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So Said Special Immigration
Commissioner Schultois.
He (Jams Over DUgulsed a an Immigrant,
and Makoa Grave Charges.
AUpeimI Immorality Aiming thn Stearns
I'apniiiHr-ClHlm Hair of HiemAro
Pimpuri-TliH Churzoa Could Not !
Sustained, mill limy Were Let Oo A
Mlnlitnr Tlirnntnm to llrllifr Suit.
Nrw York, Nov. 17. H. .T. Schultois,
tlio last nf the specinl commission sont
to Kuropo by President Harrison to
study immigration matters, returnod
yesterday. He came in tlie steerage of
the Servia disguised an an Immigrant,
and created a llvoly scene at the barge
ofllco by making grave charges con
cerning tlio characters of Immigrants
and incidentally volunteering to glvo
Colonel Weber somo logal Information.
Mr. Schulteis, enveloped in a long coat,
was approached In tho steerage at quar
antine early in tho morning by Colonel
lMo ol tho Uontrnct Labor Bureau. Mak
ing himself known, he was allowed to
dopnrt, but sent word to Colonel Weber
to hold all the immigrants, nnd that ho
Would appear about iioon to mako
The people were accordingly held, but
It was within a few minutes of II when
Mr. Schulteis put in an appearanco
wearing a bland smile nnd a silk hat. A
groat crowd of people wero huddled
around the entrance waiting tho dis
charge of tlie now arrivals. They wore
relatives anil frlondsof tho Immigrants.
At 2:30 several of the boldest in tho
crowd went to Col. Wober, asking that
thoy bo allowed to toko their wives
wny. Ho yielded and then decided to
jto on with tlio examination, not wait
ing any longer for Mr. Schulteis. When
Hr. Schulteis did appear he seemod sur
prised that any of the steerage pas
sengers had been allowed to land.
"More than half of those people aro
paupors," he said, "and at least one of
the women is nn unfit character to bo
allowed to go."
There wore 225 in nil thirty-olght
lielng Hobrows and 187 Swedes and Nor
wegians. "Well," returnod Col. Wober, "pick
out those whom you know to bo so and
mako your charges. "
"Nearly all of them have propald
tickets," said Mr. Schulteis, "which is
strong ovidonco that they are paupers
assisted hero."
''On tho othor hand," replied tho
Colonel, "It ispresumptivo evidonce that
thoy have frlonds nnd relatives in this
country who are ready and able to look
after them. Over CO por cent, of tho
Immigrants coming hero have prepaid
Mr. Schultois soloctoda numbor of the
pooplo. They were closely exnmlnod nnd
found to be very worthy people, who
either hnd comfortable sums of money
with thorn or well-to-do relatives who
wero ready to vouch for them. In fact
every caso that Mr. Schulteis pointed out
readily passed tho examination required
by law. Then Mr. Shulteis pointed to a
Swedish woman named Petersen, 18
years of age, and made a gravo charge
against her. Suo Is a handsome young
woman, woll-drossod and modest-look -Ing.
She indignantly douted tho charges,
with tears In her eyes. Colonol Weber
Tooelvod hor nlHduvlt and allowed her to
In the meantime tho llev. A, B. Lilja,
pastor of a Swedish church who looks
after tlie interests ot immigrants irom
his country, took the girl's statomont.
The young woman Is on hor way to
Manistee, Miolt., where relatives aro lo
cate d.
Mr. Schulteis turned to Col. Weber
with disgust and said the lnws ought to
Vmr all the people he plokod out. Ho
then commenced, the Colonol says, to
quote tho law fur the benout of the
Barge Ollloe official.
"1 told him," Bald the Colonel after
ward, "that when I desired Informallon
on legal matters I should ask some one
who was posted nnd not Mr, Schulteis,
who was palb.ibly ignorant." Wlien
Mr. Sahiiltels was seen he said ho would
make his statement at tho meeting of
the Immigration Commissioners.
"Colonel Wober," ho said, "cau in
vito representatives from all tho. nows
papers to be present, Thon tho pooplo
will know what I have to say about tho
Colonel Weber said that Mr. Sohultols
would not bo allowed to take up tlie
time of tho other commissioners with
any hnranguo. The object of tho meet
ing Is to agree upon the basis of a re
port to be sent to Washington, giving
the result of tlie oommlsslon's labors in
Europe. Mr. Schulteis, it is said, repre
sents, oris supposed to represent, somo
section of tho labor organization ele
ment. He lives in Washington, and has
lield a minor poaltlou in tho Treasury
Pastor Lilja says ho will coraraonco n
civil action against Mr. Sohultols on be
half ot tho girl, charging him with defa
mation of character.
Murdervr I'urks Hold for Trial.
