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The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, December 05, 1891, Image 3

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V v?' '
-U i.i
H', I'owci. !'. j, CiOv't l'-p ,rt An"
.I1 J
Li-iizil's i:x-l'ichl nt IVea
Away. In Paris.
' 0
..x y
-.- Ml,"
t 2 - lUUUllsffwr
.-; to agreeable
-. .tivetv fi?Hua
"'."li'tl'll sVinsti
rrianr Ill's' de-
r 1
I" '
on n v
:ak or inactive
on tit" illf
cnrs, LivtR m bowels.
I' 'V7'c..tec.litt remedy known to ,
Wl.c.. oneir iiilmtt; or ConMipatcd
- SO . II T
pent n joo, rEFnsawfo fiLtiEfS
He.U.TH and 3 sTKNQTH
F vcy one ia using it and all are
Jelighled with it.
CtOLS MEDAL, J?A3I0, 1378.
from whloh the excess ot
u!l hail been rerroved, ia
Absolutely JPuro
land it in Soluble
Pfo Chemicals
arc used in Its preparation. It has
more than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sufrar, mid i& therefore far moro
ccouomioal, costing less than one cent
a cup. It is delicious, juourishiug,
Btrcng'.iienlng, easily inazanxo,
and admirably adapted for invalids
a3 well as for persons in bealtli.
Sold by Croocrs everywhere.
W. BAKER' & CO., Bcretesfer, Mass,
C'liijcaflachooncl relieve rH tLo troubl? lSMJf
dont to atilUoua btateof tha ttyetora, such tut
Di?- r.-sk, Ka-utw, DinxBi).-, Sistrtta sdLete
ati',-?, iMnin iho Bide, ko. White thairiilOJlfl
Jrejaarfciible miccwe In boom ohown iu ouxteg ,
ctjr My valuable ip GonBt triioii, cur'jng aud pve
rent Lag itiiasraoir.(;-otnplaUt,whJIbtUoTkll
correct alldlBoidoiBOf thoatomachtlmalwoth4
ifuue ia bo many w - tua. t y
iXlsg to ao without t)j ja. li'
y will rot bo wll-
tr tans of orirn th, II, j-: 1 if Lrrofshtare
OUu i -i tiu jioi.
VP1 j tML1- u " - t,j pii'j maUot- 'it j-j.
Ubcy ar: t.!3t ' iiA not r-rit'O us
pur m lif t1 ' n.iun I'lesseaU 'bo
by tUu,.:;l:j&evf .j .T-ot-j C- Lciitby cu'l.
C!R1 ."R fwrJt.wk;iu C5 New Yorjri
Er-ik iL'-i;rBi'r;,Tyi ir Svstem, Port
, tt ME8K 'U., JonH, ti .
TO t.tn U 1'uMlll.
li'ur 1
U .! I OVWj Is.
Ol.r Ml-Iflo JW.f .1
and Uuch VJnauU t
I. ...1 il .ut. si. .UlUiu
i I i:j ... AHUl. 4
U. M. CO., bus Jii-oudwar. It'ov VarL.
r.at m
If .1 r li 3 ITAM
:.-t. "4'
luO r.-.-(u.t - ' i t l'.fcU efc, lUmtti la
Color.. t r . I ' , i j liuf.
ft Vfgt si1, .!..( M.'.n ri'ti'--
Mrlt-' tovKt b- th
too iia.iuno, w.ir np-t tit w ;.'m.woe
oppoitd Crntnn P'1' ) u torunJo.
Those bnfttt irr in o;io llit: lCIUtt
b. ftcOalre, Cupt. C. i.rkiii; Mary O.
BuHm, U.ipu V. Oirlt; UUukstoue, Bail
YallonwtmiD, from To.upicia Cot. The
80 who vrera loic were on the burget
Iran, Dodnon, 'IvOulM, Llcxis and Lou
Us. 1'hey liioluile Capts. Kenuo.ly,
Oahlll, Uradbuty, Foley, llniauan, Free
nan. Sootiv noil Fos.
