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fl) riQ!
Present? In the moil elegant rotm
of Tim
Combined with the medicinal
yirtues of plants known to be
inost beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
nently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or inactive
condition of the
St is the most cxcclltnt remedy ten own to
When one is Hilious or Constipated
Every one is using it and all arc
delighted with it.
from which the excess ot
oil lias been removed, is
Absolutely Pure
and it is Soluble,
No Chemicals
nre used In its preparation. It has
more than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, mid is therefore far moro
economical, costing less than one cent
t cup. It is delicious, nourishing,
strengthening, easily dioested,
and admirably adapted for invalids
as well as for persons in health.
Sold by Crocors ovorywhoro.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass,
Elck Headache and relieve Ml tbo troubles tncf
dent to a bilious etato of the system, suoh 0.3
Jl2zlnesst Hausca, Drowsluesa, Distress aftoe
eating. Pain lo the Bide, to. While their moaS
yeiaMkoblo success baa boea shown la cmiuL
Ueaaacho, yet Carter's Llttlo TJvor Pllla ora
equally valuablo in Constipation, curing and pro
Tentlhg thiaannoTing complaint, while theyalsa
correct all disorders ox thostoiuachtimulato tha
liver and rcgulato tho bowels. Even it they onhj
curea ra rjl BPS?S
t. i. -i -
Actielhoy wonldbotlmootprlcelesstolhosawho
fiufer from this distressing complaint; but fortu
xately thelrgoodnossdocs notend here,and those)
who once try them w 111 find tho3a li ttlo pills valu.
Able In so many ways that they will not b.i wil
HISS to do without theia. But after oUslclc bead
flsthebaneof bo many lives that horelswhora
we make our great boast. Our pills cure It whUa
'Others do not.
Carter's Little Liver Fills aro very small anil
Tory eaay to take. One or two pills makea doso.
,They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or
purge, but by their geulleacUoa please aU wha
tuethem. In vials at 25 cents) Uvofortl. Bold
1 by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail.
Bank Counters, Tyler System, Port
able, Unequalod In Stylos,
Cost and Finish.
ISO Tiff Citalogtis) of Count" te.( llliulrated Id
Also Tyler a icoyni
OMee llekUa nnd Type
writer CniilnelM iUO
Utiles, llest nnd cheap
I vl on riiriti, with great
reduction In prices.
ltU nut cittluKu Vrtt.
I'OklafO m eti KitTl Ifirfl of
Ir.ki, Chain. lblii. Monk
XliB hjirrltt work mad lo ordr,
TYl,i;it DESK, CQ..St,i.ouU. MoM U.ri.A.
H Chlehst" a "nsH-ih llleraond Brftad.
"ennyroyal pills
tirli:inali:iti urn Ccuulae.
. r Kigali r IIj1 tc L&iin&uk
viondilr it,',, KmI a il i. n ItUlfiN
iLk i, ,hIjwi ii who n In-n TnLe
another. Ji A 'an .mu'l-iiit.
limn and Cmi'uu mi 'iruKi'-i , ortnd4t
la t uipa it r ftvn uir tcHUmonUla fcpa
It ItcT for J.atiff." tntuttr. b return
rTo teBt f. ro.lllr. Cure for the tr",S1f'IS?;
'" ""r,,... 'I. ' B-t f. onr Kith In '
our n
iclno yrt will nnd one Full Jlotli' SledliUe '.
ch Valuable InformaUou FKF.K. Addroiis I
1. JI. to., MBa IlrodwJ, -New ork. I
4 wer Warn
IIo is tho Only Survivor of tho
Schooner Bradley.
Every Man Extwpt tho Captain and Mate
w3pt Into tho Ocean
I,eo Floated Off on the Cover of the
Wheel llns Tho Mate Disappeared
When tha Vessel Went Down Had Fate
of the Coolc l'loked Up by a Hark Af
ter Drifting 8i Hours.
Nraw Your, Dec. 1. A more destruc
tive cyclone to Yiinkeo fore-and-ntters
tnan which howled up tho coast on Oct.
10 has seldom been recorded. A dozen
lumber carriers were abandoned to Its
fury off Ilatteras and in tha neighbor
hood ot the Virginia capes, and others
with less buoyant cargoes wore over
whelmed. Among the latter was the new three
masted schooner William 11. Bradley.