Nwahk, N. J., Nov. 1.7 Alfrod
Parks, the young Englishman who
killed his wife iu their rooms Sunday,
was brought before Justice l'relsel, In
tho Fourth preolnot polkw court, and
committed tor trial without bail Parks
refused to make any statement and was
as oool as a ouuumber throughout the
whole proceedings, and the court room
was crowded with friends of the dead
Hull bull WHr Will Continue.
Borrow, Nov. 17. President Prince
of the Association team says there will
be no consolidation with the Leaguo
eluhs In this olty and Philadelphia ex
oept on equal nnd satisfactory terms to
both the Heds and tlie Athletics. TIiIb
the League managers are not willing to
grant nnd tho war will probably bo con
tinued through tha seuson ot "J3.
The Nw York agenoy ot tho Nevada
DnnkTot Sun FraucUco will close ou
Dec. 1.
Tho Board of Governors ot tho Ama
teur AUiletto Union of tho V in tod States
met In 'v w i'.Tk yestorduy
An unknown man, abqut 20 years of
ago was struck by a West Shore pas.
senger train at Eut Rochester and la-
EDI3Qri"HA8 A RIVAL. .' '
Dr. llorlf-s Perfects an Ulectrlcnl lnven
tlon for Magnifying Bound.
S.voiiomikH, Wash., Nov, 17. Mr. Edi
son Will have to look to his lauroli la
view of a niorvollous olectrical inven
tion which has been made hero rivaling
tho work ot tho wisard of Menlo Park.
The inventor is Dr. William Horiei,
who has worked for ten years on the In
vention. 'iho main featuro of tho instrument Is
its power of magnifying sound. It Is
something tike a stethoscopo, nnd is
being uel to sound tho pulsations ot
tho heart.
The buttery which runs the machine
Is In four cups, which are sufficient to
Ntrongly clinrge it with electricity.
Polar batteries transmit the electricity
from tho battery cups to the machine,
which is very Blmplo in appearance,
seeming to bo only a sounding board, a
foot square, with two carbons attached
to the wire that connect with the battery
on one side and with tho earphono wires
on the other.
If a watch Is plnccd on the sounding
board, or if tho sounding board is
placed on tho chest of nn Individual, tho
machine will greatly magnify tho tick
ing of tho watch or the banting ot tho
If one talks or coughs ngalnst the
board their voice will be groatly magni
fied. If a finger be rubbed over one of
tho screws or on tho sound board it will
emit a sound through tho earphone Hke
tho buzz of a sawmill.
Whonovor friction is produood by rub
bing on tlio board or by tho vibration of
sound a continuous nnd brilliant light
is produced between tho two carbons.
This wonderful maoliluo can bo con
nected with any telephone system, nnd
it will greatly aid physicians In exam
ining tlioir pntiants when thoy cannot
visit thorn in person.
Dr. Dories mado ovory part of this
wonderful mnchine with his own hands,
and expects to Improve It by making It
smaller and loss cumbersome. IIo has
christened it the "stotophone."
Tlio Collector Vf in Wronir.
Bosto.v, Nov. 17. Tho Supremo Court
of the United States has reversed tho
decision ot the Circuit Court here, and
aet asldo the ruling of tho Collector of
Customs In the caso of the American
Not and Twine Company. Plaintiffs im
ported somo twine which was classed by
tho collector as llnon thread. The firm
brought suit in tho Circuit Court,
claiming that tho twino should be
classed as gllling twino. The Circuit
Court, upheld the ruling of tho collec
tor and tho case was taken to the Su
preme Court, which holds that tha
Importation li gllling twine and sub
ject to 15 per cent. Toss duty thnn as
sessed. Moro thun $100,000 are involved
1 n tho case.
Penoo Congress Adjourned.
Rome, Nov. 17. Tho Peace Congress
adjourned yesterday, after resolving
thnt all questions but ween the powers
should be decided by arbitration. Dele
gate Howard earnestly urged that nn
appeal bo mado to all Christians to pre
vent war, but the appeal was voted
down, apparently bocauso It was con
fined to Christians.
KIIL.it liy lullll.c CokI.
WiLKBSnARUE, Pa., Nov. 17. By n
fall of coal In tho Clour Spring Collie ry,
at West Plttston, James Sherldau and
Joseph Cologliisy lost their lives. Thoy
woro caught under the falling mass and
wero taken out dead. .
Smallpox Is opldomlo In Goorgln.
Steamer liio Janeiro sailed for Hong
Kong, having ou board -1UU Chinamen,
who will not bo legally entitled to re
turn to tho United States.
A plot for a wholosulo jail dollvery was
spoiled by a watohful snurllr at Indian
apolis Klgbt Hues saws wero iniion
from prisoners Inst night.
Argument in tho cases Involving tho
constitutionality of tho Anti-Lottery law
in the Supremo Court ot tho unltod
States will be concludud to-duy.
