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VOL. XV.-NO 302
Pianos, Organs,
Sewing machines,
Music cabinets, Ladies' desks,
Morris chairs, China closetsy.
Pictures, easels, Picture lrames.
Office chairs, Fancy mirrors', '
J. P. Williams &
13 S. Main St.,
Cor. Lloyd and White Sts.,
...Come to headquarters for...
they large or small, with the most suitable Presents at Fairest Prices.
Morgan's Fancy Bazar, "- 23 N. Main St
Trotting Harness.
Carriage "
Surrey "
Express "
Team " .
Harness Oil and Dressing, Snaps, Buckles. In fact everything you
need for your horse or wagon.
Swalm's - Hardware - Store.
TOMATOES.-" Choice cold PackecIi 3 cans for 25 cents,
Extra quality and extra size can, 10 cts,
Fancy quality, the largest cans and fin
est goods packed, 2 cans for 25 cents,
Good tomatoes, medium size, 5 cans, 25c,
CORN. Choice Maryland corn, 4 -cans for 25 cents.
Fine N. Y. state sugar corn, 3 cans for 25 cents,
The finest Maine corn, 2 cans for 25 cents.
pp AQ Fancy Early June
Choice Marrows,
Good Marrowfats,
1 i 1 ix 1 1 i 1- li vj wuu v uuiiLv. Li. Ltiiia iui - -1 v. -wit v
, I I J IV I I w 1 ' 111 '
' SOUPS Concentrated
venient 10 cents a can.
tliriU ll www--
Oil Cloth wo have over offered,
Book cases, Rocking horses,
Doll carriages, Black boards,
Children's chairs, Chiffoniers,
Ladies' toilet tables,
Fancy rockers, Piano stools,
Foot rests, Children's couches.
Shenandoah, Psa.
flaln Street,
UR fine Holiday Stock is full of
Qmlily, Variety, Beauty and Good Taste,
It is easy to select from, supplies ex
actly what you want, and it would be
a mistake to buy before you see it. Re
member this splendid assortment of
Toys, Games, Fancy Articles, &c,
contains the right thing for every per
son old, middle-aged or young.
.We will please you. We will
satisfy you. Will meet your wants, be
Bridles, Collars,
Halters, Lines,
Saddles, Traces,
Tie Straps,
Hame Straps, .
Feed Bags,
I. offered to our patrons. The ris
8ir ment of Holiday Mi es and
Slippers If, new, fresh nnd etylfsh
mid tlie iiiallty Is nil that could be
tleiilrcil. Our lino of
Men's, Women's and
Children's Fancy Slip
pers Tor presentation purroses should
receive your attention. You cannot
find more elegant goods nor lower
E. Manning,
and Sweet Wrinkled, 2 cans,25c
10 cents.
3 cans for 25 cents.
quality, 3 cans for 25 cents.
quality Maine, 2 cans for 25 cts.
notce wnue wax, 3 ior 25 cents.
Fancy stringless, 2 cans for 25 cts.
six kinds good, cheap con
' - - " '
The Coroner's Jury finds It Was Hue to I
Nicholas Kruileul, ft boarder la a bouse at
"tlio flats," on West Coal street, was found
dead In Ills bed at three o'clock yesteid .y
morning. Krmleut and a number of his
fellow boarders Indulged In card playlug at
tlio bouse until two o'clock yesterday morn
ing. Krudeul then said lie felt sleepy and
retired. Ad hoar later be was found dead.
Deputy Coroner Cardin and h jury held an
Inquest last night and a verdict that dentil
was due to natural causes was rendered.
You mn buy it at Ilrumm's.
It's wise tongue that responds to puro
candy. Try your touitue un our line. SI. !.
Kemmerer & Co. 19-l-lSt
ltohhers at ratternuiivllln.
On Safurday evening thrco masked men
entered the home of Jonas Ilumboll, at Pat
torsonville, located at the foot of the Mug
towu mountain, and secured $08.00 lu oush.
Hutubell remained in town Saturday even
ing until about 0 o'clock, and upon his re
turn home, whllo eating his supper, the three
men entered the room and knocked him
down with a club, and after searching the
premises secured the above booty and made
a hasty departure, Humlell is a widower
His children wero In the house at the time
He is well known in this town, haing at
one time been flro boss at Laoigan's colliery.
Ilumbell's son had received his pay that day,
and it was in an envelope in the cupboard,
but this tlio robbers overlooked, No clue to
tho latter has been found, and liumbcU'vMii
not Identify them as they wore masks, but it
is believed tbey are part of the gang that
has made Shenandoah their headquarters for
the past two or three weeks.
