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Is an Ullimation to 1)0 Pro
sonlod to Chili ?
The Publication of Eeoent Santiago Des
patches Deemed Unwiie.
the OrHclals of Ilia Navy Jepnrliunnt Ii
the llarli m to What tlio Uulcoma Will
Ijo 24o One Knows Kxoept the President
mid Secretary llluluo uml they Wuu't
Washington, Dec 28. Secretary
Dlaluo Is burled In tho ChlUnu oorrea-
Dondonce. He did not attend tho lnat
Cabinet meeting and has dentod him
self to all callers. It Is not doulod at
the Stato Department or tho Whlto
House that tho late dlsnatohos from
Santiago hava been of a vory serions
nature, and It Is hinted that their char
actor is such that publication at this
time would bo In the highest degree un
wise. It Is bollevod that the aflalr Is on the
Tcrge of a crista, but what cannot be
oven oonjeotured. At no time since tho
controversy bean has thoio been such
5otioence shown by the Department,
.'he ofllclaU of tho Navy Department
nppour to bo equally In the dark with
everybody else, except tho Seceetary of
State and the 1'resident, and they as
sert that the uaturo of the dispatches
lias not been communloatod to them.
It Is believed in diplomatic circles
that affairs ure shaping themselves rap- i
Idly for the presentation of an ultima
tum on the part of the United suites,
but It is the evldont intention of the
Administration to prevent publication
of tho details if possible until they shall
be communicated to Congress.
Unless something of a very startling
naturals to be precipitated upon Con
gress to-day, however, thero Is reason
to beliove that nothing will be oomm'u
cated until it Is formally askod for
after tho rocess.
NalUfs nfTlioso Wlm Will
Wabiiinoton, Dec. 23. As near ns
can bo ascertained the following gen
tlemen will head the committees op
posite their names when tho Speaker
unaounoos tho committees of the
House to-day:
Eloctions Charles T, O'Forrall of
Ways and Moans V. iu Springer of
Appropriations Win. S. Holm an of
Judiciary David B. Culborson of
Banking and Currcncj W. E.Haynos
of Ohio.
Coinage, Wolghtsnnd Moasures R. I'.
Bland of Missouri.
Interstate and Foreign Commorco H.
Q. Mills.
Ill vers and Harbors Nowton C. Bl an
chard of Louisiana.
Merchant Marine and Fisheries
Amos J. CummlngH of Now York.
Agriculture William II. Hatch of
Foreign Allulrs James II. Blount of
Military Affairs Joseph II. Outh
walte of Ohio.
Naval Affairs Hilary A. Herbert of
Public Lands Thomas C. Mcltno of
War Claims F. E. Beltiihoover of
District of Columbia John J. Homp
hill of South Carolina.
Postofllco and Post Itoads John B.
lleuderson of North Carolina.
tactile Httllroads James U. Keilly of
Columbian Exposition A. C. Dur
borow. jr.. of Illinois.
Dxnondllure lu the Postolfico De
partment ll P. C. Wilson of Missouri.
Postmaster Nulilml.
Washington, Deo. 23. The President
sent to the Senate a long list of nomi
nations for postmasters. Among them
tho following:
New York J. W. Bartrnm, Wappln
oors Fallsi Orange Sackett. Avon; N.
U. Warden, Adams; H. J. Hock,
Goshen; O. O. Hobluson, Fort Uiward;
Edgar lloyt, Katounni F, J. Monzies,
West Chester; J. A. Sneed, Nowburg;
G H. Scott, Coxsaxle; J. F. Jenkins,
foing Slug; Mrs. E. J. Eastman, Pots
dam: L. J. Itathburri, Elmlra.
New Jersey Robert Carson, New
New Hampshire W. ' E. Woodruff,
Pennsylvania C. H.Ruthruff, Gioen
castle; K. F. Felstor, Jersey Shore; A.
G. White, Beaver; W. A. Mitchell,
IV arron.
.Incepted 111 llelC"tloil,
Lanhikg. Mloh . Dec 38. Gov.
