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k. it. iiAiti)i:Nin:it(!ii. - - 1'unrtinnNT
V. V. WO(tl). - - MANAOUK ASM) SKC'Y
c. li. noitri.iNiit:it. m. 11. ai.i.i:n.
iii:.nry wii.son. i:. 11. li mmii:mikii(iii.
roil mii:sii):nt,
WIM.IAM IIOWA lilt TA1T. ot Ohio.
rou vici: i'iii:snn:.NT,
for .iiiniir. or fit'riiitlon coi'itr.
V.t. 1). l'OUTUIt. ot Allosliftiy.
U1IA.KI.KK C. 11! ATT, ot SiiMHii'lmimn.
. . .. Foil STATU Si:N UOH.
SA.MUUI, V. llOI'KOItD.otCiirlion.
V. K. rivlllIAM.of Mount l'lcasunl.
' ' " ' FOIl SlllllllFF,
iM. l,KK Iili..M.iN, Ol IIOMl'SUIIIC.
i WAIXACK.T. liAISNUS, of liorlln.
foii ui:iiKTi:it ani in 'oi!in:ii,
AI,KI!H1) (). Itl.AKi:, ot lii tliany.
,T. K. HOItNllKOK. of KiiullMlllk.
THOMAS ('. MADDUX, or Divher.
AUTI1UKW. I.AISKAr.UK.ot Staiiucii.
v. iiitocK i.i:siir.i, ot stot-nnw.
MYltON H. SIMON'S, of lloui'silali-.
tiled Ion Tuosilay. November :i. UKIS.
The Fight by Hrynn.
: Some time before the Denver Conven
tion, Congressman Olliu M. .hunes, of
Kentucky, inndvocntiiiKliisiioniinntiou,
said: "For fifteen years Hrynn lias
fought the battles of the Democratic
party as no other man has done."
The New York World, which then
opposed Bryan, thus commented on
Bryan's lighting record, and its results :
"True, most diastronsly true.
"Fifteen years ago the Democrats
controlled 2.1 out of 4-1 states ; now they
control 115 out of -10 states.
"Fifteen years ago the Democrats had
44 United States Senators and the Hc
publicans :1S ; now the Democrats have
31 and the Republicans 02.
"Fifteen years ago the Democrats had
220 representatives in congress, the Kc
publicans 120 ; now the Democrats have
104 nnd the Republicans 222.
"Fifteen years ago the Democratic
party was in control of the National
government ; now the Democratic party
is hovering between life and death.
"Mr. James is quite right. For fif
teen years Bryan has fought the battles
of tho Democratic party as no other
man. has done."
- To this may be added a few more
particulars of equal interest.
Fifteen years ago last March, a Demo
cratic President was inaugurated, cho
sen by an electoral plurality of 1152 and
a popular plurality of more than 375,000.
Twelve years ago, Bryan, as candidate
for the Presidency, was defeated by an
electoral majority of 95, and a popular
plurality of more than 000,000.
Eight years ago, Bryan was defeated
by an electoral majority of 137, and a
popular plurality of more than StiO.OOO.
Four years ago, with Bryan still fight
ing tho battles of Democracy, Parker,
the Presidential candidate, was defeated
by an electoral majority of 1!K1, and a
popular plurality of more than 2,500,
With these examples of the party's
progressive gain with Bryan fighting the
battles of the Democracy, the expert in
political arithmetic may perhaps figure
out the probable results of his present
year's fighting.
For Auditor.
