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VOh. XV.-NO 30G
Pianos, Organs,
Sewing machines,
Music cabinets, Ladies' desks,
Morris chairs, China closets,
Pictures, easels, Picture ironies,
Office chairs, Fancy mirror
J. P. Williams & Son,
13 S. Main St.
Cor. Lloyd find White Sis.,
'TTHE LAST blow of the trumpet reminds you that possibly you have
forgotten some one of your numerous friends perhaps we still
have a present or two lelt yeUfrom which you can select and make
your friends happy.. Call And see.us we have not forgotten any one
the Babies, the Ladies, the Gentlemen young, middle aged and old.
Mauv thines that would deliuht vour sweetheart, your wife, your dear
old mother your brother, husband, father, or even the grandparents
-make them all happy. Toys, Games, Fancy Articles, Gloves, Haud
kerchiels, &c.
Morgan's Fancy Bazar, - 23 W. Main St
At Swalm's Hardware Store.
Wm. Rogers Teaspoons, $i.oo doz.
" " Tablespoon, $2.00 doz.
" " Knives, Forks,$3. 50 "
" " Soup Ladlts,$i. 25 each
' "' Berry Spoons, 75c each
" " Butter Knives, 35c each
" " Sugar Spoons, 35c each
Silver Tea Sets.
Silver Ice Pitchers.
5 frew igAT I I' ottered to our patrons. The aa- Sv
Y i l-ooos Bj-iff TJ 8rlment of Holiday ea and NT
p f" lY$A fJ.l!.!& Slippers Is new, freah and stylish
j P fc; k" iTj nml the quality is all that could be XX
Q I . r3lyi foVI Mens, Women's and y?
X t f SSVr- n chl!drjn,s Fancy s,p- 0
t M''Cl ' 1 For presentation purposes should
St MffiN mTS. jLli-L receive your attention. You cannot f
8 VU E Manning, J
TOMATOES. Choice cold packed, 3 cans for 25 cents.
Extra quality and extra size can, 10 cts.
Fancy quality, the largest cans and fin
est goods packed, 2 cans for 25 cents.
Good tomatoes, medium size, 5 cans, 25c,
CORN. Choice Maryland corn, 4 cans for 25 cents.
Fine N. Y. state sugar corn, 3 cans for 25 cents.
The finest Maine corn, 2 cans for 25 cents.
PEAS. Fancy Early June and Sweet Wrinkled, 2 cans,25c
Choice Marrows, 10 cents.
Good Marrowfats, 3 cans lor 25 cents.
LIMA BEANS.--Extra quality, 3 cans for 25 cents,
Fancy quality Maine, 2 cans for 25 cts.
STRING BEANS. Good quality, 4 cans for 25 cents.
Choice white wax, 3 for 25 cents.
Fancy stringless, 2 cans for 25 cts.
PLUM PUDDING. Two cans for 25 cents.
SOUPS. Concentrated six kinds good, cheap con
venient 10 cents a can.
THe largest Block and beatasaortment of Floor
Oil Cloth wo have evor offered,
Book cases, Rocking horses,
Doll carriages, Black boards,
Children's chairs, Chiffoniers,
Ladies' toilet tables,
Fancy rockers, Piano stools,
Foot rests, Children's couches.
Shenandoah, P.
Haiti Street,
Lamps, Carpet Sweepers,
Sleds, Pen Knives,
Pocket Knives, Skates,
Silver Cracker Jars,
Silver Water Sets.
Tim Nut llrewlng Company Herurea
Jnhniion t'foperty.
No little stirprlso was occasioned tills nTter-
noon by the announcement that The Hume
Brewing Company had closed a deal fur the
purchase of the J. W. Johnson property on
North Main street. The deal was closed this
morning and Incluiles the four Iota on which
the lumber yard and private dwellings are
located. The purchase price is not stated.
Tho lumber yard will bo converted Into a
buildlriE site and other ues tor the brewery
Tho private dwelling will not be disturbed.
for somo time at least, as the rentals will form
a revenue for tho company.
William Ualloway Is Still In the ICnakii-
wllllam Mine.
William Ualloway, the Are bow who was
entombed by a fall of ooal in the Kaska.
williain colliery last Monday, Is still In the
chamber, but alive. A largo force of men
are employed in efforts to reach the man.
