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VOL. XY.-NO 307
Pianos, Organs,
Sewing machines,
Music cabinets, Ladies' desks,
Morris chairs, China closets,
Pictures, easels, Picture frames,
Office chairs, Fancy mirrors,
J, J. P. Williams &
13 S. Main St., Shonandoah, P.
m mi
Cor. Lloyd and White Sts.,
Special To-Day
$1-35 dressed dolls reduced to SI, only
reduced to SJ CenlS 50 cent
All Dolls Reduced Fc To day."
Special Prices on Other Goods wha' ever is Left.
Morgan's Fancy Bazar, - 23 N. Main St
sagS 1 L V E R
TfeX Swalm's Hardware Store.
Wm. Rogers Teaspoons, $1.00 doz.
" Tablespoon, $2.oodoz.
" Knives, Forks, S3 50 "
" Soup Ladlts.S1.25 each
" Berry Spoons, 75c each
' ' Butter Knives, 35c each
" Sugar Spoons, 35c each
Silve- Tea Sets.
Silver Ice Pitchers.
TOMATOES. Choice cold packed, 3 cans for 25 cents.
Extra quality and extra size can, 10 cts.
Fancy quality, the largest cans and fin
est goods packed, 2 cans for 25 cents.
Good tomatoes, medium size, 5 cans, 25c.
CORN. Choice Maryland corn, 4 cans for 25 cents.
Fine N. Y. state sugar corn, 3 cans for 25 cents.
The finest Maine corn, 2 cans for 25 cents.
PEAS. Fancy Early June and Sweet Wrinkled, 2 cans,25c
Choice Marrows, 10 cents.
Good Marrowfats, 3 cans for 25 cents.
LIMA BEANS.-Extra quality, 3 cans for 25 cents.
Fancy quality Maine, 2 cans for 25 cts,
STRING BEANS. God quality, 4 cans for 25 cents.
Choice white wax, 3 for 25 cents.
Fancy stringless, 2 cans for 25 cts.
PLUM PUDDING." Tw cans for 25 cents,
SOUPS. Concentrated six kinds good, cheap con
ventent 10 cents
The largest stock and
Oil Cloth we have ever offered.
Book cases, Rocking horses,
Doll carriages, Black boards,
Children's chairs, Chiffoniers,
Ladies' toilet tables,
Fancy rockers, Piano stools,
Foot rests, Children's couches.
W-t.. . -1-
rialn Street,
Dressed and Undressed
and Wide-Awake.
a few left ; $1.00 dressed dolls
dolls reduced to 45 C8II1S.
Lamps, Carpet Sweepers,
Sleds, Pen Knives,
Pocket Knives, Skates,
Silver Cracker Jars,
Silver Water Sets.
Is offered to our patrons. The as
sortment of Holiday h"ea and
Flippers la new, fresh and stylish
and the iimllty la all that could he
desired, Our lino of
Men's, Women's and
Children's Fancy Slip
pers For presentation purposes should
receive your attention. You cannot
And more elegant goods nor lower
E. Manning,
a can.
bestaBsortrrient of Floor
unuui rnunu
JM I'AI'KIt mommy.
Thoro will bo no paper issued from this of
fice on Monday (Christmas Day), In onler to
allow our employes to join in the pleasures of
tlio day. Agents and others will plcate
govern themselves accordingly.-
Klllott's Slayer Informed or the Adverse
Action of the rardoii llonrd.
Thomas Rrenuan, now awaiting tlio day
named by Governor Stone for bis execution
foi tho murder of Harry Klllott, at New
Philadelphia last June, wat visited In prison
yesterday by his counsel, Messrs. James
r lanigan and (leorge Dyson, and informed
the Pardon Hoard had refused to commute
the death sentence to Ufa imprisonment. It
was an unpleasant task for the attorneys.
who have worked so zealously in llrennan's
behalf, but they were somewhat surprised to
discover that the condemned man was the
most composed of tlio threo when the infor
mation was imparted to him. Ho hail little
to say, beyond that he expected no clemency
at the hands of tho Board of Pardons. Bren
nan has evidently nerved himself for the
worst, and his demeanor and compose is a
surprise to nil. He is ever courteous, has
few wants and is not the slightest trouble to
tne prison oOiclals.
Immediately after Messrs. Flanigan and
Dyson bad left Brennan, the latter's aged
mother visited the prison, and was at once
shown in his coll. The meeting of the two
was most effect I nit. the mother's grief helm:
inconsolable. Brennan nerved himself for
the ordeal and made a bravo effort to console
his grief stricken mother, but she would not
be comforted, and wept as though her heart
would break. Brennan, too, was tuovod to
tears, but bore his trying position well. What
passed between mother and son, tho outside
world need not know, Suflico it say any
mother can imaglno if she could but place
herself in a similar position.
