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tue Nes Tint's Fl! lo Print."
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Hnutli liirilln ilrcit, Stifiiivn'f.iiili I'm
LONt lHVIMNCr. Ti l l.PtlONI;.
'lie Herald Is dillv rid In Hhrniiinlnn'1 nml the
HtirrnoMd'nflf towim for l fciitMH i-k, pay
able to tin- carriers. Ily mml ".'I on a y. iir, or
23 cents ft mouth payable In kImiiici- Ail
vertlsoments charged nororiHujr u npneennd
poslltui Tn" imhlhhrfii rwnc the right
to han'' the p itbn f alprtlemont
win '-v rthf puMli' itlmi f ncwi di'iimnd
It. Tlir right I" n-iorvil (" reject nny
adv. r'i-t mi nt whether paid furor not, that
tin- puliililii'm "' li' m improper Adver
tising 't' mini" known upon implication.
5ntcr. (1 nt tlic po t ofTlrr t Shenandoah, Pn , as
second cla.n mall m ittnr.
riD milMTDV . r.liet T rtd nrtA CrtrfVfr
Tiik Hkrylp's subscription list
,llll IL III'llllIIV llllllll III! 1' I II1ILV ILII11
O..... 1.... TI...... ..J.
added to the list. The people s favor
ite puper never uie buck ward.
Mk Bl sinks Man, you who have
property, are interewted In the chem
ical engine. Then give the Rescue
boys a portion at least of your haul
ing. You will thus be helping along
a good cause.
No better indication, says the Pitts-
l.llfi Taanntfili P tliti ufaoanra tt
trafllo could be alTorded than the
statement that passenger crews were
taken from the local brandies of the
Pennsylvania Railroad last Sunday,
with their engines, to assist in mov
ing the freight accumulating upon
the main line. Truffle of this sort
means intense activity of general
business and the general prosperity
of all Interests.
There is abundant evidence
throughout the various wards of a
nnrnnso on the nart of Oltipiifl tren-
erally to give the ticketrecently noin-
luuieu uy men ijui il luym bu iiui i.
There is no reason why they should
not do so. The nominees are good
men, who have the welfare of the
town at heart, and who will, if elected,
perform their duties intelligently,
faithfully and honestly. More than
that cannot be required, more cannot
be expected from any candidate for a
public- trust,
The Philadelphia Inquirer very
pertently remarks : "Isn't the Potts
ville Chronicle just a trille illogical in
,,, !,-!..,. 1, H, S,l,ui nt t-l... nl,L
kill county courts shall make public
the contents of the letters sent to
them opposing the granting of liquor
licenses and the names of the writers?
The Inquirer opposes star chamber
proceedings as strongly as any news
paper in the world, but it still believes
in the secrets of the confessional, the
secrets of the physician's office, the
secrets of legal counsel and also in
the secrets of the editorial sanctum
"Would the Chronicle divulge its
sources of information in important
cases ?"
THERE can be no question that
public sentiment earnestly demands
the abolition of the existing system of
handling the public money in this
state. There is no sense or justice in
requiring prompt payment from the
county treasurers while the state
treasurer can be a law unto himself,
so far as paying back what belongs to
the communities where the funds are
aised. The people pay the taxes
without complaining, and their local
treasuries should receive the benellt
and not be subjected to unfair regu
lations, especially so as regards the
school appropriations. The legisla
ture should take this matter up at
the present session and auiend the
law, as demanded by enlightened
public opinion.
HE appeal 01 me nescue nooK
11 l l.nrlilor t;ninrianv. nnlillsnsd in
our edition of Saturday, should meet
with a hearty response at the hands
of the people of this town, especially
tho business men. The members
have entailed upon themselves con
siderable expense in the equipment of
the company, purchasing tlie ohemiual
engine without cost to the taxpayers
and property owners of the town,
and it is but just to the Rescue hoys
that they be given proper encourage
ment. Pew companies In the state
. nro liprtpr eniilimed. and none are
' . -. . . I S 1.1
Itiore eiucieiii. unu uuuru 1110 iiii.dio.
They give their services gratuitously;
endangering life and limb in the pro-
' tection of others' property. It would
Ue a SUU commentary upuu me puu-
ple of Shenandoah to allow the chem
ical engine to be withdrawn from
ail Wba nhinniinv fn Its animal
apparat us ior ure ueieuee, uuv na
1 IlUb LUO VlluUtllUliDlUDH. .10
Surely there area number of
ate a petition amonir me uumuei
re much in J t ui. ii
eaily efficient sat i si i
tory prevent a " 'Id or few r
cure an JiTer un . k i imu
scne. jauihuc i;jiik ifjBU'tn. f rm a nun.
Tli out Jlli to but wJU iiuvd's ftiriapsrllla.
lln,"ft niniilHelvor to
t" 1 1 "lo u"hiiiij Kiiiiiiiiit'tMiir
"Uter l"",,l'lp"t ' t knep
ll.i' . .Olllldll tl'rtlll (if llnrt-L' (tcmliU
wiirU. Wlmwlll takMtliolnHliitlvH ?
