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' " fininnii'pimini') in iiini ppipiF p'i ipiiiiiiiiji'ii'ipiiiiiimiiifim
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The Legitimate Irish Comedian,'
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A tribute to the worth nnd dignity of
Irlsli Character. A perfect production
of a perfect play, Ptartllng drnmatlo
surprises. Hoars of laughter.
iCJTjTj The great railroad hulldlng scene
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Fronouncod Most Ohoorful by tlio
Oommeroial Agoucios.
J)pplto Somo Vnrlntlon In tlio Cur
rent of Trmlo Distribution, tlio An
Rroanto Mnvomont Coutltitten of Im
mnnno Voliiinu.
Now York, Nor. A. Bradstreot's
weekly review of trade says: Dcsplto
somo variation In tho currents of trade
distribution, tlio aggregato movement
continues of Immense volume; In fact,
If the aggregate of bank clearings In the
country outside of tho metropolis Is a
trustworthy index, as It no doubt Is,
the country's trade reached Its highest
mark In the month of October. Prices
certainly show marked strength In
vlow of tho proportions of earlier ad
vances. Cooler weather has been wel
comed by the retail trado of the country
and Bomo stimulus has already been
noted, nllko to distribution and to the
confidence of distributors.
In sbmo lines of wholeealo trado, no
tably dry goods, there has been some
quieting of, domahd, without, hawovor,
any- porceptlblo effect being exercised
upon values of textiles, which, Indeed,
ore more firmly held than ever. It has,
Indeed, been a record period In the
wool trado, sales at loading centershav
liig exceeded all records for tho week,
and the strength ullko of tho raw and
the manufactured material Is most
.marked. Cotton, goods are also very
strong", partly on the extraordinary de
mand and partly becausoof the strength
of tho raw material,
Tho great cereals have boon rather
dull this week, with a slight variation
in price, and tho markets appear to havo
come to a standstill pending new de
velopments. Some Improvement Is
noted In tho ocean freight situation,
however, tho high rates, in fact, hav
ing tended to brine their own cure.
In the iron and steel trade Btrength
of values is perhaps the most notablo
feature, but activity has been trans
ferred from the finished branch of the
trade to the market for pig iron, which
has been very active at full prices,
Honoris of re-exports of American iron
from Japan are confirmed. A heavy
business was done in hardware aur
ing October, relatively the best reports
coming from the west. -Other metals
fall to show as much strength, cop
per and tin being considerably lower
on tho week. In the lumbor market
demand varies wjth tho material and
the market Involved, but, while pine
lumber is quieter at western centers,
prices are very firm and intimations
of a continuance of theso conditions or
of further ndvances are numerous. In
fluenced by the activity In the boot
and shoe manufacturing and distribu
tive trade, leather la strong and tends
upward, and somo advances in hides
are also reported
It. G. Dun & Co.'ff review of trado
says: British disasters In South AC
rlca have brp'ucht to view something
besldo the steady self reliance of the
English people. They hold not many
American securities to be dislodged In
any time of alarm, but are Inclined
to take more when money looks for
safe investment.
A little decline of three-quarters In
wheat and lc. in corn does not hin
der exports, though it is some evi
dence that growers think they have
ample supplies. Atlantic exports of
wheat for five weeks have been, flour
included, 15,686,599 bushels, against
18,182,031 last year, and Pacific ex
ports 2,713,551, against 3,917,434 last
year. Western receipts of wheat have
continued heavy, but have not rivaled
last year's extraordinary outpouring,
amounting to only 35,958,087 bushels In
fho weeks, against 49,640,791 last year,
but western corn receipts run ahead
of last year s In the, same weeks, and
tho exports have been 18,648,044 bush
els, against 11,558,158 last year.
The enormous sales of wool at lios-
ton, 2t,557,500 pounds reported, mak
ing 25,368,700 at the three chief mar
kets for tho week, are extremely im
portant. That not all aro for con
sumption, as the trado is naturally
tempted to believe, may be true, and
yet actual purchases by the mills of
half that quantity would imply ex
traordinary encouragement respecting
the demand ifor woolen goods. Tho
prices have been generally advanced
to an average Scarcely below that of
Prices of pig Iron for early deliveries
are still advancing, but as a great part
of the demand has protected Itself by
contracts running far into the next
year, including purchases of 50,000
tons besseruer this week at $23.60, and
as billets are quoted at $39.50 for spot,
but $33 for next year, the market can
be Interpreted several ways.
