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J. P. Williams & Son, FURTRE.
13 S. IVlaln St., Shenandoah, Pa.
goto Q'HARA'S
Cor. Lloyd and White Sts.,
Morgan's Fancy
S of
2 O
8 3
in re
" s.
o o
8 n
P .5
o n
p O
ff p
- ff
A Large Assortment at low Prices 1
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129 South Main Street, - Shenandoah, Penna.
We open the New Year with a few Special Bargains
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Four cans Early June Peas for 25 cents.
Three cans Fancy New York State Corn for 25 cents.
Three cans New Lima Beans for 25 cents.
Three cans of New Alaska Salmon for 25 cents.
Eight Bars of Best 5c Laundry Soap for 25 cents.
Three Pounds of Mixed Nuts for 25 cents.
Four Qts, Fine Table Syrup for 23 cents.
Don' Forget Our 10 Cent
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Our Fancy Tomatoes extra large
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Pure Kettle Rendered Lard. Fancy
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white and fat.
nualitv of Kresh Crenmerv and Thilrv
g- 00
w Q
f rS
- cp 5
o m X
? 8
2! X
Good Work Done by (lie Kirn Department
In lloth lnstnnce.4
The lire department was called out curly
yesterday morning and again this morning,
and In both Instances prompt and good work
was done, especially lu the second lustauce,
when the flames threatened to sweep (o the
adjoining building and precipitate a confla
gration. It would bo an art of iniustlce
to omit special mention of the part
taken at both fires by the chemical
engine. The nearest Are plug to
the sceno of the first fire, located at the
corner of Coal and Chestnut streets, gave
trot.blc forsoveral minutes, the men at the
lovi r being unable to open tho plug. Mean
while the chemical engine was at work, and
by ;uo time tho water was turned on the fire
was extinguished. In tho second lustauce
the chemical apparatus performed good sor-vltx-s
In keeping the flames checked In a hall
way while thoro was dilllculty in getting
nozzles properly adjusted to tho lines of hose.
Tho first fire started at five o'clock yester
day morning, in tho houso on West Coal
street occupied by tho family of Peter Mus
cawicz. It was caused by a lamp on a stand
in tho front bedroom on the second floor blaz
ing and setting flro to some clothing hanging
on tho wall against which the stand stood.
While tho fire was in progress a couple of
shots wore heard in the house. Tho reports
were duo to the oxplos'.on of caps in the
clothing that was burned. Tho damage to
the dwelling was slight.
Tho hccuuu alarm was sounded at seveu
o'clock this morning. The fire started In a
house located closo to tho South Main street
crossing of tho Lehigh Valler Kallroad Tho
property is owned by C. D. Kaler, of Maha.
noy City, and occupied by Michael Faifcr, a
saloonkeeper. The origin of the fire Is uot
definitely known. The occupants say it
skirted under the floor of tho second story
and was cajised by a stove pipe. The build
ing is a very old and frail one. It was an ico
house before beiug transformed into a saloon
and dwelling. For some time the space under
tho roof was like n roaring furnace. On each
side of tho structure is a framo building, but
me nam ana persistent work of the firemen
saved them. Onco the fire got into the build
ing udjoining on the north side, owned by
Mrs. Mary Brennan and occupied br Stinev
Shlek. a grocer, but the fire laddies fought
Me llrmes gallantly and succeeded in driving
tho flames back into tho Kaler bulldiim.
After about an hour's work the flro was ex
tinguished. Thoweathor was bitterlv cold
and tho lire fighters were covered with ice
when thoy stopped work. The Kaier build
ing was badly damaged, but not to an extent
that it need bo torn down. The Kaler Com
pany has an insurance system of its own and
the loss ia covered. The Brennan nronertv
adjoining was damaged to the extent of
about a hundred dollars.
It was .stated to-day that Mr. Kaler had
been contemplating improvements on the
bulldlug in which the Are started, and it Is
quite likely that they will be undertaken
uuw. The front of the building is to be
brought out to line with the adjoining
Wheel Cap Lost.
The brass caD nf nnn nf ti wtio.! nf
Columbia hose wagon was lost whilo on tl-
way to the firo yesterday morning. The'
under wiu. confer. A-fuvor upon, tho company
by returning it. One of tho Columbia Uoso
Comnanv'a horses sltnnpil nn n rail nf tl.a
electric road on Coal street while going to the
nre and Injured one of its legs.but not seri
ously. A Small Wreck.
