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VOL. VI.-NO. 2G3.
"My Son, Deal "Witli Men Who Advertise. Yon -will Never Lose by It. "--Benjamin Franklin
The Evening Herald.
lias a larger circulation In Shenandoah than
any olher paper published. Clrcu
latlon,books open to oil.
General Wl Ham Lilly Is being
tfcged to present himself nt tho next
Republican State Conveutlon an n
candidate for Congresernan-nt-Lnrgo
and We Bineerely hope that ho will do
so. "We can think ol no more suitable
or stronger candidate, and do not lies
Hate In saying that he Is the strong
pat man Hint could bo named In the
anthracite coal fields. Gen. Lilly lean
honored and respected gentleman, and
his name Is known In every house
hold of this section. Wo envy Maueh
Chunk In the possession of such a
man and will do all In our power to
help place him In tho rositiou the
thriving little town would hnvo hlin
strive for. As a Eopubllcan Gen.
Lilly cannot bo challenged, aud as a!
man of personal character he stBiids
equally high. We feel confident that
ho would sweep this valley, for his
record In connection With thoMluerb1
JTespital at Fountain Springs is such
?Mat the miners in tills section could
not withhold theirtupport from him
without subjecting themselves to a
charge of base ingratitude. Gtn.
Lilly was one of tho original projec
tors of the .Miners' Hospital at Foun
tain Springs, has been its unwavering
friend since its establishment, and is
now the honored president of the
noble institution. It is the policy of
the miners to stand by their friends
and, therefore, we say '-Amen 1" to the
suggestion of Gen. Lilly as a candi
date for Congressman-at-Large.
Endorsed by the people as a safe, nllali'e,
harm If and cheap remedy. Dr. Bull's
I ough Syrup.
Burchill's Restaurant.
Charles Burchill is now located at corner
of Main and Coal streets, Bbonandoah.
Kogular meals, at popular prices, served
any timo. Ladies' dining and refreshment
rooms attached. 9-11-tf
a good home-made rgcur ot.
It is ono of those "xira heavy
carnets. made of I he best vain
and clean rags. Finest line of Velvet
Brussel and Ingrain Carpets in Shen
andoah at
Fancy New Crop 2few Orleans liafohiy Molasses.
2Ve?u Com Meal Made of all new corn. KtltyItrte 1
Fresh Ground.
JVcju Flcldes Natural Color Crisp and Sour.
New Currants Cleaned Heady for Immediate Use.
Ntw California Prunes Fine Quality.
New California Canned Fruits Fay Plums, Cher
ries, Apricots and I'eacJies.
Neto Buckxoheat Hour Very Choice.
New Green Scotch, Peas.
New California Strained
2ew llaislns, Citron and
New Skinned Hams Fresh Smoked.
Nen Mince Meat Best Quality.
Two Cans Cliolcc Salmon.
Tlircc Pounds Fancy Rice.
Two Bottles KeJcltup r,nrjjfc Size and Extra Quality.
Four Founds Good Currants.
Tlircc Pounds Mixed Candles.
Two Pounds Mixed NutS-Mcw Crop.
Five Pounds Oat Flalccs New Frcslt Stoclc.
A tot of vSLeep, Goat and Wolf Sltln Mats and UuRS-ln
White, Itlaclc and Colors.
Just Received Two Cars Choice No. i Timothy Hay, One
car flue Middlings, extra qunllty. Also a lot Strictly Pure
Coumry I,ard.
FOR SALE TO ARRIVE One Car Middlings. One Car
Fancy Minnesota Flour.
CaTUON'T FORGET that Northwestern Daisy Flour Al
ways Gives Satisfaction.
Tim Mtirilnrrr Will I'mlinblr 11a Kloc
1rofMi.il Ti.-Mnrroir Murnlnff.
Sino Pino, X. Y., Dec 7. Tha Indi
cations to-dn nro thit Martin D. Loppjr
who nwn'ti doath III Sing Sing prison,
will bo oallo'l upon to meet it to-raorrow,
at daybreak. Thero saoms to bo no
doubt that ho will bear tho ordoal with
the sumo fortltudo that has characterized
the conduct ot Ave men ivho have pro
coded hlin in the fatal chair. Ho is
cheerful aud comparatively happy.
