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.' TUE 4 i
TT1?.T? AT.n'5 CTTPOTIM5Ci 8 I
' Is gratifying to its
Large Circle of Readers.
Is gratifying to' Its" ' '
Large Circle of Readers.
r A tMr -M jfe
VOL. Vn.-NO. 159.
Special Sale.
Wash Dress Goods at
Bargain Prices.
Printed Bedford Cords, 8c.
These are tho same goods that aro adver
tised as bargains by otherstorcs nt IStfc our
price is So. All the best styles now In stock.
American Challies, 4 and 5c.
The 4o quality wo offer Is equal to the Bo
grado of other stores. Our Eo lino embraces
nil the newest styles of the season.
Double width English Serges,
Wo show ono hundred styles of this famous
wash goods, every color fast regular 15o
value; 8 yards make a lady's dross.
Fast Black Sateens,
Plain or Brocade.
We have the following grades 12Jc, He,
20o, 25o and 3"Kc Fast black India lawns and
plain white lawns in all grades at reduced
Remnants of
"""k Embroidery Flouncing.
Wo offer our entlro line of dress patterns
of embroidery and all remnants at half price;
all widths for bothmlsscs and ladles.
L. J. "Wilkinson,
SO H. Slain St., Shenandoah.
Duncan and
t. ...... ... ..
A new and handsome lot of
Toilet Sets, just in. Some 9
pieces, some 11 pieces. Prices,
S2.95 to $5.50. Call to see
-iithem value will astonish you.
This lot comprises the very
latest designs come soon, the
prices will sell them quick.
We cannot guarantee to dupli
cate this lot nor to maintain
these prices on the next.
We have just opened a lot of
Rogers' silver knives and
forks. This brand of goods,
as you well know, has no su
perior in the market. Every
piece guaranteed to your satis
faction or money returned.
Our price, t3,50 per set,
8 South Main Street.
Mixed JPtcJiles,
Chow Chow, '
JPlcMed' Beets,
Celery Sauce,
J 'Tomatoes.!
OLomato Catsup Superior
bevy, Stratvberry and
Root Beer Extract. .
Jamaica Ginger.
Iauicltcoii Keel 2 ennri lor 25c.
Sardines in Mustard aud Oil.
Small Hams, Sltiiutcd lining.
, Salmon.
Moor Oil Cloths and Linoleums.
A Large Stock ol New Fall Pattern) Already In Stock.
Linoleum, two yards wide, iroiu 75c up.
Our Directory,
Cjp3jiE POptf OFFICE
M II . Chsnnnilngll.
Offlco hours from 7130 a.
m. to 7:30 p. ffi. Money
Order and Registry De
partmentopcnfrom8:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. m.
rtillowinn Is a schedule of
tho arrival and departure of mall trains. Mall
matter for despatch must bo in the offlco thirty
minutes beforo tho tlmo given below;
Arrival. Destination, Departure.
r.M. a.m. a.m. r.M.
1:40 4:84 ( Phlla., Western 1 7:20 12:52
2:20 i nnd ) 9:08 3:08
8:013 9:03 Southern States ( 11:30 8:00
1:40 9:45 ( New York and East-1 12:52
8:00 1 em States and 9:08 8:08
points on L. V. It. It. 8:00
9:03 I .., 1 1:35
1:25 9:50 Asland. j- 7!2Q 7i(0
1:25 9:03' Girardville. J- Jjjg
1:25 9:03 (Raven Run, Centra-) 1:40
2:28 9:50 1 Ha.Mt Carmelandi- 7:00
I Hhamokin. )
i:40 ( 1
2:20 1 Pottsvlllo. V 7:20 2:50
8:18 9:58 ) 11:30 6; 20
1:40 ( ) 7:20 2:50
2:20 9:58 ( Mahanoy City. 9:08
8:18 I j 11:30
2:28 I Mahanoy Piano, Lost! 11:30 2:50
8:18 9:58 Creek and Shaft. 6:00
2:28 9:58 i Frackvllle. Y 7:20 2:50
Carriers make a eeneral collection at 0:00 a.
m. and 7:00 p. m., and a general delivery at 7:15
a. m. and 3:15 p. m. Additional deliveries and
collections aro made in tho business part of
town at iu:is a. m. ana u:uu p. m.