A Small Wreck OCMrToA t. thn Wm Tonn
siding of tho P. & R. Railway at 8:30 o'clock
this morning. An engine was pushing and
pulling freight cars and two of the cars up
set at the switch. One was puljed from its
trucks. The tender was pulled from tho
engine. Tho Mahanoy Plane wrecking crow
cleared the place after working about an
Knmimnt Sale.
Don't miss the annual remnant sale at
Wilkinson's. l-17-3t
lteportril ltohbely.
It was reported that a highway robbery
took place on Coal street, near Main. Satur
day night, and the victim was deprived of his
watch. An Investigation of the report
brought to light the following facts : Shortly
before midnight an iutoxicated Polish man
called for soup In Nelsweuter's cafe, at the
corner of Main and Coal streets, and was
served, but refused to make payment for it
when refused dunk. Mr. ifentz, who was
in charge nf the cafe, ejected the man, who
was seized on the sidewalk by two young
men, Mr. Hentz told them not to striko the
intoxicated man, and they did not do so
Mr. Hentz withdrew to the cale. lie has no
knowledge of any robbery and tlio case has
not been reported at tho office of any of tho
City Drug Store, 107 South Slain St,
Klondike Cough Syrup Guaranteed to
cure. 15 cents. l-18-10t
Seriously III,
Miss Bertha Bellis, daughter of Thomas
Bellis, of town, who left here lost August for
Philadelphia to accept a position as saleslady
In a largo drug house, is ill in the Jefferson
hospital in that city. She is suffering from a
severe attack of typhoid-pneumonia. Her
condition is considered critical. ffer sister,
Miss Lizzie Bells, one of the local school
teachers, was summoned to her bed-side on
Iteinnant Sale,
Don't miss the annual remnant sale at
Wilkinson's, l-27-3t
High School Class Otllcers.
The Shenandoah High school class for 1800
have olected the following otllcers to prepare
for commencement : President, James Whit
aker ; Vice President, Bertha Ilolderman
Secretary, Sadlo Cardln ; Treasurer, W.
Burton Davis.
Immense line of spectacles and oye glasses.
Orkin's, 120 South Main street. tf
Hot Known Here.
The Philadelphia Times contained the fol-
lowing; "A man supposed to be V. I). Wake
field, of Shenandoah, was found dead In an
outhouse at Twenty-fourth aud Seybert
streets yesterday. The body was removed to
tho Morgue and the Coroner began an iu
vesttgatiun." Inquiry here has failed to dis
close the man's identity.
Cholco selection of 10, 14 and 18 kurat
weddiug rings. Oikln's. 120 S. Main St. tf
A Call Accepted.
Rev. J. Ellas Jones, pastor of tho Welsh
Presbyterian church of town, has accepted a
call from n congregation of the same denom
ination htcntiHl at fllwll.h Rinth nalmta
Ho has given three months notice of his
wunurawai irom me local charge and will
leave for his new field of duty In May, next.
Help comes to Those Who Talcs
Red Flag Oil for sprains, burns, cuts. At
Qruhler Bros., drug store.
Auditor Coyle Reports In Payor of the
Connors' Claim For Salary Ruled Out and
Part of the Tltmtn Claim Disal
lowedThe Salary Board Meets,
Commissions of Notaries
Public Received.
Pnttsvlllo, Jan. 30. Among tho first,
matters brought to the attention of tho court
tiiis morning was the case ot the Borough of
Shenandoah against M. J. Son 11 lan and others.
In which executions were Issued several
weeks ago against Mr. Scanlan, as Tax Col
lector, and bis bondsmen. In pursuance of
the execution a levy was mado upon Mr.
Sea 11 Inn's store in Shenandoah and a public
sale by the Sheriff followed. At the sale two
claims were put In, one by II. V. Titman
for four months' rent at ISO per month, a
total of $200, and another by John Connors
for six months' services as clerk in tho store
at ftO per month, a total of f240. Borough
Solicitor M. M. Ilurko objectod to the latter
claim on the ground that the notice of it to
the Sheriff was defective, aud did not comply
wuntnoActot Assembly or April 0,1872.
Upon this objection being raised the court
appointed J. R. Coyle, Esq., as Auditor to
pass upon the distribution of the proceeds
from the Sheriffs salo in the case.
It was tho presentation of the Auditor's
report that brought up the case this moruiuu.
The report was substantially as follows:
your Orator, after carefully ronldering
all the ovidonce before him, and tho laws ap
plicable to the facts, is of tho opinion that
the claim ot John Connors for $240 is fatally
defective and ho cannot bo allowed a prefer
ence In this distribution of tho funds.
