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:S 'pllERB Is a certain sivllili ef- :
I; I feet about garments made
IS from lueio Celebrated Pat- 25
: terns that In nut attained by tho "!
IS use of any other patterns. 5;
j cNo-Seam-Allowance Patterns.) 5:
Slit E.'.irtuu 1. f .J 11, 1 ,,, 5;
I; CIS eai h , na hi, 1 , , r. S;
I; M'lycn, ill" ., , ri, I AktorS1
; Ihem Get n I 1 1 n f- 1 .n.U. e ,,ur -I
S deuns. Ah ilu-lythe 1 , la t btyies "I
;2 of !iit O" it tecti in wi'l be given
z every subbnt rtu j;
130-14G Wost 14th St., Hew York, ;5
"TliescceIebrated patternVnnUipuu"
Ilcntlons are for sale, and recant-
nded by L. J. Wilkinson.
it's why they enjoy their OOFFIS1U
rgncer can tell yen why enstosten
B eomlntr back for fiRRZLTd'a.
IHKwJ' Only U ihOmii t
Stores Vitality. Lost Vlwnr and Manhood. "
Ees Impotency, Nlfjht Emissions and
dating diseases, all effect, of self-
abuse, or excess anr indis
cretion. A ncrvo touic aud
blood builder. Brings the
pink rrow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth.
Bv mail fiOc Tier box. O boxes
. JS2.50 : wltli a written eruaran-
"to'to cure or refund tho money.
naif or circular. Address,
"& Jackson Sts., CHICACO, ELL.
Id afKlrlln'a ilruc store, Shenandoah, l'a.
Cl?lchflti'r' Knell til Dluuunt! II mud.
;nswrqy&i pills
Orlclnnl and iinij uenuine. jk
iArt, alT- relUMe, note-- tt a&
1 Druiiirjit for Chichm- tinvthk Di -7S
EVT'Aboiffi. iraltxl with 1. ritbo. Tnl e VST
rjf ttonAnd tm'.tttiotit. A DrugUtu, or ae&d tm.
W In (ttmri for parllodUri, l tirooiiUla a4
If JtalL 10.000 T-itl!Q.aUll. ta roper.
-"rLloliftrCheiulcalCo.,Mn1t banftr
blltxM DraifKttti. rillJUUA- 1'A-
r. Humofireys'
l' III... 1 Li T , I
iiiTiiiLa vin e uy uvuug uirecuy upon
lio disease, without exciting disorder in
ny otuer pnrt ot tue system.
o. cuuea. raicES.
1 Fevers. Congestions, Inflammations. .25
'i Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic... .25
3 Teething, Colic, Crylng.Wakefulness .25
4- ninrrhen. of Children or Adults 25
7- Coughs, Colds, Eronchltls 25
8 Xeurnlgln, Toothache, Faccache.... .25
9 Ilendnche, Sick Headache, Vertigo.. .25
0 Dyspepsia, Indtgestlon,WcakStomach.25
1 Suppressed orl'alnfiil Periods 25
2 Whites, Too Profuse Periods 25
3 Croup, Lnrvnsltls, Hoarseness 25
4 Salt Hhcuin, Erysipelas, Eruptions.. ,25
5 Rheumatism, Rheumatic Pains 25
f 1G-Malnrln, Chills, Fovcr and Ague 25
19-Vatnrrh, Influenza. Cold In tho Head .25
30-Vhooplng-Coiteli 25
27-Kldnev Ulseuses 25
2S-ervon DeMlltv 1.00
30-l!rlnnrv Weakness, WettlngDed.... 25
77-0 rl p. Uay Fever .25
Dr. Humphreys' Manual of all Diseases at your
Druggists or Mailed Free.
Sold by druggists, or sent on receipt of prrco.
numphreya' Med. Co Cor, William it John Sts.,
Msw York.
