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Soiling Says Re Shotiii Self
Ho 8ys Tht the "Boutiow" Wm D
UtoaUly Killed-
A Murder In liuiild'a Iitvu No Surprise,
tint tli alnny Conflicting Btorloa Make
the Cum Piienlmr The Shut rirecl on
tliu Slilowulk find Entered IVniinn'i
Abitoman, CiuialUK Almoit lnatant
Dontli-Tlie Story or the KIlllnK in Told
lly the Prisoner.
NkW Yohk, Deo. 28. Tlio killing: ol a
man In Totn Gould's saloon Is not a
matter o'l muoh surprise, n tho place Is
such a notorious dive, but ho murder
of John J. Wogan, the reputed pro
prietor, but In reality tho man employed
by Qould to manage the saloon, Is pecu
liar from tho many conflicting Btorlos
that are told of tho occurrence.
The facts of the cose are probably
ubout as follows
The Christmas Eve orgies at Gould's
were wilder and more protracted than
usual. At midnight, when the church
bells were pealing, three or four hun
dred men and women sat around tablet,
below the level of the street, drinking,
shouting aud laughing.
The thick olouds of vile tobacco
smoke hanging low around nnd about
the besotted groups made the figures
appear like phantoms. But no clouds
could conceal
the paint and powder on
the faces of those scores of women.
Taey were ghastly faoes, made all the
mure horrible by the artifices used to
conceal the pallor and the wrinkles
caused by nights of excesses lu that
underground resort.
There were fifty men and women still
Id the plnce at 7 o'clock in the morning.
Most of them were so drunk that they
could not get away.
One story is as follows: Among those
Who hud ruiuforcud thudwiudling crowd,
at about 0 o'clock, wore two neatly
dressed men. One of them was Joseph
Bolllug and the other Julius Kohlur.
They sat down at a tablo and ordored
drinks. A woman who calls herself
Mrs. Ida Adams, and lives ut 237 West
fortieth utruet, came over and sat down
with them. Two hours woro spent In
drinking at that tablo. Selling and
Kohler drank little, always of beer.
At about 7 o'clock the bouncer,
"Cad" MUlspaugh, who wm drunk,
cunie up to Selling aud reproved him for
having thrown a newspaper on tho floor.
Selliug is a little man, and MUlspaugh
a tall, slender, but powerful one. Soil
ing replied that hu had meant no harm.
"Yus you did, you, and you'd
bettor zot out o' here: see?'
"All rlaht, I'll go," said Soiling, and
he and Kohler got up to depart.
As they were moving toward the door
the bouncer seized Selling by the arm
and whirled him uround with groat
force. Just then Wogan, a short,
stocky man, wolghlng over 200 pounds,
camu up, and, being in a fighting mood.
also seized Selling. lie, too, whirled
tho small man around, wogan and
MUlspaugh pluyod with tho smaller
fellow as a pair of playful terriers
mlcht with a rat. Then Wozan became
tired of the sport and grabbing Selling
by the throat turow mm unu way up
tho stairs.
When tho sldewolk was reached Soil
ing was almost unable to breathe, uud
drawing his rovolvor ha placed tho
muzzle close to his auuallant's abdomou
and fired. Wogan released his hold and
as Gould came running up tho stairs,
"I guess I'm rtouo for.
Wogan walkod down tho stairs, sat
dowu ou a chair, and a momont later
rolled over to the floor, dood.
Soiling, meanwhile, had run into
Twenty-third street, pursued by
crowd of people from the dive. He was
caught by Ofticer John Hughes, who
took the still smoking revolver from his
hiind, and placed him under arrest.
In the afternoon Gould and other
witnesses were called to tho under
taker's by thu coronor. Gould's state
menu were so conflicting that the
coroner ordered him to ho locked up as
u witness.
During tho afternoon Selling told this
' ! wont to bed ai 10 o'clock on Christ
mas Eve, but my cough wa'i to bad and
It was ua hard for mo to broatue tnut
could not sleep. My lostlessitess dls-
turbed Kohler t.o that he could get no
rest. At about 4 o'clock wo decided to
dress and go out into tho ulr for a walk.
It was better thau tossing on tho bed.
"We walked over to Sixth uveuuo
and, seeing Gould's place open, went In.
"A friend ot mine ut the next table
to ours had a newspapor sticking out ot
his pocket. I pulled it out and threw
It dowu ou the floor iu a joking wuy.
The bouncer called 'Cad' saw mo do it,
and oame up to tell me that hed throw
me into thu street if I did anything
more llko that. He wus drunk imd
ugly, and I merely said that I had not
meant to do anything wrong. Then hi
ordered me out, aud as I got up to go
ho swung me around so bard that
almost fell ugulnst Woghu, who wus
walking toward us.