Tho Rev. Mr. Law, Chaplain of tha
Tombs and Ilov. Mr. Edgertou, Chap
lain of Sing Sing prison, havo spent
most of tho day with tho condemned
man administering to lilm the spiritual
comfort ho seems to welcome. Ho has
become adovout Prosbytorlan, although
prior to his ooaflnemont ho wns an infi
del. He no longer expects pardon, as ho
was told by Kev. Mr. Law yesterday
morning that Got. Hill had refused to
grant It.
He has repeatedly said that ha would
nor. Hccept a commutation ot nls sen
tenco to imprisonment for life, and does
not ueuro a respite, lie Is doolie, and
has nover given tho keener anv trouble.
and all tho prison ofllclals agree that ho
is mentally far superior to any of the
men who have thus far sulTercd tho
death ponalty In Sing Sing.
Loppy still afllrms he is Innocent of
tho crinio. Tho ltov. Mr. Law sayn that
no neuoves tue condomned man Is lion
est In his assertion, and that he has not
vuu liiiuiusb rucuijeuuon ot Having Kiucu
his wife and sister. His reasons for tho
bsllef are that Loppy was stupidly
drunk at tho time, and that be was sub
ject to epileptic fits, tho result In losses
oi momory.
The preparations for tha funeral have
all been made, and lour deputies and
four witnesses nro hero. They are
Isaah Fuller and Prison Physician J. It.
Branscom ot Dannomora Prison: Prof.
Laudy of Columbia College, ono of tho
State Lunacy Commissioners, and tha
Rev. Mr. Law. Tho Dannomora officials
are horo to get points preparatory to tho
execution of Cnl Wood, who awaits
death within the walls of that nrison.
Warden Urown has drawn tho dead lin o
about tho prison, and will use tho same
precautions to lnsuro secrocy that ho em
ployed the othor timo.
Tho witnessos will be met nt tho de
pot and taken to the prison in his pri
vate conveyance, nnd hauled back after
the execution in the samo manner, in
ordefto prevent nowspaper men from
haviug accSss to .thorn. He positively
refuses to give tho names of those who
have beon Invited. Tho only sign to tho
outer world that tho oxeoutlon has
takon pUco will bo tho flag that Is
hoisted as soon as It is over. It has boon
determined that two, and possibly throo
contacts will bo had, as was the case
with Wood, Jugiro, Slocum and Smller.
Plirobs Cousins Tliroaten to Sue.
Washington, Dec 7. Phcebe W.
Couzlns has threatened Minnie P. Way
fleld, editor of tho "World's Fair Vis
itor," a seml-mouthly publication here,
with a , libel suit if jho publishes the
"slanderous" portions of tho procood -lngs
ot the Lady Hoard of Managers,
which met in Chloago last September
and ousted Miss Couzlns from lior posi
tion as secretary of the hoard. Miss
Couzlns has also notified Mrs. Palmer,
president) of tho board, and the "fraudu
lent secretary," as she calls Mrs, Cook,
thnt if the charges mode against her last
September are published in the report
of the board, sho will also bring suit for
libel against them.
Ftmon Feel.
Tho Night Police Soom to Havo
Old Offenders in Custody A
Clue to Other Unlawful
At alout one o'clock yesterday mornlnji
a Polish man with bloi d streaming down
thu sido of his face from an ugly wound on
his head ran up to Policeman Jacob Davi
on Main street and begged that a search be
nil de for two young men who had brutally
assaulted him at tho lower ond of Ui"
Davis was directed to "tho rocks" and
was joinod while on his way thero by
Policeman Williams. Altor wutching
about an hour the polico located the parties
wanted in one of tho row of houses on
"the rocks" that faces tho Lehigh Valloy
railroad. "Warrants wero secured lrom
'Squire Williams and tho two policcmon
entered tho houto with tho man who had
been beaten. Two tall nnd woll-built
young lollows were found in bod. Thoy
wero brothers, known as Uhris. and
.Michael Alack, and ;they wore roiognlzod
by tho victim and two friends. Tho slight
nsietance of ono of tho men was soon
overcome and tho two wore placed boforo
Squire Williams.
