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i..TT 1. ,,,,
J,- EassGIFTS!
Pianos! Organs, ., . i'
Seyvfiig niacliincs,
Music cabinets, Ladles' desks, .,
Morris chairs, China closets
Pictures, easels, Picture irafmb,
Officethalrs, Falicy tnirrq
T, D Wi11ioio P Cam
J. 1 . W111UU115 OL v3UH, MUSIC STORE
13 S. Main St., Shonandoah, Rai
C0r.-LUoyd.ana WJiItdSts.,
38 aifiM .d
TOYS and
' fi.
Morgan's Fancy Bazar, - 23 N. Main St
At Swalm's Hardware Store.
. O " f - ' 1
Win. Rogers Teaspoons, Si.oodoz
.Tablespoon, 52.00 doz
'Knives, Fotks,.?3.5'q "
Soup Ladlts, Si. 25 each;
" Berry Spoons, 75c each
" Butter Knives, 35c each '
" Sugar Spoons, 35c each
tea SetS
"Silver Ice Pitchers.
Scanned goods i o
TOM ATOES.-:Q-9'ce co packed, 3. cans for 25 cents,'
' Extra quality nnd extra size'eari, '"i'6,;cts,:
,i b J..
,Jv, 1,1 l .
Chbiqe lylaryland
'""Frne'Nv Y. state suaar corn, cans for 2"; cents.
i . The fmestlIaine
PE'A'S.-Fanty Early June
Choice Marrows,
.... uooa niarrowiars, 3 cans lor 25 cent?. ,
L IMA 1 BEANS. Extra quality, 3 cans for 25 cents.
I lull, I ' II 1W.
'- --
di. 1 di inniMn T WO
SO.U.PS,-rCo"centIted kinds gOQL.. cheapj-cpn
A4 c. ,.i venient 10 cents a Can.
-" ";; ;ft:LQ or oil c lot h .
The largest stock and bestaseortment of Floor
Oil Cloth we have ever offered
mui -jc2 .".i:.J.
Book cases, Rocking1 horses,
Doll carnages, Black boards,
Indies' toilet tables,
Fancy rockers, Piano stools,.
Koot rests, Children's covl (
f 0 nENTlbr?; j
rtaln Street,
(Lamps;, Carpet Sweepers,
Sleds, Pen Knives,
Pocket Knives, Skates,
Silver Cracker Jars,
Silver Water Sets,
I ottered to our patrons.. Tbo ns
siriluent of Jloliday ifes and
"Uppers Is jiew, frCslCairia atylltb.
nntl i l,r fpinlity is nil tlia cbiilt) be
desired. OurHnepf
Alen's, Vomen's. and
Children's Fancy Slip
pers ......
For presentation, purposes, ahoufd
receive your attention. You cannot
find inore elegant goods nor loWer
prices. j
E. Manning,
Fancy quality, the largest caiis aticl m
est goods packed, 2 cans Tor 'asTcpnfs.
Good tomatoes, medium size, SjCans 25c,
corn, 4 cans for 25. cents.
corn, 2 cans for 25 cents.
and Sweet WrmkTed gacfi
10 cents; ' - . ,
quality Maine, 2 can,s forSjCts.
aualitv. a eahs fnr'Hc MtxA
Choice. white wax; for j. 5 cents.
Fancy stringless," -2 cans-fdriefs,!
i J ' 1 ., vJ
cans for ?e nnrc
ArgunK-nt lii Ihn felmmnJonli Feed nil
j , l.umbrr Company (He.
r- Yesterday (feoriie J. Wadllnger, E1-. wt
M mull to rat office In I'otlsville to pi
upon the exceptions filed by Nicholas llcb
lioki Uai.Vtothe "account of J. 0. Brown,
FrankiCun'ry slid Mtitlhew Slln, as trusteea
of'tltaHheuaridoak Feed and Lumber Ofn
pany. Thoaccouut was filed some months
ago and to thin account tlio uictnWs of tlia
itm, Meant. Kohblns, Olemt and O'lIAani.
utJected. The trustees rhfrgid for lMtt
vices In' - titer nelghborbeod or t 8W ' The
exceptants claimed these charge wre
exburbltttit. The trustees Insisted that tbey
werubniy reasonable coiiipohwtldn for the
e.f vines Ttrtdered. TMce iepsratb hearings
vVcra held at which considerable testimony
wits taken, 'and the wbole matter wis argued
before the auditor yesterday, Mr. Heblleb
represehtlng'the ilnii and M. M. Bulk, &n .
representing the trusteed
It will bo recalled taat Ibe trusterthlp
originated in Jane, ISPS. M that rltue I lie
flnu bad been dligdlVed and the niemheni
were unable to dlscnUu!lc the dittkulUes
that arose, between' tfiem Tha wif Into
court anil, bail., trustees appointed -who took
charge of tlio books of t,liuJru), stri(Jalitc,ntI
out accounts an'd made coffectldiis for neirly
a year. Tbo 'uiouutC accounts (Hrued
over to the trustees was. (01,00), Of this
arau'unt.tboy collected arid- adjusted aftout
300(5., , Mi t5 (bo; truetete ;filtd -.tbelrso-cinnt
tbe atl'ulrs of . llit; ctnl. ami lumber
cbtupany iVere turned over- to-T. M a tout,
who has slntcbceti actlfiR'a's tlrollrm'KaJent.