"Wouon g.ubbed me and swung me
back toward 'Cad.' Then tbeyhad fun
with me, one tossing in to the other
for several minutes. Finally Wogun
grabbed ne by the throat, and I begged
him not to 'do me up.' Ho threw me
out of the door and 1 fell ou the steps.
Then hu took me by the neck ugaiu uud
hauled me up o tho sidewalk, wbero he
pushed his kuuoklua Into my throat
until I could not breathe. I begged him
not to, but he kept ofaoklng me, aud
feeling that he meant to kill me I drew
my revolver and fired. Then he le t me
go, and I tried to ruu away."
Killed lly WllUkey.
Pittsbuko, I'n., Deo. 5KJ. William
Kinney, a lumberman, died at Jewett,
Pa,, under revolting clrouinstunoos. IIu
obtained a gallon jug ot w.ilskoy In
T5?Ddrord with which to oelebruto Christ
jnos. He took tho jug to his camp In
the woods uud drunk nearly tho entire
contents of It.
London Is ulmost desorted by Araerl'
can visitors.
Silveyra Martinez has been appointed
Uovernor of lUo lira 11 Us do uuu
The Clevelands will go to Hot Springs
early in March to gtt Into condition lot
U-T airuo race. , ,., ..mriTl""
Tim Terrlbl trlluo the llemilt of n
Family (Juarrnl,
Lowell, Mass,, Doo. 2(1 Mrs. Aim
II. Moultou, 213 years old, was murdered
in a most eowardly and brutat manner
nbout mkluitfli.t by her hatband,' Frank
I.. Moulton, dissipated barber, who
beat her bruins out with a flat-iron.
Moulton, who is about 86 years old,
was engaged at his place of employment
until nearly 11 p. m. He then left for
his home, to which he was aeaompanlad
by bis employer, who says Moultou did
not touch Unuor of any kind on the
way. Moulton and his wife have had
frequent quarrels, ehlefly beoauso of the
obstinate disposition of each. They
quarrelled over some trivial matter,
dutlng-which Mrs. Moalton slapped his
face and In return was choked y nor
husband. Moulton, in sptaklng of the
Huarrel, says It was a matter of who
should rule their home, of which both
had different opinions.
Hie woman would not give in, noimor
would he.
Finally ho beonmo enraged and, seiz
ing a Hat-Iron, usked her If she would
give In. Upon his wife replylug In tho
negative, he saysi "I let her havo tha
Hut-Iron na bard as 1 could nit."
Tho first blow felled her, and then ho
truck her again and again while sue
lay prostrate on tho floor of tho room.
Life was extinct when nelgiibors, at
tracted by tho struggle, entorod tlio
Moulton apartments. The woman's)
ead was pounded out of shape, onu ear
woe severed and tho skull fractured.
Moulton. nftei his crime, left the
ouse and repaired to n barroom, where
he was found In a boast ly statu of In
toxication. WAS
Gen. SluoitMi, Kutsell
Nkw York, Dec. 30. Gen. Slocum,
Kuesell Sage's brother-in-law, when
asked for his views concerning tho suit
to bo brought by Broker's Olork Lald
law for $100,000 for holding tho clerk
between tho dynamiter and himself,
I am very sorry ho has tnkon any
such step. Of courso what ho says
nbout Mr. Sago pulling him between
himself nnd tho bomb thrower Is all u
mistake. Ho la n big man and an
athlote and could probably handle a
man llko Mr. Sago without much
trouble. I suppose he was rattled, just
every ono else was at tho time.
After tho explosion Mr. Sngo holped
Laidlaw to his feet and said, 'Aro you
much hurt, Laldlaw ?' and he nnswored,
I think I am pretty badly hurt.' "
"ihero 1b not a word ot trutu in wnni
esuyu," said Mr. Suge.
What his defence to the aoilon will be
or what proof ho will offer to show tho
alleged falsity ot Lnldlaw'n statcmonts
ho declined to suy. It was evident,
owovcr, that tho publication ot tho
story cauBed Mr. Sage soma annoyance.
t Is llRjiortwl that lie lins Confoaned
the Murder or llnronuss Dollnrri,
Faius, Deo. 20. It Is reported thnt
Lieutenant Anastay hns made n full
confession ot tho murdor of Baroness
Dellnrd, and thnt ho lias expressed his
deep repentance tor tho crime.
Ho uns confessed that tlio motlvo ot
the crlmo was robbery, that ho had
ovory icasou for being grateful to the
Baroness aud hor husbuud, as ho owed
his position to Huron Dellard.
