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The evening herald. [volume] (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, April 26, 1894, THIRD EDITION, Image 4

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Evening Herald.
THl'HSDAY, AV1UU36, U04.
lost (-ur.nii.
H. Monroo lteynolds, li. V. stntlon
ngent, Is spending tliu week In New York
Ills plncc is being lllled by John Mc
Donald. Mist Annie Noono Is visiting friends In
Councilman Jnmes McKlhcnny, of
Rhcuitmlonli, who will bo Schuylkill
county's next Shorlli, nttcnueu tno Mis
sion Inst evening.
Martin Dixon, who wns renortcd In n
critical condition, is somewhat bettor, but
as yet not out of Unngcr.
Misses Gertlo ltcose and Oertlo I.evlne,
of Shennndonh, visited friends here yes
terday. Mrs. W. H. Kearcher vlsitod Browns
vlllo friends last ovoning.
II. V. llesscr, of the engineer corps,
called on .Shenandoah friends Inst even
Amnnir the Shcnandonh neonlo who
nttendad Mission last evening were the
following : Ex-Senator Watson and
family, John A. ltellly, II. J. Muldoou.J.
.1. Kelly and John Lambert.
I). J. SInttery, P. & K. stntlon ngent nt
nilliiTton ami .IniniM Knrlv. of Ollherton.
attended Mission and called on friends
hero last evening.
Misses Mnrv and Annie lloran. of
Mnlzeville, called on friends nt this place
Inst evening,
J. (' Coughlin nnd Arthur Merrick,
tcloirrnnh onerntors of Shenandoah, vis
ited hero last evening.
Misses Kntio McLaughlin and Agnes
Fnrrell, of Mahanoy I'lane, called on
friends hero Inst evening.
It tt ill be an aereenble tmrnrise to per
Rons subject tonttneks of bilious colic to
lenm Unit prompt relief mny bp hvl by
takhiL' Chntnbcrlnln's Colic. Cholera and
Diarrhoea Kemedy. In many Instances
the attack may be prevented by taking
this remedy as soon lis the first symptoms
of the disease appear. 25 and 60 cent
bottles for sale by (Jruhler Bros.
Mrs. M. Helnold visited Gilberton this
M. Iloldcmnn, of Delntio, wns in town
Hov. Sweeney rodo townrd Girnrdvllle in,ni in iiv tiirnnvh It t
turn 111U11111114. ... I n.lirnrnU nn.l Vow .Tnr.op
Traction Company employes will be
mart lutt. tltcttr ufinntr Mirmit.l, nnn
limn ni-iiiuitv... trumpet on tno tanit question.
iNoiiU Moyer, 01 Jinzieton, wns n town
visitor yesterday,
Isaac Hvcr. of Ashlnnd, paid our town
a visit yesterdny.
Mrs. W. A. I.nttlmorc. of St. Clnlr,
visited menus Hero.
Superintendent .Inmcs
turned from New York,
MissMarv McCarthy, of Shocmnkers,
wns in town last evening.
Chnrles II. Sinter, of lllngtown, wns
scon on our streets yesteruny.
M. J
A. S, Grnf, of Shonandoah, pnssed
througli town Tuesday.
G. W. Weiss, sunerintendenl of HIkIi
nchool nt Schuylkill Haven, registered lit
the American House yesterday.
M. A. Foster, of Philadelphia, trans
netod business hero Inst evening.
S. II. McCherry, of Sunbury, called on
his many customers cdnesdny.
I'ntrick Monauhan. of Hannahannock
had his foot badly crushed while loading
cars nt 1'acKer iNo. 4 colliery yesterdny,
Miss Kntio Dotinhlson, of Mill Creek, is
tho guest of .Miss Agnes ilornn.
John Habor moved his family to
Miss Maggie Hoggnn, of Mnhnnoy City,
clrculnted among irlcnus ncrc.
Jos. fligir, one of the brick Inycrs at
Mervlne s, was culled Home to I'lymoutli
owing to tno illness ot 111s cuiiu.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Ilorey visited th
Miners' Hospital yesterday.
Knoch Kckles died Tuesday morning
from a parlytio stroko. A wife and one
son mourn his loss.
ltichard Gregory died nt his resldenco
on I'nrKer street yesterdny morning irom
an nttack 01 pnoumonin.
