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Startling Presentation ot Com
ing Events.
Churches of All Denomination and tho
Civil Powers of Earth Are About to
Unite In Common Cause Pcworful
Influence Preparing For the Battle
of Armageddon A Reign of Anarchy
Will Be the Result of the Warfare
Until The Messiah Takes Control.
Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Nov. 3. Tho
Brooklyn Academy
of .Music w a s
crowded to the lim
it today to hoar
I'nator Hussoll's
discourse ou the
"Unttlo of Arma
geddon." Ills text
was: "He gathered
them together unto
a placed cnlled lu
the Hebrew tongue
Arm&gcddo u."
(Revelation xtI. 10.) The speaker said:
Armageddon In tbe Hebrew HlguiUoi.
the "11111 of Meglddo." or Mouut of De
struction. It was famous as a battle
field In Old Testament times.
Tbe Lord has seen fit to associate the
name Armageddon, with tho great con
troversy betwoen Truth and Error,
right and wrong, God and Mammon,
with which this Age will close, perish,
and the New Age of Messiah's glory
bo ushered In. He has purposely used
highly symbolical figures of speech In
the last book of the Bible, evidently
with a view to hiding certain Impor
tant truths until the due time for their
rovcalment. But even in tho due time,
the Bible assures us, "None of the
wicked shall understand" (Daniel ill,
0, lOt none who arc out of heart har
mony with God but only the wise of
His people tho "wise virgin" class of
the Master's parable.
I have long avoided presentation of
my understanding of our text and its
context. I take it up now by request
and because I believe It is due time to
bo understood. I disclaim nny special
inspiration. In some particulars my
views agree with those of other Bible
students, and in other respects they
disagree. Much hearer must use his
own judgment, do his own Blblo study,
and reach his own conclusions.
Kindly remember that I am not re
sponsible for tho figures of speech used
by the Lord. My interpretations do in
deed constitute a terrible arraignment
of Institutions which wo have nil rever
enced and which embrace good people,
of good words nud good works. God's
saintly people In these various institu
tions, being comparatively few, are
ignored when systems as a whole are
dealt with in prophecy.
The Dragon, Beast, Falss Prophet.
Our context tells us that three Im
pure spirits (teachings) will go forth
from the mouths of the Dragon, the
Beast nnd the False Prophet, and thene
three will be In accord, and symbolical
ly the doctrines aro represented by
"frogs." These three doctrines are to
have n mighty influence throughout the
civilized earth. They are to gather
the kings nnd their armies to the great
Battle of Armageddon.
The ecclesiastical kings and princes,
nnd their retinues of clergy and faith
ful adherents, will be gathered in solid
phalanx Protestant and Catholic. The
kings and captains of industry, and as
many ns can be influenced by them,
will be gathered to the same side. The
political kings nnd princes, with all
their henchmen and retainers, will fol
low lu line on tho same side. The
financial kings and merchant princes,
and all whom they can influence by the
most gigantic power ever yet exercis
ed in Uie world, will Join tho sumo
side, according to this prophecy.
These "doctrines of demons," repre
sented by the "frogs," will lead many
noble people In this great army to as
sume an nttltude quite contrary to
their preference. For a time the
wheels of liberty and progress will be
turned backward and medieval re
straints will be considered necessary
for self-prcservntlon for tho mainte
nance of the present order of things.
In giving this interpretation, it is
necessary for us to indicate what Is
symbolized by the Dragon, the Beast,
and the False Prophet Bible students
of uearly all denominations agreo with
us that tho "Dragon" of Revelation
represents tho purely Civil Tower.
Protestant Interpreters generally agree
that tho "Beast like a leopard" (Keve
latlon xlli, 21 represents tho Papacy.
But fewer still, we fear, will bo ready
to support our view that Protestantism
Is tho "Image of the Beast" (Revelation
xlll, 15) in our context given another
name, "the False Prophet." Wo urge
no one to accept our interpretation,
nor shall we think hard of any who
refuse It. We will neither slander nor
otherwise Injure them now, nor threat
en them with eternal torture. They
have the same right to their views that
I have, and tho same right to mnke
them known to others. And I, for
one. will bo very glad to consider any
thing which opponents may set forth
as their Interpretations of our text.
"Unclean Spirits Liko Frogs."
The symbolisms of Scripture, right
ly understood, are always forceful.
