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Bmntnr C1iaiiillr' Ltli OhiiiIii
nllll-rabln l.rltoiilnilt III Oiilie'iHI.
Colrcomi, N. It., Nov. 80 TSiere U
Tho Massncro of llio liolgian t fcrite..int i. s!nl!
,' 1 tor. CHmUw's letter from Washington,
MiSSiOIiariCS. c ot alutderer-Almyi now
Children Boasted Alive and Hacked to
FitOM Before Their Parents.
The Mandarins l'owurlei to Act or, In
Lenguo With the l"leinl IlidlBiitlon
or Vurelguer Alone the Coast Tli
I Illness ltohels 2llnko Hti Important
Capture llio Inlnml Trntle Now In
t ronMlon of tlio Insurgents.
BliANiimi, Nov. 30. The Northern
rebels nre steadily punning their march
la a southerly direction, iind the Chinese
troops appear unwilling or unable to
atop tholr career. The rebels have cap
tured the Important walled olty ot Leao
Vang in Manchuria, and compelled the
Inhabitant to furnlih them with abun
dant supplies.
It is not reported that any serious
outrages were committed at Leao-Yang,
and this goes to confirm the prevalent
Impression that the Mongolian Insur
gents aro not merely a predatory bnnd,
but have a doflnlto design In their un
dertaking. The possession of Leao-Yang
gives the rebels the control of an ex
tensive trade both Inland and with the
Gulf of Leao-Toug. Troops are boing
hurriotl from I'ukiu to oppose the robol
Ilorriblo details havo been received of
the massacre ot Belgian missionaries
and nntivo Christian at Tayou and
Kan oil 1 by the Chinese. The Christians
wore attacked without warning, and
had no chance to escape. The rioters
first seized the mint, all of whom wore
subjected to ln.ligiiltlui and outrage be
fore being relieved by death. A ildlgiau
priest Was brained at u blow.
The fiends then sulied ills body, and
tore out the tongue and heart ami
burned thorn. The nativo Christians
wore troated oven more horribly. They
wore not permitted to die a swift death.
Tho miscreants sei.od tho wretched
converts, who hail Hod in vain to the
mission, and subjected them to foarful
Their children were selzod, and some
hacked to pieces, and others roasted
nllvo before the ugoutzed parents. Then
tho parents were taken and troated with
n rolinment of cruelty that only Chinese
understand. After suffering various
tortures, such as still lived woro slaugh
tered. Tho mandarins soem cither to havo
favored tho rioters, or to have Udell over
""mo with foar. Instead of attempting
toluppress tholr violence, or protesting
gainst it, they welcomed the niurdurorJ
redhandod from tho slaughter, and
sproad a toast, and hold a fete in tholr
It would bo hard to depict tho feelings
of Europeans in Shanghai uud other
places at tho relation of these horrors.
They aro not angry simply; they aro
furious, and there is u loud and
universal demand from all forelguors
lor a punishment that will bring tho
Chlnoso to their sonses and impress a
never-to-be-forgotten lesson.
Can Tlmy bu Kxtradltnil ?
Ottawa, Nov. 30. Tho impression
prevails among tho ofllcers of tho De
partment of justice that It. 1L Mo
Qreovy and O. . E. Murphy can bo ex
tradited for the oITensos with which
they nro charged, viz., conspiracy und
lalso protencos. In tho extradition
treaty between Qreat Urltaiu ami the
United States, passed July 13, 1839,
uud proclaimed on March 25, 1800, thero
is one paragraph which is thought to
bo npplloable to the case of either of
tho accused, but it is considered un
likely that tho Uuitecl States would
graut the cxt.nlltion, as the plea
would be set up that the parties woro
wanted tor political olTensas.
a waiting the deatli penalty here. The
Senator's opinion that Almy has a fair
ly good uhanto to cheat the gallows is
causing much discussion. In his letter
he says:
"Our State has had two memorable
murder trials, those of Sawtell and
Al my, which have attractod attention
throughout tho world. On the first, the
doors and windows wore set wide open
and the lives of all the porsons in at
tendance were endangered as much al
was Sawtell'a. The two judgos took
severe colds and narr owly escaped pneu
monia, although they bought horta
blankets for themselves and tho j ury.
"The exposure to universal sickness
ordered by the Court was oruel nnd dis
graceful. In the Almy trial the tame
was repeated. Everybody's life was
periled by opening the doors an j win
dows. I am informed that the windows
were entirely removed. To cap the
climax of absurdity, tbo prisoner was
removed to the State prison without the
sentence of death being announced to
him, and waited in prUon a week beforo
he knew It.
i "Consider, O ye jurists, the spectacle
presented by New Hampshire. A crim
inal under sentence ot death for mur
: dor, yet ignorant ot the fact. The law
1 yers of tho nation have looked on with
: amazement, and nothing.but the execra
I tlon in which Almy is universally held
I prevents an outcry ot the same from
any part of tho Union. Now Ilninn
shlro, by statute, or the arbitrary flat ot
honorablo judges, may have altored a
fundamental principal of criminal law.
