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vrOIi.XV.-N0. 95
Sold For Cash or
J. P. Williams & Son,
13 S. IV! ta I n St., Shenandoah, Pa.
Cor. Lloyd and White Sts.,
"It's an ill Wind
That Blows No One Good"
That la Why
a Special Sale-
Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Dec. 7th, 8th and 9th,
Of Tinsel. Glass and other Christmas Tree Orna
ments. These goods we place an import order for
early in January of every year, thereby saving
fifteen or twenty per cent, on prices. We will in
this special sale give this profit to our customers.
Gome Early end Make Your Selections.
Morgan's Fancy Bazar, - 23 It "Main St
Trotting Harness.
Carriage "
Surrey "
Express "
Team "
Harness Oil and Dressing, Snaps,
need for your horse or wagon.
Swalm's - Hardware - Store
TOMATOES.Cnoice cold
rtORM Choice Maryland
Fine N. Y. state sugar corn, 3 cans for 25 cents
The finest Maine
PEAS.-Fancy Early June
Choice Marrows, 10 cents.
Good Marrowfats, 3 cans for 25 cents.
1 lrl RFAN.9 Extra quality, 3 cans for 25 cents.
Fancy quality Maine, 2 cans for 25 cts,
crrRINnS RFANS Good quality, 4 cans for 25 cents
SOUPS. Concentrated
venient 10 cents a can.
The largest stock and
Oil Cloth we have ever oftcrou,
For 60 years made on
honor Sold on merit.
Strictly High Grade.
Leased on Time.
naln Street.
We Will Have
Bridles, Collars,
Halters, Lines,
Saddles, Traces,
Tie Straps,
Hame Straps,
Feed Bags,
Buckles. In fact everything you
And shoe buying has learned us a
lot about the good and bad points of
And we never, buy those that are
the least suspicious. Only the best
of each kind or grade get into our
stock and the increasing number of
customers proves that our enorts to
At reasonable prices are appreci
a ted.
packed, 3 cans for 25 cents
extra quality anu extra size can, iu tu
Fancy quality, the largest cans and fin
est? goods packed, 2 cans for 25 cents,
Uooq tomatoes, meaium size, 5 cans, 20c
corn, 4 cans for 25 cents.
corn, 2 cans for 25 cents.
and Sweet Wrinkled, 2 cans,25c
Choice white wax, 3 for 25 cents,
I'ancy stringless, 2 cans for 25 cts
cans for 25 cents-
six kinds good, cheap con
best assortment of Floo
William Zullner mid "1'hI" Out Three
Vent Hint Ten Months Kacli.
Special to ItVKSIKd IlEBALD.
Tlio jury lu the one of Willium .oil nor,
James Gaugban, Patrick Dalton, of Shen
andoah, and John Cummings, atlas "Wo;t-
em Red," charged with burglary, on trial
at Scranton tbo past week, rendered
tho following verdict: "Wo find the
defendants not guilty on tho first
count, but find them guilty on tlio second
and third counts, and wo recommend James
Gaughan to tho mercy of tho court."
Judge Edwards this morning passed sen
tence upon tho convicted men, and each of
them must servo three years and ton months.
Ids 11 oner ignored tho recommendation of
tho jury for mercy lu bcbalf of Qaughan.
levprnl Town VRpltnllfttfl Will Krect u
riant Immediately.
A number of townsmen have formed a
company fur the purpose of embarking in the
brewing business and will niako an applica
tion for a charter and license to tho court at
ottsvillo on Monday. Tho names of those
nterestcd are withheld for tho present. Tho
combination will be known as The Home
Brewing Company, Grouud will bo broken
for the plant early next week. The company
has a capital of (75.000.
The project has been a subject of under
current discussion for somo time, but the
promoters havo kept their negotiations
closely guarded" by secrecy. It has been
reported that the company would absorb the
People's Artificial Ico Plant, but this Is
denied by the owners of that plant and the
rewery promoters. A report that Ashland
and Girardville people are interested in the
project is also denied The promoters are alt
residents of this town.
Ebony silver mounted novelties,
lection at astonishing low prices at
Q. A. It, lilectlon.
Au election of officers was held las, night
by Watkin Wators Post No. 140, Q. A. It.,
with tho following result : Commander,
Joseph Knapp; Senior Vle Commander,
Hiram Spears; Junior Vice Commander, 8. S.