It appears mat Anastay una auan-
donod a woman with whom he had boon
living for somo time. This woman
know that ho was tho murderer, and In
rovence she denounced him to tho
police. Tho latter arrostod tho lieu
Anastay Is but 20 years of ago. Tho
murderer's confession is confirmed by
the confession ot ua maid, whom ho
nearly murdered.
llo is aluo Identified by a piumuer wno
was working noar the saane, aud a port
folio was found In tho hotel resembling
that of Anastay.
tiuitlior WounduU llr An Oillcoir
AVIillo lUilstlnc Arrest.
Qkttysbuho, Punn., Dec. 2U. Joseph
ShaUle was shot and killed and blu
brother, Frank Shadlo, was seriously
wounded by Offlcer Krouie, nt Littles
town, this oouuty.
Tho Shadle boys hud raised a disturb
ance and the ollicoi- tried to arrest thorn,'
They resisted and a crowd ut thler
druukou friends ntdod them.
Krouse, believing his llto was in
danger, drew his revolver and 11 rod into
the crowd with tho nbovo result.
A Coroner's jury Investigated the
mutter and rendered a verdict that tho
oCScer had acted In self defence.
Ho was held, neverthelois, for trla 1,
In the sum of $5,000. .
Rulcttlad llulfcluufi Iasnuttr.
PiTienuno, Deo. 20. Bertha Prouuer,
aged ti2, a servant girl at the residence
of H. I', lloyd, liuoun Vista stroot, Alle
ghany, made three attempts at suicide
lu one day, first by bunging horsolf to
the kltchon chandelier, und broke It la
the attempt. Thou she cut her wrists
with a curtiinu knife, nud finally, sho
hanged herself with a clothos lino from
a hook In the cellar. She was not yet
dead when the family came down to
breakfast, at the usual hour, but died
a few minutes later. Hellions Insan
ity apparently caused tho suicide.
ArhIhsC the Cathollo.
Vienna. Doo. SO. A communication
from Warsaw says that an olllclul order
has been issued closing the Cuthollo
ohurohes at Voddslav uud Uuzski, and
that other towns will receive the same
orders very Boon. This action Is said to
be tukon in obedience to direct orders
from the Car, who is more than over
determined to stamp out all creeds not
In accord with the ortnouox cnurcn.
Dlnuuiboirclod Ills llrother.
BcdibnkH, Keb., Dec. SO. Charley
Uehrendt, while on u spree, completely
dlseinbowotod his brother with a butcher
knife and escaped. The wounded man
died. A pokse ot excited citizens aro
hunting tho murderer.
Ynlparalso Nuns,
Valpaiuiso, Deo. SO. Little doubt
exists here that Gomez and Uoderlaues,
who admitted stabbing Coalheaver
Turubull, will be punished to the ut
most legal limit. The Boston ha Kf-
rlred litre.
Tho Police Havo Wtiutod Ham.
soy for Bovon Months.
And Finally Wounuwl Her So Bdly that
Her Lifa Was Dsipaired of.
rolntnd a l'lstol Through a Gloss Dnoi
mil Shot .JIrr In tlio Ureant llo II ml
Acounsd Her of Infidelity anil Tlisj
Separated llfiuaoy Arrvited Wlillo
Untlnjj II In Dlnuois
New York, Deo. 20, While eating
his dtiiuer In tho house of his father,
after whom tho hamlet of Bamseys, uoar
llackeusack, N. J., is named, Deteo-
tlves Frlnk and Murphy ot Inspector
Byrnes' staff, swooped down on David
H. Itamsey. They were assisted, by a
Bergen county constable named Tor-
willlger, nnd the prisoner was taken to
the llackeusack Jail to await removal to
this city. Application will bo made to
Gov. Loon Abbott of Now Jersey for
requisition papers.
Inspector Byrnes has wanted Itamsey
over Bin co last May. Dotectlvoi Frlnk
and Murphy wero detnllod ,to find him
at thnt time, but could not locate him.
luo Uhlot inspector then had an Idou
Ramsey might goto the home of Ills
people, wealthy lresldents of the New
Jersey hamlet, and laid his plans ac
cordingly. He proved correct and the
prisoner was landed. Hainsoy was
greatly surprised nnd seemed broken
dowu over his arrest.
Mrs. Annie Hamsey, tho prisoner's
wife, lives nt present at No. 48 West
Twenty-seventh street. Sho lived with
her husbuud ut Kamseys until they
quurrolcd. Then they separated only to
reunite. Finally the couple lefteach
other for good. V,r
l.umsoy uccused his wife of unfaoijiful
conduct, uud sued a wealthy gruottt in
tho New Jersey village numod Go'oVjo
A. Ilyersou for $50,000 on the ground of
alienating Mrs. Iiamsay'a allccllous.
Tho wife with her elght-yeur-old son
thou oame to this olty.
Sho hlrod tho houso at No, 171 West
Forty-filth street and took lu boarders.
Hero she alleges her husband nnuoyod
hor lu an effort to got possession ot the
boy, and hud her lootstsps constantly
doggod by private detootlves.