Through a hole bored Into tho debris several
miners spoke to Calloway yesterday and he
answered in n weak voice. About 30 feet of
rock and dirt has been cleared and there is
about 100 feet remaining. It is believed
Callaway wilt bo rescued to-morrow.
Freight Train Wrecked.
Shortly before six o'clock this morning
oitra P. & K. freight train No 885 met with
a mishap at the station in Mahanoy City.
While can were being shifted two box curs
loaded with coal and a tank containing CO,-
000 gallons of oil, started down the grade.
Fearing the cars would continue to .Mahanoy
Plane and collide with the fast Williatusport
express due at Mahanoy City at 0:13, the
flagman switched the runaway cars into RUI's
lumberyard. They ran on the tiding and into
Railroad street, at C street, whore a general
smash up took place and the oil from the
tank rushed along Railroad street, and along
C street to Centre. Tho cellars of Be vent I
dwellings wero flooded by the oil and con
siderable damage was done. Women and
children scooped up the oil In buckets and
carried It home. The Mahanoy Plane wreck
crew removed the debris of the wreck.
Special Attraction.
Pooler's concert saloon, 115 East Centre
street, commencing to-night, Mr. F. T.
Evans, tenor vocalist, will positively appear.
Other talent will bo there to-morrow night.
A good time is promised for all who visit this
popular place of amusement. It
nirts For Ofllclals.
The Thomas Coal Company, through its
Superintendent, Thomas llalrd, has for
warded substantial Christmas presents to the
P. it It C & I. Co. and other mine otllrials,
In recognition of their services iu connection
with the extinguishment of the recent Are at
the Keliley Run colliery. Amoug the offi
cials ate Messrs. John Velth, George Scott,
Adam Boyd, Keese Tasker, James McDonald,
Silas Frost. Patrick McDonald and T. U Ed-
Settled the Claim.
J. II. Caugby, of Elmira, N Y, special
agent of the Atlanta Home Firo Iusurnnre
Company, and A. IV Lundy, of WUliamsport,
agent for Sun Fire Insurauco otllce, wero in
town to-day and settled Wilkinson's smoke
loss. These companies arc represented by
David Faust, of town.
A full line of gents' handkerchiefs, silks
and linens, plain and fancy borders. Special
holiday assoitment. Go to Max Levlt's for
them, 3t
Kxtra Mall Delivery.
To meet the demands occasioned by the
holiday trade Postmaster Daniel Bedea has
made arrangements for a special mail deliv
ery In the business parts of town to-morrow
ovening, after the arrival of the late mail.
Solid gold rings, no greater selection in
town and no place that bar more satisfactory
prices than at Orkin's Jewelry store. 18-5t.
Strlklnir IJo 'flume Shutdown.
Scranton, Pa., Dec. 22. The Hamp
ton and Hyde Park collieries of the
Delaware Lackawanna and Western
company shut down yesterday and 1,
200 men ar6 idle by reason of a strike
of the driver boys, who claim thoy ore
working ten hours for the same pay
they got during the dull times, when
they were required to work only eight
hours. Because tho Cniiell Coal com
paily refused to discharge eight non
union men tho 1,000 hands employed at
the Duryea colliery quit work.
A lot of knives worth from 75c to $1.00
reduced to SO cents for this week only at
Swalm'i). l'i-18-Ot
The Fire Sale.
Umbrellas 27c. ; canton flannel, 3c. ; lace
curtains, 35c. ; sheeting, -Ic. per yard. Holi
day gifts of all kinds In our line at upset
prices. Ladies' and children's coats at half
It L. J, Wilkinson.
Dress Kid
Gloves. Fleeco lined. At Max Levlt's.
Nantlcofce Collieries Working,
For the first time since the fifth of August,
when the Kanticoke strike started, all the
mines of the Susquehanna Coal Company at
Nantlcoke and Glen Llyon wero in operation
yesterday. There are now about four
thousand men working and there Is room for
more at the Glen Lyon colliery.
Leave your order for Holly Wreaths, etc.,
at Shenandoah Drug Store. 13-10-St
Latest' novelties in boys'
caps at Max
An Agreeable Notice.