Hrtiln l)mMi1till.v Objected lo llnvlng
an t'loorntoil Tool It Pulled.
Omaha, Neb., Jan. 3l. An enormous
silver tip bear, f renal, d with an ulcer
ated tooth whlrli Hit muster wan trying
to extract, escaped from lt cage in
the OrolRhton theater yesterday and
cieated a panic before heliiR captured.
In addition to frightening a number
of perming, the big bear aerlouily hurt
Its mutw, Paul I5atty, badly lacer
ated Stagehand MoDunnld, and tme
tin.- clothes off Jake Hoxeiithal, man
ager of the theater.
McDonald was asKliting Hatty to ex
tinct the tooth, and a crowd f uu u
and boys surrounded the cage of the
enraged animal, witnessing the opera
tion. The brute was fastened dnw'n
with chains and leather bands, but
when the trainer touched the ulcerated
tooth the bear gave a roar and burnt
his bonds like paper. With a sweep
of his paw he threw Hatty and Mc
Donald to the lloor and turned upon
the crowd around the Iron cage.
They flaw In every direction, but the
cage was demolished In a moment.
Manager Horenthnl wan climbing fhto
the Mies as the enraged beast passed
his hiding place. He made one pass
at the manager, and catching his frock
coat carried it completely away with
him. He tore the shoe from one of
Rosenthal's feet, and then passed on In
pursuit of the crowd.
In the niase of scenery bnck of the
stage the bear vented his fury by de
molishing everything In sight. By this
time the trainer recovered suillclently
to direct the heating of Irons to subdue
the animal. His roars could be heard
for several blocks. He was finally
driven Into the cellar of the theater,
where, surrounded by a row of redhot
Irons, he submitted to being bound.
Tell Your suter
A bo nitil'iil complexion Is nn Imposslbiliiy
wltl out grind pure blond, the sort tint only
oxiti In couiioction with tho rihiiI digrtlnu;
a 1'onlthy liver and Lowell. Karl's Clover
Hoot Tea acts directly nn tlio bowels. ll r
and kidneys heeplpg them In perfect liealth.
Trice S5 ft-, and 50 cts. Sold by 1'. D, Klrlht
and a guarantee.
Perished In Hotel Flrn.
San Francisco, Jan. 30. The San
Hruno hotel, a well known landmark
on the San Bruno road, southwest of
the city, was burned yesterday, and
Matthias Echorn, porter of the hotel,
perished In the flames. In his efforts to
escape a similar fate J. Kansauer,' a
lodger, Jumped from a third story win
dow and was severely hurt. The prop
erty loss In smalb
A Sensible Man
Would use Kemp's Balsam for the Throat
and Lungs. It is curing more cases of
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup
and all Throat and Lung troubles, than any
other medicine. The proprietor has author
ized any druggist to give you a sample bottle
free to convince you of the merit of this great
remedy. Price 25c and 50c.
MNhnp to tho Transport 'Chester.
Savannah, Jan. 30. Depot Quarter
master Bellinger last night received a
dispatch dated Pablo Beach, Fla., from
Colonel Gardner, of the Thlrty-nrst
Michigan regiment, on board the trans
port Cheater, from this port for Clen
fuecos. stating that- when 75 miles
south of Savannah the Chester ran
Into heavy weather. Part of the deck-
load fell In, killing three mules, and
the remainder of the deck cargo, of the
value 6f nearly $10,000, was lost over
board. The deck cargo Included 127
hospital tents, 180 hospital cots and a
large quantity of lumber and other
How's This
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
my enso of Catarrh that can not be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHENEY & CO, Props., Toledo, O.
"We the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney
or the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly
honorable In all business transactions and fin
ancially able to carry out liny obligations made
by their firm.
West & TaAUX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Waldinq, Kihkas & JlAnvis, Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Price 73e. per bottle. Sold by all
Druggists. Testimonials free.
Hull's Family Tills are the best.
Uoay ofPnifl .Tonpsr Cnptirln.
New Orleans, Jan. 30. A body found
near Fort St. Philip was yesterday
identified as that of Captain Sturte
vant, the pilot of the launch Paul
Jones. From the position and clothing
of the body Is Is almost certain he was
oft duty and asleep at the time death
came, and that the boat was wrecked
by an explosion during the night.
" How Is Your Wife 7
Has she lost her beauty? If so, Constipa
tion, Indigestion, Sick Iloadacbe are the
principal causes. Karl's Clover Root Tea
has cured these ills for half a century. Trice
25 cts. and 50 cts. Money refunded if results
are not satisfactory. Sold by P. D. Klrlln
and a guarantee.
Tho Clinm For 'KfinllfH Abandoned
London, Jan. 80. A dispatch to The
Dally News rrom Cairo says that Colo
nel Kitchener's column, which was sent
in pursuit of Khalifa Abdullah into
Kordofan, where he has been making
war upon the tribesmen, has abandon
ed the attempt to overtake him.