Iiindenmutb; Quartermaster, William Haley;
Post Sergeant, B. Q. Hess; Chaplain, Jacob
Uehn; Officer of the Day, Richard Ambrose;
Officer of the Guard, Edward Masou; Trus
tees, Frederick Portz, Patrick Conry, C. T.
Gibson; Representative, Joel D. Ledden;
Alternate, William Haley. This was a re
election of old officers, with tho exception o
Quartermaster and Officer of the Guard.
Twenty-fifth Anniversary.
The Trinity Keformed church, of town,
was organized in the year 1874, and the 25th
anniversary will be celebrated by a series of
commemorative services all next week, begin
ning to-morrow evening. During the week
pastors from other towns will occupy the pul
pit. The pastor, Kev. Z- A. Yearick. will
occupy the pulpit to-morrow, tho subject of
the sermon being Cheerful Living." The
public is cordially invited.
Keep warm by buying Davison's stoves.
"A Wise Woman."
Marie Lamour a member of AuguBtin
Daly's New York company for years that's
endorsemeni enough.
Frederick Murphy leadiug man for Julia
Marlow last (oason.
Surely Manager Fergusen is striving to
give Shenandoah "something good." Show
your appreciation and let him know that it is
worth while by seeing the production of A
Wise Woman" at the opera house this even
Grand llally To-nlglit,
Rov. A. J. Brunner, of Pottsvillo, occupied
tho pulpit of the United Evangelical church
last evening. To-night the anniversary ser
vice will assume the form of a grind rally by
the Christian Endeavor Society. To-morrow
morning and evening Rev. H. J. Glick, of
Mohrsville, Pa., will occupy tho pulpit.
One Hurglar Caught.
One of the mon who broke into the homo
of Mrs. Ellas Davis, at Broad Mountain, two
weeks ago, has been arrested. IIo is a
resident of Port Carbon and has a bad reputa
tion. It is probable tho entire gang will be
A large stock of gold fish and aquariums,
fish food, water plants, etc. Aquariums ar
ranged in very best style. Aquariums for
Christmas presents may be ordered and left
here until Christmas. Payne s greenhouse,
Girardville. 12-D-3t
Good Business Management.
There were collected at the prison dur
ing the month of November nearly 450,
iu prison and court costs, more than had
been collected in a year under the admin
istration of some of the former boards of
Couuty Commissioners, and the same bus!
ness management will continue under the
administration of Messrs. Kantner, Reber
and Opio.
Buy your Clothing at Harry Levlt's.
"Pawler" Company lu Town.
The "Pazzler" company, which appeared
at Ferguson's theatro last Wednesday, Is
registered at the Hotel Franey and will re
main in town over Sunday. The company
plays at Girardville to-night.
Splendid holiday gifts"at Davison's.
ISoya Arrested.
Three boys named Joe Yudickl, William
Szylinskl aud Johu Smerck were arraigned
before Justice Shoemaker last night, charged
by Max Friedburg, a grocer, with stealiug a
keg of herrings from his store. The stolen
goods were found in a winter shanty on Ease
Lloyd street, which is rented by the boys for
one do lar per month. Szylinskl gave 100
bail for trial at court, The others were com
mitted in default of ball.
Extension tables at Davison's.
Annual Ball.
The Rescue Uook and Ladder Company
will hold Its annual ball in Robbins' opera
house on the evening of New Years' Day.
first-class orchestra will be In attendance aud
all other arrangements will be of a Ilk
The riant Oestroyrrt.
The big manufacturing plant at Weissport,
recently purchased by James I Blakslee, Jr
formerly of Delano, was destroyed by fire,
and the loss was heavy, Mr Blakslce will
rebuild the plant on a larger scale next
The "Star" of Windows,
Myriads of stars bearing catchy prices are
au attractive feature in the Urge display
windows of the Mammoth Clothing House,
The appearance of tho windows and tb
quality of goods displayed are really
worthy compliment to clothing buyers iu this
vlciuity. While you are passlug by duvuto
a few minutes toward inspecting the cloth
Steps Being Taken Towards Consolidat
ing: Three Important Breakers.
Will Occupy the Site of ' the Present
Shenandoah Colllory Breaker-Over
One Million Feet of Lumber
will be Required.