Yesterday afternoon the Lehigh Valley
Coal Company issued notices to Its employes
in the Haileton region to the effect that they
will receive a two per cent, increase in wages.
High grade mufilers at low prices. Go to
Max Levlt's. St
Sudden Dentil.
Alfred II Joucs, of Mt. Carmel, arose yes
terday morning and while preparing his
toilet fell dead, tho result of a cerebral bem
orrage. lie was found iu a pool of blood.
which flowed from the uustrils, by a member
of the family, Tho young mau was 20 years
old and employed on theeugiucering corps of
the Union coal company.
You want to buy your gent's kid gloves at
Max Levlt's. llo has the largest assortment
Madame I), May
Wonderful Palmist and Medium. Crowds
consult her on business, lave and marriage.
Usual price f 1 00; fur three days. 23 and 50
cents. Call day time all who can. Hours
OtoO. Hotel Franey. 13-23-11
You Want I'eur!
Kid gloves for $1.00. Buy tbeiu ouly at the
best place, uax kern's. 8t
Little Business Transacted at Last
Night's Session.
The Columbia Brewing Company to be
Asked For Additional Contribution
' to the Fear Alley Project.
Councilman Criticise tas
Board of Health.
The Borough Council held a regular umion
last night ihat was attended by the following
members: Meters. McGulre. Coakfey,
llarkins, Ilreunau, Tracy, Hand, Murphy.
James, Itoehm, Strauxhn and Hell. The
meeting was not one embracing any speeial
features anil no new subject was presented
for discunion, so that the sow Ion was a brief
. J. Frauey appeared and asked permission
to erect a weigh aoalo ou Lloyd street, about
80 feet west of Malu street. lie said the
project was purely a butineM one, and ho did
not wish anyono to think that it originated
from splto. The permission was granted on
condition that Mr Franey enter into the
same kind of an agreement Mr. Folruer
signed when be secured similar rights. Mr.
Franey agreed to do so. ,
A communication from Mrs. James Doyle,
relative to bogs tearing up her pavement, led
to criticism of tho Board of Health, relative
to its neglect to enforce the order for tho re
moval of hogs, which was to have been done
after the 15th Inst. The communication was
referred to the Hoard of Health.
Mr. llrcnnan moved that the street com
mittee wait upon the Columbia Urewing
Company and ascertaiu If it will make pay
ment towards the extra work icquircd on the
South I'ear alley sewer In order to enable the
collar of the brewery to bo connected with
the sewer. It was stated tbat, to meet this
requirement, it will be noceewry to dig four
feet deeper than required for any of the
other connections, aud sixty feet, or more, of
rock must be blown through, which would
not bo required if tho brewery connection
was not to be made. The motion was carried
with the addition by Mr. Hell that, if the
company dooe not agree to make payment, a
meeting of Council bo called for to-morrow
On motion of Mr. James it was decided
tint Supervisor Ilrenuau carry out the
previous instructions of Council and pat East
CYutre stieet In passable condition ; tint, if
be falls to do so, the verdict of Council be
his dismissal from office ; aud, if any citlzi n
interferes with him In trie performance of
this duty, the Supervisor cause arrest to be
Tho finance committee reported that Tax
Receiver Burke promises to make monthly
reports to Council after the sixty day settle
meut on nu present implicate-
It was decided that Council hold a special
session on the 2Slli Inst, to consider financial
alTiirs of tho borough.
Tho firo apparatus committee reported tbat
It has men at work on plugs which have been
reported out of repair.
Gentlemen's linen handkerchiefs, hem
stitched, 5, 10 and 12 cents. Max Levit's.
Necrology IteporU of Tills anil Other
Tovvus of the County,
The funeral of Ilenry George, son of
Henry and Gertrude Hawley, took place
from tho family residence on East Coal street
yesterday afternoon. Hot. James Moore,
pastor of the Primitive Methodist church,
officiated at the services. Interment was
nude iu the Odd Fellows' cemetery. J. P.
Williams & Son were the funeral directors.