Wbea off Oroton Polht tho iralt' o
the rlror' wm ho gra,t th tUR wu
compelluil to oome sboat. This
compelled the barges to' bunt each
other ami they upset. jgn '
The osuse ot the uooldent H attributed
to the uareleBsuos ot the pilot of a tug.
W. Curran, a boat baud on tho Louiie,
"We were playing the concertina In
tho cabin at the time the oocidenl. oc
curred. I ran on deck to see no saow
run on top ot the other. "'
The boati did not slrtk, but toppled
over. Upon each barge wese live men
making QU in all, mid of thoje only iO
men came ashore.
CAKLrBLE, Vs., Dea 6.xho storm
of wind and rain whiih swept through
the Cumberland Valley did damage to
property to tha extant ot tiOJ.UOO.
Throughout the afteruoda the rain, tell'
in torrents, nnd the streets were flooded,
ltoofs were blown from scores of build
ings and several place-, wore blown down.
In 2iechnnlcsburg the storm tooi on
the strength at a tornado, nnd blow
down lb houses, among them boing Iho
National Hotel, ilotko llat church and
other buildings. In all 23 buildings
were damaged, and the loss ii estimated
at $7G,000. Several poisons were in
jured by flyipg timbers. In Waynes
boro tha Load Is Tool Works 'wore par
tially wrecked. The Webstor school
house was completely demolished, nnd
lnt-hu country, in the Upper end ct this
valley, valuable baron aud oropi were
dostroyed. No live are reported lost.
Damnsn iu tVyomlnaf Vnllcy.
Wu-KBSBAUKB, Pa., Dua 6. (Iraat
damage was done ttirongbout the Wy
oming Valley by the- terrific rain and
hail storm which swept Hhrough this
region. The Susquehanna River rose
thr.'o feet, and with the exception 6f the
heights, the streets of thin olty wero
under water, and from the flooding of
the cellars In the business portion of the
city thousands of dollars . damage, re
sulted. ' ,
A Man Who Has Oune Without JFuu.l for
3tJ Uays.
Seasbioht, N. J., Deo, B. James
Ilarley Sunilflold, of itltis place, Is a
faster who bids fair to become a llval
ot Dr. 'lauuot. lie has gone 29 days
without food, of any description. lie
was taken very sick some tlmo ago,
and was In a couralnscent state when
hisstoinaoU rofused to perforin Its ftiac-.
tioui. It could not contain food for
any length ot time, and the man's phy
sicians were compelled to administer
modlciues to keep him alive.
Saudlleld's case is a most puzzling
one. He !a wanting away rnpllly, und
unless he is able to tatta -nourishment
coou death will be inorttab.e. The
case Is creating considerable oomment,
aud tho f ustor has scores ot visitors dally.
Unsucoeisful Attempt to Wrock a Train.
HuNTiNOTOJt, W. Va., Deo. 8. --Tharo
is no cluo to the authors of the attempt
to wrecs tue UJr.st Diyer" Virginia pas
hoiiger train tot' Wushiugtou, near this
point. The wreckers had wrapped a
huge log chain about one of the rails
until It formed i great knot of iteel
with one end ol the chain-tied to apust
that was driven between the rails. The
obstruction was place. I at a sh '.rp turn,
where it was imposblldd for the engl
nc.r to see it. A freight train cume
along in advance of tb i passeuger train
mid ran iuto thj obitruutiou. The afl
t.,no of the freigut was doralled and
tore up tho tract before aqming to a
iop- lhrio uf lie cars tumbled 'uto
the river and the oars were piled ab lut
promiscuously vu top ot one another.
Fortunately no ono was injured.
Tbres CruUera nnle.-ail Somli.
Washim io.v, Her S.An onler
b'en lBsucl nt thoNavy Departiaent or
dering tin- "M-.iers unlcago,Uaonington
and Atlanta to the isoat Atlanta sta
tiou, aud nlaclug Hear Admiral John li.
W'idker in command at this station.
