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Tho Mnrdoror Tolls How Ho
Killed His Brother.
flighest of all in Leavening Power. U. S Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
. , , t
?lesli Ovor Iliff Temples Was
Scared to llio Bono.
Tha Body Pat in a Box With Quioklima
His Body Tilled With Bullets, and Eii
Hoad Chopped Off.
and Buried on a Hillside-
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rtro used iu Its preparation. It has
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dent to a bilious state of the system, such tut
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ktc&tUobe, Jot Oartcja Littlo Htgt P0J ar
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mufut rom tils distressing complaints but t ortn.
iliately their cKlnessdoesSotendhete,ariilthoia
,who once try Lhora wUl and these llttloplUa vara
svtjle In so many Vraya that thoy "will' not he wit
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laths barjti of Bo many lives that horalSTrhera
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our enecino we wlllscnd one Full Mouthy aleo
iSo MacU VsluaUe Information rilKl. Addrm
iver mmm .
WW III 'In I 1
3a saisa
Loppy Mft Ills I'Bt With Oreat JFortl-
lllde-.llniln Ha Ueslstnncn lint IMaoeil
Himself Voluntarily In tlin Dentil Clialr
Tim Precautions Used to l"rnt tlin
News From llelnB Known-Ills,torjr of
tile Crlmo for Miloh the Muitterer
SiNO Sino, N. Y., Deo. 8. The scenes
at the execution by electricity ot Murtln
D. I.oppy, the Now York wlfamurilofer,
In Sing Slug prison yesterday were a
repetition ot those which occurred at
tho execution of the lour murderers in
the same place In July last. The con
demned met his fate bravely. Three
shocks wero administered, and Loppy
was pronounced dead lu six minute af
ter he was placed lu tho chair. Voltage
used In this Instance was from 1,700 to
1,750 ns against 1,500 used In July.
The total period of contact was from 49
1-a to OU 1-3 seconds, the dlllereuue uo
lag caused by variation ot the battery.
The Urst shock was admlstered at one
minute to 12 aud at 12:05 the warden
ordered one of the uuards ti run up the
flair pronouncing to tho outside world
ttnit the traglo event had been accom
The witnesses were Dr. uarios v. Mc
Donald, Statu Commissioner ot Lunacy;
Prof. Louis A. Laudy, of Columbia Col
lege; Dr. Samuel li. Ward, of Albany;
Hi A. lirown, state rrlson i-urcuasiug
Agout; Hev, Sidney G. Law, Chaplain
of the Tombs', l!ev. Silas W. Eduertou,
Chaplain of Sing sing 1'rison; Deputy
Coroner W. P. Jenkins, of Now York;
Dr. Ira T. Vau Uoissen. of Uroeuport,
L. I.! Dr. Brill, ot Brooklyn; E. K Davis,
ot New York; Dr. Evans, of Schuyler;
Dr. W. F. Douitlass. of lliddiotowu;
Dr. J. E. Hansom, of Dannemora
Prison; Dr. Holliston, of Bellevuo llos
tiltal, New York; Dr. Hiram B.trlow, of
Sing Sing; M. Q. Ellison, Dr. Kingston,
of Newbura. and Dr. Ely. of Newburg,
A little after 10 o'clock Hev. Mr. Law
and Hev. Mr. Edcerton went to Ljpny's
celt and spent the hour and a half be
tween tint time and tlie execution in
preparing him for the ordeal they knew
no was to meet.
Meanwhile the warden hal assembled
the witnesses In the prison parlor and at
15 minutes of 12 they marched In double
file, headed by the warden, through the
passageway to the death chamber.
Headkeeper McNaughton and two
deputies then entered Loppy's cell and
conducted mm to tne ueatn cnumu;r.
He placed himself In the chair volun
tarily. The straps about the legs, chest,
abdomen and the arms were quietly ad'
justed; the cup containing the elec
trodes for the temples was lowered and
maced In position, the death mast
drawn over the face, and the guards
stopped back and left him alone.