Tho remains of the late Henry Sbaelfcr
arrived in town at noon to-day, via the Penn
sylvania Railroad, from Pittsburg. They
were accompanied by several members of the
family, and many friends boarded the train
at St. Clair. The funeral proceeded by
carriages from the railway station to the Odd
fellows' cemetery, where services were con
ducted ky Rev. John T. Swindells, pastor of
the Methodist episcopal church of town.
Many residents of town attended the funeral
which was in charge of Messrs. J. P. Williams
& Son. Tho pall bearers were Messrs. John
J. Price, M. II. Kehler, T. 11 Edwards, A.
II. Swwm, R. 0. Uess and George Folmer.
The belt place in town to buy clothing,
Harry Levit s, next door to M, C. Watson s,
llrennau's Appeal Refused.
Notwithstanding the passionate appeals
made by his counsel, the Board of Pardons in
executive session at llnrrisourg yesterday re
fused to recommend a pardon for Thomas
Brennan, the convicted murderer of Harry
Elliott, now In our county prison awaiting
execution by virtue of the law's mandate.
IIU attorneys made the plea tbat the act was
not tbat of a rational man, but It was of no
avail. It is nn( considered at all likely that
Governor St , ne will luterfere in this case,
and it looks very much now as If Brennan
will expiate his crime upon the gallows
the day set by the Governor, January 18,
WOO. -
Dressed turkeys, geese, ducksand chickens.
Lowest prices. Bauser s, Cherry and Chest,
nut BtrecU. 12-21-3t
I'riiimylvnnlit'ii Schoola,
Harrisuurg. Dec. 22. The annual re
port of -the department of public In
structlon for the fiscal year ended May
80 last shows that there are nearly
zs.uuu purjiic scnooia in Pennsylvania.
These schools are In charge of 2S.S29
teachers and are- attended by 1,152,352
pupils, an Increase of nearly 10,000 In
the number of pupils In attendance In
1S98. The law passed by the last leg
islature flxln the maximum school
term at Beven months brings an fd.r
dltlonnl month of schooling within
reach of over 200,000 children
How would a gold mounted fountain pen
do fur a Xmas gift? Brumm has something
now aud good in fountain pens. 12-18-tf
The fire Male,
Umbrellas, 27c. : onnton flannel, 3n. ; lace
curtains, 35c. ; sheeting, u. per yard. Hall
day gifts of ail kinds In our Hue at upset
prices. Ladies' and children's coats at half
H L. J. Wu-KiNtoy,
It's a wise tongue that responds to pure
candy. Try your tonguo ou our line. M, L.
Kemmerer & Co. 12-l-lSt
Solid lojlnerrookers at Divliou's.
The (treat Kvanc'll.t i:iilrnl
Hnlne ThU Morning.
HpreUI to Rvndllin Ilr.RALIi.
N'orthfleH. MaM.. Iee.. Dwlght Lyman
Moody, the great American evgllt, died
at his home here tbia morning. In hl tnd
year, fioru a general breaking down in health,
including an aOVetlon of the hrart.
dwioiit h. Moody.
Mr. Moody was stricken during the early
part of last month, whle preaching to an1
audienco of thousands of people in Conven-1
tlon hall at Kansas City. Mo., and a few davs !
later was brought to his home hero by special I
........oiu.r. uu. .or i?uie iu ,
tho United States who have not heard of the
deceased evangelist and tho lata Ira I). San
key, who co-operated together for many
years and became two of the greatest re
ligious workers of the century They le
came associated In 1ST0. immediately fol
lowing their attendance at the In
ternational Convention of the Young
Men's Christian Association in lndianapoh,
Ind. Mr. Moody was at that time a reeideut
of Chicago, III. For years after they con
ducted marvclously successful revivals in all
the large cities of tie United State and
Canada, and also in Great Britain and
Just the thing for a Xmas present to the
distant friends a coal ink stand, tooth pick
holder, sowing set or one of the many novel
ties made from coal at Brumm's. I'MS-tf
To-night at Fahrj't.
These two entertainers, Morris and Marks,
ate of Demodt's Minstrels, Hear lueru ;
tbey are great. it
Plush rockers at Davison's.
Fre Sale Sperlals.
One lot canton Sannel, full width, 3 cents
per yard. Yard wide sheeting, 4 ceuta.