No finer holiday stock than at Davison's,
We do insist on the purity of our confec
tionery. St. L. Kemmerer & Co, 12-4-lSt
The Cantata To-night.
There will be a grand cantata entitled "Tho
"Tho Star of Uethlchem" produced In tho
Primitive Slethodist church this even
ing, under the auspices of tho Sunday
-chool. It will consist of strong and effec
tive choruses, dialogues, recitations, solos
and addresses One of the pleasing features
will be the number of beautiful tableaux that
will add materially U tho presentation and
delight of the audience. Some of the best
musical talent of the town will participate,
and the fact the cmt Includes over fifty
people is a guarantee that every featuro of
this beautiful nnd impressive cantata will bo
portrayed, A treat it In store for those who
take advantage of tho opportunity to witness
its production.
How would a gold mounted fountain pen
do for a Xmas gift? Ururain has something
new and good in fountain pens. 12-18-tf
Waltlrou Will be Here
P. O, Waldron, the great Canadian horse
shipper, will be at O'llara's stables, Shenan
doah, on Friday, December 22ud, with two
carloads of horses, tho finest lot he ever
shipped to this vicinity. The lot will con
sist of gray, black, sorrel and bay teams.
heavy draught horses and single drivers of
the very best kiud. As Sir. Waldron has
sold a groat number of horses hero he knows
just what suits this market. If you need a
horse or team for working, driving or general
purposes, you should not fail to attend this
sale. Each and every horse must be sold to
the highest bidder. Remember the date and
place, O'llara's livery, Friday, December
22nd, at one o'clock, rain or shino. Terms
cash. 12-lS-tf
A lot of knives worth from 75c to $1.00
reduced to 50 cents for this week only at
Swalm's. l'MS-Ot
Selecting Settle's Successor,
Special to Evehikq Herald.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 18. Governor Brad
ley has called a special election in the
Seventh Congressional district for to-day, to
elect a successor to Congressman Evan Settle,
Huyler's candy in baskets.
prettier. Shenaudoah Drug Store.
Tlio Heat Fitting Clnllilnc
Is to be bad at Harry Levit's, 33 North Slain
Tulsa Alarm.
At about nine oVIock Saturday night an
alarm of fire was souudid from box No 51.
corner of Ll.'vd and Wust streets. It was
caused by a lai?o volume of smoke Utuing
from the residence of Constable Thomas Tosli
nu West street. Just below Centre, The
(moke was due to a fresh fire started in the
heater of the residence.
A novel way to advertise; will you get
that Hue gold plated lamp? See it in Brumm's
show window. 12-18-tf
Firs Sale Specials.
There are twenty polite and experienced
salespeople to wait on you this week. Corsets,
50 dozen, 23c. each; fleece lined underwear
for men, 35c the 50c. kind; fleece lined lace
trimmed underwear for ladles, 23c the 35c.
kind; Ingraiu carpets, 23c; lace curtains, 35c,
a pair. There are hundreds of good things
only smoke hurt.
L. J. Wilkinson.
The big store with little prices.
To the Smoker.
JJow will a box of 25 Henry W. Sage cigars
hit you for a X-mas present ? Sheuandoah
Drug Store. 12-I0.5t
Hall Christmas Night.
The Elite Club will hold a bill in Bobbins'
ball on Christmas night. Full orchestra with
piano accompan'ment. 12-ll-0t
Leather hand grips at SIax Lkvit'8.
Arthur, Infant son of Joseph and Kate
Wbitehouse, died to-day, aged 4 months and
8 days. Funeral on Wednesday from til
residence on South Slain street.
Roger teaspoons, f 1,50 per dozen, Swalm's,
Snow by Freight.
The wintor of 1S9Q has apparently been
lost or stolen, or has strayed from this vlcln
ity, but a piecs of it was seen at the Lehigh
Valley station this morutug, A Western
freight train had a car attached with the roof
covered by a foot of snow,
Just tbe thing for a Xmas present to the
distant friends a coal ink stand, tooth pick
holder, sewlug set or ouo of the many novel
ties made from coal at Brumm's. 12 18-tf
Not Harried.
The report that Sliss Slaggie O'Nell. of
Philadelphia, was married recently is denied
by her acquaintances here. Miss O'Neill
does not, as yet. intend to enter the matri
monial world.