Tho victim of the assault and his two
witnesses eworo that when on their way
homo tboy wero accosted by tho Macks
and a ilgbt ensued, during which tho latter
resorted to throwing large piecos of rocks
and tha complainant wasseveroly cuton tho
Tho accused stoutly donied their guilt,
but tho ovidonco was of such a character
that 'Squire Williams Colt justified in com
mitting them to tho lockup. Subsequently
each iurnisbed $500 bail for trial.
Tho polico say that lately frequent re
ports havo been made of highway assaults
and robberies in tho neighborhood of "the
rock," but they have been powerless to act
on account of the victims being unablo to
identify their assailants. Tho perpetrators
bavo mado a practice of lying in wait fur
drunkon Polls and Iluns going homo. It
me victims are too arunk to iignt ttiey are
robbed without ceremony, but If thoy aro
ablo to give resistance thoy aro tapped on
tho head ilh a "billy," sand bag or piece
of rock and "put to sleep" until tho high
waymen get a chance to go through their
pockets. Tho Macks, fay the polico, have
been under suspicion for somo time and it
is bolioved that they can be nonvictod in
the present cao. Tho victim and bis wit
nesses wero under the influence oi drink,
but thoy wero sober enough to identify
their assailants and tell straight stories to
the 'Equiro.
All claims not consistent with
character of Syrup ot Figs are
tho high
avoidod by tho Cal. Fig Syrup
It acts gently on the kftlncys,
liver Bnd
bowols, cleansing tho system effectually,
but it is not a euro-all and makes no pre
lentions that every bottle, will not sub
Holiday goods,
cheap, Head Iteoao's
Specimen Cases.
a. it. uiuiora, iMew uassoi, wis., wfe
troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumathm,
his Stomach was disordered, his Liver was
afflicted to an alarming dogroe, appotitj
foil away, and ho was torribly reduced in
flesh and strength. Throo bottles of Elcc
trio cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Ilarrisburg, 111., had
a running Eoro on his leg of oight years'
sttnding. Used threo bottles of Electric
Bitters and seven box pa of Buoklcn's
Arnica Salve, and his log Is sound and
well. John Speaker, Cutawba, O., had
flvo largo Fever sores nu his leg, doctors
said ho was Incurable. Ono bottlo Electric
Bitters and ono box Bucklon's Arnica
Salvo cured him entirely. Sold by 0. II
Ilagonbuch, Druggist,
"Feebly she laughed In tho langqnld moon,
while l'orpybro upon her face doth look" and
wonders what ban swelled It so. When he
nods It IB neuralgia however, lie does not
lose nis neaa, mil Having iwemy-nvo ceniH in
his Inside pocket, luvono In a bottle or Kalvn.
Hon Oil.
Buy Keyttone flour. Bo careful that the
name Lessiq & Co., Ashland, Pa.. It
printed on every sack. 3-8-3UW
10 Cents For Pound.
Tho finost French mixtures, porfoctly
puro, 10 cents per pound, at Max Rooeo's.
Tho finest and beet chocolato creams,
cheaper than elsewhere.
A Grand Ball.
The Rescuo Hook and Ladder Company
will hold a grand ball on Docomber 31st,
1891, in Bobbins' opera houso. "Wait for
it. ' 11-30-law
All kinds ot candies, 20 cen'e per lb., at
Duncan & Woldley's. 18-5.li
Sermon in tho Methodist Episco
pal Church Sunday.
The Methodist Kpiseopal church cole
bnitod the srvonth anniversary of tho did
ioillnn of its new church Sunday. Tin
chancol was vory tastefully adorned will
potted plants and llowers. Tho preacher o
the day was the ltuv. J. 11. McCulh'Ugb
D. D., editor of tho Philadelphia Metho
dist, who dieoiirsod eloquently on the
"Mystery of Godliness" from I Timotb.
