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7 V
Both tbo method and results when
Syrup of Figo ia taken; it is pleasant
nnd refreshing to tho tr lo, and acts
fently yet promptly cr no Kidneys,
liver and Bowels, cleanses tho sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures hahitunl
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro--ifoced,
pleasing to tho tasto and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt-in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from tho most
healthy and agrccablo substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and havo mado it tho most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and 1 bottles by nil leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not havo it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
2T IX 3U 2U !
Beautiful book containing tho latest vocal mu
sic, full sheet-music plates, handsome cover, In
eluding the following gems, unabridged:
Afterwards, 40 I've Worked 8 Hours, 41
Baby's Fast Asleep 40 I Whlstlo and Wait, 40
Comrades, fjLovo's Golden Dream 4u
God Illess Our Landfn Old Organ Mower, 4C
Go, Pretty nose, fto Our Last Waltz 40
Guard the Flag, 40 Over the Moonlit Sea, 4C
In Old Madrid, BO Sweet ICatle Counor, 4C
Mary and, John, 40 That Is Lavev 4(
We givo this book to lntroduco to you
krout's Baking powder
And Knoui'B Flavouino ExinAois,
Unsurpassed for rURITYand STRENGTH
Your grocer will glvo you a circular contain'
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lars how to get tbcm free,
ALBERT KR0UT, Chemist, Pbila.
Unlike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
are used in tho
preparation of
teliich is absolutely
pure and soluble.
the strenath. of Cocoa mixed
with Starch, Arrowroot or
I RllM. .ml In fa. rnn.a n.n
nomical, costing less than one. ant a cup.
It is delicious, nourishing, and easily
Sold by Grocers OTerywhen. .
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jSocietijf joodg I
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lng, Pa.: George and Ph. Burkart, 439,Locus(
St., Heading, Pa. Hend for circular.
Act on a new principle
regulate the liver, stomach
and bowels through t,s
tunes. Ua. Wilis' Pnis
speedily cure biliousness,
torpid liver and constipa
tion. Bmallset, mlldcet,
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Sill Mil!
Cream and Nelll and tha Ixindon Fiend
Max be the Satne.
Nw York, July 2. .The polloe o this
city aro interested in the report that
the Thomas Nelll, now in custody in
London (or murder and blaakmall, U
h native ot Quebec by tbo name of
Dr. Thomas N. Cream. It is stated on
good authority that Cream was in Lon
don at the time of the Jack tho Rip
per outrages, and that he was In Can
ada when they had entirely ceased. A
prominent officer at police headquar
ters said that it is quite possible that
Cream, or Nelll, is Jack the Kipper.
Cream is the son of a wealthy lurnbir
merchant ot Quebec, who died some
years ago. Ho swindled bis father's es
tate out of savtral thousand dollars,
and was charged with having klllcii sev
eral women in Kingston, but wn ac
quitted. He was later couQned to the
penitentiary at Jollot, 111., ou a life
sentence for having murdered a woman,
but was released about two years ago.
There Is strong corroborative avldance
that Nelll is tho man who has this rec
ord on this side of tbo ocean. He calls
himself Thomas Nelll, and Cream's
name is Thomas Nelll Cream. Besides
this, tbo only picture ot Miss Sabbatlul,
the woman who whs engaged to Nelll,
and who is now the chiofjwltness against
him In this country, was given by Dr.
Cream to a friend of bis in Quebec.
Hut lis Don't Like tho People's Party'
Sub-Treanury Plunk.
Omaiia, Neb.,July 2. Delegates to tho
Natiounl Convention ot tho People's
party are arriving slowly.
As yet there nre tew indications that
tho convention will be as lurge as the
Kepublican or Democratic conventions.
