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Personal letters to Prof. Mnnyon, IMS Arch
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APRIL 1, '97,
29 South iVIain St.
And now era, the Hand of America, Cali
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2 3-tf W. E. lloyt, O. B. P. Agt.
C.iuntv Rnnerlntendent G. W. Weiss, of
8cliuylklll Haven, was a visitor of town yes
tertUv and after an Inspection of Ruler's
opera house declared Itasexcollcntly adapted
for sessions of the teachers' emnty Institute.
Miss Phoebe Tusker last evening enter
tained a number of her friends at her home
in St. JHehn'a.
A Dhvnioiid dilll has been staitod In the
Schuylkill colliery as a test' to see if the
I.yken vein underlies the Mahanoy district
con I basin.
William fliflbru' hits boon appointed engi
neer at the now Tbiinel Itidge breaker.
Ttic funeral f Michael Utlloti, of Jacksons,
took place this morning. TUe tetnalns were
brought to town anil interred In the St.
Cunicus cemetery.
t)enrc Howdi-n, of Waterhnry, Conn., a
for.n. r member of Co E, Bth Hcgt , N. O. P..
if town. Is here as the suest of yevif'"
li-jUins and was cnlertuim d by his old coui-
i.nlis in Armory hall last night.
There is considerable controversy over the
manner In which the street paring shall be
done. Owing to the number of men out of
employment in the town it has been sug
gested that the work be done by day's labor,
instead of by contract, but it is very doubt
ful that the plan will be adopted.
Hold Attempt at Itobbery.
Notwithstanding the presence of over a
hundred people, an attempt was made to rob
the cashier's desk in the Arcade saloon under
the Franey building, at the corner of Main
ami Oak streete, at 8:80 o'clock last night.
Adjoining the office is a row of
private rooms separated from each other
by partitions that do not run quite
up to the ceiling. Tho thief was trying to
climb over the partition next to tho omco
when he fell and the noise attracted tho at
tention of the proprietor and his assistants,
but bofore they could lealizo tho cause of the
thiof 's predicament ho oseapeil and his namo
Is unknown. Had ho got iutu the oflloe he
would have found $70 within reach.
, rp. i lng Ttiriiaghont the rvuetry , Martin Fmney Is bonis from Bloomsburg
fhronlelrd twr HMty l"ril. j oll a visit to his parent!,
(i.il court adjourned yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Mtottsel Malono went to
Koiir young men were arrested for ltcaling.1. Philadelphia this morning.
1 I W) pigeons at lork.
Samuel Werta, of Lebanon, Ikthtr of a
l lurge family, Is mysteriously missing,
It is estimated that the Lynn-Dunn con
I test cnnts the county about f300 per day.
I It is csllm.ittd that the pcor-le of the
! United States Mnoke ll.'i.OOO tens of tobacco
' Pntpcrty owners at Ml. funnel complain
that thry cannot collect rents. One hndlord
j liasfOOOdue him.
Beading c1enins have mndo elaborate
irmngemenU for the Kirst Defenders' re
union In that city on April 10th. I
Letters tcstsnienl.irj wi re grentid to Win. '
H. Byerly on the estate of Catharine Byeriy. ,
lataof 9i huylkill Tlavcn, deceasi d.
Auother crack In the earth has been dis
covered In the roar yards of several residences
located on 8cveuth street, at Mt. Oarmel.
Woed'a Business College will remove from
its present qusrUrs In the post office building
to the lXmgherty building about April 1st.
Mrs. Mary Anderson, widow of the late
Robert Anderson, of Centralis, has been
granted a peuslon at the rate of J por month.
From tho ace unts of tho first Cabinet
dinner under the mw Administration wo
learn that apolliuaris water flowed like
State Factory insiiector James ismpoou
says that there are 100,000 more people em
ployed in Pennsylvania now than there nere
six months ago.
Perry Haas, formerly of Heading, who left
there fifteen years ago and was thought to
have been dead for the last eight years, has
turned np alive and well at San Antonio,
The State Hospital, at Fountain Bprlngs,
Schuylkill county, treated 1881 Indoor
patients and 8140 in its dispensary In the
year jnst closed at a cost of less than $1 a
dnv anlece.
The mombers ot aiieuanaoaii Jouge owi,
t. 0. O. F., are requested to take particular
notice of the change inane in the flargent
notice which amiears In another column of
co-day's issue.