I havo not oxamlnod tho books. But
union Aliny's sentence Is publicly an
nounced to him I do not soo how, law
fully, ho can bo hanged, or oven much
longer imprisoned. Tho wardon can
not hold him for trial, bacausohehas
already been tried. Ho cannot hold
him to hang him, because he has not
been sentenced. Aftor nwhilo ho will
be ontltlod to release on habeas corpus
and can go froa.
"To prevent all auostlons ho should
bo taken back into the court-room, tho
doors should bo closed aguinst tho winds
and frost and snow of winter, and ho
should be sentenced to death as tho find
ing of the judges and law and decency
requires, and tho people of New Hamp
shire should consider how to prevont
such judicial anomalies hereafter as the
State has exhibited twice in her recent
Six Now Dead ntul hevnrBl Moro Her-
liptily Hurt- ilivmtlitiitfnii llfgiin.
.Tui.Kno. O., Nov. 30 T3ji) wVeck'nt
thOiUnlon depot Saturday night caused
b the collision of aXBkp Shore,' express
and . a Flint & MnriiuBtta piissengor
train, was more soMous tha.n at first I
reported. Tho followlngllS UelloVed to
bo a correct list of tho kllled-und hurt:
Mns. SoRAN'McCoV, Hansom, 111.
Infant daughter of Mrs: McCoy.
Son of Mrs. McCoy, aged 8 years.
James McQueln, Elkhart, Ind.
Em.en Mkyek, Cleveland, O.
Howeix VAUajf, San Fernandlno, Cal.
Warron L. Potter, residence not given
badly scalded.
H. Vaughn, Auburn, N. Y., on way to
Cambridge' Mass., badly scalded.
Tom McQueen, Elkhart, Ind., serl
onsly burned and arm broken.
John Conway, scalded.
Miss Ellon Meyer, Cleveland, scalded
and mangled, will probably die.
Mrs. Nelson, Toledo, scalded, not seri
ously. Miss Dolly Fisher, Toledo, scalded
A L. Walker, Goshen, Ind., scalded.
C. J. Auderson, Riverside, 111.,
D. Taylor, Hyde Park, Boston, scalded
and mangled.
Joseph Ludwig, Peoria, III., hurt In
Mrs. E. J. Galloway. Toledo, scalded.
Lewis, the Flint & Fere Marquette
engineer, will say but little concerning
the wreck. Tho Lake Shore ongineer,
Iloylo, an olil-tlmer, says he
tho red light beyond the tun
and that Lewis, ot the Flint
JIarquotto, ought to havo done the
same. Tho coroner begins his investiga
tion lo-dny, and thero will bo no effort
spared to llnd who Is to hlnme.
ih,.ui,iiiiiih . . jjiiiii. fmfi Hum, miiju
Lis cheering, moro sustaining and moro satisfying than
ii"i nr nru I n n uniinn in. I . Ml., j . -. i;...i.
WANTS, &o.
AilverUscmnits tn Ihii cohnrtnnct exceeding
5 linn, 5 'o for one insertion; 75c. for two; (1 for
three; one week, 51.50 two weekt, 12; one
nonth, (S3.
FARM8 FOR SALE. Areyon look
. IngforafarmT If so rail on or write lo
.1. J. Kehler, Frackvllle, Pa., as to where they
are located and for terms. 8-22-tf
WANTED.-Yoiing fellow about
11 to 15 years of ago. Applv at
Schmidt' Blore. if 24-tr
FOR SALE. One store room nnd
one dwelling bouse. Lot 80 feet front
ind 140 feet de-p. Place, 315 West Ool street.
Easy ierm. Apply lo Frank Wnrnlc.
WANTED. By the Singer Manu
facturing Ox, a young man to soil
Singer sewing machines. Must be able to
leaic the Polish mid English, languages.
Jood poMtlon for the right man.
once u ioe ringer sewing mac
'outre street, Hhenandoib, Pa.
WANTED. Good cnnVa-strs for
"Adven' tires' In tho MinoV the only
work ever published giving a complete n cord
nnd description ot iho great mining disasters
ui iimcrjr-ii. jenns iiuerai. Auaress, i. i
o'Mslley, Canton, Ohio. 11 21-41 er sat
Tho Ilrlg Tahiti Willi 300 Gllbort Inland
ers llelluveil to Iluvn Fouuderotl.
San Fiiancisco, Nov. 80. A private
dispatch received from Muuzanlllo,
Mexico, ulves nrettv irood nroof that tha
j brig Tuhltl and tho 270 Gilbert Island-
ors on board, who woro under contraot
tor the coffee plantations of Han Benito,
Aloxico, havo been lost ut sea.
The brig touched at Drato's iiay,
near San Francisco, in September lust.
and though tho islanders were seen to
be virtually slaves, nouctioa was taken
to stop tho traffic. Tho American
steamer Kosevllle arrived at Mau-
A Thief ami an
IrrrsnuBa, Nov. 80.
man, who was
notllvtho nubile not to ctve her nnv credit
on my nccouut, ns i sunn rny ttoimng con
iraciea oy ner. up.uuurj wufl.
Cllluerton, l'a., Nov. 30, mi. 11-80-31
FOR, SALE. The pray team nf
liorscs recently uso1 by the Columiila II.