Wlwn tho Holy Spirit used a "frog"
to symbolically represent certain
flortrlncs or teachings, we may bs
suro the true application will fit well.
A frog has a sago look, n wiso look.
It swells Itself up In an apparent en
doaror to Impawn the Mioliler. lu
great mouth well represents lu chief
power, uwd to croak.
Applying thito symbols, wo leani
that an evil spirit. Influence, teaching,
will conic from tlio Protestant churches
federated, from the Church of ltomr,
and from tho Civil authorities, nil In
full agreement. The spirit of nil will
be boastful: an nlr of superior wisdom
and knowledge will be proudly assum
ednil will croak In harmony. All will
tell of dire results that would follow,
involving the Interests of both the
present and the future life, if their
counsel be not followed. However con
flicting the creeds, the differences will
be Ignored In the general proposition
that nothing ancient must be disturb
ed, or looked into, or repudiated.
The Divine authority of the Church,
nnd the Divine right of kings, aside
from the Church, will not be nliowed
to conflict. Any persons or teachings
In conflict with thee boastful and un
Bcriptural claims will be branded as
everything vile, at tho months of these
"frogs" speaking from pulpits and
platforms and through the religious
and secular press. Tho nobler scnti-
I mcnts of some will be strangled by the
philosophy of tho samo evil spirit
which spoke through Calaphas, the
high priost. respecting Jesus. As Cnla
phas declared It expedient to commit
n crime In violation of Justice, human
nnd Divine, to be rid of Jesus nnd nis
teachings, so this "frog" spirit will ap
prove of every violation of principle
necessary to their nclf-protectlon.
The croaking of these "frog" spirits or
doctrines will gather the kings and
princes, financial, political, religious
and Industrial into one great army.
The spirit of fear, inspired by the
croaklngs of these "frogs," will Bcourge
the passions of otherwise good and
reasonable men to fury, desperation.
In their blind following of these evil
spirits, evil doctrines, they will be
ready to sacrifice life and everything
on the altar of what they mistakenly
suppose is justice, truth and righteous
ness, under a Divine arrangement.
For n brief time, as wo understand
the Scriptures, these combined forces
of Armageddon will triumph. Free
i speech, free malls, and other liberties
which have come to be the very breath
of the masses in our day, will be ruth
I lessly shut off under the plea of neces
' slty, the glory of God, the commands
I of tho Church, etc. All will seem to be
serene, until the great social explosion
in our context described as tho "great
Earthquake." An "earthquake," In
symbolic language, signifies social
revolution, and tho declaration of the
context is that none like unto it over
before occurred. (Revelation xvl, IS,
19.) Jesus described it as a time of
trouble such as never was since there
was a nntlon. Matthew xxlv, 21.
The Lord Will Gather Them.
The false, frog-llko teachings will
gather together Into one host tho great,
the rich, the wise, the learned nnd the
kings of the earth, to battle. At this
juncture Divine Power will step for
ward, and our text tells us that HE
shall gather the marshaled hosts to
Armageddon to the Mountain of De
struction. Tho very thing which they
sought to nvert by their union, federa
tion, etc., will be the very thing they
will hasten. Other Scriptures tell us
that God will be represented by the
Urent Messiah, and that ne will be on
the side of the masses. Thus we read
In Daniel, xll, 1: "At that time shall
Michael the Godlike One-Messiah
stand up" assume authority. He will
take possession of His Kingdom in n
manner little looked for by many of
those who erroneously have been
claiming that they were nis Kingdom,
and authorized by Him to reign in His
name and in His stead.
Jesus declared, "nis servants ye are
unto whom ye render servlco." Some
muy be rendering service to Satan and
to error, who claim to be rondering
service to God and to righteousness;
and some of these may be serving Ig
norantly, as did Saul of Tarsus, who
"verily thought that ho did God a serv
ice" in persecuting the Church. The
saino principle holds true reversely.
As nu earthly king docs not hold him
self responsible for the moral character
of each soldier who fights in his bat
tles, so tbe Lord does not vouch for the
moral character of nil who will onllst
nnd fight on Ills sldo of any question
"Ills servants they arc to whom they
render service," whntever the motive
or object prompting them.
Tho same principles will apply In the
coming Battle of Armageddon. God's
side of that battle will be the people's
side, and the very nondescript host
the people, will bo pitted at the begin
ning of the battle. Anarchists, Social
ists, and hot-headed radicals of every
school of reason nnd unreason, will be
In the forefront of that battle. The
majority of tho poor nnd tho middle
clnss prefer penco at nlmost nuy price.