III 10. "Without controversy great is th
mystery ot godliness. God was manifu.
in tho flesh, justified in tho split, seon ol
angels, preached unto tho Gentiles, bo
lleved on in the world, rcoived up int
glory." . Tho wi-rld is full of mystery
IIo who refuses to bellevo ovorytlnng hi
cannot understand, can nover bo sura ol
anything. Paul concedes tho mystery ol
godliness that is, tho mvsteriousnesa cf
that divino plan by which God seeks to
niako men godlike. If it wero not a mys
tery to our flnito comprehension it would
bo unworthy of tho great God and impos
sible of belief to Unite man. 1st God was
manifest in tho flesh. Imngino nn in
finitely extended oseonco which fills all
space. Then imagine that this ossnnco U
endowed with life and that this life is com
pressed into a human lorm and you havo a
nint ot too incarnation oi tno son oi uuu
Some how tho heathen world gavo ox pre a
sioris in all its mythologies to Us oxpecln
tions of such a manifestation of God
This maniffstation of God is tho basal
truth of the christian scheme. 2d But he
wa also justified In tho spirit. Again and
again the spirit rf uod boro telmony
to his sonship tbo descending dovo nt tho
baptism and tho glory of the trant-flgura
lion scene wero rot only for the sake of the
spectators but for his own sako. The
cloven tongues of Pentecost and tho do-
scent of tho Holy Spirit were to justify the
faith of tho disciples in the incarnation
So that wo aro not lelt to tho historical
proofs of tho incarnat'.on which aro as
credible as tho proofs concerning Cwsar
and Napoleon wo havo tho spirit ho has
given us to whisper assurances of our ac
ceptance with God. 3d IIo was seen of
angels that is rccognizod by angels as the
Son ot God. and became tho subject of
their holy ministries. Theso angolio spirits
aro sent forth to minister also to the heirs
of Ealvatlon. l'.b He was proachod unto
tho nations. Tho gospol was intendod to bo
a universal religion and forthwith tho
disciples wont everywhere preaching tho
gospel this the church is doing to-day,
The need of tho world now is for saved
men and women everywhere in tbo
family tho shop tho store the mino to
preach Josus tho Sin of God. Every
hoarer is a divinely constituted proachor
"let him that hoareth say come." 5th
Bolioved in In tho world thero is no
greater mystery than this. Think of tho
millions who worship and hang their hopes
upon a man who was crucified ninoteon
hundred years ago. Oth Received up into
glory thero ho lives to intercedo for us
Tho sermon produced a marked impreesioii
on the largo congregation. Next Sunday
morning tho Ilev. James Morrow, 1). D
sicretary of tho Penna. Stato Bible Society,
will preach.
Havo You Asthma ?
You can try Schiffmann's Asthma Cure
free of charge. Nover fails to givo instani
relief in worst cases. His method ot nil
vertiring is by giving it away, l'ostugo t
cents. Namo this paper, and send your
address for -free trial package to Dr. R
Scbillmann, St. Paul, Minn.
Travol on tho Nickol Plato and receive
the benefits of holiday rates, Dec. 23d to
Jan. lit, inclusive. Limit returning Jan
5th, 1892. d&w
Munn & Co.
Tho attention of our readers is diroclod
to tho advortisomont of Munn & Co
patent solicitors In another column. Their
names aro familiar to patentee) throughout
tho oountry. In oonnection with tho
publication of tho Scientific American for
tho past forty-flvo years, thoy havo made
the drawings and specifications for more
than ono hundred and twenty thousand
Inventions, and their facilities for obtain
ing patonU wero never better than now.
Coughing; Leads to Consumption
Kemp's Balsam will stop tho cough at
Largo stook of fancy goods, cuoh as
lumps, bronzes, china ware and imported
cut glassware, at Holderman's, 11-28-tf
Mrs. Leyi Dornseife, who had been lick
for soveral years, died nt her residence, 121
South Jardln street, this morning.
Parties wishing to (elect their Christmas
pretenlt can do so now and have them laid
aside until wanted. At Uoldciman's.
Church Sorvlco To-night.
Bishop Stantford will preach in tho
Kbenezer Evangelical church at 7:801hls
ovoning. All aro invited.
It la a well known fact that Pan-Tina
Cough and Consumption Cure has cured Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds when all else
lulled. 25 and u) cenla. Trial bottles tree at
Klrlln'a drug Btore.
Groat Balo of Tickets For the
Teachers' County Institute
Entertainments en Satur
day Last.