II. K. Taubencck, chairman ot the
National Committee, is among the
early arrivals, lie is a strong Gresham
man, and when reminded that the Judge
had refused to accept tho nomination,
"Judge Oresham has only one objec
tion to accenting tho uominatlon at the
bauds ot the People's party, and that Is
tie Sub-Treasury plank. Uresham will
ba the nominee and the Sub-Treasury
scheme will be shelved."
Senator Kyle, of South Dakota, is
talking of Stewart, of Nevada, and says
with him at the head of tho ticket tho
People's party would oapture the elec
toral votes of Nevada, Kunsus, Colorado,
Nebraska, Idaho, North and South Da
kota, Montana and Minnesota. Fusion
between the People's and Prohibition
parties is no longer talked of.
Koport Concerning a London Pirm Uonlud
UneawlucHson the Paris liourio.
Londos, July 2. Tho report that a
prominent house engaged in the China
trade would havo to suspend owlnir to a
refusal of tho discount banks lo take its
paper is without, foundation.
! The Arm obtained all the accommoda
tion it required and obligations amount
ing to 100,000 will be promptly paid.
A Bmall brokerage Arm failed ou the
London Stock Exchange, but it bad no
significance. ' 1
1'aius, July 2. Some uneasiness Is
telt ou "the Paris Uourse, uud two
houses may not bo able to meet their
engagements. The settlement shows
large losses for firms on the long Bide of
the account. . ...
Tha .'. Y. P. i- U. Qut of 13xuten.ee.
Puovidence, R.-L, July 2.- The New
Vork, Providence & Boston Railroad
Company has practically gone out of
existence, so far as the general publlo is
concerned, when the old officials as
sumed new titles and came formally
under the control of the New York, New
Haven & Hartford officials. This sec
tion will now be known as the East
ern Division of the New York, New
Haven & Hartford Railroad. Practi
cally all of the New York, Providence
& Boston officials are retained, tha
only chango of importance being the
resignation of J, W. Mlllor, formerly
general manager of the New York,
Providence & Boston.
Ships to Ply "Old Glory."
New York, July 2. Tho report that
!the Ininuu Line is to build two, and
bosslbly threo, new steamers in this
country tor the company's service be
tween this port and Liverpool is con
firmed by Jamos A. Wright, Jr., the
bead ot the line in this city. When
Veen he was unablo to state, he said, as
o what time the contract would be
Warded, nor oould he tell when tha
pity of Paris and City of New York
would begin to fly the American nag.
Coul Prlcai.
PuiladeU'iiia, July 2. Tho Fontisyl
nnia and Reading coal sale ageuts met
lere to fix the rate for July, They de
Idea to demand the ssma price as re
elved last full with the exception ot
hestnut coal, which, owing to its In
creased size, will bo advanced 10 cents
iver last fall's price.
Hilled by n Train.
ASUURY Paiut. N. J.. .Tnlr 9 WlllUm
IB. Uruone, a prominent member of
jilernan's News Agency, New York city,
-vas strucK auu Killed oy a trulu near
lie Long uraucu station, Mr. Greene
as 51 years old and leaves a family.
was a summer cottager of Lonif
ICurti CoU,Conrl!i,ErThrot,Croap,In8aeiia,
hooplas Couch, Bronchitis tr i Atttunt. A etritU
tt for Coaftumptlou la Bru iuri, tins a lurt rdUf la
(Wanted tUfts. at on-jc You will ata tho ax.
allint threat afttr tazlnc tha ntat doaw. Bala
aleieeieiwaere. Lajgluta,BQtauUaA4.ti40h
Harvard Badly Beaten in the
'Varsity Race.
The Crimson Seoured the I.ead and Held
It for the Pint Ono Hundred Yards
After That Yalo Secured First Place and
Held It to tho lind-A Ynle AVeek.
New London, Conn., July 2. This
has been a Yale week with a Yale finish.