William Brock
Le8her, one of the
Republican candi
dates for County
Auditor, is a son of
Austin and Marga
ret Lesher,of Ster
ling, in which town
ship he was born
Oct. ISth, 1870. lie
was educated in the
public school, and
WM. n. i.eshkk. Wl0!1 seventeen
years of age began teaching, himself
For the five years following he taught
through tho winter terms, attending the
Scranton Business Collego during his
summer vacations. Graduating from
tho college in lh'Js, his attainments as
an accountant and skill in penmanship
at once secured him employment as a
book keeper, which he relinquished r
year later to accept a positi in with J. E
Cross, of Sterling, involving, besides the
duties of general clerk, those of assist
post-master, a position which ho still
holds. Threo years ago, when Mr. Lcs
her was a successful candidate for the
same oflice ho is now running for, one
of his neighbors, a prominent citizen of
Sterling, vouched for him as "aself-niado
young man, honorable and upright in
his business transactions, and accurate
in figures." Mr. Lesher's term as Coun
ty Auditor, now drawing to a close, has
amply justified this cstimato of his char
acter and attainments. lie has made a
first-class officer, giving careful and
searching attention to the accounts of
our county officials, and tho statements
prepared for publication by him and Ins
colleagues havo been models of accuracy
and comprehensiveness. His efficiency
having been thus amply proved by his
record, his re-election should be assured
The CniulidutcH nml"Tlio Ooods"
Taft has served tho country injudicial
and executive positions of high responsi
bility and importance, and haw perform-
ed the duties of each with conspicuous 1
ability and success. In the language of I
business, ho has always "delivered the
The only position in the public nerviee
that Bryan lias filled is that of Coiigre.-."-nian.
In that position, the only "goods"
which he assisted in delivering wore in
the form of the Sugar Trust tariff, which
he aided in framing on thorough-going ,
free trade principles. Samuel tionipers,
'resident of the American l'ederation of
nbor, reviewing this taiiff from the
workingman'spoint of view, in one of his
olllcial reports, declared that the period
during which it was in force was the
darkest that American labor had known
for a generation, and that, under hoop-
eration, two and a halt million woiUmg
men of this country, who had had steady
mployment and prosperity under pre
vious tariff laws, were to a large extent
thrown out of work. Bryan is again
trying to deliver a tariff of the same
Since his work on the Sugar Trust
tariff, Bryan has been trying to deliver a
ariety of "goods" which the people
have refused to accept.
In IKIHI he endeavored to deliver the
bunco dollar, along with free trade, hut
In 1000 he again offered free trade and
the bunco dollar, and as a "paramount
issue," he tried to deliver Filipino inde
pendence, with the abandonment ol
tlm Philippines bytho United States; hut
the people had nouse for these "goods."
In 1001 he aided 111 a second attempt
to deliver Filipino independence, with
the trade marks of "anti-imperialism"
and "anti-militarism;" also free trade;
but again the people refused to accept
his "goods."
This year, he again offers free trade
and Filipino independence ; together
with a pair of pocket States made from
the Territories of New Mexico and Ari
zona, an income tax, government super
vision of industries and restriction of
output, and government paternalism in
tins guaranty of bank deposits, with
government ownership of railroads 011
the waiting list.
In tho event of Republican success, the
goods" to bo delivered by Taft are
those with which the country is familiar;
among the most important being pro
tection and sound money, which the
party has already delivered, with the
regulation of trusts and the suppression
of monopoly, which are already in
courseof delivery as fast as existing con
ditions will permit. The election of
Taft will mean the maintenance of es
tablished Republican principles in
finance and economics, with the vigor
ous development and aggressive main
tenance of the system begun by Presi
dent Roosevelt, and tersely described as
the "Roosevelt policies."
Toft And The Rural Vote.
The New York "Herald" has made
an interesting canvass of the Stale of
New York. It is the earliest attempt to
determine in advance the probable out
come of the November election. It is
not meant to be a "forecast," it simply
presents the facts as they appear at the
present time to experienced observers.
The New York "Herald's" canvass
shows that despite the vote Tainnianv
will throw to Bryan in Greater New York
the country vote "above the Bronx" w ill
more than offset it, and that the elec
toral vote of the Empire State will be
cast for William U. Taft.
When this u-countrv vote 111 New
York State is analyzed, it will be seen
that it is the rural voter who is deter
mined to standby Republican principles
and policies, and that it is tlie rural
voter who makes Mr. Taft's supremacy
certain, even against the swollen returns
from the corrupt Tammany uistricts 111
New York.
It has been declared by veteran poli
ticians that the rural voter is better in
formed on the issues pending 111 a cam
paign ; that he gives greater anil more
painstaking thought to the things that
must uo settled at inepoiis man 111s city
brother. Consequently, when one finds
the rural voters ot a btate with their
minds made up to support the liepub
lican party, it is logical to assume that
the rural voters throughout the country
will act in hanjiony regarding the pub
lic questions with which they are con
fronted. Further confirmation of tlu
statement that they are for the Repub
lican ticket is available. The rural
voters of Pennsylvania also are for Taft.
