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VOL. VI.-NO. 24:7.
"My Son, t)eal
The Evening Herald.
AMj the NEWS FOIl ONE cent.
II u a larger circulation In Shenandoah than
any other paper published, uircu.
latlon books open to all.
A Scramble.
As a loaded Lnhigh Valley coal train
passed Hround the curve betwocn Bowers
and Emerick streets yesterday afternoon
nun nf Ihn rlron donrs at the bottom ol a
car broke from Us fastenings and tho coal
rushed out as from a chuto In a breaker.
Tho coal was thickly drown along the
track and there wa9 a grand rush of Huns
from Bobbins' red row with buckets,
powder kogsilishtans, bags and evory im
aginable thine that could bo used as a re1
centacle for tho coals. The tra k resen.bled
a field full of bop pickers. It was pick and
scramble, scramblo and pick all along tho
railroad from Bjwotb streot to tho red
bridge and in half an hour not a piece of
coal could bo found along the stretch,
Fully two ton9 of coal woro gathered and
there was great rejoicing in tho Hungarian
Supper and Concert.
Tho lollowing programme will be
rendered by tho Grant Cornet Band at tho
supper to oo noiu unaer mo auspices 01 uiu
Trinity Reformed church at RobblnB'
r&JNtmera house this evening :
llMarch "Souvenir to Ml. Uretna"...F. Z ltz.
Ty,irOverturo "La Ouzza Iuidla" ltosblnl.
'"3. Song "11 is Ordained by the Will of Ood"
4. Selection Gorman Songs.
5. Grand selection "HugcnoU" Meyeibcer.
0. I'olna Mazurka V.ZtlXz.
7. Marcu "Pol 1'ourrl."
Tho abovo selections are ontiroly now
and must bo hoard to be appreciated.
Bueklen's Arnica Salvo.
Tho Best Salvo in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, CBatped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively euros Biles, or no payment required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by C. II. Ilagenbuch.
"The Son ot Monte Oriato."
Pearl Molville and tho lamous Baldwin
elvillo combination will produco tho
thrilling drama, entitled "The Son of
.Monte Cristo," at Ferguson's theatre this
cloning. Soothe rcperloiro of the com
pany for tho balanco of this week in an
other column of this paper.
For Salo Cheap.
P. J. Cleary has in stock 500 now and
fcejbeond hand ehoo lasts which ho will sell
Blue Isa ropular color this season,
a uoou home-made iur carpet.
It Is one of those fxlra heavy
carnetB. mudoof the best vain
and clean rags. Finest Hue of Velvet
Brussel and Ingrain Carpets in Buen-
andoan at
Choice Creamery Butter Iresh every other day
Ttnur.ii Bloater Mackerel.
Mackerel White and Fat. Few Clean Currants Iree
jrom dirt and stems. Best Mince Meat made oj best
materials, line Table Syrup strictly pure goods.
Nciv Orleans Baking Molasses. Chipped Beef.
and OLD TIME GJRAHAM FZOUIi Fresh Grotind.
Also another car of Best Patent MINNESOTA FLOUR.
Equal to anything in the market.
Wlicat gives satisfaction.
Oil Clotbs arc selling: freely, Nice patterns,
prices. Two yards wide from 50 cents up.
"With. Men "Who
TJUgarded of Grout Iuiporlnnca In thn
Connecticut GoYernotslilp Fight,
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 18. The
decision of Judge Pholps In tho Superior
Court of Clinton Is of tho utmost Im
portance in Its bearings nu tho Connea
ttcut Governorship contest now la tho
A Democrat contested tho election Inst
October of a Republican Selectman on
the ground that the Republican ballots
were left blank as to certain ofllces, or
had names pasted or written over
Judge Phelps found thnt, owing to
flaws In the ballots of both parties, not
a single legal ballot had beau cast ta
Clinton at tho last election. By ajraa
incut of both sides nil the law points in
volved wero reserved for the Supreme
Court of tho State at Its January ses
sion. These will thus roach the Su
promo Court not long, after Its decision
in the quo warranto case.