Lancaster gingham, A cents. Carpet lining,
cents the yard. At Wilkinson's, Main
and Lloyd streets. 12-21-3t
AVou Another l'rlxe.
William Flemming, section foreman for the
Pennsylvania railroad between Pottsville and
Morris Junction, to-day received a check for
(50 from the company, as a prize awarded
annually to those section foremen who main
tain the best road bed. This is tbe second
time Mr. Flemming has received this prize of
merit, sua it Is blgbfy complimentary.
Clocks, silver novelties, and silverware.
solid gold rings and watches, musical instru
ments, etc., at Orkin's Jewelry store. St
The Fire Sale.
Umbrellas, 27c. : canton flannel, 3o. : lace
curtains, 35r. ; sheeting, 4c. per yard. Holi
day gifts of all kinds in our line at upset
prices. Ladles' and children's coats at Jialf
it L. J. Wilkinson.
To the Smoker,
How wilt a box of 25 Henry W Sage clgirs
hit you for a X-mas present 1 Sheuaudoah
Drugstore. 12-10-ot
Cooper to Shoot,
Fen Cooiter, tbe champion wins shot of
tbe state, will shoot a pigeon match with
Miss Huntzinger. of New Jersey, better
known as "Little Hawk Eye," In tbe Maba.
noy City park on Saturday, December suth.
Mahogany rockers at Davison's.
Voted llniiliriictlircr Demi,
Philadelphia, Dec. 22. A private
telegram was received here vesteruay
from Santa Barbara, Cal., announcing
(he death at that place of Dr. Edward
H. Williams, widely known over he
country as a member of the firm of
Burnham, Williams & Co., constituting
the Baldwin Locomotive "works, of
this city. Mr. Williams was 75 years
of age.
Our solid gold rings are exactly to your
taste. Ellis Deull's, 123 Sontb Main St. 4t
nUtreaaliiur Iloiui-atli' Plltnllty.
Lebanon, Pa.. Dec. 22. Edna S., the
19-months-old daughter of Adam Fee
man, of this city, died yesterday after
being literally parboiled with hot oof
fee. We(lnuilay evening, while the
mother was horvlng coffee at the sup
per table, the handle of the pot broke,
the vessel In falling striking the child
and emptying Its contents on. its ftce
and over its body.
Keep Time Willi Christmas.
Clocks in porcelain, cbina, bronse and
wood. Good time-keepers and lowest of
prices are Christmas inducements at Orkin's
jewelry store, next door to tbe 1'amtrotb
clothing house. 13-18 St
For Sale, Cheap.
A doublo heater and a walnut hat rack,
good as new. Apply at No 31 Kxst Oak
street. 12-'Jl-3t
Bird-eye maple rockers, plain or inlaid with
pearl, at Davison's.
For your swell and up-to-date neckwear go
to .Max Levlt's. t 81-3t
The Losses at Colenso Qreator Than
First ReporU Indioated.
Inrluilp h lliikr. Thrrr Hurl., Vl-f-uuttt
Hlul T.vi. Nrphm of (Irnrritl
I.urit llnhrrta Tlir l.nttrr I, oil n
tlrotlif r Ht III.- Ilntllr if (ilrttru.
IOtidon, Dec. 22. There la atlll no
definite news regarding the military
operation In South Africa. Probably
til In is hecatitc the only ruble that it
now worklnc l choked with official
General Hu.ler x raaualty list at Co
lenao, Just published, shows that 146
were killed and 71$ wounded. Two
hundred and twenty-seven are discov
ered as rotating anil of these about 40
are known to be prisoners In the bands
of the Doer. Thla make a total lar
ger than General Duller' original es
timate. Itoyal letteis, signed by the queen
are Ijeln circulated by the archbishop
, th. rjlfthnni of the various i Wmm
authorizing a collection in the church
ee throughout hlugland on Jan. 7 -In
aid of the fund for sick and wouuded
aoldlcra and their families.
Interest centers for the moment 'n
the preparations to send out reinforce
ments. The various city guilds have
given an additional 12.000 for the
expenses of the Imperial volunteers,
besides gifts of horses, ambulances
and other paraphernalia.
The latest notable volunteers In
clude the Duke of Marlborough, the
Earls of Warwick. Dudley and Lons
dale, Viscount Galway and two neph
ews of iMTd Roberts, Major Charles
Sherston and Major Maxwell Sheraton.