Itev. Snyder, of Ashland, called on
Swab last evening.
Our better halves say they could not
keep Iiouho without Chamberlain's Cough
Kemedy. It is used in more than half the
homes in Leeds. Sims Bros.. Leeds, Iown.
This sIiowh the esteem in which that rem
edy is held where it has been sold for
years and Is well known. Mothers have
learned that there is nothing so good for
colds, croup and whooping cough, that it
cures these ailments quickly nnd perma
nently, nnd that it is pleasant nnd safe
for children to take. and 50 cent
bottles for snlo by Gruhler Bros.
MAllANor Cur, April 20.
Alex Mny wns In Shenandonli yes-
To-morrow Is Arbor Dny.
Snturdny will be pay dny nt tho I'. & H.
collieries In this district,
Tho flncshlti of the Brazilian rebels 1ms
been blown up again. Ditto tho Wilson
And now they say ono of the Cronin
witnesses has been murdered. Is the jury
I'rolhonotary Deeuau lias sold his hotel
nt Ashlnnd to lion. Kugene Donnhoe, of
GIrnrdvUle. The chnngo will take nlnco
on Mny 1st.
Tho Supreme Court of South Carolina
holds that n man cannot act constltution-
Wynn hns re- Uy drunk except for the profit of some
tCllUIT Ultl&UU.
Messrs. Gnblo nnd Douuhcrtv. of the
Iinmp nnd Wntch committee, Inst night
nwarded a contract for seventeen badges
forspeclnl police.
if oil ,1lno,ipoa llnnlil re. Liveryman uooeris lu-uay neni lour
Skn Lri S, horses nd tw mun t0 Shnmokln to work
tsnt tho Ho elKnier. I ft COIltrnct ,ie lmB sccure,i from the
1'AltK 1'I.AOi:.
Miss Annio Kenrns hns returned from n
visit to Silver Iirook.
Mrs. Morris, of Mnnch Chunk, hns re
turned to her home after 11 visit to her
daughter, Mrs. llutler, of this place.
Miss Lizzie Mates, of Shoomnkers, was
a visitor hero on Tuesday.
Miss Mary Campbell and her brother,
Ferdinand, were in Shenandoah on Mon
day. Miss Kntio K. Dolan, onu of our popular
school teachers, was In Mnhanoy City Inst
Superintendent F. J. Noonnn, of St.
Nicholas, visited tho schools of this place
on Tuesday last.
Miss Mattle Powell, ot Shennudonh,
was a guest of friends hero.
Miss Mnmo 11. Boyer went to Scr.mton
yesterday to visit relatives.
Mrs. W. Campbell, of Mahanoy City,
passed through town to-day.
Miss Hachel Heese, of Central!, was
the guest of her cousin, Miss Hannah
Ileesc, at this place.
M. J. and J. F. O'llearn, of Shenan
doah, were In town on Tuesday.
Ollio Mason, of Ounknkc. called upon
Mnhanoy Ulty friends yesterday.
Mr. Watts, the electrician, Is plncing a
call bell syntcm in tho Hotel Lewis.
Tho hntidsomo P. J. Kelly, of Hnzlcton,
called upon friends Hero last evening.
It. M. Pnnnlev. who hns been 111 for two
weeks, is said to uevery low tins morning.
II. (VDiinnell. tho well-known novelty
mini of Heading, was in town tnis morii'
Miss Mnrv Ilurkc. of Mnhnnoy Tunnel,
was tlie guest ot town jrienusinsi. even
C. W. llarber nnd J. O. Howorth were
among tho visitors from Hazleton yesterj
S. A. Lotch. of Schuylkill Haven, ex
tended a warm greeting to friends hero
James lSreslin. ot Hazleton. wns the
guest of tho Misses Ilaiighney on Tuesduy
Superintendent Noonnn is mnking a
lour of the township and n yearly ex
amination ot tuo scnoois
It. D. Darlington, P & II. ngent nt
Lowisbtiiii. wns the guest of J. C. Hippie
on Wednesdny afternoon
Martin and Frank Lynch hnvc removed
from Mahanoy avenue to their new resiau
rant on West Centre street.
Co. K. N. G. P.. drilled nnd directed
their carbines nt imaginary enemies on
(Jentro street last evening.
Prof. T. J. Watson, of Gilberton, as
sisted In Prof. Jones' orchestra nt the
Phllndor ball on Tuesday evening
About seventy members of tho I. O. O.