In no other State of the Union are the
farmers better informed regarding the
issues of this campaign. They reali---the
dangers that lie partially concealed
in the candidacy of the leading expon
ent of a freo trade, free silver, Populis-
tic Democracy. The I'ennsylvaina ltr
niers havo never tolerated Bryan. In
1890 and 1900 with their ballots they re
pulsed the Democratic conspirators who
sought to overthrow American institu
tions, it was the tanner that enabled
Pennsylvania to caBt such record-breaking
majorities against Ilryanisin. The
temper of tho Pennsylvania fanners has
not changed. This 'year they will vote
as they voted before. They will join
with the farmers of New York and of
Kansas and of Indiana and of Oregon
and of every other northern and west
ern State in demanding the election of
the Republican ticket.
The sowers in Paris aro well known
to be infested with rats, but tho author
ities adopt a neat and extremely humane
rV l .1 . 1 t ,
way ofreducing the numbers In places
where they aroVmd to be excessively
numerous an electric wiro is laid, just
an inch too luurli to bo rnneluul bv 1111
an inch too hiuh to bo reached bv an
animal standing on all fours. Tempting
delicacies are placed at frequent inter
vals, and directly a rat raises himself
and rests a paw upon tho wiro with the
intention of getting at the food he is
electrocuted, and there is an end of
The Outlook.
The political horoscope gave October
20th 11s the time when the Bryan-campaign
would blow up. Indications are
plentiful that everything is ripe for the
collapse. The New York World, which
advocated the election of I'.ryan very
Mnmgly, lor a brief period, lias made a
pontnl etnd canvas of New York State,
and the reult poinU to an enormous
majoiity for Taft. A most eoiupletee.au-va-s
of Ncbnwka, the home of Hrynn,
hIuiwh that he will get what theatrical
people call the "Hook," which means
that a bad nelor is yanked from public
gaze In a place behind the scenes.
Th" slot machines which the Demo
cratic Nnlional Cniiiiniltoo placed in
public places in New York city, for vol
nulai contributions, have driven peo-
I11 avoid those place, to such an ex-
lent thai they have been replaced by the
well-l-.nnwn chewing gum anil Weighing
This paper has arranged to have its
special ecu lespondent report Mr. Bryan's
farewell addiess (a-la I'atti) to his cam
paign managers, on Nov. Ith.
l-or Stale Senator,
SAMUi-l. W. HOFPOKI), of Corbon.
SainuolW. Ilofi'onl, candidate for State
Senator in Hie Foitileenth Senatorial dis
tiiel, is a self-made man in all the word
implies. He sneeesl'iilly passed through
the vat ions practical avocations from the
menial handling of the pick and shovel
to the hel'l wielding ol the pell. He
wa Iuhii at While llnven, Liuernc Co.,
on March 2Sth, ISH7, but became a resi
dent of Carbon county in April, 1807,
when his patents moved' to Kidder town
ship, lie was educated there and also
al White Haven high school, lie learned
the butcher trade and next handled the
pick ami shovel on a gravel (rain of
which his father was engineer; in build
ing a double track for the I.elngh Vallev
liailroad between I'enii Haven and I lock" -port
tunnel, lie next accented a posi
tion as brakeiiian on this tram and then
as a eoiii and freight brakeman, finally
becoming an extra fireman on the Wyo
niing division, when he was dismissed
on demand of his lather for railroading
against the hitter's wishes. He is a
prominent society man, being identified
with llazle bodge, No. 327, F. and A.
M.; I la.leton Chapter, No. 227, R. A.M.;
Mount Vernon Coniinandery No. 73, K.
T., and I rein Temple, Nobles of the Mys
tic Shrine, Mr. llol'ford at present is
employed as Chief Clerk to the Commis
sioners of Carbon county. Lunxford
Too Much "Thlrd-Tcrmlsm."
Oct. 13th. W. V. Wood. We are
glad yon ate in harness again, and for
the ginger you can put in the politics of
the county." What is the matter with
touching up the thiid term business?