Their brother was killed at Glencoe
The admiralty have decided to dis
patch anothet naval brigade of 700
i men to South Africa.
I It Is believed that, In mobilizing the
I Eighth division, the war odlca will
I have recourse to some extent to the
militia, it being deemed Inadvisable to
denude the home garrisons over much
of regulars.
The chancellor of the exchequer. Sir
Michael Hicks-Beach has Issued a for
mal denial that any differences exist
In the cabinet regarding wnr expendi
ture. According to a dispatch from Cape
Town there is a good deal of distress
In the Orange Free States, owing to a
scarcity of grains.
The Dally Mall says "We under
stand that news has arrived from Gen
eral White to the afffeet that Lady
smith Is well supplied with food and
ammunition and can hold out much
I longer than has been estimated. The
troops are described as In good spirits
I and anxious to fight,"
Silk plush and damasV rockers at Davison's.
l'rotnpt 1'iiTiiieut.
Mr. J. M. Faust, 121 South West street,
agent for the Danvillo Firo Iusuranre Com
pauy. receivad a obeek from the Danville
Fire Insurance Company for $890 00 in full.
for Paulena Faifer, firo loss on slaughter
hoose which was recently destroyed by fire.
The Danville Fire Insurance Company al
ways has paid its losses promptly and satis
factory. This is another evidence tbat people
will be dealt fairly with if they sustain n loss
on their property when insured in the above
company. 13-21-21
Splendid ' hr'tnim gifts in jewelry Ellis
Deull's, Itti s-uiuii Muiu street. 14-20-tt
Xe.v 'I.ncomot! - Fur tin ltitillnjr.
Philadelphia. Dec. 22. The officials
of the Plilladolj;h' and Ho dins ".ull-
wny company aiiuoume that the com
pany has placed with the Baldwin Lo
comotive company, of this city, an or
der for the tiullding of 30 locomotives
The engines ere to be delivered In tho
spring and early summer. Tin orders
call for ten heavy freight, ten fast
freight and ten heavy passenger loco
A novel way to advertise; will you get
that fine gold plated lamp? Seefllu Brumm's
show window. 12-18-tf
The MhIL Art. Iti-xiy.
These are busy days fur IWuiaster Bedca
aud bis corps. Tbe Christmas mail is begiu-
nlng to make Itself felt, and the poucbes are
coming in welg'ited down with bouts aud
bun lies, thu indicating that Saul Claus is a
busy man, and is doing business at tbe old
Fancy shirts at reduced prices,
bargains. At Max Levit's.
Dan. ltreunan's Attractions.
Beginning ou Saturday, 23rd Inst., Frank
lln & Molr, of Philadelphia, versatile come
dians aud vocalWts, will open a holiday en
gape men t at Din. Brennan'scafe. This team
Is a star attraction aud renders all tbat is
new iu ihe vaudeville world Go and hear
them, and enjoy youn-elf duriug the holi
days. 12-SO-it
We do lusist on the purity uf our confec
tionery. M. L. Kemmerer & Co. 12-4-lSt
A Christmas Tree I'or 20 Cents
and up Jacob llsntx's. Main and Coal Sts.
lloers M ailt llecrults,
Walter Webber, of Philadelphia, who
claims that be ft a lit burlaw) by tbe Transvaal
government to enlist men for military
service h I lie Boor armies, will be in this
county next week in an effort to carry out
bis Instructions. The recruits will be shipped
to South Africa as laborers.
We have Tuques at 46 and 50 cents. Max
Levit s. U-ttJt
Coata, Capes, Carpeta
and o'l olotha cheaper than elsewhert.
Christmas goods and blankets. We guarantee
tbe beet value fur the money. A clearance
sale of underwear. Come at once.
lH-15-at P. J. Moxxouak,
We are never undersold, llruiuiu.
Saloon Men Orcaulse.
The saloonkeepers of Mahanoy City met
yesterday afternoon and perfected an organi
sation for mutual protection. What business
was transacted tbey refuse to divulge.