Just the thing for a.Xmis present to. the
distant. friends a coal luk staud, toothi pick
holder, Sewnlj; act or ouo of the many novel;
ties made from coal at rfruhftn's-, " 'lS lS-tf
ivhlle'jJiiiriiK niniier.
Ceqrge:SIaufe'fcf,'jl(;ea years, ipil. . resi
dent of Kew lioston, died suddenly yesterday
while entinn.his iinucriu tbe breaker engine
room at tbo Vulcan.-collieryt,; .His djsatlr.was
due to adioruoirbago. The deceased wa
yotitiK aiul Unmarneil man, auij jlUbouiib.a
crlpplo from a stroke Ot1 jl if jlyVii received In
his early daytbevWa's'tno dnljfipport of bU
ajed parent, ,0" ' ' a ' 'j. ''
You can buy It at llrti turn's.
An Aril. lie Cabinet I'lipto Unlrnilui'
Free, to' -eve'ry prrrchasir it 'the Grand
Tulon Tea C'omparty's store. 15-10.20 21
A t'rfispenms Lodge.
Shenandoah Council No. 1377, Koyal Arca
num, is enjoying quite a boom In member-
ship. At a regular meetiug held Inst night
two applicants we're. admitted to membership
bud ten additional applications were placed
uu tbe secretary's desk.
Splendid holiday gifts at Davison's.
l'roiupt Payment.
Mr. J. SI. Faust,, I8Uoilfh"Veot street,
agent for tbf 'Danville Fn lusu'ranee Com
pany, received a check' from tbe Danville
Fire Insurance Conipauy for (39(1.00 iu full,
for.l'aulena.-Falferr lire loss on-slaughter
house which was recently destroyed by Are.
Tbe Danvlllo Kiro lusurauce Company al
ways has paid its losses promptly and. satis
factory. This Is unother eVrdbfiCB that people
will be dealt fairly with if they sustain a Ions
on their property wheffiusurcd'lirthe above
company. J V 12-31-5t
Dressed turkevs. eeese.'ducksaridchrckils.
Lowest prices. .tiuser's! JJherryjand Chest
nut streets.
irluger Cut On.
Cbarles Beaumont, ot Jacksons, had the
little linger of his right land cut off and the
tblr11",lngeroflhcjSanje.haud badly lacerated
UsfTueidayby) an iron pipe falling upon
the'm wfilte be"Vas'aT work in tbe Knicker
bocker colliery.
Fancy shirts at reduced prices. Holiday
bargains. At Slax Levit's, 12-21-3t
Wo do insist on. the purity..of car confec
tionery, SI. L. Kcmmefer &Co, - di-4.1St
Donation fo theC'l'ooiv '
The,re .will be a public J6nati6n to tho
worthy poor of our town, under the. auspices
of the "Y,"' All wbodealro to brighten the
homes'of' tbCse people majf 'do so y sending
their contributions to-the ' Y r room lu Mel
left's hall on Saturday ovenlng, at- 8 -'o'clock.
High "L'Wilo-m.uflieri al lowrlc'os. fl'o' U
Slax Lavit's.' ' ' ' " 3t
V' UolPs'llnllllllilck
Free, with every pound of Grand Union
taking l'owdorr-at the- Oraud- Union Tea
Company's Store. ff
i i t ;' 1
CltizeusiitHDdluif' tluiiuultte.
A nieetlng'of 'the Ottzeift I'aFfy Slandlng"
Lominittcu.lvlll te held at o, 8 South Jar:
am street on rnuay, kjiio lust., at 7 p,
.fpr the I'nrpowffarrasgjpgo rejectve
names 6f ' iaudidStea' preparatory to the
spriug election, lly order of
12-20-21 QJtSmimkfKi
Hress Kid
Olpves. JJeece lined. . AtrSlBJj fievft'js..'
' '"C -'' 3
Injured by it IlUst.
Charles Gretcbakj. residing'at 354 Soutb
West street: waBfatalJyJnJured at Iudiau
Eld go colliery at uoou to-day. He was work'
ing In a breast and had just ignited the fuse
for a blast when, tha.cbargq exploded before
v.tcvun vuuiu kc. iiato u, eaie.y. k ue
flying debristruck tbe itisq; aud. bi .entire
body fs covered with contusions and cuts. He
was removed to liiibOine-ln tbe apibulance.