Is llanlan a bigger man than Roose
velt? liotli Koosevelt and llanlan prom
ised not to ask for a third term; Koose
velt kept his promise, but Mike Wants a
third and a fourth, if he can gel it.
Mike went through the countythree
years ago, solemnly promising, if elected,
lie would ask for no 'more. Now lie is
hot-footed for a third term, and claims
that he is running because the whole
county is stuck on htm. What is the
matter with giving him a life term and
saving election expenses?
All Ibis talk about his lieinir obliging
and courteous is rot. Why shouldn't he
be? What is he paid for?" It is his duty
as a servant ol the people, and there are
a number of other people who would
like to have the chance to be obliging
and com icons lor &MHHI a year.
We have a good fellow in Berlin, who
has been for years one of the largest
rural tax payers in Wayne county ; a
Justice of the Peace for fifteen years; a
man who has settled more disputes ami
cably than any Justice of the Peace in
Wavne count v. How often do von hear
of any appeal in court from our J. P.?
Wallace J. Barnes is a candidate for
l'rothonotary, and is just as capable as
.Mike llanlan. lie is an upright, lion
orable citizen, and if you give him a
chance he will be just lis obliging and
popular as llanlan.
Third terniism is un-American, and to
begin it 111 avne county is a mistake.
A vote for Wallace J. Barnes is a vote
against a third term, and in favor of
giving other people a chance to hold of
Republican Candidate For Sheriff.
Vi.i iXiiNd that her husband, William
F. Krny,a rich farmerof Pino Township,
Allegheny county, had not, to her know
ledge and belief, taken a bath in the en
, ', ft'" u .S
! ;. ' '
, V , ,', . ,,t,,t., ,w"i .1 .1 , VJi .w
I testimony explained that the fact that
tire eleven years she had been married
her husband would not go near a bath
tub had caused her much worry nnd
infants', Children's ami Misses' win
ter Cloaks at Mknnkh&Co.'h. New in
styles, best in goods. 22eitf
Knocking Society.
Naturally all pcoplo who havo their
Bay about "society" do not caro to
have their views published nnd ap
plied to all society. Doubtless tho
actress, Ethel Barrymore, sometimes
Indulges In tho thoughts recently at
tributed to her with regard to soma
pcoplo sho has known who oro "in
society." Sho put In a denial for her
self without disputing tho main drift
of tho argument that had been placed
on her Hps. Society is a very am
biguous term, and Miss Barrymoro or
Mrs. William Astor, whoso views also
were recently published, or any other
woman of experience can criticise cer
tain social elements without meaning
to condemn nil society.
In this country It Is difficult to say
who aro and who are not In society
and, above all, to say which Is the
best society" of any community. In
monarchical countries the royalty and
nobility stand at tho head, and all oth
er elements of sdblcty aro graded upon
them. Here there can be no leader
ship except that which may bo voted
by a given set or circle. Somo one
gives ft function, and Invitations, like
kissing, go by favor. Empty parlors
mean that tho would be leader has
made a mistake. Tho truth is that
America has no "best society" and no
arbitrary extremes. There is a varie
ty of society, and those who aro so
cially disposed can tako their choice.
If there aro any who cannot fit in
somcwhero the fault does not neces
sarily rest with "society."
Baseball Knthuilum,
This year's Interest In baseball
passed beyond tho stago which can be
described as mere excitement or craze.
V gcnulno enthusiasm which swept
people from their foot and dwarfed
all other questions of the hour was de
veloped over tho battles on tho dia
mond for the pennants and tho world's
Games which were vital in tho raco
for the honors were witnessed by
spectators numbering tens of thou
sands. Yet that by no means ex
presses the limit of enthusiasm. In
every city thousands upon thousands
surrounded the numerous bulletin
boards to follow tho courso of tho
games. Telephones In newspaper of
fices were kept busy answering que
ries from crowds gathered in Baloons
and club'rooms. Hot political disputes
had to watt until tho significance of
the latest Bcoro was settled, and
thrilling war news from the Balkans
fell upon ears attuned only for what
the American ball players wore doing.
Teaching Pcoplo to 8avo.