"In the case of II. W. Titman for four
months' rent, at 50 ner month, u total nf
$200, he makes claim up to December 1st.
189S. I am of the onininn thnt tlm rnnt
accruing after the levy is not a lion. I there-
lore auow tne claim to the date of the levy,
Noy. 1st, which gives him three months' rent.
"Vour Orator, in accordance with tho facts
hereinbefore set forth, makes tlm fnllnnlnv
distribution :
Fund In court t nia-tn
Coits ot audit, appointment of
Auuuor, nung report ana
cominlsslou 11 no
Auditor's fee 5.00
II. W. Tltman's claim 150 00
190 S3
Balance duo the borough. . . 12i.0l
The case of John F. Zuber. vs. the Lehieh
Valley Railroad Company, on trial before
Judge McC'lure for several days, was resumed
tnis morning. The plaintiff Iu this case seeks
damages, aud It is likely several days of this
ween will be consumed bsfore a verdict is
reached. This is the tEIrd lime tho case has
been belore the court. Zuber was awarded
damages in tho two former .cases from which
tuo company appealed ami received new
Tho letter presented to County Controller
Muldoon by the Taxpayers' Association bear
ing upon the costs of holding inauests and
containing recommendations looking to a cur
tailing or expenses In the Coroner's offlco.
has been freely commented upon, and the
consensus of opluiou is that the Association
is working in tho right direction. Tho in
stances sighted show conclusively that there
has- not been a strict compliance of
the law, and In many cases inquests
have been held with little if any justification
at law. Acting under tho advice of his legal
adviser Controller Muldoon has already held
up one or two apparently excessive hills nre.
sented by Deputy Coroners. This action was
taken previous to the receipt of the letter
from the Taxpayers' Association, and is an
indication that the present Controller is de
termined U allow no Imposition unon the
county, and that all bills will be rigidly
scrutinized, with a view to guarding the in
terests 01 tiotn tto couuty and the lust
The export accountant from Phlladalnhfa.
employed by the Association, Is still at work
on the boofcs iu the county offices. Rumor
has it that an Investigation Is being mado of
the District Attorney's oflico, with a view to
curtailing expenses lu tljat department, It
will be remembered ho Association ad
dressed, a letter to B. W. Cummtngs, previous
to bis resignation, on the lines Indicated,
and on what lines the present investigation
is Deing maae is not Known. District Attor.
ney Bechtel, however, has Informed the As
sociation that he courts the strictest scrutiny
of bis administration of the office, and will
fender all the assistance Iu his power,
Hon James B. Reilly, counsel for Mrs.
Mary Mellct, has not filed an appeal from the
decision of the court which refused Mrs.
Mellet's application to be relieved from the
bonds of Tax Collector Scanlan, The appeal
can be filed at any time within six mouths
from the time of the decision, but it is now
too late to get the case before the February
term of the Superior Court,
Governor Stone held up the appointment of
Notaries l'uulc tor this county, but this
morning the following commissions were re
ceived by the Recorder hero 1 8. Q. M. Hollo
peter, Esq , P. W. Blerstein, T. T. Williams
and J. R. Coyle, Esq., Shenandoah; Joseph
Horn, Butler township j Jacob Longacre,
North Penn; Albert S. Laubenstein, Ash
land; W. P. Kramer. S. M. Mortimer, W, K.
Weston, Pottsvilo j B. Fraqk Wagner, and
Charles Granger, Glrardville. W. S. Kear,
Miuersvllle j James 11. Uagoubuch, W. W.
Lewis, Frank H. Snyder and A. K. Smith,
Mahanoy City ; Charles S. Schindle, Tatua
qua ; Thomas B. Kullck, Orwlgsburg t
Edward T. Filbert, Pinogrove,
The Salary Board, which is composed of
the three Couuty Commissioners and Con
troller Muldoon, met at the court house this
morning to determine upon the salaries aud
number of clerks each office should have.
There aie practically no changes In the old
corps and the salaries remain the same, with
the exception of the District Attorney's
office, where one clerk Is dropped. Clerk
Reber, of the Couuty Commissioners' office
receives a slight Increase lu salary, a reduc
tion being made iu the salary of one of the
clerks iu the same office.
Charles A. Snyder, Eta., will go to Harrla-
burg on Wednesday, next, and consult with
the Attorney General In reference, to quo
warrauto proceedings against Coroner lllellcr
and Poor Director Ilorgau. He will secure
the signature of the Attorney General to the
papers required and return to this county to
institute the proceedings.