Dr. McDonald gave the signals. Elec
trician Davis closed the switch and
Loppy had paid the penalty ot his
The autopsy by Deputy Coroner Jonk
ins showed that, ns in all former Kill
ings by electricity, the blcod was in a
fluid state all through tho body. Both
vetricles ot the heart wero filled with
blood, and tho color was slightly darker
than in normal ca-ies. run spleen was
pulpy and colored In spots and slightly
enlarged. TUe pupa ot tne eye
noticeably contracted.
Tho other was discolored. The skin
along the back ot the body was also
discolored, slightly purple, and in spots
were found a number of blisters. The
legs were contracted and the muscles
rigid. Marked evidences of burning
were fouud 011 the calf of the legs, and
over tho temples the flesh was seared
nearly to the bone. Loppy was burned
as badly as was the first under the new
method of killing.
Four hours later four convicts re
moved the body ot Loppy from ths au
topsy table and placed it In a rough
wooden box. halt filled with qulokllme.
Then, .they filled "lb with the same ma
terial, nailed on the ton aud hauled It
to the lonely trench on the hillside,
where they buried it. No friends or
,relatlves Jlave ever JnqulfQ for Loppy
since uia iuuaruDtimuu.
Soon after midnight yesterday the
scenes around the ojd'prlson assumed an
aDnear'ance similar to those during the
execution of Slocum, Sinller and the
others. A number of newspaper men
had taken possession of the hill opposite
the prison, .and Kept, themselves Dusy
trying to Interrupt and pump Informa
tion from those who ,entered or came
out ot the jail. The death line was
closelv natrolled and the guards, carry
ing guns loaded with corks, had orders
tg "pop any one wno persisted iu cross
ma the line wltnout. permission.
When day light began to show the
outlines of the prison walla to the wait
ing press .representatives, rain was
nourlns steadily and the surroundings
were dismal enough to form a suitable
trame for the approaching death scene.
At 7 o'clock the electrla lights In the
nrlson aud In the villa also were turned
off and the engineer ot the special engine
went home, so that the indications were ) I
that nothing was to be dona during -the
early morning Hours.
Chlot Keener Counaughton oama out-
Ida the dead line at about 8 o'clock
and said the prisoner had passed a .very
comfortable nlgbt, resting quietly and
that he ate his breakfast with quite a
cood ileal of relish.
The execution room is in a temporary
frame structure outir, on tne soutu biuo
of the main blinding of the prison,
There are two rooms 111 the little build
ing one the execution room and the
other the room where .the autopsy is
held. The execution room is in the
eastern halt ot the building. Against
the partition which divides the building
is built a closet lor tne executioner, ua
enters It from the autonwy room.
Lonnv had beeu prepared for death for
several weeks. He has never ceased to
protest his innocence of the crime with
which he js charged, but he has had uo
bone of escHDinc: the death penalty. He
came to the prison a physical wreck-
deaf, blind in one eye and Willi - fits
whole svstom shattered by drink.
The quiet prison life and the coarse
healthy prison fare restored some ot his
Vitality and cleared his besotted mind.
Of lata he found some consolation in re
ligion, Ai)d Mr. La. w,ttl)e. chaplain of the"
lumus, ue Bring -xrom tue prison uuais-
1 lain, Jr. JWgeUon, of his Interest la is-
llglon, visited Sing Sing onco to talk
with and to comfort him. Mr. Edger
ton has boen with him a great deal in
the last two days. Sunday he spent
several hours in the condenmed man's
cell reading to him from tbs UtUIo ana
vraylng with him.
Loppy's Crime.
Loppy murdered Hester his wife, on
tho afternoon ot July 4, 1890. Ho was
drunken nnd Idle. She supported him
by doing tailors' Bewlng at homo. Ho
claimed that ho was an englneor. They
lived ou a back attic on Chrystie street,
New York. Hester Loppy was Martin's
second wife. Ho had a daughter by his
first marriage, but she did not live with
her father.