F., accompanied by tho Citizens band, left
lor scliuyiKUl naven tins morning,
Dr. Halnh Bricker nnd W. A. Bensinger
returned Irom a iisuiug trip 10 uig reeit,
loaded down wltli tno llnny ueauties,
Mrs. E. Anstock. of Shenandonli. nc
compnnied by her two interesting child
ren, mado calls upon relntives hero on
Misses Freda Bay Dillon nnd Lizzie
Hughes, of Shnmokln, where tho guests
of the ever ngreenble J. J. Urady on
Tuesday evening.
The creek bank in tho neighborhood of
A street has been robbed of Us stone wall
to supply foundations for a house being
ouilt lu tuo neignuornoou.
Justice Mny forwarded n chnrgo to
Pottsville vestordav. for Joseph Abr-
ckinchy, alias Bodcnsky, who disappeared
from hla Shcnandonh home a week ngo. I
The dischnrge wns ellected turougu a unit
Tho lonir talkcd-of niireon match bo-
tween T. F. Gorman, of Mahanoy City.
and Joe Martin, better known as "Dead-
eye Dick," also of Mahanoy City, will take
place at j:.iu o'ciock 10-morrow micruooii,
in Mnhnnoy City, Pnrk for $300 n side.
Knob man will shoot nt nine birds.
William Cooper, tho well known marks
man, is lo be referee. Martin is the 111-
vorito in the betting, but Mr. Uorninn is
confident of winning.
TlioiiKmiilH of (Shirts.
In addition to our wonderful white
shirts at 35c, wo have just purchased an
entire stock of n leading manufacturer of
Percale shirts, best quality made, regular
price 75c to il.00 each, our salo price only
a'.lc for this week only.
Special bargains this week at the rem
nant counter in gingnams aim owing
flannels. Don't fall to see our new lines
of dress goods every desirable shado and
qunlity nt lower prices than you oxpect to
I,. J. Wilkinson,
20 South Main St.
p, 1. rinocsoN, manager.
(Famous scenic and dramatic production,
With its wondo'ful scenic clectrlo
and calcium effects.
Tho Marvelous 'Broken' Scone
With genuine flathts nf llphtr log and he
manic rain of Are. Produced here In Its en
tirety by a superior company, lnclndlnc Ml s
ltosabel itorr son as "Marguerite."
Prices, asc, 50c, 75c nucl $n
Reserved Peats at Klrltn'n ting store.
Pennsylvania railroad.
A Heading Councilman Is chnrged with
having offered four votes to a contractor
who was after city wort, ror 10,000. Con
tracts come high in that city.
And now Tillman, tho blgKcst saloon
keeper in tho country, hns hnd his license
revoked. Between him nnd tho Supremo
Court n lnw-abiding citizen of South
Carolina can hardly buy n mince pie.
During the past month tho Girard
Kstnte plnnted l!0,O00 trees on land about
their reservoirs, consisting of lnrch, wild
clicrry, tjcotcli pine and cataipas. Twenty
ilvo men were employed to do the work.
The Pennsylvnnln llnllroad Company
hns In view of the strike among miner" of
bituminous coal, issued an order to the
mining companies which supply it with
coal to hold all tho coal now at the ininrx
or on sidings, nnd not to sell it to nny
other buyer.
The rovnl counlo were mnrrled with
enough royalties around them to beat 11
straight Hush, nnd tho cannon saluted
and all that, and then thoy went nnd ate
breakfast, just like common people. There
Is no royal cure fot an appetite.
Fly time approaches when a wotnnn
will hnvo to choose between window
screens, darkened rooms, fly-papers and
insect powder guns, or to grin nnu neat
the torments from which her husband
can escnpo to his club and only come
nomo wnen lie s too sleepy to Know n uy
from a stuffed ostrich.
There nre seventeen enscs of smnll-pox
nt Lee, near Nanticoke. Tho people of
the latter city were not careful and so the
disease lias ueen carried among tnom.
Three enses hnvo developed. Children of
the Infected families have been playing
with other children nnd the town Is now
greatly excited. All tho schools hnve
been closed. Wilkes-Barre has been
asked for aid. State Board ot Health is
also on hand.