. Keep warm by bjiyigg .Diivlson's staves.1
Dun,-Ireuiiau's Attraotlous, . .
beginning ou Saturday, Srd'lnst., l-'rank-lin
.Jloir. of l'hilalelphia, versatile come-
diaus and vocalists, will open a holiday en
gagement at Dail. Brenuan'srafo. This team
is a star attraction and renders all that is
new in the-vaudeville "world. (Jo and bear
tbetu, aud enjoy yourself during the- boll
days. ' ' ' ' '., '?-g'Q"-t
Our solid gold rings are exactly to yonr
taste. Ellis Deull's, 123 Soutb Slain St.. tt
j :
ine iiergner sua ungei isrews.
These famous Philadelphia-. brewria have
sent to their agent Jtere Mr Solomon Iaak,
South Afrlra. Sit. Haalc is endeavorlnc tn
tncreuse.'the demamlvit' these brewaidii town
auu jjas piacuu itio uew siPPLv U tap at lie
saloon of I'etor lliley; corner bf Wist and
uak street. .Jhjs beec Is really rbftb atrial.
Christmas Tree 1'or QO CVnu
and up Ji'qfe,irfii)(x'jJlabrBDd!CoaKH.
Adiiilttrl (0 tneililHpltul. 1
John Dlllnian, aged ten yearsi , wfese
parents resida at CatAwl4al 'was admitted to
tbe JlinejyWpital yeste.njay stifTerlilg' from"
ah'snclent yoytusujjx at the Jeg-- Tho boy
was hurt at tbe Kohlhoor; colllcry "a few
Mnnll,oiv '" tI..ml,l
The, apoolnttnent'of- r W: TJ's'flil 4 post
master of Schuylkill JIaven.. has Jheen eon
firmed by the SenaU.-
Winter begins to-day.
Testimony Taken nn the Injunction Suit
This Moraine
Engineer Bowman and Contractor Brltt
Ttitlfy That the Brace Rods Flaeed
by Schuylkill Traetion Gem
paa' fere ObstruoilooB,
and. Mot Essential to
the P.oil.
' There waa quite an assemblage at tbe otuco
pf IluroiiKb Solicitor SI. St. llurke this morti
ing, the nocasion liting the taking of testi
mony lu Uihiilf of tho borough tu the Injunc
tion suit brought against it by the Schuylkill
Traction Company to restrain the removal of
tbe brace the company fastened between the
rails when it laid iui new track ou Slain
street The company claims the biacea are
essential on account of tbe height of the new
rails above the sills. Tb bsrougb elalmel
that tbe braces Interfered with the street
paving and that tbey were uel essential to
tbe support of the rails, becapsu the paving
brick was amply sulllclent.
Among tbnse In attendance at the bearing
were M M llnrkn, (.. representing tbe
borough ; (iuy I:. Fariubar, t , ot I'otts-villi-,
represeutlug the Schuylkill Traetion
Couipany ; E. W. Ash, manager of the com
pany; Chief llurgcv) Tabor, Councilman
John P Boehm. Superyisor llreunap, Richard
Dtbb. tbe photographer, William J. Dritt,
tho paviug contractor, .Mark Iluwmau, In
spector of tbe work. Court Stenographer
Martin F. Moore, of Pottsville, was prvseat
as Commissiouer appointed by tho court to
take tbe testimony Councilman Itell was
also an interested spectator at tho meeting.
Sir. D-ibb was tbe first -witness called. His
evidenre was only important as to bis pho
tographing of the track with the braces tn
position, by instruction of the borough
authorities. Several points were photo
graphed. Slark Bowman testified, from his ex
perience as a civil ongineer. that the paving
work could not have been completed bad the
braces been allowed to remain tn position,
anil that tbe rails were made perfectly solid
and straight by tho pavlug.
Contractor Briti swore that bad the braces
remained be could not have completed tbe
Street paviug.
Chief Burgess Tabor testified that be served
notice ou Mr, Ash to remove tbo braces and
he said he would not do so.
Councilman Boobm swore as to bis know
ledge of the stroqta of the borough from his
fivp years' service as Councilman and one
year as Chief Burgess, and as a member of
tbe picient street committee. He also stated
that be told Sir. Ash when the braces were
being placed that tbe company was -doing
something tbe borough could not permit,
and .Mr Ash replied that be would not re
move the braces, as they wero necessary to
the completion of tho track. Tbe street
committee then held a meeting and Sir,
Boehm was instructed to again see Sir. Ash.
He d)d so and Sir. Ash said bo would not re
move the braces. That night- the Borough
Council held a meeting and, as a result, tbe
written notice referred to Jiy the' Chief
Burgess was served on Sir. Ash.
The taulng of testimony was concluded at
noon aud that part ot the case is now closed.
The next Step will be to arrange for an argu
ment before court, which will probably take
place some time next month.