Mrs. Kamsoy slept lu au extension off
tho parlor. The door leading to this
extension la in tho parlor and is princi
pally ot glass. On tho morning ot
April 20, at 1 o'clock, she was awaken
ed by u knock on tho door. Whan sho
asked who it was the voice of her hus
buud answered, domaudlug that she lot
him In,
Whon she rofused tho glass was broken
and her husband, as she oharges, pub a,
revolver in and shot at her. His aim
was truo and tho bullet struck her in
tho breast. The wound was a despcrato
one, aud for woeks It was not known
whether sho would live or dlo.
When she hud recovered sufficiently
In the latter part of May, she wont to
Inspector Byrnes nnd appealed to him
to run dowu her husband, as sho feared
he would yet kill hor.
When she was shot she Bald two men
woro with hor huibaud. Ono of them
sho snld was a boarder who olaimod that
his name was A. L. Hall, and thnt he
was the manuger of ono of Minor's
theatres. This man she bellevos to be
one Williams, a private dotectlvo, who
camo to tho house to spy on hor actions.
Ilali, or Williams, has slnco disappeared
uud cannot be fouud.
Inspector Byrnes sent Mrs. Iiamsoy
to Justice McMahou aud a warrant was
issued. Armed with this tho detectives
sturted out on their hunt. They learnod
that Ramsey belonged to several socio
tlos, and in all of them gnvo his address
as No. G5A Summer ntrcot, Brooklyn.
Ho had lived there, but nttor tho shoot
ing loft, and ha'i been In hiding over
since. An lndlotmout against him haa
also been fouud, and ho will probably
be brought to this city Monday.
A. Hitter Artlole un thu Koa-tlt of tho
Waturforil Contest.
Duwjn, Dec. 26. The Dublin "Irish
Catholic," unti-Parn elite, snys, in an
extreinasy bitter article: "Tho tidings
of tho victory of traitorlsm at Wator
ford is the tocsin for further battle.
Truo Irishmen must vow not to mako
pact or truce, und not to yield ruth or
pity to those who have sought to make
Ireland the victim ot treachery without
a parallel, and to deliver it bound and
holploss to a conspiracy, tyrannical and
Tho article in tho "Irish Cuthollo"
only voices tho geuoral excitement that
tho result of tho SVaterford election has
caused among the antl-Paruelltes. In
Dublin tho l'arnolltes, on the other
hand, aro highly elatod. Tho Parnel
lltcB appear to have no special feeling
against Davltt, who Is regarded only ua
representing the opposite cuuso, and has
not been nbuBlve ot Parnell siuco the
death ot that loader.
ller Ci.sublae.
CniCAOo, Doo. SO. It Is probublo that
within a short time-a huge brewery
combine will unite a majority ot tho
Chicago and Milwaukee breweries. At
present the consent of thirteen ot tho
smaller concerns is practically assured,
but the names of these breweries of the
unlucky number cannot bo ascertained
at this stage ot tho negotiations; but
that tho latter are ponding aud that
there is every prospect of the forming
ot tno Dig combine is admitted uy
George A. Weiss, proprietor ot tho
Weiss Uniting Company and also Presi
dent of the Amorloun Brewing Co,
rronitiiunt llajiublluan Dead.
CakLisi.b, PI., Deo. SC. lion. A. B.
Sharpe, a leading lawyer ot Southern
Pennsylvania and 11 prominent Republi
can and Grand Army man, U dead,
aged 00 years.
Walt Wlillinnii Kulllrs.
OAmpen, N. J Doc. SO, Walt Whit
man has a falut rally, and his condition
la more Improved than ut auy time since
he was stricken down with his present
lftk r I'rol, Bliaekfunl.
Bowon, Deo. ta Prof, a 0. Shaok-
ford is dead, of the Krln. at Urookllne.
Uass. He was formerly professor , at
voruoii uuireriity.
Candies, China
UIl OKI? Kit tlilg week to tenohew
evAjy.i'Jl,r.?Jlv",d',,,e"M,J,t'nl1' W propose this week to give u utteoiul oash
URfnilN'T nff 'n,'V uvt nijwm'...'..n i .1.-.J7-r.r. , 1.
nnil Itliwnril (n ril ein ion. Uln.l. rjf ,1
i ,it . i. i ii ' ""
'iollut BBte, till inuIU'ri to suit nil pureea,
Aro pronounced most delicious, only
16 West Conlro Street and 34
npHEUE Is monoy lu It for you If
you purchase your holiday noods
from us. Flvo hundred styles dressed
dolls, from 6o (o $1,50 each. Dolls'
Blioes, stooklngs, trunks, tobies,
buroaus, ohnlrs, toilet eels, paintboxes,
writing desks, doll swings, air rifles,
drums, trains of-cure, gun boats and
Dther articles run by stentn, A large
lot of mechaulcnl toyB, tool chests and
nil the latest games, A 11 0 and build,
ng blocks,
iiuuta uuu mumuuiu uuu.