Ooveruor Stonobas named January 18th as
the date for Brenuan's execution. Whether
this date will be changed is as yet not fully
determined, although it is probable an exten
sion of time may be asked in order to permit
tho prisoner to prepare for the end.
A Warning,
Thirteen different firms sell spoons under
the name of Kodgers. Original Hodeerseoods
are stamped 1847. Do not be deceived when
told that Wiu. Hodgers goods are just as
good. Imitations are mostly frauds. We
sell you spoon9 from 73 cents a dozen up.
l-l-tr En. Beumm.
The llest Fitting Clothing
Is to be had at Harry Levit's, 33 North Main
School Kutertalnwent.
The pupils in the Dublic school of Mia
Mahala Fairchlld beld an entertainment In
the class room yesterday afternoon, at which
the following program was rendered ; Sing
ing, school ; phonograph selections ; recita.
tion, Minnie Hoffman j , recita lion, Bertha
Yearick ; duett, Nellie aud Bessie Card in ;
readings. Vashtl W'nsW ami Ilm L'i.n...
solo, Mary Mcllalo ; reading. Ed ward Thomas';
recitations, lvane liensyl, Kecs Thomas and
Bessie Ellis j readings, B.auche Marshall and
Irvin Oeise: nuartette. Nnllin Hardin I!,..,:,.
Cardin, Bertha Williams and Mary McIIale ;
siugiug, school.
How would a gold mounted fountain neu
do for a Xmasglft? llrumm has something
new and good Iu fountain pens, l!M8-tf
Calloway Still Kiitoinljed.
A telephone message to the Herald this
afternoon from an official of the Dodson Coal
Company, at tho Kaskawilliam colliery,
stated that the men who are engaged iu clear
ing away the fall in that mine had not
reached Fire Boss Calloway, who was en
tombed, on Monday last. The rescuing party
have been at work since then, but are un
able to say when they will reach the un-
furtunate man.
Huyler's candy in baskets. Nothing
prettier. Shenandoah Drug Store. 10-5t
Free Turkey and Kgg Nog.
Free turkev lunch and peer nnp nit it.r m.
Christmas at Muldoon's cafe. The only place
in the county where you can get imported
Pschor-Brau lager beer and the celebrated
Schlitz Milwaukee beer on draught or bottled
ana any ot our domestic beers and the best
wuisaies auu cigars in tne market.
It H. J. Muldoo.v, Prop.
We have Toques at 25 and 50 cents. Max
Levits. 12-21-3t
Sixty .Miners Entombed.
Special to Evkninq IIkbald.
Brownsville, Pa , Deo. 23. A terrific ex
plosion took place this morning In the mines
of the Caznell Coke Works. Sixty miners
were entombed as a result of the workings
caving iu after the explosion and it is not
known how niauy of the men were killed.
Oo-Carts Given Away.
L. D. Davison, the North Slain street fur
niture dealer, will give away a go-cart, free,
to every purchaser from now until Christ
mas. This is an elegant opportunity for
everyhouse-wlfe to secure a vehicle. 20 -It
Senator Fliun Not Oiilttv.
Special to IiYKMlNO Hhkald.
Pittsburg, Dec. 23. In the case of Senator
William Flinn and others, of thl nit.
charged with using the city's money for per
sonal aggrandizement, which was tried before
Judge White without a Iu
ago, his Honor to-day reudered a decision
acquitting me defendants.
Hall Christmas Night.
Tho Elite Club will bold a ball in Bobbins'
hall on Christmas night. Riley's orchestra
with piano accompan'meut. 12-1 t-Dt
Dressed turkeys, geese, ducks and chickens.
Lowest prices. Bauser's. Cherry aud Chest
nut streets. 12-21-3t
1'reaeuted With Turkeys.
W. M. Brewer, president of the Columbia
Brewing Comnanv. madn thn .mnlnvM r
the company happy to-day by presenting
each with a largo turkey. The genorosity of
Mr, Brewer is greately appreciated by the
You waut to buy your gent's kkl gloves at
Max Levit's. Ho has the largest assortment.
Thi 'ty Program.
The following morrram will lm
a meeting of tho "Y" this evenings Singing,
"Y'i scripture reading, Margaret Mullardj
duett, Lillle and Emma Llewellyn ; leading,
MissC'liue j recitation, Maggie Dadduw; notes
of Interest, Q. L. Hafuer; critic, JobnDanks.