Tho highly important quostton is
about tho legality of tho Prohibition
blank ballots cast at the Stato election
of 1890 to the number of 8,000, the In
validation of which would Immediately
let In all the Democratic oandldatss for
Statu offices. Judge Hall, Hspubllcan,
in the Ji,ast L,y.in oontested election case
last December decided those ballots Ille
gal, but that tho case under the law
could not bo appealed, as has now been
done in tho Clinton suit.
Italy lias Given up Hope of Satisfaction
from tho United States.
Roue, Nov. 18. Iu vlow ot the state
ments which havo been circulated rola
tlve tonn alleged Bettlomont of tho (lit
Acuity between Italy and the United
States on the subjeot of the New Or
leans lynchtngs, the Italian foreign of
flee has felt it necessary to issue an of.
flcial and authorized declaration. This
has been made public through Deputy
Forrats, and is to tho offset that since
the departure of Darou Fava from Wash'
ingtou thoro has been no coraraiinlcattbn
and no exchange of views with the
United States government In relation to
the New Orleans affair, and that Minis
ter Porter does not carry to America
any proposals relative to a settlement ;
that tho Italian government has dropped
the subject, with the hope that tlmo
would bring about a satisfactory solu
Hardships of a Shipwrecked Crew.
London, Nov. 18. The fishing steamer
Hewett, which has arrived at Uravesend,
bad on board CaDt. Evans and three of
the crew of the bark! Kate Sanction
from Shields, England, to Peusacola,
Florida. The Kate Sanotlon was dis
mantled by a storm, and abandoned on
the 11th instant, the crew taking to
their boats. It was bitterly cold and the
waves almost swept over tho shivering
sailors. Nine died of exposure and hun
ger. The survivors wore resoued by a
fishing smack which transferred them
to tho Uowott. They were In a terrible
condition when landed, and It is not yet
certain that the; will recover. M
Waters' Weiss beer is tho best,
Reilly solo agent.
John A.
The finest note paper and envolopcs In
tho country at Max Reoeo's. tf
Legal blanks of all kinds for salo at tho
Hkhald office.
Larae and Fine. New No. 2'
DAISY" made
Unkes 'well.
Advertise. Ton will Never Lose by It. "--Benjamin Franklin
Its Advantages Explained It Pro-
vonts AccldentB and Ensures
Comfort and Safety to
Railroad managers are not as apathetic
in regard to improvements as eoino would
have us believo, and tho thorough test of
Steel ties, begun in October, 1889, by Mr
B Thomas, Preiidcnt of'tho Chicago &
Wottern Indiana Railroad, undor the,
personal supervision of his General Head
master, Mr. Jno, W. Clarke, followed tin
year by President McLeod and General
SunerinUndent Swolsard, of tho Pbila-
dnlplla & Heading, and by Vice President
Norton and Chief Engineer Ford, of the
Long Island, upon the irrespective roads,
shows that there aro railroad managers in
tho country who are progressive enough to
seek an improvement upon tho antiquatt d
and unsafe wooden ties with spike fasten
ings. Steel tics are largely used in Europe and
havo been experimented upon to some
oxtent in this country, but the Europoan
types bad so many disadvantages caused by
the rails being brought into direct contact
with the motal of tho ties, causing great
noise and vibration, that until tho Standard
Stool Tie, whoso use -was begun by the rail
roads abovo mentioned, it may bo said that
no real progross had been mado horu
towards supplanting tho wooden tie.
Tho chiol qualities of this tie aro that it
prevents tho rails from spreading and up
setting: reduces tho chances of accident
from tho breaking of a rail to a minimum ;
admits of tho highest possible speodiat tho
lowest cost Its great smoothness and per
feet alignment reducing resistance; its cost
of laying Is less; cost of maintenance is
wonderfully reduced ; and if it is generally
adopted, railroad travel will have attained
almost to tho point ef perfection, so far as
safety Is concerned.
A recent test mado on a portion of the
Long Island Railroad showod a surprising
ease and smoothness of motion and the
chango from the ordinary roadbod with
wooden tie to tho part laid with this steel
tie was compared like the transition from a
hard pavement to a fine Brussels carpet.