II II 11.11 1 II 11111,1
Antique silver toilet and manicure
ets, dictionary and blule stand hold
;rs, hook and ladder and lire engines,
.In stoves, German tops, trumpets and
many other nrticles in tills line.
MiiRW.nl SnRtfump.nisi.
China Sets, Magic Lanterns, &e.
Tn inlntnfpra nf (ha ifnonpl nii1 anhonl
bought. All goods must be sold before
luiuat-u. v.uu curiy uuu iiuvu niu inuit
wuut, wnicu win oe set usiue,ou payment
Pbi addpM a and So ading EoilfuR'
Kino N in effect Jfov. IS, 1891
r'or I ow York vln Fhlladelnhla. wock davi
2.10 5.23, 120 a. m. and 12.35 2.50 curt W5
p. m. Bnnony 'iiu ana 7.t3 n. m. or nev
7.Z3 a. m. and 12.33 aud 2.50 p. m.
f rKoaaing ana t-niiaocinnia wees aayi,
2.10, 5.25, 7.20, a. m., 12XS nnd fi.BS pi is.
Sunday, 2.10 and 7.43 a. in., 1.30 p.m.
Km- ItanlcliurK, week days, 1.10,7.30 a, m,
2 50. 5.6S 11. m.
For Allcnlown, week days, 7. W . in.,
For Volts-villa, wooir Oars. 2.W. 7.!.a. m.
1W0 2.V) nntf r.53 p. m. Sunday, 2.10 aud 7.'
a, ut., 1.80 p. m.
for Taraaoua nnd Muhanoy Oily, wm
da-, 2,10, 5.2S, 7.110, a. m., 12 M 2.50 and 6.V
p.m. Hominy, 2.10 and 7.4Sn.m 4.30 p. ax
A'tiUUonal tur aiahnnoy City, ween flays 7.0f
for .Lancaster and Columbia, Week day,
7.iait.nri.,2.S0i. m.
Fo- Wllllamsport, Bnnbnry nnd rjewlsburi(
week days, 3.25, 7.30 and 11.30 a. tn , 1.33, 7.0.
p. :i. Sonday 3.25 a. m., 8.05 p. m.
l'r Mahtnoy Plane, woe dayu, 2.10 8.51'
5.-5,7.30 and 11.93 a.m., 12.BS, 1.83. 2.50,
7 ' -rt 1 a. n. m. Sunday, 2.10, 8.2i and 7,1?
p. 'jv 1,05, 4.30 o. in.
for Ulraruvilie (Rapiiahannook Btattoii.
wcpk days. 2.1 1. S.25, 5.?, 7.ai and 11,9) r. in..
12.35, 1 85, i60, 6.&i, 7.00 and p. in. I3iuia,y,
2-10 3 25, 7,4ft t.. m., 3.05, 4.80 P. lu.
Vnr AHhland anil Bhumokln. week nov",7.30, IVS1 a m., 1.35. 7.0J and V 25
p. m. Bunday 3.25, . 7 13 a. m., 8.06 p. m,
I dvn Naw Yftrlr vlA PtilludelBllla. treilc
days, 7.45 a. m., 1.80, 4.00, 7.80 p. in,, l.)o
uxii, minatir,o,wjJ, m,, iioouikul.
Isvd ilovj York via Mancii Onunk, ws
d st h. 1.80. 8.45 n. in.. 1.00 and S. 13 p.m. Bun
uay.T.wa.m. ;
Ve i'znuiuvipiua, WJ unjn, .....
10.011 a. w. 4.00 nd 6.00 p.m., from Ilrond
-ki cntiowniuanu B.36a. ta. aim n. m
irnm Btli cjx6 uretn streets. Sunday .00 a.
m. ll.Hi p. m. from Otb am" Sreen.
1 -v (Uaulnz. wees: nays. i.. v.iu, wir
and 1.5t a.m., 5SS, 77 p,m. Bunday 1. 8o cd
10.48 a. m.
-ive.rotUvlllo, weak days, 140,7.40 a.m..
12 ;0, 3.11 p. m. annday, 2.40, 7.00 a. m. anC
i.i fi is. ro.
Leave a'amauo. weeir oays, . n
11 2J i-. m., l.'il, 7.13, and 8.18 p. m. Htmday 8.21'
.48 m. and '.HI p.m.
r,MiB Malmnov (St v. week dnvs, 8.10, 9.18
ni d U.47 a. m 1.51, 7.42 aud Mi . in, Win
day, 8.1(1,8.17 a. m., 3.20 p. m.