Trains v?lll leave Sheniindoati nttcr Ine tu.ie
n lor WlKgan, ailbertou, rracfcvllle. u
Water. Ht. nialr. Pnttuvlllo. Ifnmliurc. Roailir.:
Pottstown, Phoonlzvllle. Worrlstown il Pit'
uelphla (Ilroid street station) at (3) and K
At m,, m ju, o is p m. on wees uays ounuiyi
fU3 a. m.. 4 at n. m.
.Trains leave Frackvllle for Shenandoah it
' , 11 in a. m. and 8 85, 786 p, ni. Huodo
11 01 a. m. and S SO p. m.
Leave Pottsvlllo for Shenar.dnab (via Krc ,
Hle 7 IS, 11 20 a. m., 5 10, 1 03 p. m Sunda.
lOW a. m 6 10 p. in.
Leave Philadelphia, (Broad street station), f,
Shenandoah at 8 'a a. in., 4 10 p. m. week day
BundavH leavn ni t! Rfl and 0 23 H. m.
LenvA PhllnHlnhln I llmAil .ir..t utatlnnl foi
Pottsvllle, S SO. 8 35 Lparlor carl, 10 19 a. m., 1 80,
1 10 (parlor car, 7 S3 p. in. wookdaya. Sundays.
160, 1123 a. in. am 602 p m.
Leave Broad Street Button, Philadelphia
Eire,s-Week-days,a 20,4 0S,4 0, 8 00,5 18,660,
738, 8 25, ) Ctf OfO, (1021,dlnlnR car), 11 00, 11 43
m, 13 00 noon, 12 85. ( Limited 1 00 and 4 22 p m,
dining cars), 140, (2 80, dining car), 8 20, 8 50,
402, 6 00, 6 60, (dining car), 6 00, 702, 810,
(dlulnir ear). 1000 n. in. 12 02. nlsht. Sundays.
UW, 4 03. 1 40 5 00. 6 18 8 25, 9 60, (10 21. dlnli g
carj.iu 49, il 43 a m, 12 03, mining car), 12 B3, 2 at ,
(dlnlnir carl. 4 02. (Limited 4 22 dliilner car)
20. 5 56, dining car, 6 85, 702,810,
vrj, lUUUp. m,, KlKQlgai
For Boston without change, 11 01 a m,
uora, ana 8 10 p. rn., aaity-
ror nea uiri, Asuury rara, ucran i,rove
Long Branch, and Intermediate stations, 8 25,
11 10 a ni, 8 SO, 4 02 p in weekdays.
For Itnltlmn,. ami W.ahf nirtnn. 8 SO. 7 20. 8 8?
Muiiiinsi 8 60, 7 20, 12, II 23, a. in uvi
1 12, dining car, 812. 441 (820 Otigrewdonal
JMoiltcd dining cur, 6 05 6 65 dining car 7'
j-iiiB curl, p, in ,tt!ia i.' j niitm.
For Baltimore, accouitiiilntlon, U 13 . o., I 6!
ad 4 01 p m week days, 5 08 and 11 16 p m dally
. Vfve Broad street station via Delaware river
i Midge Express , 9 40 a m, 705 p ui weekdays.
8u'idi)s,9 20am,703pm.
LeivA l..t.t ut t.r-.f ann ,.,
!.0.0O, 6 00 p m weekdays Sundays, 9 0",
"S" nr lafromniodatl. il i M and 6 00 p m,
. For Capo M .y Aiigliaen WIdwood and
ol y Beach, Ben Isle lty, Avalon, and Stone
g'"bor Kipi-ess 9 00 u in, 4 00 p in week days
V , via, a in.
, i0' Homers Pulnt-Expreis,Ct .u. 1
J.OO, p. m. wcvk days Sundays 9 ;Pm
U?MlckeU and other Information ipplySc
I, Hutcuissok,
J. Jl. Wood. ,
Ocn'l IWg'r At
ui manager,
:- i l,iuiuo iiinm∫.
