "Hookies" Anniversary.
On Tuesday ovoning, next, tho Rotcuo
nook & Ladder Company, of town, will
celobrato its sovontoenlh annivoreary. A
supper will bo hold in tho house of tha
company, the Grant Cornet Band will bo
prosent to rondor somo of its oxcollent
music, and tho festivities will closo with a
Pronounced Hopeless, Yot Saved.
From a letter written by Mrs. Ada E.
Hurd, of Groton. S. D,, we quote: "Woa
takon with a bad cold, which settled on
my Lungs, cough sot in and finally termi
nated in Consumption. Four doctors gavo
mo up.saying 1 could live but a short timo.
I gayo myself up to my Saviour, deter
mined if I could not stay with my iilonds
on eartb, I would meet my absent ones
abovo. My luuhand was advised to get
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Colds. I gayo It a trial,
took in all, eight bottles; it has cured mo,
and thank God I am now a well and boarty
woman." Trial bottles freo at O. II. Ha-
genbuck'g drug store, regular size, 60c. and
A fine stock of guns and amunitlon for
sale cheap at Max Beoio's. 10-21-tf
Four tintypes for 26 cents, at Dabb's. tf
Tor Breakfast ?
A Mackoral?
Wo havo 'em.
White and fat.
Bright and sweot.
JSTo oil. No rust,
ilb, Hb, lib, li lfclb,

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