Fire Alarm Holes.
The following'list shows tho location ot
tho alarm boxes of tho Shenandoah Fire
15 Coal and Bowers streets.
16 Bowers nnd Centre streets.
24 Bridgo and Centre streets.
25 Main and Centre streets.
84 Main and Poplar streets. '
35-i-MaIn'ana Coal streets
42 Gilbert ond Centre streets.
43 Gilbert nnd'Cherry streets.
62 Chestnut and Coal streets.
To send an alarm open' the box, pull down
the hook once and let go. When an alarm to
sent In the fire bell will sound the number ot
the box ond repeat the alarm four times.
It the alarm is sounded from box 15 the fire
bell will strike one, then pause and strike five
which will indicate that the fire Is in the
vicinity of No. 15 box, Every alarm Is repeated
four times.
When Baby was sick, wo gavo her Castorla.
When she was a Child, sho cried for Castorla.
When sho became Miss, she clung to Castorla.
When she hod Children, sho gave them Castorla,
CARPET-SWEEPERS, f2.50, 13.00, tS.50.5
At FRICKE'S, 10 South Jardm St.
Your Choice
l&ctfa Bottle.
ju.uBiuru dressing or Meats ana saiaa.
JPloIiled Onions,
Orange, Pineapple, Rasp-
Vanilla Flavors.
Fast Trains Carrying Enthusla tlo
Patiiots to tho Scono of
Fostlvltlos An Obdurate
Ohiof Marshal.
Special Fourth correspondence
Smoky Hollow, July 4.
UKlth is a story on
record of ono of our
Btatojmen having
made an assertion at
ono time that St. Pat
rick was a bettor man
than Fourth of
July. It tho states
men happened to bo
in this place to-day ho
was not hoard, from, llo was silenced
nlmoBt effectually by tho grand parade,
py rotechnical displiy and other observances
in honor of Uncle Sam, yclept Fouitb ol
July Sam.
Before dawn the loud robprt of. bldi an
vils, car wheels, cannon, crackers, etc.;
ushered in the glorious Fourth and awak
ened the sleeping citizens of Smoky Hol
low and tho city was soon all bustle, Hera
and there tho people darted with flags and
bannors and tho rap-rap of the tack ham-
mors against the majestic buildings told tho
populaco that tho star spangled banner was
boing unfurlod. Tho day broko with
glorious patriotio Are and amid the roar of
cannon and thp cheers, of tho multitude
tho parade was formed In front of tho
"Stars and Stripes" Hotel at 9;00n. m,
Owing to a delay in tho arrival of tho lim
itod express from Shenandoah tho lino did
not movo until several hours later, Marshal
Bunkor Hill declared that not a man
Bhould movo until tho arrival of 'Squiro
Thomas Jeflerfon and "Tho Indians." A
few woak protests were mado by Hamilton
Bradley, but tho Marshal was obduratn
and tho exception to hia decision was ef
fectually oyorruled. l'aul Jones Flynn
was tho only man who porsifted in object
ing. He declared that he could not stand in
front of the hotol all day and that ho wuuld
go to tho colliery and preparo his placo for
work on Tuesday. Ho left tho ranks and
went to tho colliery, He arrived at tho
colliery and secured a bucket of hot water.
Then bo picked up a stick of dynamite
and just hore the thread of Flynn's
movemonts is lost. Flynn is not boro to
glvo an account of himself. All wo know
is that while tho Marshal was drilling his
troops in front of the "Stars and Stripes"
hotel a tremendous explosion was heard.
"Hurrah I" shouted tha multitude, "Let
'ergo Gallagher," A fow minutes lator
Putnam O'Noll dashed down tha moun
tain side on horeo back and, confirmed tho
tuipicion of Flynn's frie'ndWlbat he had
dropped tho stick of dynamito into tho hot
Condolences followed tho receipt of tho
sad news, after whieh the Marshal agait
called tho men into lino. This was done-
just as tho limited 1 xpress, Jcre Ryan, en
gineer, pulled into the depot. The loco
motive was covered with gore and fleh.