Leave your order for Holly Wreathi, etc.,
at Shenandoah Drug StoVe. 12-10-St
Special I Special 1 1
A leather bat case with a fashionable black
stiff bat. Our price is $2 for the ou'flt Star
Lilt's. 13-183t
Judee llcnnlnr Postpones the Wm.
Perm MurW Case
Complaints Against Several Shenandoah
Saloonkeepers Laid OverHJntll the
License Term of Court-County
Commissioners Have Not
Yet Agreed Upon Ap
pointments. I'ottsville, Dec. IS. In the Wm. Penn
murder case Judge Itenuliig handed down
the following order this morning :
In the Court of Oyer aud Terminer of
Schuylkill County : Commonwealth vs.
Andrew Korasand others, charged with mur
der. . .
And now. tnwit : December is, isun. nlue
of these defendants having elected to lie tried
"eparote aud apart from the two other re
maining defendant, who still remain un
tiled, and two of said nine having been ar-
oiiltted. and seven of the said
nine having ocen convicieu 01 inuruer
n tho first degree, and a rule having been
granted to show cause why the seven men
convicted as aforesaid should tint have a new
trial. It is deemed proper and best by the
trial Judge that this pending rule for a new
trial ought not lie finally disposed of until af
ter tho trial of tho remaining two defendants
charged with murder bo also tried ; therefore,
the argument heretofore fixed for tho Uth
inst. and adjourned to this date is now fur
ther postponed anil Monday, January '.nun.
1000. at 10 a. m.. is fixed for the day of argu-
Judgo Bechtel announced that certain papers
n 8mith vs. Northwestern Life Insurance
Company were missing from the Prothouo
tary's office and he requested that thoy be
returned at once. He also stated that almost
all tho papers in Shenandoah Borough vs.
Scanlan aro also missing from that office and
nunsel aro very much inconvenience! in
their work of preparing an appeal to the
Supreme Court. Ho alsodesired the return
these papers,
In Commonwealth vs. Aaron Miller, of
Hmor City, convicted of selling unwhole
some meat, the motion for a now. trial was
granted. Judge Henmug said tho Common
wealth had failed to prove that the meat was
sold iu that condition knowingly by tho de
fendant, nnd also that Sir. .Miller had made
n excellent explanation, . .
A verdict of $3,8-11 42 was returned in the-
use of F. B. IUnnuu and others, heirs of the
late John Bannon, of I'ottsville, vs. Daniel
Miller, surviving partnei of Levi Stiller and
Company, coal operators near Pinegrove, a
ult to recover royalties on coal lands. The
case was on tilal two weeks. The Jury re
tired to consider the verdict at 11:30 a. ra. on
Saturday aud did not asree until 11 p. m
W. Q. Dusto and William Canfield, of Sben.
audo.ib, were two of the furors.
On motion of SI. SI. Burke a rule" was
granted for Judgment in default of an alii-
avlt of defense in Shenandoah iced and
Lumber Co. vs. Sirs. George Tobin. He also,
by agreement, submitted the papers in the
suit of Philadelphia Cloak and Suit Company
vs. L. J Wilkinson.
District Attorney-elect SIcLaugbliu stated
that S. O. SI. Hollopeter, Esq., representing
the Law and Order Society of Shenandoah,
had served untice upon him that certain per
sons were violating tho liquor laws in Shen
andoah and Sir. Hollopeter wished to know
whe'.ber he could not have tbe matters dlr-
pocd of when the license applications are
being heaid. Sir. Hollopeter then remarked
that eight or nine licensed saloonkeepers In
that town were tunntiig two u.irs. one lu the
basement and one in the room above which,
be cuuteuded, tbey have no right to do under
the law. Ho said returns have been made to
Hie District Attorney's office, but it was be
lieved the matters could lie disposed of Just
as well by filing remonstrances as by baying
the cases heard by the Grand Jury and the
criminal court. On motion of Sir, Sic-
Laughliu the returns wore continued until
tte im-ctiug of tbe license court, and will
nut be submitted to tbe Grand Jury,
A pctitiou asking that the polling place at
Culss Ko. 2 bo changed from tbe old to the
new school house was filed.
W C. Devitt, Eq filed tbe petition of
I rank Reutz, assignee of tbe People's B. &
L. Association, of Qlrardvllle, asking the
appointment of two appraisers. John F.
Whalen, Esq, objected, saying the assign
ment was illegally made by tbe directors
without tbe consent of tbe stockholders. He
secured a rule to show causo why tho ap
praisers should be appointed, returnable In
live days.
A motion for a new trial was made in tho
case of William Roberts, an Ashlaud saloou-
keeper, charged with shooting a customer,
and argued, Decision was reserved.