Dealers are refusing to pay the high
er prices asked by manufacturers of
boots and shoes to such an extent that
futuro orders are somewhat restricted.
Yet the October shipments were 473,723
cases, against 415,259 last year, an In
creaso of 12 per cent, and 367,939 in tho
came week of 1892, an increase of
nearly 30 per cent.
Failures for the week have been 183
in the United States, against 191 for
the samo week laBt year, and 25 in
Canada, agalnBt 28 last year.
A Meat of Terror.
"Awful anxiety was felt for the widow of
the brave, General liurnuauiot alacuias. Me..
when the doctors said she could not live till
inorninc" writes Mrs, a. II. Lincoln, who
attended her that fearful nlgut. "All
thouuht she must soon dlo from Pneumonia.
but she beeced for Dr. King's New Discovery.
saving it bad more than oiu-e saved her me.
and had cured her of Consumption. After
three small doses she slept easily an night,
and its further use- completely cured her."
The marvelous medicine is guaranteed to
cure all Throat, Chest and L.ug Diseases.
Only 60c and ?1.Q0. Trial bottles free at A
Waaley's drug store
Tliirty-llvo I)i-uviio1 lit Antworn.!
Antwerp, Nov. 4. The landing Btngo
or the waesiauu railroad ferryboat, on
tho loft bank of the Scheldt, broke it.
two on the arrival of tho first train,
which was crowded. Many persons fell
Into tho water, and 35 wero drowned
and 50 injured.
Do You Know
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proven that, and also that neglect is suicidal
The worst cold or cough can be cured with
Shiloh's Cough and Consumption Cure. Sold
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Sold by P. D. Klrlin on a guaranta e.
MiiMslllou Cnul Minim to Combine
Cleveland, Nov. 4. It is stated, that
the project to combine all the coal
mines in the Masslllon district has
practically been accomplished, The
capitalization of tho new comnany. it
is believed, will bo betweoa $6,000,000
unu $s,uuu,uuu.
Bears tha ma Mita you nave Always
Tb9 Kind You Have Always Bought
I Mother
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$10 values; our price $6.00.
L. Refowich,
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Tbe great remedy (or nervous prostration and all discasos of tho generative
organs of either sex, such as Ni-rvous "miration, Falling or Lost Manhood,
Imnotency, NirhUy Emissions, Youthf j i rs, Mental Worry, excessive uso
'obacco or Opium, which
j oraer we guarantee tocurc or rciunu tne money. oiu ai ji.uu por oox,
boxes for $5.00. ItlC.iUOTT'S ClllillCAI. CO., Cleveluud, Ohio,
Sale by
Office Egan building, corner ol Main at
Centre streets, Shenandoah.
Office: Cor. Centre and White streets, ncx
o Justice Toomey's office.
Q aitUIILKIt, M. D.,
No. 80 East Lloyd Street.
Office hours! 8 to 9 a, m.i 1 to a p. ru.
7 to 9 p.m.
Look Box &3,MaluU)oybtly, Pa
ITnvInK studied under some cf the best
majtera In London and Paris, will give lessom
on (bo violin, mnudolln. guitar and vocal culluie.
Terms reasonable. Address In cor of Strousr
tbe leweler Shenandoah.
The first critical period in a
woman's life comes at the pass
ing of her girlhood. How to
preserve the daughter's health
at this crisis is the problem
that confronts every mother of
girls. Mrs. J. M. Riggs, of Car
tcrville, Mo., solved the prob
lem. She says:
"My daughter Joslo during tho winter
of 1887-03, sulTerod a complete breakdown
In health. She wns thin nnd pnle, hud
no Hppsllto, and was so weulr that she
was unable to walk to school. Those who
knew her condition said that slio ni In
the first stages of consumption. Shortly
nftsr school olosod, on tne ndvicu of n
neighbor, we begun giving her ljr. Wil
liams' I'lnk rills for i'ulo People. The
etrcr-t on tier condition was marvelous.
Ilefore she had taken 1ml f n box her
condition was improved, and sbokepton
gaining nppotlle, strength and flesh until
sho was entirely well.
"She took three bottles of the pills
and to-day there Is not it health lor, more
robust looking girl In Cnrtcrville. Hue Is
fleshier und healthier thnti over before In
her life." Mas. J. M. lliaas.
Subscribed ami sworn to before
wc, it Notary Public, this 15th day of
October, 1S98. Wsi. Wolcott,
Notary Public.