A comparatively small number, God's
consecrated people, will at heart be
longing for Messiah's Kingdom. Theso
will bide the Lord's time nnd wait pa
tiently for It; they will bo of good
courage, knowing the outcome outlined
in the "moro sure word of prophecy,"
to which they have done well to take
heed, "ns unto n light shining in a
dark place until tho Day dnwn." II
Peter I. 10.
Tho masses will be restless of their
restraints, but will be conscious of
their own weakness as compared to the
kings nnd princes, financial, religious
nud political, which will then hold
swiiy. Besides, tho masses have no
sympathy with anarchy. They realize
truly that tho worst form of govern
ment is better than none. The masses
will seek relief through tho ballot and
penceful re-ndjustment of earth's nf
fairs for tho elimination of evil, for
the placing of monopolies nnd utilities
and tho supplies of nature In tho hands
of tho poplo for tho public good. Tho
crisis will be reached when tho hither
to upholder of law shnll become vio
lators of the law and resistors of the
will of the majority ns expressed by
the ballot Fear for tho future will
lead the woll-mcanlng ninsses to desper
ation; nnd anarchy will result when
Socialism falls.
The Cloud's Silvor Lining.
Horrible would bo this outlook for
the future did wo not have tho lufalll
bio Word of God assuring us of n
glorious outcome,! Divine Wisdom hns
withhold until our day tho great knowl
edgo nnd skill which 1b nt the same
time breeding millionaires nnd discon
tents. Had God lifted the veil n thou
sand years sooner, tho world would
have lined up for Its Armageddon n
thousand years sooner. But that
would have been too soon for the Di
vine purpose, becauso Messiah's King
dom Is to l)e the great Thousand-Yoar-Snbbath
of the world's history.
God In kindness veiled our eyes until
the time when tho gathering to Ar
mageddon would immediately precede
Mcwlah's taking to Himself His great
Kiwe.r. and beginning His reign. Reve
lation xl. 17. 18.
"Send Them Strong Delusions."
St Paul wrote prophetically of our
time, that It would be one of serious
trial nnd testing to many professing to
be Christians. The reason for this he
states they received not the Truth In
the love of It (II Thcssalout.ms il, 10,
I 11.) They preferred their own errone
ous theories, tho Apostle explains, and
therefore (Sod will give them over to n
"strong delusion," nnd let them bollove
the Ho which they preferred, nnd let
them suffer for missing the Truth
which they did not love. Thus they
will be In tho condemned host, "fight
ing against God," bocause of their lack
of love for the Truth.
It Is sad to say that we all as Chris
tians hnve been laboring under n thor
ough delusion respecting God's Plan.
We hnvo claimed that Christ set up
His Church in Kingdom power, and
that the Church has been reigning on
the earth as His representative. On
the strength of this delusion, Jews and
heretics have been persecuted to denth
as opponents to Christ's Kingdom. All
the while wo thoughtlessly repeated
the Lord's prayer: "Thy Kingdom
come; Thy will be done on earth, as in
Heaven." We knew that the Redeemer
said that Ho would como again to
make us nis Brido and joint-heirs; but
we Ignored the Scriptures. We were
drunk, as the Scriptures symbolically
say, "all nations were drunk" with the
false doctrine. It is this false doctrine
that will constitute the "frog" spirit
which soon will begin to croak nnd to
prepnro for Armageddon.
The Bible presentation is that the
world is a section of the universe in
retHilllon against Divine authority, un
der the captaincy of Sntan and his as
sociated fallen angels. By Divine grace
Jesus hns nlready "tnsted death! for
every man," nnd the merit of that sac
rifice must, eventually, grant Adam and
his posterity a full, fair opportunity
for the attainment of everlasting life.
All who thus see the Divlno program
nnd are walking in the light may know
something at least respecting the "times
and seasons." These brethren "are
not In darkness, that that day and
that battle of Armageddon should
overtake" them "ns a thief un
awares. Armageddon Not Yet but Soon.
For forty years tho Armageddon
forces have been mustering for both
sides of the conflict. Strikes, lockouts
and riots, great and small, have been
merely Incidental skirmishes as the
belligerent pnrtles crossed each other's
paths. Cort and Army scandals In
Europe, Insurance, Trust and Court
scandals In America, havo shaken pub
lic confidence. Dynamite plots, charg
ed by turns on employees and on em
ployers, have further shaken confi
dence nnd tended to mnko each dis
trustful of the other. Blttor and angry
feelings on both sides are more and
more manifest Tho lines of battle are
dally becoming more distinctly marked.