S One that every lady tliould tnko trim. 5--S
'ar'v Heatlliftil colored filnlri l.itest 2
tj (..hions , drrn.makirig econi.mii s ; fancy -i
work household luiitt ; fiction, r : Sub 3
S cnl to tl iv, or, .i-ml 5c for laUM copy. 3I
S Lad, (i cr.ti v mud. Send for term. Z
Is THR Mr-r.AI I m S:
torn pills
Professor Soliurinan Discusses Our
Eastern Possessions,
I'rofranor NHiiiriiinri Ili'rlnrca Tlmt
II Would lip, u Mlatnkp to Srnil Men
of DIITi-ictit I'ruli-Ntiiiil DimiiiiiiIiiii
tlmiN lllstnliPH of the Ami-rlcnns.
New York, Dec. 28. The Independ
ent for the current weak contains an
article by Jacob 0. Schunnan, presi
dent of Cornell university, chairman
of tho United Slatos'commlsston to the
Philippines, entitled "Our fluty to tho
Philippines." Following is an ab
stract: "We have 40 to CO tribes to civilize
and seven or eight ot these tribes have
some 300,000 members each. On tho
Island of Luzon theie is on trlbo ot
1,500.000 people who speak one lan
guage ns totally distinct from the other
lnnRiingos as Spanish Is from English.
Another tribe on tho same island, num
bering about 600,000, Is a distinct
from the others In language and char
acteristics as t-hoy are from the Span
iards themselves. Then on tho great
island of Mindanao thero are many
tribes that nrn entirely different from
oach other. In the Sultt archlpolago
wo come to another class of natives,
about whose custom of slavery so
much has fcc-n said recently. These
are all Mohammedans, while in Luzon
the natives ate nil Catholic Chris
tians. "The priests have ruled In Luzon so
long that thfilr influence is widespread,
and the natives know ot no other form
of Christianity. The Uoman Catholic
church has been established there for
300 years and the archipelago was
really governed by the priests, and not
by the Spanish civil or military com
manders. Wo must credit the church
with having done a great deal of good
work among the natives. Wo must
reckon with these facts when we send
missionaries to the Philippines.
"Missionaries are needed In the isl
ands, and I hope they will be sent there
In large numbors. They must realize
that they are contending with a Cath
olic educated population that knows
nothing about the fine differences be
tween Protestant sects and denomina
tions. Therefore, it would be highly
Impolitic to send missionaries of dif
ferent denominations to confuse the
minds of the people. I do hope that
when we send the missionaries wo will
decide beforehand on one form of Pro
testant Christianity. The Filipinos will
then have Catholic Christianity and
Protestant Christianity presented to
them, so they can tuke their choice.
"I think tho Island of Mindanao is
a more promising field for missionaries
to begin their work In than Luzon.
The Influence of the Catholic church
has not been extended to Mindanao,
and the simple natives would more
readily accept the type of faith which
the Americans would teach them. It
is possible that it would be dangerous
to send missionaries to the Interior of
this Is'ind at present.
A simple government Is what is
needed, and every province should
have it, so they can learn tho meaning
of our promises and Intentions.
"I regret that the Americans allowed
the saloon to get a foothold on the Isl
ands. That has hurt the Americans
more than anything else, and the spec
tacle of Americans drunk awakens dis
gust In the Filipinos. Wo suppressed
the cock fight there, and permitted the
taverns to flourish. One emphasized
the Filipino frailty and the other the
American vice. 1 have never seen a
Filipino drunkard.
"In Manila, which is really a cos
mopolitan city, in Hollo and other
cities of the Islands, you will find
educated Filipinos who are bright and
pleasing to meet socially. The great
masses, of course, are Ignorant, but
ono good thing In their favor Is that
they thirst for knowledge.
"I do not say that all of the Insur
gent leaders were dishonest. I believe
that many of those who fought against
tho Americans were animated by the
highest Idea of loyalty to Independence.
I think probably Agulnaldo Is ono of
this class, and that he Is an honest
"One reason for the stubborn opposi
tion to our occupation of the islands
was a legacy of suspicion and hatred
for the white man, which Spain be
queathed to us. The Filipinos know
the white roce only by ono specimen.