A lot of knives worth from 75c to (1.00
reduced to 50 cents fur this week only at
Swalm'i). l?.18-0t
Stiss Kate Kantner, of OUbciton, spent
Sunday with Sirs. S Q. Walk'iir.' ' '
Sirs. Adolph I.inkat Is visiting her sister in
New York city.
Slisa .Winnie. Morgan, who was visiting- her
brother here, returned to her home in Sha
luukln, . '
'Confectioner Kciumerer, of Shenandoah,
received the coutract to furnish the treat for
the Wm. I'enu Sunday sctuol, Which" will
occur next Sunday muruiug.
Clock, silver novelties, and silverware,
solid gold riugs arld wufches, musical Jnstru-
nieuts.eto., at Utkin's jewelry stqre. 5t
i Appointed Deputy BlierlfT.
Commissioner-elect George Opie' assunies
the duties of 1i s ollfce ou January 1st and his
eleel jun causes a vacancy in Sheriff Toole's
corp'a of deputies. ' There has been quite
a,number of applicants fpr.tbe position, among
the number beiog SI. J. Scanlan. tbe ex-Tax
Collector, of towu It was stated to-day that
Sheriff Toole had made bs seb;ctionvand the
lucky man is William Brenneina'ir, of I'otts
vllle, brother of tbo well known furniture
dealer of that place.
Wo are never undersold. Bruuiin.- tf
Coats, Capes, Carpets
,nd o'l cloths cheaper than elsewhert
Christmas goods and btankeU. Wa euaran
,,1 irrni,!., u'a.n..i
-M .'.- uuua W " ' 1 U , LI II n L 1. ,
tho best value for the mnnnv. A
cleani 11
sale of underwear. Come at one a.
I2-15-8t P. J. SluJUOtUy.
New Tuwder Company, -
A charter, basleen granted at Harrlsburz
to the Black Diamond Powder Company, of
ocramon, capiianzeu at foy.uug. una op die
promoters .aud, leading stockholders of this
company is our townsmau. iienlster I. C.
Iteete. Some of the eadiag coal operatqfa
aim mpiuii.pa pi lujucuy ana- county are
nnanciaiiy lntereneq in ine company. Sir.
rteosolsat present directing tbaerection of
tne puut.
Roger teaspoons, f 1.00 per dozen, walro'
Turkeys, Ducks and Geese Olveu Awiiy,
Befliuuintr to-nlabt and durina thlsenth
week turkeys, ducks and geese will be itlven
a wnv. trea.atTiul. O'Brien's nafe. (la them
audsecire your iniultry for your Christmas
dinner, tree. . , 12-lBt
IHen'a Iteludeer Aloclia Gloves'
Silk lined, latest sbadps. Our.spec(al price is
$1.00, At Max Uvit's. at
Alter Tax CtilUrtors, '
Tbe Columbia COUntV culllnilMtnnera hit.
oriered . legal proceedings agajnst'tax col
lectors holding, unpaid county dupllrates
aatea prior to JblW
Te best place In town tn buy clothing,
"trry iviL-p, next uoorto Ji,, u. Watson's.
A Christmas Souvenir,
AtT Orltrilfn -a 1 J , I c, t nf,ntn ,-ilnn.l. . ! .. , .
.... ' ..... u-u.mw. .J u ,u MltUUSI, I II Ktl
In rich colors and holding three pbotoe'rsphs,
will be given away,' fitelto every- pur
chaser at the Grand Union Tea Company's
more, i no uiiosomest souveuira yet pre
ion ted. tf
"thk world aainst hk .
Aanes Wallace Villa and her Splendid earn
pany played to standing room only at our
opera house at both perfotnwDres yeeteraVy
and gained, If possible- mm fetor la tbe
hearts of on r nrenlit. Sh i ...... r
the Verv fir.t wratnp n,l.l.M l. ..k.ll !
spellhotiiid Irum beginning Ui olid, t.ur'e K. I
tnu . ner daughter, aly prwvd bftK Hi
rwfhariil'.gitrewi, and Iter gawirt wre
the admiration of th tv. ..,...i 1.
all that oau Rdeslrarl. aiid the seags. dances I
and e4taefl tVattow IntrOliirW ate aKter.- I
laueriMin, j , lee. 1st. IW At'
Fergusona theatre, THday evetilrfg, lv. . I
tMTJitQttT'ai't.AV. ' 1
(Jhhtlee Cbwlt and companr last night
prnlUced "A Country ttercbant" at ff1i '
sou's theatre before a iruall bkt apprveiatlve
atHllew. Ttie ptay rntbdlea a pretty stnry
of New Hngland life and Mr.. Chw.s' in,.
persOoaUou of fheVd rillsg puatftiktter was
tw.j vice jtau 01 unaraeier acting, out
io oast was weak lb sorbs rff j-ecbt. As a
M the performance was a good one.
ien are several goed singers iu. tbe cm.