Itoger teaspoons, f 1.00 per dozen, Swalm's,
Men's ltelndarr Mocha Oloves
Silk lined, lateat shades. Our special price it
f l.uu At Max Levit , 3t
A (Ireat I'lre rial Imlng m at WllklmW
lt Mor.
Tbe ItHtlraiMe atjuiirr met today and
settled the Are lM so H,e .1,. k at L J Wll
klteu's fate are satisfactorily m all partiM.
PrSHH uaw afl weans fing in dispose of nur
tk atttaMlJWMnent of the appniwr. and
each day will Inve it. iprnul otrVrtni. which
will tie a n lilUm si in tt- II rai d The
plw will b li.il i.ff the original
Mt, and tligMi ftrmx will m iol r,ry
tklMC Itt tt fc t..r., rix.rilU-aa
ef wwke daman It will include
ill Ml ge4, s4l(s. carprU. curtain.
b4fy, maauf. tared good, of our
wh Mtkr fftffl i n fa, tory in fart
every tWng In tkur 1. 1 Ku i Are sale
prim. A MAW Hots ha- t-rii ordered aud
tbe M jp-is mut t l-l rn. klr .1 Ait
sale prtox. Our rertti..n and our t"i year
experletMe Iu dry goeri. - limg i a tufltcieat
guarantee that we naM l dispon of this
stoek at what It will I. mi (all early If
you want bargains, l.iu thin stock is only
moke hurt, aud notsainaged by Are to any
extent that baa Injured anything we sr.l you.
L. J. Wn kinimiv
The Big Store w ,th Little Price.
Corner ef Main nd I lord street.
A Hie Clolllluc !tl 111 I nl 1 1, Tun ii
This Morning
It will doubtless b-' . .t -iirp-ic in the
people of Sheuaudoati ;, , ,rn that !iui
Gold in has sold oil i- , 1 lung iMi.nier-n
The deal was elTeifc.l U i inurniog. the
purchasers being Louu - 'I v. Hr,. , , New
York City, tho only n-. r ,ii.,n mg tbat
the purchasers do not a. ,.i.e cuti ,1 ,.f tbe
business until March 1st i . n
In the Interval Mr. ( in, i 1 demta hii
time to disposing of tk t : -! k in the
Mammoth MUWljli Bitot. ,n4 u. that end.
the goods will b dUd ,f t ucrtftre
prices 50 cents ou tbe H Ur rJ0 .uu beioi
to make room for an eat ie n-w -to. k to he
placed when the piirchv r. ,..innc ..mtroi
Why pay others Mi
can buy
-pooa. at
U-lt) tl
tablespoons and forks ,ni
them at Ilnimm's for f'J '
$1 25
Wm. Jeukla. Ituu Dot. 11.
William Jenkins, better knonn a "Hlood
and Thunder" Jenklne 1 'l a narrow enoape
tram iiuUlit dratii tear Imght at Mt.
Carbon last night, WKiV rauiu the I' X
It, tracks he was run luv 11 !y a light engine.
t-ortDuatrly he was tir .wn (.il tbe tracks.
instead of under the i, :. m l the only
injury done to htm km r, t,.l ou tbe right
foot and severe brulst . ever tlir right kid
neys. Jenkins was taten tu the I'otUvllle
hospital, wbere his iujlrt were dnmed.
Come nnil see litem.
Dressed fat turkeyi. ifee-. ductal
chickens. Choice cute f 'net. lamb,
and veal. Fnll Hue of mmk. ,1 meat.
and butter. At Banger's
Don't purchase your Xms gift until you
see Brumm's stock andask his price.
Go-Carta Given Away.
L. D. Davison, tbe Ntrth Main street fur
niture dealer, will giveaway a go-cart, free,
to every purchaser fron now until Christ
mas. This Is an elecaut opportunity for
every house-wife to secsre a vehicle. 90 It
Iluyler's candy in bankets.
prettier. Shenandoah Drug More.
1'rleat Halts CarLtmas Dance.
Rev. Father McAndrew, pastor ef St.
Mary's Catholic church, ot WilkebArr, ha
forbidden tbe young rseu's drill organisation
to hold.a dance which they bad arranged for
Christmas day. lie ssys "God made tbe
Sabbath and lie made Christmas and Christ
mas is far the more iinpsrtatit day. Christmas,
of all days, should bo oWervedas moat holy.