Loave Mahanoy l'laae, weak days, 2'43, 4.00
0JJO, i).:tii, 11.69 a. m.,1.06, 2.08. 6-90, 6' 7.67, mn
10 00 p.m. Handay2.ll), 4.00, and 8.27, , m
8.37,5.01, p.m. ,...,..,
uay a, a . , , i,ui, o.w. uuu . ' "
2.12, 15.96, 6.82, 8.08 and 10.00 p. in, Uunday , 2,47
n At , , d n ...A a At a
imu qsj a. m. a.si. o.ur p. m.
Iieavo Wllllanupoi'l, week days. 3.00,9.45 and
m. Bunday 11.1'
cr IlalUmoro. Wasninston and the wet
via 15. S O. It. K., Uirough trains leave (ainud
Avenue station, rmiaaeipma, ir. u. n. a,i
ut nnr iSiii n,,,1 Il.'JT a. in.. 8..ra. 6.42 nn
7 13 o. ra. Bunday. 3.55 8.0S 11.27 u, m., 8.58
0 00 7.iap. LU,
Leave PhtlatUlirtilM. Ohestnat Street Wharl
a ic- 'wnm Hurwt wnarr.
liar A.tlsutlc lt
Wk-dnye-Kxpre,o a. m. 2.00. i.W,
p. m. Aojummooatuiu, euun. ui. uuu o.w,
S. in.
Han davs Exorow. 8.00 a. m. Acoom
me liillnD. 8.03 a. m. and 4.30 0. m.
lUtnrnlDv. leave Atlnutla OIL", donot
Atlantic and Arkansas uvenuea. wek-UT s
Kx press, 7.30, 9.00 a. m. and 4.00, p.m. Ac
eommodatlou8.10 a. in. aud 4.80 p. m. Bnn-days-Bxpress,
4.00, p, m. Accommodation,
,30 a. m, and 4.30 p.
O. U. jIA
ANOOCK. Gen'l Pans'r Asi.
A. A. 1I0LBOP.
i-res. s uen-i inanuzer.
d?rallw ftnlnllu. PrmnnAnllv fleatared,
AVetlUneaa, Nervouineii, lleblltty. and all
ihn Ir&ln nf evils from narlv orruranrlator QxcCBftes
tho rrsulta of ovomork, sjekuuss, worry, eto. liill
strenstn, development, aud tone filven to evors
nralin and nnrtlnn nf tho bodv. mmnlo. natura
xuetbods. ItniDi'dtate ImproTOUiont seen. Failure
lmpoflBlble. Z.OUO references, llook, explanftUous
Ula prnoia puma tswieui ireo. Aaurvwn
To test a l'oiltlv tiiire lorvn f necui vx wujtuiuw,
l!rly Kc, Emlhlun.rullebllltx, , tBpt
Baiual l'uwur, luipowiicr, Ao. Be imst la onr faith In
our Hp&dno we wlllaend one Full Month-a Mealtuie
and Vucb valiublo iiuonniiuaii r iie-iw Anunw
tl. 31. CO.i eilollruuawaj. liow Vork.
and Lamps.
Is full of Intoreet. Don't you ltuow
Tv.lio ,i rn.... i., ...u..
kuuuuibiu uuuitsn vniiuty.
20 cents per pound, nil kinds,
North Maia Street, Shenandoah.
Pnrfiirnfir .9p7?.q
fpnnliora Ifinar nonf nff nr ol! rrrtnrlo I
January 1st, and no reasonable oifer
ui mo 101. rou cau seieci wnat you
01 u smau ueposic.
Lohigh Valley Raih-oad.
NOV 16, 1891..
nine will leave HI;
Passonger trains will leave Shenandoah for
Mauch Ohnnk, lhlgbton, Blatltiston, Cala-
ouuijiiM, n,icu,jnu, uciiunuum, x 1111
adelpnlaandNow York at 6.47, 7,40, 8.08 a.m.,
For Belvldere, Delaware Wnler Gap and
U.XV. U.J lt U.l
otrouusuuri; hi o.i, u. uitiinu o.zu p. m.
n'or LnmDeriviiiu ana xrentnn. u.uh n. m.
For White Haven, Wllkes-Barre and l'ltta.
ton 5.47. 0.08. 10.41 a. m.. 3.10 and B2d n. m.
ForTunkhannock, 10,U a, m., 8.10 and 5.20
p. m.
t or auuuju, itnaca, usneva ana ana ijyons
10.41 a. m and 5.28 p. m.
For Ijaoojrvllle, Towanda. Sayre, Waverly,
Blmlra, llochester, Uutlalo, Mlaeara Falls,
(JblcaKO and nil points West nt 10.41 a. m.,and
5.26 r. m.