Tuesday's baseball victory over Harvard;
tho Yale freshman conquest of Harvard
'05 In tho annual two mile row an tho
Thames, and, to put a gloss finish on
the whole soasou's aggregate of Yale's
athletic Achievements, tho record of the
Yale 'varsity In turning tbo tables on
tho Harvard crow, leaving thorn oven
farther behind than Yale was loft last
yoar nnd that Is saying a great donl.
It was Yale's your to choose betweon
the east and the west course, and she
selected tho former.
The observation train mado its nppoar
ance us the referee's word was given,
and sixteen oars dug into the water.
Harvard's spry stroke secured the field
fir.it and tho crimson took thu lead. Fo r
1 the first 100 yards stio kept it, pulling it
JU-stroke, while Yale's was about oa.
Yalo splashed badly and the boat
rolled u little, while Harvurd got off
comparatively smoothly.
At 100 yards from tho start the Yale
prow had shot past Harvard's. Yale
had found its form.
Harvard quickened Its stroke a little,
making a desporuto fight beforo relin
quishing the lead.
At the first half-mile Yale was rowing
half u length in the lead, with both
crows exhibiting tho finest, burst of
ppeed witnessed during the ontlre rac e,
except possibly at the finish.
Yule oontlnuod its effective spurt
during tho second half mile, while Har
vard fell back little by little.
When the Yale shell passed tho first
mile post it was three lengths ahead.
Yalo took matters a trifle moro easy
from tho mile to the mile and a half
post, and the gap between the shells
remained little changed.
Yale was four lengths ahead at the
two-mile post, which marked the con
clusion of halt the race.
Yalo pulled like one man. At the 3
l-V mile post Yale hud placed luiiy
eight lengths between her stern and
the Harvurd bow.
It was then a gift for Yalo and the
race was won bv over fifteen lengths bv
i xalo.
Tho official time for the four miles is
20:48 for Yale: for Harvard, 21:42 1-2.
' Fifteen thousand people wituossed
tho race.
Germuny Holds to the I.itter of Her 11c-
truilltion Treaty With This Country,
Berlin, July 2. Shortly after the
flight from Washington ot Ryan, the
express messenger, who embezzled
1 $45,000 from the United States Express
Company, a dispatch was received here,
asking the German authorities to ar
rest him it he should attempt to enter
this oountry.
It Is understood that tbo German
government would not have taken Ryan
into custody had ho come here, as the
offense with which he was charged does
not come uudor tho provisions of the
extradition treaty, between this coun
try and the United States.
Ryan was arrested in Denver, and all
the money he had stolen, with tho ex
ception of $300, was recovered
A Ilnrrlhlo Accident to Xiborors I.ajin2
Stone Abutments.
Providence, July 2. A bank caved
in upon a body of workmen engaged in
laying stone abutm ents to a railroad
bridge under Broad street, in this city,
and our men were buried alive.
Two others, who were working near
by, were caught by the mass of dirt,
and had to bo extricated by a steam
Those .who escaped made the greatest
exertions to rescue their burled com
panions, and just as they reached one
of the imprisoned men, who opened bis
eyes, blew the dirt from his mouth and
beuged to be taken out. a water nine
above them burst, flooding the plac e
' und ending all chanco ot rescue.
Money lor tho Grant Monument.
New York, July 2. Subscriptions to
tho Grant ilonuinent Fund nro still be
ing received, and thu responses to Gen.
Horace Porter's appeal for sufficient
money to complete the monument bid
fair to amount to $375,000. Gen. Por
ter only asked for $350,000. All the
excess, however, can be used to good
advantage by the association in the in
terior ot the monument and in other
woys. .
National Nolo Company Dlaaolvvd.
New York, July 2. The office of the
short-lived National Note Company in
the Astor building has closed. It was
organized a short1 time ago under a'
State law with a nominal capital ot
$150,000 to negotiate commercial paper.
The United States Treasury Depart
ment b rought it to book for illegal use
of the title National, and the company
Itrltlah Settlors Soiled.
