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"My Son, Deal "With. Men Who Advertise. Yon will Never Lose by It."-Benjamin Franklin
The Evening Herald.
Una a larger circulation In Shenandoah than
any other paper published, Clrcu.
latlon books open to all.
Six ocean steamship lines lmve
entered Into an agreement to follow a
uniform route In galling between New
York City and Liverpool and return.
The tracks selected represent the
safest course which combined wisdom
of the navigators of the lints which
have adopted them could suggest.
The Ohio election showed that
more Democrats bungled in the use of
the new Australian ballot than there
were Republicans who made similar
mistakes. Of tho 31.000 ballots
marked only' for Governor, 12,000
were Republicans and nearly 19,000
were Democrats. O i Republicans
had the most intelligent understand
ing of the new law, notwithstanding
the Clucinnati Enquirer's kinder
to teach Democrats how to
!?.tnerlcan Flour For Starring itusslani.
Minneapolis, Minn., Deo. 6. A reply
from tho Russian Charge d'ACfalres in
New York has been received favorable
to the gift ot a cargo of flour by Ameri
can millers to starving peasants ot Rus
sia, and thtrtoen cars of flour hava
already been subscribed In Minneapolis
Launah of the Maohlkf.
Bath, Me., Dec. 8. Tho next launoh
of the new naval fleet takes place
this afternoan that of the Ma
chlas. The nsw warship Is a steel gun
boat, and is the first of tho two steel
Sunboats built under the provisions of
the act of Congress approved March 2,
Maverick Hank Dividends.
Boston, Dec. 8. It is announced at
the Bub-Treaiury that the deposits ot
the Receiver of the Maverick bank
amount, to nearly 3,500,005. The first
dividend will, it Is believed, not exceed
80 per cent., and tho total dividend 75
per cent.
Four tintypes for 25 cents, at Dabb's. i
Burchill's Restaurant.
Charles Burcbtll it now located at corner
of Main nd Coal streets, Shenandoah.
J'FSegulor meals, at popular prices, sorvod
v any time. Ladies' dining and refreshment
rooms attached. 9-14-tf
a good home-made rug carpet.
It is onoof those pxlra heavy
carpets, made of the best yam
and clean rags. Finest line of Velvet
Brussel and Ingrain Carpets in Shen
andoah at
Fancy Neiu Crop New Orleans Salting Molasses.
New Com Meal Made of all netv corn. Kiln Dried
Xresli Grotmd,
2tew Pickles Natural Color Crisp and Sour.
New Currants Cleaned Heady jor Immediate Use.
New California Prunes Fine Quality.
Nttu Calljornia Canned Fruits JZgg Plums, Cher
ries, Apricots and Peaches.
New Jiuchtvheat Hour Very Choice.
New Green Scotch Peas.
Nttv Calljornia Strained Honey,
t 3s (iv Itaisins, Citron and JLnnon Peel.
Hew Skinned Hams Fresh Smoked.
Hen Mince Meat Best Quality.
Two Cans Cliolcc Salmon.
Tliree PomucIs Fancy Rice.
Two Bottles Ketchup large Size nnd Extra Quality.
Four Pounds Good Currants.
Three Pounds mixed Candies.
Two Pounds Mixed Nuts New Crop.
Five Pounds Oat Flalces-New Fresh Stoclc.
A Lot ol Sheep, Goat and Wolf Skin Mats and Rugs-In
Wliitc, Black and Colors.
Just Received Two Cars Choice No. x Timothy Hay, One
car line Middlings, extra quullty. Also a lot Strictly Pure
Country Lard.
Fancy Minnesota Flour.
SSTDON'T FORGET that Northwestern Daisy Flour Al
ways Gives Satisfaction.
Ho Promised to so Stralnht to tho
An aged Irishman took loavo of his
frionds at Lost Creek this morning for a
trip to the Emerald Isle, lio was sur
rounded at tho depot by a scoro ot weeping
women who wpro exceedingly anxious that
his trip should bo a safe; one and bet v. eon
sobs they offered all sorts of suggestions.