& s. 1'. J3 Co.. No. 1 The horses will be a
uargnlo to tm puicnaers.
James McDonald,
11-21-tr Trustees
Loliigh Valley Railroad.
NOV 16. 1891
Passenger trains will leave Hhenaodoah for
AiaucutjnunK. jjenignton. Hiatlneton. Cala-
sauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Vhll
Artelphlaand New York at 5.17, 7.40, 9.08 a.m.,
lJ4, D.IU, Uttf, l. 111.
For Belvldcro. Delaware Water Dan and
jtroudsburg at 6.47, a. m., and 6.26 p. m.
pur uHiuuef bvuie auu xremou, v.w a, m
For White Haven. Wllkes-llarre aud Pltl
ton 6.47. B.08, 10.41 B. m 3.10 and 6.26 p. m.
For Tun Shan nock, 10,41 a, m., 3.10 and 5.34
p. m.
For Anburn, Ithaca; Geneva and and Lyoni
10.41 a. m and 5.26 p. m.
r or ijaoeyvuie, ' lowanna, oayre, waveriy,
Blmlra, llochesier, Bumtlo. Niagara Falls,
Chicago and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,and
5.2fl p.m.
For Klmlra and the West via Salamanca at
3.10 p.m.
For Audenrled.Uatloton, Stockton, Lum
her Yard, Weatberly and l'enn Haven June
I ion at 6.47, 7.40, 9,08 a. m. and 12.62. alO and
ta p. m.
For Jeanesvllle, Lovlston and Beavet
Meadow, 7.40, 9.03 a.m. and 5.28 p. m. ,
ForHcrantonat6.47 9.0K, 10.41 a. m. 8 10 and
5:20 p. m.
For Hazle Brook. Jeddo, Drlflon and Free
land at 6.47, 7.40, 9.03, 10.41 a. m 12JB 3J0 and
5.26 p. m.
ForUuakake at 6.47 and 9.03 a. m., and
3.10 d. m
For Wlggans, Gllberton and Frackvllle at
6.60 and 8.62 a. m., and 4.10 p. m.
For Yatesvlllo, Mabanoy City and Delano,
5.47, 7.40, 9.03, io.41, a. m., 1162, 8.10,5.26, 8,03,
9.21 and 10.27 p.m.
For lost Creek, airardvlllo and Ashland
1.27. 7.43. 8.62. 10.15 a. in.. 1.00. 1.40. 4.10. 6.33
3.10 and 9.14 p. m.
For Darkwater, Ht. Clair and Pottsville.
5 CO '.40, 8.62, 10.43 a. m., 122,3.10,4.10, 6.26 and
For Buck Mountain, New Boston and
Morea, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41 a. n.., 12.52, 3.10, 6.28 and
i.m p. m.
For Kaven Ran, Centralla, ML Carmel and
-fhamokln, 8.52, and 10.15 a. in., 1.40, 4.4(
ind 8.1X1 p. m.
Trains leave Hhamokln for Shenandoah,
7.5.i 11.55 a. in., 2.10. 4.30 and 9.30 p. m arriving
at Shenandoah, 9.05 a. m., 12.52. 3.10, 5.26 and
11.16 p. m.
For Lost Creek, Ulrardvllle and Ashland,
atelphta and Reading Railr jjd
Winn Tctble in edeet Xnr. IS 1181
, orewrok via IJhllaae'pliia weertuyii
.U0 s.25, 7.20 . m?ond 12 35 2.50 and VI
1c' lua a.ivona . a. m, r or new
eh., via Mhuob Olinnk, woe days, b.35.
, a. m. and ltm and 2.50 p. m.
or Heading and I'lillnrtclphla week days,
:.10, 6.25, 7.sn, a. m., li3j a.V) and 5.5.i p. m.
. - -nj. ' . III., .OW 11,111.
g"lsl,nrg, week days, 2.10,7.20 a. m,i
.50. 6.( n,
For Allentown, week days. 7.20 . m
For Tamaqua and Mahanov Oltv. wpek
12;n 2X0 and 5.68
hereby given that an application will
be mule lo the Couit ol Common 1'leai 01
Schuylkill ciunty on Monday, December 21st,
A. 1). 1891. nt 10 o'clock In tne foienoon, un
ler tho"corporutlin act of thecommonwnaltb
ol Pennsylvania, opproved April 20, 1874 "and
the supplements thereto, for tho courier ol an
Intended corporation tube called "Ht. Oeorge'n
Mlhnunlun I'athnlM llpnnr1nl HonlAtv. nf
Jill alonB. Shonaudoah, l'a." Halo association Is to be
i ... -ti i t located In Shenandoah, Pa., and to have for
DOtn in tile way it aotB, and 111 the n object the maintenance ol a society
wnv irn sold ifl IJr I'lnrno's ll.lvor-l'Ol social, euucaiionai iinu uenfiiciai pur
W.iy US SOiu, is JJr. xioicos iavor its members irom lunds collected
Attorney for Applicants.