Tho new mammoth breaker which was re
ferred to in thco columns sovsral montbiazo
asbrluE projected by tho Plilbidolpbla &
Rending Ooul & Iron Company Wll soon rise
n Its greatness near the site of the present
West Shenandoah colliery. Although It is al
most a jenr sltico tho project was first given
publicity and It had apparently.dropped from
lew, present dot elnpments show that the
company was steadily at work perfecting IU
plans, ,
It is now cortaln that ground will be
roken for the foundation walls as soon as
the weather will permit in the beginning of
noxt Spring. All the material for tho struc
ture lias been ordered, and some of it Is al
ready upon tho site. An idea of the mam
moth proportions of the breaker rnav be
gleaned from t bo fact that over one million
feet of lumber will be required iu Us con
Tho breaker will be one of the largest, if
not tho largest, in the region and will have
onormous facilities for preparing coal for the
market. It will take the combined product
the Kohinoor, Turkey Run and West
Shenandoah collieries and the breakers now
n use at those places will be abandoned.
As an Indication that tho company will
soon bgin active work on the structure, a
notice has been served on the Philadelphia
and iteadinc Railway Company to besin
work at once on changing the course of its
present main line. The track will take
southwesterly caurso at tho Centennial
:olliery and connect with the tracks now in
usoattheTurkoy Run colliery. The main
ine will thereafter run west from that point.
The present main line runs near the West
Shenandoah colliery and connects with the
other tracks at the electric railway trestle.
The object in changing the course of the
railway is to enablo the P. &R.C.& I. Co..
to remove large pillars supporting the present
main track and containing hundreds of
thousands tons of good coal, and also to make
pproaclies to the new breaker, which will
be located directly east of. and occupy the
site of, the present West Shenandoah col
liery breaker.
The crectiou of tho mammoth breaker is in
lino with plans arranged by General Man
ager Luther, of the P. & R. C. & I. Co., for a
policy of economy. The idea is to consoli
date two or more collieries which are lo
cated near each other and which, with coal
at hand, cannot produce 1,000 tons of coal,
or more, per day. each. Of course this em
biaces a big reduction of expenses, as it will
do away with somo breaker bosses, en
gineers, etc. Another advantage will be
the Introduction of modern machinery, with
wnicn neither tho Turkey Run, Kohinoor or
west htieuannoali breaker iu equipped, and
none of these breakers bavo the equipment
with which to save the proper amount of
rice coal, or utilize the course, or bony coal.
Diniug tables at Davison's.
.Solicitor Hurke Lodges a Statement Agttlait
the Schuylkill Traction Company.
The following communication, forwarded
by Uorough Solicitor Burke to-day, explains
"SuENANDOAn, Pa., Dec. 0, 1S99,
"M. P. McLaughlin, Esq ,
"District Attorney-elect,
"Pottsville, Penna.
"DBA.. Sir: The Schuvlkill Traction
Company, an association regularly incorpor
ated under the Laws of this State, ts operat
ing Its roads within the limits of this bor
ough Iu somo places over the streets aud in
other places over private property. In tho
sjuth-western part of the town, whero the
tracks are on privato property, the railway
runs over a wooden trestlo or bridco that
spans the Shenandoah Creek aud the tracks of
the r. & II. U. U.
Considerable complaiat appears to be
abroad to the etlect that this b rid ire Is uns.ife,
d'he traffic over this bridge Is very consider
auie aua snouiatt give way at any time to
curs passing over it and precipitate them and
their occupants into the creek or track below,
tho result would be most deplorable. The
matter has been brought to the attention of
our Conucil aud they, by resolution passed at
ineir meeiiug on vite i4in lustant, directed
me to bring this matter to your attention for
the purpose of having the grand jury sum'
monca lor ine Jan.. luuu. court take some
action toward having the bridge put In safe
condition or having the company Indicted.
I trust you will nave this (lone: shall be
pleased to extend you any assistance in my
power. lours truly,
"Borough Solicitor.'
The best of all Pills are Beeciiam's.
Election ot Officers.
Tho I)efuder Hose Company, of Turkey
Run, have elected tho following officers
President, Thomas Campbell; Vice Presi
dent, James Leahy ; Secretary, John O Neill
Treasurer, Jaraea Birmingham ; Messenger,
William II Davis ; Foreman, Daniel Camp-
hell ; Asst. Foreman, Michael Redmond ;
Delegates to Relief Asson., John O'Neill,
Thomas Campbell and Daniel Campbell :
Trustees, James Tootuey, John Kropp aud
Josish Mathias.
