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lWT,IU.ISt!I5l t870.
"All the News That's Fll to Print."
ulillshcd every evcnlim, except Sunday, at '
South Jardln street, Shenandoah, I'n.
The Herald Is delivered In Shenandoah nnd the
surrounding town forslxcentsa wek, pay
able to the carriers, lty moll W.OO u year, or
25 cents n inontli, payable In advance Ad
vertisement charged ncconllng to space anil
position. The puhllahera reserve the right
to change the position of advertisement
whenever the publication ol news Henmmi
It The rteht l reserved to reject nny
adveril'enient, whether paid for or not, that
the publishers may deem Improper. Aiiver
tlslug rated made known nponappliostlon.
ntered at the poet office at Shenandoah, I'a , at
second elans mall matter.
OUR COUNTRY : First. Last and Forever.
Chicago can console itself with the
Prohibitionists. Their imtloiml con
vention is to be held in the AViuuy
City next year.
TlIK Keystone Sunday school worli
era outnumber those of every other
state. They are n mighty host in
nearly 10,000 sohools, with 100,000
teachers and ollieers, and 1,300,000
members. At the recent state cou
ventiou, in Reading, the reports from
every county showed large gains dur
ing the year in every movement,
arousing great enthusiasm and lead
ing to enlarged plans for the future.
Some states, like Illinois, still lead in
certain departments, but in these the
splendid gains of Pennsylvania work
ers are most significant. Better still,
nothing was done for mere rivalry,
but to increase the Sunday school
population all over the state from 23
per cent., the average, to 00 per cent.,
as it is in several counties.
Views of Two Judges.
Two Pennsylvania judges have re
cently made comments in passing
sentence on prisoners, that are at
tracting considerable attention
throughout the state. Judge Robert
S Frazer, of Allegheny, had before
him a culprit who had been convicted
of whipping his wife in the approved
manner supposed to prevail in the
olden time. He did not knock her
down, or pound her, or kick her, but.
just whipped her thoroughly with a
switch. The wife-ivhipper was shown
to be au honest, sober, industrious
and skillful mechanic, who provided
ubundantly for his family. His wife
had become infatuated with a drum
mer, with whom she maintained a
correspondence. A compromising
letter from the drummer accidentally
fell into the hands of the outraged
and betrayed husband, and he gave
tiie faithless wife the whipping for
which he was arrested. Judge Frazer,
in imposing a nominal sentence, ex
pressed the opinion that the husband
was Just about as nearly justiiied as a
man possibly could be under such
circumstances, and left the impres
sion that in his court offenders of
that class would not be dealt with
The other case occurred in Berks
county, before Judge Ermentrout
Three small boys had been convicted
of theft and when brought before
him for sentence the Judge said that
the parents of these children were the
real culprits and deserved the punish
ment, and he refused to send these
neglected boys to jail. If their par
ents had given them proper training
they would not have been brought
Into court. Doubtless there is much
truth in what Judge Ermentrout
fcaid, but it is also true that there are
many instances where the parents are
not responsible for the wrong-doing
of their children, as almost every ob
serving person knows from personal
knowledge and cbservation. Judge
Ermentrout's theory may be oorreot
in a L'reat many cases, but by no
means in all. At the same time, when
ever and wherever It is possible, with
out detriment to the public welfare
or safety, children should not be sen
tenced to imprisonment. They should
be saved from entering upon the
battle of life with the awful stain of
convict upon them. It is better for a
Judge to err on the side of mercy in
such cases.
Kidney Troubles
Brlekts Disease, Jaundice. Pains In Side or Back
Blurred Sight, Achlag Bone, Swelled Feet, m
nary Disorders and Sallow Complexion, ar
caused by
Weak, Unhealthy Kidney
The popular-rrlred remedy.
None so Good and None so Cheap!
Uy mall for five z-cent itamps Made at
ru joaass ubouhkuk, in. rauiiirai.
Tho Rosy Freshness
And velrety softness of the akin la Inva
riably obtained by tbore who ue FozxoMfa
Complexion Powder.
Leecham's Pills
Ittt) mata on a uonk
ami fNinIrrvf liver.
!3 " :iU, i.- tn. lrttg nor.
Irtg a trifligli of moil-
extemletf from Texas to
iike Superior. At
midnight thero re-
iiMined only tho I
extreme northern
portion, which is
central over Lake
Superior, and a
maiked high pres
Hiue, with com
paratively low
temperature, onco
mm e prevails
throughout the
west. Forecast
for this
n: Cloudy today, witn
?howers in
e afternoon or night; to-
antl generally fair;
', shifting to westerly
sunset, 1: 15; length of
moon rlsos, 7:45 p. m.:
'resh south
lay, Oh., 22
noon sots.
B a. m.
A cyclongHS done groat damage in
Three peri
ns were burned In a tone-
ment housi
re In Holioken, N. J.
Tho city
Interest In
f Baltimore will soli its
Western Maryland rail-
road some t
In' January.
It Is proh
le that Mexico will send
6,000 more
poops Into the Yaqui
country to
lit the Indians.