T.n-1 action was taken by tho Da.
pin nvent, It la understood, so as to
Lave Admiral Walker in the vlotnity ot
lir.i.-V. and Chili 'u oase any trouble at
th.-.'.o oountrles auould oeoar The or
dr eo revoke the Instruction sent
Admiral Banbanv some time ago order
itig JUliu to hold hirusjlf In readinew
to curumand the South Atlantio station.
Rnds tha World on Christmas.
Kawbas CitT, Ma, Deo, o. Mrs.
Charles P. Johnaoa, ot Wyudotts,
Kan., has organnesj a paua oi Auvont
lsts. who have flic! Christmas Day as
t lio end of the world. She baa about
sii i fu! lowers, already, and has fitted up
, 'imne majnifiosnuy. xaere sue
ii , - i. r friends and holds seanees.
f-in hourly communication
; 1 it u.irtd, and that thure
i. , ... .In' t.. Her prediction
I 1 Holm in
will celt tue Domn i
iuate ortUcrs for in
sentatlves to or.l.-i-friends
of M'-. Ciisp
i' !.' caucus to uoiu-
jj a in of uepre-
a J I'cl.VLk. The
i-i inn u. i: lie will
bo nomiuato-l for Siiaakor on cl.i, ftrst
biillot. T lie Hjpul I . ui MtinD.TS will
moet at 7 'M tlits evuiilnz to .1 . ule n
tho poious wb . shall rective their cjiU
pli men vary votes.
&,",.',.r . .'t - " 1 ' . . . l .. . i jit
fnthnr 1 trst Thn S n
Qalmtzlv, Pa., Deo. 5. Fruncr.t
Boras, a st..r i keopnr, wblla attcmptiuK
Wf" n-iraititn.sniiarwiiugtiii Mroot
ufnttn(t wa Jrkert almost apart-
xt morninotVexl briqmt and
. My doctor say? It aclH gently on the stomsch,
llvor and U I'l. ) s, unl Is n plTOsanl laxntlvo. This
urtnk In mndi. Irum h v anil 1 1 pruparvc! for use
rUBftlsls ci
It mioe. uTd tiji pei
Buy one
11 OTP
tne riots-vis i-Rcn uay 11
n order to
idis u ntceswry.
Grand Opening!
s.-ar" rfrvj.iJe oir
1 ) i
ast Centre St., Shenandoah, Pa.
The driest and largest as'ortment
in I til a, noiineta anft Caps at re
markably low prices. Oar line of
OAnxtot too osxTclXseca..
I'hdV uitV.ti L'rolfl effort- to freti tbtt&Relvei.
DUk nfK snowing now id auDnKmiiy
Ufjr Kirsnpiu tirtititir Wl tmk intone cnj
ear . fr.s. dom-D.' 1. (rall)d
fnrai llmltAj I Ime.PXIlllL' 04
fc r.hlli.aanliV'tf DllOftl
,! ABrt AffilfltlOILlI Of tb&
OriftDl of Mej, dhowl3r
by nuthotU MltutTtly oar
own, tfc wentratnof
afianrd and HtTTOat
( mi4 Mind. BfftftU of Errors
SZliSh r ItufwiK M,.i r..-risp o.5triM.
Newly Refitted and tavated.
Hair Cutupy and Ham Dressing f
Under fos'omoo Bultdlug,
9i(aiu rikI Oak Sto., Slkenandoah.
e-FlMt and ftnld bathe. PthKtM hWn. t. nnd
core (el fMenfJjw
do you want
and well made, iu blonnbleelothes?
If so, oull on
Fashionable Custom Tailor,
s South Jardirt Street, Sltenaudoao.
(,'u'l nn.1 si.-- sainpieM of i In' latest goods aud
'tin H,ttH. Good wjrr. ma-ihtilp. pruraptneus
' ' rl"' '
To the Hdtos of Hueuandoah andvlc'nlty.