"Good bye, Dan; go straight to tho ship
when you get to Philadelphia," "I will."
Then another anxious woman dropped her
apron and fald,"Don't stop any place.Dan,
but go straight to the ship." Tho laconic
answer was "I will." Then a thud cried,
beseechingly, "Danl" 'That?" asked the
old man. '"Go straight to tho ship." "1
will." Then a fourth woman grabbed bis
arm and said," "Go straight to tho ship,
Dan. ' The old man was becoming nervous
end to the last anneal ho answered. 'That
tho divll Is tho matter wid yor.do yor think
I'mgoin'to wait 'till tho ship comot to
me?" Just before tho arrival of tho train a
woman, carrying a tag that had boen writ'
ten by tho station agent, put In her appear
anco. Sho pinnid tho tag to one of the old
man's coat sleevos. It read: "Tako this
man to Philadelphia and eeo that ho gets on
board tho ship for Ireland." Then fol
lowed more tears, good byes and blessings
and it was with dim ulty that the old man
could got on tho train. As tho train pulled
out from Lost Creek tho old man wriggled
in his seat. His hands woro pluDged nor
vously into his overcoat pocket?, then
the fingers went into the vest
pockets, the hands went down into
the pockets of the pants, csmo out again
and wandered over the breast p.ickots of
the overcoat. There was an anxious look on
the old man's face as ho turned to tho other
passengers and seemed to ask, "Havo you
got it?" They felt sure ho bad lost his
pocketbook or some other valuablo thing.
The passengers woro beginnlngto got as un
easy at tho old man, when the latter leaned
forward and looked under tho soat. As ho
resumed an orect position a smile was be
ginning to build itself around his mouth
Ho had found it a short-stemmed, well
soasonod clay pipe. Dan arrived safe ii
Shenandoah and when last soon was riding
backwards towards tho Pennsylvania depot,
on bis way to Philadelphia, via PottsvilK
The tag of instructions was still upon his
coat sleeve and Conductor Hendricks said
he thought Dan would get on board the
All tho Institute Seats
The announcement that all tho reeorved
soats for the teachers' instituto ontortain
monts had boen sold was promature. Over
one hundred soats remain unsold and may
be secured at Kirlin's drug store. The
course of entertainments will bo on a scale
of extraordinary merit and, consequently,
tho demand for seats is unusually brisk.
Peoplo who wish to secure the seats now
unsold should apply hi once.
Endorsed by the people as a safe, reliable,
liurmlos nnd cheap remedy, iir. Hull's
ougti Byrup.
One Car Middlings. One Car
Hinges on the Proposition as to
Whether Oounoll httBtho Right
to Spend More than $45,000
on tho Project.
The question of whether or not Council
has tho right to spend more than $45,000 on
tho project of a water works, under tho au
thority obtained by the vote taken ten
years ago, having boen raised md dis
cussed with soma animation, we publish
herewith the notico cf tho spocial election
and the rosolution and ordinance under
which tho voto was taken :
Proceedings of a regular meeting of the
Town Council of tho borough of Shenan
doah, held October 20 1881 :
Resolved, By tho Town Council of the
borough of Shenandoah, that tho said
borough, with tho concurrence of tbo
qualified voters thereof, provide, orect and
maintain all tbo works, machinery, engines
and apparatus necessary for making, rais
ing, conveying and introducing into the
said borough an abundant supply of puro
water, for tho purpose of furnishing tho
inhabitants of tho said borough with a
sufficient supply thereof, for domestic use
and to protect tho property in said borough
from destruction in tho caso of Are ; and
that Tuesday, Dec. 13, 1881, be fixed for
holding a special (.'action in said borough
by the qualified citizens thereof, to dete'
mine whethor or not the debt of said
borough shall bo Increased for the purpoios
above stated.