Every line no matter how small the
type does its share toward adding to
our great business, ajid to the fact that
our advertisements are always free from
exaggeration and free from anything
which in the slightest way misleads, we
must largely attribute this extraordinary showing. Our
prices invite comparison.
TTITll HALE. A Dtrlor ful'e. lood
J' Will be sold for one-lmlf lis cosl
at 108 B. White street
as new.
IJWK SALE. The property now used by the
1 Hkhald Publishing Company, East Coal
street, hhenandoak. Terms: partcasli, bal
ance on mortgage. Apply on the premises.
WANTED. "atesman ; salary from start,
permanent place Ilrown Urns Co..
Nurserymen, Rochester, N. Y. 3.29-lm-erd
Our "Sinclair Curtain Frnme" is the
only one in the stnte outside tho lnrge
cities, we got it expressly lor lace cur
tains. At Brennnn's Steam Laundry,
South Mnln street. 4-iu-tt
Use Wells' Laundut Biue. the best
Blueing for laundry use. Each package
makes two quarts. 15 cts. Sold by
Mniser & Ueddnll.
We clvo snecinl nttentlon to tollnrs
cuffs nnd bhlrts, nt Brennnn's Steam
Laundry, South Mnin street. 4r-10-tf
moil KENT Two eleeant rooms, locntrd
X In the best pnrtol town (over Itefowlih's
ri;, ncaica Dy sienm snu in dj
Hullsblo tor a lawyer or doctor
H. Minn strtet.
e ft
r lcctrlr itv.
Aprly to Levi Hefr wlch, 10
Wo oBcr many sncclal Induce
ments In our Mtlllnory Depart
ment. Wo nro headquarters for
hats, cither trlmmeuoruntrlm
med i nlso the choicest selec
tion of trlmmlnirs. flowers, rib
bons, etc. We've the cheap hat
and the high-priced hat. See
ing is iicucving ..
There's hardly a doubt hut
you will una our stock or coats
Just what Is wanted In a light
weight coat. It Is tho most ex
tenslvo nnd best assorted lot in
the county. Ladles' double
breasted jacket.umbrella back,
draped sleeves, satin faced, and
souio uncu inrougnoui -
ANTED Energetic man whospeakB Ger
vian ns atreni for Hchuviklll county :
article a household necessity: no competition:
scents bavemaue s-na aay; now miKe h hi
112 pir day; must hnve 10) casli lor outfit
Address Oeneral Agent, care rlKKAi.n.
WEWW1 to employ a few good nv n to miVo
MO to MM a wee k nelllnif our Home Elec
tric Motor. Kuns siwing mnchines, printing
presses, ventilating fan, pumps, cto Every
body buys them. Steady employment, uasy
Hiiiiniinn nnti unnu wiinert. aiiuii-pb t . I
Harrison Jtl'o, Clerk No. H, Columbus, Ohio.
Ladles' Cloth Canes.nssorted
sizes and materials, lace and
braid trimmed, black nnd navy,
newest styl s, newest cnccis.
Wo am prepared with ft selec
tion that should pleaso tho
critic. Tho cape Is the leading
wrap, and we nro keen enougu
to rccognlzo it
PUOl OSAI. Notice t hereby given to the
pulillo that the Union Church fundaj
School has propoul ou for Ihe painting of
their ihurcn. loeaten est or Kingiown ana aa
inttHnir lipnrv Hrelsch's farm. I'ronoRats will
he recclTfd from now until next Friday, April
yr. full i. th. residence of. or address. W. C
Ueibel.Mnntowa.PchuylUlltcounty, 1'a. 4-20-31
Nothing In tho woman attire
is as natty, as "bon-ton" as a
neat, weu-mauo snirt waisi.
We have them In percale, lawn,
sateen and silk. Perfect beau
ties, masterpieces of women s
conceptions all shades, all
styles, and at the most popu
lar prices
Political Cards.
Hubject to the rules of tho Republican nomi
nating convention.
Hubjcctto the rules of the Republican nomi
naiiug convention.
Toil MlEHII'ir,
Subject to the rules of tho Republican noml-
ating conveniton.