The news ot her loss reached this port
early last month. The report was that
her skipper and crew of seven men had
been landed at the Canary Islands by
tLe Spanish bark Fama da Canaries.
The relatives ot the orow will be
shocked to learn that only the skipper
of the schooner, Captain John H. Leo,
survived the wreck, according to the
story he told yesterday when he arrived
on the Ward line steamship Orizaba,
from Havana, whither he had sailed
from the Canaries.
The William L. Dradloy left Charles
ton for Weymouth, Maui., on Oat. 6,
with 000 tons of phosphate rock. She
whs struck by the hurricane about
UO miles east ot Cupa Charles. She was
hovoto, with all hands on deck standing
by for any emergency when a treraen
dons sea which Cnpt. Leo terms a
"tidal wavo" toppled over tho weather
bow nnd thundered aboard, smashing in
I ho schooner's docks.
Every mini except the skipper and
n.ate was swept Into tho riot of waters,
and the vessel, burdened with dead
weight equal to twice her tonnage, went
down in an instant.
Captain Leo leaped overboard and
found himself clinging to the wheel
house, on which he lloated off. Ite saw
nothing of the mate after the schooner
While- drifting on the wheelhouse
cover he caught a fleeting glimpse of
the cook floundering on some wreckage.
The cook disnppearad, and Captain Leo
was left alone.
He clung to the wheelhouse cover all
night through the worst of the tempest.
The sea model uted at dawn. Such a
mall object as a man on a bit of board
Is not likely to attract much attention
Ht sea, even in the highway of coasters.
Cnpt. Leo saw tho sails of several ves
sels, and tried, by yelling and waving
his coat, to draw their notice.
Just before noon the Fama de Cana
ries hove in sight, passed near enough
to notice his signals, and took him
abord. She was bound from this port
for the Canary Islands. She left here
on the day the schooner went down,
and arrived at the islands on Nor. 12.
Obdurate Parent Kouj, 'Mrs. Jaiues
Grlffi-ll's Clothes.
Bridgeport, Conn., Dec. 1. James
Grlffen and Miss Nettie Griffin, the
pretty daughter of a well-to-do family,
elop'ed on Thanksgiving Day and wero
quietly married a', tho parsonage of St.
Luke's Church, In New York, by tho
assistant rector, Kov. Mr. Busaeo, The
young couplo tried In vain to obtain tho
consent of the bride's parents.
When the young couplo returned to
this city from Now York yesterday, after
un expensive honeymoon spent there,
they went to the resldonce of the bride,
where they met with a warm reception.
The bride demanded her clothes, but
theso the father refused to give up, and
the result was that police aid was called
in by tho young couple.
Tho police, however, were powerless,
and then an attorney was called into
consultation. The.father still persisted in
his refusal and action for their recovery
will ut once be brought by the husband
ot the grl. Interesting developments
aro looked for.
Contested ISIeotlou Cases to Us IIard.
ALDANr, N. Y., Dec. 1 Got. Hill has
appointed un extraordinary special term
of the Supreme Court to be held in
Syracuse beginning to-day and continu
ing as long as necessary for the trans
action ot the buslhess that will be
brought before it. The Hon. Morgan J.
O'Brien has been designated as tho Jus
tice. The contested election cases will
be the principal busluess.
Secretary Foster's Condition.
Washington, Dec. 1. The continued
illness of Secretary Foster excites some
uncistness among his friends. He is
improved, but during last week his con
dition was such as to cause apprehen
sion. He is uuable to sit up, and only
the most urgent matters are brought to
his personal attention.
An InVMStlirutlon Ordered.
Al.BA.sr, N. Y., Dec. 1. The charges
made to the Govornor against Surrogate
hllus II. Tetors, ot Saratoga County, of
inulfeusanco in office, has been sent ta
the Attorney-General by Govornor Hill,
with directions that he cause an inves
tigation iuto them aud report at the
earliest day praotlaahle.
Chicago Uldotrlo riant Destroyed.
CmcAao, Dec 1. Fire In the Chicago
Aro Light aud Power Company's plant,
in tha rear ot tlm Central Manufactur
ing Mock, at Washington aud Market
streets, last night, caused i!,;!00 alootrlo
lights to go out, leaving the down-town
district of the city in comparative dark
ness the remainder ot the ulght. The
loss will be upwarl ot $500,0011.