For ISlmlra and the West via Balamanca at
B.10 p.m.
For Audenrled. Jlazleton. Btockton. I.um'
IO. IHiu, niu.ciij uuuicuu xivvu uuu
lion at 5.4 7, 7.40, 9,08a. m.nnd 12.52, 3.10 and
58 p. m.
For Jeanesvllle, Lovlston nnd lleavei
Meadow. 7.40. 9.08 n. m. and 5.2(1 n. m.
For Bcrantonnt 6.47 9.08, 10.41 n. m. 3 10 and
b-svp. m.
For Hatilo lliook. Jeddo. DrlRan and Fre6
land at 5.17, 7.40, 0.08, 10.41 a. m 122 3.10 and
5.26 p. m.
For Quokako at 5.47 and 9.03 a. in., and
8.10 . m
For IVlsxano, Gilborton and Fraokvlllo at
.Doanati.oa. mana s.uip. m.
For Vatesvllle. Mabauoy City and Delano,
6.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10.11, a. m., 12.62, 8.10,5.26, 8,03,
v.4i ana xu.x p. in
For Lost Oreolr. SlrardvUle and Ashland
4.27, 7.46, 8.52, 10.15 a. m., 1.00, 1.40, 4.10, 0.85,
8.C0 and 9.14 p. m.
5 CO 7.40, 8.52, 9.08, 10.41 n. m., 12.52, 3.10, 4.10, 6.2(1
d. m.
B-nr Iluclc Mountain. New lloston mid
Aloroa, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41 a. in., 12.52, 8.10, 6.24 and
w p. ra.
For Kavon Ruu. Dentralln. Mt. Carmol and
lihamokln, 8.52, and 10.16 a. m., 1.40, 4.40
und 8.08 p.m.
XTOins leave nuaiuu&m mr rauoiuuiuuiui,
at Bhonantloah, 9.05n.m., 152. 8.10, 6.28 and
11.15 u. rn
j-orijonv, Aunonriea, nuver iutjuh juuc
on and llniletou 6,47. 7.40. 9.03. ana 10.11
m., 12.52, 3.10, 6.20 and 8.C3 p. in.
For Lout Creole, uiraraviiie ana Acmnna,
I lyi OKI tl M n. ni.. 2.4fi Tl. m.
For Darkwater. St. Olalr and Pottavllle,
.00, 0,30 a. m.,2.45 1). m.
r-or XHiesvine, mmumy uity uuu jjvuuiv,
.00, 11-ia a. m,, 1.40, 4.40, 6.08 p. m.
For Iiorty. Audenrled nnd llailoton, 8.00
n rn- 1:40 n. mi
lror naanou uauus, ienieniou, Diauaciuu,
UnUiHnaqua, Aiieutown, ueimeuom, uiustmi
and New York, 8.00 a. m., 1.40 p. m;
I'OI fauaaeipnia, i.vj p. m
JSi. J),
Uen'l Toss. AkU. llolhlehem.
Iargefiland oldtt roUabte pnroly oasU com
100 !t .InrtlinSf Shnnnnnnnh Pa
iiu o. uarain or., onenanaoan, ra.
Finest brands of clears always on hand,
ino nest temperance uriuus.
Has removed to Dill Jones' old stand
Where be will be pleased to meet the wants
of his. friends und the pnbllo In
EvorytMno in tlio Drinking Lino.
No', 9 ost Centre Streets Mahanoy Olty, P
uiun ana ail special aioeases u specialty,
""' 6 "o for one imerUon; 75c. tor two; il for
vne wK. S1.0U: two tverM. n: one
hALH. A good and Kuutlo
JL1 Horse, suitable for all Kinds of w rk. for
ale oue'in.
t, Alien
to o. J.
Quluu, 21 least
12 li-tt
venire sireei
rNT0!?1,012 -Applicant for outdoor
I JJS rel ef arn renulrirt fnr,,..i, ,. .nnii.
?"ffi .''.. lllll'f wll have filled suon
vnvers uuiinKueeeniuer are excepted. Mar-
rlert applicants must give husband's lull
name. Justices of the Peace will take notice.
- fijMrj.T&SS?,
TTOU BAIiK. Tho grey team of
horses recently nsod by the Columbia II.
i!.. wo., ino. i rno uorses win no n
to lue purchasers.
KltANK liKWtS,
John KisKNiioWBit,
Frank ConntNOTON,
James McDonald,
H-21-tf Trustees.
election Of the ntne.hhntilArM nt lltn Afor.
iclianls' Nalloual Unnk of Shenandoah, Pa
will bo heldatllionauking House, Tuesday,
January 12ih, IS92, between tho hours ol 10
i n. in, ami 4 p. m., lor me iurinse nr electing
luineen uireciors 10 sf rve tlio cusnluE year.