Turkeys, Ducks and Gene Given Away.
Beginning to-night ilJ during this entire
week turkeys, ducks skI geese Hill be given
away, free, at Tim. O'grien -,te. Oo there
and secure your poultry lor your Christmas
ainaer, free. l2-lS-6t
Make no mistake but gu to Max levit's
for your geut'a kid glore lii il-3t
lieehtcl to Asalit MrUiughlln.
District Attorney llchtel will aatiat Dis
trict Attorney-elect MtLoughliu in tbe trial
of tbe llubnls brothers, of Wm. Penn, who
aro charged with tho isunler of Rutkofaki at
that place. Tbe trial ill come up at the
January term of court. The new Dbtriot
Attorney la seeking acutaute early iu bis
Store Room for Kint.
April 1st, 1000, now occupied by Frank
Schmidt, 118 North Mttn street. Apply at
store. li-B-tf
Appointed Deputy t'roihnnotary.
P. J. Donald, assistant r)trk in the P. A R
timekeeper's department at Tamaqua, has
been appointed Deputy Protbonotary under
J. A. McCarty, at Sunbury. aud will remove
bis family there and take charge of his new
duties January 1st
Mixtures from S cents a lb. up at M. L.
Kemmerer & Co., tbe leading manufacturing
confectioner. 33 North Mm street. liS--lt-t
IU1I ChrUlioa. Night.
The Kllte Ctub wilt bl! a lull iu Bobbins
ball on Christmas night- Kiley 's orchestra
with piana acoompan'ment 12-lt-Bt
I'earl Khl (ilovea
For $100. You ean buy 1 bent only at Max
Levlt's. lS-213t
Ilellgloui Traduction at Centralla,
The Sisters of St. Ignatius oh u rob,
Centralis, are rabearsini for a religious pro
duction tbat will be presented on Saturday,
January flth, and in which the children and
adult members of the church will participate
The Heat Filling Clothing
Is to lie bad at Harry Levit's, 33 North Main
Clam soup to-night. Chicken soup
morrow morning.
Special lunch to-night. Noodle sou
morrow morning.
Clam soup will be served, free, to all
ttons to-night.
Oyster soup to-night.
Will purchase a
fashionable hat,
black or brown.
Special all this
week. Well worth
$2 50 and very
best in appearance.
tf sy EZr Van buy ooe of
tpiU.OU. these hat and you
wont reeret the
purchase. They give double wear.
The Genuine Stetson Hat
We carry in stock in the
"real" thing. We sell
thein at factory prices
See the Dolls, swa; are sleeping, others Kids
awake. Twins are here, Oressed Dolls,
Kid Dells, All KMs of Dolls, 5c. up.
Dressed Doll from 23c up.
Tree Ornaments, gold and silver.
Colored Berries & Fancy shapes.
Lauietta Bags, ic each.
Candles and Holders.
Lamps for Christmas Yards.
Harmonicas, 3c. up.
Pianos, 25c, 48c, 74c, oSc.
Metil'iophones, Drums, 19c, 39c,
69c, 98c.
Wash Sets table, wringer, wash
board, etc., ioc up.
Books, finely colored illustra
tions, ic.
Blocks, 5c, 9c.
Fifty Blocks in a box, ioc.
Iron Toys, endless variety, 7c up
Engine and Cars, ioc to 98c.
Mechanical Toys, latest novelty.
Trunks, Wagons, Horses, Car
riages, Go-Carts.
Animals of all kinds ic up.
Games, a large assortment from
5c, to S2.98.
Swings, Beds, Cradles, Banks.
Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Shav
ing Sets, Work Boxes, Can
non's Toilet Waters and Per
fumery.Haudkerchief Boxes.
Silk Umbrellas sterling silver
tips on horn S: ivory handles.
it 1 . 1 - .
PRESENTS ! Stools, all prices.
Csew goods just
received at
i0 South Jardln Street.
H TV TEW country dried 3
2 1 N cherries and apples. 3
6 3
Peaches, Eges! Plums,
Green Gages,
Apricots, Pears
Lemon Peel and Citron.
Flavoring: Extracts, Spices.
"The Hub."

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