From 70
to 75,000 cotton mill
ev England received an
operatives In
nlvance of
per cent in their wages
yesterday. j
The Wheel
r line, which operates
steamers between New York and Bal
timore, is to
be sold, according to re-
It Is report
ChlneHe wan
limitation of.'
d that another Franco-
Is Imminent over the de-
rench "leased" territory
u bay, on its Tonkin
at Kuang-(!lJi
11 Your Sister
A beautiful coiWiloxion is au Impossibility
without good pi
o blood, the sort that only
exista in connei
on with the good digestion;
a healthy liver
Root Tea acts d!
feud bowels. Karl's Clover
iecuy on mo Doweis, nver
and kidneys ke
Price 25 cts. am
ing llieiu in pericci ueaiiu.
0 cte. Sold by 1. I). Kirlin
on a guarantee
I-'itir rtitlHilllHti.
ens." chosen
v.. Dee. 111. Two eiev-
rom the young lady stu-
dents of Say
Elhinney HI
Institute and the Mc-
senool. are announced
to contest h
c on the gridiron next
Saturday. It
!s the first game of the
osed here. Members of
kind ever prt
the teams re
resent the best families
In the state.
A Card.
We, the uud
.ilrligiied, do terehy agree to
refund the rod
ou a nO-ccnt bottle of
Greene's Warm
Syrup of Tar if it fails
to cure your coiigli or cold. We also guaran
tee u 25-ecut boittlo to prove satisfactory or
money refanded
A. Wasley,
C. II. Hagenbnch,
P.W. Biorstein&O.
Shenandoah Dri jg Store,
Tlio I-'edoral
loil'N ANM.-MIIlftlt I'llltl.
Detroit, Dete
19. A return to the
of assessing all mern-
foi mer systeiB
be.-s of unions!
tfflllated with the Amer
ican Federation of Labor for purposes
of aiding striKfrs in cases of necessity
was decided 5fPon by the federation
convention ySterday afternoon. The
proposition w'as narrowly carried, re
ceiving only tA'o more votes than tho
rules require. J
KheutnaiUm Ciirea In a Day.
"Mystic Cure'jffor Rheumatism and Neur
algia radically cilfes In 1 to 3 days. Its action
upon the fysteui is remarkable and mys
terious. It removes at once the cause and
the disease immediately disappears. Thn
first doso greatly'jieneflts, 75 cents. Sold by
Shenandoah Drui Store, Shenandoah. tf
Ask your grocor tor tho "Eoyal Patent"
flour, and take n3 other brand. It la the bes
flonr malft j
Sol Smith ItliMHi-ll ItrtMikN lloiru.
Chicago, Dej. 19. Sol Smith Rus
sell was obligld by illness to dismiss
his audience atlthe Grand Opera House
last night. Tno breakdownoccurred
in the first actA Mr. Russell was stand
ing behind a long table, the scene being
that of a lawyer's office. Of a sudden
It became apjiarent he had lost his
lines. His companion player of tho
scene tried to prompt him. but without
success. Mr. Kussell then rose, and In
a weak voice pnrt with rather Inco
herent phrases! asked the audience to
excuse his furfher effort and to con
sider the performance ended. It Is de
nied that the Jnd-sposltlon was any
thing more than temporary in nature,
lllcir l'I n itnlitiili vrlth Dynnmlte.
Pnlnrarln Snrincs. Dec 19 Vesuvius. '
a butte which lowered 600 feet above
Beaver Creek, 'near Cameron, Cripple
Creek dlstrlct,-jls no more. The Pike's
Peak Power eipany found it In the
way of a dam upder construction there.
A tunnel 100 feet long was run Into the
bluff,, 30,000 pounds of dynamite were
planted, and yteterday the explosion
occurred. Hundreds of Invited guests,
a mile or mdre away, witnessed tho
upheaval of 4JP00 cubic feet of rock.
The debris will be utilized in construct
ing the dum. .-'
tr!U Iljlot In Chicago.
Chicago, DafL 19. A riot occurred
yesterday at Tplrty-nlnth street and
Calumet avenlHt, where the strike of
the tunnel miners is in progress. Sev
eral non-unlnnmen emerging from the
tunnel were atffiulted by strikers and
during the general tight which fol
lowed sevarafshots wer fired and sv-
eral men on both sides badly tujud.
A riot call was turned In, and nine of
the strikers we're arrested.
Drfuiiltliiir "cjtalil'r Surrfnileri.
Sioux City, IDec. 19. Defaulting
Cashier Kendrlik. of the Citizens'
bank, of Sioux denter, la., has return
ed and surrendered to the officers. He
was at once released on $2,500 ball.
The bank luw raoeived $10,000 from the
American 8ur8$y company, of New
York, an payment in full of Ken-
drlck'g bond. His defalcation U said
to have been in the neighborhood of
SteniiHT l"Ij inuulli 1 1 it ii on a nock.
Now York. Dec. 19. The ble side-
wheel steamer jflymouth, of the Fall
River line, went ashore on a reef on
the north side of Rlkers' Island, East
river, last night (Hiring a fog. She had
300 Daasengere aboard. A hole five feet
in diameter was. Stove in the boat well
forward, and shef-made water rapidly.