We have received a nice assortment of con
fectionery. It is selling at greatly reduced
prices. Boston Bakery. 11-25-1 m
Another Factory Opened.
Another shirt factory has been opened at
Mahauoy City. It has 24 machines and 30
will be added next week. Tho plant will
have 80 operatives and the capacity of the
plant will be 500 dozen shirts per week.
A Handsome Daby Coach
For sale. Good as uew. Can be bought
cheap. Apply at 34 East Oak street. 2t
Makes the food more
om mkiho
Necrology Heparin of This and Other
Town of the County.
Goorge Kate, aged 45 years, died last night
at his heme, comer of Jardln and Line
streets. He had suffered since last August
from cancer of the stomach. He is survived
by his wife and four children, Charles, of
Philadelphia, and William, Hattie and
George, of town, The deceased was a mem
ber of Anthracite Castlo .To. 74, Knights of
the Golden Eagle. Tho funeral will take
place on Tuesday afternoon, at oue o'clock.
Services will bo held in the German Lutheran
church and Interment will be made in the
Odd Fellows' cemetery.
Mrs. Thomas Feeley. aged 30 years, died
last evening, at the family resilience in
Mahanoy City, after a brief Illness. Tho de
ceased is survived by a husband and five
children. Tho funeral will take plane Mon
day morning, leaving on the 10.-33 Lehigh
Valley train for Uatloton, whero interment
will bo made.
The funeral of Charles, eon of William
Kielm, of Frnckville, took place to-day.
Tho deceased was 14 years old and died after
an operation for appendicitis at the Miners'
Clarinda Shlpman, aged 57 years, died last
night from a complication of diseases at the
homo of her sister, Mrs. Matilda Porter, In
Mahanoy City. The deceased was unmarried.
The funeral will take place on Monday
Dressing tables at Davison's.
Cluircli Notice".
Preaching in the Calvary Baptist church
to-morrow morning and evening. Morning
subject. "The Ransomed of the Lord." Even
ing subject, "What man sees and what God
sees." Singing by the choir, led by Mr.
Waters. All will be welcome.
At the services in the Methodist Episcopal
church to-morrow cvonlug Miss Lillle Dovey
wilt sing, by special request, a solo eLtitled
Ashamed of Jesus." The pastor. Rev.
John T. Swindells, will preach the sermon
Mr. Charles Bashore will lead the song ser
vice at 0 o'clock.
Service in the P. M. church to-morrow
morning and eroning. Morning subject, "The
Ever Blessed Gospel," Sunday school at B
m. Evening subject. 'The Danger ot
Delay." .Miss Lee, of Philadelphia, will be
with ns in the evening, and also take part in
the service Evorybody kindly invited.
Services will be held in the Congregational
church to-morrow. Preaching at 10:30 a. m
and 6 p. in. by Rov. T. L. Martin. Miss
Maud Gilpin will slug two solos, "Who is
Among You That Feareth the Lord ?" and
"Eye Hath Not Seen," at the eveniugservice.
Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Have you seen tho hand decorated and
gold plato China cigar holders, jardlners,
ferneries, jewel cases, photo holders, vases.
collar and cuff boxes, etc., at
Corouer'a Inquest.
Deputy Coroner Cardin last night held an
inquest on the death of Harry O'Brien, the
young man who was killed at Packer No. 4
colliery last Thursday. The evidence showed
that when a loaded car was, about 120 feet
from the top of tho slope the rope suddenly
parted and the car was precipitated to the
bottom, Tho victim and Edward Spears
were the bottom men. The latter heard the
car descending and Jumped into the safety
Heading. O Brien tried to reach a place of
safety on the opposite side of the slope, but
failed and .was struck by debris flying from
the car when it crashed against others at the
bottom of the slope. An examination of the
rope, which had been in use only sinco Oc
tober 11th, last, showed that It parted al
most clean, and only a few strands of the
rope wero loose. The rope waa examined
every day at dinner hour. No one could ac
count for tho parting of the rope The jury
rendered a verdict of accidental death. Six
witnesses were examined, including the in
side and outside foremen and the man as
signed to the care of the hoisting rope.