The box ofllco of Forguion's theatre wb
penod Saturday for the oa'e of ticket
r onterlalnmenle to bo given ii
tho theatre on tho evenings o
December 14, 15, 10 snd IT, under tbi
uspic-s of the Teachers' Oounty Institute
Ileloro tho salo commenced thoro wa? r
drawing to decide tbo positions of pur
chasors in tho lino. Ono hundred wen
urownt to participate in it and an rqua
number of slips was placed in the hat. II
W. Tiiman, drew number ono, anc
ilicbaol Whitakor drew number two
Tho lino was thon fc rmcd and the box
olllco was opened at 10:30 a. m. By 11
'clock tickets for every Eoat in tho lower
part of tho thoatro had been sold. Sail
of tickets for Beats in rthsr ports of the
theatre will horeaftor bo mado at Kirlln's
Img store. The enterlainment course
promises to bo tho most successful of anj
heretofore held in this town.
Superintendent Freeman has appointed n
committeo to arrange the exhibits of local
bchool work in Ferguson's ball and another
committeo to as-ist tbn toachcrs of other
pmcos In properly displaying their school
work. Tho latter oxhibit will bo in the
etno hall. It is tho desire of tho superin
tendents and school teachers that parents
should givo thrso exhibits thoir attention.
Buoklon's Arnica Salvo.
Tho Best Salvo in tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fovcr
Sores, Tetter, Charpod Hands, ChilblainE
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no paymont required.
It is guaranteed to givo porfoct satisfaction,
or money refundod. Pnco 2j cents por
box. For saio by 0. H. Hagenbuch.
Candolacrums and candlesticks, and
fancy bric-a-brac of all kinds, at Holdor
man's. 11-28-tf
Lillian Konnedy To-night.
Miss Lillian Konnedy and an oxcollont
company will appear at Ferguson's thoatre
to-night in "She Couldn't Marry Throe."
Tho standard of tho entertainment is fore
shadowed in tho following references to
Miss Kennedy by tho New York City
papors :
Miss Lillian Konnedy is clover and
sprightly. Sho will no doubt rnako ber
mark. iYcio York Herald,
Miss Lillian Kennedy Js a very charm
ing yc ung woman with much dramatic
perception. A'eto York U'orW.
Miss Lillian Kennedy, as Bise, worked
bard lust night and earned overy bit of tho
njipluuso which was showered upon her.
Sho is a very grs ceful littlo dancor. New
York Evening Sun.
Miss Lillian Kennedy's songs and dances
wero woll recoivod. Neio 1 ork Evening
Miss Lillian Kennedy, whoso bright
faco, vivacity, good figure, sweot voice,
graceful dancing and clover acting, is tho
great factor os 'Bess in tho comedy. "She
Couldn't Marry Three" has succoeded in
greatly pleasiDg tho New York patrons
New York Daily News.
Sho can danco, sing, and act. A'io lork
Stage News.
Tho Nickel Plate makoa ono faro for the
round trip Dec. 28 1 to Jan. 1st inclusive,
on account holidays. Returning limit to
Jan. 6ih, 1892. d&w
Brumm's holiday stock of watches,
jewelry and silverware is now tho largest
1 n . I . i t.-.l i
anu uiitMi m luwn. ii-ii iiivikuuuu w
inspect our goods is extended to all. 12-7-tf
There will be a special meeting of Lydla
Degree Lodge, No. 112, Daughters of Re-
bekah, hold in their' hall on Wednesday
afternoon, at 1:30, for the purpose of mak
ing arrangtments to attend the funeral of
our late sister, Lydia Dornsife. All mem
bers are requested to be present. By order,
of Mahoaiikt Jonks, N. G.
Attest: E. D. Bbddai.l, Seo'y. 7-2t
Holiday rates on tha Nioknl Plate, Dec.
28d to Jan. lit Inolusive. Returning to
Jan. 5lh, 1892. - d&w
Largest stock of rings. Genuine dia
monds with combinations of rubles, opals,
poarls, emeralds, etc, at Holderman's. tf
A Surprlso.
Keep your eyo on this local. Keegey,
the photographer, will have his now open
ing in a few days and will havo something
Interesting that will surprise tho poople. tf
Do you sufler with Consumption. Coueha or
Colda? You cau be cured ff you take Pan
TlnaCongh and Consumption Cure. '.Sand
60 ceils. Trial bottles lrto at Klrlln'a drug
R v. II O. Jame
unty teat.