Jury Commissioner Johu Anstock, of
Slahauoy City, states that tbe list nf 2,000
names is ready for the Jury wheel for 1000 to
be filled nxt Thursday.
The cominisston of Charles L. Adam, Reg?
Ister-elect, was received at the Recorder's.
offiee this morning, from the Secretary of
tbe Commonwealth, and plaped qn record,
An assignment by '.be People's U. & L
Ass'n of (lirardrille to Frank Rent? and
letter of attorney by tbe Association to Will
lam C. Dovitt, of Ashland, for premises lu
Fraokville, for $2,000. were recorded,
Herman Yailstkl and wlfo to John F,
White, premises lu Butler township; Peter
Hubentbali to Michael J Drown and others,
premises In Tamuqua; Joseph Klouter and
wife to Friedens E. L. church and others.
premises in Heglns towusblp; People's B. &
L. Ass'n to Philip Milntyre, premises iu
(lirardville; Elizabeth A Stlne and others tu
Bonjamiu F. Gehrig, premises in Schuylkill
William F. Sillier and nnle M. SiacMII
lan, of Tamaqua ; Philip J Delauey, of Sit,
Laflee, and Susan Ryau, of New Castle
Harry F. Kirainell and Carrie Wagner, of
habeas conros.
Judge normal heard a habeas corpus ap
plication this moruing, in which Sirs. JIary
Phillips, of Schuylkill Haven, strives to re
gain praise slnn nf her eight-year-old daugh
ter, who was lUileuturvd to Ueujamiu lieu
o. of Slabanoy City, by the I'otUvllle
Children's Home. When Mrs, PhilllpV first
ninofina men sue phteetl her two children In
he homo. Slnoe her second marriage she
hs necome ahle to support tbem. Clem-on
oppose tbe application.
A writ of attachment was asked for Thn.
J Kran. of Mahanov Rltv. far r.ltin. ..
hft wife $8 per month for the pMtsix month
jus mm his surety died recently and he la
about to go to Europe. It is mid be rreefve
ipef month in rent from ti Mahany
rt- t . . ,, , ... -
v-mjr awm. i ho atmcmnetit was grantwl,
waring a conversation to-day one of tbe
CcphMlean f'ounty ConimiwIoneniHtlrct
uteii mac no nun his eolleagum have had
menu cenniimiiniM, but hive not yet
iionnueiy on any appointment. They
uaveuiscuw,! Mie qualiflaatloM of mine of
me new applicant, as we as mime nf the
A appointee. It Is probable that some or
tho did appointee will be retained. It i
aiaien in outiile cirelee that .Mr. Reber will
apixlnt the Warden aud Sir. Kantner the
v.i.w uers. u is understood that each of
inem win appoint some of the old employes.
Children's kid gloves at SUx Lkvit'h. 3t
Maakeil IturgUrs Visit the llol.lrn Itest-
tlence at Turkey llun.
At eleven o'clock last night three masked
men entered tbe homo of Sir. aud Sirs. Thos.
Holdtn, an aged couple of Turkey Run, and
abused and robbed them. As the robbors en
tered one beat Sirs. Kolilnn with l,U fl.l.
bruising her face terribly, and then gagged
hor. Another struck Sir. llolden on tbe
head with a revolver and knocked hi m un
conscious. At about this time tho grand,
daughter of tho aged couple entered the
house and was at once seized, gagged and
bound. Tborobbers secured $S0 from Sirs.
Ilolden's dress.
I'rleKt Stricken.
Rev. Stark Jananskiewicz. rector of SL
Caslmlr' Polish Roman Catholic church, at
Slahauoy City, was suddeuly strickeu with
an attack of incipient apoplexy yesterday
morning, when preparing to celnhrate
tbo 11 o'clock Slass. He had lust reached
tho altar when be suddenly collapsed aud
fell jo the floor. Several parishioners rushed
to Bis assistance and oarried him to the
sacristy in an unconscious condition. Dr.
Horan was summoned and restoratives ap
plied. It was nut until one o'clock in the
afternoon that any Improvement had set in.
ae was then removed to the rectorv. Shortlv
after he began to speak aud is now resting
Store Itontii for Kent.
April 1st, 1000, now occupied by Frank
Schmidt, 110 North Slain street. Apply at
store. 12-0-tf
The Kcllpae.