There wap llttle-jutoltement among the
piiiMMii tiers.
ami nrtU
10 i-nuiiia
"trite H'Gk4
xt ntfiri
Ml lln I'nuai'iiKi'rs K-i-npc, Unity In
TliHr Mlthl CliillM-s.
New Miidrlii, Mo., line. 10. Tho
Btpnnipf City of Kpiirrh. (if the Tpiinna
spt River Packet company, burned to
the water's ilgo early yestenlny morn
ing white lying At the foot of Malno
street. Several hundred bales of cot
ton, ronnlilerablo freight and liagtrngo
wai dpstroypil. The total loss Is pmM
nmteil at $80,1100. All the passengers
and mrist of the crew wore nslenp.
They were nnlekly awakened nnd all
Ruined the shorn In snfoty Just In time
to escape the llamas. Some hnd been
awakened so nuddonly that they had
not time to dress, Thoy voro nolh-
In? Imt their night drosses, nnd were
shoeless end hMlesa. V number of
inssenrera on the opposite side of tlio
boat Jumreil Into the water to psenpo
the fhmfls Fort mutely the witor was
not deep there, and they wnded ashore
Mr. MnllH-u'a ltntMlt !1pi-rltnpr,
Npw Vntk. V)fi 10. 'I lie witp and
mother -of Roland 1). Mollneux attend
ed his trial ye'i'erdny. As thev left the
court room they had a most trying
cxporlencp. The crowd pressed upon
them, every Individual In it seeming
to lie possessed of a wild desire to got
within ronelilug distance of Dip pretty
yotinp woman and the sad facd older
one. Tl:e were Jostled to mid fro,
pllnsrtne l-wif frlgb'pned to the arms
of General Mollneux. Finally, with tho
assistance of a policeman, the trem
bling women wore half dragged through
the crowd to the broad marble stairs.
Tlioy finally escaped into tho street,
and, with General Mollneux, woro
driven hastily away. On account of
tris rude ordeal the women decided
net to return to tho court room.
A l7.y liver makes a lazy man. Burdock
ll'.ood Hitters Is the natural, never failing
remedy for lazy liver.
r rzn
(illyli- SurrrcilH s'rttlt.
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 19. At the
special election In the Seventh Ken
tucky congiesslonal district yesterday,
to elect a successor to the late Con
gressman Evan E. oottle, J. W. Gayle,
Democrat, of Owen county, was elected
over ox-Congressman W. C. Owens,
who ran as the fusion candidate of the
antl-Goebol Democrats and Republi
Bears ths si 11,8 You ,lave M'm1 IW
AlloKri-il IIo.hIIIiik In Mlolilsrun.
Lansing. Mich., Dec. 19. According
to allegations here, based on results
of grand Jury Investigations, the state
military board Is alleged to have sold,
last July, to the "Illinois Supply com
pany," of Chicago, for $10,500, abso
lutely now clothing, goods and equip
ments, estimated to have been inven
toried at $53,000. It Is further alleged
that what are alleged to be the same
goods were soon afterward purchased
by the board from the Henderson &
Ames Manufacturing company, of Kal
amazoo. To Cure LaGrlppe In Two I):tysS"
Take Laxativo Bionio Quinine Tablets. All
druggists rofund tho money if it fails to cure,
G. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25c,
YVnii Running "ArHiliMit" a Muruerf
Wllliamsport, Pa., Dec. 10. Peter
Koch, of Jersey Shore, was arrested
at that place yesterday charged with
having caused the death of William
M. Marks, who died in tho Williams
port hospital on Nov. 21 from a gun
shot would received on tho previous
day. Koch, Marks and several
other men had been gunning In the
woods near Jersey Shore, and while
the men were skylarking Marks was
killed by a load of shot from the gun
which Koch was carrying. At the tlmo
of the shooting It was explained to
have been an accident, but the father
of Marks claims tnat his son told him
before he died that the shooting was
done Intentionally.
ImprrNonnttMl n Govcruim'tit Oniclnl.
Susquehanna, Pa., Dec. 10. F. JI.
Belmont, who claims Rochester, N. Y
as his home, has been arrested here
charged with Impersonating a United
States officer and securing money on
this pretense in Windsor, Broome
county, N. Y., and elsewhere. His
plan was lo visit stores in the small
towns and discover alleged violations
of the Internal revenue laws and then
collect from the victims what he claim
ed to be fines. It Is alleged that Bel
mont secured sums In Lackawanna
county. Pa., and In towns along ihe
Delaware river.
Mother's Friend
Is a liniment for expectant mothers
to use externally. It softens the muscles
and causes them to expand without dis
comfort. If used during most of the period
of pregnancy there will be no morning
sickness, no rising breasts, no headache.
When baby is bom there will be little
pain, no danger, and labor will be short
and easy. $1 a bottle at druggists.
Send far a Frie copy of our illustrated
book about Mother's Friend.
The Bradfleld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga.
POH KENT. A very desirable brick dwelling
house, No. 81 East Oat street. Eight rooms,
water In the house, a nice side yard, a most
beautiful location, Next to 31. K church lkos
se'ston given January 1, 1900, Kent reasonable.