12-12 to E. 1J. HUNTEIl. Cashier.
First Natioaal Bank,
Capital, $100,006.00
A. W. Lciscnring, Pres.,
P. J. Ferguson, V. Pres.,
J. R. Loisenrinq, Cashier,
9 W. Yost, Ass' t Cashier.
Open Dally From 9 to 3.
Jj JfiiU 0IJM ! 1JN TERES! !
Xnlcl ou Bqvlues DeiioHltft.
go tiTheadquartersF
Tree Ornaments, &c.
Wholesalo and Retnll.
Are absolutely pnro. Bunday Bchools,
ChurcheB, Boclelles, etc., supplied ut
wholes lie rates. t
Ice Cream, Bread and Cakes !
104 N. Mam St., SHENANDOAH.
On and after November 15, 1801, trains will
leave avienrmuoai as jouows: m
For WlKiian. Ullberton, Frackvllle. New
rtwtle. Bt. Clair, and wav tmints. 0.(JJ. 9.10.
11.45 am nnd 4.15 pm,
sunaaye, euu, a.tu a m nna uvp n,
For rottsvllle, 6.00, 0,10, 11.15 am und 4.16
P.ns , ,
nunaays, wj, ii tii ruu oau p. m.
For ltcadlur. 0.00, 11 45 a m and 4.15 pro.
Bnndays, COO, 9.40 a.m. and 3.10pm.
For Fottstown. I'hoenixvllle. WorrUtown
nil I'hlladolnhln (Broad street Elation). 6.00.
11.45 a.m. and 4.15 p m week days
riasaays, txm, w.io ams.mpm,
Trains leave Frackvllle tor Uhenandoah at
10.10 a m and 12.14, 5.01, 7.42, 10,03 p m Hun
day, 11.13 a m aul 6.40 p m.
ljeavo rottivllle f or Hhenandoah, 10.15 una
11.48, am 1.10, 7.15, 9.42 pin, Bundnys, 10.43
am $.16 p m.
Loave flilladelpbla (Jlroad otrett station),
lor iittsvllle and Hhenandoah, 6.57, 8.35 a m
4.'0 aud 7,00 p m wook days. Bunday 0.50, and
8.23 nm
yornewxorK.s.au, .ib, .tu, o.ib, o.so, 7.5U,
'JO 8.8ft J.K). ll.ooand 11.14. 11.35am. 12.00 noon.
(lUultod PxpretM, 1.08 4.60 n m.l 12.44, 1,85 1.1".
2.UU, 1.20 4. 4.02 6,6.2), 6.60 7-13 8.12 aud 10.C0
p, in, lgnt
On Bnndaya, 3.20. 4.06, 4.40. 5.35, 8.12, K.S0, 9.! 0,
11.35 ra. and 12.41. 1.40, 2.30, 4.02, (limited,
,50), s.zh, a.21), h.u ,7.i k.u o iu ana 12.01 nignt
a or sea uirt, L.ong urancn nnn intcrmeaiata
stations 8.20 and 11.11 a. m., 4.00 p. id week
days. Freehold only 5.00 p m week days.
lln, tInIII.Y.nA d,,H irunhlntnn ,1 KH 1 Ol
10 and 11.18 a. in.. 4.41. 6 67. 7.40 n.m. and 12.03
night dally nnd 8 31, 10.20 a. m., 12 8ri (limited
express with dlnlne car to Italtlmore) 1.30, 8.18
p: m. week days. For Baltimore only 2.02, 4.01
weetc days, 6.08, 11.30 p, m. dally.
For Itlchmond, 7 20 a, m. and 12.03 night
dolly, 1.30 p, m, dally, except Bunday.
Trains leave xiarrisonrK lor riitsouxir una
the west averv dav at 12.25 and 3.10 a ra and
3-UJ ml.od) and s.40, 7.25 p m. Way for
AUoona8 is a m and 4.10 p m every aay.
i or i-iuaoure; amy, ix.w a m aauy ana iv.ai
p m wees days.
i,n&vA Hunbnrv for Wllllamsnort. Klmlra.
Oanandalgna, llooheiter, llntlaloand Niagara
trollR 6.10 a ni dally, and 1.35 n m wook davi.
F Kb'arlaalnUrmedtae'olnti, 5.10 n mi,
oiiy. rur xaiuj. uuven, o.iu, uuu w.ou h iu,
dally, 1.35 and 6.8(1 p. m. week days. For
ltanova 6:10 a m 1.35 and li.30 1 m week days
o.iuu, u aauuavB.
uiiab. b. rami,
lion. lass. Alt
uoa. unu'r
Sealer In all kinds of
Shoemakers' : Supplies !
Large and nrst-class stock.
All Demands of the Trade Supphea
Ferguson House building, SHENANDOAH, PA.

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