VI mans has formally aooeptd Secretary
ot btato Sorter's resignation, ami not! -fled
the Secretary of his action. Tlie
Governor has also aocepted Deputy
Rowley'a resignation as a member ot tho
investigation commission aud has ap
pointed Prosecutor Prosser to ill! his
position. A mysterious letter in Deputy
Rowley's possession is said to have
caused Soper's resignation. This letter,
It is thought, absolutely criminates
hoper over Tils own name.
l'ardunsd by tlio CioviTiioi'.
biUACugi!, N. Y., Dec. 83. Supjrvlsor
Thomas W. Welch, who was found
guilty ot ooutempt of court yesterday,
was sentenced to thirty days imprison
ment in the Onondaga penitentiary
and to pay a tine of $MH. At 12:10 this
morning a mesner from Gov. Hill
reached gyraou with a pardon and the
Hup ervisor was at ouoe lolensod. .
Two rights Arranged,
Njcw Vohk, Dee. 28. Sullivan and
Slavln have made arrungeinonUi to fight
next KeptiMiiber, it bluvln whips Jack
or. for elo.oOJ a aide aud the largest
parse Mferuii,. by any club, and Cuarllo
IJIt' lie'i .nd .'iin t'orbott met yosterday
cud aureel to agin, six rounds at tho
Ual i uaro I' union for the stakes
anu gata reu.pis.
Fruuee's Ilqucst llefuivd
Deo, 23. -A Berlin despatch
lard," says that France's
fcproe Ilosctiii IhH PitMAna.rs and
rmr of the Aliys.lnln.
LoKliON, Deo. 311. Tho Galon line
steamship Abyssinia, Captain Murray,
wbloh sailed from New York December
18 tor Liverpool, has been burned at
so. All on board were savod.
When the steamer Spree landed the
passengers and oreW of the Abyssinia
at Southampton they were all In fair
condition, having recovered from the
shock whloh their rough experience had
given many of them, especially tho
women passengers. Capt. Murray of
the Abyssinia speaks highly of the
humanity and courage of the o dicers of
the Spree, In their prompt assistance to
the Abyssinia, when made aware of the
vessel's duuger.
The Abyssinia's voyago was without
ospoclal incident from the data of start
ing, until the signs of nre wore uiscov
ored by the crew. Capt. Murray bent
every effort to s mother ths lire.
It. soon became evident that the von
sel was beyond saving,, and the passen
gers wero quietly told to make prepara
tions to leave, tho orew laboring, mean
time, to retard the advance of the
flames, which threatened to burst from
the hold. The passengers behaved well,
oven the women showing wonderful
courago under the circumstances.
The Hag of distress was hoisted, and
the horizon anxiously scanned. At
length the Spree camo in sight, and the
speed with which she directed her course
toward the burning vessel carried joy to
the crow aad passengers of tho Abys
sinia. Tho captain of tho Sproo caused his
boats to bo loworod, and the Gorman
sailors quickly manned thorn, and made
for tho burning vessel. The sea was not
runniog high, and transhipment was
accomplished without extraordinary
The first let down Into tho boats wero
j tho womeu, no distinction being mado
of saloon or steerage. Thero wore six or
I seven of those, and two children. A
sturdy sailor carried down each of tho
children, tholr mother following. Than
came tho male nassenzers. and tho crew
last of all, Capt. Murray going in tho
last boat.
Ronl Grlefln Itnulne Ovflr the lcmlie of
the 1'iimuiif, Alnuufucturor.
Kacine, Wis., Dec. 23. Thero is gon
unino griof in thU city over the death
of Jerome I. Case, famous as a monu
fncturor and horse-breeder. No details'
of the funeral arrangements have yet
boen mado public m
Mr. Case was nearly 70 years old. He
came to Racine in the '40'a, and from a
small shop In which ho built oao thresh
ing machine at a time, his factory grew
until it no w covors forty acros of ground.
Besides this mammoth factory Mr.
Case was the controlling splilt in tho
plow works here.
it is estimated tnat uis ioriuna
nmounts to $5,000,000 or mora.
About fifteen years ago air. Uaso uo-
gau breeding trottlug horses and his
stable still boasts such famous cracks
ns Jay-Eyo-Soo and Phallus.
Mr. Case was a rugged man or ins age
and until a fow days ago personally
nporintouded tho workings of his colos-
bhI factories.
Mr. Caso leaves a widow and four
children. His son Jackson is now
Mayor of tho city.
Tho Map of Alexander VI.
Washington, Doc. 23. Word has beon
received hero that Mr. McCormlck, Gen
oral Agent of tho Chicago Fair, has se
cured as a bdocIbI favor of the Popo to
tho United States, tho loan of tho soo-
ond Berclon or Diego Jtlbaro map of the
world, bocun in 1401 and finished in
lo29. and a contemporary fcopy of the
same map containing tho famous bisoct
ina lino which Popo Alexander VI. drew
ncross it to settle tho claims of Spain
and Portugal to American territory.