It's a wise tongue that responds to pure
candy. Try your tougue on our line. M. h,
Kemmerer & Co. 12-4-18t
Tout Olttce Notice.
The local post office will close at eloven
o'clock Monday morning, ami uo money
oiders will be issued. The residents of
Brownsville, Turkey Hun, Yatsvllle and
EJlaugowan wjll be served with tub first
morning mall.
Appropriate Services In All Ihe Local
Churches fo-morrow.
Services Will Also be Held In Several
Pisces or Worship on Christmas and
In the Evening the Sunday
Schools Will Bold En
tertainments, Services appropriate to the Christmas sea
son will be held in all the churches of town
to-morrow and, in some cases, services will
also ue held on Christmas morning, hut al
most all the Sunday school will hold their
annual Christmas entertainments ou Mon-
dsy evening. Llaliorate programs bavo been
arranged by all and much attention has been
given to tho decoration of the respective
churches. In but one case has a shadow of
gloom been cast upon the hopes of the chil
dren who look forward so eagerly to the
Christmas gathering. This applies to the
cnlldreu of the Primitive Methodist church.
who aro iu deep sympathy with the pastor of
tne congregation, liev. James Moore, he hav
ing been bereaved by the death of one of bis
children last cveulug
The ChrUtmas services iu the Methodist
bpiscopal church to-morrow morning will be
opened with a sermon by the nastor. Rev.
John T. Swindells. Iu tho evening tho usual
service will not be strictly observed. Brief
addresses will intersperso the singing. A
choir from St. Nicholas, under the direction
of Prof. David Roberts, will render three
Christmas anthems, "Blessed is Ho That
Cometh," "The Angel Song" and "He is the
I'riuco of Peace." Miss Stay Davis, an 11
year old child of town, who sang a solo with
teu competitors at a recent Mahauov City
eisteddfod and won tho prize, will sing the
competitive solo "Come." Miss Anna De g
ler will be the accompanist. The services
will commence at 0:3O o'clock. At 0 o'clock
there will be a service of song, conducted by
John Korslake A Christmas carol service
will be held In the church at six o'clock on
Monday morning. The Sabbath school will.
at its regular session to-morrow, take up the
turistmas lesson assigned for the day. There
wilt also be, appropiiate to the occasion, a
recitation and a couple of choruses, besides
tho legular singing by the school. The
Christmas celebration at the chnrch on Mon
day evening, at 7:30 o'clock, will consist of a
beautiful cantata rendered by the primary
department of the Sunday school.
1 here will be seriices in the Primitive
Methodist church to-morrow at 10:30 a. ni.
and 0.30 p. in. The morning sermou will be
preached by Mr. William Collins. In the
evening the pulpit will he occupied by Rev.
u l. i.vans, pastor of the First Baptist
church, at soyen o'clock, after the close of
tho service in his own church. There will be
a song and praise service from 0:30 to 7
o'clock. On Monday evening, beginning at
t:joo'cIocK, tho children's Christmas enter
tainment, entitled "Yule-Tide," will be
held. About fifty children will participate
In it. The entertainment will be under the
direction of Piof, Edward Cooper and Misses
Nellie iiaugh aud Annlo Timmins.
At the Calvary Baptist church to-morrow
evening, at 0:30 o'clock, the Rev. R, R.
Alhln, will preach a special Christmas ser
mon. Appropriate music will bo rendered by
tho choir. The Christmas entertainment
will not be held until Friday eveuing. It will
be entitled "The Shepherds of Lone Aeo"
aud will consist of recitations, dialogues.
quartettes, solos, etc.
Tho service in the Reformed church to
morrow morning will be in the German
language. The suject of the English sermon
in the even'ng will be "The Glory of the
1.0m An early morning service will be
held ou Christmas, at 0 o'clock. "The Sone
of tho Angela" will bo the subject of the
pastors address In the evening, at half
past six o'clock, the Sunday school will cele
brate the nativity of the Christ child. The
program will cousist of scripture reading,
sacred songs aud recitations appropriate to
the occasion.
Christmas services will bo held In the
Methodist Episcopal church at Wm. Penn
to-morrow moruiug. Sunday school at 10:30
o'clock. A Christmas treat will be given to
tho scholars. The Junior Epworth League
will meet at 2 p. rn. The Christmas enter
tainment will be held in the evening. A very
entertaluiug program has been prepared and
the church tastily decorated.