Victoria, U. O., July 2. Tho steamer
Queen, which has arrived from Alaska,
brings news of the seizure by tho rev
enue cutter Corwlu ot 25 English seal
ers, with 0,000 Bklns. The supply
steamer Coqultlam, with all nor sup
plies, was also taken.
Aetor Curtis' Case.
San Francisco, July 2, The case ot
M. B. Curtis, the actor, charged with
the murder ot Police Officer Alexander
Grant last September, was called by
Jttdge Troutt to be set tor second trial
and was continued until July 2i!.
Heir to (93,000,000.
Dubuque, la., July 2. Joseph Bran
don, Janitor ot tbo Second Presbyterian
Churoh, has been notified of the death
in England of a relative, who left him
$8,000,000 to be distributed among his
No Settlement of the Trouble Among tha
Iron Men.
Pittsbcro, July 2. At the request of
the Iron and Steol Manufacturers ot tha
Pittsburg district, representatives of
the manufacturers and the regular com
mittee of the Amalgamated Association
of Iron and Steel Workers met iu con
ference on the wage scale.
The conference lasted three hours and
a half, and was without result,
Tho time was occupied in arguing tbo
demands of both parties, the manufac
turers demanding the acceptance ot a
$4.50 basis and the Amalgamated $5.50
f orbolltng iron.
No compromise scale was offered or
The conference adjourned to meet on
Wednesday of next week.
No settlement of the differences is in
sight, and the fooling to-day seems to
bo that a disastrous wage war Is near at
Opened at Genoa With u Lurtru Attendance
und Imposing Ceremonies,
Rome, July 2. Tho Italo-Amorican
Exhibition at Genoa in honor of the
discovery of America by Columbus has
been opened with Imposing ceremonies.
There was a large attendance, both ot
foreigners and ot prominent Italians,
including tho various diplomatic repre
sentatives accredited to the Qulrlu.nl.
The United States aud tho republics
of South and Central America were rep
resented, and the Italian fleet bus a con
spicuous part in the display.
The buildings are not yet completed,
aud tho Exhibition was not, therefore,
us attractive as it will be later.
The bulldlncs are erected on the
broud esplanade on tho right bank oi
the river Rlsagno, and thoy cover 110,.
000 square metres. Tboy are of impos
lug and attractive architectural de
signs, The Exhibition is intended to give an
idea of the progress trade by both Italy
and America since the Italian, Colum
bus, discovered tho Western Continent,
and tho exhibits will include specimens
of the artistic, Industrial and agricul
tural products of Italy and Amorica.
The Argentlno Government, whero
many Italians are settled, has taken
great interest in the Exhibition, aud
is represented by a corvette from the
Argentine fleet.
MuetliiEto Induce Drnxel, Murjruu & Co.
to Undertuko Reorganization.
New York, July 2. A movement is
on foot among the various Richmond
Terminal security holder to havo a
meeting called for the purpose of con
sidering somo steps by which Drexel,
Morgan & Co. may be induced to un
dertake tho reorganization of the prop
erty. Security holders who are represented
in the Committoo ot Fifteen bay that
they disapprove of W. P. Clyde's action
in placing au obstacle In the way of an
organization by Drexel, Morgan & Co.,
and it is understood that several mem
bers will withdraw from the committee
at the meeting on Wednesday.
It is understood that Mr. Clyde's per
sonal holdings of Richmond Ter
minal socurltes is vory small, but he
seems to be determined to control tho
reorganization If possible. ....
Looking for Ills Wif.
Newark, N. J., July 2. Martin
Metzrotti, of 51 Grafton avenue, is look
ing for his wife. She ran away with
a man ot the name of Mason, one of the
keepers of the Poor Farm, on Randall's
Island, N. Y. One night last week
Metzroth arrived home unexpectedly at
a lute hour, and found Mason sitting in
the parlor In company with his wife.