Rheumatism Cured in a Day.
'Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and Neu
ralgia radically cures in I to 3 days. Its
action upon the system is remarkable and
mysterious. It removes at once the cause
and the lis ease immediately disappears. The
tint dose greatly benefits. 75 cents. Sold by
Shenandoah drug store, Shenandoah. t
wealthy widow Murdered.
Body Chopped Almost to Plocoa and
Her Home Robbed.
Pana, Ills., Jan. 30. Mrs. Mary Mc-
Intyre. a wealthy widow, 60 years old,
was found murdered In her home yes
terday. The body had been frightfully
mutilated with an ax. Mrs. Mclntyre
Is supposed to have kept considerable
money about her. She lived alone In
a small house In the Flatham district
near the scene of several fights recently
between the striking union miners and
negroes working In the mines. It Is
supposed the crime was committed two
or three days ago. Everything about
the jilaie showed that a desperate
struggle had occurred. Mrs. Moln
tyre's body was found chopped almost
to pieces and thrown under a bed.
Everything of value had been carried
off by the murderers. Mre. Mclntyre
Is said to hav; sympathized with the
union miners in their struggle against
n'-j-'iu labor.
l'&MOlt mmAm.
UnqutiUfled Buoooaa of Lydla L
Pinkhain's Vogotnblo Compound.
Mrs. Ei.lzAnETit Wiikklook, Mairno-
lla. Iowa, in tho following letter do
boribes her recovery from a very criti
cal condition:
" Disam Mits. PiNKn Am: I have boon
Inking your Vcgotablo Compound, and
am now ready to sound
its praises. It
has dono won
ders for me in
rollovlng mo
of a tumor.
has been poor
Chan go of life
was working
upon me. I
was very
much bloated
and was a bur
den to myself. Was troubled with
smothering spells, also palpitation of
the heart and that bearing-down fool-
ug, and could not bo on my feet much.
I was growing worse all the time,
until I took your medicine.
After taking three boxes of Lydla
E. I'inkhum's Vcgotablo Compound
Lozenges, tho tumor pasted from mo.
My health has been bettor ever
since, can now walk qulto a distanco
and am troubled no more with palplta
tion of tho heart or bloating. I rec
ommend your medicine to all sufferers
from female troubles."
It Is hardly reasonable to suppose
tint any one can doubt tho ofHclenny
nf lira IMnkham's methods and mcdl-
;ine in the face of the tremendous vol-
line of testimony.
Measures a'lmt Will lto Presented to
New Jprxoy Lawmaker.
Newark, Jan. 30. The New Jersey
State Federation of Trades executive
committee, at a meeting In this city
yesterday, decided on a number of local
measures, which will be presented at
once to the legislature. They include
the. abolishing of the fine system In
factories and stores; the fining of any
employe who may remove a safety
guard from machinery; making eight
hours a legal day's work for all per
sons who are obliged to attend night
school and for all persons engaged on
public works; raising the working age
of boys from 12 to 14 years; making It
compulsory for employers to call In the
state board of arbitration when strikes
occur, and giving the board consider
able power In the way of subpoenaing
witnesses and ordering the producing
of books; the appointment of two fe
male labor Inspectors in' addition to the
six males; making eight, full hours a
day's work for the Inspectors, and pro
hibiting them from engaging In any
other business.
It does not require au expert to detect the
sufferer from kidney trouble. The hollow
cheeks, the sunken eyes, the dark, puffy
circles under the eyes, the sallow parsnip
colored complexion indicates it.
A physician would ask if you had rheuma
tism, a dull pain or ache in the back or over
the hips, stomach trouble, desire to urinate
often, or a burning or scalding in passing it j
if after passing there is an unsatisfied .feeling
as if it must be at once repeated, or if the
urine has.a brick dust deposit or strong odor.
When these symptoms are present, no
lime should be lost in removing the cause.
Delay may lead to gravel, catarrh of the
bladder, inflammation, causing stoppage, and
sometimes requiring the drawing of the
urine with instruments, or may ruu into
Bright' s Disease, the most dangerous stage of
kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great dis
covery of the eminent kidney and bladdei
specialist, is a positive remedy for such dis
eases. Its reputation is world-wide and it is
so easy to get at any drug store that no one
need suffer any length of time for want of it.
However, if you prefer to first test its
wonderful merits, mention Evening Herald
and write to Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Binghainton,
N. V., for a sample bottle and book-telling all
about it, both sent absolutely free by mail.
The Receipts or'Cnttlo In Philadelphia
and Latent Quotations.