Apply at 28 WestUoyd atreet.orSOSouth White
street. 12-lS-tf eod
FOR SALK, A spring wagon.
HupAlJi office.
Apply at the
ATOTICE. Dealrab'e properties for sale. Ap
IN ply to b. O. JI. Hollopeter, attorney. Mien.
andoah. , emi-tf
FOU RBNT OU FOU S LE. No. 120 North
Main street, now occupied by a fmicj sitae
tore. PoshcWou given April Ut, 1900. Htore
has plate glftaa front. Store and '-wtllfnjf cai
he rented with or without warer om anil rtahle
very rvaaonable by a desirable tenant Antny
to 0. W Newhouser No. J2S North Main Ht. tf
SBLMNO orT.-Our entire stock of hoots,
ihoes and rubbers. Our sal Is now on and
our stock must be sold as soon as poslblo At
Charles Pletr, 120 North Main street. IMOlw
FOR HAM!. Cheap to a prompt buyer. A
very desirable three-Btory property Jit a
paved square on Main street. Contains two
large store rooms with plate glass fronts Com
fortable dwelling with bath. Yard, warerrom
ai.d stable, to each. Wlxde lot 80x150 feet to
alley. Very fine location for any kind of
business, I'refer to snfl the whole, property
but will sell part of It irdeslred, at very resson
able price and terms. For further Information
piwiHe address "Owner, J. O, J(oi 22. flhenan.
doub, l'a, 11-C-tf
Ten can toll ilixt un wnll m ft
ilcian whether your Kldnovs are d
eased or healthy. Kill a tumbler with
nrlno nnd let it Hlmul 1M hours ; If It lias
Bodlmonl, if it in milky or cloudy,
discolored or pale; if it la ropy or
trlngy, your Kidneys nnd Bladder are
In a dangerous condition and you do
not need n physician to tell you so.
Kidney diseases should bo attended
to ip once, for almost DO per cent, of our
unexpected deaths of to-day aro from
that causo. Dr. David Kennedy's Fa
vorite Remedy is tho only sure cure
known for diseases of tho Kldneyi,
Liver, Bladder and Blood, Rheum
llsm, Dyspepsia and Chronic Constipa
tion. It is marvelous how it stops that
pain In tho back, relieves thu necessity
of urinating so often nt night, drive
way that scalding pain in passlnff
,watcr, corrects tho bad effects or
.whlskeynnd beer and shows its bene-i
flcial eficcts on tho system in an In
credibly short time. It Is sold by all
drag stores at $1.00 n bottlo.
If you would 1 Ike to test Favorite Rem)
Aj free of all charge, send your full1
inamoand postefflco address to the DR.
Rondout, N, Y., nnd n frco trial bottle,,
together with a pamphlet of valuable
medical advice, will bo Bent you by re
Iturn and postpaid, providing you men
Jtlon this paper when yu write. The
(publishers of this paper guarantee the
'genuineness of this liberal oll'ur.
Philadelphia. Dpo. is. Flour quiet; win
ter Biiperllne. $2.852.I0; Pennsylvania
rollpr. clear, i3.10fi3.20; city mills, extra,
Z.Wn 2.70. Hye flour quiet, but steady, at
$8.:iOffia.4S per barrel. Wheat stronBi No.
2 red. spot. In elevator, 70V4(S7H4c. Corn
firm: No. 2 mixed, spot. In elevator, 37M
374: No. 2 white, clipped, 31W332C. Oats
quiet and steady, No. 2 white, 315HT32C
Hay In fair demand; choice timothy, JlCt?
18.60 Tor Ihtrp balea. Heet dull; boot
hams. $22'"'22.50. Pork Arm; family, J13.60
iftll. I.aril weak; western steumed, J5.CS
K.70. nutter steady; western creamery,
23627c; do. factory. 15Vift20c; June cream
ery, 22(ri25'!C.; Imitation creamery, 170
22c; New York dairy. 1825c.; do. cream
ery. 2SifT27c. ; fancy Pennsylvania prints
jobbing nt Kific.; do. wholesale, 2Sc.
Cheese steady; fall made, fnncy, small,
12HilSc; do. do., laree, 12'4WC. ; late
made, small, 12f?12Vic; do. do.,Tarse, U?i
5112c. KgBS steady; New York ami Penn
sylvania. 2tTi2Rc,; western, unfrraded, ut
mark. Wi2c. western, 21(2Ic Pota
toes steady: Jersey. tl.25im.C0-, New Y'ork,
fl.2Siril.T5; Long Island, $1.50ff2; Jersey,
sweets. J2.2Wi2.TS: southern do., J1.T5'S2.25.
Tallow linn; city, Gc; country, 4?i5c.
Cottonseed oil steady; prime crude, 2Sc;
do. yellow, 32c. Itosln steady; strained,
common to srood, J1.13. Turpentine steady
at 52Ti."i2'.e. fnbbago steady; Long Isl
and, jtfflfi.rn p.- loo.
Haltlino: - Dec. 18. Flour unchanged.
Wheat tlrm; spot and month, 7H&ST71HC.;
Jnnuury, 72?i72iic. : May, 75875WC ; steam
er No. 2 red, C"Mi(!j07Uc; southern, by
sample, G6ft72c; do. on grade, CG07H4O-.