Nevertheless Armageddon cannot yet
be fought. Other matters Intervene,
according to prophecy.
Gentile times have still two years to
run. The "Imago of tho Beast" of our
context must yet receive life power.
Tho Image must be transformed from
a mero mechanism to a living force.
Protestant Federation realizes that Its
organization will still bo futile unless
it receive vltallzatlon unless Its clergy
directly or Indirectly shall Imj recog
nlzod ns possessed of npostollc ordina
tion aud authority to teach. This the
prophecy indlcatos will come from the
two horned boast, which, wo believe,
symbolically represents tho Church of
England. High-handed nctivitles of
Protestantism and Catholicism, operat
ing In conjunction for tho suppression
of human liberties, nwnlt this vivifying
of tho Image. This may come soon,
but Armageddon cannot precede It, but
must follow porhapB a year after it.
according to our view of the Prophecy.
8U11 another thing intervenes: Al
though the Jews nro gradually flowing
Into Palestine, gradually obtaining con
trol of the land of Canaan, aud al
though reports say that already nine
teen millionaires are there, neverthe
less prophecy requires an evidently
larger number of wealthy Hebrews to
be thero before tho Armageddon crisis
bo reached. Indeed wo understand
that "Jacob's trouble" lu tho Holy
Land will come at tho very close of
Armageddon. Then Messiah's King
dom will begin to bo manifested.
Thenceforth Israel In tho laud of prom
ise will gradually rise from tho nshes
of the past to tho grandeur of proph
ecy. Through Its Divinely appointed
princes Messiah'B Kingdom, all-powerful
but Invisible, will begin to roll
sway the cure nnd to lift up mankind.
$9,000 Distributed In Aid ot
Nine Families,
Director of the Red Cross Emergency
Rellsf Committee Reports on the Ex
penditure of Proceeds of Metropoli
tan Opera Benefit.
W. Frank Persons, director of the
Red Cross emergoncy relief committee,
lias made his report ns to tho distribu
tion of JD.OOO raised at tho benefit per
formance at tho Metropolitan Opara
House, New York, last April for the
families of victims of tho Titanic dis
aster. Mr. Persons in his report states the
vircutnstances of nlno families of vlc
11 ms, to each of whom $1,000 was glv
"ii from tho contribution, and says
that each of thouo fauilllfui has rocclv
wl or will rocelvo gifts from other
purees sulflclent to carry out an appro
priate plan for thou permanent rollof.
An artist who was just coming into
i career of groat promixo had gone to
Europe to execute an Important com
mission and waa returning on the Ti
tanic. Ho was lost with his skotcbos
aud loft a widow and children. One
of his children has shown marked ar
tistic ability, and the parents were
planning an education for her along
thoeo lines. Tho younger children, too,
must bo provided for, and Mr. Persons
says that the support of the family will
require In addition to tho modest prop
erty remaining to tho widow a consid
erable gift, which it la hoped, can be
1 raised.
! Help For Widows.
A newly married couple were com
ing to this country to mako their pcf
mancnt home here. Tho husband was
lost in the wreck. A child has been
born to tho wife. When she leaves tho
hospital she will take a place nt serv
ice In tho country, whero she can have
her baby with her. It Is planned to
1 glvo her a small sum of money avail
able for emergencies and times when
she may not be able to earn anything
'and to put u larger sum in trust for
her child.
I A widow forty-eight years old lost
her nlneteon-year-old daughter who
had been of help In supporting the
fnmlly. She had four children survlv-
I lug, all of whom are in dcllcato health,
and she has now tho support of the
' entire family ou her hands. She has
broken down tinder the strain and can
not work nt her washing for six days
a week. The plan is to provide n pen
siou for a number of years to supple
ment the earnings of the woman nnd
her daughters and bo lighten her work
that she will be nble to cam a living
going out only three or four days a
The widow of an oil operator who
was lost and who left threo children,
one of whom Is a crlpplo and the other
an invalid threatened with tuberculo
sis, is to be helped at nursing, for
which she has a natural gift, nnd a
pension for ten years is to bo set aside
for her until her daughters are able to
help her.