Those who awaited tbo eclipse last Satur-
lay night were favored with rare ncrfect
weather. The moon began to enter the
earth's shadow cone at exactly 0 o'clock, 41
minutes ami u seconds. The middle of tbe
eclipse occurred at exactly 26 minutes after 8
o'clock, and at (I miuutes and 7 seconds after
10 tbe moon left tho shadow. The eclipse
was interesting, like all celestial phenomena,
bit was of no special Importance from a
scientific standpoint. It was a; near total as
it ever n ached, although not a total one.
rhe scientific reports show that 999.1000 of
its diameter was in tbe shadow. Not a cloud
marred tbe effect and it was viewed by hun
dreds of our people. The next total eclipse
of the moon to bo seen iu this part of tho
world will not take place until October 16,
Our silk and linen handkerchiefs is largo
and complete. Slax Levit s. 12-18-3t
Where Is SlabodaT
John Slaboda, a Sit. Carmel jeweler, has
mysteriously disappeared and his friends are
about to institute a search for him. On Nov
ember 21st he left Sit. Carmel carrying a kit
ot tools aud a half dozen gold and silver
watches. He told his friends he was going
to Excelsior, Shenandoah and other places,
but expected to return within a week. Ho
has not yet returned and bis whereabouts is
a mystery. It is feared that he has been
foully dealt wilh. Slaboda is 35 years old
and is described as beiug slender, of medium
height, swarthy complexion and wears a dark
Buy Royal Patent Flour.
It is tho best in
the market.
Ministerial Association,
A regular meeting of tbe Ministerial Asso
ciation of this county will be held in tie SI
fc. church at l'ultsvllle to-morrow, when the
following program will bo rendered i De
votional exercises, N. P. Johnson: "An Uu
discovered Hook," David Lord ; Discussion
opeued by O. E Stogden ; "The Fatherhood
of Gnd,' A. J, Amtbor; Discussion opened
by U. W. Graff; DevotionalExercises, Henry
Preston; Busiuess Sleeting ; papers by Linn
Uowman anil Wayue Cbanuell ; "The Peer
lessness of Slan," Wsyne Cbanuell ; 'The
Story of a Preacher's Heart," Wm. Slay :
Discussion opened by W. U. Stewart ; Con
secretion Service led by Garbutt Reed.
For fashionable bats tbe right place Is at
SIAX LkvIi's. 12-18 3t
Ilaml llurueil.
W. S. Johnson, of West Coal street, bad
bis left hand burned by a steam pipe at the
Sheuandoah City colliery yesterday. The
injury was painful, but not very serious.
I'urposely for Christmas.
Eighteen cases of black and brown stiff
bats at f 1 00, Guaranteed in style and price,
Max J.cvit'8. 13-18-31
Cqrreupy Hill fasnetl.
Special to fCvFMs;a llpuui.
iVastilngton, p. C.. Dec 18 The Currency
bill passed (be House tq-day by a vote of 100
to 150. It now goes to io Senate.
A Nice Christmas Gift
A half dozen of gentlemen's half hose.
The latest novelties from the cheapest tp the
finest. Max Lovit's. 12-1S ;h
llankruptcy Cases,
In the UultedStstes District CourtatPbils.
delpbia final discharges iu bankruptcy were
granted to Samuel Uosenzweig, of Pottsvllle,
and Matblas Walenk, of Shenandoah, Leave
was granted to A. L. Feinberg, of Slahauor
City, against whom Involuntary proceedings
in bankruptcy are pending, to withdraw the
answer filed, aud an adjudication of bank
ruptcy was entered.
Christmas at Win, l'enu.
The annual Christmas treat to the members
of the Wm. Penn Slethodist Episcopal Sun
day school will be given to tbem at tbe close
of tbe session of tbe Sunday school nextSuu
day morning Tho Christmas exercises will
beheld nextauuday evcuiuu. A iiood nro.
gram is beiug prepared by the teachers and
Slixturea from Scents a lb. up at SI I
K mmereri Co., the leading manufacturing
cuufectloner, S3 North Slain street. X, 4 18t
The Baron Ordered to Lead British
Troop in South Afrioa.
lorn Vlrlurln. I'nr tlir yirnl Tlni
in Xnit?- trill, llrrlilril to
Bpi-nil the riirlattuiin llolltlaya
Amu)' I'riim Onliornr limine.
Umdon, lec. 18. Shortly befors
midnight this following: notice was
posted at the war office:
"Am the campaign In Natal, In the
opinion of her majesty's government.
la likely to require the presence and
undivided attention of General Sir
Heilvers Iluller, It has been decided to
send Baron Roberta of Kandahar and
Waterford as commander-in-chlof In
South Africa, with Lord Kitchener u
chief of staff.