Noise is almost annihilated and oscillation
done away with ; in fact, it will bring rail
roud travel to such an agreeable condition
that it will bo much safor than staying at
home and far pleasanter, and the mortality
tables of the insuranco companies which
now servo underwriters as a guide in taking
risks will soon btivo to undergo an import
ant revision.
AVo raako tho following extract from
Engineering News of Oct. 17, giving a de
tailed report on the track laid two years
ago on the Chicago & Westorn Indiana
Railroad, which was tho first section of
Standard Steel Ties oyer laid: "Steel ties,
mado by the Standard Metal Tie and Con
struction Co., of New York, wero placed
in tho track of the Chicago & Western In
diana Railway in October, 1889. Mr. John
W. Clarko, Roadmaster, who placod tbem
In the track, now makes a report upon
them, of which the following is an abstract:
He finds that tho total oxpenso on 1 000
lineal feet of track laid with tho Standard
stool UJ, during nineteen months, was
$15.60. Tho greatest part of this was ex
pended In the first surfacing up .n soft
billast to bring tho steel ties to the
same olovation as tho wooden ties along.
side. During the same nineteen months,
tho cost of labor alone on the 1,000 feet of
track alongside laid with wooden ties was
$210.25. This was equal to a saving in la
bor alone sufficient to purchase Co now
steel ties. The track was exposed to a very
heavy traffic, but Mr. Clarke says that the
part laid with tbo Standard tie was 'not
only safe, smooth and pleasant to ride
upon, but the lies were a money-saving de'
vice, and should commend themselves to
railroad men from that standpoint.' He
adds that by reason of the rail being held
rigidly upright, tho life of the rail was in1
creased a good many per cent. He also ob'
served that there was less oscillation and
vibration in the engines and cars passing
over them, especially In heayily loaded
cars of yiolding material like grain. Ho
believes that rolling stock would also have
a longor Ilfo for these reasons.
Tho many advantages of this tie deyel
oped by the above experience, will, to tho
practical and economical railroad'manager
struggling to tnako dividends for his stock
holders, bo overshadowed by tho romarka'
hie saving in the labor account. Taking
tho figures of this report as a basis wo find
tho labor expense- per milo of steel tlos to
be at the rate of (161,69 per year and that
J of the wooden ties for labor alono to bo
I $701,12, saying nothing of the cost of now
ii ' wooden tics laid each year to replace lb
decayed ana worn out ones, xniseingii
labor Horn shows a saving of $549.63 per
milo por year in favor of tho Standard
Steel Tios.
On 1,000 miles of track subjected to tho
same heavy trafllo conditions as the Chicago
& Western Indiana tho saving In labor
would airount to $650,000 per year which
would ben verv respectable addition to a
dividend upon such a road, and by bosom
ing a permanent addition to the road's
resources would largoly Increase tho
market prico of the stock. In fact, it
would bo a pretty saf financial operation,
if such a thing could be done, to buy up
tho stock of a road now struggling hard to
pay -I per cent, per annum, put Standard
Ties on it which would advance its
dividends to C por conti and sell out at the
prico its stock ctuld then bo easily marketed
Whon woremombor how railroads laid
with iron rails could not earn their Interes'
and wore re bonded to lay steel rai s, aftir-
warJs becoming dividend payors from the
decrease in their expense account, wo pre
dict that a similar revolution will take
place when railroad managers realize what
a saving of 78.4 per cent, in labor account
Tho tie is so simple. It is so made
that tho rail Is held down by clamps ol
groat power upon a crcosoted bl ck ol
wood, placed with its grain running vor
tically, and thus has a cushion which take!
up the vibration and makes it smooth and
noi.-eless to ride over. Tho rail not coming
in contact with the sides of tho tie, there, is
an onliro absenco of tho metallic vibration
so objectionable in all other types of metal
ties. Tho open channol Is filled with ballast
and tho centre Is cut out and Hinges tu nod
up to i rovent any cbanco of lateral slip
ping on curves.
Such accidents as occurred on the Balti
more & Ohio Railroad a week or to ago
from snroa&ing of tho rails and ono of u
Imilar .haracter on tho Missouri Pacific,
would bo impossible with tho Standard Tie.