V "plenl noDres (laittnga id Mu:in Mranc i
Ii'ii ! Is o.ippiid tn roniu No. 8, itiljllli,'
itnlilt.ig, ovor lh- i.oHf utno9, wh ie pau.U
1 1 I ik n and ift.iKht tholatit .nil in-
i jin ..t ciiutu una .li ..uki k Tik-s.-.i-.i
-h ban.L.'l tl i . li1 1 r ami ni. .11 -y . i "t i
ttiuit.y acipilie'l. Ailai.-ilci t;tu- d wuj li iw
ic tuedit Opt u evenings
U-O-tf Biro. as.C. HEWITT,
I ts .1 . r a H
-S3 o -. g, pq ? n
- he; d
f i I
IT " f X SI f Mil
til and
CUtVELAXD, O., iloo
local Uaittucr it . t
.BrioejjsBsfssu'- i u t.hit. tuf Wiuiotial
t)emrEtLio' i i t i w.i.utX bj. held
nre lr fewero .r i I
acoominoHatl ) i i .v ..i i t
nit ample '
utnilihs.l. I
Xnevertbv. wuu ito-s
be any graafi euiusiHiaj.u
"3.'!.l'tti!' ,.
t, seuure the
lirelalan ftKiteim I in : vtf.i'.ni cisi.
Chio.voo, lia. ft Tho li i inl of oaan
figemsot of tli .'itt .im i faMaf Asso
ciation Ua a Ij ., i. ii )l kus ill. They
hate beta: w;i.i,l ,ui( the famous Nul
Boh case for t' p is. t,w. da, and Intra
oppartl'l.Iy ioici 1 a ddu.sio.i, which
tbeyMythoy iv-,.t jj, pablio un
til next May.
100 Dollars an Hour
for siecji'M certain times wo lid be a cIiphp
prli o- For crying bMe use Dr. Iland's
Culio dui. It never fall. 0. .!. Mc
Uartby and .1. M. Uillan, the drtijmiiiti.,
aro fUfntililng free chillies' to tlioee who
doubt, but w. uld likn to try 'it.
A nt'W bread toaster leaves a niotio
grain or fancy ilealti on tha toast.
. , - H
" A Myetery )xple.fnerl.
Thrfnaners contain freq.n-'at notices of rich,
prtt y a.i i.-Jv- i J sirs K,.i.u Hi
oeroea, tram3 a id c iu:i.mi-n. T... wo1
!?. .soci.l i, i.i Pru.kMfl lls "'
,iirn;.iaar m .p c;-! t.- hy.i:u I Jal, -aer .i.-.w,
vur UUP islve, tiniiil inoei; usually subject
ft headache, ncu.-.lia. s.eoptnwueN, liu
mt d -ftHa o 3 li' or Uuglthvt. rb -sbosv a
ws(r rcsrvo"" ny.'it 'm for whiohi lucre is no
remtdt-iqual to Ko-nrmlve N'ervna. Trial
tiollles ami a (Ido boot, containing many
marvelous cure. , tree a' U. H. HUgepoaCb a
ding stole, who also sell, and guarantee Dr.
Miles' oelebr.tlbJ Now Heart Cure, the fluent
of heart tonlos. Uures Qntlerlng, short
orealh. et.
To save Bttwed hDnles from listlriK
tnawkiult pour a pint of cider in.
MUea" iNo-e noa Llver Pllla
lot on c now urindole rostalatlrar the
liver; etomaeL and bowels through the Heroes
s. new qisoovery . ur. siuvt fin'; speuur
irlte ntlloueiiAsa. Oad taste, t irol 1 liver. ciHe .
sonstipauou. unaqnaled lor men, W.-m.-i,
shlidren. Bmallnet. mll.lest,stuil! rinses,
liM. Vamples free, at U U. Hagenbuob's ,
Thd atreets are l)comiiiK 'quite
iiyely with shoppers theao altcrhoonK.
. Height, Of Cruelty.