Shenandoah, Pa., Nov. 23, '91. 11-24-3W
Copyright ibsi
ito Prescription for women.
it acta in this wav :
If you're weak or " run-down," it
builds you up ; if you suffer from
any of tho painful disorders and
derangements peculiar to your Bex,
it relieves and cures. It improves
dicestion, enriches tho blood, dis
pels aches and pains, brings refresh
ing sleep, and restores ilesh and
strength. For all functional weak
nesses and irregularities, it's a posi
tive remedy. Hence,
It's sold in this way:
It's aunrantccd to crivo Batisfac-
zanlllo on Friday from IslP, ami t; j oy cas0 or tll(J monoy
her captain reported that tho ItosovllU . , ., . . , ,
passed tho wreck ot tho lahltl eloven I'"'" " "
miles southwest ot Lizard Point. I
sue was Iloatiug uoitom up, wuuruu- riM,nrr. tiin srm11r.Rt tlm phpinpat
dcr Kono ami hallast badly shiftod. It I J-lioy rc tlio smallest, tue cncapcst,
was ovidont that tho hrlg had capsized tho easiest to take.
Willie ou tho starboard tuck, ns all tho i But all that WOllld bo nothing,
port rlfRlng had been cut away in an if tlicy weren't also tho best to
attempt to prevent her going over. j jajje
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets pre-
ntov. 80. To consult vent and euro Sick Headache, Bil
ar, Dr. ilmlisou Tay- J ious Headache, Constipation, Indi
gestion, Bilious Attacks, ana an
derangements of the liver, stomach
and bowels.
will he held In
December 14 io 18, '91.
-Samuel Larg
nrrosted here Friday
ulght on n telegram from Philadelphia, I
was taken to that city lust nigui. to nn
Bwer to the charge ot larceny in stal
ing 331 pairs of trousers from a Phila
delphia clothing dealer and aftnrwnrd
pawning thom. Lawman was tho man
ngor of a Hebrew dramatic company,
which is now stran.led hero. lie eloped
from Philadelphia with Ktta Hoerflnklo,
10 years old. Tho girl's father cuuia
lioro for her and will take hor homo
A New Wltiins In Jr. OruvHs' Cave.
ChIoaoo, Nov. 80. Tho opinion of the
Ponvorpublio was about ovenly divided
a week ago as regards tho guilt or in
nocence of Dr. Graves, but tho liollof in
his guilt is growing. John II. Conrad
last uittht remarked that much of the
Important ovldenoa in tha oaso is yet
unknown to tho public, and that it will
causa a great sensation when published.
From tho tenor ot his remarks it is be
lieved that the I'inkortons havo secured
n-iiow wltuoss, who will testify us to
having prepared tho fatal doje.
'PujllUt tlnknr Will lteoovor.
' J1DITAI.O, Nov. 80. Pugilist Hilly
Baker, the victim ut Saturday night's
shooting nllray is belug cured for at tho
biwpital. Ills physicians say ho Is dolu
nloely, and his chances of recovery aro
good, Thero Is a possibility of his dying
hut not a probabllltv. i'.Urlok O'Urieu,
tue niuu who did the shouting has boen
erresUd unit locked up hero.
lllallie Is a Well Man,
Philadelphia, N
his medical advise
lor. was tho nrime reason for Mr.
Plalno'B trip to Philadolphla. Mr
lllaiuo learned that ho was in better
health and strength now than he was
four years ago, aud that six
months and a year hcuco he would
bu stronger than ho is now. llu
learned further that ha Is ns good a
man physically at 01, Mr. lllaluo's age,
as anybody else of like ago.
3u Inquire JntoKlsuln' Death.
Valparaiso, Nov. 80. Tuo Judge ol
Climes has iippoiuted a commission to
inquire into the cause of Iiigglns' death.
The commission will niso undertake to
ascertain whether tha bullet-hole in
Johnson's neckerchief was caused by a
rllle bull or n bullet from a revolver.
If it was made by a rifle ball, then Itlgi
gins was killod by the police; otherwise
by a member ot the mob.
JltRimor'ri TIIKATIIE,
Third season of America's represen
tative Irish comedian,
Supported by a powerful company
In the Kuccofcfcful musical
A memorial service was held In St.
Taul's Church, Ooean U ove, yesterday,
iu honor of Urs. Sarah J. C. Downs,
State preoldeut ot the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union.
Fire broko out in tha Walsh building,
at Uultroytd avenue a, id Hamilton, New
ark, at midnight Sa iirday. It was after
1 S o'clock yesterday before the il.ynes
were got under ooatrol. Losses will
smouut to $40,000.
During a fight between Hungarians
st a birthday party in the notorious
"Illue How" near Kllaiittuthport lust
night, Andrew Uurko was stabbed with
a butchers knife in the neck His in
jures are not considered serious.
Jauii-s Dillon, who claims to bo a No w
Yorker, aud who w.i arresti-d iu Newark
wlnto trying to dispose of some juwolry,
has bepu identified as tho burglar who
robbed Mrs. Martin's houses, He is be
lieved to havo commttod other burglar
ies In Essex County.
A big wood pulp syndicate with a
capital of $1,000,000 has been formed at
Toronto, unt.
The cold wavo extends over the New
England, Eastern aud Middle States
und tho entire Northwest.
Tho Northwest was visited yesterday
by two eurtbtiuako shocks lasting about
Ave seconds ouch.
