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Headache for Forty Yoars.
For forty year I miiron il from slrk bend
ache. A ymr wro 1 iiri'iut urrr 'elory King.
Tho result wan itriitlfyltii; nnd anrprlslnir, my
lieailnrlicH leiiVinir nt onre. Tin.' lienitndit-ft
nseil torelnrn overy nevcntli dn , but tlinnhn
to Celery Klntt, 1 linvo Imd I Ail ono hendnche
In tho Inst cloven moiiUm. I kumvtlmt wlmt
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Htoiimi'li, Liver and Kidneys. Sold liy drug
Cists, ffij urid Wc. 2
' Culmn'Tnflir MoiUIIimI.
WaHhlnBton, Jiui. 31. -Cunvlttrril that
the privilege extended to the post ex
changes in Cuba of Importing goodH
nnd supplies free of duty has created
an unjust discrimination nealnst In
dividual traders. Assistant Secretary
Melkeljohn yesterday Issued an order
modifying paragraph 27 of the Cuban
customs tariff so as to revoke that
privilege. The post exchanges have
been selling their goods to private citi
zens, and In this wav have sold the
goods upon which they pay no duty at
prices far below the figure that would
yield a living profit to the private
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Koro Wontlior In Knttwrw.
Kansas City, Jan. 31. Unuaually cold
weather prevails throughout Kansas
and western Missouri. In Kansas City
the mercury registered from four de
grees below zero at 1 o'clock, the lowest
point since 1895. Heports from many
points In Kansas Indicate that cattle
on the ranees are suffering severely
from the cold and that there may be
some losses.
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Urizlni Wheeler For tho HeRiilnr Army
Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 31. The gen
eral assembly has passed a resolution
re'commendlng to the president yie ap
pointment of General Wheeler to the
position of major general In the regu
lar army as soon as a vacancy shall
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Secretary Long Oorrocts a State
ment of Ex-Minister Woodford.
At Xo Tlmo Wore) the VomoI or Our
Nnvy Short or Ammunition, ami tho
(lovuriimviit 11 ml a Llliornl Supply
111 Itesorvo.
Washington, Jan. 31. Secretary Lon
has addressed a letter to General Stew
art u. Woodford In which he says! "I
find the papers attribute to you cer
tain statements with regard to the
supply of ammunition In tho navy dur
ing the war which are so erroneous
that 1 cannot believe you have been
correctly quoted. I have asked the
bureau of ordnance to give me the ex-
aot facts and Inclose you a copy of the
statement. I am sure you will be glad
to read It." Then follows the report
from the ordnance bureau, signed by
Charles O'Neill, chief of the bureau. It
Is as follows:
"Heferrlng to the reported speech of
General Woodford at the Army and
Navy club at New York on Saturday
evening last. In which he Is quoted as
saying "that on Feb. 18, 1898, three
days after the Maine was blown up In
Havana harbor, he received Informa
tion by telegraph that this government
did nut possess powder enough to pro
vide the warships and forts with two
rounds for each gun," so far as relates
to the navy, Is an error, as every ves
sel was practically filled up with her
allowance of ammunition.
"The regulations of the department
prescribe that 'the reserve ammuni
tion for guns of the main battery, ex
cept on monitors and coast defense
vessels, shall not be allowed to fall be
low 40 rounds per gun for six Inch
caliber and above, nor below 60 rounds
per gun for the rapid fire guns,' and no
esse! of the navy was reduced so low
as this.
In addition to the supply of am
munition afloat the navy had a fair
amount In reserve, especially of pro
jectiles, There were less rounds of
powder per gun than of shell, and for
this reason, by direction of the secre
tary, an emergency order waa placed
for powder on Jan. IE, 1898, Just one
month before the destruction of the
Maine, and by the 15th of February,
the date of that catastrophe, the navy
department had about 750,000 pounds
of powder In reserve, and it was being
turned out In large quantities dally.