Nervons w imen seldom rocelvs trie sym-
n'oins th -v d werva. w il cor eu the inclines
of Tv-alth. I hey are. constantly aU-Bg. To
wllhlioMcympitliy rrom fiese unririoosie
13 the helilht oi oriulty. Thiy haeawealc
heatLeausiiiK shortness of breath, nutHrlng,
pain ft st. to, wah s a hungrr spalls, ami
Hnaily swoilloK of ankles, ..pprpssl irl, cholt
n, smotneriuc anu arousy. ut mni-s- ro
ftoartcnro Is Justtlie ihlnij forlhem Kor
ttic r nerv usioss, heidaohe, weik-iess, o c.
Hl K t ratlvrt nervl e is nnituaiu i. rinp
'reat b on "llart and Norvon4 illsea-o" aud
marvelous testimonials free, bold anu
guaranteed by C, U. lLtgenhnoU.
,t m tt
The sfitfitm for shoOtiiior nartridueB
oloseB Tudsday't'Deoernber 16.
Oh, What a Cough.
Will you head tho wa'oingt Tim signal per.
lapnof the euro approaoh of that more ter
rible dtseawi. Oousnmptlou. Ask yaurselves
If yon oan afford for the sake orssviiig SO
ems, to run the rick aud dc nothing; for It.
A'e irnow from oxpwioiioo that ahllon's Our
vill('ureonr (.'ougu. it aavr falki. Thi
"xp'alnn why renro than a Million Bottles
Tiro -.I'd the past year. It relieves Oruiip
ml vVhoD.'Ini Oo'igii at. onoe Mothers do
mt bo without it. Koi lAinac Bsa1, Sldf or
!...-ii. iiseShfloh's Porous Plastor. Sold by
.1 11. Havenbuah, N. K. corner Main and
Moyd stroeu.
, -
The toy trade Is going to beng lively
tlds holiday Beaaon as ever.
Shiloh'u Consumption Cure.
tots is besonrt question the most s'ic
eh-itui Oougu Medicine wo have evi'i' sola.
ow dosee invariably oure the wo st eases of
!h. Croup, and Bronchitis, while Us wif-
. tin auvGUNa in me uuru i'i .KiiHuaiiiuuu k
m.ont a parallel In tho Mai my of rn-wl oln-
snu'c It's flint dlscovorv U '.as besn sold on a
mraniee, a test Tvhlob no other roedlclni-
sn it-'iiit. Ii you have a liouzh we eararstiy
k yi.utoiry it, ritoe 10 oants, so oHits. ao"
I 00. If your Lungs are sore, (Jhsst or llaolr
.me, use Hh lion's Porous Plaitsr. Hold b
i. H iiSAenbnoh. N. E. ooraer Main an
.ioyd streets.
R'ore windows grow more nttraotive
as Christina approunhea.
, . .
A Yankee Sheriff Frightened.
A weltannwn shsrift. iivinir'in Matno. was
given up to die with wliai hts pnysli-laa
called Oonsumntl.io, a friend adv.sed ulm to
iry -'ftn-Tlna Ouugh and '..ilium una Care,
r.-oovery allowed, aud Uie doctor now asm it
mr L-oains,- -uoias aon ijomumpuou. iruti
bottles free at If lriia's drug siorti
The person wiio Is too glad for any
n je ia good fur not Wag.
A Parish Prleefa Oortir T,te -Cer
tified tx uy the Aroublchop .
I.Dtraa' ial nrlFstaa l eecluslaatlcal tndua of
i eiaya, Siaissua49jaii'g, aerooy cere iv
tiu.ll kQ w sever I people who liave benn
i-uiert by iheCaataHBloulOure. it idi ally
aim eueufroaiir mwieis an iiuim m-n oi i.ne
blood. ' KjtANtlOM uiVOOlli.
l'tie above signature is th t whioh Iu- n-t-s
in all his onslaess, omola.lv aad oili. .-rl- ,
audbelsanold pupil of mine
t P. A., Arohulaho . of Mexieo.
Sold at ICti'lln's UrucHlora.fViriiuuu Huuhc
Hook. -iheuandna .
Istrgest tnA eheapcBt si oak in town.
Artittie Taiitiag, flriiiiug sod Derating!