Special For This Week Only.
Our 40-cent chocolates for 30 cents per
pound. They are delicious. At M. L.
Kemmerer & Co.'s. 12-4 lSt
A Shooting- Alatch.
A nnmber of people went tu Girardville
this afternoon to witness a pigeon shooting
match between Joseph Griffiths, of that
place, and Joseph Tannel, of Yatesville. The
match was for 50 a side, each man to shoot
at nine birds.
Palms, ferns, primulas and carnations In
pots. Small ferns. Payno's greenhouse,
Girardville. 12B-3t
A New Chorister,
At an official meeting of the Methodist
Episcopal church on Thursday evening, last,
the pastor, Rev. John T. Swindells, was re
quested to procure a chorister. The name of
Mr. John Knight being the only one
mentioned, he was appointed by the pastor.
Mr. Knight successfully conducted the choir
at Wm. Peun for a number of years.
Try our Uokey-l'okey Tally, at 20c per
pound. At M. L. Kemmerer & Co.'s. 4-lSt
Advertised Letters.
The following letters remain uncalled for
at the local post office : John H. Brander,
Max Cowler, Thomas Oiilone, U. L. Holmes,
Lewis Wleder, F. Gudginsky, Mrs. Maggie
O'Gara, pkg., Phil, Harris, pkg.
D. W. Bedea, P. M,
All kinds of nut meats at M. L. Kemmerer
& Co.'s. Walnuts, SO cents ; shellbarks, 35
cents. 12-l-18t
The Monument Association.
A meeting of the Soldiers' Monumeut Park
Association was held last evening at the resi
dence of Hon. M. C. Watson with a large at
tendance, and the meeting was one of the
most fruitful and promising that has been
held in many months. Officers wero nomin
ated for the election to be held on January
5th, next, and plans were discussed for the
building of the foundation for the monument
early in the Spring, as soon as the weather
will permit.
CnmsTMAs Reminder. See Orkin's stock
of jewelry first. Next door to Mammoth
Clothing Uo'ise. tf
Store Itoom for Kent.
April 1st, 1000, now occupied by Frank
Schmidt, 118 North Main street Apply at
storo. 12-0-tf
delicious and wholesome
wwota co.,mw vow.
Kopubiican Candidates Gets tho
Election Certificate .
I Am ITiiulllInc to Ortlfr I'rntul
mill to Tiirit Kctitncky lltrr tn tlm
Control of the Ilnyonrt, CJntlltiK
Gun mid Friiiiilulent llitllnta,
Frankfort, Ky., Dec, 9. The state
election commissioners settle the long
drawn out gubernatorial controversy
by deciding that they have no au
thority to go behind the returns of the
county commissioners, and they there
fore award the certificates ot election
to Taylor and the other Republican
candidates for state offices. The com
mlsslonors give out a long; opinion, In
substance as follows:
"Occupying a place we did not seek,
we would gladly escape the discharge
of the delicate and responsible duties
which at the present moment confront
us. But, having voluntarily assumed
the responsibilities of so importaut a
trust, our duty Is plain. Wo are not
at liberty to depart from elementary
principles, or to allow partisan zeal to
force us to any conclusion which Is not
approved by our judgment and sanc
tioned by the law."
After quoting extracts from the new
election law, dollnlng the powers of
the board, the opinion reads:
"It Is evident, from tho law, that the
state board of election commissioners,
when sitting as a board of contost, is
clothed with powers and jurisdiction
which It does not possess and cannot
assume to exercise when sitting, as at
present, in a mere ministerial ca
pacity. "We assume that the legislature by
tho enactment of section 12 of tho law,
which provides for a board of contest,
Intended not only to limit the power of
this body, when sitting as a board of
canvassers, but to confer all the ju
dicial power and authority which the
board could lawfully exercise alone
upon the board ot contest. To hold
otherwise would be to destroy the en
tire force of tho section, creating a
board of contest and conferring cn it
responsible duties and largo Jurisdic
tion. "This law has carefully guarded the
rights of all candidates; while they
may not contest their rights to an of
flco before the canvassing board they
unquestionably have such right before
the board of contest. The remedy
la plain and speedy. Every candidate
who Is defeated on the face of the re
turns may, before the tribunal provid
ed by law, test the question of his
right to the office with his adversary,
and nothing that the canvassing board
may do or can do will In any degree
or In any manner whatever affect hia
If this board was clothed with un
limited judicial powers It would not
consider the exparto statements and
extra official statements submitted. It
could not do so without violating the
most familiar rules of evidence. It
would be monstrous to say that a per
son appearing on the face of the re
turns to have been elected to an office
of high or low degree could be de
prived of that office on mere exparte
affidavits which he had never had an
opportunity to Inspect before ho had
been given any opportunity to offer
evidence In his own behalf,"
Parlor tables at Davison's.