This distrust of the white race is one
of the problems that will require years
of labor to overcome. You cannot
overcome it by words. It must be
dissipated by actual works.
"The Filipinos have many good char
acteristics. They are honest by na
ture and show It In their dealings, al
though suspicious of the white men.
"Wo murt make an honest civil ser
vice a perminfnt institution on the
inlands. Spain established the spoils
system, and the corruption which has
followed from It has made three cen
turies of evil government for the peo
ple, and finally resulted In her own
overthrow. The best man In the Uni
ted States is none too good to go to
the Philippines as goverpor general."
Millions Olven Away.
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nUrnvprv fnr Consumption. Coughs and
Colds, have given away over ton million trial
lintt)..s nf this ereat medicine: and have tho
satisfaction of knowing It has absolutely
rnroil thoiiRands of boneless cases. Asthma.
JJronchitis, Hoarseness ana an diseases oi
tho Throat, Chest ana wings are surety cureo
hv It. Rail on A. Waslcv. Druggist, and get
a trial bottle tree. Keguiar size duo. anu i
Every lmttle guaranteed, or price roiunaca.
Iliiltliuort- "Will o laaiif Stock.
Baltimore, Dec, 28. The city will
not issue $875,000 worth of stock to re
fund the third mortgage bonds of the
Western Maryland Railroad company
maturing on Jan. 1, but any of the
holders of those bonds wno wisn to
dispose of tho same can do so at par
to the finance commissioners oi me
city on and after next Tuesday.
on F.verv Bottle
nr siillnli'a Cnnsunintlon Cure is this guar
antce : "All wo ask of you is to use tno-
ilitrd. nf thn contents of this bottle faith
fully, then If you cau say you are not
benefited return the bottle to youraruggist
u,i i,n mv rnfund the nrico paid." Price
25 cts. 60 eta, anil fl.00. Sold by P. D.
Klrlln on a guarantee.
'I ! ,. Killed In it Itiiro lttot.
Columbia, S. 0., Dec. 28. News has
reached nere or a race nor. at uiusu
land, Uuford county. In which two
negroes and n white man wero killed
and several others wounded. Rldge
land Is a small town on the coast,
thickly populated by negroes.
Bear, tho lh8 Kind You llavs Always Bouit
We all covet strrncrth and admit it Wr
look at the marvelous muscular ele Inn.
meat of a Sandow with envv nnd stra'.irlit.
way icbuivc to uuy a pair
of dumb belts and Kit
strong, as If the secret of
strength lay in mnscios.
btrengtu begins in the
itotnuch. It begins
mere Decause there tue
strength elements are
tnaniif ictttreu, anu
from there thev are
distributed to blood.
bone, brain, muscle
ana nerve. If
you want to
begin to be
strong, start
with the stom
ach. Put the
digestive and
nutritive or-
nuns and blood
making glands
In perfect
workintr order.
That is the fAundatlon of strength. IJrer
cisc puts on the superstructure of develop
To establish the stomach nnd the d ees
live and nutritive functions in perfect
health, there is no medicine so sure and so
satisfactory as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. It strengthens the stomach,
enriches the blood, nourishes the nerves,
and regulates the functions of every vital
organ of the body.
"About twelve vcars airo I was suddenly taken
with a D.iln in the rit of the stomach which was
so violent I could not walk straight," writes O. S.
Cotienhaver, Rsq., of Mount Union, Huntingdon
Co., Pa., (Box a). "It would grow more severe
until it caused waterbrash and vomiting ol a
slimy yellow water. I consulted a physician and
lie told me I had a form of dyspepsia and treated
me for about six months with but little benefit.
I still kept getting so weak I could scarcely walk.