Mrs, James Steele, DO died at the
breakfast table at bor home in New
Brunswick yesterday ot heart disease.
Kansas City nnd New Brunswick
capitalists have purchased 20,000 acres
ot corn laud lu Kansas ut $5 per acre
and have filed certificate of incorpora
tion in Middlesex County,
flighest of alMn Leavening Power.
blxFlratnen Hurt,
PiTTSFiKLD, Mass., Dec. 1. Fire last
ovenlng caused a loss of nbout $10,000
to the wood-working establishment of
Z. A. Ward on McKay street. Two lad
ders broke during the fire, throwing six
firemen to tho ground, Edward Powell
was badly crushed, had his back hurt
and was Internally injured. The other
five were not so badly hurt. . w
Xlrlee Contest Probably JCnded.
Cclumdus, O., Dec 1, Judge George
K. Nash, whom the Kepublican State
Central Committee decided to employ
to examine the question ot Brice's eligi
bility to election to the United States
Senate from Ohio, has refused to act.
This probably DUts an end to the Brtce
Three Lost In the Flnmes,
BEXLAlnE, O., Dec 1. Tho Union
Window Glass Works, the largest ot its
kind in this section, were destroyed by
fire last night. Loss about $100,000.
Three employes were caught while at
work in the upper floor and perished in
the flames.
My doctor nays U acts gently on the stomach,
liver and kidneys, and Is a pleasant laxative. This
drink U made from herb;, and Is prepared for use
All dnifi-sziita Mult ut and f l.ut tier t.nTTsLKu
Ituy one to-dar. I.nne'n Family ilfedlrliio
More the llowcln ench day. In order to bo
healthy, this la necessary.
Crane Opening
-No. 26-
Easr1 Ccniiv St, Shenandoah, Pa.
The flnpstnnd largest assortment
In Huts, Bonnets and Cups at re
markably low prices. Our line of
Children's THI.MMED AND UN
Ontsziot "So o cxU-v'A loci.
3 V,
W .1
to p
to P5
Gsaaxioas wera lb ioolaau for atalivtrt mta Uiu
puar Hjiil MttbvertpuluidrAUi.
Every MAN ess t STRUHQ
inJ VIOOBOUS in ell reipscts.
suffering from NERVOUS DE
UIL1TV, Loit or Falling lUn.
hood, fhytlcftt Ezceiirs, Mtntsl
Worrv. Btaoted SevclovmcDt. or
eVDT rtKDUfl AL WCAKfltUa. cm Dl
roitorid to PERFECT HEALTH l!
MEK. th Prld and Powirof Natlom.
e claim ny years of practice oy
r exrliislvB methods a uniform
'M0U0P0LT OF SUCCESS" In treaf
A Affliction! of Men. Testimonial
f rr m SO Rtatea and Tprrftorlea.
OUR NEW BuOK paldfora'flmllMVlrnpfo
It wills youcin. Full CipUnstloes for HOME TREAT
MENT. Toe cm be FULLY BE3T0SED ts ThouiiBds
tiavs bstnby ni. Bead ear ttitlmoBlals. AddrsisstQBce
Newly Refitted and Renovated,
Haw Cutting and Haw Dressmg I
Under I'oslodlce Bnlldlug,
Main and Oak Sts., Shenandoah.
Oaf-Hot and cold baths, I'ollte, prompt and
cuieful attention
Largeelnnd oldest reliable purely cash com
panies .represented by
120 S. Jardm St., Shenandoah, Pa.
I til r ft' J
U. &. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
Iturneil In a Colliery.
Wilkesbabue, Pa., Dec 1. Thomns
Williams, John Pugh and Evan Price,
miners, were frightfully burned yester
day by an oxplosion of gas In the col
liery of the Kingston Coal Company.
Pugh a nd Price will die.
Dr. O. D. Dunham, Plattsburgh's
leading physician Is dead from heart
Col. John Cockerlll was re-elected
president ot the New York Press Club
last night. 4sim
Oabrtel Kuhn was sentenced to five
years in Auburn prison yesterday at
Rochester for assault upon his wife.