Why patronize Chinnmon t Our pay
roll amounts to 300 per month. Kvery
dollar of it Is spent in town, If our
work Is not satisfactory, we do not ask
vou to pay for It. Brenunn'B Stenin
Lnundry, South Mnin street. 4-10-tf
A gentlemnu with f.r00 or 11000 available
capital to join with another who has the
general agency of Kastcrn Pa., for a spec
laltv needed on electric roads, factories
nnd hotels, to take a half interest in the
business, ami a pront oi tuo per cent. Ail
dress T. F., Hkhalp olllce. tf
ninnnnhsii's tlreat llargalns t
llv store Is fairly packed with n fine
Those who never rend the ndvertlso ! s"me"LI. "rJT s' ?"T. """"lll
r,tU i .ru ,luU CHIHll. 1,IICB UUIMUII1 II1UI1 IU I I U'
than they presume. Jonathan Keuison,
of Ilolnn, 'N orth Co., Iowu, who hnd been
tumbled with rlieumatism in his back,
rh Uonia !' Bjrrn.'i 11111 Agalntl
Cnnrvlngr Worklnffm.
TllENTO.v, April 26. The Republican
leaders have decided that It will b impos
sible to net all their bills through by May
4, nnd thoy will not adjourn until a vreok
Thera was quite a lively dlicusilon is
th house over Mr. Byrne's bill making it
unlawful for any corporation to have m
ployetsign any agraement renouncing ex
isting or future membership in anyorsan
izabldn. aoclaty or brotherhood. Mr. Byrne
maintained that in many Instances em
ployes ot corporation were as badly off as
slaves before the war. Mr. Olcott took the
poiltlon that the labor union did the
wage earners mora harm than good. They
made arbitrary rules and demand upon
corporations, nnd attempted to govern
the buinea of the latter. Th bill pasted
Bill war pmttil legislation; out of o(-
Dcs the board ot freeholder of Caraden,
Alercer and l'asialo countic, and provid
ing for the appointment of ntw board by
the city councils and township committees
until next spring; also the new board of
works bill for Newark and Jerioy City.
The senate Indennately postponed notion
upon the veto message of Governor Warts
upon the peace bill. The bill providing
for the appointment nf corporation eonn
sol ami attorneys by the mayor of New
ark and Jersey City caused a big fight In
tho senate. Three of th Hepubllcan were
absent when the bill oame up, and the
Democrats succeeded In having the enact
ing cluuse stricken out. The Hrpublltans
saved themselves front utter rout by get
ting an adjournment.
Sublect to the rules of the Republican nomi
na'ing conveniton.
HIOll HlllUllirir,
j, it. aiJCK, .
Sublect to the rules of the Republican nomi
nating convention.
JJOIt LKGIHLATUItE, 1st District,
Fublect to ho rules of the Republican nomi
nating col veniion.
arms, ami shoulders rend an item In his
paper about how a prominent German
citizen of Ft. Madison had been cured.
He procured the same medicine, nnd to
use ills own words : "It cured mo right
up." He nUo snys : "A neighbor nnd Ids
wife were both sick in bed with rhcuimi-
tism. Their boy was over to my house
nnd said they were so bad he hnd to do tho
Kxnmino our 15c. cashmere (no imita
tion) reduced from 35 cts; our 7Bo. corsets
reduced to M) cts. Call at once and secure
bnrgnlns. Kvery nrtlcle ns represented.
1'. ,1. illONAGIlAN.
We hnvo added to our laundry "Sin
clair's Lnco Curtain Krnine." It puts
every thread In its place. Makes lace
curtains neuter than new without injury
to tho most delicate lnce. Drop us a curd
Murdered by a Frleat.
Cincinnati, April 26. Mary Gllmartin,
n pretty clerk employed by the Pulver-
niacher Galvanic Belt company, was shot
ami instantly tilled while ou her way to
wort. The man ho committed the mur
der and was arrested gave his name us
Georgo Heed, aged SO, but letter in his
pocket iduutlfy him as a Catholio priest
named Father Doininiok O'Grady. Insane
jealousy of the girl and her desire to get
rid of hi unwelcome attention causud tho
tragedy. At the station house O'Grady
rookiiiL?. I told him of ( Mmtnberinln'n von want them cream or white. Bren-
Laundry, bouiii auuu
4-10 tf
l'aln Balm nnd how It hnd cured me. ho
got n bottle nnd it cured them up in n
week. 50 cent bottles for snlo by Gruhler
Stanlil Tickets Hi ilnceil.