Rev, D. I. Evans, pastor of the First Bap
tist church, will preach two special Christ
mas sermous to-morrow, at 10 o'clock in the
morning and 0 o'clock in the evening. The
morning sermon will be in the Welsh
language. The subject will be : 'The Ful
fill ment of Time." The evening sermon, iu
English, will have the text : "What Mes
sage Christmas is for You," The Christmas
exercises of the Sunday school will
be beld on Monday ereuiug, at seveu o'clock.
There will be masses in the Aunuuciation
church at 5 aud 10 o'clock on Christmas
morning, when special musio will be reudered
by the phoirand Ifljey's orcliettra. At 7 p.
m. there will be vespers and the choir "HI
The regular services will be held in the
Presbyterian church to.morrow morning and
evening. Ou Monday eveuing, at 7:3Q
o'clock, there will be a Christmas entertain,
ment iu the church in the form of a cantata
entitled "Santa Ciaus" Triumph."
On Monday evening, at 7 o'clock, the P.
M. Sunday school will bold their Christmas
entertainment. A very enjoyable time is
A prayer and praise service will be held iu
the lecture room of the M. E. church Christ
mas morning at 6 o'clock. Iu the eveuing
the Sunday school will hold its Christmas
service. An interesting program will be
At tho Baptist church there will be a free
entertainment on Christmas afternoon at
i o'clock. A good progrsmnie of recitations
aud musip has been prepared. Santa Claus
wil visit the schoo) at this time and give out
tho treat. In the oveniug at 7:30 o'clock
there will bo a select literary and musical
A full Hue of geuts' handkerchiefs, silks
aud llneus, plaiu and fancy borders. Special
holiday assortment. Go to Max Levit's for
them. 3t
A Christmas Treat,
For a good time come to William Levari o
wlch's, 31 West Coal streot, to-night. Miss
Aunie Jones' quartette will render some fine
selections. Musio In attendance, it
Pearl Kid Gloves
For $Q0. You can buy them only at Max
Levit's. 12-2l-3t
A.I). Gable ! been mentioned a mndl
date for School Dlreetor In the Fourth ward
Shenandoah will certainly secure a place
on the Republican county tieket next fall
1 oor Director or Jury Contra Metier wetus to
lie about our site.
There is strong opposition Ui the reap1wlnt
ment of tho present elerk at the Almshouse.
Among the political announcements in to
i7 'H810 ""I I fouud the card of
l rank II. Williams, who seeks the nomlna.
t on for Chief Burgess, subject to the ruin of
the CHImiu' Jtarty. Mr Williams Is at pre
ent a member nf th In t . . ..m
1 , . . " ' will ui imuitc
sehMl teachers, bas always evinced an inter
est In the affairs of local government, and h
a young man of mini n,,.im,.... m.
- - j ,umvitin, jn
Iriends are already active in his upHrt In
j,.r TT.m m me town. Mr Williams is a
son of et-fhief Burgess Daniel Williams.
senators. A. Im-h hi 1... 1 ... ... .
nnsaeiunia hoanltal and i in,n. 11,..
for the past three or four months, returned
to his home In Sehurlkill lltnn ,.,,i i.
proved In health. Hl
- I T ' "J " lutwnjn.
um luo county nope for his permanent re-
Says the Tamanita rv,nriAr -a i,i...-i.
Is stated that a strenuous effort will be made
to elect machine-pledged candidates for the
Legislature from tho Schuylkill county di.
tricts next rear. th fiitllltTr nt ...-).
tempt becomes obvious when it is known
that all the Bepubllcan newspapers iu Schuyl
kill county of any Importance and power
are antt-Ouay in f,n!ln,nt Ti. i).....i.n....
Miners Journal, Shenandoah Herald and
me courier, the leading Republican news
papers of the county, aro all clamoring fur
pure politics aud the dethronement of ma
chine rulo."
The contest for n,lf Itm,.. r-
- - f . oJ ,ai na
the Democrat!,, nnmn,(l.n t. ........ i
- . ' " ' IB tUUm
looks favorable for Mlchsel Durklu. His
incnns say ho will carry three of the wards.
no. wnen tncy make that prediction they
ppear very confident Mr n,,.ti.. i. .
young man who is a faithful party worker,
ui many warm peiaoual and political friends
Michael Graham, one of the old wheel
bones of the ReDubtlcan mtk i il.i.
announce In to-day's Herald bis candidacy
iur too nomination or cnief Burgess by the
Citizens party voters, Mr. Graham is a large
property owner, has been prominently identi
fied with every progressive movement iu the
laterest of the local government, and as the
borough's chief executive would no doubt
inaugurate many dMirahtA rAf,n,a t ,.
department. The town has been sadly in
need of a Chief Burgess who would enforce
the borough ordinances, without discrimina
tion, and the friends of Mr. Graham say be
ttuuiu ue me rigni man tn the right place.