-Thomas Burcb, n veteran lake cap
tain, of Buffalo, committed suicide
yesterday by taking "Rough on Kats."
The canals of the State with tho ex
ception of the Kris closed last night for
the season. Tho Erin will close Dec. 5.
The question of ordorlng a re-ount of
the vote of Duchess County will be
argued before Judge Barnard on Thurs
day. Dou Pedro Dole?., Spenkor of tho Col
ombian House of Representatives, nr
rlvod in Now York yesterday on the
steamship Athos.
Gov. Hill has reserved his decision in
the case of County Clerk Cotton, ot
Onondaga, charged with unlawfully
and carelessly distributing the election
Mnjor Thomas Harward died at IiIh
home in Brooklyn yeBterdur. aged Wi
years. He was bom at Bowdolnham,
Me., March 15, 1780. He gained his title
of major in the War of 1812.
Tlrod Mothers. Horo is Rest.
Instant relief for baby, If colic hurts.
Send to J. M. Hillan or O. J. Mcdrthy,
the druggists, for eamplo bottlo of Dr.
Hand's Colic Cure. Always euros No
dingerous drugs.
White enamel Ib tho preferred style
for both culf buttons uud ulilrt studf.
A Myatory Explained.
The papers contain frequent notices of rich,
pretty aud educated girls eloping with
negroes, tramps and cmclmien. TLie well
known specialist, Dr. Franklin Mllm, says nil
such Rlrls are moro or less hysterical, nervous,
very Imp islvo, unbaltucod; usually subject
Vi headache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, lm
modtralo crying or laughing. These show a
weak nervous system for which there Is no
remedv equal to llesiorailve Nervine. Trial
bottles and n line booc, couialnlog muuy
marvelous cures, free n' U. II. Hauenbuch's
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breath, etc.
Tfppn vnnr ovpa nnpn fur tlm rifdtv
eueulc thieves that lire now nbout.
Miles' Nerve uua Liver Pills
Act on a new principle regulating the
liver, btumach and bowels Umntqh the nervti
1 new discovery. Dr. Miles' l'llls speedily
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constipation. Ltnequaled lor men, women,
children. Mmallest, mlUest.surestl 6 1 doses,
2 Kits. Samples Free, at V. II. Uogenbuch's
drug store.
Foot ball lun taken tho place of bate
ball us an American craze.
Height of Cruelty.
Nervous wim w'l-n receive the sym
proms th-y deprvo Vu! eol'euthoiilclures
of health, tuev are constantly nllmg. To
wunuoiusympuny irom tuese uni inunaioh
1s the height ot craelty. Th-y have n wealc
heart, causing shortness of breath, mitit-rlug,
Sain Inside, wmk and hungry spells, and
uully swelllug of nultles, opprnHSI'in, rhok
inif, smothering and dropsy. Dr Miles' New
Heart Cure Is Just tho thing forthem. for
tue r nerv usues, hoitacho, we-tkaess, o'c,
Ills Unit ratlvj Nervl n Is unquuleil, Klne
treat SHOn "Heartand Nervous Dlseae'aud
marvelous testimonial? free. Hold una
guaranteed by 0. 11. ll jgeubucli.
The bath is improved by tho addi
tion of a little baking oda.
Oh, "What a Oough.
Will you heed the warning? The tlgnnl per.
naps of the sure approach of that moro ter
rible disease. Consumption. Ask yourselves
If you can allord for the sake of saving 60
rents, to run the risk and do nothing fur It.
We know from experience that Hhlloh's Cur
will Curo vour Cough. It never falls. Tills
explains why more than a Million llottlex
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not be without It. For lmme naoa, Hide or
Chest, use Hhlloh's Porous Plaster. Bold by
II. II. Uagenbuah, N. E. corner Main and
Lloyd streets.
Bnnday schools nro beginning work
on Christmas music.
Shlloh'a Consumption Curo.
This Is beyond question the most sito
lesitul Cough Medlotne we have evr sold,
lew doses invariably cure the wo'st co ol
Tough, Croup, and Ilronchltls, while Its wou
lerm! suoce lo the cure of Consumption is
vlthont a parallel In the history of medicine.
Ilnce It's first discovery It has been sold on a
Ciiaranteo, a test which no other medicine
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isk you to try It. Price lOoents.SOcents, and
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U. H. Ilagenbuch, N, K, corner Main and
Uoyd streets.