And In accordance with tho proceding
rosolution tho Committoo on Ordinances
reported the following ordinance ;
Be it ordained by the Town Council of
the borough of Bbenandoah, and It 1.
hereby ordained by the authority of the
Section 1. That the borough of Shenan
doah provide, erect and maintain all the
works, machinery , engines and apparatus
necessary for the making, raising, convey
ing and introducing into the said borough
an abundant supply of puro water, for the
Durposo of furnishing tho inhabitants of
the said borough with a Buffleiont supply
thereof for domestic use and to protect tho
property therein from destruction by firo,
Section 2. That Tuesday, Docember 13,
1881. bo and is hereby fixed as tho day for
holding a special olectlon by the qualified
citizens of tho said borough of Sbenandcah
for authority to increase the debt of said
borough for tho purpose above stated.
Daniel J. Williams, Chief Burgess,
Attest: Joun Oabdin, Sec'y.
The preceding ordinanco was laid over
until lha regular meeting of November 8,
1881, when it was finally adopted, and
therefore the following notice is made :
An election will be held by tho qualified
voters of the borough of Shenandoah on
Tuesday, Decetnbor 13, 1881, at tho placer
hereinafter designated for tho purposo of
determining whether the debt of tho said
borough shall or shall not bo Increased in
procuring an abundant Bupply of puro
water by the borough authorities.
It is horeby made known and notice
given that the places for holding tho afore'
said olection in tho sovoral wards of this
borough are as follows, to wit:
The electors of tho First ward of the
borough of Shonandoah wtll hold, their
election at the house of John Tobin, in the
said ward.
Tho eloctors of tho Second ward will
hold their olectlon at the house of J. K. P,
Scheifly, in the said ward.
Tho electors of tho Third ward will hold
their election at the house of D. O. Blylor,
in the said ward.
Tho electors of tho Fourth ward will
hold their election at the house of Samuel
Iiushwortb, in the Enid ward.
The electors of the Fifth ward will hold
their election at tho house of Iienry Mul
doon, in tho said ward.
Tho last assessed valuation of tho taxable
property of the borough, as por duplicate
of county tax is $1,317,000.
The existing debt of the borough of
Shenandoah is as follows at this date:
Bonded or Funded debt J27.900.01
Order outstanding..... 8S5.su
Hose unpaid for. 635.00
Total...... J2S.920.39
Account of moneys to bo applied to
liquidation when received:
Amount to be paid by Ed. Burke,
tax eolleclor.deductlni: exonerations
and commlfcBlons (6,007.03
Claim ocalnst the Thornaa Coal Com
pany lor Iioho 015 00
Gash In treasury 8,700.00
(9,322.3 i
Deduct tho probablo amount of resouroos
that can bo applied to the liquidation of
total indebtedness leaving u balance of
A tax of a very small fraction of more
than Hi mills on tbo dollar would liquidate
the present net indebtedness of tho hot-
A joint committee of citizens and Coun-
tVo sources of a bottor
wator supply and the probablo oxpenso to
bo incurred In procuring tho same, and re
ported as tho rcult of their investigation
Water, puro and abundant, can be ob
tained at tho estimated cost of ? 15,000.
This amount addod to tho present In
lebtedness of the borough would only
mate 5.8 per cent, on tho last assessed val
uation of tho property In said borough.
By authority of tho Town Council.
PiKncs Walker, President.
JonN Cardik, Secretary.
Daniel J. Williams, Chief Burgoss.
Novemborl2, 1881.
All kinds of candies, 'JO ccn'.s por lb., at
Duncan & Weidloy's. 12-6 tf
M. S. Riggs spont a part of yesterday In
Mabanoy City.
Howell Samuels and I. II, Carl spont to
day at PottBvillo.
Prof. Lloyd Evans, of Wilkes-Barro,
was a visitor to town josterday.
Major Ilober S. Thompson, of Pottsville,
was a visitor to town to-day.
Simon itumbergor, of Hnaraokin, was
tho gufst of I. II. Carl yesterday.
C. D. Kalor and family occuplod a box
at torguson's theatre last night.
Peter Kroiger returned yesterday from
Sullivan county, where ho spent sovoral
days hunting.
Miss Lillian Kennedy dined with John
A. Iteilly's family last evoning bofore the
performance at Ferguson's theatre.