Gladstone Unfilled Admission.
BiARKlTZ, Dec 28. Tho English Club
nt this place, although nominally non
nolitlcal. is controlled by Tory inilu
ences, and a majority of its raembors
concludod not to admit Mr. Gladstone
to the club during his stay at Biarritz.
This action has created intense indigna
tion amonu the moro liberally Inclined,
and Sir Andrew Falrbank. tho proposed
President of the club, has resigned in
Two Promluent Miiinchuntta Men Dead
Boston, Dec 33. Dr. Eward Sawyor
Is do ad of hoartdlscasa nt his home in
BrldHOWater. Ho was 53 yours old. Dr.
Sawyer was a Republican and hold
many positions of trust. Julian Ab
bott is dealt at Lowell, aged 05 yo ars,
Ha was a'graduato of Harvard of tho
class of '20, and one of the oldost and
best known members of the bar ot
A Huron Ilios In a llarn.
Albert Lka, Minn., Dec 23. Oscar,
Baron Wedol Yarlsbmy, of Chrtstlanla,
Norway, dlodiln a barn hero. He was a
vounc man. known hora as Osoar Wo
del. A fow days ago oame information
of tho death ot the father and his own
enooesslon to the barony. A remittance
ot 15.000 accompanied tho letter. The
new baron at once went on a spree,
which ondod la his death.
llalUvrd to Hora Ileon Lost at Hon.
LosnoN. Doc SU. A boat marked
Cavalier and a number of pieoes of new
wood, which evidently had not long
been iu the water, have been picked up
off the Sell ly Islands, and It U believed
that the steamer Cavalier which left
Gibraltar Deoember 8 for Falmouth, has
been lost, and that everybody aboard ot
her was lost. Tho Cavalier was a Urlt-
lsh vessel of 1,1U7 tons.
Tri-ouo llnnlc Assets,
Tyrosk, Ta., Dec. 33. It Is now as
certained that the liabilities of the Ty
rone Bank slightly exoeed $80,000. The
asseta ate barely $40,00 J. Tho cashier,
Mr. Guyer, stated yesterday that a re
port would be forthcoming lu n few
Prominent CUIzhu tif Xyuck Dead,
NTA'ic, N Y, Dec. 28.Ubert A.
nilvou, a prominent cltlzon of Nyaok,
died In the afternoon, lie was 31 years
old, Mr liUven owned considerable
One property here.
New Wfltttltu
Mr MelUiuohervlllu's New Cabinet
Hworn In
MoKTRBAt, Dec S3. The now Que.
beo Ministry, whtoh has been sworn in
by Iileut.-Gov, Angers, 1b us follows:
Mr. DeUouchervillo, 1'relnter and
President of the Council.
Mr. Hull, Treasury.
Mr. L. 1'. I'eiietler, Provincial Secre
tary. Mr. Nautol, Publlo Works.
Mr. Flynn, Crown Lauds,
Mr. Boaublon, Agriculture,
Mr. Casgraln, Attorney-Oenoral.
There nre throe Ministers without n
portfolio, namely, Messrs. L. It Mas
son, L. 0. Maillon and J. Mackintosh.
Queiikc, Que., Dec. 22. It Is now
stated that the Quebec Legislature will
. i . . i . . . nn.i. f .
uub ue Buiumuuuu lur mu .ubii iubv.,
but that tho Lieutenant-Governor witf
itnmedlfttsly Issue a proclamation dis
solving l .ie Legislature and ordering a
new election.
There wero six deaths from the grip
yestorday in Now lork.
Thero is a movement on foot in Evans
ville, IuJ., to organize a Blaine Club.
Prof, Wilbur, tho well-known geolo
gist and mine expert, is dead at Aurora,
S. D. Relss, jewelry dealer, New York,
has assigned, with n preference of fV
Joseph Hensloy, a flagman, aud J. J.
Gaugloff, n mining operntor, wore killed
by cable cars nt Denver, Col., yester
Cyrus W. Field, who Is ill at his ho ma
In New York, la undorstood to be im
Louis Harrison, tho comodlan. denies
iu Now York that he is trying to gut a
It is said that Lord Tennyson intends
to resign the position of Poof Luureato
ot England.
Tho Senate haB confirmed the nomina
tion of Stephen B. Elklns to be Secre
tary of War.