I then tried another physician and he told me
my liver was out of order and that I had Indiges
tion. He gave me a treatment nnd I got some
better but only for a short time. I then took to
uiing several widely advertised iT.ent medi
cines, but received no more thau temporary
relief while uing. I then tried Dr Pierce's
medicines, uingwiis ' Golden Medical Discov
ery,' 'Favorite Prescription' and the 'pleasant
Pellets, and in two months' time I was reeling
better than I had for years before. I can truth-
iiiuv say ur i'ierce'8 meutcines aia me more
good than any I had ever taken."
Dr Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
ioo8-iaees. fuliv illustrated, is sent free on re
ceipt of 3t one-cent stamps (cost or mailing
only) for paper edition, or 31 stamps for edition
boudil in clnth. Dr. R. V. Pierce. OuOTaio N V
i:.iU'tiiitliiu tiiillnii Territory.
Perry. I. T., Dec. 28. On Jan. 1
every lessee of land In the Indian Ter
ritory will Le compelled to leave the
territory or submit to ejection by the
United States authorities. The num
ber of fanners who are leasing lands
on the five civilized tribe reservations
will reach Into the thousands, and all
will hnvp tn vnpnte. Thp nvnrlua frnm
the Indian Territory began some clays
ago, and it is estimated that more than
3,000 families have come to Oklahoma.
Tell Your Sister
A beautiful complexion is an Impossibility
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exists lu connection with tho good digestion;
a healthy liver a.nd bowels. Karl's Clover
Root Tea acts directly on tho bowels, liver
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Price 25 cts. and 50 cts. Sold by P. I). Klrlln
on a guarantee.
Coming Kvcnts.
Jan. 1, 1900. Eleventh annual ball by St.
Joseph's Pioneer Corps, in Armory hall,
Jan. 1. Twenty-sixth annual ball of the
Rescue Hook & Ladder Co., No. I, in Robblns'
opera house.
Yftrtaoctito & Stricture (do cutting). Loit VJnor k
tt Health restoreit. Pirti enlurcd. lloiniflJ.w
'inula. I
6 V, dno.9-lX. Hourt for Iodk ttaodiDg ftnd dtttRerotlfi
amir iu.au uihi. t mn oa? curoa -i to iuaiji.i
1 iuf Hwora ifiumonitui ni hook, ah rrarias cipoioa. r
IN EFFECT NOV. 19, 1899.
PaiBenger trains leave Shenundoah for Penn
Haven Junction, Mauch Chunk, Lehlghton
Slatlngton, White Hull, Catasauqua, AUcntown,
Bethlehem. Easton New York and Philadelphia
at 5 20. 7 46 a. m . 12 52 and 5 17 p. 111.
For Wllkesbarre, White Haven and Plttstoe
20, 10 10 a. m.. 12 52 and 6 17 p. m.
For Laceyvlllc, Towanda, Sayre, Wuverly
Klmlra, Itochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls
Auburn, Syracuse, Ithaca, Geneva and the
West, 10 10 a. m., 12 62 and 5 17 p. m.
For Belvldere, Delaware Water Gap anr
Stroudsburg, 5 20 a. m., 5 17 p. m.
For Lambertville and Trenton, 7 46 a. m.
For Jeancsville, Leviston and Beaver Meadov
5 20 a. 111., 12 52 p. 111.
For McAdoo, Audenrled, Hnzleton, Stockto
and Lumber Yard, 5 20, 7 46, 10 10 a. in., 12 52 and
5 17 p. in.
ForJeddo, Drlfton and Freeiand, 3 20, 1010
a. m., 5 17 p. ra.
For Scmutun, 5 20. 10 10 a. m., 6 17 p. m.
For Lost Creek, Qlrnrdvllle, and Ashland, 4 00,
and 7 27 p. m.
For Haven Run, Centralla, Mount Carmel and
Shamokln, 10 49 a. m., 1 42, 6 07, 9 23 p. m.
Kr Mahanoy City, Park Place and Delano,
t 20, 7 46, 10 10 a. in., and 12 52, 5 17 p. m.
For Yatesville, 5 20, 10 10 a. in.