Ex-Preildout Cloveland, wife aud
baby will loavo New York to-day for
Lukewood for tho winter.
CowboyB near the mouth of Cherry
Croek, S. D., hanged on Wednesday, for
stealing oattle, a fellow named Jones.
Hill Nye wus sorlously but not fatally
lujured by falling 15 feet from an opera
utilise window lu j.ickiou, jiiss., oauir
day night, where ha was to locture.
The football gums at Annapolis be
tween tho West Point military cadet
mid the Annanollii naval men resulted
iu a victory for tlio former, score 83.
to 0.
A special train ou the Pennsylvania
road made the run from Jersey City to
Washington lu 4 hours and 11 minutes
Saturday. This beats tho host previous
record for the trip.
Blanche Statou. a child ot nine years,
was crimiuully assaulted In u freight car
at Indianapolis, bv Charles Ilessow, au
ex'crlmmul, who seized her on tho stroet
and carried her to the our. Tho polico
uro now endeavoring to prevent a
Weutlier luilloittiutli.
Wasiiik ton, Nov. 30. Kor New MngfcinJt
l'reeh noi tiwrly win Is and eouurully dear
weal her; fuir uud slightly warmer to-morrow.
Per Kiutern New York, Eastern l'uuinyl
vuula, New Jersuy, Mur) land unJ Dela
ware: Continiifil fuh northerly whuW uud
fair weather, irfiitly wariuor und p.obuUly
fair to nmrrow.
lorWi-ic a ow Voi It aud tetnrn renn
pylrannr SlUxhtly w.rmott light variable
wind) uud ir ueraily fair, wurmor and fair to
The Black Thorn.;
Ricliil unpnerv for the entire production,
miner the mananemant of O. W, Wlnnet.
HcscrvfO seats onsaiu ul n-'tuu huiuk bw.
Prices 'Si, 35 aud SO cents.
and welbmade, fashionable clothes?
If so, call on
w. cr. Jacobs,
Fashionable Custom Tailor,
8 South Jnrdhi Street, Shonnutiorili.
Pall and see samples of the latent goods and
the si vies. Good workmaDBhlp, promptness
and talr prions.
Philadelphia Cheap Bargain Sioro,
For a full line of
Slajor Henry G. Dane
One of the greatest OMtois and Word Paint
ers, lie has made u tour uro j nd the wort l
wlthusucciss l.tlleless tha j marvelous,
Dr. Jnmes T. lledlry
The great Orator of tae West, "The Bunny
Hiao ol 1.UO."
jn Ollle Torbet nnd ller Concert Co
Mtn f)ll!B T.lrhtt. Violinist.
Hlgnnr Vlllorla llaco.irlnl, Roprnio.
mur PAiillun Mnniei?rlflb. Contralto.
Miss Kd 1 1 1 1 fond, Hinging Reader.
Sir. uusiave in UDerg. lenoi.
Moas. KeslorUirJlet, Pianist.
All eminent anu popniarurtisis.
urnmhal I', mittrr. The Qreat Humorist.
I'ho Parte Hlsters nnrt (uarlctte,
Miss Atinle A Park, Uornet and Zither.
Ml.n (leorule T. I'.irk. Corutl anil .Mandolin
Miss Katie llePo Park, CornitTri.nboue ana
Miss Ada U Park, Cornet and Mandolin.
Krnm 1lie 7Inton 'JYtmxcrint! "The Park
Concert Company K"ve one ol their popular
concerts Moudny ove nlc'g Th t nllre concert
i nq ri.pivr,d wl'b rapturous unnluuse as tier
appeare.-t lu their dlffijreut selections. They
aie all artists, and deserve all the appluuso
llieuelisutoa auaieoce gave mem, -
Hccuring Iteservcd Peats, ;--'g:
Single admission G0o
Tho chart fr the pale of reserved seat tick
ets will be opened at the h ix ofllce of l'e gu
son'sTheairo, on Haturday, December 6, at
10.30 i. m. Before opening chart parties de
siring lo i urchase tickets will draw numbers
for position in lino. Kaon teacher In line
may purcaase any number of tlckelB not ex
ceeding twenty, und coch clUzen In lino may
purchase any number not eiceedlng ten.
The r. n.cscutativo of each district will be
required to present to the ticket ngent a list of
the names or th toao lerS for whom ho buys
tickets. Any iit-ri-on may Join ti o lino a
second tlnio with the tame privities as at
After December 12 the chart will be ope net
Klrllr.'sdrugs ore.
Doors op -u 17 p. in. Entertainment com
meno at 8.
Ttalns after each -venlng enlertalnmontto
nil unl.ils on 1 . V H. It. between Ash'anl
and Delnno. Amusements fori,peclal trains
o oilier point on D. V. It, It audl'enn'alt,
It. run bo iiiado with Hupt. A. I'. Blakslee,
ueiauo,ana u. u. i.ewis, roiisviuc.
O. W. AVKIS1?,
50, 9.10 llSi a. m., 2.4 p. m.
d. m.
For Yatesvlllo, Mahanoy Olty and Delano,
For Darkwater. Ht,
,00, 9.30 a. m 2.45 p. m
Olalr and PotUvlllr,
U0. 11.3Sa. m.. 1.40. 4A0. 6.03 n. m.