From Hamburg, llreman, Antwerp or
Amsterdam only JS1.50. To Liverpool,
Queenstown, Ixtndontlerry, Belfast or
Glasgow, only aa. At lleese's Hallroad
and Steanikhlp Olllce, Dougherty Build
ing, Shenandoah, l'a. 4-1-tf
and we will call for them. State whether attempted suicide by taking poison, but
tno prompt use of a stomaoh pump aaved
m ute.
nan s
Hear In Mlutl
John A. Heilly'a Is the place to get tile
purest wines nnd liquors, best beer nnd
ales and finest brands of cigars.
When Easy was lick, w gave aer OasMX.
Wkm be u a Child, h crlsd for Contort,
Wkea she Weam UUe, ehe clung to Caatoria,
Wk4S the bti ChHdrea, the sate theta Qerstoste,
Cosh Millinery Store.
lew Goods
"" Arriving Daily
i. D. Fricke's Carpet Store,
10 South Jardin Street.
Cfiinlmr Events
April 30. "A Trip to F.urope," illus
trated lecture, in Welsu liaptlstcni
bv Hav. C. 11. Woolston. of Phtladel
for tho benefit of the Kngllsh Baptist
Iny 3. First nnnlversnry of the Wnsh
ngton Social Club, in Bobbins' opera
May 4. Telegraphers' Assembly nnd
contest lu Bobbins' opera house.
Mny 4. Twenty-fifth anniversary of
Washington Camp, No. 111!, 1'. O.S.of A.,
in rergusou's tlieatre.
May 15. Cake and coffee supper nt tho
salvation Army iinrracKS.
May 30 Strawberry and ice cream fe
tivnl lu Bobbins' opera house, under the
auspices oi uamp ti, i. u. ot -r. a.
June ID. lee cream and bean soup
festival In ltoliblns' hall, under tlio alls
pices of the W omen's Belief Corps.
29 North Mnin St., Shenandoah.
Our displny of New York styles In millin
ery is mo largest in tuo county.
Constantly on hnnd n large
nsHortmeut of
Trimmed Hats and Bonnets
At prices to suit nil. Ladies, examlneotir
goons noiore nuying eisewuere. iiemem
bur, prlceu the lowest. Satisfaction given,
MUM. ti. XV llVIUi,
Buy Keystone flour. Be sure thnt the
name Lesbio & Baku, Ashlnnd, l'a., Is
printed on every snck. 3-3-3tuw
ROOF PAINTING promptly done wllh
A. YOST, Agont,
130 KastOoal street, Bhenandoah. Itlsthebest
ana only guarantca paint ugalustcorronlon, nro
and every kind ot wealhor, for metal, wooden
J and paper roefs and walls. Ulvo it a trial,
Oil HKNaTOU, (30th District)
Bublcct to tho rules of tho Republican nomi
naung tonvcniion.
alkei? and
29 East Centre Street,
Bread, Cnkes, Confectionery nnd
Vnnilln, Chocolnte and Straw
berry Ice Cream nnd Soda Water.
Wholesale and Retail.
Orders for parties nnd other events filled
on short notice. Ice cream delivered to
nil parts of town In pint or quart buckets,
Absolute Confidence in
-zbbj -our Advertisements.
Remarkable Results Follow
Our Printed Announcements.
A comnleto resume of ad tho
fashions and combinations of
new fabrics that will be Invogue
In great fashion cent cs this
scaion Is shown in our display
of Dress Goods for spring and
summer. One of our specials Is
a cnangeamo gooas, swivcicu
effect, 1 yard wide, worth 25c...
Tho unprecedented success of
our Silk department has been
tho source of much surpriso to
all who have watched its re
markable growth. "Uoods or
standard qualities tho best, at
I.OWE4T ruiCES" is unquestion
ably tho reason of Its great ad
vancement. Our Wash Silks
arc exceptionally line at 42c,
58c and 75c -
Thcro Is one headquarters of
Underwear In I'ottsvlllc, and
that Is our store every qual
lty, every weight, every style,
every sua mado, and every
prlco. No other such an as
sortment In ihe county.
All styles and qualities of
Ladies' Vests ....
i lie
Our Men's Neckwoar Depart
ment ndds emphasis to the
above: "We know that this will
bo tho greatest opportunity
ever before offered in I'ottsvlllc
to economically supply an en
tiro season's requirements of
fashionable Ncckwear.and that
too nt half and less than halt
tho usual cost."