The war office has received tho fol
lowing dispatch, dated Dec. 17, from
General Koreetler-Walker at Cape
"Slethuen reports that I.loutonant
Chanilos Pole-dell was taken prisoner
last Thursday when going, to meet a
Mac of truce. He was waving his
handkerchief In response and was un
armed. Gatacre has removed his troops
and stores to Sterkstrom from Putters
Kraal. French has established head
quarters nt Arundel. Vandermcrwe,
with u command. Is reported moving
south from Jacohsdal."
Lieutenant General Sir Charles War
ren, commanding the Fifth division of
the First army corps, has arrived at
Cape Town. It In understood that he
will procoed to Port Elizabeth.
No further news baa been received
regarding the battle at the Tugela
river. In which the British losses are
placed at 1.097. The latest accounts
regarding the battle at Magcrsfontetn
show that the retirement of the Brit
ish troops was executed with the great
est coolness and order under a heavy
Hoer artillery lire on Tuesday.
Slafeklng was safe on Dec. 6, and
Colonel lladen-Powell, the British com
mander there. Is still actively pushing
out his defenses. At that time the
Boers had offered to exchange Lady
Sarah Wilson, who was captured while
acting as a correspondent for the Lon
don Dally Mall, for General Ben VII-
joen. who wns captured at Kland-
slaagte, but the offer had been declined.
The other beleaguered garrisons and
positions are still holding out.
It Is said that If the Victoria Cross
were to be granted for every act of
conspicuous gallantry on the part of
British troops It would he necessary
to distribute tho decoration by hun
dreds. Queen Victoria has decided to remain
at Windsor Castle for the present. Not
for years before has the queen decided
to spend Christmas away from Os
borne. Her decision to remain at
Windsor, in touch with tho cabinet, Is
a measure of the gravity of the crisis
and of the anxiety her majesty feels
for the welfare of the country. She
is. nevertheless, in fair health. Sat
urday morning she took her usual
drive, and Just before dinner that even
ing she received Lofd Wolseley. who,
with Major General Sir Henry Peter
Ewart. crown equerry to the queen,
dined at Windsor.
The queen's graceful act In present
ing a flag to the merlcan hospital
ship Maine is highly appreciated by
her own peip'e. as wall as by tho
Americans In London, and the morn
ing papers express the hope that the
Incident means something more .than
a pretty ceremony
"Black wee'. ;:o Inst week 's now
universally called, has evidently arous
ed the government and the war olllco
to the full sense of their responsibility
and of the m-x-nitude of the tnsk he-
fore them. The pipers unanimously
applaud this awake.ilng. despite tho
fact that they recognize that the heroic
measures now decided upon savor ot
weakness rather than of strength.
Humor has it that the question of
expense has really been at the bottom
of the healf hearted measures hitherto
adopted, anil It Is not unlikely that Sir
Michael Hlcks-BoHch, chancellor of the
exchequer, and other members of the
cabinet will resign.
Croup Instantly relieved. Dr. Thomas'
Eolectric Oil. Perfectly safe. Never fails,
At auy drug store.
The most
appropriate holiday gifts at
The Number In This County Aggregatea
:i7,'i(IO For Tina Vrar.
In accordance with the Act of Assembly
appruted tbe 15th day of July, A. D., 1S()7,
the Couuty Commissioners ou aatiirday re
mltted tu State Superintendent of Schools,
N. C. SchaefTer. statement showing the
number af sc!io,il cliijdreu Wetween the ages
of 0 aud 10 years, hi each of tlio school dis
tricts of Schuylkill couuty in the biennial
year of SW as shown Uy the returns of the
The total number is 37.300 This statement
is used by tbe State Department In determin
ing tbe appropriation tu be glveu each dis
trict, tbe appropriation fur each district now
being bas tl as follows: ion the number of
pupils, 1 on the number of teachers, and 1 on
tbe number of taxable!.
Shenandoah leads tbe county with a total
of 3.614 scholars, and Pottsvllle ranks second
with S.SKfl closely followed by SIshanoy City
with 2 500. Ashland bas 1,W. Tamaqua
1,460, Mhanoy township 1,417, West Malm
uoy township 1,007. Girardville 86, Pruck-
villi. (WO, St. Clair 939.
lionds for Hale.
Two hundred dollars first mortgage five
per cent bonds for sale. Apply at 3( Kist
Oak street, Shenandoah, l'a. 12 IQ-tf
Upholstered rockers at Davison's.