10 2 lm m W. Centre Ht,, khen amuoah
WIN. MttlnSt., 8IienandolL
fkt ?rW8i Stotk tlhrn, Alts, Cigars, k
a -1. ' iMsaVUaTsfcnadhi ouraer ksln a((
' ia
Hil Last TT6rdi an Exprossion of Affec
tion for Hi3 Oonntry.
taltenm Bmperor Wh-n fin Tean
of Ac -HI Abolition ,,r Hlavery la
ilrll-CafiHi,H,I tfc Big nepml.
tli.ifr-Ai. ttwi 4 .til S1trSkM tl JUstar
PAfttR, Dec 8. Dom fiestroi e-fm
pjror of Brazil, died yesterday.
The ex -Ktnpvror's complaint was dla- j
betes, and for the pint forty-eight hour
his lite had been despaired of. Th
Princess Isabella was at her father's
bedside at the time if Ms demise, and -was
overwhelmed with grief to auch an '
oxteut that it Is feared that the too may !
be seriously 111.
It Is said that almost the last, if not
tha last, conscious words of the ex-Em-'
peror wefs.au expression of Vis deep af
fection -tor irHiaii' arid M reefret that he
could not go back thpre to die. Dom
Fedro bitterly , felt is1 exile, and iutl.
mate friends a4rl 'lhat his physical
ailments were greatlr aggravated by
tho pain of absence from his native laud,
aud that, this might be' called the pri
mary oause at his death, its his health
had been generally gorfil bjfore his de
position iu November, 1830.
II.,. T,-.l , ' , . . , .
wu, teuYu mwuys cuerisneti trie uope j
of being reballed to his uutlie Und, ami
when the revolution Wroka out? against I
Da FotisaoH's dlntatorsblp, tha ex-Ktn-
peror was. persuaded by the Count, iVRu
and othefs, that if he should make a
nubile oifar to rnttlrn. hhm llrnv..ln..u
might aetwpt ft. This manifesto ap- I
veriu Brazil, and this seems to j
bnan a Una) blow, t Tho disease
had troubled him was aggravated
which hud troubled him was aggravated
by his mental eullariug, aud lie took to
his bed, gradually growing worse until
tne e lining.
Dom Podro was a native of Itlo
Janeiro, where he wa born December
'i, 1835, being a desceadaut of the tbreo
great royal houses of Braganza, llour
bon and Hapsburg. Ills father having
abdloated lu April, 1881, Dom Pedro be
oame Emuoror at the age of five years
and a few months. lie was declared of
ago In July, 1840. Ha married la 1848
the Princess Tujresa, PlsUr o' the ex
King of Naples. He was a popular Em
peror, and never hesitated to mingle
freely with his subjeots, even of late
years getting iuto a publla conveyance
whea the linpeiial carriage was not con
venient. lie woe finely educated, having an
extensive knowledge of modern lan
guages, aud was a liberal patron of lit
erature. The pijuolpnl domestic event
id his reign was the gradual abolition
of slavery iu Brazil, by the advocacy ot
which hn is aaid to have incurrod the
ill will of many of the slave-holding
class. The principal foreign o vents weie
the aid which he gave lu the overthrow
of the Argentine tyrant, liosas, and his
alliauue with the Argentines against the
Paraguayan tyraut, Lopei
The Paraguyan war resulted In the
death of Lopez, aud in leaving Paraguay
llctlu more than a depopulated waste.
Dom Pedro also had a dispute with
Great Britain iu 18(12, which resulted
favorably for Dray.il. His deposition
was in part attributable to a growing
republican sentiment and partly to the
nmblt.ion of high officers in the army
and uavy, and also to tho unpopularity
of the Count D'Ku, husband of the
Princess Isabella, nnd who, it was ap
prehended, would virtually ruin tha em
pire iu the event of tho death of Dom
Dom Pedro was called upon to abdi
cate Nov. 15, 1880, and was sent to
ISurope on a passenger steamer, under
guard of a Braailian man-of-war. A
touching moment of bis departure was,
that when the Brazilian coast was dis
appearing in tho distance, the ex-I'im-peror
released a dove with his own hand
as a messenger of peace to llrazil. The
Empress died soon after their arrival in
Lisbon, and her death nnd his other
misfortunes were supposed at tba time
to have altected Dom Pedro's reason.