A. W. Leisenring, of Mauch Chunk,
and John It, Leisenring, of Ilazleton,
spent yesterday afternoon in town.
Mr. ThomBS Davis, wife and family, of
St. Clair, who were visiting Mrs. Davis'
father, David Brown, of town, left for
their homo yesterday.
Specimen Oases.
a. u. uuuora, jnow uassel, wis., was
troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism
his Stomach was disordered, bis Liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite
foil away, and ho was terribly reduced in
flesh and strength. Three bottlos of Elec
tric cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111., bad
a running soro on his leg of eight years'
stinding. Used three bottles of Electric
Blttora and seven boxes of Bucklon'
Arnica Salvo, and his log Is sound and
well. John Speaker, Catawba, O., had
five largo Fever soros on bis leg, doctors
said he was incurable. One bottle Electric
Bittors nnd one box Bucklen's Arnica
Salvo cured him entirely. Sold by O. II
Ilagonbuch, Druggist,
Tho Nickel Plate makes one fare for tho
round trip Dec. 231 to Jan. 1st inclusive,
on account holidays. Returning limit to
Jan. Cth, 1892. d&w
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly,
This week's Issuo of Frank Leslie' s Illua
trated Weekly is replete with beautiful art
pictures and illustrations of current ovents
The principal features aro tho double-page
representation of Alaskan Esquimaux ro
turning with supplies to their winter
quarters ; illustrations of the famous
Meininger" company, tho great German
expononts of Shakespeare : sketches ot th
Pennsylvania Industrial Reformatory at
Huntington, together with an article do
s.riptivo of tho operations of that inetilu
tion ; and illustrations of the recent terrible
earthquake in Japan and the Brooklyn
aqueduct disaster. This Issue also contain
the second article ot tbo second series on
the "Coming Crisis" by Lieutenant Totton
Tbeso articles have created great Interest
throughout tho country, and this one will
bo found interesting to business men as
well as to theologians.
Skin Diseases.
What spectaclo is more disgusting than
that of a man or woman with a skin dia
e&'o which shows' itself In pimples
blotcbos on handi, arms, face and neck
It is simply impure blood. See wha'
Brandrolh's Pills did for a chronic caso:
Goorge Chapman, Pincening, Mich
"For four years I was In the Mounted
Infantry in tho U. S. Army, residing dur
Ing that timo principally In Texas. Almost
all of that timo I had a chronic tkin dls
ease, characterized by an eruption over the
entire surfaco of my legs and thighs, arms
and chest. Tho doctors termed It eczema.
I had given up all hopes of over being
cured, when Brandreth's Pills were rocom
mendod to mo. I concluded to try them
and I have thanked God daily sinco then
that I did so. I used them for about three
months, and by that time, was complotoly
cured and havo never had any troublo
sinco." 12-8-lw
Lane's Family Medlolno
Moves the bowels each day. Most poop!
need to uso It.
10 Cents Per Pound.
Tho finest French mixtures, perfectly
puro, 10 cents per pound, at Max Reese'
Tho finest and best chocolate creams,
cbeapor than elsewhoro.
'Feebly she laughed In the lanequld moon
while I'ornvLro uoou her face doth look" and
wonders what baa swelled 11 bo. When he
rinds It Is neuralgia however, he floes not
lose nm ueaa, out uaving iweniy-nve ccnui id
bis Inside pocget, Invests la a bottle of tialva.
non uii.
A Driver Falls Under His Wagon
and a Miner is Struck Upon
tho Head by a Pioeo of
Samuel Brocius, aged 22 years, and em-
loyed as a driver on tho dirt bank of tbi
Shenandoah City colliery, met wilb a
serious accident yesterday afternoon. lie
lipped ns bo attemp'cd to jump from tht
umpor and his left leg fell under the I
whools. The flesh was torn from tho bono.
from tbo heel to the knee, icfln ting an
gly and serious Injury. Tho young man'
whs taken to the home of friends on West
0k streot, whero ho is now being cared
Holiday goods,
cheap. Read Boose's
Just Ononod I
I. Bobbins, thoworklngmen's friend, has
tiened a iihw meat and provision market
ext door to tho First National Bank, lie
will keep it supplied during tho winter
with tbo bost dressed meats, poultry, butter.