Tho officers of tho Standard Metal Tie
and Construclion Company deserve groat
credit for the persistent way in which thoy
havo kept their tio constantly before the
railroad world; and now that they have
proved by figures, after a long and excep
tionally severe test, that its economy im
even groater than they claimed, they de
serve to do a largo and romunorativo bus!
The enormous profits mado by tho West
inghouse Brako Company ,bid fair to be
equalled, if not surpassed, By this enter
prise, as the field js a large one, and pro-
grestivoand economical railroad managers
cannot afford to stick to an imperfect and
unsafe track when a perfect and safo one is
tbo cheapor of tho two.
A Iiittlo Girl's Exporienco In a
Lighthouse). .
Mr. and Sirs. Loren Trescott aro keepers
of tbo Gov. Lighthouse at Sand Bjacb,
Mich., and aro blessed with a daughter, four
years old. Last April she was taken down
with Measles, followed with a dreadful
cough and turning into a Fover. Doctors
at homo and at Detroit treated bor, but in
vain, she grew wcrse rapidly, until sho was
mere "handful of bones." Then sho
tried Dr. King's Now Discovery and after
tho use of two and a half battles, was com
plotely cured. They say Dr. King's New
Discovery is worth its weight in gold, yet
you may got a trial .bottle froe at O. II.
Uagoubuch's drug store.
Variety tho Spice of Life.
Thoro Is nothing honenls mankind so
much as a chango, even if its only a change
of linen. But what we mean to convoy is
that too much of any ono thing becomes
monotonous. Tho clerk, tied for hours at
his desk, seeks relaxation on bis flying
wheel; tho policeman, on his feet lor hours,
(?) finds relaxation in an easy chair by his,
or, any other friend's fireside ; a man bad
gored by a shrew of a wife seeks, relaxation
by tilting a can over his head, and as tho
beer disappears, ho gazes with consolation
at his reflected countenanco at tbo bottom
of the growle. Even at tho theatro how
manv nlnuR nm monotonous when All nn
thn nnn theme! how a bit of sentiment is
rolioved by a hoarty laugh, a merry dance,
nr romio sonor. And if "varietv is tho smce
of life," it reachos perfection in tho great
comedy, "She Couldn't Marry Threo."
Strength and Health.
If you aro not fooling strong and healthy,
try Electrio Bitters. If "La G-ippo" has
left you weak and weary, use Electric Bit
ters. This remedy acts directly on Liver,
Stomach and Kidneys, gently aiding thoso
organs to perform their functions. If you
aro 11 filleted with Sick Headache, you will
find speedy and permanent rolief by taking
Electric'.Bitters. Ono trial will convince
you that this is the remedy you need.
Large bottles only 60c. at O. U. Hagen
buch's Drug StoJo.
A fine stock of guns and amunitlon for
sale cheap at Max Reese's. 10-21-tf
Ho Dooen't Grumble.
"now Is business in this town 7" asked a
commercial drummer yesterday. "First
class, so far as I am concerned," answered
P, J. Oleary, who overheard the remark.
Mr. Cloary was right. Ho has built up an
excellent business and Is constantly re
plenishing his stock with tho best tho
market affords In shoe and leather findings.
"He who steals my purse steals trash;" but
he who wantonly uurlolnn my bottle of Hal-
vallon Oil, steals something that enriches
niui inueeu una leaves me oauKrupt,
fulcllliou, until I cuu slowly creep to the
nearest orm: store.
A First Ward Roaldont Whose
Poolings Havo Boon Injurod by
tlio "S'nowfl" BrlnRB a '
Llbol Suit.