J. Harry Kiliwrt. h.. luu,,, uiul..i
- .--- na jiur-
cautile Annralser bv tlm rv ., n n 1.
sioners. This Is his second term, and the
position pays about ,1,300.
Ex-Representative Evan Griffiths, of Mab
anoy City, Is again a cuniidate for the Legis
lature. William Galriu, of town, is another
ueiuocrai Who would appreciate the prefix
uuu. 10 uis name.
What Will tllR Pnnr r,tr.,n CI
doahisa question just now worrying the
iixai uemocraia.
Thn mtllnn nf t.tnlr Ct.n.Mti. i
... . , . vjv,.. ...hi, 3 11 a Li I U 1 11
connection with the CitVu nomination for
jx uecctveris not favorably received by
me iseinncrais. me reason is plain his
nomination would mean his electiou.
Hub Special.
Just received, hy GTnrAi t Ma mAmln.
lot of collarettes and scarfs. Time and ppace
will not permit details. At the Hun. n
Leave your order for Holly Wreaths, etft.
at Shenandoah Drug Store. 12-10-ot
The Klks.
The Ashland lodeAnf TtonnralAnf a n.l p.
tective Order of Elks will entertain its mem
bers and their ladies at Hinn, ni uu.
nesday evening. About thirty residents of
iowu oeiong to tne 'odge. On Christmas and
New Year's days the lodge wifl have "open
nouse at its social quarters.
Fancy shirts at reduced prices. Holiday
bargains. At Max Levit's. 12-21-3t "
Jan. Ilrennau's Attractions.
Beginntn? on KutnnlnT tnrA lnt f.-nt.
Jiu & Moir, of Philadelphia, versatile come
dians and vocalists, will onen a hnlliiixr .n.
gagement at Dap. Brenuan's cafe. This team
is a star attraction and renders all that Is
new in the vamlnvlllA wnrtH nn a,A i.nA.
them, aud enjoy yourself during the holi
days. 12-20-lt
Injured at Knickerbocker.
Joe Urasbitus. of town, a mlnnr rt mn
old, was hurt at the Knickerbocker colliery
by being bit by a lump of coal. He has
several extended lacerations of the back of
the hand, with severance of the tendsus.
We dO insist On the niirlty nf ntir fnnfui.
tlouery. M. L. Kemmerer & Co. ia-4-lSt
Coata, Cunea. Garnets
and oil cloths cheaper than elsewhere.
tnnsimas goods and blankets. We guarantee
the best value for the money. A rlMr,nM
sale of underwear. Come at once.
12-15-8t P. J. Mo.vaqua.v.
Roger teaspoons, $1.00 per dozen, Swalm's.
llarhers to Close.
Barbers Dusto, Cuff. Anstock. Ormsby.
Smith, Devers, Ramer, Poppert, Beddall and
Brown have signed an agreement to keep
their shops closed on Sonday, Christmas
Coins arid bee 'iheiii.
Dressed fat turkeys, gees, ducks and
chickeus. Choice cuts of beef, Iamb, pork
aud veal. Full line of smoked meats. Eggs
and bptter. At Bauser's,
Advertised Letters.
The following is a list of letters remaining
uncalled for at tha ln,nl n&r nrtij. ian.AJ t
Adams, T. J. Funstan & Co., Jus. II. Fox!
ueorge tYiuiams.
D. W. Bedea. P. M.
Make no mistake but go to Max Levit's
for your gent's kid gloves. 12-21-3t
Turkeys, Ducks and Geese Olveu Away.
Begiuning to-night and during this entire
week turkeys, ducks and miua will l ni..n
away, tree, at Tim. O'Brien's cafe. Go there
and secure your poultry for your ChrUtmas
dinner, free. 12-18-51
Store Room for ltent.
Anrll 1st. 1000. now nvnnU 1. rl-
Schmidt, 118 North Main street. Aonlyat!
store. 12-fl-tf
Makes tho food more delicious and wholesome
OTti simko sooota eo., utw o-
Little Girls Wore Preparing For
ChristinnR Entertainment,
T!,- ('lilldrrn, ltunKlna: In .iur I'rttm
Mfn- t !Blr,ti1ffar, Were Irra-d
In t'llm- lltlr- Out- Came In Con-
tni'l Willi Una .let.