"So far as relates to the supply of
ammunition on Dewey's ship, the fact
Is they never were reduced betow tne
limit prescribed by the department, and
they could have safely cone Into ac
tion without receiving further supply.
The vessels engaged expended only
about one-third of their allowance.
"As further showing the state of the
ammunition supply of this fleet, it Is
remarked that on Nov. 2, 1897, orders
Were Issued by the bureau of ordnance
to the Mare Island navy yard to pre
pare for the Olympla, Boston and
Petrel a quantity of ammunition which
would completely fill their allowance
and give thejrt one-quarter target prac
tice In addition. This ammunition was
forwarded as rapidly as possible, thus
filling up all the vessels of the Asiatic
fleet, but without this they were In
condition to go into battle.
As soon as the department learned
that a battle had been fought steps
were taken to make a further ship
ment to the East Indies, and on May
and 3 a shipment was made by ex
press from New York to San Francisco
of 2,000 five Inch cartridge cases and
3,800 six pounder cartridges, these be
ing the only articles sent by express,
and they were sent to go by" the
Charleston, which was to sail on May
21. 1SD8, or by the City of Pekln, to
sail on May 25. The Charleston took
81 rounds of assorted ammunition.
The City of Pekin carried 22,415 rounds
and 40 gun cotton mines and miscel
laneous supplies. The Monterey, fol
lowing, took 941 rounds. The Monad
nock, following, took 188 rounds, and
the collier Nero also took 2,650 rounds.
These shipments were made In antici
pation of possible further need of the
squadron, and, It will be observed,
were sent after the battle of Manila
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Deadly llnttloln Cntndon.
Camden, N. J- Jan. 31. William
Wrench was shot five times by Henry
Darr last night. One bullet entered
the stomach, another the forehead and
three the shoulder. Both men are col
ored. Darr found Wrench and Mrs.
Darr together, and a fight occurred,
Darr. finding himself worsted, used the
revolver. Wrench will die. Darr was
captured on a ferryboat bound for
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Smallpox fn Porto ltlco.
San Juan de Porto Rico, Jan. SI.
Smallpox la Increasing at Ponce, where
150 cases are under treatment. The
military government will Immediately
begin compulsory vaccination. Chief
Surgeon Huff savs there is no occa
slon for special alarm, as the condl
Hons are not unusual. Reports from
other points In the Island .tell of only
scattered cases.
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Another Soreed' From Agonolllo.
Washington, Jan. 31. SIxto Lopez,
secretary to Agonclllo, the Philippine
representative here, called at the state
department yesterday afternoon and
left with the chief clerk another com
munlcation addressed to the secretary
of state protesting against the attl
tude of our government towards the
Filipino "republic." The terms of the
protest do not go as far as an ultima'
turn. The same fata awaits this com'
munlcation as that which befell Its
predecessor. It will be diplomatically
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Sont to tho Soimto by President
I MoKinloy.
Our Subsequent Demand Tor Control
of tho Wholo Island Win Mntlo by
the Commltiton, After b Proteet
1'rora Senator (Jrny.
Washington, Jan. 31. Tht president
yesterday wnt to the fcenate the corre-
pondence on flic In tho state depart
ment bearing- upon the peace treaty,
and It was rend In the executive sea-
Ion. The correspondence was sent In
response to the resolution Introduced
by Senator Hoar, and Includes most of
the letters and cablegrams from the
commissioners to the president and
from the president to the commission
ers In the wav of Instructions In re
turn. The documents are numerous,
as there were telegrams, letters and re
ports for almost every day the com
missioners were In Paris. One tit the
first cablegrams from the president In
truded them to demand the cession of
Luzon Island only of the Philippines,
and he told them that full sovereignty
should come with It.