He recovered from the blow sn violent
ly to devote bis time to literary studies
and Investigations, on which us was un
til reoeutly engaged. During tho past
summer the ex-kanparor was greatly
troubled at Vlohy, Frajce, with gan
grene ot the font. He was better tor u
time, aud then again hal to take to hts
bad, but appears to have reuovered from
this visitation, only to full under other
aHlictlous. Dom Pedro was not poor at
his death.
The imperial property In Brazil, con
fiscated at the titui ot the deposition,
had been rescorad to the Imp3r1.1l family
and in October last au act was passed
by Congress aud signed by President Da
Fonseca, granting' tha ex-JSiuporor a
pension of $i4U,uJI) par auuura, with ar
rears from Nov. 13, 18-jU. Tha death of
Dom Pedro Is boliovad to put an end to
all chasees or tbe restoration of the em
it ire.
Tr. RJtury Ha(ltl'dl-' Hepnrt.
Wae.:i:. iv, Deo. 6. Gon. Boseoraus,
Ileglatrar of the Treasury, in his annual
report aisyji: The rqcoipts (rotta oustoms
during the ye-ajf wra JU,a2J,i3'J.).J3; in
ternal raveuua, 0iJ.o, tidJ, 24ii. Tho ax
poiulaui'.'s for customs amounted to
tJM.JiW.b'il). U; Internal rnveaus, $10,
rjja.U'ioOj In l.ans, $o.127. 47U.01; pen
sions, $idl,415, U51; premium on pur
ohaae of bon is, 1. 1, 4)1, 330.01; interest
on the public dobc, 3,131,361.3.
10,0 ur Baing Kan Over.
Dobton, Deo. 8. Some time slnee a
sou of William H. Smith, messenger in
the State Library at the State Home,
was run over and seriously Injured by a
car ot the West Had street Rati way
Company. In the Superior dart the
plaintiff was uw.ii In 1 $17,000 dauiagea.
The ease wu sppsaled, but the oompany
lias eompromlsjit by paying TW,0dd.
Cady Uanles tb ;lires.
IIabbk, Vt., Doe. 6.- George I. Only,
who was arrested, oharged with at
tempted felonious assault upon several
young girls, ranging from 7 to 19 years
in age, denies the charges. Cody l 00
years old. and has a wife and three ahll
drea. lie U a member ot th Congrega
tional Church. The aliased victims
number thirteen.
a Shine lasts a wegh.
ts WATen-pRoor. s
dent a foot
will pay for changing Lho
ponri.rco of oM Fui-nltiTo
ipletelythatit will lr-ok like nw
mm io mm m
Purities the blootl hf' ik
polling the impui itipg throufili
flip nronpr P.'.nni rttn nnrl tifiirAr
I'luPLrt' "in' O'anO IlBVei
cailSCS CVUDtionS Oft tho skill.
Regulates the bowels Gtirs
liver and kidney
tTOUDlea, tullOS Up tllO ftTStein
i x-
d g1 veS 3'" n PP lte. i '
Never fails o cure nay dun
clition produced by impurS or
impoverished blood, or a dis
ordered state of stomach, liver
or kidneys.
S!t et Kirlln'o Drag stare,
Ferguson' HoU.l Mock, Shmcndoah, Pu
Ask inr neents far W.
Tl.lt! will f . . m .
If mit for sale lu yov PiffCO Sir n-ilonltii-
10 iw-inl for cntuloaue, seoi. . tfi
aeenci. aud i
-uu aei
t them fer vou.
C-TAKK NO 81! DtS1
S3 SHOE oenIWn
It It? a seamless aboo, wKu no tacbn or wax Utrpuf
to hurt the (Vol; made of tfec best fluo r.alt, btyllsj
and enj', nnd be -oust va make vim aliens (hi.
grad ttutn any othT tnuntai.'f titer. It t?qilntf OAad
buweu sa.te-s cosiiug rro 10 Ki.uu.