Coats, Capes, Carpets
and oil cloths cheapor than elsewhere
Christmas goods and blankets. We gnarsnt.ee
the best value for the money. A clearance
sale ot underwear. Come at ouce,
12-15-St I. J. SIONAQIIAK.
.I Celebrated Swit s V nde
glove fitting un
derwear at Slax levit's,
' prices.
Nj advance In
12 18 St
Mr. mill Mt., Hubert .IiiIims r Here
from JntiMnnftbiirir.
Among I be arrlmttt In t ntxht wen
Sir, and Mrs. 11Wet .Vi-m and their
Untfeter, KMptMMta Mj,r,t. iH sii
numtrw ami three 4sf t re furred u
abandon their IwMlti J knnenharg. Trn
vast, South Afrion. at th. . .ithmtk of the
war hetwn lh IfcMH ! Hrltlsh. Ml.
Jteknoo hi a tfeittator 4 M,ne InupwU.t
William JHeiM, of tkfe Mt .,! wu married
to Sir. Jnektms at fcr biher' home on
August IS, XWI. An. t
this mnntry, KagtMi'i
tbey want to Sir. Jars.,
JohanimtMirg. where tlx
located and prS urnsis ubi
overshadowed tb Tnttv.il
and daughter left JatMtmeaV :
Dnrhnn. on the waster n ,
toiir of
i home in
" comfortably
i he war elond
Mm. Jackson
t and wer.1 to
Mt of Month
Afrlm. on SeoteifiSw IDI'i, I
Mr Jack.
on remained at bis iKHiie, arlieving that the
war might be averted by ti,.. two go re ru
men Ui. hut affair grew wore nd a hoot three
weeks later be joined UU tile and child at
Before leaving Johannes1,); Mr. Jaekaaa
had an inventory made f his property.
swore to it. had it attested the appraiser
and a magistrate, ami then , It depoaited
in a Jobanueoburg iMtik, si, Hi it if ' he prop
erty is destroyed before be returns he will
have evidence of what be , mi id, Mr.
Jacksou is the owner ofeoi 4d rahle property
at Juhsunesborg aud is eug-r I in tbe auc
tioneering business, selling principally live
stock and vehicles.
On theSoth of October Sir. nnd Mn. Jaek
son concluded that, as there oasiio indica
tion of settlement of the H,-i British
trouble, it would be Jutt as ttil for them to
take a trip to this country toti-it Xrt Jaek
son's parents, and they milej inm Durban
on October 2tb, arriving at o-'-ithamptoo.
England, on November 30th iin :!,, 'iiDt.
tbey soiled from Southampton -, lung xew
York Saturday night, last, :tsx! , w-d here
at 7:30 last night. Tbey br t .wth tbem
a South African byetia carriij, t i. a gift
for Dr. Vf. N. Stein, Sirs Jack- hrother.
and also two easy chairs i , . ,,n the
Madeira Islands, as gifts for Mr ui.l Mrs.
William Stein. They ales br4 t wuh tbem
a large amount of curiosities, to, 'udiug a box
of ostrich eggs. Sir. and Sin. t j, ku will
probably remain in this eouit
ry until the
Iloer-Uritish wnrceaaes
We aro never undersold. Urn-.
The best place in town t" buy
Harry Levit's, uoxt door to SI. (
The Sharkey-JctTrles picture nt the (Stand
opera house, Saturday evening ks attended
by a large and enthusiastic ciw.l aud from
i be expressions of applause ant m iuil re-
marks heard from time to tun, heu the
lighters mixed it up lively, yoi would have
arrived at the concluiou that thone exrited
individuals imagined tbey wew witnessing
tbe real fight. Through a !ui-U- iu num
bering the rounds, an apparat jump was
made from Kound 4 to Round I which tbe
audience in the balcony aud "peanut'' re
lented so emphatically that ai explanation
from Sir. Haven, the manager, was neeea-
ary to appease their disappoiltiinnt. Evi
dently they were there to see H. whole SS
rounds And they saw then -Mabauoy
City Record, Dec 11. At Fergjson theatre
Sir. Charles Cowjes, one of tbttwat of our
young American actors. Is td be tern in bis
strong Yankee comedy drama, "A Country
.Merchant," at Ferguson's theatre, Wednes
day evening, December SO. Sit. '(,Hes ia
surrounded by a company of talsst. d players
and singers, carries bis own spt-aWl xeuery,
and promises a production of hiaprctty little
play which will win for it and bin. If, new
Agnes Wallace Villa, in Praok Hrvev's
ear-drawing, heart-rendering ael-lramaof
English country and city life. The World
Against Her" is vastly different fri.m the
average emotional melodrama of Uie present
lay. i he story is of a wife sliced in a
questionable light, through no hull of her
own; tbo indignation of her husband, who
iTOia uer uu ; nei lonely struKle lor ex
istence and battle to prove bet innocence,
and the final triumph of right and justice
over vlllainly. It is played lor a strong
east. St Louis Call. At Fereusm's theatre
briday cveuing, Dec 22.