Letters testamentary were grauted to Sarah
A. Old on the estate of Matilda M. Yost, late
of Schuylkill Haven. deeMncd.
All liquor licenses expire to-morrow, many
' these granted wern lifted iht mnmini
and as a result tho county treasury is In a
healthy condition.
Motion for H new trial wa lniU In ttio
case of Julius Smith vs. Northwestern Life
insurance L'o., In which Judge Lyon last
week directed a verdict for the defendant.
Arbitrators found a reward of (00 iu favor
' Thomas McQIuty. The defendant was B.
Messrs. J. Q. Frick, Ellas Leonard aid
1111am A. Wetzel have been chosen atbltra
tors in the case of Sophia Autozy vs. Joseph
1 oweii. j nis is an action for minnar
Judges Bechtel and Ma rr Ml In rnnllnn
court this morning.
In the case of John P. I-Vrlir v. ti, t
Fecley. of Now Phlladvlnhln. thn mn,t ,11.!
charged the rule to set asido tho Judgment.
ine court discharged the rulofora judg.
meutin the ease of Il'uskawicz vs. MJkofskl.
inBtoroh vs. Esleiba rule for Judgment
1 insufficient affidavit was discharged.
O. II. Yoder was aimnlntiul , l,w.rltv. iH
spoctor In Hegins township.
examiner's report was filed this morning
the divorce case of Riilwirt nit.i
A deed was acknowlndinvl In -
this morning from Sheriff John Toolo to C.
u. ivaier, lor a lot or ground In Kline town
ihlp, sold as tho nronertv nf ni.r,i hni
for $1,000.
Examiners' rcnorU warn f,l.l uj.. 1.. ,..
divorce suits of Elizabeth Jane vs. Ellsworth
iiccwerana nuntzinger vs. Huntzlnger, all
parties rosidonts of Mahanoy City.
Mrs. Hannah SliloM. .r.,,...! . 11
this morning in tho First ward of Shenan
doah. Application is made hv IncnnU v........
chlk. for an agency for the John Arnold
urowiug imipauy, at Mahanoy City.
'ery Few Votes Ure Cast In the Senator
ImI Contest To-day.
Special toKvEMKO IIebald.
Harrisburg. Jan. 30. Th llt nf
v. awrauicia
was a long one to-dav anil tn
quorum when the State Senate and Houso
were called to order to elect x ltntt.i o,.
benator. The ballot taken resulted as fol
lows : Quay, K; Jonks, 4; a total of 30.
This Is the low water mark of attendance.
mere does not now seem to bo any reason
for a terminAtlnn nr tKn .ian.n 1. i--
, . . ucioro tne
Conclusion Of Senator Ormc',, -il...l .1
" . uu iiicn
only In the event of his acquittal. The
smuggle, lueroiore, is likely to last at least
three weeks longer, as the trial will begin in
tho Philadelphia courts on February 20
This announcement was mado by District
Attorney Rothermel, and the attorneys for
tho defendants were so notified. It was
rumored here that ex-DIstrict Attorney
Graham would assist In the prosecution.
Much Interest is manifested in tho elections
on February 10th, when a successor will be
chosen to former Senator Gobln, uow Lieu
tenant Governor, and probably to the late
Representative Manning, Democrat, who
was burled to-day. If the Quay Republicans
hi T If In it,.l. . I ... .
luoir power iney will also provide
roraneiectiou to fill the place of Colonel
Hawkins, who. It is thought, has decided to
remaluwith hi$ command at Manila. An
effort will probably be made to declare his
seat vacant.
All the leadrn nf t1,A .nni.nJL
. 1, . wH"""""6 'actions
are expected here this evening, and then the
battle will resume again In all its fierceness
Saturday night the "heavy guns" Invaded
Lebanon couuty and participated in the
Senatorial contest, and some of them are
booked for speeches this evoning. The pri
maries will bo held Saturday next. Both
sides are confident of success, but from this
distance It looks as If the Quay candidate
will be nominated, and then his election is
Choice Pickings From Shenandoah's Jllg
This is the sale tint u c- i. 1
gain seekers, and wo nnw nm,-
stock of the season's ends of cashmeres,
"""i ouirecus, uuung uannels, ginghams,
calicoes in fact evnrv r
yard to a dress pattern at reduced prices.
1u" wuue goods ana nainsooks.per
cales, muslius, etc., as well as odd pairs of
lace curtains, all go at prices that will move
them quickly. It will pay you to call.