Mason, at the sight ot Metzroth, jumped
through the window, leaving his coat
in Melzroth's hands. The latter fired
three shots at Mason, none of which
took effect. Somo days ago Metzrotb's
wife disappeared, and it Is believed that
she has joined Mason.
Position of America Cited.
Losdon, July 2. The Right Hon.
John Morley, replying at Berwick to
Mr. Balfour's statoment that It was ab
surd to assumo that Ireland could con
trol her own affairs If not permitted to
regulate the customs duties, or to es
tablish a State Church, cited the posi
tion ot the American Union, whero
every State was sovereign in its own do
main, yet was not allowed by the Con
stitution to endow a State Church or to
raise a revenue from imports or exports.
tVllllam A. GrUwold Leaves Town.
Tboy, N. Y., July 2. William JL
Qriswold, agent in this oity for J. S.
Bache & Co., bankers and brokers of
New York, has left the city, aud rumor
has it that considerable of the firm's
money is misking. Tho amount ho is
said to have absconded with is estimated
at from $2,000 to f 10,000. Au agent for
the house has arrived in this olty, and
is engaged in making a thorough ex
amination ot the books and accouuts of
Mr. Qriswold.
Senator Stewart's Oenlul.
WAsniNQ-roNj July 2. Senator Stew
art aays that tho report that he had
sent a special messenger to Omaha with
a platform and iuformatiou . for tho
third party convention that be would
accept the nomination for President ou
that platform, is incorrect. lie said
that (Jen. A. J. Warner had gone there
to look after the silver plank, und that
was all the foundation there wus for
the report.
Wrrckatfe Forty I'oet Hlch.
Concord, N. II., July 2. By the break
ing of a Journal On ono ot the cars of an
east-bouud through freight in u cut be
tween Hoxuury and Northfieid ou the
Vermont Central, eighteen curs loaded
with lumber, beat aud oil were piled in
a mass ot wreckage 40 feet high, com
pletely blocking trafllo.
Fell Into a Vessel of Hot Porter.
PniLAUKLi'iiii, July 2. By a fatal
mis-step August Bubiphy, 20 years old,
tell into u largo vessel containing hot
porter at Lynch's Brewery, and wus so
severely scalded that he died soon after
being taken to tho hospital.
Rational llitakNote Circulation.
Washington, July 3, The total Na
tional Bank note circulation outstand
ing June 80 was $172,075,881, an In
crease during the past fiscal year 0f
The Stewarjt Bill Passes by a
Vote of 29 to 25.
Generally Ilolleved That tho Hill Will
T' iv Pnea the House Ilepreaentatlve
Pierce and Genoral Traccy Hold I) lire r-
nt Views on the Subject of lt PnssHge.
WasiiinotOx, July 2. The Silver ,blll
has passed the Senate.
Senator Hill voted in tho affirmative.
It is tha general belief that the bill
will now pass tho House, although Gen.
Tracey, who will load the fight against
it, says tnat ho can successfully
filibuster against it, unless tho
House should adopt a cloture
rule, which ho does not believe they
will do.
The Senate refused to recommit the
Silver bill to the Flunnco Committee by
a voto of 31 to 23. This was a test vote
and a victory for the silvor men.
Mr. Hill voted against the motion to
recommit, because ho beliovod it to be
iu violation ot tho agreement enured
Mr. Vest moved to postpone the bill
and amendments to tho first Monday in
December, uud on tho motion a roll call
was ordered.
Mr. Stewart and others insisted that
this was in violation of the agreement.
Mr. Blackburn move d to lay the mo
tion to postpone on the table, and on
that motion called for the yeas and
nays, which resulted: Yeas, 23; nays,
28; so the motion was lost.
The question then came up on the mo
tion to postpouo until the first Monday
in December.
The motion was lost without n divi
sion. Then Mr. Stewart offered his sub
stitute bill us an amendment.