Robert Weir, mate of n tug boat, on-
tered the Loppy apartment at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon of tne day oi tlie mur
der. He had been drinking freely. He
pushed open the door aud saw tho
corpse of Hector Loppy, the clenched
hands outstretchod, the arms bare and
bloody anil the body disligured wltn
four deop cuts, one ot which reached the
heart. Tho doad woman's head was
supported by a pillow and her wide
opened eyes were turned towaru iu o
door. Not two feet away Martin Loppy
sat on a sofa and gazed stupidly at the
body. He was drunk. Weir and neigh
bors had hoard the Loppys quarrelling
there lu tho morning,
Tho woman's wounds had boon partly
washed and her body and clothing ar
ranged by her murderer. Ho had ovon
sponged the blood oil tho oilcloth and
carpet of the room. Tho murder had
been done with a pair oi neavy tailor's
shears. The woman was about 40 years
old. Sho was noatly dressed an 1 her
rooms wero scrupulously clean and neat.
Loppy was convicted in the Uouoral
Sessions. Hecorder Smyth senteuced
him to death. Tho murderer was a
short, thick-set man about 50 years
old. He fought In the civil war nnd re
ceived a wound that ruined his lofteye.
He had been known as a drunknrd for a
long time. His wife was sober, indus
trious aud faithful.
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O Jlr.i-li6ddsu s balhUo Tomer flala ni oti
it: i m
It, Ila fiulmillt d to lli Courts.
ALliANV, N. Y., Dec. 8. At tho City
Hall yesterday, Jiutlco Edw.ird give a
further hearing iu tho contested Sena
torial election casus ot I'ock, Deaue,
aud Sherwood. After argirnunt a stip
ulation was agreed upon and signed by
tho attorneys on both nidus, that appeal
shall be takeAtotheGdlier.il Ter.n, Ddc
8, with reqtutst tor lininedinte hearing
and decision, and that the party tlieru
defeatod shall immediately ppe.ir to
the Court of Appeals, both parties to
join in requesting that court to place
the appeals on its present calendar and
fix the earliest practicable day for tho
hearing, the proceedings of the State
Hoard' ot Canvassers, relative to the
votes tor Senator In tha loth, 10th, 25th
and v'th Districts to be suspended until
the decision by the Court ot Appeals
provided such decision bo made prior to
Dec UO, and if so made, the certificates
of the result to be In accordance with
the Court of Appeals.
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Mind to Do Murder Th llnriy Found
In siniue, Which Mny 8aT. Sant.Ue
from th. Oalluws,
Concoiid, N. H., Dec. 8. Tho hearing
In the petition for a now trial
in the caso ot Isaao B. Saw to I lo, under
sentence ot death tor murdering his
brother Hiram, at llochostor, N. II., was
held before tho full bench ot the Su
premo Court lu tho Sennto chamber yes
terday. The hall and corridors leading
to It were thronged. Sawtelle, in
cuargeot Warden Colbathand manacled
to prison officials, came into court and
told the following story of the murder:
"I met my brother Hiram on Febru
ary 6, 1800, nt Iiochester when he got
off tho train. I told him his daughter
Marlon was sick. I told lilm she was
out ot towu. I got a team at Smart's
stable, and went from there to Wallace's
hardware store where I got a spade,
pick and shovol, and nsked if they
would take back the tools If they were
not used. They said they would. I did
up tho tools and put thorn in the back
of tho wagou.
'I drove past Rankin's in Mnlno.
When I turned into the Marsh roal he
wanted to know where I was taking
hltn. Directly I turned into the little
path near the woodman's shanty in tho
woods I saw ho wanted to got out, and
ho did. Thou he got In again. I said,
'I have got some papers hero that 1
want you to sign.' I took tho papers
from my pocket aud said: 'You may
sign those or take that,' pulling out a
revolver aud pointing It at htm.
"He held my hand In which the re
volver was until after I promised not
to hurt htm. He then began to walk
towurd the shanty, and after going
some 20 foot broke into a run. I started
after hi in and called several times,
'Hiram! Hiraml stop, or I will lira I As
he kept on running I tired. Ho ran a
little way and fell. I then ran up and
shook him. hut he said nothing. I then
put the pistol to my head to kilt myself
and said: 'Qood-by, Hiram, I'm going
to shoot,' Immediately I said: 'My
QodI There is my poor old mother,
must live for her 1'
"I loweiol the pistol, nnd as
thought Hirum was moving Hired three
more shots Into his body to put him out
ot pain. I then took hold ot the boots
and dragged the body about 100 yards
and began digging a grave. I hurrlod
up and took oil his clothing. The gravo
I dug was not large onougii, anil 1 look.