AliL MKXT tt(K.
One of the enjoitrbte featutea which go to
lake un the nrrftirnwnf nt T.r.ti 1
3tvM t LV..,uan'. .1. . .. vr 1 ....
neejs tbaalmndsnee df high claw and thor
oughly entertaining specialties which are
given between the acts of (be play. Little
Irene, assisted by her father. Will If fv..
in a new and richly Costumed act; Ilattie
Chew, tho winsome soubrette; Frank Wallace,
oniue4ian and parodist; George F. Sloore, the
original uronuway nude, contribute to the
specialty port.on of tbe program. Particular
atlenlinn Is aiven to costuming aud scenic
A bevel war tn advrt!- u-m ...
that flue gold plated lamp? See it in Brtinitn's
mow wiuuow. li-IS-tf
Dreming bibles at Davison's.
Deaths unit Funerals.
Tbe funeral of Airs, Catharine
took place this morning from tbe family
residence iu Slahsuoy City. High Mass of
Itequtem was celebrated at kl iVnl
oliurch. Interment at the parish cemetery.
Jaurence i-laherty, an aged resident of
Park Place, died at bis borne yesterday after
noon, His death was due to a severe attack
ol pntumuBla which he contracted over a
week ago.
Tbe remains of John Carroll, who diml t
his home In St Clair, were interred at that
place this morning.
The funeral of Sirs. Sarah A. lln-v.r hn
died suddenly at Pottsville. took place this
aitcrnoon, interment being made at Schuyl
kill Haven.
A large number of friends and relatives
were In attendance at the funeral services
over the remains of John Davis, at Frack-
ville, this afternoon,
Patrick Carney, formerly of St. Clair, died
yesterday afternoon at tbe home of his
consln, A. B. Carney, In Slihanoy City, aged
-10 years and unmarried. About three years
ago he went to Colorado, and returned to
this couuty two months ago in ill health,
suffering from asthma. The fuueral will
take. place, to-morrow moruing, interment at
Sf Clair.
Tbe remains df Henry Shaefler will airlve
here to-morrow, at 11:35 a. m . via tbe Penn
sylvania railroad. Tbe cortege will proceed
irotn the.depot to tbe Odd Fellows' cemetery,
where interment will be made.
Fire Sale Specials.
One lot cm too flannel, full width, 3 cents
per yard. Yard wide sheetior. i ccuts.
Lancaster filnubam. .t ennts. thtrruvc lininir
2 cents the yard. At Wilsinso.v's, Slain
ana i.ioya streets. 12-21-3t
Contracts Closed,
Christ Bclimldt and Walter Kynkawicz
last night returned from a trip to New York
and Philadelphia, where tbey made contracts
for tbe now brewery machinery and other
appa rates.
For Sale, Cheap.
A doubhbeatr, a walnut bat rack and a
baby coach, good as new. B.iby couch at f 7.
cost flO when new Apply at 34 East OiV
street. 12-21-3t
Gentlemen's linen handkerchiefs, hem
stitched, 5; 10 and 1J1 ccuts. Slax Levit's,
Injured by HhIIs.
The two-year-old child of Isaac Eisenhower
of town, fell from Its bed this morning aud
dislocated one of its arms at the elbow.
The young child of Uuglebert Schwib, of
houth 1'rsir alley, fell from a parlor chair this
morning' and sustained a fracture of the
collar bone.
Hall Christmas Niglil.
The Ullte Club will hold u kM in Itobblus'
bull on t.'liristmas night Riley's' orchestra
with piano accompan'mcnt. 12.14-0t
A full line of gents' handkerchiefs, silks
aud linens, plain and faucy borders. Special
holiday assortment. Go to Slax Levit's for
them. 3t
Ball For Murphy.
Upon application made to tbo court yester
day afternoon James Murphy, one of the
men arrested for the robbery of Jonas
Hummel, was permitted to furnish a bond lu
tbe sum of $2,000 for bis appearance at tbe
next term of court. The ball was furnished
and Murphy was re'eased. Welsh aud Burns
are still In jjalL
Mixtures from 6 cents a lb. up at 11 I"
Kemmerer & Co., the leading mauufacturiug
confectioner, 33 North Slaiu street. 13-1-ltjt
For yonr swell and up-to-date neckwear go
to .Max Levit's. I2 2l-3t
Miss Hattfo C, Pier&ou and Joseph S.
I(olleubacb, both of Stabanoy City, were
married at the residence of the bride's par
ents in that town latt evening by He v. (litiQ
Brant, pastor of tbe Protostaut Episcopal
church. Miss Lizzie Price was tbe brides
Diald and James Pierson, a brother of the
bride, tbe groomsman.