Nows from Urazil continuos to bo of a
I conilioting oliaractor, official dispatches
saying that tho country 13 quiet, while
private telegrams toll ol secessions uuu
Weather Indications.
WBiiiNQTof. Nov. 17. For Now England:
Southerly winds threatening weather and
ruin; colder to-night nad to-morrow, witli
probable snow.
lor liutero Now York, Bastoni Ponnsyl-
vanla. New Jomcy, Maryland una uoia
ware: Clouly weather nnJ ruin; oolaer to
night: probably rain or snow to-morrow.
Vor Wiwtorn New York, ostorii Pounsylva
nliu Coldon uorthorly winds with cold wave;
ruin, turning into snow, col Jo r weather with
local showers to-morrow.
nj:v vomt siaukuts.
New Yoiik, Nov. 10. Money on call easy at
4 und 6 per cent.
t 8, nor m
t s, Coup , 11U
B. JIUff All
(1 S, lOUIll til
SalurU ly.
CanadUa Paolno.., Myi
Central l'uoinc 38
Cbloaxo. Itur. AQotooy Utu,
Dataware & lliulsun I-5?S
Del. Lack. & Western lUMt
ISrle mi
Brio pref
Lake Shore 12:i
Louis & Smh.... 77(4
MlahUan Contra! 10 IW
Missouri I'aulfle..., W2
Now Jersey uutral IIS
North wosteru Ui
Oregon Navlvntlon 7U
raomo iau ou
IlwidlnK. mi
lloolt Jslai
lfnnk Islalid.
Bt Paul
Bt Paul ion !
Union Paolfle , 4oU 40U
Wiwturu Umoo. mi Mil
WheatMarket opined waak and unohangal
throuuhout dav. No. 2. red winter clood
10OK', Deo.. lOtiVl: Jan. 110
CornMarket opened weak and closed wpak
cr. No. V., mixed, 71 Nov., 6U; Duo., &0rf
Jan.. 67M.
OaU-Murket duU, No, a, rolled, 38a.38Mi
Creauiepy, State & Penn., extras. SO aa20)o.
InaiDHrjr, western, (lrtl. M o.a'.'7 c,
Creiuioiy, eUM-ii, wounds 23 au2t o.
Btute Ualrx, h. f. tubs, extras... ,30 c-a37 o.
Btute faotory. fulloroam, Sept. fancy. , alOM
Btato fuctury, full cieiun., iOaldu
Btato faotory, full crcuui, Uuu lu
Htsteftti i iry, fult cream, goo j;to piluie ial I'.I
btato lnot .ry, waluioa to fair B4 uulj
Spring chlokcus, ch ioo, largo per bl. ulU
Buring chlciifruL prime ,,. .HHaiH
Fowls. Jersey, State It Pa per lb. ... 14 ulS4
Dttusxu l'OULTlir
mlx'Jd weights, por In, ,, .11 al'J
libs, to pair... 20
t I HDVciikl.. l'Llln.. aalbs. anal...aa mil
. of llic Se.llnnimr Mmitotllm In n Gale
Hi Iviko Url. k " (
Bhik, Pa,, Nov. V?. The steamer
Ohemung, Captain Wnltsr . llphfnson,
reached this port at noon yesterday and
reported the loss ot tho schooner Mont
calm, together with her onptnlu; crew of
six men and a woman cook,-In Lnko
Erie early in the morning, but a dii
patch from Selkirk stntas that all hands
wore rescued at 1 o'clock.
Tho disaster occurred about 20 miloi
from Erie and 15 miles northeast of
Long Point, Canada.
Tho Chomung was within hailing dis
tance of the sinking vessel about 3:30
o'clock in tho morning, but the wind
was blowing n gale und all ollorts to
throw tho lino to tho dock ot tho Mont
calm were futile. In attempting to ren
dor assistance tha Chemung lost her
rudder nnd might also have boon lost
had not a passing vessel picked hor up
and towed into this port. Tlio Montcalm
was hnlf full ot wator when tho signal
ot distress was first sighted, and sank
Tho vessel was an old woodon affair,
257 tons burden, built in 1857, and of
little value. She was engaged in the
umber trado.
Her principal owner was Charles H.
Blakosio, of Kochestor, N. Y.
IIo Will rrolmlily Appoint n Now Secre.
tnry of Wiiroii Ills ltntut'ii.
Washington, Nov. 17. Tho Presi
dent hns gone duck shooting. It is ex
pected that ho will return prepared tc
announce his now Secretary of War to
the Cabinet at tho meeting on Friday.
'J hero are reasons to bcllovo that he
may have chanced his mind as to the
ditto of making the public announce
ment for tho appointment to that olllco.
Lx-Secretary Proctor has announced
privately thnt he will bo in Washington
this week or the first of next.