C&fX 00 Ucuiilnr lland-sen.rd, thtirlbcat eat
r.ho ever orfiail for $A.uot eqtiKls IfitMvur:
impoiTPii &iinrs wou'n cost rrom as.o 1 10 C12.W.
Hi A. O" Htturt-rtonod Welt Khot , line eel.
OJ0" at Itsh, eomrnrtabto and durable Th b&it
Euoe ov-'i otrere.l nt tins pilco 1 name sicdo as eua
toni-nmde hi nes roetinir lrom st (lu to tT,u.
L1 UU I'.illi-i- Khuci Fi'.i 1 ic-rt, KallroaC Ken
w and lAitterCarrlursat vrr them; ltr-Acalr,
St amlesfi, mix. itli Innlite, hcay three soles, exten
sion (.(lm Ows nnlr ivlti eai- eyoiir.
ffiA 50 film ralfi no Ijetlcr rthoe ctfcfofrerea
3abB this price; one trial wilt convince tftoe?
who want ft sunc fur comfort mil H')rlce.
(fin -ii 11. .it 84.00 WorkhnfniHn'H uaoc
nrvdjaa aro very Rt-eng ninl duti.ijlo. These who
h iro clvcn ttiepi a ti lul will wear no other make.
rfSitVct' -0 nnd If 1.73 m-hooi shoes are
lkitys worn t,y the t.o,ievcrywhcrej thoyseU
on their merits, as the Increasing sales show.
B .Jl. aln.HO If ilhMnti.,rf ahnn. hent
lWcnUil?x lionitola, very stylish; ciuuaijironch
ii 11 ported shoes costlny rrom '.M to tarn.
l.n.lles' Si. 00 and 1.75 jsho-vfor
Miss are the otst flue Don goto, atyllsh ana durable.
'.iullnn.-3ee that W. L. DoaKlar uttmb and
nrtoa are stowped on tho bottom of each shoe.
W. L. OOUdLAS, brocktoo, Haw.
iSl3.ojCL4Kk.dL '. la. 3tr.
tho otllf r-BUllart GuraUABMliMai
Bpeolalut In tbtiL'biUHl SlatMwbOsA
tb! tr cu-rr Blood Poijpont
Nervous Deb'lt"lti''
Ola! Dleae
Skin UI1 x j Htd SvttM PsriB In tfad
LrMiui.sot'oTliroat A Mouth.
HUUliri, Pin pi Truftltvi, mtt M
hfJV-! VM'tv, hn lilNfi. IrrilUa,
JuKtui-niftLtir si rt Ri.aulns
tjtrluUJ-i, tn1 Emit
SMftT. tost mm..r
WMk tvMk, msrul wrirty, rfMMf tw
niitU r niUMH n4 aft ltasi-J rwulUuH m-a.
liilUcrftlo ar Uvrort, n.-ut cmfr -Bifl iu 4 to o o1
dtl qho. Do net Iw hope, bo nnUet wbt r
Uitltii nontor, Owt, FamlU or tiipltl Ph7.aliu bM Wt
(r. 'fK!. fyre poalt.VSly l',i UU(
bnlBe. oi.n, roc. mttii tvem cawnurtuin-:
r(nh tr poor. 1 wwp r pOOk
flow" rtHllr frwT. IMS. r, 0 U. , VtA tnl I u
Rv'xHClstlQ ftanrU t MV It - - - nil iwl U
Xf you want to stv fltn d'wplay of BooUacti
ritucn, go vj
Boot and Shoe $tore,
(Masteller'a old stand,)
corner coal, a mtt .luidln fM
Cmacoid Work aatt Iltsptxl. cr
Done In the bestsdrla.
Hat remind to Bill Jones 'old staa
WUhc he will be pleased to meet the ws uts
ofhutrteafli. aud ibe paNllo In
Gvarrthlng tn the DrbUrinq Liae.
t li. BW10iii.il., Al. l.,
tprsrcuifAirD snnvmot ,

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