We have Toques at 25 and SO cents, Slax
Levlts. . 18-Slat
Getting Nearer Home,
The Armour fjeef Company baa trans
ferred George Drew, a former resident of
town, to the hraucdi b,pu,se at Hanticoke,
He will assume the position of cashier at this
new place. Sir. Drew is at present employed
)u the branch office at Hackeusack, N. J,
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
nam wq
Defend Irish Soldiers From Charges
of Disloyalty,
"I I'rel ,urr llir .In.llfr- of Hir
Omar JliTlli I'lu-lr r'Hpnlhy."
IVmm Tlmt llriirrsl llrtlitien la In
m ItiniKfrou. I 1 4 1 tt .
I carton, 1 ). 81. 0nrl tord
Roberta, who ia to Imre- full eoramand
of the Hrtttwh troop In South Africa,
aeoompamletl by ldy Hntwrta and
thlr tvt (laughters. rrtTd In Um
dcwl yMtrtlay. harins; traveled from
Dublin v,Hh Mr. Chambwlaln. Thtr
(leparture from Dnblln was tnttrketl by
cheering crawda, bnt the general made
a quiet entry Into lximlon. After ro
Ing to a private hotel he spent about
an hour at the war office In consulta
tion With the Marquis of Lansdowiie,
the secretary of state for war. Then
General Itoherta rettlrnetl to the task
of parkins; hie effects and Interviewing
the officers selected for his staff.
When "Little Bobs." the belOTed of
Tommy Atkins, received a press repre
sentative he was dressed In the deep
est black, In vivid contrast with his
snow white hair and mustache. Ills
dapper little figure was as straight as
ever, but the keen eyes that have so
oftfti scanned Hritlsh victory were
slightly dimmed hy the great personal
sorrow that has befallen him. Hat In
spite of thin and the multitude of da
tails that claimed his attention. Gen
eral Roberta willingly assented to send
this parting message to the American
"Circumstances naturally forbid my
speaking about the campaign ahead of
me, except to say that I have entire
confidence tn the British soldier, nnd
that I believe the traditions Of our
army will be upheld In South Africa.
For the friendly Interest and sym
pathy exhibited by many Americans 1
nra most deeply grateful. 1 feel suro
the Justice of our cause merits this.
Though we may be at war, I can safely
say that no unnecessary harshness and
no acts of inhumanity will mar the
fair name of this branch of the Anglo
Saxon race. I cannot too warmly ex-,
press my admiration for the spirit
which prevails in our colonies. The
action o Canada will always be a
glorious page in history.
"The 1 epulis which indicate that
disloyalty exists (n the Irish regiments
are absolutely untrue. In the Tiour pf
danger my countrymen lmve ever been
iimong the tirst to lay down their Uvea
fpr their queen and their country,
nnd whether It be against the Boers
or man o any other nationality the
Irish soldier will be found loyal to
his queen and brave in battle."
The activity of the military sltun.
tlon la agoin becoming accentuated In
the public mind, owing to the com
plete; absence of neww, Nothing has
been, heard from Lord Methuen since
pmulfiy. and It la feared that his com-1
munlcatlonB have been rut. If this be
so, his position is dangerone
A correspondent of The Dally Newtt,
telegraphing from .Mcddar River last
Stiturday.. siisa. Tha Boar pocjtlnn,
already formidable ou Dec. 11. haa
since bean gruntly Htrengthened. tx
tendliW for an rte oMi nillap. It Is
entrenched aix-oidiHg to the most mod
em methods.
The latest dlepatctins rftcolvexl' seem
to show th,at the British fore are
Standing cm the defensive at a)l nointft.
Absence of news from Gejientl duller
has Utl LP a aurmibe that Ua l trying
to Join General White by a .flank
The apnea for yemanry'siid; vol
unteers are being responded" to with
the greatest enthusiasm In all paFta or
tne country, ine government expect
tbe total yeomanry and volunteers to
reaoh 8.6W. Haron CUaanam wll com
mand, with Lord Lonsdale as adjutant
Parlor tables at Davison's,
T11 the Hiuokrr.
1 Haw w 1 . Ur a Tlun,. U C , !...
bit you for a X-iha prsneut? Sheuaudoab
urug DUJrs.. . . ix-iul
Ilnyler's candy in baskets,
prettier. Shenandoah Drug Store,
1', It. l'ay Days,
The Philadelphia & Reading Coal A Iron
OnmnanV will thAlr LAmnlnr&s In tlx, C
I Nicholas aud Boston Itun district to morrow
, afternuou. and thce, In (he Stalmuoy City
, distrh t on Saturday afternoon
1 S-pletidiirhrTstinas gifts in Jewelry. Ellis
' Deull's, 123 South Slain street. 12-20-lt
powotR CO.. tsiw oru
j Fire 3U.kcl Mm Sot-are a7A la Ca.h
I Hound Tlim 1'sst la CKnlri.