For Lofty, Audenrled and llasleton, 8,0!
m., 1:40 p. m:
For Mauoh Ohnnte. Lehlghton, Blatlngton
latasauano. Allentown. Dethlehem. Eastxu
md Now York, 8.00 a, m., 1.40 p. m.
n or L'nuaaoipnia, x.sm p. iu.
Uen'l Pass. AKt,, llethleinm.
First National Bank,
Capital, $100,000.00.
A. W. Leisennng, Pres.,
P. J. Ferguson, V. Pres.,
J. R. Leisennnq, Cashier,
$. W. Yost, Ass' t Cashier.
Open Dally From 9 to 3.
Paid ou HRvlusru Deponlts.
0p. m.
fottsvtiie, week days, 2.10,7.!W.. m.,
2.30 4 no and p. m. Buuilfty, 2.10 and 7.48
. IU 111.
For Tamaqua
l.J,C, U., (t. 111., i
. in. nunuay, vs.iu ana 7.4s a, m., 4.50 p. m.
Additional for Mahanoy City, week days 7.00
p. m.
For Lancaster and Columbia, week days,
)o. m., 2.60 p.m.
For Willlonisport, Bnnbnry and Lewlsbnre,
et days. 8.2 1, 7J0 and u.30 a. m 15, 7.00
m. Mnnday 3:25 a. m., 3.0S p. m.
For Mahanoy 1'lane, week days, 2.10 8.29,
1 7.20 and 11,30 a.m., 17.W, lAr, 2.00,6.5.1,
7.00 and D.iJ. n. m. Hnnday, 2 10, SM and 7.48
w. in. 0,uo, Lao p. m
2'10 3 2j. 7.48 B. m.. 3.05. 4.30 D. m.
For Ashland aud Bhamokin, week darr-
3 25, i JS, 7.20, 11.31 a. ra 1.35, 7.00 and
. in. Hnnday 3.2), 7 43 a. m 8.05 p. m.
leave New York via Philadelphia, week
iyn,7.5 a. m 1.80, 4.00, 73) p. m., 12.lt
inht, Hnnday, 6.00 p. m., 12.15 nLent.
XVsave New York via Mannti chunk, week
an. 4.10, 8.4S a. m 1.00 and 3.45 p. nu Bun
day, 7.00 a.m.
ijeavo Philadelphia, wees days, 4.10, and
10.00 a. ra. 4.00 and 6J00 p. mM from Broad
ind Oallowhill and 8.3o a. m. and 11.80 p. m.
rrom 9th, an Hreen streets. Sunday 9.05 a.
m. ll.SO 'p. m. from 9tb and ttreen.
Deave leading, week days, 1.8). 7.10, 10.05
.ndll.Wa. m., 5.t.5,77p,m. Bundayl35and
0.48 a. nu
leavo I'ottsvllle, week days, 2.40, 7.40 a. m.,
M0, 8.11 p. m, Bonday, 2.40, 7.00 a. m. and
(.05 .m.
)jave Tamaqna, week days, 8.20, 8.43 and
' .21 a. m 1.21. 7.13, and 9.1s p. in. Bunday 8.20
7 43 i. m. and i&0 p. m.
ieave Mahanoy City, week days, 8.40, B.18
ad 11.47a.m., 1.61, 7.42 aud 9.44 p.m. Ban.
lay, 3.4(1,8.17 a. m., 3 JO p. m.
Leave Mahanoy Flaue, week daysl.W
.30,9.33. 11.09 a. m., 1.05, 2.06. 5-20, 28, 7.57, and
'.non. m. Unndar2.4J. 4.00. and 8.27, a. m.
3 376.01 p.m.
lkuvo Ulrardvllle (Rappahannock Btatlon)
eek days, 2.47 4.07, 636, and 9.41 a. m., 12.05
12, 5.26, 6.82, 8,o:i and 10.06 p. in, Bunday,2,47,
0 , 83 a, m. 8.41, 6.07 p. m.
ieave Wllllamsport, week days, 8.00,9.45 and
6S a. m. 8.85 and 11.16 p. m. Bunday 11.16
For Baltimore, Washington and the west
,a B. & O. K. 11., through trains leave Ulrara
. venae station, Philadelphia. (P. A U. It. It.'
4.18.801 and 11.27 a. m.. I.M. 4.21. 6.55 an--
7 13 p. m. Bunday, 8.55 8.02 U.27 a, m 8.50
a tua7.up. m.
i.eavo Philadelphia, Chestnut Street Wharf
ei ,d aouthatreet Vharf. ( (ft,
For Atlantic cut,
Woekljys-lCrpress,9:00 a. m. 2.00. 4.00,
p. m. Acoommoaauou, 8 ou a. m. ana e.uo,
p. in.
Bandays. Hxpress, 9.00 a, m. Acoom
nniai ton, 8.00 a. m. and 4 JO p.m.