Tho City of Paris carries on this trip
from London among its passengers tor
New York, tho diva, Adollna Patti.
Postmaster Van Cott, of Now York,
has resigned from the Republican State
Commltte, and Lucas L. Van Allon
succeods him.
N. M. Bassett of Austin, 111., has
been awardod tho contract for orocting
tho public building at Lansing, Mich.,
at his bid oi jut), you.
oLiili.nn..ni T),0.f..
tli-es has rejected the bill to have the
3 reiected the bill to have tho I
State repretented at tbe world's lair,
causing groat indignation.
Tho Art Club, ot Philadelphia, pre
sented to F. Edwin Elwell, of New
York, n gold medal in recognition ot
his notablo work as a sculptor.
Tho Russian argument in tho Chadou-
lne Incident is that Bulgaria ought to
hnvo acted through the Franoh repre
sentative at Sofia, according to treaty.
The Spanish Government has received
assurance that Germany, Italy, Austria,
Belgium, Greece and Switzerland aro
willing to prolong their commoroial
Tho jury at Now York in the case
ot Dentist John B. Palmer, of Mariner's
Harbor, nccused ot improper conduct
with 13-yeur-old May Polaskl, returned
a verdict of not guilty.
Lyman J. Gnge, President of tho First
National Bank ot Chicago, aud ono ot
the directors of tho World's Columbian
Exhibition, lies dangerously 111 at tho
Holland House, Now York.
E. W. Stoddard, tho forger, who is
ono of tho shrewdest swindlers in tho
country, has just been convicted on one
ot tho five indictments ngalnst him at
Jersey City. Ho offered no defense.
Tho first full carload of American tin
over produced from an Araorican tlu
mlno has boen rooelvod by w. w. stew
art at Sau Diego, Cal., from tho Tomes
cal Mines. Tho shipment consists ot
over 20,000 pounds ot tin.
WAtlir Jildleiitlous.
Wjtsm.NHTOX, Dec. 23.-Tor New Knulandi
Oouaslonal showers, followed by fair woulhen
southwesterly winds, slight change In temper
aturoi probably colder, fulr Tbutxiay.
For Uastorn New York, Eastern ronn-
s ylvanla. Now Jersey, Maryland and Dela
ware! Light slioweit, south westerly wlnJ3,
oloiulng durlni tho day, slightly colder Wod
ncsilay nltflit.
Vor Western Now York, generally fair.
westerly winds, sllshtly colder.
For Weatern I'ciinsj-lvunla: Showors, va
riable winds, slightly colder Wednesday nlzht.
New Yonic, Deo. 2a. Monor ou call easy at
11)4 and 3 per cent.
e. Ooup 11?$
s. Hear , IWi
0 s, Coup,
Y'estfir 1 if.
Canadian I'solQd
Central I'aainc.
fhinjiiriv riur. .toulnev.
llelawura Se llmlson
UaL Laak. ii Western 138
Krlo .' 2
MHAMf.. 71
1 Mm AhnrA .124'
Louis & Nash.... 8H
Michigan Central f"1"
ilteoourl 1'aolBc..., .aWg
NowJoiuey teutral 1U
Northwestern llg4
Oroiton Naviiratloii 78
PaclUoMall 36U
lteadina ?
UooklaatKl w
8t I'uul el
Union Pacinc 48U
V us lorn Union. blK
WbeatMerket ooonol firm anl r.crn-t
tlnuedso No. red wlutor, 104U; UeclOiJi
Jaa 100M , , . ,
Ooru MarUot ooeaed weak, but suuie.
queatly uuvaneod. No. 2. mlioa. l)eo. 8tf)i
Jan.. 4i. , , . ,, ' . ,
Oats-Markat opened dull. No. 3, mUel,
S0fia40; Ceo., 40: Jun.i
Ci-oamery, State & Toon., oxtras.33
t'resuiory. western, flrsts, ...al
Creamery, wosteru, seoonas 31
btato dairy, u. t. tun extras.
aa'JS o.
co2J o.
o.'J0 a.