Mr. Morgan moved to amend this by
adding a provision requiring the Secre
tory of the Treasury to coin all tho sil
ver bullion in the Treasury. Mr. Hale
moved to apjourn.
Mr. Blackburn demanded the yoas and
nays on tho motion.
The voto was: Yeas, 15: nays, 27. So
the motion was lost.
The yeas and nays were called on a
number of other motions.
Then the roll was called on the final
passage of the bill as amended, and ro-
buiiuu; x rh- u; nays, no. oo tne
I bill passed.
Representative Tierce, of Tennessee,
one of thu leading silver men In the
House, is jubilant over the passage of
the silver bill In tho sonate.
j Speaking ot its chances in tho
House, Mr. Pierce said that ho
hud 80 Democrats pledged to force
the Committee on Rules to bring
in a special order fixing a day for
tho consideration ot tho bill.
If this is not done they will block nil
further legislatiou until their demand
is agreed to.
Congressman Catchlngs. a member ot
the House Committee on Rules, which
committee will very likely take a. promi
nent partin the fight for or against the
speedy consideration ot tho Silver bill,
says that he does not kuow what action
the committee will take in the matter.
How at Cork Caused by Burning Timothy
Ilettly In Kftlgy.
Dublin, July 2. Reports of campaign
fights continue to come In from various
I At Cork a row was caused by the
burning in eflligy of Timothy Healy and
j William O'Brien. A Parnellite was
I stubbed.
! In Balllna John Dillon and Daniel
Crilly were peltod with eggs, cabbages
and stones. Mr. Dillon made a speech,
1 guarded by constables, while others
kept watch upon the audience to pre
vent aisturoauces.
At a meeting of the Droghcdn Guard
ians there was a stand-up fight with
fists between tho'Parnollltus and Nation
The Lute Congressman Scott's Ilnraai
llrluir Uuou l'rlces.
New Yoke, July 2. Tha sale of the
Algeria Stud yearlings, the property ot
tho estato ot the lata Hon. William L.
Scott, forty In number, took place st
Tattersal's, Those bringing the best
prioes were:
Chestnut colt, by Imp. liuyon D'Or
Lilly B., Kancocas Stud, (5,000.
Chestuut colt, by Imp. Hayon D'Or
Kinlock, J. Iiupert, jr., $3,0Q0.
Bay colt, by Imp, Bayou D'Or Imp.
Scottish Lass, Foxall Kueuo, $2,750.
Buy filly, by Imp. Rayon D'Or Val
leria, Hancocas Stud, $2,000.
Bay filly, by Imp. liuyon D'Or Imp.
Presto, Fred Uebhardt, $2,000.
Chestnut colt, by Imp. liuyon D'Or
Lizzie Coz, liancocas Stud, $3,250.
More ilallot-Ilax Stulror On for I'rlion.
Jkrskt Crrr, N. J., July 1. Jacob
Moschell, James Hart, Thomas Fallon
and John J, Miller, who were missing
when their fellow-convicted ballot-box
stutters went to prison from Jersey City
last Tuesday, appeared in the Hudson
County Cours in the morning. Judga
Lipplucott told the Sheriff that ho must
tike them to State prison, and that ha
must not take any notice of any reme
dial measures for them on ths
way. The Judge had reference to the
habeas corpus proceedings ot Charles J,
Peshall in the United States Court at
.Italy aud Ilehrlns; Sea Matters,
Rome, July 2. iThe Hon. A.' Q. Por
ter, American Minister hero, and Lord
Vivian, the British Ambassador, bay
handed to Signor Brin, the Italian Prima
Minister, a request from their govern
ments that King Humbert appoint an
arbitrator iu the Behring Sea dispute.
Caspian Cliolaru Uuarantlne.
Si. PjtTEBSBUno, July a. Passengsr
service between Baku and Astrakhan
hag been stopped, pending the establish
ment of a quaruutiuo station at Pe.
trowBk. Passengers will be subjaotad
to a week's quarantine.