Philadelphia, Jan. 30. The receipts of
cattle In this city last week were as fol
lows: Reeves, 2.535; sheep, 5,300; hogs,
4,700. Receipts for the previous week
were: Beeves, . 2,930; sheep, 7,062; hogs,
Beef cattle were In fair demand and
prices closed firm; 310 head of live steers
were shipped to London per steamer
Mackinaw and 200 head to Glasgow per
steamer Austrian. AVe quote: Extra,
B9iSc; good, 54Ui6KiP.l medium, 50
lc; common, 49i65Wc
Sheep were Inactive, although prices
were Arm. Quotations: Extra, 45c.;
good, 4U4Vto ; medium, 35iS4c; com
mon, 2Vi3Vic.; lambs, 5Q6c.
Hogs were In better request and prices
advanced. We quote: Best western, 60
5c; other kind, SliSSHc
Fat cows were In fair request at 2M
Thin cows sold well at tSQIS.
Veal calves were steadily held at 4V4
Milch cows were unchanged at $30 to $35.
City dressed beeves were In good de
nand and prices closed firm at &Q6c.
U'lle-Uulun Tomonicos.
Havana, Jan. 30. The postal service
Jn Cuba Is being vigorously pushed un
der the direction of ex-Assistant Post
master General Rathboneftind military
postal stations, in connection with the
New York city postofllce, and having
money order and registry facilities,
have been ordered established at Pla
nting. Santo Domingo. Sagua La
Grande and Calbarlen, In Santa Clara
province; Batabano and Jucaro, Ha-
bana province, ana oania u-ruz, in
Puerto Principe province. These make
35 military postal stations In Cuba.
Phlladelplilii-HIOporrt AVrostod.
Jersey City,, Jan. 30. Miss Mabel
Hewltson, 19 years old, of 2149 South
Third street, and Horace M. Cornell, 20
years old, of 7S6 MaBter street, Phila
delphia, an eleotriclan, are under ar
rest at police headquarters on the com
plaint of the girl's mother. Mrs. Hew
ltson says they eloped from Philadel
phia on Jan. 7.
Death ol'Kx-oiuitor Winter.
La Grande, Ore., Jan. 30 Kx-Unlted
States Senator James II. Slater died
Saturday night. Deeeased was born in
Illinois In 1826, went to California In
1819 and came to Oregon In 1850. In
1870 he was elected to the Forty-second
congress and ill 1876 was elected United
States senator, where he served until
i '
In Sumo I'lnooM it Hroftkj.tho Itodord
For Firteoit YoiirH.
Denver. Colo., Jan. 30. The snow
storm which had been rnglng 011 tho
mountains since early la-.t week has
subsided. In some plans the fall of
snow Has been the heaviest in 15 years.
In and about Lentlvtlle seiloiis results
are threatened. The supply of coal and
provisions In the smaller mountain
towns have become exhausted, and suf
fering must result unless the railroads
can be opened, flnowslldes are re
ported from several places, but only
from Apex, where three were killed,
hns come Information of casuultl'es. In
formation from 'Kokoino Is to the ef
fect that great masses of hard packed
snow overhangs the town, threatening
It with yerlciue damage should they
give wny. Kokomo was carried away
by an avalanche lit the early '80, and
the residents are fed r fill lest this should
be lepealed now. The South Park
road has been tied up lie t wee n Como
and Leadvllle. Several days ago an
attempt was made to run a train with
provisions westward .through the snow.
The train stuck near the Dickey, where
it has remulned since. A snowsllde
near llngerman tunnel, on the Colo
rado M'dland. has' blocked that road
west of Leadvllle, and tialns to Clleu
wood have gone over the Denver and
Rio tlraude tracks, netween Como and
Leadllle the snow has drifted tn the
cuts to the depth of 30 and 40 feet. The
only road running west and east from
Lendvlllc thnt has been cleur Is the
Denver and Hlo drnnde.
Three Killed by nil Avnlnucho.
Apex. Colo., Jan. 30. Three lives were
lost in a snowsllde here yesterday. The
dead nre Mrs. W. II. Rudolph and her
two children, need 2 and 4 years.
Snow hns falling nlmost continuously
during the past week and had reached
a 'depth of 15 feet on the mountain
sides. The pack gave away yesterday,
swept down on the Rudolph home and
carried It away. Rudolph escaped, but
his wife and three children were swept
away In the avalanche of snow. A
searching party rescued the G-year-old
son alive. The other three have not
been found.
Another Victim or 1'ootbnll.
Springfield, O., Jan. 30. Charles Ort,
son of President Ort, of Wittenberg
college, died yesterday of spinal menin
gitis, resulting from Injuries received
In Ust Thanksgiving day's football
The Ravages of flrlp.
That modern scourge, the Grip, polions
tho air with its fatal gtriiH, so that no home
19 safo from its ravages, but multitudes have
found a sure protection against this danger
ous malady in Dr King's New Discovery.
Whpu.you feel a soreness In your bones and
muscles, have chills and fever, with sore
throat, pain In the back of the head, catar
rhal symptoms and a stubborn colieh you
may know you havo the Grip, and that you
need Dr. King's Now Discovery. It will
promptly euro tho worst rough, heal tho In
llamed membranes, kill tho disease germs anil
prevent tho dreaded after oll'ccts of the
malady. Price BOcts. and $1.00. Money back
If not cured. A trial bottle free at A
Wesley's drug si ore.