(pent to-day at the
'Squire Mioemaker
lottvillH to day.
attended court at
Henry Shaffer is doing Jury duty
'oltsviiin again this week.
Vis Kdith Miners reluriiul home Sulur
ay after spending a week with friends in
tft. Carmol.
I. Shapira, the South Main Hrcet drug
gist, is attonding to business at YIlke
Mrs. Edward Morgan and ho? daughter,
iVnnie,"of Shamokln,; are tho guests of
reUtivis In town.
Frark Car'rr, of Potts llle.'fjand agent
for the P & 11. 0. & I. Co.,:' was a visitor
o town this morning.
Mrs. C. G. Palmer, who spent the past
five" weeks visiti'ng"frKrds-vau"partB
of Luzerno county, returned to tlwn
Saturday afternoon.
A Townsman in tho South.
Mr. James G. Ilutton, of town, h now in
the Yankee city f the South, Tallapoosa,
Georgia. Hi health is already improved
by the change. IIo has found that the
climato in that section Is splcnded, tho
water fine, unit the mineral springs have
medicinal qiulilies that ore highly benefi
cial to liver ai.d kidney troubles. Mr.
Ilutton has purchased some property at
Tallapoosa for himself and can look after
property for others who may wish to Invest
thero. Tho placo offers oxcollent op
portunities for investments. Mr. Ilutton
will choerfully furnish information and
maps of tho town. Many bargains for
investors are at hand now. There it a
goed opening for a feed and hay business1,
also for n furniture business and a first class
grocery. Mr. Ilutton wants a man in
Shenandoah to represont Tallapoosa. All
Inquiries should bo addressed to James G.
Ilutton, Tallapoosa, Ga.
A Gum Boot Caso.
Tho collecting of old gum boots to kosp
tho half a dozen cheap! Polish shoo shops
in town supplied has been pushed with
such vigor tho past few months tho articles
aro almost at a premium and, in con?o
quoneo of this, s mo onthtisiastio collectors
huvo not been particular a& to whether tho
boots that havo Etrayed within their roach
havo been old or new, and where now ones
have joined tho collection it has beon with
out the knowlodgo of tho owner. Scoree of
miners in tho First ward have complained
of losses to 'Squlro Monagban. It Is lho
custom of tho majority of minors to take
off their 1 oots botoro ontering their housos
and leavo them at the Bleps, outside. Sov
eral havo complained that thoy havo hardly
droppod the boots before they havo mys
teriously disappeared. This has been ac
counted for by the fact that peddlars have
been encouraging boys to bring them all
the old gum boots nvoilablo. On Saturday
a First ward Polo reported that a pair of
gum boots ho had worn but a few days had
beon stolon. Constable Toomey found tli8
boots in tho possession of Mike Kuppor,
a Jow peddlor, who said he purchased them
from a boy for four cents. Kupper waB
hold on a charge of receiving stolen goods
and will ho givon a hearing to-night. He
promises to produce the boy who sold tho
boots to him.
Now Try This.
It will cost you nothing and will surely
do you good, if you havo a Cough, Cold, or
any troublo with Throat, Chest or Lungs.
Dr. King's new Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Colds is guaranteod to
givo roliof, or money ..will bo paid back.
Sufferers from Li Grippe found it just tho
thing and under iU uso had a speedy and
perfect reoovery. Try a simple bottlo at
our oxponso and loam for yoursolf just how
good n thing It is. Trial bottles freo nt C.
II. Hagnnbuch's Drug Storo. Largo sizo
COo. and SI.
Handsomo stock of lamps with tho mod
delicately hand-painted bisquo and china
shados, at Holdorman's. 11-28-tf
DORNSIFE.-On Monday, December
7, 1891, at hor late residence, 121 South
Jardln street, Mrs. Levi Dornsife, aged 52
years, 7 months and 11 days, i unerai on
Friday, December 11, at 1 p. in. Interment
in Old Fellows' cemetery. Friends and
rel&tlvos respectively invited to attend.
Four tintypes for 26 cents, at Dabb's. tf
3 pounds for a quarter,
None cheaper.
2 pounds for a quarter,
Nono bettor.
Motts? Cidea? !
8 cents a quart.
25c per gallon.
Sweet and not intoxicating.
No. 322 North Jardin Street.

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