From the Journal, Oarlervilte, Mo.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pill or Pale People
contain, in a condensed form, all the elc
menls ncri ssary to give new life and rirliness
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They arc an unfailing specific for such dis
eases as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis,
St. Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia rheu
matism, litrvous headache, theafter-eireclsof
la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and
sallow complexions, all forms ol weakness
cither in nmh' or P'msle.
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IX IV 11.
Saved British at Lndysmitli From a
Far Worso Disaator.
"I Will Lot Yott Know When Wo Ilnvo
Kliouirll," Snlil Culonnl linden-Pow-otl,
Wlion AmkiMl to Htirrmnlor .Muffc
1:1 HIT A Monotonous llomlmrdiiiMii t.
l-omlon. Nov. 4. Thoro is very little
fre8li intelligence today, but it In be
lieved tlmt the Delngoa buy route, It
not Rlrendy restored, speedily will be,
thus giving quicker oommunlcntlon
with tlio capo. The situation Is still
The accounts that continue- to arrive
o sardine the flelitlne on Farauhar's
farm only confirm Us serious nature
and tbe narrow escape General White
bad. On this point The Morning Post
'Nothing tells such a tale of battle
as the list of the missing. When the
missing exceed the killed It Is almost
safe to write defeat across tho story,
because 'missing' means abandonment
or surronder." i
It now appears as If It were only the
arrival of the naval contingent from
tbe Powerful which prevented a far
worso disaster. It seems that, when
it was seen that retirement wrb Im
perative, two Natal cavalrymen vol
unteered to carry a dispatch across tho
Boer lines to Major Adye, ordering hll.i
to retire, but the risk, was considered
too great, nnd Hag signaling was em
ployed Instead. The distance was too
great and tho ground too rough for
cavalry to go to Ills assistance.
According to dispatches filed on
Tuesday dofonslve works were being
constructed on the hills around Lady
smith, and It was expected there that
the big naval guns would be mount
ed the following day. The Boers were
threatening to attack tho town in force
on Wednesday and Thursday and the
women, children nnd other non-combatants
were being sent by train to
the south. Ladysmith is provisioned
for two months.
A dispatch from Colesburc, dated
Nov. 1, announces that six police who
wero stationed at Colesburg bridge
were surrounder and captured. This
is probably the origin of the story that
tho Boers had occupied Colosburg.
Paris and Berlin continue to supply
statements of British reverses, the
latest being that Mafcklng has fallen.
The special correspondent of The
Dally Mail at Mafcklng, under date
of Oct. 22, says: General Cronjo's
bombardment of Mnfeking was monot
onous. Tho Boers fired 62 shells, but
did no harm, tho whole town, even the
ladies, laughing at the affair. He
threatens to bring a 40-pounder from
Pretoria. Cronje says ho Is sorry, for
tho women's sake, that ho shelled the
town, but that it was not playing tlio
game to send dynamite trucks among
his men. Fifteen hundred of his com
mand have since departed to tho south
ward. Small partlos of our garrison
Itsuo forth nightly and harross the
Boer outposts. I hear that The Dally
Mall's correspondent at Lobatsl Is a
prisoner in the hands of the Boers.
An Orange Itlver dispatch, delayed
in transmission, says Klmberley is
still safe, and the wounded are doing
The Times says It has reliable Infor
mation that there havo been no
casualties among tho British at Mafe
king since Oct. 13. After the heavy
bombardment General Cronje asked
the town to surrender. Colonel Baden-
Powell was asleep when the messen
ger arrived, but, on being wakened, re
celved him hospitably, and politely re
plied: "I wlli let you know whon
we have had enough."
The Dally Mail publishes the fol
lowing dispatch from Ladysmith, dated
Wednesday morning: Matters today
are quiet The Boors aro apparently
mounting moro heavy guns to the
north and northeast, which are Ikiely
to give us trouble. A Boer contingent
1,500 strong and clearly visible from
the camp is streaming away to tho
south. Tho Inhabitants of Ladysmith
continue to leave the town.
The Paris correspondent of The
Daily Mail says: I learn that tho
Transvaal and Freo State govern
ments, before the' war, placed large
orders with the gunmakers at Lee
Crueusett, but that not all the weapons
could be delivered, owing to the sud
denness with which hostilities began.
The guns tho Boers nre actually using
are Crueusett 72-mIlllmeter quick
fires and lE5-mtlllmeter selgo and gar
rison guns all mounted on light car
riages and adapted in every possible
way for use over muddy roads. They
had two months' firing practice under
competent Crueusett agents. If they
could have had another month's prac
tice no European artillerist could have
withstood them.