If the Callfornlnns could agree upon n
man lor tho place tlio appointment
would probably como from thnt State,
but such an agreement sooras improba
ble, and it Is believed thnt ox-Governor
Cheney of Isow Hampshire will bo the
Tlio ltnport Thnt Italy lfns Rout an Ul-
tlliiutum (lonoraltr DtRcreilttiM!.
Washington, Nov. 17. Minister Por
ter did not call at tho Department ol
State yostorday. Ho was granted leave
of absence with permission to visit the
United Stntes, bo his visit to Washing
ton Is regarded to have no special signi
ficance, as It Is customary for Ministers
on their return from abroad to call and
pay their respects to tho Secretary of
btato and receive any Instructions he
may wiih to givo them.
tlie Department of Stato has bad no
correspondence with tho Italian govern,
ment in conuootion with tho Now Or.
lenns nltair for some time, and the
rumor thnt Italy has sont an ultimatum
is generally discredited bore.
Sweeping Clinnges In Article of Fnltll.
New Yoiuc. Nov. 17. The Bnoclal
meeting ot tho Presbytery of Now York
to consider tho report of tho General
rVssombly Commltteo on the proposed
lievlslon of Faith, and also tho recom-
meudations of tho local committee
thereon, mot yesterday. Whilo both
of tho above committees have suggested
somo radical changes, thoy woro not
sweeping enough for the majority of the
members ot tho
local i'rosnytery. in
their desire to be rid o the slightest
tendency toward the support o
t tho old
Calviuiatlc article of faith, that ot
doctrine of sovcrlgn protoritlon, eternal
fore-ordination of everlasting death, tho
entire confossion wns carefully scanned
nud ovory syllable upon which a .con
struction might be placed suggesting
thlsdoctrluc, was carotully expunged.
Woman's Iliiartiii(int at the Fair
Boston, Nov. 17. At the afternoon
session of the Woman's CUrlstlau Tom
perauoe Union, Mrs. Potter Palmer, of
.! ! r.., -V t 1 T ...In
L,uioaBo, ou r uuu u. i.o J
MnnitKors of the orld's lair, dolivorod
nn adJress in which Blio nsKou tho co- j t ,e Mahanoy City, Shenandoah, Ulrardvlilo
operation of woman all overXho country , '"id Asnlacd Railway Company the rliihtto
uim.iin,. ih nuiii nviiiiiit nt t li a 1 build nud operate an electric rail way ou cor
iuJninklnK the women s oxhllilt at tha . ulll RireeUju the ijnrouirh of Shenandoili,"
fair somethtnt; that they may feel proud u u ordained, y the Town Council of the
of. Mrs. I'almer announced thnt it had , Horough of Hhenandoali, and it Is hereby or
l,Bn dflclded that there would bo no . darned hy the authority of the same, that the
sepnrato woman s ueiiarimuui., uui moi
, . - . ..... .I..,
tholr exhibits wouiu ue uispiuyeu in
company with those of tho men.
The l-'nmlly Hummer.
Thoro is ono thing no family pretends
to do without that Is a hammer. And
yot thero is nothing that goes to mako
up tlie oqulptnent of a domestic estab
lishment that causes ono-half ns much
agony nnd profunity as a haininer. It Is
always an old hammer, with a handle
that is Inclined to sliver and always
bound to slip. Tlie faco is ns round us a
full tnoou und as smooth ns glass. When
it strikes a nnil full and square, which it
has been known to do, tho act will bo
found to result from a combination of
pure accidents. Tho family hammer is
one of tlioso rare articles wo nover profit
by. When it glides off a nail head and
mashes down a couple of fingers wo un
liMtitiitimrlv dennait It in thn vuril nnd
observe thnt we will never use it again.
j But the blood has hardly dried on tho
rag before wo aro outdoors in search of
' that hammer and ready to mnke another
l tra 'l'10 result rarely varies, but we
never profit by it. The awfnl weapon
. goea on knocking oft our nails and mash
' ing whole joints and slipping off tho
handle to tlie confusion of mautol orna
I niouU and breaking tho commandments
' and cutting up an assortment of as-
, tounding and unfortunato antics with'
out let or hindrance. And yet we put
up with it, and put the handle on again,
and lay it away where it won't get lost,
and do up our mutilated aud smarting
I fingers; and yet, if tho outrageous tiling
j should happen to disappear wo kick up
a regular hullabaloo until it is found
ugain. Talk about the tyrannizing influ
enco of a bad habit! It is not to be com
pared to the family hammer,
I J. AI. Bailey,
I Am an Old Man.