The principal Interest amonpr the
senators attached to the president's In
structions to Insist upon the cession of
the Island of Luzon, and after that In
the decision to take the entire croup
of Islands. This latter development ap
pears from the correspondence to be a
growth, and the suggestion was made
by the commissioners to the president
as the result of occurences at Paris
after the arrival there of the commis
sioners. In his dispatch concerning
Luzon he said there was but one al
ternative. The United States must
either take the island and assume
sovereignty or return It to Spain, and
of the two courses he preferred the
Spain was from the first unwilling1 to
cede any of the Philippines, and .she
made especial objection to letting go of
Luzon alone. The commissioners, with
the exception of Senator Gray, urged
that to take Luzon and leave the other
Islands of the archipelago In the hands
of the Spaniards would be to Invite In
numerable complications with other
nations, and especially with Spain.
Much stress was laid upon the proba
bility of future trouble with Spain.
With Luzon under American adminis
tration there would soon be such a
vast Improvement, they wrote, that the
other Islanders would soon grow more
and more rebellious, and with Spain s
oppressive methods of government we
would soon again find that we had an
other Cuba at another door. Further
more, there would be constant filibus
tering, and we should find ourselves
spending' millions to preserve a state of
neutrality, just as wc did In the case
of Cuba prior to our declaration of war
on account of that Island. General
aierrltt's testimony on this point was
cited and was made, the reason for
much of the argument In favor of tak
ing the entire group.
The president does not appear to have
at any time given explicit Instructions
to consummate the bargain by taking
all the Philippines, but rather, after
hearing a full explanation, to have left
the matter to the discretion of the com
missioners. The entire controversy was practi
cally over the Philippines and the ques
tion of assuming responsibility for the
payment ol the Spanish bonds for
which the Cuban revenues were plsdg
ed. The Spaniards from the first In
slsted upon an Indemnity for the Phil
Ipplnes, and the correspondence shows
that after the proposition to pay $20,-
000,000 was made the negotiations pro
ceeded much more smoothly and were
soon brought to a close.
The American commissioners appear
to have been of one mind as to the wis
dom of taking over all the Philippines
with the exception of Senator Gray,
who, notwithstanding he signed the
treaty, held out to the last against the
policy of acquiring these islands. In
one notable dispatch he pleaded zeal
ously against the policy as unpatriotic,
un-American and Inconsistent with
probity and good statesmanship.
After a brief debate the senate ra
fused to print the correspondence.
New Jersey's Lawmakers.
Trenton, Jan. 31. The two houses of
the legislature had short sessions again
last night, and little business wa
transacted outside of the Introduction
of bills. Among the measures lni n
duced or advanced to third reading
were the following: Prohibiting the
employment on public works of me
chanics or laborers who are not citi
zens of the United States; providing
that more than one bar may be main
tained on a licensed property (Intend
ed for Washington Park): making the
salary of freeholders $300 In counties
of from 75,000 to 200,000 population; re
quiring payment of employes every two
weeks; prohibiting non-residents from
shad or herring fishing In the waters
of the state; authorizing the payment
of an annual pension to the families of
policemen who die In the discharge of
their duties.
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Matches," alias Dr. L. Denmark and
Dr. Simpson, one of the best known
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who has served terms In Sing Sing and
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swindling the firm of 11. B. Selleck &
Co,, of this city, out of $5,660. Canning,
It 1b said, convinced Mrs. Balllngton
Booth that he wished to become an
honest man. With her aid Canning
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vanced. The check, It Is alleged, was
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We Will "Whip I'lllplnoi to Death" !
to Mnttitiilu Our Authority. ,
Washington. Jan. SI An effort on J
the part of Mr. Allison to obtain con- 1
slderatlon In the smate yesterday for ,
the Indian appropriation bill preclpl- 1
toted a running debate, which occupied j
all the time until lh senate at 2 o'clock
went into executive Mission on the .
peace treaty. Mr. Jones, of Arkansas,
leading the opponents of the treaty,
opened the debate by insisting that
time should be taken for the discussion
of pending resolutions having a col
lateral bearing upon the treaty before
the treaty Itself was disposed of, and
Mr. Macon's resolutions finally were
laid before the senate. Mr. Carter, of
Montana, In an Impassioned speech, de
clared that the adoption of the resolu
tions would be a pledge to those who
were defying the authority of this
country in the Philippines, and that
when die treaty had been ratified this
government would Inquire who In those
Islands were In rebellion atrultist our
authority, and If neceutory to main
tain our authority we would whip them
to death.