Main street. T.inv,t
Deatjii and Funerals.
The funeral of Mrs. IlM n,.,..!.,.... 1.
died on Friday evening, aged 30 years, took
place from her late residence in Tamaqua
111. a uiiuruuou.
John Jacoby. until recentlv fireman .t i,
state hospital, Hazleton, died yesterday
afternoon. He suffered from stomach trouble.
A daughter residing in Iowa survives him.
Mrs. John Moota. of Pnttliu aa ....
' - . . u,.,u
terday afternoon from consumption. The
uusoana ana several children survive.
Mrs. Alice McElvar died nf 11.. .!,., ,i
of her mother, Mrs. Myers, at Palo Alto, on
a. ....j 01. , , . '
aunnjr. auo is survived Dy three children.
Old ago and the effects of a fall, by which
she broke her thigh, caused tho death.
on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock Mary, the
wife of Matt, Smarowsky, expired at the
family residence on Smith Main ...,.
after an Illness of two weeks. De
ceased was 42 years old and was a sister ot
Mrs, Charles Radzlewicz, of East Centre
street, and Mis'. John Rodgers. formerly of
town, but now of Cumbola, She Is survived
by her husband and seven children, the
youngest being fourteen daya old. The
lunerai win tage place on Wednesday morn
ing a( 10 o'olock, from the family residence,
133 South Main street. mam mill l.
celebratpd In St. (InnrviSk T.tthnanf.n .,.).
and interment will be made iu the parish
I.ocal Furniture Kxposltlou.
The fumlturo Axnnaltlnn rcantl. t.ol.1
Grand Rapids, Mich., was attended by L. D.
unison, me lurniture dealer or town. In
conversation with a representative of the
IIebald this morning, Mr. Davison stated
that he had purchased a rich display of
furniture and carpets, many designs boing
entirely new to the people of this region. He
win mage 111s announcement la a few days.
Murd fired Victims Found.
A copy of the Denver (Col.) Times, under
date or Jan. gstn. says : "All doubt has been
removed as to the fate of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles O'Hara. Their bodies have been
found la & hole on tho rauch near Barr. An
examination shows that one of the victims
was shot and the other killed with a hammer.
Frank Harold, who was employed by the
O'Haras, is in jail, charged with the murder
of the couple." The victims referred to
were well knonn to many of the old resi
dents of this town. They had visited here
and were relatives of the Messrs. O'Hara. the
liverymen of town. They also have relatives
la Scranton, An estate valued at $10,000, Is
left. There Is 13,800 insurance on the bus
baud's life.
Senators Will Disousa the Peace
Treaty All the Week.
nio.v lloltove Tlint tho Document "Will
Ho Untitled Wlion It Com on to a Vote.
Clialrmnn Hull Think tlio Army Bill
Will Pass tho Houso.
Washington, Jan. SO. The senate will
devote practically all of the time of
this welt to the consideration of th
peace treaty. Senator Allison, chair
man of the committee on appropria
tions, aays he will not Interfere at any
time with the consideration of the
treaty by asking to have appropria
tion bills taken up, and as a conse
quence the treaty will have complete
right of way.
This week will see the close of the
memorable debate, both In executive
session and In open senate, as the vote
la set for 3 o'clock next Monday. Sena
tor Berry will speak tomorrow, Sena
tor Spooner on Wednesday, Senator
Rawlins on Thursday, Senator Money
on Friday and Senator Chilton on Sat
urday. These speeches will be based
upon the various resolutions on the
general question of expansion and will
be delivered In open session. They
will, however, be practically devoted to
the treaty and will afford senators an
opportunity to say openly what they
would say In secret session If the reso
lutions were not under consideration.
There will be an effort to get the
speeches In before 2 o'clock each day.
In order to permit the closing- of the
doors at 2 o'clock. In accordance with
the unanimous agreement to that ef
fect, when tho treaty will be taken up
formalIyand the executive considera
tion of the subject proceeded with. Sen
ator Bacon and Senator Mason both
announce their Intention of continuing
their efforts to get action upon their
respective resolutions before the vote
Is taken upon the resolution to ratify
the treaty, and hope to succeed some
time during- the week.
The friends of the treaty are still
most sanguine of success, and most
of them announce that they will ac
cept no compromises. Others express
a willingness to accept some such reso
lution as that of Senator Sullivan.