I H)iallbe79 years of age next June, and for
tb last six years have iullered from general
Debility hlu old ago. At times J could uotgot
nutoi bed wliliout help. I commenced to
tune Sulphur llltteis. In a week I ft-li stronger
anduota mlebtr fine annellto. I mill con
tinued their use, and today I walked over
three miles without ftellnir tired, fc.runtlil.ic 1
) haven I done In five years before. Sulphur
Hitlers Is a right smart medlclnn Qcorgt
xirouTi, ACMVC,
1 worn enoutbrth Crncnai
defies all
honest competition. Economical.
Obtainable of ;
For tlio Murder of tlio Ureters.
WibKraiumtE, Pa., Nov. 17. James
Gallagher, Joseph Kvelnnd and J. A.
Gallagher woro lodged In jail la-it night,
charged with the murder of tho two
Kestor brothors at Sybertsvllle, six years
ago. Damaging ovldenco has boon se
cured against tho prisoners.
Low water at Augusta, Mo., hns ob
liged the eleutrlc light compauy to shut
Tho United States stoamor Newark
will sail for tho Charleston Navy Yard
Hon Nathan Matthews, jr., was re
nominated for Mayor by tha Democratic
City Commltteo of Boston.
The second national convention of the
United Garment Workers' Union ol
North America Is lu session at Boston.
Tho Snndwlch (N. ID Savings Bank
has closed Its doors after a long strug
gle, the effect ot unfortunate Invest
ments. A largo boarding house In Bntavla was
destroyed by fire yesterday morning.
John Gross, a boarder, was sullocatod
in his room nnd burned to death.
Thomas Donning, a hired man, yes
terday Tccovored damages of $3,800 from
George W. Gould, of Newtonville, Mass.,
In his suit for Injuries recolvod by the
careless tying of two ladlors by Gould,
The wrong way,
with Catarrh, is to stop it without
curing it. Tlio poisonous, irrita
ting snuffs, strong caustio solutions,
"creams," balms and tho liko may,
perhaps, palliate fca a time. But
thoy may drive tfiflRliscaso to tho
lungs. Tho wrong way is full of
Tho right way is a proved one.
It's with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Rem
edy. It cures, perfectly and per
manently, by its mild, soothing,
cleansing and healing properties,
tho worst cases of Chronic Catarrh.
It has proved itself right, thou
sands of times, when everything
plso has failed.
And this makes its proprietors
willinrir to nrovo that it's tho ricrht
' f . l,,
your caso or of how long standing,
If thoy can't euro your Catarrh,
they'll pay you $500 in cash.
They mean it.
Thoy'ro certain of their medi
AN ORDINANCE to amend an ordl
naive passed ou tbolrd day of February, A,
). lwii.'outitled "An Ordinance con erring on
I'luiutiiiwui nuuuuiuuui ueivwiuiu i'iu
ordlnanceof sdd borough heretofore passed
, ,be third day of February, A. D, 1891, re-
ltitlnir to "An ordinance conferring on the
'Mahanoy I'lty, bhenandoah, Ulrnrdvll!ea"d
Abhland Street Hallway Company' tho right
to nniin anu opernio an electric rauwuy oa
certain btrects lu tho 13orow;h of Bncpan
doah," be
Amended, Ann is hereby amenaeauy cuang.
u a the words ' llanee rail" In wild ordinance
to tbewoids Trail." and that the said ordi
nance be
hirthermore Amended, And 1i hereby
umendod oy changing theguageol track lu
saia oruiuauco inun nvo ;eei two ana oue
lml f Inches (5ft. 2.111.1 to the imaeo of four feel
eight and one-half Indies (4 It ln.).
J'rovid'd, That the said "ilahanoy City.
Shenandoah, Glrardvllle And AHiland Street
Hallway company," within twelve(X2jmontns
move the said "Trail" and substitute the
11.1114 IIIDWUU'IVUIIU Ul N1IU l.llinUIi Blia.l IU1
"lUUiorall" ir the said "T ralf'sball prove to
be UDRit Ulaotory and unacceptable to the said
'lowu uouncii: ana
J'rwiilril J'vrJhermore, That the' sold "Ma.
hanoy ClIy.Bhonaadoah.nirnrdvllleand Asb
land Htrcet ltullwnv Comnanv" shall accent
the provisions of this oidlnauce within tvu
(101 davs from the uasmtre thereoi.
miHcit a nnu passea into an orainauco at
BliPnandoali. Pa . the fifth day ol November.
A. 1). QABIjE,
Pres. of Town Council
JA8. 11. LES3IO,
Chief llurgess,
ll.12.10t Town Clerk.
Justice of the Peace,
Deeds, Leases, Mortgages and bonds written,
Marriage licenses and legal claims
promptly attended to,
Real Estate, Collection and Insurance Ageupy
General Fire Insurance Iluslness, Ilepresents
the Northwestern 1,1 fo Insurance Co.
Orvicic-Muldoon's building, corner Centre
and West HU., Bhenandoah, Pa.