President of VNaynn Federation.
Manila, Jan. 30. Advices Just re
ceived from Hollo, capital of the Island
of Pnnay, say that at the election held
on Jan. 17 Senor Ramon Melllza was
chosen president of the so-called Vis
ayan Federation for a term of two
years, his predecessor, General Copez
(Lopez?), being appointed commander-in-chief
of the forces of the revolutlon-
nw pnvprnmpnt. Rennr Mellizn. Is
kindly disposed to the Americans and I
It Is hoped that thf difficulty between
the natives and the United States au
thorities will bo settled amicably.
Never Falls for Coughs and Colds.
That's what Tan-Tina is, 25c. At Gruhler
liros., drug storo.
12xploslon KIUh I'fiurtt'oirArinerHl
Murcla, Spain, Jan. 30. Fourteen per
sons were killed yeBterday by an explo
sion of gas In the Palla mine, near Ma
zanron, 20 miles west of Cartagena. The
other miners succeeded In making their
A Common Sanger.
If you havo ever had a cold whloh you
permitted to "wear away" it may interest
you to know it was a dangerous proceeding.
Every cold aud cough which Is neglected
paves tho way lor consumption, bronchitis,
asthma or catarrh. Otto's Cure, tho famous
German throat and lung remedy, will curu
any cough or cold and save you from con
sumption. Sold by all druggists. Prices 25c
aud 60c per bottle.
MoMIHa7VSrm-d"Joiri iffuiTI mil.
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 30. Governor
McMIUln has vetoed a bill authorizing
Memphis to Issue bonds for park pur
poses because the bill allowed the mu
nicipal government of Memphis to Issue
for park purposes gold bonds, with In
terest payable In gold. He says In his
veto that he will not sanction legisla
tion discriminating against United
States legal tender coins.
Catarrh is
Not Incurable
But it can not bo cured by sprays,
washes and inhaling mixtures which
reach only the surface, Tho disease is
In the blood, and can only be roached
through the blood. S. 8. S. is tho only
remedy which can have nny effect upon
Oatarrh j it cures the disease perma
nently and forever rids the system oi
every trace of tho vile complaint.
Ulss Josle Owen, of Montpeller, Ohio,
writes: "I tii af
flicted from lnfancj
with Catarrh, and nn
one can know the
Buffering it producci
better than I. Tht
prays and washei
gTJV J3yN prescribed by the doe-
temporarily, and
m though I Used them
constantly for ten years, the disease had a
nrmer hold than ever. I tried a number ol
blood remedies, but their mineral Ingredlenti
settled In mv bones and gave me rheumatism
t was in a lamentable eondttlon, and after ex.
haustlng all treatment, was declared Incurable
Seeing S, S. S, advertised as a cure for blood
diseases, I decided to try n. As soon as my
system was under the effeot of the medicine,
I began to Improve, and after taking it foi
two months I was oured completely, tin
dreadful disease wbj eradicated from my sys
tem, nnd I have had no return of H."
Many havo been taking local treat
ment for years, and find themselves
worse now than over. A trial of
will nrovo it to be the right remedy
for Oatarrh. It will oure the most ob
stinate case.
Hooks mailed free to any address bj
Bwift tipeeiflo Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Stomach and Liver Troubles
and No Strength to Work.
Discouraged and Terribly Kun
Down, Weak and Prostrated.
Dr. Qroono's Nervura Took Me Out of
My Troubles and Mado Me Well.
Mr. George K. Learned, Orford, N. II.,
Deputy Sherlti of the county snysi "I
have Keen troubled with chills and malaria,
with stomnSh and liver trouble, and I
linve hud over twenty doclors nt work at
in' rase without receiving any help. I
whs terribly run down, weak nnd pros
trnted, nnd'witliout strength or ambition
to attend to my woik. 1 was pretty well
discouraged, but finally hearing how much
good Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and
nerve remedy was doing, I began to use
it. I tell you Nervura Is a great medicine.
It took mc out of my troubles and made
me well."
It cures otners, why not you? Yoiyian
consult about your case without charge
with Dr. Greene, 3s West 14th St., New
York City, either by writing or calling.
Probably I'nlnl ItoflorHxprfmlon.
Chicago, Jan. 30. Four men wen
badly burned, one perhaps fatally, by
the explosion of a boiler yesterday In
the basement of the Chicago Tribune
building. The injured are: Bud Mil
ler, fireman, Injuries probably fatal;
Charles Ludln, Peter Blege and Will
iam Murphy. The men, who had Just
completed putting In new grates In the
furnace of the boiler, were standing
directly in front of the furnace when
the explosion occurred, and were cov
ered first with live coals, then with
scalding water.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Prisoners 1'scnpn.
Canjm, O., Jan. 30. Six prisoners es
caped from the county Jail yesterday'.