I'atrtc.k Tobin was apiliiled assessor for
East Norwegian township, vico James J
Mclntyre, removed from the district. The
anno ntmeut was made by the county com
Joe Hummel, a miner employed at Lncut
Gtw. and residing at Helfenstelu, has been
made huppy by the receipt of $8,000 which
has been left him by the death of an aunt
who died at Pottsvilie recently.
Samuel Shoemaker aud Hipolyte Lawson
eutert lined a select party at the residence of
Moses Kogcrs lost evening by rendering a
nutnlicr ef selections upon the mandolin and
guitar. fJofrcshmunts wcro served duriug
the evenlug.
Councilman T. J. James paid business
trip to the county seaHo-ony.
Miss Mary Gordon, of Pottsvilie
yesterday In town visiting friends.
WilHnm Rchmldt, a- student at Lafayette
College, Easton, Is home on a vscatlon.
Mrs. Prennsn is in Philadelphia at the bed
side of her husband, who is HI In that city.
Miss Katie McNcary left this morning for
Lock Haven to attend the funeral of A rela
tive. Miss Nellie Dradloan. of Bouth Jardln
street, is so Bering from a sevoro attack of
Mrs. W. S. Moraen. of West Cherry street,
is slowly recovering from her recent stuck of
Prof. 8. I. Wood, of Witkcsharre, was ill
town looking after tlie interests of his in
Robert Littlehalea. of Mahanoy City, was
among the attendants at the Piatt funeral in
town to-day.
Miss Agnes JetnWkt, of Shamokln, l so
Jonrnlng at tho residence of her sister, Mrs.
John Bobbin, on North Muln street.
Miss Nolllo WatklnD this morning left for
Point Pleasant, N.J.,, to, attend the bedside
of her grandmother? who la seriously III.
Mrs. Honor Waters returned to her Home
Nesquelroning M-dajh after a pleasant
visit at the restdenot oOIr, and Mrs. W. S.
Mo.-gan. on West Ctarrt. street.
Buperlntondent Mullet, or tne j.ntuersn
Ornhans Home. rJermaiitowti, sccompauled
br two of Mrs. lWWr' onimren, wno are
Inmates of that lafttttttion, are the guoati of
Mrs. llower, on TW Ql street.
Don't Trlfta WlUt OOUghs ana Oolds
Take Pmn-Tlnm ttw.i and be cured. At
G rubier Bros , dRtfJIore,
TM)0ti4t Bangor.
In alottertoa.frleml here William Van
Wert, who ostabllsthfl the Miners' Advocate.
sai s he has doctdeU t locate permanently at
Bangor, Pa., having secured a position
editor and business. Manager of the new
oaner to be establtoh fn that town by John
II. Dav s. a Jastloe Of the l'oaee oi Jiangor.
Mr. Van Wert wrlte?very glowingly of his
prospects. Frank Hart has established an
express company In New York and Is sakl to
he doing well.
Itobbery at riacbiillo,
Robbers gained an entrance through the
front windows of Thomas Bradley's Isirber
shop, at Frackvillo, early this morning, and
made n b f bau . They secured twenty
raaors, 400 cigars; in fact, the only thing
t bev left in the anon wcro the cnairt. ine
robbers are not known.
Found Paine's Celery Compound the
Best of Remedies
For the Nervous Exhaustion Con
sequent Upon Her Arduous
Work The Remarkable Artiste
Who Stands Pre-Bminently at
the Head of Her Profession.
ReDUbllcnn senator from Pennsylvania ;
Kx-Prosldent Cook of the National Teach
ers' Association ;
Bev. Charles L. Thompson, D. D., the bril
liant Presbyterian leader of Now York cltj ;
Elisabeth Cady Htanton ;
Secretary Carlisle's private secretary :
8tale Treasurer Addison B. CoWIn of New
Jolfti Graham, the foremost man In Ameri
can athletics)
The wife of Bev. CharlesH. Parkhnrst, tne
famous proachst
and reformer. Mayor Mc-
Hhanoof Montreal, Major Oeueral Birnry,
Judge Powers of VertJont, and a host more ot
prominent men ana women, Including no less
than five U.S. congressmen, an among the
thousands of grab
people who have re-
oanHT nt to the nronrlptors of this wonder
ful remedy their expressions of Its uneqnaled
ID wno can wen auoru,
highest medical advice
91NI WNmtt. Hi W
A special feature
of this store is that
every department
is rt store in it
self; large stocks
bought right are
marked at money-
saving prices.