Qulncy. I IK. IX. 11. Whl'e the
whool children of 8t. Francis' Paro
chial school, Seventeenth and Vine
streets, were reliHH ruing ytwteruay f
ternoon for h Chrtxttnas entertainment
to Ire given next Tuesday evening, one
f their (Irenes raiight tire from a
gas Jet and ten minute later four of
them were binned to death, two diet
Hit hour later and live other died be
fore midnight. Half h doten others
were burned more or leas severely.
The dead: irena Freiburg, May
AVaverlng, Maty Althoff, Hernadlna
Kreund. Collmtn MKtdendorf, Mary
Illckey, AVIlhulmlna Outtendorf, Ollva
Tlmpe. Addlo Kutterer. Josephine
llohme and Margaret Warner. All
theee were between 0 and 11 years ot
Helen SoebblnR and several other
teachers, Father Nicholas and Profes
sor Frank MMshold were painfully
burned in trying to save the children.
The fire staiteI In a little dressing
room. Three or four little girls were
there dressing for the rehearsal ano
laughing gayly among themselves. A
dozen others were grouped In th6
wings of the stage, near the foot of the
stairs descending from the dressing
room. The girls In the dressing room
had nearly completed their costumes
when one of them brushed against a
gas Jet. but which one it will never
he known. A touch of the flame was
sufficient, and In an instant her dress
of cotton and light cloth was In a
blaze. She screamed and ran out of the
room, communicating the blaze to the
others as she ran.
One of the Mrls, with her dress In a
blaze, Jumped out of a small window
Into the stairs leading to the stage,
and then down the stairs. A flaming
torch she was, as she almost fell down
the stairs and rushed Into the groups
of children standing in the wings.
They were all clad like her. In fancy
costumes of cctton. lace and silk, and
the fire spread with Incredible rapidity
from one to the other. There were
14 children in the cast of the Christ
mas entertainment and only a few es
caped. It war ail over In ten min
utes, aud In that time four perished,
seven were fatally burned and others
more or less severely injured.
The chlldrer were panic stricken and
rushed this way anil that, screaming
with pain. But the agony was brlof.
Only a few minutes and then four of
them sank to the floor dead. Others
fell, too, but they still lived, suffering
excruciating agony.
Tho school hall was filled with chil
dren, and many moro would have been
killed In the panic which followed had
It not "been for the prompt efforts of
the teachers and Bisters who were In
charge of the entertainment. The
children were in a panic for a few
minutes and lushed for the doors, but
prompt efforts quieted them and no
one was hurt in the rush.
The shrieks and screams of the In
jured were agonizing The little ones
lay helpless :uid Impotent on the floor
and writhed atmut In their agony. The
dead were charred in most cases be
yond recognition. The home of peace
ful pleasure had In a', instant become
n charnel lmnpe The dctrs flitted
nbo'it on their missions of mercy, seek
ing to supply soothing lotions to those
who were still alive and seeking also
to cover the charred bodies of the dead
with blankets or other covering.
The excitement Inside the building
was soon intensified with the situation
without. The crowds congregated In
an Instant, and parents soon camo
searching anxiously for their little
ones. The landing at tho third floor
was a combination of hospital and
morgue. Besides the miny patients
within the smoke stained walls, them
were dozens of fn'n'.'ng end heart
broken women without. They scream
ed as some of the scenes came to them,
and if the child or loved one was
among the deid or woti"r!ed their grief
gained the m8te-y and there was a
collapse which required the attention
of the doctors
Couches and divans galore at Davison's.
((Inter Cons Ivied .if liuiliiiiUlier.
Beading. Pa., Dec. 23. In the case
of Solomon tjulnter, on trial for tut
murder of his wife, the jury last night
returned a verdict of manslaughter.
Sentence was deferred. At the .March
term of rourt Quintet will be tried for
hilling Edward Kltzmiller, his wife's
paramour. Qulnter found the couple
In a compromising postilion and shot
them both dead.
Splendid Christmas gifts in jewelry. Ellis
Deull's, 148 South Main street. 12-30-U
To the Smoker,
How will a box of S3 Henry W Sage cigars
hit you for a X-mas present 1 Shenandoah
Drugstore. 12-11-5 1
The best place in town to buy clothing,
Harry Levit's, next door to il. C. Watson's.
A llunaway,
A teatq belonging to W. S. nreisob, of
RingtQwu, rau away on South Main street
this moruiug and was stopped near the Shen
andoah City colliery. A foreleg of oue of
the horses was out during the flight.