Don't purchase your Xmas irit until von
sco Brumm's stock and ask bis pdci-.
Flat ulenceis cured by Hukcium s Tills.
Keep Time Willi Clirl.uia..
Clocks in porcelain, china, krome and
wood. Good tiuie-keeocra ani lowest of
prices are Christmas Inducemenust Orkln's
Jewelry s'ure. next door to tb i'amixoth
olothiughouso. l.'-lsSt
lllihery TrUU Near at Hun.l.
Tbe remaining nuartet of tha narti In.
uicieu lor attempting to bribe Lagulaturs
connection with the effort to re-ettri iusy a
united Mates Senator, will be U fore the
Dauphin county court, at tho nett term, and
District Attorney Millard baa Iliad .saiuniav.
January 13, as tho day for trial. Ei -Senator
i-oyie, bvaus. Uyrneand Sloyletart- tin dv
The Way to Uuy a Hit.
Kor Christmas. Come to our store with the
gontleman's proper size or hat. bis weight,
height and age. and we will gssmutee l"
give you a hat suitable to tbe wre r Max
Levit's. imvsi
Clocks, silver novelties, and dlverwarr.
solid gold rings and watches, niuata! io-tru-
ujcuia, eio., at ursiu's jewelry state "t
Horned by das,
John ltudd. of West 81u-trrv allev.
suffered severe burns ou the bau M and face
by an explosion of gaj at Paier No. 3
colliery this morning.
To Cure a Cold In ln Dt
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet. All
uuggisu refund the money If it fills to cure.
E. W. Grove's signature Is on oach box. 6e.
Without a Doubt
The finest assortment of rjng H4 jewelry
is shown at Ellis Deull'a. isa ath Mam
street. , ,..,,.
egetable soup to-night,
liver to-morrow morning.
Special lunch to-uight,
morrow moraine.
Potatisslsd sad
Pea soup to-
Vegetable soup will be served, fee, to all
patrons to night,
Pea soup, free, to-night.
Tea soup, free, to-night. Concert ' y Mr
J Newtou
Will buy heavy fleeced
lined underwear in
all colon. Shirt or
Will btiy a nice
shirt or drawurs iu
the lust of camel 6
hair goods.
Gent's half bote, all Uads,
' at lowest prices.
Our hats and neckwear are inter
esting for every buyer.
Reineniter we sell the genuine
Stetson hat.
See the Dolls, soma are sleeping, otlsers wide
awake. Twins are here, Oressetl Dells,
Kid Dolls. All Kinds of Dells, 5c. irp.
Dressed Doll from 23c up.
Tree Ornaments, gold and silver.
Colored Berries & Fancy shapes.
Lmetta Bags, ic each.
Candles and Holders.
Lamps for Christmas Yards.
Harmonicas, 3c. up.
Pianos, 25c, 48c, 74c, 98c.
Metalloplioues, Drums, 19c, 39c.
69c, 98c.
Wash Setstable, wringer, wash
board, etc., ioc up.
Books, finely colored illustra
tions, ic.
Blocks, 5c, 9c.
Fifty Blocks in a box, 10c.
Iron Toys, endless variety, 7c up
Engine aud Cars, 10c to 98c.
Mechanical Toys, latest novelty.
Trunks, Wagons, Horses, Car
riages, Go-Carts.
Animals of all kinds ic up.
Games, a large assortment from
5c, to 2.98.
Swings, Beds, Cradles, Banks.
Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Shav
ing Sets, Work Boxes, Can
non's Toilet Waters and Per
fumer', Handkerchief Boxes.
Silk Umbrellas sterling silver
tips 011 horn & ivory handles.
DOCCCWTO I U knds.-.
I IIL.OL.I1IO J sioois, all prices.
New goods just
received at
i0 South Jardln Street.
JEW country dried
I N cherries and apples.
Peaches, Eggs Plums, (J
Green Gages,
Apricots, Pears CANS.
Lemon Peel and Citron.
Flavoring Extracts, Spices.

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