Ftato faotory. fultcroain. Scot fancy
Btato lat'tory, tun uii-uu
Btato factory, full creaia. line
Btuto Ittowrj, mil uicn'u. una ,iwni?i
Btato tuctory, full crea -a, itnoa to pruniiio al0
btato lautory, ooannon to rair b)i aOJj
Livb Poowur
Knriuir chickens, ohnloo, lame uOrib. . al?H
bpriaal emokeni. prime
Fowls. Jersey, buiui ru pcriu.,,
m loow
H 13lQ
5 ffi
ii 121U
Candies, China
f)TJIt OFFISH Mils week to teachers Is full of Inter
why? WenibhwidqunrtersforXmasKirtHaiid
(.very ronreivnblp description, We propose this week to give a special cash
and upward to all toucliors. Plush Goods, Dolls nud Toys in endless variety,
lollet sets, nil makes to suit nil nurses.
Are pronounced most delicious, only
18 West Centre Street and 34
nPHEUE la money In It for you If
you purchase your holiday goods
from us. Five hundred styles dressed
dolls, from 5o to 1,60 each. Dolls'
shoos, stockings, trunks, tables,
imroaus, chairs, toilet sets, paintboxes,
writing desks, doll swings, nlr rifles,
drums, trains of cars, mu boats aud
Hher articles run by steam, A large
lot of mechanical toys, tool chests and
all tho latest games, ABC and build.
ng blocks,
ntiquo silver toilet and manicure
ets, dictionary nnd blulo stand hold
rs, hook and ladder and fire engines,
In stoves, German tops, trumpets and
many other articles in this Hue.
H1iiGir.nl instruments
China Sets, Magic; Lanterns, &c.
To ministers of tho gospel and school
bought. All goods must be sold before
refused., Call early and have the pick,
want, wnicii win be set asiue,on payment ot a small uoposit.
is far cheaper and much
Iry it once. All
?hi adlpliia and Reading Eailroafi
lime Table in effect A'ov. IS, 1801
For New York via PhUadolrhla. week dRy
2.1U 6.25, 7.20 a. m. and 12.33 2.50 and 5.(5
p, m. Bunaay 2,lu ana 7.43 u. m. For New
York, via Mauch Cliuute, week days, 5.23
7,'.l a. m, and 12.33 and 2.60 p. m.
For Bending and l'li!:ndefphla week day,
2.10, a3a, 7.20, a. m., 12.33 2.60 and 65 p'.ro.
Bunuay, K.iu uuu u. m., ivj i. 111.
For Hnrrlsborg, week days, Z. 10,7.20 a, m,
2JK), 6.t5 p. m.
For AUentown, week days, 7.20 m 12.SJ
2X3 p. m.
lor l'ouaviu, wee& utiyet, 2.iv, m.
f!il'2.K) and 6.55 p. in. Huud iy, '.10 and 7.1
e, m , J.30 p.m.
For Tamaqaa nnd Mahanoy City, week
days, 2.10, 6.23, 7.20, a. m., 12.3 2.60 nnd &.6S
p. m. Bunaay, 2.10 and 7.43 a. m 4. SO p. in
Addltlonnl lor tlahanoy Ulty, week days 7.0ti
7,)a.m., 2.60p.m.
For wiuiamspon, ounuury auu newisours.
week days, 8,23, 7.20 and 11.30 a. m 15, 7.U
p. I a, Hunnay a. m., a.m p. m,
For Mananoy Piano, week days, 2.10 8.25
., 7 ana ii.su a. m., li.w,
3, 2.60, 5.6S
;.23 and 7.4b
7.W , wd ;ti. i. m. Handay, 2.10, 3.
a. -a." 8,05, 4.30 p. m.
For Oliardvllle (Uappahannook Btallon)
week days. 2.10. 3.25, 6.25, 7.20 and 11.80 a. m.:
12.33. 1 33, 2.60, 5.55, 7.00 and p. m, uunoay,
2-10 3 23, 7.43 ll. Hi., 8.U3, 4.30 p. m.
or Ashland ana Hnaniokin. woes oayr
3 25,5.23,7.20, 11.80 a. m 1.35, 7.00 and 0,23
p m, aunaay v.-ii h. iu., o.ui u. ui,
Leave New York via Philadelphia, wetlt
days, 7.45 a. in., 1.30, 4.00. 7.30 p. m 12.16
7UI, BunuHy, p. m., ujkuu
i.oave New York via Mauoh Chunk. wtk
diys. 4., 8.45 a. m 1.00 and 3.45 p. m; Bun-
uay, 7.ou a. in.
Lave Phllndelnhla. week days, 4.10. and
10.00 a. m. 4.00 and 6.00 p.m.. frornroad
and Callowrull and 8J15 a. m.and p. m,
rroin I'm ana ureeu stroeis. tsanaay .uo u
tn. 11.S0 p. in. from 1)1 h anO Ureen.
r-Jtve itaadmc, week dayn, 1.3). 7.10, 10.1 '
aud L50H.ni., 5.65,7.57 p.m. Bunday 1.35 and
10.48 a. in.