Corn firmer; spot and month, 37li37c;
L 'cember, new or old, 37Via?37c. ; Jan
uary. 37U37?Jc; February, 37V437?ic.
March. 37c; steamer mixed, 35Ji3Gc;
southern, white and yellow, 33wff38c.
Oats steady: No. 2 white, 3103114c; No.
2 mixed, 2syi1i29c Itye dull: Nd. 2 near
by, Etc.; No. 2 western, 59c. Hay easy;
No. 1 timothy, Wj 15.50. Grain freights
very quiet; steam to Liverpool, per
bushel, 3S4d. Jnnuary; Cork, for orders,
per quarter, 3s. fa 3s. 3d. December. Cheese
firm; large, 13ViT13c; medium,
131c; small, 13i4H13ic. Butter firm;
fancy creamery. 2Tfi2Sc; do. Imitation, 20
21c; do. ladle, 185120c; good ladle, 16j
17c: store packed, lGSflSc; rolls, 1TSJ20C.
Sugar strong; granulated, B.39. Eggs flrra
at 21c.
l.lvo Stoclc Mnrkctn.
New Y'ork. Dec. 18. Beeves slow; sev-
eral cars unsold; steers, J4.40C,25; tock-
rs, J3.C0iif4; oxen and stags, J3!S5; bulls,
JS!; cows, Jl.C0f3.T5. Calves slow, but
steady; all sold; veals, JI.50Q8.25; little
calves, J4; barnyard calves, $2.5003.50;
southern do., $33.25; western, J4. Sheep
slow; lambs steady to a shade lower;
closed firm; nearly all sold; sheep, J2.50
ST4.T0. tops, $5; lambs, $3.2305.90; Canada
lambs, J5.S0; culls, $404.50. Hogs firm at
$4,500 4.C0.
East Liberty, Pa., Dec. 18. Cattle slow
and lower: extra, $5.SO0G.15; good, $505.30;
common, $3Jj3.G0. Hogs active and strong
er; best assorted mediums nnd heavies,
$4.3004.35; best Yorkers, $1.2504.30! light
Y'orkers and pigs. $1.2004.25; roughs, $2.75
03.75. Sheep active and higher; choice
wethers. $4.3304 50; common, J1.50S2.50
choice lambs, $'i.355.50; veal calves, $701
Has found that her little ones aro improved
more by the pleasant Syrup of Figs, when in
need of the laxative effect of a gentle remedy.
than by any other. Children enjoy it and it
benefits them. Tho true remedy. Syrup of
Figs, is manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Co, only.
-triiultolmiiN Ai?.iiun ti Kltrlit.
Winnipeg, Man., Dec. 19. There is
irront enthuslF-f-.m here over the news
that Canada will bo asked to send an
other contingent to South Africa, and
hundreds of young men hnve already
applied for enlistment. It is proposed
that a regiment of mounted police be
sent from western Canada, They are
ex-rough riders and crack shots and
are in every respect adapted for South
African service.
What do the Children Drink?
Dou't give them tea or coffee. Have you tried
the new food drink called OHAIN-O? It is
delicious and nourishing and takei the placo
of coffee. The more Gralu-0 you give the
children the more health you distribute
through their systems. Qraln-0 is made of
pure graius, and when properly prepared
tastes like tho choice grades of coffeo, but
costs about 1 as much. All grocers sell it.
15c, and 25c.
Have just received a large
line of new and attractive
At very low prices. Do you
want to make your friends
happy ? Then come to our
store and buy a nice comfort
able Fancy Chair, Couch,
Divan, Swinging Rocker, of
the latest design and finish at
prices so low that everybody
can aftord to buy them.' Our
line of Morris Chairs, Ladies'
Desks, Combination Cases and
Floor Rockers are superior,
than ever before.
Furniture Dealer and Undertaker,
106 South Main St.
Mnrilrr In llii- Mrciinit Decree.
Trenton, ,Dei 19. -John Larkln was
convicted of murder In tho second do
nreo In Morcor county yostorday. Par
kin, wlio Is n white man, killed Sam
uel Cruspn, colored, nt Princeton, on
.luly 5. The men had been drinking
nnd had been In n row beforo tho kill
ing took place. Lnrkln's ilerenso was
that he shot Cruson In self defense
when tho colored men nttnckod him
with a club. Tho testimony which
weakened Lnrkln's defonso story was
that I.aikln went home nnd got n gun
nnd returned to the scene of tho shoot-
Ini? Larkln Is only about 22 years
old nnd bore a good reputation, wlillo
Crui-on's rptntlciu was very bad.
Tiii-IcInIi Wronller nimililotl.
Detroit. Mich.. Doc. 19. After 47
minutes of the hardest kind of wrest
ling last night Tom Jenkins, of Cleve
land, won his bout with tho now Turk
ish wrestler. Kara Osman. Tho Turk
quit before thero had been a fall, bo
cause he claimed lie was hurt. When
ho got up he said that Jenkins had
fouled him. He was removed to his
dressing rrom and a doctor pronounc
ed litm unfit to go on again, saying
ho had been ruptured. Jenkins denies
that ho fouled him. It looked ns though
tho match would have gone to Jenkins
had It not been for the distressing end,
Now HottMt' Committee Chairmen.