Those professing to know say it Is the
policy to force the treaty to a vote be
fore taking: action on any compromise
proposition, and that It the treaty
should by any chance be beaten to
move to reconsider and then to con
alder the question of accepting; some
compromise like the Bacon resolutions
before final adjournment In March. Al
most a month of the session will be left
after the vote ot next Monday, so that
tf the senate should prefer to accept
the treaty with a resolution of con
struction and Instruction to postponing
action for an extra session It could da
Interest centers In the army 1)111 In
the house. Tho final vote will be taken
at 3 p. m. tomorrow. Prior to this the
debate will be under the five minute
rule In the main, although sufllclent
time has been reserved to give Mr.
Bailey and some of the leaders an op
portunity for extended speeches. Chair
man Hull, of the military committee,
Is confident the bill will pass, saying
that the Republican disaffection will
not exceed eight, while several affirm
ative votes will come from the Demo
cratic side. The opposition will direct
Its efforts towards having the bill re
committed. "With the army bill disposed of, the
housCswlll turn its attention to the Im
portant river and harbor bill and then
to the Military academy appropriation
bill. The river and harbor bill prob
ably will have Wednesday, with two
hours' debate on a side. The Military
academy bill is not likely to take more
time than Is required to read it through.
The Hawaiian bill is the most Import-.
ant piece of general legislation which
will be urged to a hearing, although
Us friends may let It go over until next
Kemnant Sale.
Don't miss the annual remnant sale at
Wilkinson's. 1-27-31
Only tile President Cnu Save Htm
Prom TIUmlsKul,
Washington, Jan. 30. General Ea
gan, commissary general of subsistence
of the United states army, has been
found guilty of the charge of conduct
unbeoomlng an officer and a gentleman,
and of conduct to the prejudice of good
order and discipline, and has been sen
tenced to dismissal from the United
States army, but with a recommenda
tion from the court for the exercise of
executive clemency.
Under the regulations the court hav
ing reached the conclusion that the ac
cused was guilty had no choice In se
lecting a penalty, the regulations pre
scribing absolutely the one punishment
dismissal. Therefore, the only hope
for General Eagan Is i the direction
of commutation, mitigation, or disap
proval, Klondike Cough Cure. 33c. bottle, 15c. for
10 days. City Drug Store, 107 South Main
street. 1-18-lOt
Sour krout, pork aud washed potatoes to
night. Vegetable soup to-morrow morning.
!ean soup, free, to-ulgbt. Pea soup to
morrow uiuroing.
Free luuuh, bean soup, to-night. Lunch
from 0 to 11 a. in.
Yf getable soup will be served, free, to all
patrons to-nlgut.
Grand Army bean soup, free, to-night.
A Colliery Idle,
Pji-knr tk .1 rntliArv illil nr,f r
- - " " - - vm.uv vitia
tions this morning. A repair gang was put
to work replacing timbers In the slope and
. i ,u 1 1 1 .
ue vuiiioi mj uo uiu a wees., or more
' Remnant Sale,
Dot't caIis the annual remnant sale at
Wnmusou's, l-27-3t
dent's Winter
Underwear, Half Hose
and Gloves.
Sold below manufacturer's
Prices. -
The Inst chance of the
Formerly at 15 East Centre Street.
Dapple grays, iron jjrays
and matched pairs, coach, draught,
farm, brewery, extra fine drivers
and general purpose horses. They
will be sold without reserve.
Sale takes place, rain or shine.
Livery and Exchange Stabies.
Parlor Suits,
Chamber Suits,
Diningroom Furniture,
Fancy Rockers,
Sideboards and
Parlor Tables,
Writing Desks and
Book Cases,
China Closets.
For tho best Furniture of all des
criptions at Bottom Prices go to
tOO S. Main St.
Furniture Dealer and Undertaker
During Inventory In all
a rani to bread raliers, with lld,Tcnts.
Granite dhh pans, II quarts, 99 croU.
Qranlte wash basin, 10 cat.
Glass nil, sugar, cream, butter and spoon
uuiucr, tf, ccuu a set.
One gallon gift, pitcher., 10 cents.
China cups aud saucers, M cents a tti.
Shoe blacking box, fancy top, 84 cents.
Window curtain., lace Inaerilon, worth TS cents.
8hell water glasses, engraved, S ecu 14.
See our odd pieces of glass and chlnaware.
They are marked at price that will move them.
A pretty line ot toilet sU jost received, They
mmi FEB. 1, 18!
Furniture !
make a nice wedding present.
Roj C. Ruhrlght, Mgr. 8 South Ht!a St

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