Leave Poiumue, wees aays, a.u, i.vi a. m.
12 80, ti ll p, m. uunday, 2.40, 7.00 a, m, and
.'.i m
j.euve liuuif iuh, wwil unjre, vj, uw
U 10 a. m.. 1.21, 7.18. and 0.18 P. ra. Unnday 8.2C
7.48 1. m. and 2J0 p. m,
Loave Mananoy Ulty, wees nays, a.u. .io
ana 11.47 n. m 1.01, i.a ana u.ts p. m. nun
day, 8.46,8.17 a. m., 8.20 p. m.
I.mvM Mananov l'lane. week oays,z'4i,s.w
0.30,0,15, ll.Wa. m.,1.05, 2.00. 6-20, 6 26,7.67, nC
lOfbo. m. Bundav2.40. 4JJ0. and 8.27, ft. m
a.37. fi.nl. n.m.
1.. va uiraruvuie iitappuuuiiv nmuuHj
weox aays, i.u , CmW, anu v.i u. m.,
2.12, 6.26, 6.82, 8.03 and 10.06 p. m, Uanday,2,47,
J r.'. !M a m a 41 . a 117 n. rn.
1 .eave Wllllamsport, week days, 8.00,9.45 and
11.65 a. m. 3.85 and 1L15 p. m. Honday ll.lt
For Baltimore, Washington and the weit
via H. O. K. 1L, through trains leave qirord
Avenue station, Philadelphia, (P. & H. U. 11.)
ui a r.j oui luiu
7 13 d. m. Handav. 8.03 11.27 a, m.. 8.60
lfi.42HDa7.l3p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, (jhestuut HUeotWUaif
aaa Boom ueei w nan.
Week-days-Bxprej.i,:01 a. m, 2.00. 4,oo,
p. ui, Acopmmodatlon, ou a, in. ana o.w,
p, la.
Hnndavs. Express, 9.00 . a. m. Acooin-
mniniiriTi.R.on a. m.and 4.30 o. m.
IMnrnlnp. Ihnv. AtlantlQ CMtV. dOPOl
A lant'o and Arkansas avennon Week-daj s
KxpresB, 7.80, U.00 a, in. and 4.00, p. in, ao
.nnwnn.tlnflfl 111 a. 111. 11 nil 4.tt(tk. Ul. HUll
days Express, 4.00, p. m. Accommodation
f KAa.m unit 4.SO n. in.
O. G. HANOOC1K, Gou'l l'ass'r Ast
. A. MOI.l'iOll. Ilea. uea i auwnn
and Lamps.
irest. D.in't vol! know I
ntlf llnllflaV wmdn nf ulmndit. I
20 cents per pouud, nil kinds.
8 South fyfain Street,
North Slain Street, Sfcnanfah.
Perfimmn Rlemha l
teachers, 10 per cent, oil on all goods
Jauuary 1st, nnd no reasonable oOer
of tho lot. You can Belect what you
better than tea or coffee
reliable grocers sell it
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
-NOV 15. 1891..
Passenger trains will leave Bhenandoah for
Msuch (Ibunk, Lcnipliton, Blatlntton, Cata.
sauqna, AUentown, Bethlehem, Boston, Mill
w'elphla and New York at 6.47, 7.40, 9.0fja,m.,
u nj, O.IV, p. Ul.
For Belvldere, Delaware Water Gap and
titroudsburg at 6.47, a. m., and 623 p. m.
Wnr r.nmlmrtvllln curl 'rrflMtnTi U IIS o. m
For White Haven, Wllfces-lUrre and Pitta.
ton 6.47, 9.03, 10.41 a . m., 3.10 and 6.26 p. m.
ForTunkhannock, 10.41 a. m., 3.1U and 5.26
it. m.
For Auburn. Ithaca; Geneva and and Lyons
10.41 a. m and 5.26 p. ra.
For Laceyvllle, Towanda. Bayre, Wavcily,
lilmlra, Hochesler, liufi'alo, Nlaeara Falls,
Chicago aud all points Went at 10.41 a. m.,and
5.20 p. m.
For Klmlra and tho West via Halamanca at
3.10 p. in.