The house put In a hard day's work
on the army bill. The committee
amendments giving the president dis
cretionary power to reduce the size of
the Infantry companies and cavalry
troops to 60 men each were adopted,
and also a series of amendments to re
duce the officers of the staff. A sub
stitute was adopted for the section pro
viding for promotions, whlclrls design
ed to equalize promotions. A fight was
made to reduee the age limit for o Ul
cers to be appointed to the various
staff departments from 60 to 30, but It
failed. An amendment was, however,
adopted to require a mental and moral
as well as a physical examination for
such appointees.
J. It. llrlrtgn, oriloptoii, Unit "Ocular
niMitoimtrntlou of tho Trloki."
Boston. Jan. 31. J. It. Drldge, of this
elty. whose name appeared In connec
tion with that of Charles S. Hill In an
alleged expose of the Keely motor se
cret, and who was accused In a state
ment Issued by T. It. Klnrald, who was
supposed to.be the sole possessor of the
late Inventor's secret, of breach of
faith, yesterday made a reply to Mr.
Klnrald. In which he stated that the
knowledge of the fraud was Imparted
to him without solicitation or request.
and that he made no promlseof secrecy
and was under no obligation to keep
llent. Mr. Bridge says:
In addition to the evidences of fraud
which I saw In Mr. Kcely's laboratory
In Philadelphia I also have seen since
Mr. Keely's death the most Important
of the experiments performed by Mr.
Klnrald himself. Mr. Klnrald told both
Mr. Hill and myself that the plain evi
dences of fraud covered every experi
ment done by Mr. Keely, and as we
had had ocular demonstrations of the
tricks we could not doubt the state
I have been besieged by people who
wanted to buy Keely motor stock and
by others who wished to unload their
stock, until I finally decided that I was
coming dangerously near condoning a
fraud, and I urged Mr. Hill to let the
whole story go, and he consented."
lie didn't complain If you were a little
despondent or irritable at times. Now
ne does, lie s
the same man.
He didn't un
derstand then.
He doesn't
now. Then he
thought it was
caprice ana
liked it. Now
he thinks it is caprice
and doesn't like it.
But now he's busy get
ting money.
If he realized the full truth
he would be more titan anx
ious to have the wife he loves
take the right remedy to restore her to
true womanly Health. Most men don't
know that when a woman is weak, nerv
ous, irritable and despondent, there is
lnvunauiy someiuing radically wrong
with the delicate feminine oreans with
which her entire physique is in bensitive
toucn. 1 nere is one, ana just one rem
edy, tried and proven, that will put
uungs rigm wnen lite
feminine organism is
weak or diseased. It is
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. It re
stores perfect health to
the weakened organs.
and makes them strong,
clean nnd virile. It
makes wifehood happy.
and motherhood easy.
It banishes mornine
sickness and all other discomforts that
precede maternity. It makes labor light.
short aild almost painless. It helps to
make real "new women. ' An Honest
druggist won't urge upon you 11 sub
Mrs. Kmcrson Alien, of Dorset. Ontario Co.,
Out write-- " I can tmtv s.iy that I think Dr.
Pierce' meuiciucs tlie best 1 have everustd. I
was in very poor health lor o long time, daunt
from the birth of my little irirl I tried dirferen
doctors and different medicines. I derived very
much more benefit from your medicines than
from any other I have ever used. I took four
bottles of ' Favorite Prescription and three bot
tles of ' Golden Medical Discovery, and X always
keep the Pellets' In the house.''
A Medicine. Chest In Itself.
Simple, Safo and Quick Cure for
25 and BO cent Bottlos.