Prohibition Candidate for Oonorea.
Portland, Me., July 3. The Prohibi
tionists of tha First district have nomi
nated as candidate tor Beprtaantatfrt to
Congress, Rev. W. U. PliVhjim c pMf
arhI.wb! ,)fM
A Shoe Dressing must restore the bril
liancy of a worn shoe, and at the same time.
f reserve the softness of the leather.
LADIES will the Dressing you axe
using do both ? Try it I
Pour a dessert spoonful of your Dressing
into a saucer or butter plate, set it aside for
a few days, and it wpl dry to a substance
ns hard and brittle as crushed glass. Can
iiich a Dressing be good for leather?
Wolff's AGIE BUng
will stand this test and dry as a thin, oily
film which is as flexible as rubber.
25 Dollars worth of New Furniture for
25 Cents. HOW? By painting
25 square feet of Old Furniture with
027 Horth Front Street PHILADELPHIA.
When "old Sol" makes all things sizzle,
Drink Hires' Root Beer.
When dull care makes life a fizzle,
Drink Hires' Root Beer.
When you feel a little dry,
When you're cross, and cfon't know why.
When with thirst the children cry,
There's a sweet relief to try
Drink Hires' Root Beer.
A 25 cent Package makes five gallons.
Healthful, 'Agreeable, Cleansing.
Chappod Hands, "Vi ounds, Burns, Etc
Removes' and Prevents Dandruff.
mm. Russian snip.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Watet.
The success of thU Great Coueh Cure ix
without a parallel in the history of medicine.
All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos
itive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue
cessfully stand. That it may become known,
the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are
placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home
in the United States and Canada. O If you have
a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for
it will cure you. If your child has the Croup,
or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief
is sure. If you dread that insidious disease
Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for
SIIILOIl'S CURE, Price lo cts., 50 cts. and
$1.00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame,
use Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts.
For sale by O. H. Hagenbuch.
How is Your Blood?
I bad a malignant breaking out on my leg
below tho knoe, aud was cured sound and wclL
with two and a half bottles of I
Other blood medicines had failed
to do me any good. Will C. Heatv,
Yulkvillc, S. C.
1 was troublotr from childhood with nn nir-
prnvntml caso ot Tetter, mid throe bottles of
curoa mo licrmnneiiy.
MiniiUlu. i.T
Our book on Dlood and Skin Diseases mailed
tree. Bwin; Bi'eciqq QoT Atlanta. Ca.
tiki JC
W1U tor without tnttltclo fcll WetlntM rimttlat from
l rUxitloa of brlo, mty foren, titeittp or iudUeretiea,
M ftxukl fxbftiitloa, tfitlBi, lonei, nrroi lUbllltv. n
lumen. lMuor. rbtmutllatia, ktVi Urr tnl fcUtier ou
pttluti, Wave bates, limbtvio, tcUtle, gBrtl llM4Ub, tta
2Mtlcirliblt cc& Ulna Wm4rrul IvpritHU orar tH
1U rt, vl gtvu aurrtsl that U tciUtttl; rlt by tbt vurif
r firfitl 83.O00.0O, tad will ar Uof It ftbovt dtaef
! or pr. TboutauJ Lv tta cntod j tbU mart too
luTtntloB irur kU iter romsdlts rail!, tad i(1t bos
drt)to(liL odUIi la thl ana trerr other eUt.
Our powerful mproT4 kLKlTBfC MHpmwjUT la tb
ireelMl Uea ori Berd weak aiea, tKKU HIilULL BKLTtU
IIellk tad TI(rMi 8trB(tb uttMTSKD U CO to OO
DiVB. for Ufft il'--JtrftU4 MUfkUu, toilet,
fct ull, Addreae
S3VZl1ZV BXiiaOTIWO 00,.
No.BIOOroadway, NEW YORlfc

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