For Audenrlod, Hazleton, Btockton, Lam
her Yard, Woatherly and Penn Haven Juno
lion at 6.47,7.40, 9,08 a. m.and 12.62, 8.10 and
5,29 p. m.
For Jeanesvllle, Levlston and Beavei
Meadow. 7.40. 9.06 a.m. and 6.26 n. ra.
For Bcraaton at 6.47 fi.W, 10.41 a. m. 3 10 and
5:28 p. m.
or iiazio urooK. jeaao, uruton ana KTeo
hind at 6.47, 7.40, 9.03, 10.41 a. m., 12JXS 8.10 and
.20 p. IU.
Fo. (luakake at 6.47 and 9.08 a. m and
.10 n. m
fo' Wigeans, uuoenon ana rracKvina at
,n and 8.62a. ra., aud 4.10 p. m.
For YaUsvllle, Mahanoy City and Delano.
5.47. 7.40. 9.08. 10.41. a. m.. 12.62. 8.03.
92i and 10.27 p.m.
orijosi crees, ctiraravuie una Asaiauu.
17. 7.48. 8.52. 10.15 a. la.. 1.00. 1.40. 4.10. 6.36.
8.06 and 9.14 p.m.
For Daritwater, Ht. Clair and Pottsvlllo.
fi 3 7.40, 8.52, 0.W, 10.11 a. m., 122.8.10, 4.10, 6.26
For Buck Mountain, New ISoeton and
Mor. 1. 7.40. 9J03. 10.41 a. n... 12.62. 8.10, 6.20 and
8.03 p.m.
For Kaven Bun, Centralla, Mt. Carmel and
Hhamokln, 8.62, and 10.16 a. in., 1.40, 4.40
indB.uap. m.
rruiDB leave onamofiiu tor nuvuKuiiuaii,
7b 11.65 a. m., 2.10, 4.30 and 90 p. m., arriving
at 8henandoah, 9.06 a.m., 12.52, 8,10. 6.26 and
11.U p. m
ForLollv. Andenrled. Bllver Brook Juno-
.. . t,n.nn e T n H 11 AQ in II n
null HU ' xmxici.iu wii I , i.w, v.w, uu Will
m., 12.52, 3.10, 5.20 and 8.03 p. m.
For Lost Croek. Ulrardvllle and Ashland,
6.60,9.10 11.35 a.m., 2.45 p. m.
For Uarkwator. at. Clulr and I'ottavllie,
8.00, 9,30 a, ra., 2.45 p. ra.
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy Oily and Delano,
8.00, 11.35 a. m..l,10, 4.40, 0.OSp. m.
rur jouy, A-uaeurieu uuu xLusieuiu, dm1
a ra., 1:40 p. m:
For Mauch Chunk. Lehlghton, Blatington,
Cntosauqaa, AUentown, Bethlehem, Kaston
and New York, 8.00 a. m., 1.40 p. m:
tfn.Ul,llarilnlila 1 1A n ni
Uen'l Fans. AkU, Bethlehem.
Largest and oldest reliable purely cat U com-
120 S. JarJmSt, Shenanaoah, Pa,
Finest brands of clears always on hand.
The best temperauco drinks.
WANTS, &o.
Advertlte mmtx tn Ihti Mliimn AM,fv..rt
IS Hues', 5 M. for one imerlim; 7Sc. lor two; Si for
Hirer: one week, J1.50; two weeks. t2: one
1107111, 3.
"IT'Ott BALIS. A good and gentlo
X. horse, suitable for all kinds of w.irk, for
Centre street. Bhenandnah, 12 li-ti
"VrOTICE. Applicants for outdoor
pooera dm-ln December are excepted. Mar.
rled applicants must give husband's lull
ll.nl. lllnMralB l.f Ihn tnonn ti.lll tnbn nnlM
Til oh. J. TliA cur,
John Bbuqan,
Board of Poor Directors,
Schuylkill II ven.Pa.Deo 22, 1891 12-23-3t
IIOU SALE. Tho gray team of
horses recently used by the Columbia II,
AH.F.K. Co., No. 1 The horses will be a
bargalu to the purchasers.
1' KAflX 1JKWJS,
james McDonald,
U-21-tf Trustees.
Capital, $100,000.00
A. W, Loissnrtng, Pws.,
P. J. Ferguson, V. Pres.,
J. R. Leisonrmq, Cashier,
9 W. Yost, Ass' t Cashier.
Open Dally From 9 to 3.
rntcl ou Bavlutcs DcposItH.