While tho opposition of the banking
fraternity to government postal banks
seems natural as a business policy, it
goes against one of tho cardinal prin
ciples of sound finance. People need
to bo taught to save and have their
money earn more money.
Tho regular savings banks will al
ways pay higher interest than tho gov
ernment would allow and must con
tinue to get the sparo money of tho
thrifty having access to their vaults.
The postal bank will send the dragnet
into the byways of tho land and gath
er In dollars that would otherwise bo
hoarded In idleness or scattered on tho
first tempting bargain or chanco for a
good time. If tho pennies aro saved
tho dollars will find tho right channel
to tho best repositories for savings In
An expert declares that some Euro
pean powers could "land an army of
100,000 soldiers on our coasts quicker
than wo could ourselves." Yes, and
also beat us shedding tears ovor what
happens then.
Now York officials declare that tho
city Is "now" practically fireproof.
Thoy always say that between fires.
It's time now to talk of "higher
finance," so we'll put It on those who
Invest In aeroplanes.
Prophecies of tho earth burning up
camo near making good for this hem
isphere In 1008.
Dissatisfaction with oth'W pooplo Is
often rooted In dissatisfaction with
Tho new allotment for soldiers' ra
'tions is surely a faro deal for a square
, King Edward's announcement that
his Inst personal debt is paid should
be a hint to tltlo hunting Waldorf As
tor that tho royal palm Is not Itching
for a bribe.
It may mean somothlng or mean
nothing that two rovolutl.ons have
been sprang on tho world recently
without tho Itusslan students- mixing
Tho Sheath gbwn may bo too much
"on the bias," but nobody can kick at
11 sheath shoe, which gives corns room
to swell without pinching.
A platform guaranteeing to regulate
coal prices in wlntor by the "dog days"
demand would mako it easy figuring
on election returns..
Ethel Barrymoro, tho actress, may
havo talked In her sleep when sho said
hard things about America's high so
ciety, but sho voiced popular opinion
pretty well just tho same.
With every now airship going tho
best one better, the projects for call
ing on the north pole somo morning
do not seem so flighty after all.
Every now specimen from the pen
of Englaud's poet laureate, Alfred
Austin, makes us regret having eald
that America has no poets.
It looks llko nutting a premium on
the affinity business to leave $20,000
to a pretty schoolma'am to stay un
Evidently It wasn't because the pow
er had run out that Oyster Bay ceased
to be the center of political excitement.
Steady Work Guaranteed!
Paid While Learning !
Autumn and Winter Goods
Now on Display at
Menner & Co., Keystone Stores
Chic in Style.
14 I M 1 1 TV Vs.. 1TtJ J - . A' H
Models to fit' all forms in Latl?63, Misses and Juniors Long
Coats. Evening Cloaks, Fur Jackets, Collars and Muffs.
Menner & Co.'s Department Stores.
The Era of New Mixed Paints !
This year opens with a deluge of new mixed paints. A con
dition brought about by our enttM prising dealer. s to get soinokind
of a mixed paint that would supplant CHILTON'S MIXED
PAINTS. Their compounds, being new and heavily advertised,
may find a sale with the unwary.
There are reasons for the pre-eminence of CHILTON PAINTS:
1st No one can mix a better mixed paint.
2d Tho painters declare that it works easily and has won
derful covering qualities.
3d Chilton stands back of it, and will agree to repaint, at
own expense, overy surface pain tod with Chilton Paint that
ves defective.
4th Those who have used it are perfectly satisfied with it,
recommend its use to others.
0 long as thirty miles an hour for
a quarter of an hour is tho record for
tho single passenger airship ocean
liners may gq right ahead putting In.
steam turbines.
Coming ns 11 dessert to a political
campaign with plenty of "ginger" In
It, hunting In the Jungle will be like
ly to turn out tamo sport.
When the president of Tcru gets his
hand In with modernizing his own
country ho might reach out and give
one Clprtano Castro a jolt.
Having once worsted old Neptune,
tho Dutch should be nblc to make
short work of llttlo Mr. Castro.
Tho Balkau mlxup should not end
until the Turk is driven out of Europe,
never to come back.
Too many characters In modern
plays have "no character to speak of."
in Cloth.
52 D
Best in Fit.

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