"a wise womak."
Wilfred Clarke's farce will have an en
gagetnent of one night at Ferguson's theatre
this (Saturday ) evening, Dec. 0th. It has
made a big hit and is taking an assured
place as one of the comedy successes of the
season. Certainly there is every reason Tor
its success. The play is novel, cleverly con
structcd, and splendidly acted, and that It is
pleasing, is shown by the big houses that
have greeted it everywhere. Reports from
Mahanoy City and Ashland, where tho com
pany showed the past two nights, are to the
effect that it is among the finest on the road
this season.
Among the numerous companies that visit
Shenandoah, it is doubtful if there aro any
that have as many friends and admirers
among the theatre-going public, as has Man
ager John A. Hiramelein's popular and well
kuowu attraction, The Ideals," including
Howson s 20th Century baud and orchestra.
The company, which has played here every
consecutive season fur the past five years, has
become an established favorite, and the an
nouueemeut that it will be at the theatre all
next week will be heralded with genuine
pleasure by theatre patrons. Miss Beatrice
Earle, the clever comedienne, still heads the
cast, and W. B. Streeter, the popular come.
dlau, is this season also a member ot the
Made dally at Scheider's bakery, 27 East
Centre street. Puroaud delicious. 12-1-tf
Dr. Newhartl a lleuedict.
Dr. I. C. Newbard, chief veterinarian for
the P. & R. C. & I. Co., and his bride, nee
Miss Jennie Price, of Harnsburg, arrived at
Ashland Wednesday evening, and have taken
up their residence there. The doctor is well
known iu Ibis town.
To Cure LvGrlppe In Two Days
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if it fails to cure.
E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25c.
A Hox Social.
The Ushers' Association held a box social
in Dougherty's hall last night. The atteud
ance was very large aud almost a hundred
couple kept the festivities going until & late
Sour kroat, pork and mashed potatoes to
Sour krout, pork and mashed potatoes to
Oyster soup will be served, free, to all pa.
trous to-nigbt.
Mock turtle soup to-ulght.
Will buy heavy fleeced
lined underwear in
all colors. Shirts or
Will buy a nice
shirt or drawers iu
the best of camel's
hair goods.
Gent's half hose, all kinds,
at lowest prices.
Our hats and neckwear are inter
esting for every buyer.
Remember we sell the genuine
Stetson hat.
New Ones
Low Prices.
Children's Coats, latest Gretehen
double box plete in back, slashed
reveres, trimmed with four rows,
pearl buttons, and white Hercules
braid, corded collar, $2.98.
ANOTHER Fancv mixed ooods.
full size collar, trimmed with two
rows silk soutache anone fancy
braid, two rows on cufis and collar,
51.98 only.
Baby's Coats. White Cashmere
fancy cape, embroideried cape, at
White Cashmere Coat embroid
eried puffed sleeves, circular collar,
at 51.49.
Fine Cashmere extra lone cuffed
sleeves, full size cape, trimmed
with fancy ribbon and braid, three
pearl buttons, four tucks and fancy
braid around skirt and lined, $2.37.
Lone Bedford cord cloak trimmed
with silk braid on yoke and satin
ribbon on collar, $2.37.
Child's Reefers in fancy boucle,
all colors, inlaid cloth, cream and
black soutache to match, bound
In ladies' and misses' we have a
good line of Golfs, Plush Capes,
54.au, ana oetter.
"The Hub.
Carpet Sweepers,
all prices. Rugs,
all kinds. Foot
Stools, all prices.
New govnis just
received at
10 South Jardln Street.
li TEW country dried 1
Peaches, Eggs Plums, .j.
Green Gatres.
Apricots, Pears. CANS.
Lenion Peel and Citron.
" -a
Flavoring Extracts, SrIu

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