ShIm of School ltouds.
Subscriptions will be received at the office
of the Secretary of the School Board, in the
street school building, for the sale of
twenty-five thousand ($83,000) dollars worth
of Hhenandoah School District bonds. The
bonds will bear date of April 1, 1807, and will
run thirty years. Interest four per cent
payiiblc semi-annually. Denominations :
Tnuuty flOO bonds; twenty $200 bonds, and
Unity-eight oOO bonds.
By order of the Board,
J. J. Prick, President.
Attest : F.tK HAMKA, Secretary.
l)nngr of tli Uilp.
The greatest danger from La Grippe Is of
its' resulting in pneumonia. If reasonable
tare is used, however, and Cbamlierlaiu's
t ough Remedy taken, all danger will be
avoided. Among tbe tens of thousands who
have used this remedy for la grippe we
have yet to learn of a single case having
resulted in pneumonia, which shows conclu
sively that this remedy is a certain preven
tive of that dread disease. It will effect a
permanent cure in less time than any other
treatment. The 25 and BO cent sizes for sale
by Oruhler Bros., druggists.
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superb stock of
Ladies' Suits
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is no guess
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olivine these
stvlish garments ; every skirt or
suit bears the -stamp of this season's!
latest fashion, bkirts, 2.50 to
$1 50; Suits, $5. 00 to $10.00.
Count the cost
of the muslin and
trimmings, then
come aim get our
)iices for icady
madc underwear,
Gowns, Chemise,
Drawers, Skirts,
etc.; our prices
will be found to
be lower than coat
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if it falls t a cure.
25 cent .
A Vicious Hull Dog.
Joseph Davis, aged seven years, naa at
tacked at Pottsvilie last evening by a vicious
bull dog while the child was walking beside
his mother. The boys scalp was torn from
his head while ho was being dragged on the
ground by the lufurated dog. Tho mother
threw herself upon the child and cried for
aid. It camo in the person of Policeman
Williams, who beat tho cur with his mace
and caused the dog to release his hold. Tho
child presented a horriblo sight, the scalp
being torn almost from his head and laid over
his face. He was removed, to tho Pottsvlllo
Any lady wearing a 21 or 3 shoe would d
well by calling at tho Factory Shoo Store.
Wo have a lot of these sjzog made to sell for
$3.00; our closing out prico Is ?1.00 per pair,
Factory Shoe Stow:,
J. A. MoYEit, Mgr.
Charity Ofllclnls lit the Almshouse.
Messrs. C. H. Woltjen, Hebor S. Thompson
anil IEobert Allison, of tho Stnto Board of
Charities, with Dr. Lenkor, of tho auxiliary,
Controller Severn and Commissioners IteutE,
Martin and Meyer spent threo hours at the
almshouse yesterday morning in an inspec
tion of tho new building and tho discussion
of the employment of professional nurses.
No action was taken in tho latter matter.
Those of the visitors who had not seen the
hospital building before expressed much ad
miration for its architectural beauty and con
struct ion.
One Minute is all tho time necessary to d
Ii1a frnm nersotial exnerience that One Mill
ute Cough Cure does what it name implies
U. 11. uagenuuen.
Lehigh Valley Changes.
Fred. Both, tlis master mechanic of tho
Lehigh Valley railroad shops in Wilkesbarre,
will lie promoted to the positlqn of general
manager of the Delano, Weatherly and
Hazleton shops. Chief Draughtsman Taylor,
of the Easton shops, will bo assigned to the
position made vacant by Mr. Roth's promo
tion, whilo MaBtor Mechanic Walluee, of the
Hazleton shops, will tako Mr. Taylor's place.
These changes are due to the resignation of
Mr. Kinsoy, who had charge of the shops at
Weatherly, Delano and Hazleton.
Ilon't Oct United.
We arc elected by un overwhelming ma
jority to sell the dear people shoes. Kvery
shoe in the store rfas durability, couiiort, tit
and style to recommend It.
Factoky Siiok Store,
J. A. Mover, Mgr.
Investigation to 1'rooeed.
The legislative committee to inquire Into
the operations of the Dairy and Food Com
mission agents in tbe western part of the
sutto held a session In Pittsburg yesterday
Sergeant-at-Aruis Wyfttt served a number 0
subpoenas on witnesses. Senator Uoyle is
member of tbe committee.