Andrew Lftekweud, ) T yean, and his
i aged wife ily n tsWstdy bua at the 1,11c.
' thriving villa f Hetl , tunm.1. iwwr Mt
iOrlpl. Tkey ore vi -,.,nlrir and lire
within ta ma!. Very -'ini uiii t
. Iiwia tamilv. whe hecupr itwi other eo"1""
of I We doable kpta and in- their tlw mur
j neighbors. The Mk,in r(mlnl u
j uiMnaad are aais inaid t rnsidrA.ie
1 money aoarderl emsr.
1 StoeWay etaflltsc aVe tnntr mkM mm
apfMrr at Mieir 010, . m,,k ,,iH man
Lwikwncd. Wbn keasi. -lonn .Mir, and
Orancd tke door, thay lrr r.--. olrn. ud
euoiaModcildilaarMaiVe S ,.. "money or
hislllV UtrSinaVwtau M. hn and t,. t
' tied him a claotr ."'At 'St ntnnient his
I aged wsfV eete.i oaV ttii Nbr too u
; sciaad astil osmSsI.'si..; "
1 'tit ,k..'-.J.l
i"tr larrw mswcKsn ins 'i ,ue rr,in gr
rat t collar awlifalSttll Jmio i,I - in a ,
boxandcra lmf of-etothf. Scimi ibn
sad a tow Otber rtWe
iatM tbo Ml g art MVg tkeSKMl Mmple ltd j
to the ntusif. IVM.w, dilti, oil Sf r
Lwkmtnd leimsed blMSarlf snd ihen mtt hi.'
wife fr, I
An altemM waWalate to roh the Uatii-
moth store at Centrnlla but the burglais
were frlgbtened away. It is liaety these
men ware partof tae gaiig which robbed tbe
Lock woods.
Whr nav otboM tl'.W ,i,u.. r... h. j...
tableepomis ami ' f Ira iru oii ran bay
them at R'ututn'4' Air $tJWi' Teaspooss at
t .'. . . 1J I8-U
Vuu l"aut l'et.,1
Kkl glevea fur 1 1.O0, Hut ti,, m ,,i,; t the
best idacc. Star levit's. u '
' " M,T'-
Witltlrtfl.'s llorselare tlrre
Aud they are a One lot... Ti er . u be een i
O'Uara'a stables.,. Tbsre ai. inv urj.l (
every kind suitable to.wLn i-,- mrki-t in
this vicinity demands. Tbei ,it. -.,,,1
auction to-morrow afternoon I -l,-n;i
begin at V m. aud;w(tl take pl 1 niu ur
shine. Our motto is "Terio- ' 4-1 ( . m
and see the steek we have i'-iu t 10 t.,o
You will agree-that It 'fa t- lii..- :t ,,
horses Waldron luts evreli, I n-r,- Mnat
you don't knew alout'inj b -v., may -r.
lect, Waldron. orany'brhn Miloye- will
cheerfully explain tuw'yoa K.-mrmWr the
ue Ukrn plaee tenlorraw tlternon at ,
O'Hara's MaHes, at T pi m , r un u- hn e
. Doya CoM.tr
Given away, Ire, with n.ry pound of
Grand Union BaktngyPowdt-. t ih.- firaad I
Union Tea Company's Store l.io.jii.2i I
L-ave vonrfirder fVr'IInllv s'r, ik. ,..
at shenandoan Iirugorc. u lust
The Jr. O', tr.' Jl, Tr,,ullr.
Judce Weiss, at lIufrlVjt. jr.,.t...l
Iorary Injunction yea'terday uu a i-tm,,u ol
Derry Council Xu. 40.' of HumuieWtowu, to
restrulu the Statu Council oflii . r- at Philadel
phia from levying a'tiilHeri i'ie per cap
ita tax of seven and a hall enb for the
National Council of the Jr O I A.M. This
action follows the supenaeu of the ut
Council at Scraulon lasf5pt mlier for failure
to adopt a resolution endorsing- the National
per capita tax.
Slake uomktake but go to Mai Levit's
for your gent's kfd gloves 1 .' -Jl 3t
Keep Time With Clirl.lmaa.
Clocks in porcelain,' csln-i bn.nre and
wood. Good time-keepers and lowest of
prices are Christmas Inducenenu at Orkifi'-
jewelry store, next door t the I'amtroth
clothing house. ' 12-18 St
The Ileal FUllug Clniltlne
Is to be bad at Harry LevitY North Main
To filiit in Sheimniloah.
From Mahanoy Qty America.
The St. Nldiolas choir is ence-cd to sine
in the SIctbodist Epi;eopal . 1 inb, Sbenan
doab, next .Sunday,- LaatHaoday the Vuloan
Quartette, composed of tbe following gentle
men : David Davis, David lino. Kdward
Ilosser and Johin Iwis ssog the twenty
third pam; and -Kdward Krr. the oou-
larbaritone, rendered a toUei,iitld, 'Calling
for inee." 'Ibe slncer-i ui tbe Slahaoor
City Welsh Congregational i bun-h are in
demand in that section, and the congregation
of the Sf &.chureh; of JShseanduab. are well
pleased with their artistic dslncry.