Dry-picked turkeys tire preferred by
most housewives.
A Glorious Record.
Blnce the Introduction of the Famous Pan
TlimCouijh and Consumption Cure In this
vicinity, the deutu rale Irum Contumptlon
b s decreased wonderfully; It never falls lo
effect a cure, and Is the beet Cough medicine
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Our secret societies uie nil In a Hour
Ishiug condition.
A Parish Priest's Cortlfloato Oor-
titled to by the Archbishop
of Moxloo.
I.uaroo' lal prlestand eodwilastloal Judge of
uciuya, niutenj uuansjuaio, uereuy cert'ry
that I kniw several neoule who have been
cured by i ho Cactus lllood Cure. It radi ally
nnd eifecluuUy dispels all Impurities of tho
blood. FllANCO M. CONdrtltA.
Ttio above signature Is th d which he uses
in all his business, odlclally and otherwise,
auuno is un om pupu oi mine.
t P, A., Arcnuishoiof Mexico,
Bold at Kirlln's Urug Btore,Kerguson House
uiocs. rsuenanuoau.
Orders of Arrest Issued for
Field, Lindley A Co.
Tha Biggest Wall Street Sensation Sines
Grant and Ward Failed.
I.lalillllles of the Ilorunct I'lrm Will liun
lulu the Millions, and the Assets are
Uut SfiOO-Cyrus IV. , Mold's Pitiable
Condition Ills Sou Not In lHuumlnc;.
dale Asylum Kinplojes Will SufTer.
New Yoiik, Deo. 1. Justice Pratt of
the Supreme Court of Kings County Is
sued attachments and orders ot arreBt
yesterday against nil the partners of the
firm of Field, Lindley, Wiechers & Co.
The orders wero granted upon tha ap
plication ot Lawyer F. A. Ward, repre
senting R E. Dletz, ono of the credit
ors, whosa claim against tha company
is $05,000. Tha papers in tha case were
sent to the sheriff ot the county for ser
vice. Ball in each case Is fixed at
General fraud, hypothecation and ro
hypothecation ot securities, embezzle
ment and forgery are on each page of the
incomplete history of the failure ot the
house. Not since Oraut & Ward wero
caught In the financial maslstrom has
Wall street had such a sensation to dis
cuss. Every ono is in the dark, com
paratively speaking, as to the amount
of liabilities of the bankrupt firm, but
the obligations aro hoav), too heavy, in
fact, for Cyrus W. Field to liquidate
with his large remnant ot a once tre
mondeus fortune.
Thero is no doubt that tliojllahllltlos
will run into the millions. The visible
cash assets nre $500, which amount is In
the assignee's hands. This money was
paid to him yesterday by a broker
ugulnst whom Field, 'Lindley & Co. had
a claim. Although the house did n
banking business, tho books do not show
a balance In favor of drpji-Uors.
All the old omployes are busy at tho
books, and It will he several days be
fore any nccurate estimate of the tlrm's
standing can bo given. All these em
ployes nre severely hurt by tho falltt -e.
Salaries have been owing for mo.iths,
and tho savings ot muuy of the men
have gone by the board. Edward M.
Field induced them to keep their ac
counts with the house. Hi had no more
consideration tor them than for wealthy
customers like the Union Pacific Kail
road Company.
Cyrus W. Field's phjBlciau said this
morning that his patient rested easily
last night but he Is still greatly pros
trated and his bodily weakness is more
perceptible, btrlct quiet Is most neces
sary. Charles W. Gould, assignee of Field,
Lindley, Wiechers & Co., said this morn
ing to a reporter that the report was not
true that Edward XI. Field, tha insane
member of the bankrupt firm, was in
Bloomingdal a, Asylum, but he was prob
ably in some private asylum, as he (Mr.
Gould) understood on Saturday that It
had not been determined to place Mr.
Field in a private asylum that day.
Mr. Gould admits there have bean
crooked transactions, but attributes It
all to Mr. Field, and says he feels confi
dent that his partners knew nothing ot
it. Mr. Gould said that thus far ho
had found but $500 worth of assets. He
did not know anythlug ot a conference
of the Field family, but thought it but
natural that Cyrus W. Field should as
Bist his son lu tho present extremity.