They-" were James Sulllvanf charged
with highway robbery, and W. H.Cum
mlngs, Halph Carnahan, Charles Beed,
Frank Hnltor and James Campbell,
charged with burglary and larceny.
Campbell was a "trusty," and on Sat
urday n.fcht pretended to lock the cell
doors. Instead he turned the keys
with the bolts outside the grooves, al
lowing the men the liberty of the cor
ridor. The bars of a rear window were
sawed nnd the prisoners escaped.
'Tlsn't safe to bu a day without Ilr. Thomas'
Eclcctric Oil In the house Novcr can tell
what moment nn accident is going to happen.
vy nbWAii-tl-ScnlVnjr 1)111.
Albany, Jan. 30. It has been decided
to Introduce a bill prohibiting the scalp
ing or transportation tickets in this
state which will meet the objections
raised to the statute enacted last year
by the court of appeals. That act was
declared to be. unconstitutional be
cause It violated the personal rights
clause of both the state and nation.
It Is likely that the ticket brokers of
the state will put up a determined
fight against the passage of the new
measure, and that the contests of last
year will be repeated.
Who Said They Have a Cough 7
Advice Take Pan-Tina, 25c. At Gruhler
Bros,, drug store.
Some of the special daily features include
A SPORTING PAGIJ, contributed to by a stuff of the best Jportiug authorities.-
A TATK PAGE, in which the every happening of interest in every place in Pennsyl
i, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland is told by special dispa dies from our 'own
A WOMAN'S PAGR, where every morning the latest fashions and every feminine
interest are cleverly dealt with in profusely illustrated articles.
A CAHI.K PAGR, where the doings of our foreign cousins are reproduced in special
cable dispatches.
ALL THE NEWS, from everywhere, by
Included in The Sunday Inquirer each week is a colortd section, with the best of
picture by well-known artists iu brilliant color and softest half-tone. The colored section of
Ml... t; i-.. I i : i.j i
i uc aunuuy iiupiiicr is inn rouuicu uy any ouicr paper.
The Sunday Inquirer Magazine
i contributed to by the very best writer?, sueh as Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Robert
Ilarr, Anthony Hope and Jan MacLaren. Besides-the brightest of short stories and serials,
there sre many ai tides by eminent authorities on subjects religions, mechanical, literary and
scientific. Then, too, there are puzzles with cash piizes amounting to $50000. If you
waul to make your wits profitable gtt the next Sunday Inquirer,
If you wont a position in Phiiade'phii, an INQUIRER WANT AD wjiHnc it for you.
TUP. PHILADELPHIA JM.UJIRKR ii Pennsylvania's leading newspaper In influence,
cnlcipiijc and circulation,
ilrlMMi (Jovrrntnont Ofllelnl Publicly
Mnkim the Hlllf ucxt bill.
London. Jan. 30. Illght Hon. Walter
Hume Long, president of the board of
agriculture, addressing the Farmers'
club at Newcastle used the word "al
liance" In referring to the future re
lations between dieat Britain nnd the
United States. The frank employement
of this term by a member of tho gov
ernment Is likely to evoke much dis
cussion, not all of which will be of the
friendliest character, Inasmuch as seek
ing an nlllance to light Hngland's bat
tles Is not regarded as the best policy
to promote an Anglo-American entente.
Mr. Long, who had been dlscUBsing
the proposals to establish national
granaries, nnd had said "that after all,
and In last resort, Hngland's safety de
pended upon having a navy strong
enough to meet any possible combina
tion the nations dmld bring against
her," -proceeded as. follows:
"I am glad of our Improved relations
with our American cousins, because
they hnve the true meaning of friend
liness. The Americans realize our
blood relationship, and have firmly re
solved that It Creat Britain Is called
upon to face dllllcultles she shall not
face them alone, but will form an al
liance with her wealthy and vastly
populous sister country, the republic
of the United States."
An 1 11 1 111111 1 Ion That American Mo
nopolist Would ltuln the t -In ii (1 .
Santiago de Cuba, Jan. 30. The Cu
bano Libre publishes u long article
setting forth Its objections to the pro
jects of foreign capitalists for work
ing "Cuba's virgin soil," constructing
railroads, establishing electric light
plants and carrying on similar enter
prises. "We do not want any one to
Invest capital In Cuba except the na
tives," says the paper. "America Is
proof of what monopolists can do In
ruining a country.
The henlth nf Santiago was never
better than It Is now. Only ono death
has occurred within the city limits dur
ing the last five days. Nothing ap
proaching' this Immunity Is recorded
In the history of the city. The vultures,
"which were formerly the city scaven
gers, are starving, and now pounce
on cats and small dogs a circumstance
very significant as illustrating the
changed sanitary condition.
Tn (Jure a 'Cold In Ouu lny
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druggists refund tho money If It falls to cure
35c. The genuine has I.. II. Q. on each
fablot tf
Passenger trains leave Shenandoah for Penn
Unveil Jiliicttiiii, Mnucll Chunk, Leliigliton,
Hlatlnetou. White Hall, t'atatmuutln. Allelitown.