The S'news of Sunday last published a
communication purporting to havo been
written to the odifor of the paper ovor thr
signature of "John CroeJon (Spy-glasS
Creedon is a rosidont of tho First ward
and has beon stablo boss at Indian Kidge
colllory for sovcral years. Ho is a man ol
retiring disposition and it is said bo ba
leen "up town" but onco since the firo ol
83. CreoJon has takon oxceplion to the
ignaturo under tho communication pub'
lishod in iho S'news Ho says ho did not
wrilo the communication and had nothing
o do with it, and that tho term "Spy-glas
Jack" tends to hold him up to public
ridicule. Ho doinanded tbo name of the
real author of tbo loiter and falling to
recoivo it, ha' hired an attorney to institute
a suit for libel. Friends of tho respective
parlies have beon trying to bring about a
shako hands" ovor tho matter, but
CreuCon says ho has ?j00,.to spend on a suit
and will do so.
Henry Bickleman sponta part of to-day
at Delano
Obo S. Koiser, of Slatinglon, is tbo guest
of A. Woomor,
Thomas Koster, of Sunbury, was a visi
tor to town to day.
John McGownn went to Sbamokin this
afternoon to visit rolatives.
Morgan Williams, of Jersey City, N. J
Is visiting friends in town.
Edward Clay, oi Delano, to-day moved
his family to Long Island, N. Y.
Martin Monaghan, of Roanoko, Va,
in town tho gutst of his brothor, 'Squiro
A. L. Brasefiold, ono of the editors of
tho Schuylkill Haven Call, paid a ploasant
visit to the Hkkalii sanctum yesterday
Miss Bortoletto, daughtor of Suporin
tondont Bertololto, of Mahanoy Plane,
spent Saturday and Sunday in town.
William P. Dennis, representing M
Mucklo Jr. & Co., of Philadelphia, nasi
town to-day negotiating to furnish supplies
for the electric railway,
Miss Brown, the accomplished daughtor
of Superintendent Brown, ot tho Pal
Brook Railways, Corning, N. Y., has beon
spending several days in town, tho guost of
0. E. Titman
Miss Dora Dillman, of Wost Coal street,
loaves to-morrow for Uarrisburg. Last
evening a largo cumber of her intimate
friends tendered her a surprise party,
which a social timo wasunjoyed.
Profitable Invostmont.
If you want an oxcellent farm, situated
only six miles from Shonandoab, contain
ing 98 acres, with fruit trocs and stream of
water, call at tbo Herald office for furthor
particulars. It is a profitable investment
and tho terms aro reasonable. 11-18.
Tho Horsos Arrlvo.
Tho now team of horsos recontly pur
chased in Snyder county by tho Columbia
Hose Company arrived in town last night
and to-day 'Bill" Donahue, tho driver for
the company, started to break thorn In.
Tho team is ono of which the company is
justly proud. Tho animals aro largo, fine
looking and, while not quite as heavy as
tbo Q foam' VroMnt an PP0"ance quilo
Now Wall Paper for 1892.
A splendid seloction, ombraclng all tho
latest colors and designs, at prices lowor
than ever, Largo lino of parlor patterns.
Those cheap 26c window shades, wl h spring
fixtures, cannot bo equalled. Call at Mel
let's, 22 East Centre streot.
Council Mooting.
A regular meeting of tho Borough Coun
ell will bo held to-morrow evening.
Gratifying to All.
The high position attained ai.d tbo uni
versal acceptance and approval of tho
pleasant liquid fruit remedy,Syrupof Figs,
as tho most oxcellent laxativo known, 11
lustrato tbo value of tho qualillos on which
its success Is based and are abundantly
gratifying to tho California' Fig Sprup Co.
Hotel For Ront.
Tho hotel property at Lakosido Park
(East Mahanoy Junction) for tho year 1892.
No ono but an experienced hotol man need
apply. For particulars, etc., apply to O.
A. Keim, Shonandoah, Pa. IMO tf
Buy Keystone flour. Be careful that the
namo Lkssio s Co., Ashland, la., it
printod on ovory saelc. 8-3-3taw
Try It, for It never disappoints. Dr. Jlull'a
(Innirl, k.mn A t. nit fen l.ra. Hrlflfl fti CfintA a
i bottle. '
of Travolors and
clmngoa in Print.
In spiking of tho electric railway and
voicing a sentiment In favor of a "T" rail
n pref. rt-nee to a flat rail, tho Ashland
'elegram says :
Ono of the most uncertain things In tho
world is the route of a proposed railroad.