Mr. Gould said he did not believe the
failure was enormously largo, but ho
could glvo no Idea of what the liabili
ties wero.
Incendiaries In a Vermont Town.
Rutland, Vt., Dec. 1. Great anxiety
exists among the peoplo of the villngo '.
o unstleton, 14 miles from here, on ac
count of incendiary fires that have pre
vailed there at tha ruto of one a day.
Soveral barns have been burned nnd a
number of dwellings have narrowly es
caped. The villagers have organized
vigilance committees, which patrol tho
streets by night, and It is proposed to
hire a city detective.
Indian Judgment Affalnst tho V. 8.
Washington, Doc 1. Tho Court of
Claims yesterday, in the ense of Old Set
tler and Western Cherokee Indians vs.
(he United States, ordered that judg
ment tor $8u0,000 he entered njainst the
United States. It grows out of the re
moval ot the Western Chorokees from
Georgia and North Carolina to the
Cherokee country.
Our. Itussell Cannot Attend.'Jj
Rostov, Dec. 1. On account ot a
pressure of business Gov. Russell will
be unable to accept the invitation ten
dered by the Marquette Club of St.
I.ouls to attend the reception to tha
Right Rev. Peter Kenrick.
The Vorkluwn Una Ranched CIiltL
Washington. Dec. 1. A cable dis
patch received at the Navy Department
announces the arrival ot tha gunboat
Yorktown at Lota, Chili. She will
probably relieve the Baltimore of further
duty at Valparaiso.
Census Supt. rurtttr III
Washington, Dec 1 Mr. Porter, tho
Superintendent ot Census, is confined
to his house by an aggravated case ot
tonsilltls. He is engaged, howtvor, in
preparing a bill ta cieate a pormauent
census bureau. '
Dy a collision ot two freight trains
on the Now Englaud Railroad nt New
ington Junction, Conn,, several train
hands were injured, but none horlously.
The First National Bank of Damar
lscotta, which closed oa account ot tha
suspension ot the Maverick Dank ot
Boston, has resumed busiuoss.
The doors of the Muverlok National
Bank at Boston wero opened yesterday
and the bookkeepers are dellvurlug re
ceiver's certificates to depositors who
have proved their claims,
J, II, Whitman-, of Nnugatuck, Conn.,
has uotlflsd the Board ot School Visitors
ot that place that he will build a $83,-
UUU school building aud present It to the
town. He is also about to present a
park to the iowii,
The hearing on an application for a
new trinl in tho case of Isaac B. Saw.
telle, awaiting execution for the mur
der of his brother Hiram, at Rochester,
February 6, 1800, occurred before Asso
ciate Justice Qhase ot the Supreme
Court yesterday afternoon at Concord,
N. H.
JVe Can't do it
but nro willing fo pay for learning how ten
mako as good an articlo as Wolff's Acmb
Ulackincj of cheap material so that a
retailer can proGtably sell it nt 10c
Our prlcois20c.
TliOt retailer says the public wilt not pay
It. Vo say the publio will, booauso thoy
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article. To show both tho trade nnd tha
publio that wo want to give them tho best
for tho least money, wo will pay
For nbovo information ; this offer Is open.
until January 1st, 1893.
WOLFF & RANDOLPH. Philadelphia.
PilC-Iton Is tho name of a paint which
uoos work that no other pnlnt can do. A"ru
wood painted with It looks llko tho natural
wood when It Is stained nnd varnished.
will find It prpfltablo to Investigate All
paint stores sell 1U
Puriiiea the blood by ex
pelling tho impuiities through,
the proper channels and never
causes eruptions on tho skin.
Regulates the bowels. Cures
dyspepsia, liver and kidney
troubles, tones up the system
and gives you an appetite.
Never fails to curo any con
dition produced by impure or
impoverished blood, or a dis
ordered stato of stomach, liver
or kidneys.
Said at Kirlln's Drutj Store,
Ferguson' Hotel Block, Shenandoah, Pa.
Ask my nernts for . I,. DounlnH 8lit.es.
If not lor snip In your plnco nsk your
denier to nrmt fnr rnliilnciic, secure tho
usciicy, mill Ki't them for jutt.