We are never undersold, Ilruuim. tf
Thti DUIalon In the Jr. II t . A. .11 lUk
la llf-minlng HArioua,
The dlrMiw In the Jali" ilr'rr t'nited
American Mehni grwiuk out of the re
fual of certain State OMin, i I,, pay tb' per
capita tax levied by lira NV ,ual I ,,un il at
MiODearMlit ray UMtapt tt,- ortaiosatton
NMtber fuctfori wilt yield to ilie other and
Meh insists en fightihgoi't rnr dilfcremp
in the court, no matter eiptiiaite or
what may be Uw wnns;i . .
lUAh Wm arp KetliHg f.i, ir iKn
tf4Tl Untie at the ImiriHs . ihr Dauphin
nottnty tawrt wi the petltian I t, t,y t
eil. nf Humniehtown, fur tn .. vtn, unil i,, r
strain the state allieen fron. mllerting the
perns pi u tax. 'Die tMitenn,,. ,,( (hi, pm
eedure will have an frapertmit t-mi n the
iiatuic i inw ouaw ,wutffuM n renns) ivam
New York, Sew Jwoejr, W. .t Virginia and
the District f Columbia, l r .1, men
auapended fer refusal to par tht iai
Tbe National awn ell has i. viru.-.i i,,,nier
Attorney General Henel l,an.,t,.r
A. I). Wllklus, of I'lttsbajnj , , irk iu the
Adjutant Oenvral's Department, tol.-.k aftr
ite interests. A. M. DeUxm. nf 1'htladel
pbla, tvprexenU the State ( .. in. il John E
Fox, of HarrfeburtT, m M INki u?
Philadelphia, are tho attain, v. !.,r the "in
surgent." The State Couneils thro arli ihe sonth and
west are In sympathy will, the National I
Council and are awaiting with uiuvh interest '
m inna ui iua sun. lot iti'iirgrutV tn
this state My they are strsagrr to-day than
ercr before, and are couideni of wiuuiui
the right.
Just the thine for a Xna ,.,
distant friends a eoal ink stand, tooth p k
holder, sewiug set or one of th,. mi,v i,yv.
ties made from coal at Brnniu U'-lif
Ifehrew Veterana Orgnnivmc
Special to Ktiuiisu Hekaui
New York, Deo. 28. A tnrt"m au held
to-day by tbe Hebrew Veteran-: the Spannh
war to form a fraternal organustio., ,,f the
Hebrews whoaervcil in tbe armj and i.,t
One of tbe objects of the a,i;(.i .i,r
log data and statistics to pme that patriotism '
nas called forth tbe men of Id i.-.- i,n, i
full proportion to our nurobers i.
sacrifice for our country.' 'I he Hetnf j
Union Veterans Association will r,e, t im
000 monument in Cypress Bi"i , emctcry to i
Hebrews who died in tbe (ml war n,,.
older organization offered a ul.let on the
monument to tbe new ono.
A lot of knives worth 'from r m to t iai i
reduced to SO cents for this vtek u- i I
Swalm's. 1.' is tit
Dress Kid
Fleece lined. At Mai Levit
lllrthday Tarty.
Annie, daughter nf num.,. 1:. .
" .v.a.i uieul,, ,11
rlast Oak street, last AtTAnlnr r.ui.ii 1....
twelfth birthday anniversary at ber hone
and royally entertained a numhrr ..f
young friends. Games asd other amuse
ment were iudulged In snd a supper table
was elaborately spread, Anon the gents
were Lizzie Smith. Xcllle asd l.iizie Sadus
koy. Maggie. Mabel and Msrjfar. t Krrrbart,
uuia oniun, ivatie uaj Matl Hls,
Maud Pooler. Annln k-iiu. w.... c.i.i.
Kellie aud Violet Ford, Jennm Weeks. Myr
tle Gregory. Mary Flshrrtj. Margaret
O'Brien. Tillie Gradvlllo, W.liuu, ami Har
vey Sheeier. Harry Lally, John and Thomas
Downey. Harry Thomas. Ailliam Toooiey.
William Smith, James Fsuusou. William
Blncheiser. James Pumnl-Jl li.n.l l-;
Thomas O'Brien. Samuel Gtariville, William
and Albert Weeks.
A novel way to adrertiie . will rmi 0t
that fine gold plated lamp 7 &e.' it iu Brumm's
show window. lK-ls-tf
Fire Sale Speslala.
One lot canton flannel full uiitth 1
per yanl. Yard wide sseeting. 4 ceule.
Lancaster ainaham. IS cent, rr.r li,,,n
2 cents the yard. At Wttitsnis'i, Main'
auu .ioya strceiA. 12-21-3t
Parlor aud bedroom nlti,,r ( 'hrintti.i n
Joseph, son of .Ta,n... f , t.
died at 0:30 o'clock last evesing after suffer
ing four weeks from meniutitis, aged 1 year.