tho hatchet and chopped oil his hoad
and arms. I found 1 had not burled
tho head, and I took It and put it in tho
bag with his shirt around it, put tha
bag in the team, and liiially uroro into
tho woods and buriod tho hoad under
some birch trees, I dug a hole, took tho
bead out ot the bag. aud. as 1 buried It,
said, 'good-by, Hiram.' I throw the
axe, lamp and shovel into the rlrer ns I
crossed the rlvor from Maine back to
Bochoster, took Hiram's clothing to my
boarding house and wont to bod.
Dr. Blood gavo me a plan of tho
woods anl tho vacant shanty in Maine,
nnd I went over there from llochostor ou
Tuesday to locate them. lUr. Blood snid
It would be just tho way to go up to
Rochester aud take mother and Marlon
with mo nnd send for Hiram. He also
spoke about tho vacant house. I novor
made up my mind to Kill mm, lor i
know if I got liliu into the shanty and
put my hack to the door ha would sign
tjo papers without my killing htm."
ins case is being continued to-uay.
The Agreement With Germany.
Washington, Doc. 8. State Depart-
ment oQlcials say that the cable dis
patch from Paris asserting that a treaty
of commerce has been concluded be
tween Germany and the United States,
by which the Intter country exempts
German beet sugar from duty and uor-
many gives the United States the favor
ed nation the benefit In regard to im
portations from the United States into
that country, is substantially true, and
that iM-ance (which also produces a con
sideraule quantity ot beet sugar), will
soon follow in the same lines. It Is
technically Incorrect to say that '
ii. , , , i - i , rm..
treaty nns usou cuuciuueu. mat
wouldjrequire concurrence, by the Senate.
What has oeen accompiisuoa is an agree
ment under the reciprocity clause of
the MoICInley bill.
Slellvalu. Cas. In Court.
WasnlNQTox, Dec. 8. The United
States .Supremo Court yesterday praoti-
cally decided the appeal of Charles Mc-
Hvalne, who Is under sentence oi ueatn
In New York for the murder of Lucca,
the Brooklyn grocer, from the decision
of Judge Lacombe, rotuslng to grant a
writ ot habeas corpus when, after lis
tening to a long argument by Qeorga M.
Curtis, Mcllvnlnu's counsel, ha declined
to hear argument by Attorney -Ooneral
Tabor, representing tha State of New
York, on the ground that It was not
!!l Irun and Nail Company Suspends.
I'lTTsnuno, Dec. 6. A despatch from
Bellefoute says that the Bellefonte Nail
and Iron Company, limited, has sus
pended with liabilities' aggregating
1300,000. Ex-Gov. James Wi Heaver,
tho presideut, has assumed nil its in-
debtedness. and will place the plant
the hands ot a trustee tor the benefit of
the creditors.
Tin, I.vldeiiui. All In.
BostoX, DoSf 8. After two years,
spent In taking testimony, the cane ot
tho United States ngtlnst the Hell Tele
phone Company to annul the Boll
patent is believed to be complete, and
uo more evidence will be taken at
A Lawyer bellteuced.
Lowell, Mass., Deo. 8. K. D. Mo
Vey, a member of the Middlesex County
bar was yesterday Quad $100 and sen
tenced to three months in the House ot
Correction for Illegally keeping liquor,
lie appealed.
Failure of an Iinportlnz Firm.
IlosTouy Deo. 8t llatbaway St Co.,
Importers ot provincial merchandise,
hW failed, with liabilities' of . 0,000.
A Handsome polish.
cent a foot
will pay fop changing tho ap
pearance of old Furnituro sr.
completely that It-will look like new.
Purifies the blood by ex
pelling the impurities through
the proper channels and never
causes eruptions on the skin.
Regulates the bowels Cures
dyspepsia, liver and kidney
troubles, tones up the system
and gives you an appetite.
Never fails lo cure any con
dition produced by impure or
impoverished blood, or a dis
ordered state of stomach, liver
or kidneys.