ggs, etc., selling at rock bottom prices, or
almost ono-half less than purchases can be
mado elsewhere. Mr.1 Bobbins is n pro
unn. .a wnll ua aiallnr finH Hnitlinn. flirpnt
.v ..v-.. r,
with tho consumer, offers a chanco for
...in m.t i t i n. nihnr
b( t fn Thn r..lllo nn.l W nrn
nn orn ( hi. firm In T,.u,u. Thn
, niton nn th f.rm ,! .hinnnrt rilrnrt m
BAnnnrlnuV. in rftfri.rfti-ofrtf C a fo Tnh n I
w" " -- - I
n'TTUOm ta it, nf th marbpf nH 11
f.ni.tnmnrArivflnmmnt Rnd tioliio nttm,-
Brumm's holiday stock of watches,
jewolry and silverwaro is now thu largost
and finest in town. An invitation to
Inspect our goods Is oxtonded to all. 12-7-tf
Fall of Top Ooal.
John Hitcbings, of East Coal stroet, met
with a sorious accident at Ellengownn col
liery this morning. IIo had hardly stopped
off tho cage at the bottom of tho shaft
when a pioce of top coal fell and struck
him on tbo head. Fortunatoly tho coal
fed on the side of the bead and glanced
off, but tho man was knocked sonsoloss and
removed to his homo in that condition. It
was at first thought that his skull was frac
turod, but tho attending physician says
that no fracluro is apparent at present. A
gash in the scalp required seven stilchos.
liitchings is a son-in-law of William
Brown, inside boss at tho shaft of Ellon-
gowaa colliery.
All claiaiB not consistent with tho high
character of Syrup oi Figs aro purposely
avoided by tho Cal. Fig Syrup Company
It acts gently on tho kidneys, liver and
bowels, cleansing tho systom effectually,
but it is not a cure-all and makes no pre
tentions that every bottle will not sub
Thoro will bo a special mooting of Lydla
Degreo Lodge, No. 112, Daughters of llo-
bekah, held in their hall on Wednesday
afternoon, ot 1:30, for tho purposo of mak
ing arrangements to attend the funeral of
our lato sister, Lydla Dornsife. All mem
bors are requested to bo present. By order
of Mabqarbt Jonks, N. G.
Attost: E. D. Bkddall, Seo'y. 7-2t
Iloliday rates on tho Nickel Plato, Doc.
23d to Jan. 1st inclusive. Roturnlng to fancy bric-a-brac of all kinds, at Holdor
Jan. 6th, 1892. d&w man's. 11-28-tf
Back Injured.
Michaol Dougherty, a miner of town,
emptoyod In Packer colliory No. 4, had
his back injured yesterday by being caught
under a rail. IIo wai taken to tho Miners'
Hospital this morning.
No groator friend to tbo family can be
found than tho Genuine Imported Ancfior
Pain Expoller. It is and evor will bo tho
"bost" romedy for Rheumatism, Gout, In
fluonza, Backache, Pains In tho Sido,
Chost and Joints, Neuralgia, Sprains, &a
It brings quick and happy relief. Sold at
druggists. 60 cents per bottle.
Travel on the Nickel I'lato and roceive I
tho benefits of holiday rates, Dec. 23d to
Jan, 1st, inclusive. Limit returning Jan.
5th, 1892. d&w
Largost stock of rings. Gonuino dia
monds with combinations of rublos, opals,
pearls, emeralds, etc., at Holderman's, tf
A Surprise.
Koop your eye on this local. Kcagoy,
the photographer, will havo his now open
ing In a few days and will have something
interesting that will surprise tho people, tf
Do yon sutler with Consumption, Coughs or
Colds? You can be cured ffyou take Tan
Tina Congh and Consumption Cure. 25 and
GO cent. Trial bottles tree at Kirlin's drug
Doings of tho Patriotic Order Sons
of America.