Wo enrry n largo lino of cot
ton goods. Following aro a few
of the many, somo of which are
mourning goods, others are
Scotch l'lalds, Zephyr Ging
hams, lino Percales in stripes
and figures, all new goods and
perfect beauties considered
cheap at 19c a yard
Heretofore our spring sales
have tested tho selling capacity
of our Hosiery Deportment.and
each year tho stocks, necessary
to supply tho demands, have
boon enormously Increased a
fact which proves beyond a
question that wo carry a stand
ard hose
IB Sfltlll
12 ac
Ladles' cotton, silk and kid
loves in all tho leading and
esirablot hades. What a glove
selling time wo've had for the
past month The like of it has
never been known In Pottsville,
that's a certainty. It clinches
and rivets our claim for abso
luto glovo headquarters
A big special of laces In all
tho latest designs. Dainty and
beautiful effects. Exclusive In
stylo and price. All silk Hour
don Laces net tops and pretty
patterns worth Lite. Uutter
color laces In Point Venico,
Venetian Point, in Point de
Ireland, In all tho new and
dainty effects worth 25c
Dives, Pomeroy &d Stewart .
Geo. Miller, Manager. POTTSVILLE, PA.
Home-Killed Beef.
The only place in town to secure home-
killed beef, guaranteeing choice nnd juicy
meat, anu at tne same price as unicago
beef. Fresh venl, mutton, pork nnd lamb.
Fresh snusnge nnd bolocna mado every
day. Finest steak, S lbs, 25c; rib roasts,
2 lbs. 25c; soup meats, 7 and 8c; best venl,
14c; fresh home-mado sausage, 10c.
Reuben Martin,
100 N. Jardin St., Shenandoah
Oculist and
110 W, Centre SL,
Mnhnnnu Oiiu Prt
Eye examined nnd glasses prescribed.
Special attention to difllcult canes.
wax n.owEr.8
In Bouquets nnd Other Designs.
Wasley's: Pharmacy,
North Mnin St., Shenandonli.
Working People!
Clothing Store I
21 South Main Street.
This Is the only place where you can get
new nnd stylish goods at the lowest prices,
to suit the times. It Is the people's cloth
ing store. Come nnd sea us before you go
elsewhere. We nro sure you will be more
than pleised, nswe have coma to stay and
do business. Wo are buying for cash,
right from the manufacturers, at our own
prices. We can sell you men's suits from
J2.75np; boys' -suits from $2.25 tip; child
ren's suits from 75o up. Full line of best
underwear, gents' furnishing goods, hats
and caps.
Is Now Ready for Delivery,
(Successor to O. W. Ilussler)
104 West Cherry St., Shenandoah,
HOUSEandSIGN painter
A largo stock of Wall Paper of nil shades
on nana. &i eusi low rules lur paper imaging
rnrsiuAK axd svuoeon,
Successor to lir, Jamos Btcin.
114 North Jardin Street, Shenandoah, Pa,
Olllce tours From 7 to 6 a. m.s 1 tr 3 and 7
to 1) p. w. Diseases of the throat and lungs a
spcciuiiy. noma ci vaccination : 0 10 u a. m.
12 10 1 p. m.
Where you can always get
a glass ot
Cool Beer and RefreshingVines,
Whiskeys, cto. Don't forget the place.
T. ot. n.ciiiy'8,
Locust Avenue, C'ENTKALIA, TA.
. Ptnun Tuner.
Pianos and organs repaired. Orders left at
21 " orth Main street, Buenandoah.wlll receive
prompt attention.
No. 207 West Coal Street,
Shenandoah, Penna.
Piatt's Popular Saloon,
(Formerly Joe Wyatt's)
19 and 21 West Oak Street
The bar In stockrd with he best beer. Dorter.
ales, whiskies, brandies, w'nes and cigars. Eat
In bar attached. Cordial invitation to alL
To Too Oloanocl S
While cleaning house, will do well to
call on or address
lie STEAM RENOVATING C0.,"a w'o-
jjjsAniifo Photographer
Mnrketand Centre Sts., Pottsville.
The best photographs In nil the latest
styles. Wonders lends nil photographers.
Leather and Findings Store, f
Good reason given for selling. Buyer
may examine books.
Leathei! Store,
Ferguson Uouse Building.

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