Jerry explained that in trying to get "Tho
Indians" to Stioky Hollow in time he
struck threo cows and a goat. John Han
cock Toomoy could not refrain casting the
lio to Jerry, claiming that there was noth
ing in tho history of tho state to show tha'
a goat had over boon killed by a locomo
tive, Jerry wilted and acknowledged that
but ono cow had been killed.
At the sound of tho bugle "The Indians"
fell into lino with their cannon. Tho line
was through Duck streot. thon through
Mud alley, Larry's Lano to Electric
avenue, thence through Quality street nnd
countermarch to tho "Stars and Stripes."
Up to this writing no serious accidents
havo boon report' d. Patrick Honry Mo
Kinloy suffered thi loss of his imported leg
by standing in front 1 f tho cannon brought
hero by "Tho Indians." Ho has tele
graphed to Ohio for another. It is to bo
trimmed with American tin,
David Hill Deianoy very injudiciously
ran his eye against tho right fist of Grovor
Oloyoland Roilly. The effect was blue and
scarlet. Tho Shenandoah Beef Gompiny
sent down a side of beef and by proper
application Dr. Bourko -Cockran Lan6ton
hopes to have tho oyo in a condition suita-
bio to face tho assemblage when Dolanoy
draws a comparison botweon tho taxed tea
in Boston Harbor and tho raw material
that, is now flooding the coal rogion.
A messenger who has just arrived hero
on John Knox Jonos' trotter says that the
report of Flynn's death by tho explosion
of dynamito was a fake. Hendricks Gib
bons has just arrived hers and is now on
tho platform eulogizing P. J. Forakor. All
tho wiros havo boon cut to provent tho
transmission of tho speech to the outsido
Tho Republican correspondent is adjust
ing bis glasses preparatory to taking nol03
on tho olectric railway and Lakesido from
bis lieutenant.
A largo crowd just boarded an electrio
car. Thoy are bound for tho Phoonix Firo
Company's picnic nt Lakesido. Tho latter
placo still lives,
Xervons Dyspepsia.
Senator James F. Pierce, ot Now York,
writes: "For tho past two yoars I havo
suffered very much from an aggravated
form of nprvous dyspepsia. I have re
sorted to various romedial agents, deriving
but littlo benefit. A few months since a
friend of mine suggested tho trial of All-
cock's Porous Plasters. Following tho
suggestion, I baye been using the same
with, tho happiest effects. To those simi
larly afflicted let mo suggest the manner of
their uso. I place oner over my stomach,
ono over the hepatic region, and one on my
bank. Tho effect Is excellent. From the
day I commenced their use have been
slowly but surely improving, and, am quite
confident that by continuing I shall again
bo restored to my accustomed health."
Tho I.uilles.
Tho p'oasant uffoct and perfect safety
with which ladios may uso tho California
liquid laxative Syrup of Fjgs, under all
conditions, mikes it their favorite remedy.
To got tho true nnd genuiqo article, look
for tho namo of tho Otlifornia Fig Syrup
Co. printed near tho bottom of tho pack
age. t
Mrs. O. B. Williams, of AVilkes-Barre,
was a visitor to town on Saturday.
Frank C Iteoso hai gone to Steolton, to
spend the Fourth with his mother.
Henry Nelco, of Pottsvlllo, spont tho
natal holiday with forroor friends In town.
John Fonnol and wifo, now of Allen
town, but formerly residents of town, Is
spendingtho Fourth with relatives In town.
Torronco McOloskey, in chargo of tho
Kdvcrttslng dopartmont of the Uazloton
Plain-Sptajitr, was a visitor to town Sat
urday and spent a ploasant hour In tho
Hsrald sanctum.
Buy Keyiione flqur. .Be euro that the
name Lxbsiq & Co., Ashland, Pa., is
printed on every sack. 3-a-staw
Best photographs add crayons at Dabb's
Tho Columbia Hoso and Steam
Flro Engine Company Hold
Its Twenty-Second An
nual Election.
HE Columbia H. & S.
F. E. Co., No. 1, hold
its twenty-second elec
tion Friday evening
with the following re
suit: Prosident, Ed
mund "Williams; Vice
President, Kichard H
TTnrrnll : llecord 1 n i?