The news of Modjeska's recovery from the
recent severe sickness that compelled her to
leave the stage will be n source of congratu
lation to the whole world.
Modjeska, In n letter to Wells, Iticlmrdson
A Company, says she has found (what
terns as spring comes on.
There is the danger that in their eagoruess
to take a spring remedy a thoughtless person
may carry home some bogus concoction pre
pared with only such a smattoring of medical
knowledge as Clin be picked up behind a
value tnjfl; wo
ana do etnttawtKff 1
in tne country.
And then swo from the people in the ordi
nary walks of life there come thousands of
honest, straightforward, heartfelt letter,
telling how Palno's celery compound has
made them well.
Their testimony simply goes to show what
New England's most vigorous editor so aptly
said in a letter telling of the benefit Palno's
celery compound had been to a member of
j his family : "Palne's celery compound is not
s patent medicine : It is not a sarsaparilla ; it
is not a mere tonic; It is not an ordinary
I nervine it is as far beyond them all as the
I diamond is superior to cheap glass."
1 II multoa neonln well. It is the One true
specific recognized and prescrilied to-day by
eminent practitioners for diseases arising from
a debilitated nervous system. Prof. Phelps
ga e to his profession a positive cure for sleep-
Oi-Hlgsburg I'alr Date Vised.
Tho Orwigsburg Agricultural Association
has elected the following officers: President,
JohnT. Shoener; Vico Presidents, George C,
Diefetiderfer aud David C. Brown Secretary,
Andrew C. Klsenlmth ; Treasurer, HlosterS,
Albright. Tho association will hold Its forty
sixth anuual fair from August 31st to Septem
ber 3rd.
"Nods" Pension Incrensed,
Our woll known charactor about town, Ned
Rcilly, yesterday received word from tho
pension headquartors at Washington, D. ft,
that his pension had been increased from $8
to $12 por mouth. Application was niauo
through ex-Justice W. H. Shoemaker.
Deeds ltecordcd.
From Elizabeth S. .Bryant ct al to tho
Schuylkill and Lfehigh Valley Railroad Com
nany, premises in Schuylkill Havcu.
From Daniel P. Altuousonud wllo to I-ml
C. Entwlstlo, lot In Port Carbon.
From Daniel H. Usurer and wlfo to W. W
Horb et al, premlsesin Mahantongo township.
I'arty Worlc Not "Offensive Partisanship."
Washington. March 27. Another fac
tor In the policy ot the postofllce tie
partrnent was announced yesterday by
First Assistant rostmaster General
Heath. It is said that offensive par
tisanship will not be considered provo
cation for removal unless such action
Is shown to have been detrimental to
the administration of the postal ser
vice. Fully half a dozen of such
charges were made, Including the office
at Hastings, Neb., where Senator
Thurston made complaint. Every caBO,
however, lacked the essential require
ment of specification of damage to the
of material alone.
McCall Bazar Paper Patterns are fast
winning friends a thousand new patterns
ju.-,L m for 10 or ISC. each.
thousands of people in cvory station of life
havo so often heartily testified) that Palno's
celory compound Is the very host of all reino
dios for nervous exhaustion.
Joseph Ha worth rightly calls Modjoska"the
peerless queen of artistes."
Modjeska's health is a matter of world-wide
interest, and her testimonial to tho valuo of
the great remedy which makes people well is
of particular moment in the early spring,
whon from every quarter reports come of
men, women and children who aro taking
Paino's celery compound, and aro gaining in
nervous vigor, weight and evory other Indi
cation of better health.
Tho 'houghtful portion of the community
knows the need of purifying tho blood and
regulating the nervous and alimentary sys-
ClevRlRiHl Jinllmnkeis 011 "Stride.
Cleveland, March 27. The II. P. nail
works were closed yesterday, 400 men,
Including all the nailmakers and their
helpers, having struck. The works were
closed In the forenoon at the request
of the men, to allow them to attend
the funeral of a member of the union.
After the funeral the men met and de
cided not to so back to work until they
had secured a satisfactory adjustment
of the Bcale.
Undertaking In - -
- - all its Branches.
Open Day and Night.
Mi. 17 H'eil Centrr Street.
No. 87
No. SO
No. 77
Bold by
1 1
Cures Fever.
" Worms.
" Infants' Diseases.
" Diarrhea.
" Neuralgia.
Cures Headaohs.
" Dyspepsia.
" Delayed Periods.
" Leuohorrea.