It U a ftt'unilew fthoo, with no tacks or wax thread
to hurt thotYot; mado of tho best fine calf, BtvlUii
and easy, ami bevauno we make more shoes of thta
prude thttnnnv other manufacturer, It equals baud
M"wed dimes costing from S4.00 to 85.U0.
fCK Oil (fiiiitnn llniii.-mMtril, thf finest calt
UkJa phot ever offered for sSV(H); equal FreucU
Imported dimes u Ulch cost from jts.o i to 1SU nj.
(QA OO llinid-Seed Writ Hhr, lino calf,
iJSTm BtHsh, eanifortable aud till ruble. The best
shoo ever offered at thin price ; same Rrndft as cu
toiu-mudc hImh'i cost I hk from tG.OO to fM.uo,
QSO .TO INilIrr Nhurt Karmern, Itallrontl Men
P9a nud 1 etterr urlers nil wear them, lino calf,
8'jnmloHs, MiKMih .untile. I ir (iv ; thieo soles, ex ten
blou educe ono pair nil I cur u jear.
2i& 50 Hun en I ti no better Mine ever offered at
Udsm this price; ctut tilal will convince thuso
Im want a slnf for r infnrt nod nervke.
4CO '-5 ""(I &i00 WorMiiuinnn shoes
aro very Mtoiitf and durable. 'ljoo wha
h ivo given them n trial III ueai no other m.iko.
BSAia) S'J.OO and school shoes aro
Cs.J D worn by the bojseverywherei tbeyneU
on their merits, a the (nerenttlniiimlesRhow.
8 Sirl StOC MlaOO lliimUi-mw'il Rhoe, best
mC1LI Dmin'sitn, tervKtylUli.enualsFrcucli
imported (.hoescoathm from gl.'M to $ii..iii.
LittlU'N '2. no, -.00 unit $t.?5 fhoo for
SIlsHes nro tho best flue Uonuola. Stvllah aud durable.
Cnutloii. See tlmt V. L. UouKlan' name and
prlca aro stain ned on the hot torn of each fboo.
W. L. DOUOL.VS, JJrocttou, Mass.
l3LOXXLClCatlX 3pe
r.QQ North Fourth St.,
nlj ffnulna tirmiftti AtntrttM
tH,cUHt m tbel'ittu.) Mau iwboU
atilo ta eui BlOOd PoUOflf
Norvou Debility "dfipfc.
Clal OlSOBBBB tei,
Hkiu Di It' 4 H)oli Tsdoi la Ui
low HoreThrout FAoutht
Itl .U'bca Piiuitl, Lriipllnni, ttfl
hnl llim, HwflUti(i, Irrllitlotiv
luilkiuuiavtioat q4 RunnifltB,
Buiciurt, WeftkncM t 1 fUrly
dntj, loit memory wuli bsvV menWl mlelr ltlinj m
IIUUit Oliewei had alt Iinfswt mahiof fn n rv-Mfaj
I-i 'nor (Inn or Ofrnwork. Becitit oum curM In t" 1
iiHef tit ohm Po n t to hope, no intt. t ht
tUInf Doctor Qukch Fpraily or iloHtl rhjut.UD bu hlloiW
Vt TMKInL forei pOPHIvrly without d f o nor
tOllDsi OIB, TOUK't, MIPDLS AOBD 4M.THO-1 C'lHTttsirtil
rtnnuiiii rifh or ptmr s-nd V lUnip f p bOOld
'TRUTH" eipn-lii Qoft-ki onilir morn ' liift,
lliiirus -Utlf I tn S t-vst t Witl i ( b, i
XV u. 10 Bm..l. B till 11 Wrtie r c11 tnrt b
rr UtlVtfoaM m Wfds. BmrJy -Pblt. Uif Tim
If you want to sea a line display of Hoot, and
Hhoen, go in
Boot and Shoe Store,
(Masteller'a old stand,)
Corner Coal and Jnrsllit Hlrs.
Custom Work nud Repairing
Done In the best style.
Has removed to Dill Jones' old stand
Where he will be pleased to meet the wants
of his friends and the puhllo la
Everything in the Drinking Lina.
Q U. BttlUKJliU, M. li.,
No'. 8 Bast Uentro Htreet; Mahanoy City, Pa
Attn and nil speotal diseases a specialty.
- ieward

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