Wellington, Dec. 19. Sneaker Hen-
,1Pvf,. vpotnrday announced tho com
mittees of the houso of representatives.
The important nnv chairmanships ore
those or Mr. Urosius or Pennsylvania,
chairman of banking and currency;
Mr. Orosvenor of Ohio, chairman of
merchant marine and fisheries; Mr.
Pouthard of Ohio, chairman of coin
ugo, and Mr. Cooper of Wisconsin,
chairman of tho newly formed com
mittee on insular affairs.
Aiititlier I'lifoiiNllttitloiuil l,nw.
Springfield, Doc. 19. The Illinois su
preme court yesterday held the antl-
uepartmcnt store law passed by the
last legislature to be unconstitutional.
Tho decision was on appeal from the
decision of tho Cook county criminal
court Imposing a lino on tho proprietor
of a Chicago department store for sell
ing certain kinds of merchandise where
other kinds of merchandise were sold.
A Frightful Blunder
Will often cause a horrible Burn, Scald
Cut or Bruic. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the
best m the world, will kill the pain and
promptly heal it. Cures Id Sores, Fever
Sores, Ulcers, Boi's, Felons, Corns, all Skin
eruptions. Uest rue cure on earth. Unly
25cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by
A. Wasley, Drugtrist.
Letter Currier' Service Stiira.
Washington, Dec. 19. The postmas
ter general has ordered that hereafter
the length of service nB letter carriers
shall not he indicated on the uniforms
of carriers by stripes, but by stars.
For five years' service thoy will wear
one black silk star; two stars for 10
years; one red sllic star for 15 years
and two. for 20; one silver star for 25
years and two for 30; one gold star for
35 years and two for 40.
Lieutenant llruiiiliy'N Funeral.
Atlanta, Dec. 19. The remains of
Lieutenant Brumby will be brought
to Atlanta and placed In tho Heyward
vault In Oakland cemetery. The fu
ueral will be participated In by the
rlvlc and military organizations of the
city, and the preparations will be elab
orate. More Money For the llanUn,
Washington, Dec. 19. The secretary
of tho treasury has decided to Increase
the deposit of cash In national bank
depositories to the sum of $30,000,000
and possibly $10,000,000, on the banks
depositing with the government Uni
ted States bonds as security.
Three Children Ilumcd to Dentil.
Nicholas ville, Ky., uec. 18. Threo
small children of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Heynolds, aged 6, 3 and 1 years, re-
spectlvely, were burned to death yes
terday. They had been locked In the
b mse while tho parents were on a visit
to a neighbor. Tho parents returned
in time to see the house collapse.
nurulnr'N Fatal I'lKlit With Olilccr,
Fargo, N. D., Dec. IS. Chief of Po
lice Murphy, of Moorhead, Minn., was
shot yesterday while attempting to
arrest a burglar named Collins. Col
11ns shot and ran, but foil, dropping
his revolver, with which Murphy shot
him In the heat' Both men aro in u
hospital at the point of death.
Bears the Tha Kind You Ilav9 Always Bought
lH. 7 ShenaiuioHli to NlHgnrn Falls and
ltetnru via the Lehigh Valley llnllrantl.
Tickets will ho on sale December 23rd and
21th, good to return to and including train
No. 8 of December 2Gth, and will he honored
on any train, except tho Black Di iraond Ex
press. Consult Lehigh Valley ticket agents
tor lurther particulars.
Coming Events.
Jan. 1, 1900. Elovcnth annual ball by St.
Joseph s Pioneer Corps, in Armory hall,
MDIUlt If VQU Hlllil-r fmill Prlwmt
DiM&iei k Kioomci, lrof. U. F, T1IEHL, f
a. uu iiuriu mi m nu, j-niiaaei.
thlu, I'a., glrei GuutaiM la crerj cue.
Vrloocele& Stricture (no cutting), Loit VIor
k Hetllh reitored. Pirti enlireed. lWritfiS.
J tr (i 6 tf, Han, ft-13, Houre for tout lUadiaf and dannermy
w dUt 10 30 to J SO. VretU faiea cured 4 to 1 0 dj.
i ruu iur owwii iciviuiguiin a an iwxjk, au iraatu exposed.
Fall and
Don't buy elsewhere until you
see our stock. It is a winner and
so are the prices attached to every
pair ol shoes, whether for men,
ladies, misses, or children. We sell
the "best" qualities of footwear
cheaper than any other shoe dealer.
Mothers should bear in mind
that our children's shoes are the
most durable. We are closing out
another lot very cheap.
27 South Main Street, Shenandoah, Pa.
zt llrl iBotJI
Of tlieThlnl ward.
Subject to Citizens jmrty rules.
perguson's Theatre,
DAN. J. FERGUSON, Manager.
Wednesday, Dee. 2099
The peerless Yankee comedian, MH.
atranKer" of Iloyt's 'A Hole In the
(J round" In his beautiful comedy dm ma
of New Knfftand life
"A Country
hy MrKPE Kankin.
Sixth season of success.