Ketarnlng, leave Atlamlu City, depot
.tlaullo and Arkansas avenues. week-dara
Ezctena. 7V3. 9.00 a. m. and 4.00. p.m. Ac-
IcommoaatloD8.10 a. m. and 4.30 p m. Sundays-Express,
4.00, p. m. Accommodation,
7.30 a. m. and 4.30 p. m.
u. u, MAiMUUUii.. uen-i i-ass r agi.
V A. McLKOD. Pres. & Uen'l Manager.
Largest and cheapest slock in town.
Artistic Painting, Graining and Decorating!
10 2 dm 22 1 W, Centre Bt.. SHENANDOAH
J. RABIN0WITZ, 110 li Centre Street . 201 N. Main St., Shenandoah.
Tho Finest Stjtk cf Brs, Ab, Kjtvs, fa.
Ladles' nnd Gents' Furnishing Goods at the
lunk- I'uw", . . . .
furls at tl.25 each.
Largest and oldest reliable purely cath com.
panics represented by
To the ladles nf fthenandnah nndvlclnllv.
A Scientific Urws Culling and Maklna Branch
U.lw.1 la n. anul IM v..r. Mn U 1 1 ,1,1, 1 1 B
191) S .Iniflin St Shenanaoah. Pa. Uulldinn, over the post ofllce, where pupils
''1'0' viieiiuiiuuuiin Umtuic A aed liinght the laitstund bestsys-
tern ol cuiiiUKanuaressmaKiPg- ine sysieiu
j h roMnuY.
jlScs leldiiiri bolldlo icrner M.losml Wasit
Is a saving ol line, labor aud money and Is
readily acquired. All are delighted who have
learned it. upen evemngs.
11-9-tf Mrs. SI.C. HEWITT,
Will tronintIr relieve the nnt dls-
trcfslng caiio of Acute or Chronic lEbeu
mattsui or Gout, lty strictly oVeervlug
the directions, it will euro you permun
uauKt mm Dumerui prcpar&uons ten nooa
tbtcouDtrjr. thU medlclD is ipeclf e for tba
Ttrlaui for on of rheomatlira enfy, md not to
an aeoie a, "curtftll" una bottle wftl make)
& fttUrctorr Inirrctilon on tha attem. and
to connection tbs lillt, couvloca th lufferer that
in proper reiaeay uai ioea rouoa, 10a areeuumir re
QUine'1 to tett the mrlt of
&a lta ?aluable properties are eodortcd j hundred i of the
uoit flatterloft teiUmonlalt,
Unl Tegetabl ingredlenli, remariable for thetr f uratlre
poweri, are ut In tbe mauulaeture of KHUUT'B
H.00 Per Brttlfl. 6 Bottlei. 55.00. mis, 25 Cts. Bex.
In and after September 1 1391, (rattu ulU Uav
Blunandouh ut foilovit;
Vor Wlgean, Ullberton, Fracltvllle, New
Jostle, Bt. Clair, and way points, 6,00, 8.10
. ax and 4.15 p in,
Sundays, (Xtu, B.I0 a in and 3.10 p m.
For Fotuvllle, 6.00, v.lu a m and 4.15p m.
Bundays, COO, 8.40 a m and 8.10 p m,
for Heading, 0.00, a iu and 4.16 pm
Bandars, U0, 9.40 a. m. and 8.10 p m.
For Fottstown, Phoemxvllle, Morrlstown
ind Philadelphia (llroad street station), 8.00,
a. m. and 4.15 p m week days
Mucaays, ow, u.tu a in a.iu p iu.
Trains leave FrtistvUie lor Bhenandoah at
,0.40 am and 12.14, 7.42, 10,09 pm. unndays,
11.18 a m and 5.40 j m.
Leave l'otbivllle lor Shenandoah, 10,15 and
,1.43, a m 7.15, 8.12 p m, Bundays, 10.40 a m
3.15 p m.
Leave Fhlladelpnla (Broad sneet station),
'or Fottsvlllo and Bhcnandoali. 6.57. 8.3"i a ra
4.10 and 7,00 p in week days. Bunday 6 50, and
8.3 am . .
torwew iori,3.2u,i,uo, i.iu, o.oo, (,.ou, y.mj,
a nnu u,t JM If M.nri II 11 Nam n mnn... .
(Umlled eznress, 1.03 4.50 p in.) 12.21 12.44
X80, 1.23, 4.02 5, J, 8.2), 6.60 7.13 8.12 and 10.TS t
m, i.ui niKui. 4
On Bundays, 8.20, 4.05, 4,10, 5.85, 8.12, 8.W, 9.50,
11.35 . m. and 12 21, 12.41, 2.30, 4 02, (limited,
4.50), 5.2S. B21. 'i.u . 1 aud 12 01 ntKhl
For Sen Dirt, Long IlrancU and Intermediate
stations 8.50, 8.23 and 11.89 a. in., 3.30, 4.00 p. m.
weelr days. Huuday 8 a. m.
For Ualtlmore aud Wasnliiglou, 8.50. 7.20.
V.10 and 11.18 a. m., 4 41, 8 57, 7.40 p.m and 12.03
night dally and 8 31, 10.20 a. m., 12 3i (limited
express wiin uiuing car m iiuuimore) i.wU, w.o
p. in. we Kaays. ior uauimore omy -i.ui
wee d-iys, 5.W, 11.80 p. ra. dally.