The following now camps woro instltutod
in this state during tho past week: Camp
No 2o (re-chHrtfred) instituted at Hsrrii-
hurg. Dauphin county, last Friday even
ing, by District Proddont Jc.soph W.
Uriekcr, of Stoelton; Camp No. G22, Mar
tins' Creek, Northampton county, insti
tuted last Thursday ovonlng by District
President VV. S. Smith, of Stono Church;
Camp No. G23, Parsons, Luzerne county,
instituted last night by District President
C- E. Strous, of Kingston.
Applications woro also roceived for new
camps to bo located at Stormstown, Centor
county, and Hoytvllle, Tioga county.
Last Monday ovening Camp No. 30, of
Shamokin, Northumberland county, colo-
brattd tho twenty-second annivorsay of tho
camp with a supper In tho opora house.
National rrosldont Clarence r. lluth was
tho orator of the ovening, Tho camp
numbers 325 members and has a financial
valuation of $7.0 O.
Camp 281, located at South Chester, has
adJed forty-thrno members to Its roll dur
ing tho last Qvo weeks.
Beeordor General F. E. Sloes, Com-
mander uenerai j. it. aiast, and financial
General O. B. Wethorhold, instituted a
now commanuory oi mo commanuery
goneral of Pennsylvania, at Sayre, Brad
ford Co., on Thanksgiving Day.
An application has been received for a
now commandory to bo located at Milton,
A gonoral business mooting of tho ox-
ecutivo committoo of tho commandory
, . , . t, . ,, m ,
K'norai . ' '''
liecoroer uonerai in x mmumuum.
une DIBIO lyunveiuiuu IUUBM 1U Junuauuy
City iODrUary U, UOXl
mo oraer in mo state nas siariea on an
... i i
tiko a place in ft short timo Biiion? tho
nks oi tho beet beneficial orders in tho
llsen to an as a goou provision at a nominal
I cost. Upon the death of a mombor or a
member's wifo, an assessment of 10 cents Is
I mado on all mombors in the stato, and a
I funeral benefit of ?i50 is paid.
Now Try This.
It will cost you nothing and will surely
do you good, if you havo a Cough, Cold, or
any troublo with Throat, Chest or Lungs.
Dr. King's new Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to
givo relief, or money will bo Tiaid back.
Sutftrors from La Grippe found it just tho
thing and undor its uso had n speedy and
perfoct recovory. Tryasamplo bottlo at
our oxpenso and learn for yourself just how
good a thing it is. Trial bottlos free at O.
II. llagonbuch's Drug Store. Largo sizo
60c. and $1.
Handsomo stock of lamns with tho most
delicately hand-pHintod bisquo and china
shades, at Iloldorman's. 11-28-tf
Dangerous Amusomants.
Five boys, ranging from 9 to 14 years of
ago, amused themielves Sunday afternoon
inspecting tho mino breaches along tbe
Pennsylvania railroad. They were not
satined with making outsido inspections,
but resorted to tho more dangerous amueo
mentof entering some of tho oponings
with a mine lamp which one of them
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
Tho Best Salvo In tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt llheum. Fever
Soros, Tetter, Chapped (lands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no payment required.
It is guaranteed to givo perfoct satisfaction,
or monoy rofundod. Pnco 25 cents por
box. For sale by C. II. Ilagenbuch.
Candalabras and candlostlcks, and
DOBNSIFE. On Monday, December
7, 1891, at her lato resldonco, 121 South
Jardin street, Mrs, Lev! Dornsife, aged 62
years, 7 months and 11 days. Funoral on
Friday, December 11, at 1 p. m. Interment
in Odd Fellows' comotory. Friends and
relatlvos respectively invited to attend.
Largo stock of fancy goods, such hi
lamps, bronzes, china ware and imported
cut glassware, al Iloldorman's. 11-28-tf
3 pounds for a quarter,
None cheaper.
2 pounds for a quarter,
None bottor.
Motts? Cider 1
8 cents a quart.
"25a per gallon.
Sweet and not intoxicating.
No. 322 North Jardin Stroet

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