Bethlehem, Knitnu New York and Philadelphia
ai o u, t vi a. 111., 1 1 u anil f 11 p. 111.
For WUkesbarrc, White Haven nnd littnton
O 2S. 10 IS 11. 111.. 1 00 nnd 0 11 11. 111.
For Laceyville, Townntla, Havre, Waverly,
IGImlra, HocliCBtcr, ItufTnlo, Alngara Falls,
Auburn, Syracuse, lthscn, Geneva "and the
West, 10 18 n. m., 1 00 nnd 5 14 i. 111.
For HelvUlere, Delawnre Wider Gap and
Htromlgburg, 9 28 n. ui Slip. 111.
For Liiinbertvllle nml Trenton. 7 19 n. 111.
For Jennesville, beviston nml Heaver Meadow,
8 28 n. 111., 1 00 p. in.
For McAtlon, Audcnrled, Ilnzleton, Stockton
nnd Lumber Yard, 5 28, 7 49, 10 IK u. in,, 1 00 nnd
5 3 1 u m
VorJeddo, Drlfton and Freelnnd, S28, 1018
11. 111., u 1 i. jn.
j'or niTuimiu, i -n, ju 10 u. in., .1 n ji. m.
For Lost Creek, Glranlvllle, and Aslilaml, 4 00,
nun x P I".
For ltaven nun, Ccntnilln, Mount Carniel and
onninoKin, iu u n. 111., 1 .10, ti uf, v p. in,
For Mnlinnoy City, Park lince and Delano,
5 28, 7 49, 10 18 n. in., mid 1 '0, 5 11 ii. in.
ForYntesvllle.5 2S. 1018n in.
Trains will leave Blininokln at 7 00. 9 20 n. in..
12 iu nun i 'm p. in., nnu nrrivo nt sncuunuonti
at 7 49, iu is n. in., l ou, a 1 1 p. in.
Lcnvo Hlicnnnuoali for i'ottsvllle. St. Oln'r.
Newcastle, Morea nod New Boston, 7 19 and
JU jn u. in , unit i w i in
Leave l'ottsvlllo for Slieiinndoah, 0 45 a in
12 03. 505. 8 15 n. in.
Leave Ilnzleton for Shenandoah, 10 00 n. in..
1 18, o oj, u 2U, m p. in.
Trnlna leave for Haven Hun, Ccntrnlia, Mt.
Cnrinel and Slinniokln. 9 46 n. iu.. 7 21 u. in..
Trains leave Slininokili for alieliamlotth at
8 50 a. in., nnd 5 85 p. in.
Leave Slicnnudoah for Yatesvllle, Mnlinnoy
City, l'nrk Place, Delano, McAdoo, Audenrled,
jiuzieiuu, oiucKion, minuer iani, tYcnincny
and Mnuch Chunk. 9 47 a in., nnd A R1 n. m.
For Iychlglitoii, Slatlngton, Cntnsaurguu White
mm, vuuiuy, rtiiemown, luistou nnu i'liuilps
burg, 9 47 a m., and 8 H2 p. m.
For New .York nnd liillndelnliin. 9 47n. m.
Lenvo Ilnzleton for Slicnnudoah, 8 50, n. m.,
M. 11. (iUTTEIt, Hupt. Transportation,
Suutli Hctlilcliein, Pa.
KOLL1N II. WILUUIt, Oeul. Supt.',
South Ilethlelieni, l'a.
CHAHLltS S. LEE, Genl. Puss. AgU
New York, N. Y,
South JJfthJeheui, Pa.
die full Associated Press service and Special
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execution on ttie vioiiu nt tue llrusscls
Conservatory of music. German critics
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derful player. It
is the greatest
distinction tobe
first in any
thing. For 11. ,s
literature, alli-
letic9, science
tmdntf .ma, n,,,1
women nut forth
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raid to be "first in war, first iu peace and
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Catarrh. Case9 that had, to nil appearan
ces, run into Consumption, or where the
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stomach had become ulcerated and raw
from swallowing the germ-laden matter,
were all permanently cured, Such a rec
ord, unknown to auv other remedy, just
ly entitles the Brazilian Balm to the first
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zupolis, I ml.
Wholesale Agents
Philadelphia &
Reading R'y-
Engines Burn Hard Coal-No Smoke.
rrnWin leave Shcnnndoah an follows:
Kor New York via l'hlladetpliln, week 'ayB,
1 10, 5 83, 7 80, fl 53 n. in., 12 26, 8 1 9 nnd C C9 p. m
For New Yotk via Mauch Chunk, week uuvh
'' 30 n. in., 12 20 and 8 C9 p. m.
For Heading nnd Philadelphia, week days,
2 10, 5 38, 7 SO, 9 53 A.m., lis 20, 8 1 9 and 0 C9 p, in.