Lieutenant General Sir Bedvers Bul-
ler Is still at Cape Town, and It is not
likely that ho will leave for a few
days. It Is rumored that martial law will
shortly be proclaimed in Cape Town.
There is not tho slightest indication
there of Afrikander disloyalty, as re
ported In the Havos dispatch from
Cold Steel or Death.
"There is but one small chance to sive
your life and that is through an operation,"
was the awful prospect set before Mrs. I. It.
Hunt, of Llmo Itldgo, Wis., by her doctor
after vainly tryiui: to cure her of a frightful
case of stomach trouble and yellow jaundice
He didn't couut on the marvelous power of
Electric Bitters to cure Stomach aud I.lver
troubles, but she heard of It, took soven
bottles, was wholly cured, avoided surgeon's
knife, now wciehs more and feels better than
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Stomach. Liver and Kidney troubles and
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drug store.
Tliroo ItoiliuH Itffovort'il.
Chicago, Nov. 4. Searchers In tin-
ruins of the New Kngiand mills, which
collapsed Wednesday night, recovered
the body of Charles Mullln yesterday.
This makes three bodies so far recov
ered, and the body of Honry Hilton,
the bookkeeper of the Arm, still re
mains in the wreck.
Hives are a terrible torment to the little
folks, and to some older ones. Easily cured,
Doan's Oiatment never fails. Instant relief,
permanent cure. At any drag store, 60
To Mnio Tliot ltont Handy Hook.
Washington, Nov. 4. The war de
partment has cancelled tho order for
the manufacture of the high oxploslve
thorite in the Philippines. After a
conference between Secretary Hoot, tho
thief of ordnance and the Inventor of
tho explosive it was decided t begin
the manufacture of thorite ut Sandy
Hook Immediately,
The Kind You Ham Always Bwgltt
ins mi ti
Tlirrr. I fond IH New ?nrk I"lr.
New York, Nor. 4.--Fire yonterrlay
KUUd the spven story buildings at 94.
94 and 98 Mott street, occupied prin
cipally by the Manhattan Bed Iron and
Spring company, nnd It la believed
cauacd the death of Untie pernon
Known dead: Michael Conlln. an en
gineer. Mlaalng: Chartea Smith, aged
II; llor, aged 1. Injured
John Mttnn, 86 yean old. dropped from
third floor to street, ankle broken.
JoMph 11. Klnale, aged SI, Jumped mm
fourth floor to street, skull frartimiJ.
wilt die; Fireman McOrady, seven i
scalded by steam, condition critical
At the powder works In Ktns, Ind
BOO pounds of dynamite exploded, kill
ing two employe.
Some unknown person has been put
ting poison In wells In tbe vicinity of
Glastonbury. Conn
James W. Johnnon. of Marydell. 8. C
was shot aud killed by two of his
nephews in the presence of his wife
A tax of two cents a bunch on ba
nanas has been levied by Nicaragua.
Americans control the export trade
' Right ltev. Louis De Goesbrlaml. for
many years head of the Cathnlle
htireh In Vermont, died In HttrlltiKtoli.
Vt., aged 83.
General Hernandet, the leader nf the
new revolution In Venezuela, was
routed from San Caaitnlro by the gov
ernment forces
General Ignaclo Amintde, ex-presl-dent
of Venesuela, a. rivwi at St. Thorn
ns, W. I., and will proceed to San Juan
de Porto Itlco.
About 1,500 members of the Dewej
family will hold a reunion In New
York In January or February to gree
the admiral and his bride.
Jay C. Worst, of Philadelphia, who
threw vitriol in the face of Edward C
Plant because of his attentions to Mr
Worst, was rommittetl to prison wltb
out ball. Plant Is likely to be blind.
Mrs. Axel KJcr, of GordaivUle, Cape Girard
eau Co., Mo., writes : " Whtn I look at ray little
hoy I 11 It my duty to
write you. rerhaits
someone will see my
testimony and he led to
ue Dr. Pierce's K.vor
ite Prescription and be
bkswd in the same
way This is mv fifth
child and the only one
born alive: the others
have died from lack of
nourishment no the
doctor said. I was not
sickly In any way and
this time I ju"t thought
I would try your ' Tre
scriptiou.' I took nine
bottler and to my sur
prise it carried me
through and gave us as
fine a little boy as ever
was. Weighed ten and
one-half pounds. He
is now five mouths old,
has never been sick a
daywaud Is so strt-ng
that everybody who
sees him wonders st
him. He Is so playful and holds himself up so
well. I would like to see this In print for so
many have asked me. Do you think those are
the testimonials of the people, or has Dr fierce
Jut made them up and printed them ? ' "
This is one of over two hundred and fifty
thousand similar letters which prove
to be the greatest of all medicines for the
cure of diseases and disorders of the organs
distinctly feminine. It is the only prepara
tion of its kind devised by a regularly
graduated physician an experienced and
skilled specialist in the diseases of women.