" Skin Diseases.
IB Cures Rheumatism.
" Malaria.
" Whooping Cough
" Kidney Diseases.
" Urinary Diseases
" Colds and Crip.
Draggiaia, or sent prepaid on
receipt of price, SAo., or 5 for 91.
Da. HtmpHBim' Homeopathic Hamvai.
or DtscAMKs Mailed Fbik.
Humphreys' Med. Co., Ill William M..IT.Y.
l--..r wtli- at r..liiHk' il ug store, as Bast
, nti,. street
It nun way,
Tbe horses attached to S. J. Mockaitis'
brewery team wore frightened by an approach
ing electric car, on South Main street, early
this morning and ran away. The driver,
John Yuukanckas, was thrown from Ids seat
at tho corner of Main and Cherry streets,
landing heavily 011 his left leg, thereby sus
taining severe bruises and sprains above the
knee. The horses contluued on their wild
gait and cre ovei taken at the Cambridge
lolltery. Very little damage was done to
the wagon.
The Wonders of This Century,
Tbe Famous Clothing IIourb Is only one
month old and the people of Schuylkill
county already found out that they are the
cheapest clothiers in tills county, and call
them Thk Chkap Stork. Ain't this a
Store Robbed .
Bobbers early this morulng broke a pane of
glara in the show window of Harry Moldln's
store on East Centre street and stole a quan
tity of shoes, gloves, neckties and silk
handkerchiefs valued at 915. Gold In says he
retired after twelve o'clock and tbe robbery
must have taken place at two o'olock, or
utter. The family sleeps in a room its. me
diately buck of the store, but none heard
tbe breaking of the gls.
3lulliiy In the Cwinp,
from Mabauoy City Keuord.
In connection with the appointment of
Patrick Cleary a Assistant Sergeautsit-Aruis
of the Legislative Committee, with head
quarters at Eastou, it la said that tbe pluin
was first promised to Phil Mclntyre, hut at
the hist hour Clesry became the fortnuate
one. Besult, mutluy iu tbe camp.
Dwtlh or Mrs. Qu Inner,
Mrs. Mary M. Owibner, wife of the late
Jacob Uwluner, formerly or St. Clair, died at
tbe home of her sou, Dr. J. M. Uwinuer, iu
Centraliu, Thursday evening, of heart failure,
aged 74 years. She leaves four children ; Dr.
J. M. Uwiouer and Miss Emma, both of Cen
tralis ; (leorge (iwiuuer aud Mrs. A.
Wrlghtey, both of St. Clair. The funeral
will be held ou Monday. It will proceed to
Ht. 1 lull by train leaving I'eutraliu lit 1'.' :w.
In all the world there is no other treatment
so pure, so sweet, so s.ife, so speedy, foj nra,
serving, purifjlni.,?,!,! beautifying thesKin,
seam, anu nair, nun erauicuiiuK "
mor, as warm batm witn cdtiouha. soap,
and gentle anointings with Cimoum. (oint
ment), the great skiu cure.
Sm It Mid tlirniirbnnt Ih. vorbL
Palno's celory compound Is prepared in
exact accordance w lth the prescription of Prof.
Edward E. Phelps, M. D. LL. D., of Dart
mouth college. Its curative effects have been
closely watchod by the oldest physicians of
overy sohool, and they aro to-day agreed that
it stands alone as the reliable remedy for
building up n person's health in the spring.
Tho most overwhelming testimony to the
value of Paiuo's celery compound that has
recently appeared from ineu and women of
national reputation:
Hon. George B. Swift, mayor, of Chicago ;
Francis Murphy, the foremost apostle of
temperance in tho world ;
Mrs. Matthew S. Quay, wife of the great
lessness, watting strength, dyspepsia, bilious
ness, liver complaint, neuralgia, rheumatism,
all nervous diseases aud kidney troubles. For
all such complaints Paine's celery compound
has succeeded again and again, where every
thing else has failed.
Whon Modjeska in a letter published In
Boston said : "I have found Paine's celery
compound tho very best of all remedies for
tlie nervous exhaustion consequent upon tho
arduous work of my profession," she voiced;
the experience of every tired-out, run-down,,
exhausted woman who ever went to this
greatest of all spring remedies for relief.
Xo one ever yet failed to And strength and
health returning who faithfully used nature's
truo remedy Paine's celory compound.