Oaod Properties of All Kinds For Sale,
1. A two story double frame dwelling house
storeand restaurant, on East Centre Ht.
2. A dwelling and restaurant on East Centre
3. Desirable property on earner Centre and
jarum streets, suitable tor business pur
4. A two story double frame dwelling, on
w out, Liioyu siren.
5 Two 2-story frame dwellings on West Cen
tre street.
8. Two 2 story dwellings on the corner of
Coal and Chestnut streets Htore room In
7. Two-story single house on North Chestnut
street with a large warehouse at the rear,
8. Three two-story double frame buildings
curperoi uuiyu ami iiiwri BLreeis.
1 i'&E$feM
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
NOV 15, 1891
Passenger trains will leave Hhenandoah for
MauchJJhunfc, Lehlgbton, Blatlngton, Cata
irauqna, Allenlown, Bethlehem, Enston, Phil
tAt. --
For Uelvldere, Delaware Water Gap and
Sirourlsbnrgat5.47, a. m., and 5.2(1 p. in.
For Lnmbertvllle and Trenton, 9.08 a. ta
For White Haven, Wllkcsdlarre and Pitta
ton at7, 9.08, 10.41 a. m., 3.10 and 52B p. m.
ForTnnshaonoce, 10.41a. m 3.10 and 5.26
p. m.
For Auburn. Ithaoa, Geneva nnfl and Lyont
10.41 a. ra an 6.2S p. m.
FnrLacpjvllle,'.rowanda, Bayre, Waverly,
Klmlra, Itonhoster, Buflalo, Nlacara Falls
Chicago and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,and
5.20 p. m.
For Klmlra and the West via Salamanca at
8.10 p.m.
For Audenrled, llazleton, Htocfcton, lotm.
her Yard, Weathorly and Penn Haven Juno
tlonat6.i;,7.40,8,O8a. m.and 12.62, 3.10 and
5.2M p. m.
For Jeanesvllle, Levlston and Heavei
Meadow, 7.40, B.W a. m. and 5.28 p. m.
For fcScrauton at 5.47 DOS, 10.41a. m. 8,10 and
5:2rt p. m.
For Haxle Brook. Jeddo, Drlflon and Free
land at 5.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41 a. m 12.52 3.10 and
5.26 p. m.
For ljunkafce at 6.47 and 9.08 a. m and
3.10 p. m.
For Wlgsans, Gllbertou and Fracltvlllo at
.!) and u.08 a. m,, and 4.10 p, ra.
For Yatosvllle, Mahanoy City and Dalann
5.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41, a. m., 12.52, 3.10,5.20, 8,03,
nnd 10.27 p.m.
For Lost Creek, 31rardvtlle and Ashland
1 27, 7.48,8.52, 10.15 H. m., 1.00,1.40,4.10, 8.35
s.lOand 8.11 p. m.
For Dark water, 8t. Clair and PotUvlile.
7.40, 9.08, 10.D8 a. ra.. 12.62, 3.10, 4.10, 5.2S and 8.K
i. m.
For Knelt Mountain, New Boston and
Morea, 7.4'J, 9.08, 10.58 a. n,., 12.52, 3.10, 5.28 and
For Kaven Ban, Central la, Mt. Carmel and
Hhatnokln, 8.62, and 10.15 a. in., 1.40, 4.40
nd 8.00 p.m.
Trains leave Hharaokln for Bhenandoah,
7.55 11.51 a. m., 2.10, 4.30 and 9JJ0 p. m., arriving
at Hheaandoah, 9.05 a. ra., 12.32. 3.10. 6.28 and
11.15 p.m.
For liost Creek, Glrardvllle and Ashland,
.50,9.10 11.35a.m.,2.45p. m.
For Uarkwater. Ht. Clair and Poltsvllle,
.V, 8.00, 930 a . m, 2.45 p. m.
For Yatosvllle, Mahanoy City and Delano,
(.OO, 11.35 a. m., 1.40, 4.40, 6.03 p. m.
For Liofty, Audenrled and Hazleton, 8.0C
m 1:40 p. m:
For Maueb Chunk. Lehlgbton, Sltllngton,
Catasanq.ua, Allentown, licthletiem, Kaator
and New Y'ork, 8.00 a. m., 1.40 p. m.
For Philadelphia, 1.40 p. m.
Uen'l Pass. Art.. Iletlilth im.
We are making a big drive In fur
niture, but; malicious desire Is not its
object. Wo desire to dispose of a large
surplus stock, and propose to give our
patrons the benefit of some extraordi
nary bargains.
J. P.Williams & Bra,
South main St.,
SHE 2sTJ.1srjD O -A-IKE.
Capital, $100,000.00.
V. Leisenring, Pres.,
P. J. Fetyuson, V. Pres.,
J. R. Lei'senrmq, Cashier,
9. W. Yost, Ass' t Cashier.
Open Dally Prom 9 to 3.