I'Xv.M.L V J7 , 1 a
Secretary, Ed. W.
vu ' Amour; FinancialSec-
retary, O. D. Amour; Treasurer, Thomas
W. Powell; Chief Engineer, Joseph
Dusto ; Assistant Enginoors, Joseph
Wyatt, C. D. and E. W. Amour; Stock6rs;
John "Williams, John Schutt, August Carl
and William Deianoy; Foreman, Frank
Codrington; Assistant Foreman, O. H
Bartsch; Directors, Frank Lewis, William
P. Williams, llichard H. Horrell, Edmund
Williams, Jonathan Butts, Samuel lingers,
Thomas Barlow, William Meyrict, Jacob
Laubacb, James McDonald, William
Siddall and K. L. Jonos; Trustees, John
Eisenhower, Frank Lewis, William Mey-
rick, Frank CodringtoD and E. W. Amour,
George Schooner was elected dolegate to
tho' Stato Firomen's Convention which
conyenes.at Hazloton in September, next.
A Visitor to Town Who Walks on Artl.
fllclul Limbs.-
Mr. Ulysses Stephens, Loui3 Bogert,
Misses Carrie and Mamo Johnson and Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas MuNabb, all of Allen-
town, aro tho guests of Mrs. H. Bartsch, of
North Bower street. Mr. McNabb is
weighmaster of the Crano Iron Company,
of Catasauqua. He was married on July
-1th, lost, and on August 6th following ho
fell under a train .of cars on tho slag bank
of tho works at which he was employed
and tbo ongino and four cars passed over
his two legs, cutting thorn oft botweon tho
ankle and the knee. Ho was confined in
St. Luke's Hospital, Bothlehem, fur several
months and when he left tho institution he
walked out on two artificial limbs, with
which ho is now ablo to walk, with tho uso
of a cano, almost as naturally as ho walked
boforo the loss of tho members. Mr. Mc
Nabb. continues in his old position under
the Ciano Company and an early pro
motion is promised hi in. Ho is twenty-
four years of ago and vory much
thought of by his employers. Yestorday,
through tho kindness of Inside Foreman
Carl, Mr. McNabb and the other guests of
Mrs. Bartsch visited the inside workings of
Shenandoah City colliery. It was their
first visit to a coal mino, and soomed vory
much interested in and ploased with what
they saw.
Fine llutslugs.
Saturday night the employes of the
Shenandoah City colliery raised a Hag pole
on tho bank oast of the colliery. This
morning, at 8 o'clock a flag was raised on
it, J. H. Pomoroy, Esq., was tho orator f r
tho occasion and Outsido Foreman Marshal
Baugh was master ot ceromonles. Tho
expense of the pole and flag was defrayed
by contributions of the colliery employes,
This morning tbo Columbia Hoso Com
pany raised a now flag.on tha, tower of the
Borough building.
Fourth of July Excursions.
' In pursuance of tho usual custom tho
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will sell
excursion tickets for the Fourth of July
holiday between all stations 00 its systom
east of Pittsburg and Erie, at a rate of two
cents per mile.
ihoso tickets, which open up a rare
chance for holiday touring, will bo sold on
July 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4ih, and will bo valid
for return until July 5th, 1692, inclusive,
Hall Found (iullty.
Tho jury in tho case of Harry Hall,
charged with an attempt to burn tbo build
ing owned by John Bobbins, on EaH Con
tro street, in which Hall conducted a pho
tograph gallery, for tho avowed purpose of
procur ng tho insurance, returned a verdict
Saturday afternoon of guilty as indicted,
Sentanco will bo pronounced during tho
Lano's Family Medicine
Moves tho bowels each day. Most people
nooi to uso it.
Wo havo oxpoced, during tho last year.
many swindlers who advertise, under the
name of medicine, vllo compounds which
only increase humhn suffering. To all
Who need a puro mcdino and blood purifier,
we can honestly recommend Sulphur
Bitters. Editor Hun, Sw
Fruit syrups and root beer extracts,
either making cool and refreshing drinks.
at the Heady Pay store.
Local, County, State ami National Themes
Domocratio pnpers are now publishing
Bourk-; Cockran's speech, made in 1888,
Why Cleveland Should be Elected."
Why not publish, side by side, his lator
poech mado In Chicago in 1892?