A few tears and continuous laughter.
'You may travel many h rrlle, wait
many n day for a better aye, or ns nod
a comedy dranta ns 'A Country Mer
chant.' riitla. Ledger.
Fine Cast of Players.
Production Endorsed by Everybody.
Prices: - 25, 35, 50 and 75 Cents.
lieni rvcil Scats nt Klrlin'a Drug Store,
perguson's Theatre.
One Night Only!
FRIDAY, DEC. 22, 1899.
The Distinguished Actress
Agnes Wallace Villa
The greatest play of the
PRICES : - - 25, 35 and 50 Cents.
ltcer"-d seats at Klrlin'a drug atore.
Just previous to the opening of our course It
wai discovered that a mistake had been uiiule
nd the Thomas 1 omn ny, booked on a date
previously given to a theatrical company by the
inannKement of the theatie. That left Satur
day, Dec. 23rd. tho only date open both at the
theatre and with the company. As Dec. 23rd Is
practically Christines live and hence the most
Inconvenient nluht of the year for the majority
of our patrons, we tried to make several
changes In the company's route that would give
Shenandoah another date, but found It Im-
fiosslhle. Howe have concluded to substitute
he Itocers-Clrlllev Cfiinlitnntlnii. nn,l i,aA
booked theni at i'eriruaoir tlieutre for Monday,
March ith This cuiniuny Is one of the mo.(
iiujmiur oi our man attractions sua will please
..in n wen ii nut ucuer man tue i nomaa
Co IlPanV. AS a result Of the rhnnim tha nat
or third entertainment of the cnumn tn ti,A
concert ! ue siayton jublhe Blngers. on
Wednesday, January 21th.
nince rely yours,
Ferguson Illock, I'lttsburg, l'a
Cheapest Shoe Repairer !
From Philadelphia.
Men's soles and heel. M.n,iM.
?I;." " " (sewed) 83andiiOo
laities'" ' " ..wnll
Children's soles and heels 80 and 85o
Children's shoes, 23c. Satisfactory patch
work. Shoes heeled only 15 and 20 cu.
am Broady,
Ulobblns' Block.
85 W, Centre street
nillionsof Dollars
Go np In nmolct, every year. Take no
risks, but not your houses, stock, far
nlture, etc., fncared in aret-clasi re
liable companlea at represented, bj
rtAVID FAUST, I,""an a"
4laoLtf and Iceldi U quu
trotrc camdi ro rc
the great cure for Constipation, Nervous diseases,
Dyspepsia, Sick-Headache, and stomach, bowel,
liver and kidney complaints, are being distributed in
this city. Every house will be visited and every
family will receive a free trial package of Celery
Celery King is a scientific combination of rare
roots, herbs, barks and seeds from Nature's labora
tory. It is put up in ita peculiar form to. avoid the
use of alcohol, which counteracts the beneficent
effects of the best ingredients of most medicines.
Druggists sell the large packages at 35 and 50 cents.
One 25 cent package of Celery Kiujj coutalns as mauy
cIohch as the usual one-dollar liquid medicines.
If your druggist cannot supply you, send 2$ cents In stamps to the
proprietor, B. II. Bacon, Rochester, N, Y., and a package will be mailed to
you, postage paid.
TtriM Wim7 WlMu7 WlM7
attention to our large stock of
A splendid five piece parlor PARLOR SUITS AND COUCHES.
suit upholstered in splendid
material as a holiday bargain. We have a carload fortius purpose.
Couches you cannot obtain any better prices anywhere in town,
these goods are purchased purposely for our holiday trade.
Don't forget us for your Stoves,
Floor and Table Oil Cloths.
$5,000 REWARD !
"-Lost Strayed or Stolen l-
A man about the. size of a woman, barefooted with' a pair ol
wooden legs, pink eyes and sunset colored hair. The latter cut cutly
t nd the former cut darker. He wore 'a corned-beef overcoat on his
back containing a barrel of sky-lights and one dozen assorted railroad
tunnels. When last seen he was following a crowd of 15,000 people
who were crushing each other trying to get into the Factory Shoe
Store, where the greatest bargains in BOOTS, SHOES and RUBBRKS
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Follow the Crowd and Get Genuine Bargains.
Faultless Labor consistent with
Faultless Prices
Are responsible for our always busy business Try us
on plumbing and gas fitting. You wont regret the trial.
P. W. Bell, Cor. White & Lloyd Sts.
Christmas is
Why don't you come to
the largest furniture store in town
to buy your holiday gifts. Be wide-
awnke ntirl K rrn tn flip nlnr-p tliot
gives you the biggest values for
your money, the largest and the
most appreciative selection. Feast
your eyes on a stock that is sure to
please you. See our beautiful line of
Solid Leather,
rialachl dreen
Bird-Eye itaple Inlaid with pearl
or plain upholstered, silk plush, tilk
Darnask, Corduroy.
Do not fail to see our Pictures
and Mirrors. Oniiflipcs TTncfla
Curtains, Tapestry Covers, Screens
It is well worth your time to
come and see our stork. V.vptv,
body knows that the prices we ask
beyond reason. Look at our win
dow display.