Sold at Klrlln'e Drug Siure,
Ferguson's Hotel Slock, Shenandoah, Fa.
Ask my no-cuts- for V It. DniiRln. Shoes
It not lor .ale lu your placu link your
denloi- to rud fur cnluluaui', secure tho
iilfencr, and Ret I hem Ini you.
It Is a seamless shoo, t Ith no tacks or wax thread
to hurt tho feet; made of the hest fine calf, stilish
and easy, nnd bemuse ,er make more shoes of thtm
aiatte than anit other mnnufat'tmer. It equals hand
sewed shoes costing f nun $ I.U0 to 63.00.
CSC 00 (leuiiliici llHinl.Hcivril, tlio finest calf
HJm shoe ever offered for $.MJO equals French
Imported shoes lllcli cost from SjJNlto $U.IK.
01A UO lluuil-S-vtd Writ Mine, fine cair,
siys-c-a st llsti. comfortuhle and durable. The hest
shoe ever offered at this prlco t same jtrndo as cub
torn-made shoes costing from At Ou to S9jux
SO H'J l'otiee Shoi'i Fanners, Ualtroad Men
O. and I-ettcrt'arriersall wearthcmi tluecalf,
seamless, smooth Juslile, heavy three soles, exten
sion cile. One pair will wear u 3 ear.
qa 50 fliincuiri no better shoe over offered at
33a-. this price one trial will convince those
who want n shoe for comfort and service.
SO -1 uud $.IIO Wfii'ltlntrinnn'a shoes
imm are very atrouff and durable, 'lhoeo who
have given them n trial will wear no other make.
Qnue S'J.IM) nuil 81.73 school shoes ar.
worn by tho boyseterywbere: theyseu
on theTr merits, ns the Increasing sales show.
1 nrliac l'n0 Iliiml-eed shoe, best
ImC U I 5 53 Duncola, very styllsht equalsFrench
Imported shoes oostlnir from 81.UQ to Stt-Ui.
1 ...II. . -Cfl U (111 .....1 Sll ahnii fiw
Mlssesare the best fine ilongoui. btyllshanddurahle.
(,'nutlon.See that W, L. UoURlas' name and
prtco are stamped on the bottom of each shoe.
W. L. DOUULAS, lirockton, Mass.
Tosopll jBH,
tQQ North Fourth St.,
th only tenntn Uctidm AmciitK
BpwUlUt tn ths VuM Btt wb -
bi (a curt Blood PoUon
Nervous Debility 4 Spe
cial Disease
BilsDiMUM. RMeraurtvlntUtkst
boBfi.soreTriroat Mouth,
BloUhw, FlmplM, EmpdoDi, ofX or
hut. llNri, 8wtlUoi, JrriU-Ueu,
lDfl(inmfttlBI 4VOl BBbllat4
Btrietorti, Wcahocii ul ttrtj
nitd lcr P1iim mi) all DImum retulUDr
JrjdlwrctloD or OTtrwnrk. Kwil tut OUTfJ la w iv ay.
relief i onof. Po not low nop. o rn-twr hl
UIb Doctor, Quwt, Ftmlij Umi-IUI Phytlclwi htvi tollM.
Dr. THEEL cares positively n1 wtl,w dtwsUm nam
baitacis old. TOtfHa. wntPLM a inwmi wmiiTuriM
"THUTH P' Qhmi ODr iitorn Usumt-nis
Bf 6 U 10. Bund.T t. UU II. Writs or t.il ind fc MTta.
Tor Ksiertusus
Veda. M 8laia7 YtM. TluK
II you want to see a floe display 01 Hoots and
Bhoos, goto
j Tf orwl Slino SfriVO
(Masteller's old stand,)
Corner Coal and Jardin Htn.
Custom Work nntl Rcpnlrlntr
Done In the best style.
Has removed to Bill Jones' old stand
Where he will be pleased to fieet the wanU
I to ?ie
of tils friends 1
and the publlo In
Everything in the Drinking Line.
jpr H. UIUOKEil, M. V.,
Mo'. 9 aast Centre Htreet; Mananoy Oltr, Ftv
yfcln and al! Eoeelal diseases spec lad ty,

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