Senator Hilt is quoted as talking to a
number of Democratic delegates returning
from Chicago as to tho result. They were
praising the courage of tho convention in
substituting tho froo trade plank, and
bragging of what benefit it would be to
tho party. Hill listened quietly and then
dryly remarked : "Yes, the result of that
plank is that you havo turned overy factory
In tho United States into h Republican
Harpers' Weekly, a Cleveland Mug
wump paper, says "Exit David B. Hill."
Whon tho fiory Bourko Cockran said to
tho Democratic National Convention, "the
soldior voters of the stato of Now York, of
whom thero are 25,000 at least Democratic,
will not support the nomination of Mr.
Cleveland, " that gallant Democratic
soIdior.Gan. Sickles, nroso, and waving tho
crutch, which is his badgo of honor.
exclaimed, amid the hisses of the Mug
wumps, "No, no; never." It is not a
wondor that no Union soldier was put upon
tho Democratio ticket? Tho hissers
wouldn't havo It.
The procession has started in Jersey. Its
ranks should bo swollen by rascals of tho
samo stripe in this state. A stuffed ballot
box is at ono end of the lino, and tho
penitentiary, with a 6uit of clothes bearing
Tammany's trade mark, is at , tho other
ond. Tho summary sentence of twenty
ex-election officers, who had boen con
victed of participation in, tho infamous
election frauds of 1889 by Judge Lippin
cott in tho Hudson County General Ses
sions Court, prosents a phase of,Jorsoy
justice worthy of imitation throughout the ,
country. Keep the procession moving.
N. V. Ex.
A distinguished Massachusetts Mug
wump, Charles Francis Adams, In a maga
zine article, denounces tho soldier vote, and
says in his own experience he has scan
"every dead boat and malingerer, every"
bummer, bounty jumper and suspected de
serter whom he had over known or heard
of rush to tho front as tho greedy claimant
of publio bounty." It is, not a new thing
for the confederates of the South to de
nounce Union pensioners, but it is a new
thing to havo tho Mugwumps surpass them
n their denunciation of the Union soldior
as a bounty jumper, tramp and deserter. Is
it because Gen. Sicklos, that maimod Dem
ocratio Union voteran, declares that 25,000
Democratic Union soldiers in Now York
stato refusod to vote for Cleveland in J.8S8
and will rofuso to vote for him now?
Perhaps D. B. Hill is tired of his pro
prietorship of tho sontonce, "I am a Dem
ocrat." If Baby McKoo and Baby Ruth aro to
figure in this campiign no other music will
bo required.
"Barnum's circus and the Democratio
convention in Chicago during the same
woek." Tho Windy City is certainly
getting its share of excitement.
"Figures don't lie," but it is only a
question of time whon the Democrats will
realize that they made a mistako in count
ing. "A cyclone struck tho Democratic Wig
wam in Chicago and damaged it badly."
The next breeze, a few months hence, will
swoep thoir party "out of sight."
Buoklon's Arnica Salve,
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Soros, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively euros Pilqs, or no payment, required.
It is guaranteed to giye perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by O. H. Hagenbuch,
Best work dono at Brennan's steam
laundry. Everything white and spotless.
Lace curtains a spocialty. All work
Tost Olllce Notice
To-day, July i, the post offlco will be
open until 10 o'clock a. m. Tho carriers
will mako the 6 a. rn. collection and 7:15
a. m. delivery and collection. Brownsville,
Ellongowan, Yatesvillo and Turkey Run
will be served with the 7 a. m. delivery.
Money orders and postal notos will not bo
issued or paidj
For 30 Days Only.
Wo will givo to any lady purchasing a
pair of cur ladies' fine shoos which sell at
Jl.OO and upwards, a bautlful purse worth
26 cents. Peoples' Store, 121 North Main
6treet, three doors above J. J. Price's dry
goods store. C-21-tf
Wcctrlo ltallivay Change.
Hereafter tho olectric railway cars will
leavo tho corner of Main and Centre streets
at 5:80 a. m., daily, and every 25 minutes
thereafter until midnight, at which hour
tho last car will leave.
V,'e Hope So,
His Honor, Burgess Smith, hopes ho will
have no occasion to "run in1 any of his
follows citizens to-day. The liberty af
forded by the anniversary should not bo,
abused and if this Is kept in mind' tho
Burgess' hopes will be realized.
v - '

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