Trains will leave Shamokln at 6 63. 9 SO a. in.,
11 60 and 4 20 p. ra.. and arrive at Shenandoah
at 7 46, 10 10 a, m.. 12 52, 6 17 p. m.
Leave Shenandoah for Pottsvllle, St. Clair,
Newcastle, Morea and New Boston, 7 46 and
10 10 a. m , 12 52 and 5 17 p. in.
Leave Pottsvllle for Shenandoah, 9 45 a. m
12 80, 505, 8 15 p. m.
Leave Hazleton for Shenandoah, 9 65 a. m.,
12 40, 5 07, 6 22, 8 29 p. in.
Trains leave for Raven Run, Centralla, Ml
Carmel and Shamokln, 10 46 a. m., 7 21 p. m , )
Trains leave Shamokln for Shenandoah at
8 60 a. m., and 6 85 p. m.
Leave Shenandoah for Yatesville, Mahanoi
City, Park Place, Delano, McAdoo, Audenrled
Ilazietou, Stockton, Lumber Yard, Weatherlj
and Mauch Chunk, 9 45 a in., and 0 32 p. in.
For Lehlghton, Slatlngton, Catasauqua, Whl
Hall, Coplay, Allentown, Easton aud Phillips
burg, 9 45 a. m., and 6 32 p. in.
For New York r 1 Philadelphia, 9 43 a. m.
Leave Hazleton for ?benandoah, 9 60, a. ni.
and 6 23 p. in.
ftOLLIN H. WILBUR, Genl. Sunt.,
M. B. CUTTER, Bupt. Transportation,
South Bethlehem. Pa.
CHARLES 8. LEE, Genl. Pass. Agt..
S6 Cortlandt Street, New York.
A. W. NONNEMACIIElt, Dlv. P. A.,
South Bethlehem, Pa.
Beer and Porter
Brewers of the finest and
purest ....
These products are seldom equalled
and never surpassed. Also
bottlers of all
Carbonated Beverages.
Private families desiring orders
filled can have them promptly
by calling on
Christ. Schmidt,
Agent and Bottler.
203 W. Coal Street
if W I JUaH.
i7,M AC U
a n.-i-i.-imrMr
4 jC-PZ (Tha Dn.t I00"' rrlencd. th on. 1.L
J,?? (ll0 UBiUomultlfJoo.uOrr rrom rrlouf
1 EJ .1 1 n,u..a. k-.H,... nr i!. r.Tiirri r
4WD lI.lnol.Nortlif.lItlihU.I'lill.dcl.h
4 A P?Snhla. lu.. Elres . Ouartiitc. Id crerr eaie.r
Notv IleIli-'"( Th'ro Arc lltlirr llrud
Hot I. . li. tin 1 lilt-.
Brovnsvlll I eo. 28. Another
victim of the li .iell initio explosion
was found ystei day, making the total
24. The body was terribly decotn
p 'spd, nnd when brought to tho morgue
the stp'icb was no bad that peoplo
were Hlmoat driven from the building.
Some Hungarians claimed that the
body was that of Andrew Zamlsky,
who has been unaccounted for slnco
the day of the dlsastor. Friends of
the man claimed the body, and It was
taken to California for Interment. Tho
body was found lying fnco downward
inder a heavy fall of roofing, and the
terribly charred remains had the same
appearance as the debris around. It
la now supposed that there Is nnother
dlgRcr In this same room, and that
probably he is undor the big fall ot
slate. Inspector Cnnnc." stated that the
finding of thi Ivdy of Zimlsky simply
gof-s to ahow that they do not know
how many ppnplo are yet down In the
death pit, or where they will find the
bodies If the mlno has not been
thoroughly explored by tomorrow, the
date set for the Inquest, It will not bo
held until next Wednesday.
llrrfM' fto dir. Comliiir Ilonip.