Nourishing nnd exhilarating-
Alolutely pure,
tantly on lmnd at
Contains roaloolioL Cmv
Dana A Oh ty Corp
All About th. Hk
Pott 1 ft
rrops , Boston.
, t-ealp.aud llslr.nft.
FOR HUNT Store nml dwelling at No. 23
South slain street. Poumslnn April 1st,
Apply to T. J. Hlggtus, 10 N. Jardln St. S--lw
TilOH KENT. -A new house on South White
! street provided with all modem oonven
ieueM Rt-tsonsble (eat. App'y at P. B.
Magargle's store, East Centre street. S-ltVtf
ilOK KENT. -Tlie store room, -oellsr and one
2nd Door now oetupieu by
IMesee 10 April iu.. 0
room on
earlier If desired.
g-D-tf .
ni. Aunlv to
W. Bkddam..
TjlOlt Itl NT.- Store loom and dwelling at No.
' VJ2 North Main street. Contains bath and
closet (lood cellar and nice yard room. Slsc
of stoic 10, in. 10x15 fi-i-t. with two large lieauti
ful slum windows, rltted out with counters and
shcMng ruwly for liuslni-ss Warerooiu and
stulili- can he hud with it If desired tiraud
locution m! rent mimuumIiI Address, C H.
NKivuniui.il, I) North Main street. tt-Mi
Wanted-An Idea S$
Protect your Ideas: tbr may bring you vi
nays, Wan!.inglnii, D. a, for tliolr $1,800 prid
sad list of two liuadrsd luveotlous wanted.
1897. &
Large refrigerator, eight horse power
boiler, three horse power cnglno, band
or steam power ice cream lnartilno, ice
cream freeiers.horecwngon and harness,
baking utensils, twenty-four cane. seated
chairs, eight ice cream tables, six cane
seated stools, five mirrors, 20 x 48 inches;
one mjrror 60 x 96 Indies ; ico cream
chest with four 4 gallon porcelain cane,
dishes, spoons, glasses, plates, pie racks,
cake stand, wrapping paper stand for
three rolls with paper, two thousand X
U, and 1 pouud fancy candy boxes, two
tliousaud plalu A pound boxes, ous
thousand ice cream b$a. and baskets,
marble slab 3x4 feet for candy making,
one brass scoop scale, (((wollne stove and
oveu, one heating stove and pipes, five
angle lamps with two and three burners,
4 six foot nickel show cases, one nickel
ornamental case with ornaments, one
soda fouutain with syrups and extracts,
one computing scale, one broad cup
board, taffy pans, glass cake dishes, jars
and candies, milk shake machine and
ice shaving machine; fifteen foot cativas
Htist be sold before April 1st, i697,
in bulk or separately,
Apply to
27 South Main Stret.
Wilson Otto's 014 Stand.
That we hold the leadership in large stocks, good qualities
and low prices goes without saying Fashion can be followed
here with less outlay than in any other store in this section.
Observant eyes never fail to appreciate our Spring Suits, in
black and fancy worsted, especially made for Confirmation and
Communion Suits, which are perfection in the art of tailoring.
New goods arriving daily by the cases. Our shelves and
counters are loaded with new goods, aud at special prices, the
latest novelties from the manufactories iu the country.
A Beautiful Easter Souvenir Given Away to Bach Purchaser.
II one: price clothing houses. 2
j 10 and 12 South Main St., Shanandoah.
The bolder of so Consent ' the
d HERALD is entitled to a flrat-claaa life-
g- ie, rree-immi water color Portrait
SZ worth $15,00, uuule from any ilUltnct
fc- lihotouruph, by naylnir 65 oents at M.
Ilecker's studio, 3 W. Centre uttvet,
fr Shenandoah l'a.
!: and tmvo coupons ready upon re-
y csipi oi portrait.
Ot OllWlOWH flU.
Aub)tet U Ueimltliuaii rult-H
Meluskey & Son,
South Main St.
Want6d-fln Idea
Who can thlnlc
ot some simple
thine to patentr
t, wvuvk j uu r i UBS). , mey may nring you wsaiw.
Write JOHN WTsbDKKBl'RN ft Co!7l4tent Attar
Beys, Washington, D. c, tut tbelr gt.SUO prtse ottM
sua lui ot two huuitrsd IpvanUous vaatsil.
The Rosy Freshness I
And a velvet softness ot tbe skin is inva- I
riuljly obtained by tborv who use Possomi'b I
Compiexion Powder. I

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