For Kichmoud, 7 20 a. m. uud 12,03 night
dally, ISOp in. oally, except Bund ly.
. r, us leave Harrlabuu lur iiiuiDitrt aud
he wast ever; day at 12.25 end 3.10 a m and
(limited) and 8.4:', 8 80 9.85 p m. Way for
AHooua , , a oi and 4.it ;i in every nay.
For rittsburt; only, 11.130 a m iali anil 10.20
at week days.
:. save Bun bur7 for "Wllllamspoit, Klmlra,
iauandalgUA, Rochester, Bu Halo ai 11-ilagara
'alls, 5.10 a m dally, and 1.42 pm weec days.
'or VatKlos,6Ji0pni weekdays.
or K. le and inurniedlato Dolnts. 5.10 a lta.
tally. Knr Lock Haven, 6.10, and 9.58 a m.
tally, 1.42 and 5.30 p. ni. week days. For
itenova 0.10 am 1.42 and 6,30 p m week days,
.10 a. m UuuJnya.
ha. a I'uak, j.b.wooi),
Hen Man' Hon. Turn, Act
If jour ilrckee.r doe. not keep II, Mtai l,aH to th
LU4 TUW VIII TC.VI.V li lT n,ll.
Ai.iiuitr ivitotii'
luAoiifMliirer, and tou Till reoelv
3037 Jlurkot Street, l'htlud'a, Fa,
People's Oyster Bay !
ra E. Centre St., filicnniitJoali
CfAS. C. GUISE, Props.
Iliw, Slewed, Scalloped, Panned or
Fried to order. Fum lies supplied
nt their house with tbo best oysters
the marvel allords.
eur uant to an order of the OrnhanB' Court
of the County of Schuylkill, In llu Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, the subscriber, ad
ministrator d. b. n. of Mary K. Enty, latoof
the Township of Harry. In this county and
slate aforesaid, will expose to sale by public
vendue, on WEDNESDAY, 2u DA.Y OF DE
CKMISKK next, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon,
on the premises in said township, county and
state aroro'uld.
All that certain piece oflmd EllualO i
uarry lownmup, ecnuji' in county, ieus. iv.i
vama, uounueaana uescriuea as ionows, to
wit: Ueglnnlng an a stone, thence by the lend
of Ilenjamln Heincrt, south elgh' y-slx degrees
(BU), west thlrty.Uve perches (3o) to a stone;
tbi-nce bv lsndsof Heuben Yoder, north three
doirresi, (31.eattslxtv.twotcrche8(62) and three
touths (3 li) to a maple; thence by the same, j
north elghiy-flve degrees (85), east sixty f ur-j
percurs Liiii ana seven truing w iui ui siunes;
thence by lands of Benjamin It intrt, south
six deerees (6) aud one-half (Vsi. ent forty
p relies (4) io stouen; thence uy the same
south el htv-ftve deniees (85). wes f. riy
perchts (40) to stones; thence by tli nme
s mth six degtees () and one-hali ' c ist
AH Drrlorc Prnmnrlv Filler! twooty iwreb-e (20) to stones, tue place' f bj
rtll Vruerb rrompuy rillUU. elnnlnj o.mtalnlug ten (IO) acres oflmd
Green Truck Stand
Cor. Main and Oik Streets.
Fresh Oysters Received Daily.
Aflnetluoof Choice onOCEHIIia
Nuts and Candles.
Poultry of all Kinds.
Mr. Oostlet receives bis green truck dally
Irom the city markets, which Is a guarantee
to hl cu.iomer. that they will receive fresh
goods wh'n buyl' gfrom him,
BtBat brrodM of eletws alirays on hand.
Tbe Best Mmpotame diUJcs.
strlrt measme. It beluz part ot the tunnel
tract of Inud which tuo Commouweulth ofl
f.mnsrivaau ny patent dated Hie tin day o I
November, A. D . 1858. for Iho consideration I
therein ment oned, did grant aud confirm I
uuto flldfon m d Diaries Marewlue and to I
tnelr Heirs and assigns, enroll, d in patent!
book II. Vol. 50 und by deed inied the !! dl
day ol Pectin ner, A. D., 18j3, and iecorded.1
oo'iveyed by the Sild Charles Mutonlue and!
r.iisaueiu, uis wue, vo uiauou isrewiue anca
Calharlue, Ills wife, to Hot, mil Yodcr, b
deed dated tbe 2ad diy of January, 18xj, ancl
recrdtd Benwe'l Yoder and Estrr his wlfel
bv his deed bearing tlale th, lDlh dov o.l
June, A . D., 1800, ana recorded conveyed saldl
aoscrinea lauu io bum aiuiy li- .uiy, aoi
20 per wnt. down when prororty is sold, tliifl
uHiuuce iu iiuriy usys, wfieu uteu win ue
giyen, tue wouti, approving sale.
Admlnlstr-ilor rt. b. u.
M. M. 1.' Vlil.l.K,
Ily Order of tbo Orphans' Com t:
mamubi. llsAttn, lerk.
I'ottsvllle, Novembe" 9, 18'd.
Offloe-28 West Lloyd Street, Bbenandoab

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