Pnlcl ou BnvittiCH Deposits,
People's Oyster Bay !
12 E. Centre St., Sliciiaudonli
CHAS. C. GUISE, Props.
Iliw, Btewed, Scalloped, I'annedor
Fried to order. Families supplied
at their house with the best oysters
All Orders Promptly Filled.
First National Bank
Philadelphia and Reading Eailroad
' J.me an( n effeet A'or. IB, 1891
For New Vnrir rla Pfiltnrtihi Vriuva
2.10 5.35. 7.50 . m. una 12 35 2.50 ana Sit
m ennaay -i.w Rtia 7.48 n. m. For He
ITk. via Uonsh n.nb jk r nn
'.), a. m. nnd 12.33 and 2.C0 p. m.
KOr Henr11ni7 Mid PhllD1all.ln .UAV Anytm
2.10, 6.26, 7.20, a, m., 12.85 2.50 and 5.55 pint,
H miny, 2.10 and 7.48 a.m.. 4.30 n. ni.
bo' 65 rrmmr'f' Week mj'B' 1U,7,!!0 B" m'
For 'Allentown, wrek day, 7.20 t. m 12.SC
-."iOp. m.
..,';'?r,cPtuI1J'?i WMk 'teWj 2-lo,7JiO,ft. an.
12.10 150 and 5.53 p.m. Sunday, 2,10 and 7.48
U.., 1,0V ,,.111.
For Tamaoua and Mahannv tlitv. utuai
dy, 2.10, 6.25, 7.20, n. m., 12.8) 2.60 and 6.59
P m, Bnnday, 2.10 and 7.48a. m 4.30 p, m,
Additional (or Mahanoy City, week days 7.00
p. m.
For Lancaster and Columbia, week days.
7.20a. m..X0O p.m. '
IDT Wiuiamiport, Sunbnry and Lewlsbnrit.
reek days, 3.21, 7.20 and HO a. m., 1,3.5, 7.00
mi. Bnnday 8:25 a. m., 3.05 p. m.
For Mahnnnv Plann. wnnlc ilavn. 9 in Hie
-15, 7230 and lf.30 a. m., 12.35, 1.85, 2.50, 55,
7.00 ane i.ii, p. m. Sunday, 2 10, 3.25 and 7.48
j,'i5, 4.30 p.m.
2' 10 3 25. 7.48 a. in.. 3.05. 4.30 n. m
For Ashland and Bhamokln, week day.
3 25,5.25,7.20, 11.30 a ra 1.35, 7.00 and 9.1M
ui. Bunaay 3.S3, 7 43 a. m., 8.05 p. m.
Lieave New York via Philadelphia, week
ys.7.45 a. m 1.30, 4.00, 7.80 p. m 12.11
loave Nev York via Manob chunk, weok
vs. 4.'. 8.45 a. m.. 1.00 ami :i.l.i n. m wn.
diy,7.00n. m.
eayd Philadelphia, wees days, 4.10, and
10JX) n. m. 4.00 and 6.00 p. m.. from Broad
mil Callowtiill and 8A3 a. in. and 11.30 p. in.
from 9tbono ureen streets. Sunday 9,05 a.
in. 11.10 p. m. from Sin and i'r,u.
Lsave ltoadlng, week days, 1.33. 7.1", 10X5
ud 11.60 a. in., 6.65, 77 p, ra. Bunday 1 J35 and
iveavo Poiuvllle, week days, 2.40, 7.40 a. m..
".80. 511 b. m. Bnndav. a. m. and
2.05 jl
ieave Tamaqua, week days, 3.20, 8.43 and
2 1 a. ra.. 1.21. 7.13. and 9.18 u. m. Bundav 8.20
7 4.1 1. ra. aad 'iM p.
oaivn mananoy (Jity, w.-eK nays, u.40, 9.18
ad 11.47a. tn 1.61 I 8.44 p.m. Ban-
i y, n.40,8.17 i. m., i iu p. in.
Leave Mahanoy Plaue, week days, 2-4, 4.00
..,9.35. 11.59 a. m.,1.05, 06. 5-20, 620,77, and
' ') n. m. Unndav '2.U. 4.00. and 8.27. i.. m
3 37, 5.01, p. rn.
ueave uiraraviiio (rtappanannock Mia! ion)
veek days, 2.47, 4.07, 6.38, and 9.41 a. m 12.05,
! ' 2. 6.28. 6.52. 8.03 and 10.08 n. m. Bundav. 2.47.
i Or, 8.33 a. m. 3.41, 5.07 p. m.
!jwvb nrujuamspori, weec uays, a.w,v.io ana
i.65 a.m. 8.35 and 11.15 p. m. Uunday 11.15
ifor Baltimore, Washington and the west
:aH,40,lt. It., through trains loave Glrard
Vvenue station. Philadelphia, (P. 4 B. B. It.)