It is a safe medicine in any condition of
the system. It contains no whisky, alco
hol, opium or other narcotic, and therefore,
does not cause a craving for stimulants. It
is sold by medicine dealers everywhere,
and any dealer who hain't it can get it.
Don't take a substitute. No counterfeit is
as good as the genuine and the druggist
who says something else is "just as good
as Dr. Pierce's" is either mistaken or is
trying to deceive you for his own selfish
benefit. Such a man is not to be trusted.
He is trifling with your most priceless
possession your health maybe your life
(self See that you get what you ask for.
A.A.lFnVCnR, Comtesllnns, Inflamma
ccREaj lions, Luok Peter, .Milk Peter.
11. Il.tfil'UAIXK. Lameness, Injuries,
CDEESj Uhcuiilntlani.
CL''1rP.?ln: TIlllO.YT. (lulnsy. Enliootlc.
cores Slil'lrmner,
cormwoUMH, Hots, (Jrulx.
n. K.irnmiH. Cold.. Influenza. Inflamed
cures) Luncs, I'leuro-rneumunla.
P. F.M t)I.IJ llellyarhe. Wlnd.Illown,
cubes) Diarrhea. Iltsentcry.
a. tl. Prevents .MlbCAltltl AC1-,.
1. 1. If Kl.V I1lsnASl. Mange, Kruptlons,
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J. K.IIIAI) COXniTIO.Y. Ktarlng Coat.
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lluniDbrevs' Mfvllrlni. Cn Cnr. U'lnlnm . Jnhn
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nnd Prostration from Over
work or other causes.
Humphreys' Homeopathla Specific)
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s: Arr prurnv una nil rsl
This remedy requires
no change of diet.
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i to 3 days. Small
rT plain package, by
LruHlr mall $i.oo. -Sold by
Kirlln's drug store.
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Art; Jwj rtlUbU. tftDics ak
Urn fUl for Clrkt$rt Snpiuk ti
na. M.iflrvisw-f 1b llrd sVAd U-4J maitlLU'
EkulM. Sf!4 WIIA Ila I1DDO&, 1 ike
no otbtr. But dngrvn ittectuw V
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Livery and
No 13 North Jardln St.
-N -A
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
aEANsES the System
OUT THt GEMUINt - MAH'f o or
rot sau su EMik M 10. n tcmL
Executors, Administrators. Uuardians.
Trustee. A' .. herein oaaied. filed their re
spective account in the following estates in
the ueglster s omce at t'ottavllle, in ana lor
the County of Schuylkill, which accounts
having been allowed by tbe lieffiater, will be
presented to the Judge of the Orphans' Court
for confirmation nisi, on
Monday, November 13tb, 1899.
1 First and final account of Milton W.
Moyer, administrator of Sarah Moyer. late of
Washington, deceased.
2 First and final account of Joseph M.
Webber, trustee of Ilarnhanlt Weliber. late of
South Maiiheim township, deceased.
3 First and final account of Ahraham II.
Klock. executor of Elizabeth Klock. late uf
Shenandoah, deceased.
4 First and final account of Geonrc W.
and Clara X. Mortimer, executors of fleorge
Washington Mortimer, late of Fottsville, de
ceased. 5 First ami final account of Hannah
Uiebelheimer. admiuUtratrix of Khas Keller.
late of Ilyan township, deceased.
tt r Ireland Dual account of Nathan E.
Kindt, euardiau of Ida K. Deitrich. minor
child of Jane and Joel Deitrich. la to of
Schuylkill Haven, deceased.
7 I-irstamt final account of Nathan E.
Kindt, guardian of Mary S. Deitrich. minor
child of Jane and Joel Deitrich, late of
Schuylkill Haven, deceased.
8 1-irstanil final accouut of L. F. M--DunoURh,
Trustee of Johu Wagner, late of
Washington township, deceased.
9 First ud final account of Joseph Stauf-
fer. surviviug Executor of David Stauffer,
late of Union township, deceased.