0 months and 13 days. The funeral will take
place at 10 a. m. on Monday. Services will
be conducted at thi ft. mil. .,.tAUA c v.
Jardin street, by Rey. D. 1 Evans, pastor of
1. n 1-; . ti . . . . , .
umiiMiapira cnurcn, snd the remains
will be interred in the Odd Fell ows' oenie-
Men's 11k I n it oft,h.
Silk; lined, latest shades. Oor special price is
a Max iOTU S. 31
tiled From Ills Injuries.
William UoDSvarra. nuMl 11 took 1
atGilberton eolllerv. mt nl ' r... 1 ..
cldent Thursday while returniug from work.
The boys have a habit ofj impiug trains on
their way borne from work sod on that even
ing Bouavage hoarded a freight. While at-
"i'"" w nsuv at uis nwi ot Maiseville
he fell aud struck hit n.a ..,.i .in
crushlug his skull. Ue lingered umonKiou.
umu yesteruay, wnen deati ensued.
You Want Vaarl
Kid gloves for tl.OQ. linr ik.m .,i,i .1 th.
nest place. Mar Levit's.. at
Three Dig lilts.
Mr. John Pooler, thd Unrftnnl ill P..,
Centre street, bas engaged seme extra talent
for tbe Christmas holidays, eousiiting of V.
Thomas Evans, descriptive teuur Prof. Johu
A. Hoyt, rag-time pianist, snd John New
man, Violinist. You alinntil no, r.,i Mi .l.,n
and see them. u
Mixtures from 8cni. 11, m. u r.
Kemmerer i Co.. thn ti.iUa ,.,ora,.,.i.,
eonfectioner. ft'j KoTth Maiu atrvet. lS-t-lst
For Sale, QliMp.
A double beater and & naimn i Mi-
goodas now. Apply at o It East Oak
street. i.atju
High grade mufflers at 1
.Max levit's. at
Jlecelyed Iay,ant.
J. J. Mradigan yesterdav waived a ekacl-
for fltl GH. the I & It. O. & I. Co's share on
the First ward creek owning contract.
The cheek of the Thomas Coal Company is
no-v awaited to flually close up the matter,
the borough havlug also paid its one-third
Gentlemen's linen l,nti.riiuc i..
stitched, a, 10 and 12 cents. Max Levit's.
Chicken pot pie to-nigbt.
Sour krout. nork and m. .I,.l r.i.u.. ,A
CBi.1. BADZiewira'a.
Clam chowder will be served, free, to all
patrons to-night.
$1 fid purchase
I aUU fashioiinble hat,
lUck or brown.
1 1 Special all this
4) 1 . J . week. Well worth
$2 50 and very
best in appearance.
tJiOUi thee hats and you
wont regret the
purchase. They give double wear.
The Genuine Stetson Hat
We carry iu stock in the
"real" thing. We sell
them at factor' prices
See the D&lls, swn? are sleeping, others wide
awaKB. Twins ace here, Dressed Dolls,
Kid Dells, All Klnls of Dolls, 5c. up.
Dressed Doll from 23c up.
Tree Ornaments, gold and silver.
Colored Berries & Fancy shapes.
Lametta Bags, ic each.
Candles and Holders.
Lamps for Christmas Yards.
Harmonicas, 3c. up.
Pianos, 25c, 48c, 74c, gSc.
Metillophones, Drums, igc, -ioc,
69c, 9 Sc.
Wash Sets table, wringer, wash
. board, etc., 10c up.
Books, finely colored illustra
tions, ic.
Blocks, sc. 9c.
Fifty Blocks in a box, ioc.
Iron Toys, endless variety, 7c up
Engine and Cars, 10c to oSc.
Mechanical Toys, latest novelty.
Trunks, Wagons, Horses, Car
riages, Go-Carts.
Animals of all kinds ic up.
Games, a large assortment from
-SC, to S2.98.
Swings, Beds, Cradles, Banks.
Toilet Sets, Manicure Sets, Shav
ing Sets, Work Boxes, Can
non's Toilet Waters and Per
fumery.Handkerchief Boxes.
Silk Umbrellas sterling silver
tips on horn & ivory handles.
Carpet Sweepers,
all prices. Rugs,
PRESENTS I Stools, all prices.
New goods just
received at
i0 South Jardin Street.
E EW country dried :
fc 1 N cherries and apples. :
Peaches, Ergs' Plums.
Green Gages,
Apricots, Pears
LemoalPeel and Citron.
Flavoring: Extracts, Spices.

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