Washington, Dpc. 28.--Qunrtermastcr
Genpral I 'id'ngton rpcelved a cable
menage ypsterrlny from Colonel Miller,
of the qiirrtermaster's department at
MriiIIh. anying that arrangements
have bppti mndo to send homo the re
mains of Major General Lawton, Major
John A. Logan. Jr.. and Major Arm
strong on the transport Thomas, which
will leave Dec. ..0 for San Francisco.
JIptIpo Aliotlnlit-a CotTee llipurt Tax.
City of Mexico, Deo. 28. The Mexi
can government has abolished the
export tax of coffee. This Is expected
to havo a considerable effect In the
-United States by "Increasing the re
ceipts of Mexican coffee. Most of the
Central American coffee growing
countries raise a part of their govern
ment revenues by taxing cofTee ex
ports. Brave Men Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney troubles
as well as women, and all feel the results in
loss of appetite, poisous in the blood, back
ache, nervousness, headache and tired, list
less, run-down feeling. But there's no need
to feel like that. Listen to I. W. Garoner,
Idaville, Ind. He says: "Electric Hitters are
iust the thing for a man when he is all run
down, and don't care whether he lives or dies.
It did more to give me new strength and good
appeti'e than anything I could take. I can
now cat anything and have a new lease on
life." (Inly 50 cents, at A. Wasley's drug
store. Every bottle guaranteed.
Hnuillpov Allium; the liwltnna.
Tahlequah, l. T., Dec. 2S. Smallpox
among the Indians in the Indian Ter
ritory and at Crow Creek agency, in
South Dakota, and other reservations
has assumed serious phases. Congress
Immediately after reconvening will be
asked for an appropriation of $50,000
with which to stamp out the epidemic.
The Homeliest Man In Shenandoah
As well as the handsomest, and others are
invited to call on any druggist and get free a
trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the Throat
and Lungs, a remedy that is guaranteed to
cure and relieve all Chronic aud Acute
Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis and Consuinp
tion. Price 25c and 50c.
AllHiveil .Inr.v "1'Iit" Hulled.
Cipirflehl. Pa., Dec. 28. Millard F.
Johnson, the jury commissioner charg
ed with the fraudulent selection of
juries, who has been In jail here since
Friday last, was yesterday released
on $1,000 bail. Johnson was captured
at Marion, Ind., whither he had fled
after the exposure of the irregular em
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Illlas'iiiid flip Vlee Presidency.
Philadelphia, Dec. 28. Secretary of
Agriculture Wilson stopped In this city
a few hours yesterday while on his
way to Doylostown. Pa., where ha in
spected the National Farm school. In
an Interview on the presidential cam
paign next year Mr. Wilson said that
the administration has no candidate
for vice president. He thought that
neither Secretary Root nor Governor
Roosevelt would care for the nomina
tion, and continued: "Mr. Bliss, ex
sccretary of the Interior, I consider an
ideal candidate for the vice presidency,
especially as it seems conceded that
tho next vice president Is to come from
the east."
lleiilmrii to Piiah Cunnl n III.
Chicago, Dec. 28. "Congressman
Hepburn, of Iowa, has assured every
body that he means to press the bill
for the construction of tho Nicaragua
canal by the government for all it Is
worth," said former Senator Warner
Miller, who was In Chicago today. "It
will go through this congress if Mr.
Hepburn can do It. This provides for
building the canal, regardless of the
appropriation made last winter ot
$1,000,000 for a commission to Investi
gate and report upon the most favor
able route for the canal. That ap
propriation was merely a subterfuge
designed to sidetrack the canal for a
year at least."
Soiith Diikotn'a Aiitl-Imperliillsta.
Sioux Falls., S. D., Dec. 28. Under
the direction of Senator II. E. Petti
grew about 200 fuslonlsts met last
night in Germanla Hall and organized
an American league, as a protest
against "imperialism, militarism and
the control of all Industrial Institu
tions and the government Itself by or
ganized capital." Senator Pettigrew
made the principal speech, in which
ho Raid: "If I wero a Filipino I would
light until I was gray, if I wasn't killed
soonor." He declared that President
McKInley was elected and owned by
the trusts.