Many towns who were absolutely suro
thoy would get a road havo boen disap
pointed. Tremout is a fair example. Sho
was sure the L' high Valley road would
build to them and not stop at Blackwood
ard In consiqucnco real estato valuo took a
ump to dizzy heights only to fall again
wh' n tho railroad stoppod at Blackwood
breaker within two miles of her. It is
ptssiblo Ashland, like Tromont, will be
disappointed. Flirting with Capital is a
ticklish businoss, and ono of tho things
capital always avoids is an act that will
unpopularizj their investment, or an act
that may lead to litigation. If tho road is
not built to Ashland wo will havo only our
selves to blanio becauso tho company only
asks of us tbo same reasonablo conditions
that havo been accepted by our sistor
towns. Tho people want tho road."
Thoro wore throo robborios in Ashland
Sunday and thoro is no cluo to tho per
petrators. Tbo Shamokin Borough Council has un
dertaken lo mako a tOBtcase with rogard to
compelling property ownors to place their
pavements at grade. The rotultof thocaso
will bo awallod wilh interest by this and
other boroughs. Iho Shamokin council
ordered a Mr. John to placo his sidowa'k at
its proper grado, as fixed by tbo borough.
Mr. Juhn roplioJ, by communication, that
under no consideration would ho alter tho
grndc; that it would remain as he had
fixed it, as it was entirely too oxpensivo to
chango grades at tho dictation of ovory in
coming council. The borough has decided
to change the grado and hold Mr. John for
On Sunday a party of hunters found n
baby's body in a box in tho woods at
Stock.on No. 3. A post mortora showod
that the child was alivo when born, that it
had been choked to death and there wero
marks behind tho oars. A Hungarian
girl named Mary Kishear was arrostod.
Sho confessed tho crirao. Sho is 10 yoars
old and has been in tho country but threo
Tho slato pickers at a small colllory op
erated by Lindeman & Co., of St. Clair,
came out victorious on a striko against a
reduction of wagos this weok. Their
places .couldn't bo filled, so tho firm found
it cheaper to pay them tbo old wages than
to permit the colliery to remain idle.
William Powell, of Shooraakers, near
Mahanoy City, notwithstanding ho is 73
years of ago, la9t week withstood tho oper
ation of having a cancer removed from tho
undor surface of his tongue, at a Philadel
phia hospital. It was necessary boforo ro
moving the cancer, to perform tho opera
tion known as tracheotomy making ftn
opening in tho wiudplpo, and insorting a
tube through which tho pationt could
Beginning wilh January 1, 1892, Nanli
coko will havo tho free delivory servico,
wilh four carriers.
Tho Ashland Record says : "Thcro has
beon a great change in public sontiment re
specting tho Mahanoy City, Shonandoab,
Girardvi le and Ashland Electric Railway.
Several weeks ago you could find many
people who were uncompromising in oithor
attitude against tha "T" rail; and now, it ia
hard to find a citizen who Is not willing to
havo the company lay tho "I" rail. This
ohango ha9 been brought about by no of-
f irt on the part of the company, but Is duo
altogether to tho investigation of some of
tho citizens, the discussion of the virtues of
tho two rails, and sober second llwught."
Tho Shamokin Board of Trado is nego
tiating for tho establishment of a plant for
the manufacture of a composition used in
making water pipo.
On Thanksgiving aftornoon tho Shamo
kin lodges, Patriotic Sons ol America, will
turn out in a body and alter parading tho
principal streets will proceed to Springfiold
where a Hag presentation will tako' placo,
Tbo stars and stripes will bo wafted to tho
broezo from tbo school houso top.
Lano'a Family Hodlcino
Moves the b0v els each day. Most pooplo
neoi to uso ft.
Four tintypes for 25 cents, at Dabb's. tf
Umbrel las
Given Away.
With four pounds of
CALIF Baking Powder,
we'll give you a beau
tiful Gloria Cloth Urn.
brella. Guaranteed fast
color and as good as
you can buy anywhere
for $1.50.
linking Powder warranted
good or money refund ttl.
No. 122 North Jardin Str

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