IlrTHFF! G04 forth Sixth SI
FhlI.d.lSiT -IM.st.1.1". C" SL
so-called Krraleit, most celebrated and
wisest adrcrtlslDs doctors fall, no matter
wnatthrrrlatm. LOST MANHOOD
IWton, SI
m. ttittr,
Abvus. Blood 1 bison. Stricture: Shrunken or Vn
tlettloped organs. Ittiurty 1A4 only one la t as world
to cure VARICOCELE without cutting;, flookfrto
eivoslne ererr advertising-f ratio. ElectrTallelt
dlers.f ake Medical Institutes, etc. rrttheaxmrti
wiwwaoit, irauneni or man. uiustrcuer,
Superior Sarsaparilla..
and Orange Champagne,
Tht? Roay Froshnoso
And a velvet? aoltuess o! the akin Is Inia.
rUbly obtained by there who use Fouojii'a
uomptexion rowder.
I suffered from E '-ma im the tn-'ht ear I
could hardly keep mttuuiai off It. tho i a ng
was so severe. Houll Iml, 1, IPs wou, 1 oj cn,
erulltlnra naterv-llke substance, an art u"y
poisonous. One f tho leading dm t.rs bco
treated me, and applied tbe usual phvai a. s
remedial without iterant. .Mi br"'-''' r--ommonited
that I trv CiTf i HA. Tho Mr. t
appltmHomra tktnt, and tfore lb hot
was half grmtth ttfftn hnddlmpptnt'-d.
11. C. BARN ET. M I Kace St., Ciun , O.
8rastr Cf t TassTnt-r rt fTvf st Kii r. -tsii&.vmi
ls "F Hia - vrtrm fcsuis w i
eras sosr.mif immwim ri-nrraa.r '((
a aww in i i v - .
MdtkraafkiMttlM w-M. P-Ttts nsi rtsr.
OilirSsWriors.lSMUa. " H. Csrt Ccutu, ins.
i Ai rr.vr.lt8. Luni Fer, Milk Peter.
II. ll.lgiiltAI.M3, Lameness, Itheuraatlim.
cv a as J
cr-tuca j KIM7.00TIC, I)l,temper.
JS.'.'J.icOl'OIIS, Colds, influent.
COLIC. I!ellrelir. Diarrhea.
tt.O. Presents .MISCAItlllAfiU.
Ct,Mt I
iMAAOi:. Pkln Diseases.
J'HAll CO.MIITIO.V, fitarlnc Coat,
m , parti ; Stable Case. Tm Brides, nook, ke., IT.
At tlrtuotuu or sent prepaid no racalpl of price.
nnd Prostration from Over
work or other causes.
Humphreys' HoiTjpirua &)e-!P.a
No. SB, in usnovr4t' yeare, tlio omy
aucceaaful n-medy.
$1 per vlal.or 5 rials and larse vial powdtr.for $3
Suia hr Drc t.u, or ti r"l fcipt .
tuarutms'jUD. lO., Csr.nUUa Ja 6U.,1. 1st
Jancaby IS, 1899.
Trains will leave Hlienandoab alter tne aooia
daso for Wlirgan, Qllberton, Frackvllle, Dark
Water, Ht. Ulalr, roiuviiie. iiamDunr, ueaaini,
1'ottstowa, I'boenlivtlle. Norrlatowu and Phil,
aaelphta (llnAd street station) at 6 13 and 8 IS
a. m., 2 10, 0 IS p m. on week days. Sundays,
813 a. m., 4 SO p. m.
irains leave rracrcTiue tor nueoanaoan as
7 SO, 11 18 a. ra. and 5 46, 106 p. in, Bundav
II 01 a. m. anu 0 40 p. ra.
Leave Pottsvllle for Hlienandoab (via Frack.
vlllei 7 10, II 30 a. m., 5 20, 7 10 p. ra. Sunday
10 85 a. m.. 5 SO p. m.
Leave 1'blladeluhlA. (Broad street atatlon). for
Shevandoah at 8 85 a. m., 4 10 p, tu. week days.
Hunuaya leave ai 0 00 ana vaa.ru,
Iveave uroaa Mtreel ntaiton. rmiaaeipnia,
Kinreas.week-days. 3 30. 4 63. 4 50 5 03,3 15.S 30.