Mini 11 Sellout nf Crimp.
Limn, O., Dec. 28. James Poorman,
arrested hero yesterday, has been con
ducting a school of crime, nccordlng to
the stories of 8-year-old Agnes Scan
Ian and others to the police. The Scan
girl said that Poorman instructed her
and several others to mingle with
crowds in retail stores nnd to pick up
nrtlcles from tho counters. How well
he schooled them is evidenced by the
fact that none were detected, but when
the police searched Poorman's room
they found two trutikfuls of plunder
Jewelry nnd small articles of value.
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.( Tiinrcuvn di:
(1 UIUIOA.MJ nwux
Drivfiii From Their Mountain E i-treiioliiuent-
by Our Forcns.
llrlli-VPil Up tlip Xmiip rori'p
Driven Out of Mini Mil ten On the
liny Tlmt MriMP Meneml I.iMifott
.Met Ills Dentil. :
Manila, IV. 28. Colonel Loekett, j
wllh a force of 2,500, Including aiili-
lery, attm i;ed ypsterday a strong force ;
of IiiHiirgpnts entrenched In the mnun-1
tnlnR near Montalbttn, txliottt fle miles
northeast of San Mateo. The enemy
were completely routed, the Ameri
cans pursuing them through the hills,
amid which they flpd In every direc
tion. Four Americans were wounded.
The Filipino loss was largo, resulting
from n heavy Infantry and artillery
fire for three hours Into the trenches.
It is siipiKMcd that the Insurgents
were those who were driven out ol
San MbIpo on the day Gpiipral Lawton
wns killed. They numbered probably
a thousand.
A dozen lines of Iniurgpnt trenches
covered thp nteep trail through tlip
hills and IIIcpwIhc the valley Itelow.
along which the Amprienns passed.
The main attacking party consisted of
the Forty-sixth volunteer Infantry, a
tronp of cavalry and artillery. Colotipl
Lockett commanding In person. The
rest of the command operated from re
mote points In en endenvor to carry
out Colonel Iockett's plan of throwing
his line? around the enemy and thus
putting off retreat. The nature of tl c
mountainous country made it Itnpiar
tlcnble to execute this movement suc
cessfully. After the inttirgotits began to run
tlipfp was a vain attempt to use ar
tillery. It now appears that one American
was killed In the attack upon the Sulilg
garrison Tuesday by General Santa
The Insurgent organ, Indppendpuehi.
which was impressed by thp Ameri
cans, resumed publication on Nov. 21
In Ilontoc province.
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Alleged I'lile. Iiik Ii,i iiuiHter C'ntitclit
Chicago. Dec. 28. Robert Hunter,
who Is said to have embezzled govern
ment funds last July while postmaster
at Depow, N. Y., was arrested here
yesteiday by Postodlce Inspector Her
bert Towiion. He was given a hearing
and held to the federal grand jury in
$1,000 bonds, A shortage of about $C
000 was discovered In the postal and
money order receipts in the office, and
while search was being made th? post
master disappeared.
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Aiitti( ".li'.'jred Kli-bnir.
Augusta, Gn.. Dec. 28. W. C. Stoy
has been arrested on a warrant sworn
out by Chief of Police Hood, charg
ing him with arson. Stoy Is an ex
cursion manager. Tho three disas
trous fires in this city recently, the
origins pointing strongly to incendiar
ism, have groatly excited tho people.
Recently a building was fired three
times in one day. Stoy Is said to be
the firebug.
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Imllniiii'M l.iiwton llmiiiiiipiit.
Indlnaapolls, Dec. 28. -A Joint-committee
ot the Commercial club and the
Board of Trade met last night to or
ganize for raising a fund of $25,000 or
more to erect a statue of General Law
ton here. It was resolved that an In
diana Lawton monument commission
be organized, of which the governor
should be (ex-ofllclo) 'president.
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