Walt for them and then buy early nnd secure
rst cnoice. Don't wait until the lost day.
Nos. 119-121-123 North Main St.
Groceries '
At the Cheapest
Store In Town.
All the choicest crades of rrlp.l Vr it-
Canned Uoods, Citron nnd I.emon 1'eel, etc.. at
almost your own prices. All our I'lour is sold
very cheap, l'oultiy and Truck,
21 Weat Centre St.
Specially for the holiday trade. We
want your money but ,guly want what
you bargain for. We never over-charge
any body. We want to draw your
Heaters, Ranges, Carpets,
103105 S. Main St.
Philadelphia &
Readinq Ry.
Engines Burn Hard Coal-No Smoke,
Trains leavo Shenandoah as follows :
For New York via Philadelphia, week dav
2 10, S 88, 7 87, 9 55 a. m., 12 26, 8 09 and 6 09 D m
8unda h, 2 10 a m. r
Vox New York via March Chunk, week dava.
7 87a. m., 12 28 and 3 09 p. m.
For Reading and Philadelphia, week dava.
2 10,8 88,7 87. 9 55 a. m., 12 26, 8 09 and 0 09 n m
Sundays, 2 10 a tu.
For Pottsvlle, week days, 2 10, 7 87, 9 55 a. tn.
12 26. 8 09, 6 09 and T 30 p. in. Sundays, 2 10 a m.
210. 7 37, 955 a. m.. 12 20! 8 bVind 8 W p. Si
Sundays, 2 10 a in. " '
For Wllliamsport, Sunbury and Lewlsburc.
week days. 827, 1182 a. m.. 12 26, 7 80 n. m
Sundays, 8 27 a m.
For &Ia'iano flane. weekdays, 2 10, 8 27. B 38
7 87.9 55,11 82 a.m 12 26, 8 09, 6 09, 7 SO T950
p.m. Sundays, 2 10 and 8 27 am.
For Ashland and Sharaoklu, week days. 8 27.
7 87, 11 32 a. m., 12 26, 8 09, fl 07, 7 25 and 9 55 r. nl.
Sunday, 8 27 a m. J
For Baltlmoro, Washington and the West via
11. o. K. IS., through trains lea-i Readlug
f Jf"?lnA'' J'hllauelphia. (J. & R. H Ii.) at 8 20,
7 55,11 26 a. m., 8 10 and 7.27 p. i, Sundays
8 20, TOO, 11 28 a. m.8 and 7 27 p. m. Addl
llonal trains from Twenty-fourth and C'faest.
nut streets station, wook days, 10 80 a. m. 12"20
IJ 16 8 40 pm. Sundays, 1 85, 8 23 p. m.
f.Ut7A KuiD V.vfc- la Ul.1I.I..LI.
Jays, 1215, 4 80, 780, 1180 a. m., and 130, 4 no.
9 00 p.m.
Leave New Vork via Mauch Chunk, week
days, 4 80, 9 10 a. m., 1 30, 4 40 p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, Reading Terminal, week
days, 4 80, d 86, 10 21 a. m. and 1 86, 4 06 6 36
11 86 p. m. 1
Leave Heading, week days, 187. Too
... ii A 1 T rtnn urt.. .. 1 1
I Leave Pottavllle, week days. 7 17. 7 40 ,
9 80. 12 80. 1 20. 4 80. 6 10 and A fin n V
. m.
Leave Tamaqua, week days, 8 18. 8 86
Leave Mahanoy Oily, w'eek days, 8 45. 9 04
11 47 a. m. i ti 5 .!, 6 21, 7 44, 10 08 p.m ' '
Leave Mahanoy P ane, week days. 2 40 4 no
loll ,1m l0a'liv)' "". S 8, 4i,5l
KViTasj 1000
u,M?vo. "'''""Jelphla Chestnut street wharf and
South street liar u-i Atlantlo City.
H eekdayB-Kxpress, 9 00, 2 00, 4 00, 5 00.713
,- , ... w..,u,i.uu.uu, o w u in, o tu p in. Hun.
dnys-lSxpress, B 00, 10 CO u m, 7 15 p m. Accoui.
modat nn. h no 1, m j it n ,n
Leave Atlantlo City Depot) Weekdays Fx.
press, 7 35, 9 i 0 10 30 a m, 880, 5 30 pm. 'u-com.
4 80, 7 30 p in. Accommodation, 7 13 a lu.l'os u'm'
Wcekday-9 CO am, 4 10, 500 p m. Sundaya
-Chestnut St., 9 15, Soutn f-t., 9 am, u,my
Addition l foi Oue Muv IVtikdiv o on
a m. -
Parlor Cars on ail eirress trains.
For further Information, apply to nu,M,
Phi dihi. -n.i Tt.oHi... il.iiL.;..?J.?'',re"'
or addVeaV " ' ..gBn,
I. A. tJwmaABD, KmoB J, Wu
oen'l Bupl., Uen'l Pfcaa'r Art
Rsadln Terminal. Philadelphia 1
"Si To PATENT Good Ideas
may be secured by
our aid. Addresi
flttlrtcrlMlooi to TUe Patent Record timTJmZr
uaitlmort, HO.

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