Pearl Kill Clt
For$1.00. You cab buy iKui only at Max
levit's. ' 12-21 3t
We Slaiul-CurrK'.il.
In calling atteutfoti tn tt political an.
qouneement nf n9 vM a.,,.l,tA .. .
Chief BureeM li"arMiT i
yesterday's i-ditiou, It was miiJ that Mr.
runn was a eanataate tnret yiisrs ago roi
the same oflice This wa- an error. Mr
Brown has never appeared be- ro the people
ior auy omce previous to the r.-eiit time.
IIoW WOUld 11 mid mnn.,1,,1 l,,,nu!n .
do for a Xmas gift! Hrun.o, hns something
new and good in fountain pern 12-lS-tf
Oo-Carts Olven Away.
L. D. Davison, ihe Nortti SI uu street fur
nlture HmI.p ul 1 1 .. . .
, . -. i , c V, M J -', I I ct,
to every purchasei frota''io until fbrist-
n.o. 1-1.1. i ..." ... .
-. .un is an ejegaut onwrtuuity lur
every bouse-wife to seclire a , lucle. 20 4t
It's a wise totrSBeTlbal reijuds to pur.
candy. Try your torigfre'pii c-.i r line. M. I.
Kemmerer & Co. U t 1st
Extension tables at Davison -
!'. t
Coins aud Bee 1h in.
Dressed, fat" turkeys, gee, ducks ano
obickeos. Choice cms of hot. iarub, pork
and veal. Pill ifiie of ssnoke I unt. tgg
ana ouner. At Uauscr's,
- Don't purchase your
,14. jift 11 ntil you
tee n ru win a stock a
lid wtlcii
ills i-ru-oa.
Slorf Hnntti for' Kent.
. ol
April 1st, 1000, now 6eJ)iet Uy Fn.uk
Sebmldt, 116 North
MliiT(4fetL Apptly at
2 us--tf
Cliatter for Utile Folks.
A story book. 280 pagea 'and BM illustra
tlons, free. ithcvery.iouuciof Grand Unto
llakiug l'uwder, At the. Oiaud Union Tea
Company's store. 13.1U-W SI
Fine lunch to-night. Flfb cakes U-worntw
Special lunch to-night. PoUto sop to
morrow morning,
Kice soup will pe. seryodifreo, to all
irons to-night. , i
Hot tamalcs to-ulght.
Our special holiday attra 1 mwi'I begin
to eutertaiu our patrons to-i, r.-w evening,
Will purchase a
fashionable hat,
black or brown.
Special all this
wf ek . Wei) worth
ti 50 amrj tery
best iu appearance.
.You buf oak.of
these haisvand you
WOHt ' riifcr the
They give double wear.
The Genuine Stetsdn'.Hat
We carry iu stock in the 1
"real'' thine;. We sell
them at factory prices
S the Delis, smk are sleeptag, others wide
awake. Twins are Mi, Dressed Dolls,
KM Mis, All Kinds of Dells, 5c. up.
Dressed Doll from 23c up.
Tree Ornaments, gold and stiver.
Colored Berries & Fancy shapes.
Lanietta Bags, ic each. "
Candles and Holders. . j ?, nl
Lamps for Christmas Yards.'"' 11
Harmonicas, 3c. up. " , ,,".,
Pianos, 25c. 48c, .740, oev-
MeMlophoiies, Drums. ;,
69c, 98c. ..MWP
Wash Sets table, writigerwaslt
board, etc., 10c up.
Books, finely colored illustra'
tiotis, ic. - ' !"'
Blocks, 5c, 9c. . . ."7
Fifty Blocks in a box, lec.-j;
Iron Toys, endless variety, '7c tip
Engine and Cars, 10c to 9c.
Mechanical Toy?, latest novelty.
Trunks, Wagons, Horses, . Car
riages, Go-Carts. " .,, .
Aniuiak of all kiinfe ic up; ' "
Games, a large assortment from.
5c, to $2. 98.
Swings, Beds, Cradles, Banks.
Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Shatf
ing Sets, Work Boxes, Can
non's Toilet Waters and Per
fumerj'.Handkerchief Boxes.
Silk Umbrellas sterling silver
tips on horn & ivory bandies.
Carpet Sweepers,
all prices. Rtigs,
all kinds. Foot
Stools,4 all prices.
rew goods just
received at
i0 South Jardln Street.
MEW country dried
1 N cherries and apples. 5
Peaches, Eggs Plums,'.
Green Gages,
Apricots, Pears
Lemon Peel and Citron. .
Flavoring Extracts, Spices.
1 IU

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