Tree Ornaments, &c.
Wholesale aud Retail.
Are absolntclv ouro.
Sunday Bchools, '
Churches, Bocletlcs, eto., supplied at
wholesale rates.
Ice Cream. Bread and Cakes !
If) A H Mn in Ri SHFNA NM1 A U
1 ' M "laln ol- OncnHnuUHH.
On ami ajler November 15, 1801, trains will
leave fflienandaah m follows: X
For WlBjau, Gllberton, Frackv Ue, Now
oT,to, Bt. Clair, and way points, 6.00,9.10,
11.15 a tn and 4.15 p m.
Sundays, 000, 9.40 a in and 8.10 p ra.
For Pottsvllle, 8.0J, 9.10,11.45 am and 4.15
p ro
Btmdayo, 690, 9.40 a m and 8.10 p ra .
for Beading, 6.00, 11 15 a m and 4.15 pin,
ondaye, 600, 9.40 a.m. and 8.10pm.
For Pottstown, Phoonlzvllle, Norrlstowc
,1 Philadelphia (Broad street station), 8.00.
11.13 a.m. and 4.15 p mweekdays
riuodays, 600, 9.40 nrnUOpm.
llalos leive Fro. k" iio lor Bhonnndoah at
'i.43amnnd 111 5.01, 42,10,03 pm, Bon
&y, lM3amanl...4jpm.
1 avo rot Uw ll io lor Bhenandoah, 10.16 ana
1.48. a ui 4.40, 7.15, 9.42 p m, Bnndays, 10.43
tn S.16 p m.
Leave Phlladelpliln (Brood street station),
or Pottvlllend Bhenandoah, 6.57, 8.3a m
4.10 and 7.00 p m week days. Sunday 6.50, and
3.23 am
For New York. 8.20, 4.05, 4.40, 6.86, 6.60, 7.80,
'8.80. J.50, ll.00anrtll.14, 11.85am, laoonoon,
(U'ClMleiDr-W9.1.03 4.50 P m.V 12.41. 1.33 1.41'.
iKi, 4.11 4.4.02 8,6.2), 60 7.13 8.12 aud 10.10
m, 12.01 lent
On Bunoayu, J.20, 4.0S, 4.40. 6.86, 8 12, 8.80, 0.tO,
1135 i ra. and 12.41, 1.40,2.30, 4.02, (limited,
4.6!)). 6.28, i.2). 6.6 ,'.14 rt.l J n tu and 12.01 night
For Hea Girt, LonK Branoh and Intermediate
Rtatlons 8.20 and 11 14 a. m., 4.00 p. m. week
days. Freehold only 6.00 p m week days.
For Baltimore aud Washington, 3.60. 7.20.
9.10 and 11.18 a. in., 4.41. 6 57, 7.10 p.m. and 12.03
nljht dally and 8 31, 10.20 a. m., 12 33 (limited
express with dining car to Baltimore) 1.30, 8.46
.. in. week days. For Baltimore only 2.02, 4.01
week days, 11.30 d. m. dally.
For Hlcbmond, 7 20 a. m. and 12.03 night
dally; 1 80 p. in, dally, except Sunday.
Trains leave HaxrlsDarar lor Pllupnric and
?e west every day at 12.26 and 8.10 a in and
3 JO (limited) and 8.19. 7.33 p ra. Way for
.MVH to a la m ana .iu p m every aay.
For Ptttsbarg only, 1L20 a vu daUy aud 10.20
m week days.
LeMVo HUnbnry (or WlUlarapoi1, Klmlra,
laandalgoa, itochoster, UnflpJoond WiRBor
il .0 am dally, and l.aipm weekdays,
'"or Elmlra 6.S0 p m week days.
Foe Xrte and Intermediate points, 6, in am.,
hilly. Fur Look Uaven, 6.10, and 8.68 a ra.
tally, 1 35 and 6.3(1 p. ra. wetk dayn, Fot
Sirnova 6.10 a m 1.35 and 6,80 p in woek days
i.Wa. m Bandars.
(4n. Man'r Vwi. I'awi At
John R. Coye,
Real Estate Agent,
Cor. Mln anil Cdntre Street. SHENANDOAH, PA.
l A two and ono-balf story double frtmt
nwcinnif nouse, win n ire-room aim res.
taurunt. Locautd on ISatst Ceutro street,
ll A valuable property located ou Houtli Jar
First National Bank,
it protest to Tarke;
J8. TlJ

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