For PntUvllle, week days, 7 80, 9 85 k. in.
I 20. 8 09, 6 09 and 1 30 p. m.
For Tainaqun and Maliauoy City, week rtayn
SO, 9 53 a. m 12 26, 8 09 and 6 C9 p. in.
For Willlamnport, Sunbury nnd I-ewleljurx,
v.'ek dnys. 11 82 n. m.. 12 20, 7 30 r. ru
KnrMaliano Plane, wiekilnys, 2 10,3 27,5 33,
.' 30, 9 53, 11 62 a. ill., 12 20, 8 09, 6 09, 7 3 , 9 50
. m.
For Ashland and Shamokln, week days, 7 80,
1182 a. ni., 12 26, 309,607, 725 and 05 p. id,
For Baltimore, Washington and the West via
it. AO. IS. It., through trains lei IU'koIuk
rermlnal, Philadelphia. (P. i I. H R.) at 8 20,
1 55, II 26 a. m a 10 and 7.27 p. i-. Sundays,
1 20, 7 00, 11 26 a. in., 8 46 and 7 27 p. in. Add!
lonal trains from Twenty-fourth and ( heat
mt streets station, week days, 10 30 a. ra. 12 20
1 It 8 40 . ni. Sunday, 1 114. 8 2.1 p. m.
Leave New York via Philadelphia, week
lays, 12 15, i 80, 8 00, 11 SO a. m., and 1 tS, t 80
00 p.ui
Leave New York via Mauch Chunk, veek
lays, 4 80, 9 10 a. ui 1 80 p. in.
Leave Philadelphia, liedlnB Terminal, v rrk
lays, 8 40, S 86. 10 21 a. in. and 136, 4 C6, 6 36.
11 30 p. in
Leave Reading, week days, 137, 7 00, 10 08.
im 12 15, 4 17. 6 00,820 pja. '
Leave PonsiIleT"wee"KdayH. 7 17, 7 40 a. ni
12 80, I 20, 4 30, 0 10 and 6 60 p. m.
Leave Taraaqua. week days, 3 18, 8 86. 1123
.. iu. 1 49,6 66, 7 20,9 41 p.m..
Leave Alnhanoy Clt, week days, 3 43, 9 05,
.1 81 a. m 2 22, 5 23, 6 24, 7 44, 10 08 p. Ii.
Leave Mahmioy Plane, week Jays. 2 40, 4 00
180. 922 10 J, 12 00, a. m., 239, 536, 0 42 7f&
10 21pm.
Leave Wllllamsport week Java, 742, 10 00 a.
u.. 1284 and 4 00, 11 30 p. in.
Leave Philadelphia Chestnut tlriet worf and
loiitli Btreetwhaif for Atlantic City.
Weekdays Kipress, 9 00, a. in., 2 00, 4 00,
5 00 p.m. Accommodation, 8 00 a in., 6 30 pm
Sundays Express, 900, 10 00 am Accommoda
tion, 8 00 a u.. 4 43 p. in.
Returning leave Atlantlo City depot, cornet
Atlantic am Arkansas avenues.
Weekdays EipreM, 7 85, 9 00, a m 8 80, 5 80
p in Accommodation, 8 15 a. re. 4 05 p. m.
Sundays Eiprefs. 100, 7 30 p m. Aecommoda
tion, 7 15 a. m., 4 13 p. ra
For Cape Slay, Sea Islo City and Ocean City
Weekdays 9 00 n in, additional fur Cape May,
113 p in., for Sen Isle Cll.. 6 00 p in, for
Ocean City, 4 15, 500 p m. Sundays, Chestnut
street 915 a ni., South street, 9 00 a.m.
Parlor Car on all ennroHs trAlus.
"or further Information, npply to nearest
Philadelphia unci Reading Railway ticket agent
or address
Oen'l Hunt., Oen'l Pass'r Am...
Headlmr Tnrnilnal PlillariVlnlila.
Pilsner Beer.
Needs no recommendation.
Put up in bottles for family
use and delivered at your
Lauer's Pilsner
Draught Beer
Is drank by the majority ot
beer drinkers: They are good
authority on which is best.
Christ. Schmidt,
Agent and Bottler,
203 W. Coal Street
Office ICgan building, corner of Main M
Contre streets, Shenandoah.
Lock Box 65, Mahanny City, P.
Having studied under some ot the bed
waster li London and Parts, will give lessons
jn the violin, mandolin, guitar and vocal cullun.
Terms reasonable. Address In care of fitrniu
h towlm ftlinanrinh.
CclchmfHl Feu. 4.
l'owdera naver fun
f alij3juuTailiMliiw:Urti litem
stlfe and t ure I tiler flUlns
' with Tinir rti Penuyrojsl I'lllt sad efhtr llkf
roncdlM). Alviyf buy tat bt and old Suit-
iitmont. auirutd fuperkiLto all
rsMWrtf .... N
buk Mr IWfWa. Mia.

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