7 33 , 8 20,9 60, 10 2I II 00 a. mf 12 00 noon, J 85
(i.irniWHi -1 uu ana p. t.i ,j x u, w i tjj, a jj.
3 00, 4 in, a uu, 'aw sou, Tin,'; so. 10 uu p. m.,
1201. nielli. Bundavs. 8 X. 4 05. 1 50. 305. 3 15.
8 20. S 50, '10 21, 10 43 a. m., 12 03, 15 83, 280,
I ox, il.lmlteu tx-',l o-ju, -a 00, oao, ivi, 700,
10 00 p. m., 1201 nlKjht
Ezureaa for Boston without ctranare. 11 00 a ra..
week-days, aud 7 50 p. ra., dally.
For Bea dirt, Asbury l'ark, Ocean Grove,
Lonir Branch. 8 20. 1114 a m. 8 80. 4 03 Dm
For Ijimberivllle, Gaston and Bcranton. 630.
9 00 a m, 13 09 noon, 3 32, 3 03 f Lambertvills and
teuton only , weeKuays, anu ?uu p m uajiy.
Buffalo, 9 0Oa m. 12 00 noon weekdays, and 7 OJ
p in dallv.
For Baltimore and Washington. 8 30. 7 20.8 82.
10 20, 11 23, a. m., 1204. I2 SI 8 12, 4 41.
(3 23 Congressional Limited.) 6 17. "953, 7 8l
n. ra.. and 12 03 nlirbt -week days. Suudaya.
8 60. 7 20,9 12, 11 23, n. m.. 1209, 1 12. 8 12, 4 41,
(320 Congressional Limited,) 6 7Slp. m.
and 12 05 nlEht
For Baltimore, noooramodatlon. 9 13 a m, 1 53
and 4 01 p m week duys. 3 OH And 11 18 p m dally,
Atlantic Coast Line, Florida Special, 2 23 p m,
week days. Express 12 09 p m, and 12 05 night,
oouinern uauway, norma i.iinneu, 3 zap m,
weekdays Kxpreiw O 55 p ni, dally.
i;neaapeaKe & uuio luiuway, 7 )i p m, aauy.
For Old Point Comfort nnd Norfolk. 10 20
a m weekdays, 11 10 P m dally.
ijeave Market street wnari as rouowat ex
press for New York. 9 00am. 4 30pm .week
days. For Long Branch, via Beaalde Park, 8 80
a m weefcuys.
ror isianu ueignu, esu a m ana iw p ru
Leave Broad street station via Delaware river
bridge Express. 9 40 a in., 7 OS p. m. Sundays.
920 a. m., 7 03 p ra.
Leave Market Street Wart Expreas, 9 00 am,
2 00, 4 00,8 00 p m. Sundays, 9 00, 10 09 a m
taccomraouaiion a bu anu ouupm.
I'or cape .May. ea isle (..ny, uoaan may.
Avalon Stone Harbor. Anslesea. Wlldwrod ana
Holly Beach Express, 900a m, 4l)v, P m
weekdays. Sundays. 9 00 a m.
r or somen I'otns E.xprca,vwa. m., zw.
4 00. 5 00. d. m. week dara Sundays. 9 00 ana
1000 a. m
The Union Transfer Comnanv will call for
and check baggage from botela and residence.
Dining car.
J. B, IIctcuisbos, J. It. Wood,
Hen'l Manager, tien'i l'A'a'r Art
News and Opinions
National Importance
Daily, by mail, - $6 a year
Daily and Sunday ,by uiail,$8 a year
The Sunday Sun
is the greatest Suuday newspape
in tlie world.
Plica' 5c a copy. Bj mall, $2 a pa
Address TUX SDN, Heir York.
US Sire kD suae. sNuacraawaaAira ssr.
SUAP"!' Wilco aptei'to Cisrnu.
at rovlmky'a drag alora, B
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