' 4.16.801 and 11.27 a. m.. 1.84. 4.24. 5.65 an'
7.13 v. m. Bnnday, 3.55 8.02 11J27 a, m., 8.60
5.42 and 7.13 p. m.
i eave Philadelphia. Chestnut titrectWhak
ma -joum nweet waari.
For Atluutlc CUT.
Week-days Express,9:03 a. m. 2.00. l.rat.
p. ra, Aceommolstlon, 8 00 a, m. and 5.10,
P. m.
Hundays. Express. 9.00 a. in. Acorn
mniatton, 8.0U a. m. and 4.30 p, m.
uetnrning, leave Atlantlo Cltv, depot
Mlnntloand Arkansas avenues. Wenk-dat s
Kxprees, 7.30, 9.00 a. m, and 4.00, p. m. Ac
commodatloo8.10 a. m. and 4.30 p m. Sun
daysExpress. 4.00. n. m. Accommodation.
7.30 a. m. nnd 4.30 p. m.
u. u. uen'l trasa'i Agi.
A. A. MaLKOD, Pres. A Gen'l Manacer,
c:ld after Seplentber 1. 1891,frans Kilt Uav
Btienwuioah at followti
For WlfKan, Gllbertou, Fraokvllle, Nst
Uistlo, Ht. Clair, and way points, 6,00, 9.19
w auu ,ia p m,
Bnnnaj'B, 600, 9.40 a m and 8.1 0 p m .
For Poltsvllle, 0.00, 9.10 a m and 4.15 p ju.
Hundays, 600, 8.40 a in and 3.10 p ra.
For Keadlm;, u.00, a m and 4.15 nn.
Bandavs. 600. 9.40 a. m. and 8.10 nm.
inn r'niiHiiRinniu itnun Ntnwt BTjai.irmi. h.ici
u. m. uuu i.xq p ui y, owl uuys
iucilny8jt)00. l).Jam3.10u mi
a ra Uiupm. nunoays, xu.su a i
r.15 m.
4.I0 and 7,00 p m woek days. Sunday (1 50, ai
9.28 am ' i
K.JIIS.IUL J 11 IHlnnil llli 11R5 ) m.19.1 Innnn
swiioii. uai, usj unu t.8ii a. m., 4.00 p.
. .... n nuuuujl O U. lit.
u.iuana 11.13 a. in., 4 41, 0 5;,7.u p.m. and 11!
night dally ana 8 ill, KU0 a m 12 Sj (I'mll
mnnR wii n nin nf inir rii itiim m ,r I v
p. m. we -it aays. f or uaiumore only x.vii
iMir 11 cumuuu. a.m. auu iz.11.1 m?
uaiiv. 1 uu u. ui.uu.iiv.exnenLnunu.lv. i
irMius itiave xiarrmoiur tor nttsourg
be west every dav at IJ.li and S.10 a in
M (limited) and 3.40. 8 30. 0.33 Dm. Wav
fljiouniv i a ai aua t.iu p rn every aav.
tor ruvfuurg oniy, ii.kj a rn a any n:.a 1
ru week days.
una, a.iu a iu uauy, ana i,Kpia woex c
''or VatSlna, 6.S0 p m wees. days.
vur ttno ana lniermeaiate points, o.in i
tally, for Uock llaven, 6.10, and u.w a
lally. 1.42 and 5.30 p. m. week days.
in. 'au" Hen. Pass
vy i
Time laou n erred May, 10, ibi. a
Trains leave Iteadlnir (P. A K. station)
Hinm mr. navieri. h mkiinm. .mannn. nn
Wilmington aud intermediate stations.
except Bnndav. at 6.25 and 8.30 n.m. anil
. m. nanuuy only aia.ua n. m.
viai.ionH,auiiy except unaay, at v.w.
o.iv p. in. ouuuuy uuiy o.io a. m.
For Blrdsboru and intermediate
Saturday only, at 12 in.
It.l dally oxecut Bundav at H. and 8.30 i
and 3.16 p. ra. Bunday only at 8.05 p. m.i
rrams amvo at Meaning ir. a: n. sta
Bprlugtield, Joanna, illrdsboro, Uluraltar,
ferl and Intermediate stations, dally
Sunday at 10.20 a. m. S.62 and 8.17 p. m.
aay oniy at il. a. m.
Stations, daily except Bunday, at 8.2J
and 2.23 p.m. Bunday onlv at tf u. m.
Ualurday only at 1.40 n. ra.
cent nunuav. lu 20 a. m. &.tu and 8.17
Bunday only at 11.21 a. m.
A. U. niVA UDljAtH U, HUpt,
John R. Coye,
Real Estate Arf
Term rewuDabie.

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