10 First and dual account of Frank and
Archibald Harvey, Executors of Daaiel
Harvey, late of Trcmont, deceased.
11 bmal account of Solomon eich and
William Ilernheisol, administrators of jothua
IScrnhelsel. lato of Wavne townshin. de
12 I'iual account of Solomon Yeich and
William Ilernlieisel, administrators of Emma
Ilernheiscl. lato of Wavne townshin. de
18 First and final account of William L.
Davis, executor of Jane Davis. late of Mah-
anoy City, doreased.
it t-irst and liual accouut of Joel Iteed.
administrator of Justiua Maurer. late of
Upper Mahantongo township, deceased.
IS First and final account of Ilenrv
Schrcyer, guardian of Martha A. Cathcrs,
minor child ot Aloxamler Cathers. late of
Mahanoy township, deceased.
10 First and final account of Calvin and
Daniel It. Price, executors of Daniel Price,
late of Minersville, deceased.
17 First and final account of Ellen Bcrri
gaii, administratrix of Alice Malone, late of
Mt. CarlMii, deceased.
IS First account of E. K. Stauffer and T.
W. Humble, administrators of Daniel M.
Stauffer, late of Union township, deceased.
IB First and final account of Andrew
Comrey, Clurdian of Ivy Itutb Pierce, minor
child of William Pierce, late of Tremont,
20 First and final account of Edwin C.
Walter, oue of the Executors of Aimer K.
Walter, lato of Ashland, deceased.
21 First and final account of Jane Rritton,
administratrix of Samuel Ilrlttou, late of
Mahanoy City, deceased.
22 First and final account of Mary
Zellener, administratrix of William Zelleuer,
late of West Pcun township, deceased.
23 First and final account of O D. and
J. W. Stnulni, executors of Israel Stamm.late
of New IUuggold, deceased.
2t First and final account of Benjamin F.
Fuhrnan, Administrator of John Fubriuan,
late of I'nlon township, deceased.
23 First and final account of George C.
Herner, Executor of Anna E. Helwig, lata of
Taiaanua, deccasod.
2d First and final account of George J.
Schmauch, adraiuistiatorof JacobSchraauch,
late of Tainaijua, deceased.
27 First and final account of William A.
Whitney, Administrator c. t.a.of William L.
Whitney, late of Pottsville, deceased.
2s rirst and final account of William L.
liulenneck. executor of Andrew Kleck-
ner, late of West Peun township, deceased.
20 First aud final aocouut of John O.
Scbad, executor of Joseph Mackenrotb lato
of Tamaqua, deceased.
r . U. KEESB,
Kkgibteu's Office. Keclster.
PotUvllle, Pa., October 10th, 1699.
hereby given that the annralsement of tha
decedents herein named, setting apart tbe
personal or otner property to the use or tne
widows and children, have been filed in the
Clerk's office, and that they will be pre
sented to the Judge of tho Orphans' Court of
said county for confirmation nisi, on
Monday, llovember 13th. 1899.
l.ThA innntuimonl it , 1. .. r. , I - .
- H..-..iwu,wivi j-viMua, ji i utt
erly of Aaron Keller, late of Rush township.
2 The appraisement of the personal estate
of Nathan E. Kindt, late of West Bruns
wick township, deceased.
o lua apuraiseiueui 01 ma personal es
tate of Iiaaft W. Yrallrnl ljitA nf Aat.lan.1 .
ceased. '
4 The appraisement of the personal es
tate of Samuel A. Faust, bite of Ashland, de
ceased. 5 The appraisement of the personal es
tate of Gregory J. Knapp, late of Ashland,
0 Tbe appraisement ol the personal es
tate of Frank Mullen, late nf tthlsn.1 .1...
7 The appraisement of the personal es
tate of Jamoa G, Seagreaves, late of West
i eiiii lotvusuiji, ueceaseu.
5-1118 appraisement ot tne real estate or
Ittlflls TtolfthArt latAnf Pn,t.rtAl.n.l.ln .1-
ceased, under tbe Act of Assembly of June.
4, 18S3.
0 The appraisement of the personal estato
or David N. Davis, late of St. Clair, deceased.
10 Tho appraisement of tbe real estate of
Edward Pierce, late of Fraokville, deceased.
11 The appraisement of the personal estate
of David Edwards, lata of St. Clair, de
ceased, F. C. REESE,
Clerk of the Orphans' Court.
Reoisteb's Office,
PotUvllle, Pa., Oct. 101b, 1809. n 21-23-4
. AtfiuaVin

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