The widow of a laborer who wns
lost, leaving six children, will receive
the same assistance. An entire fami
ly, consisting of father, mother nud
nine-year-old son, wero coming to this
country when tho father was lost nnd
with him nil their money nnd proper
ty. The widow and child aro now
with her people, who give her a home.
She has found employment in n fac
tory nnd earns JO a week, which she
pays for board for herself and her
child, as her relatives cannot board
her without compensation, A pension
will be provided for her suppoort until
her son Is educated nnd able to help.
Other Cases Relieved.
Tho widow of an American merchant
in moderate circumstances who went
down on tbe ship is left unprovided for.
She has had a successful experience In
running n amall dry goods business,
nnd sho wants to establish another
She will be helped lu this.
A South Dakota farmer who had gone
to Sweden to bring back his father was
lost with his father In tho wreck. Ho
had borrowed the money for tho trip,
nnd his farm and Implements were
mortgaged. He left a widow and tlx
children, for whom emergent help has
been given, and It Is hoped a large part
of the debts enn be paid.
A mechanic who had gone to Eng
land with bis wlfo nnd who during his
absenco had boeu excused from pay
ment of dues lu his union was lost and
his wife Is excluded from tho usual
death benefit for widows of tho union.
She U Incapacitated for work by reason
of ill health, though sho Is a compe
tent nurse, and If sho has proper care
for a few years sho may be able to
support herself. She, too, has been
aided. ,
Qsrmany'a Wins Areas.
German's area devoted to vluo cul
ture reached its maximum 207,007
acres In lOOtl and has Hlnce decreased
by 27,000. The vintage varies greatly
from year to fear. Extremes were rep
resented by $13,87IM00 In 1010 ns
ligalnst 134,011X200 In 1001.
A Mohammedan University,
A Mohammedan university Is to bo
established at Dagdad.
Repressed Emotion.
Ok. the man who Is shoutlnc with mlcfct
an4 with main
Te scatter his wisdom around
Is a hro, atthouch h mar labor In vain
For knowl4ce and Uaht to abound.
DUaprxtntmeat and toll be has willingly
Reward, If It came, has seemed small.
Ttt ha suffers but little In spirit compared
To the man who sajrs nothing at all.
VThn he's walking on tiptoe leat ho may
The harmonr friends hold o dear
How he envlu the fellow out tho re on the
Whose voice bid the multitude cheer!
Ills cheek hi aflame, and bla hand silently
As he harks to tbe old battle call,
But he forces a smile while Ills heart
nearly broaks.
The maa who says nothing at all.
Washlneton Star.
No Place For Him.
"Th! is a pleasant little village,"
conceded tbe visitor.
"Yea. sir. It's one of the loveliest
spota In the country," nnswered tho
"I was thinking of moving here with
my family."
"Why not? We're up to date. We
have a amachoor dramatic club, it"
"What was thnt first Item?"
"A amachoor dram"
But ho uever finished tho sentence.
Tho prospective resident was running
so fast that ho had already become a
thing of tho past Cleveland Plain
The National Pastime.
It Is an ancient mariner.
lie atoppeth one of thrno
And holds him with a skinny hand.
"Have you a match T' quoth he.
The shadrs of night were falling fast
When throush an Alpine village passed
A youth who bore mid snow and Ice
A banier with a strancs dovlce
"Got a match V
It was a summer's evenlnc.
Old Kaapar's work was done.
And he before his cottage door
Was alulae In the sun.
ITLs little rrandchltd butted In.
"Have you a match V said IVterkln.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
Wisdom of Minerva.
A famous spinster, known throughout
the country for her firmness, was en
tertaining a number of little girls from
a charitable Institution. After the
luncheon the children were shown
through the place In order that they
might enjoy the many beautiful things
it contains.
"This." said tho spinster. Indicating a
statue, "Is Minerva."
"Was Minerva married?" asked one
of the little girls.
"No, my child," said the spinster with
a smile; "Minerva was tbe Goddess of
Wlsdom."-Now York World.
Men's Desires.
Some men are eager to command
Where many may be led;
Some men want Bold, and some crave land;
Some merely ask for bread;
Some men would be well satisfied
With love or with renown;
Some men win selfish, foolish pride
By pushing others down;
Borne men possess their greatest glee
When they may calmly fish;
Borne gift to gala applause may be
Another's dearest wish,
And here and there we And a male
Who even claims delight
If he can merely be the tall
Of some one else's kite.
S. E. Klser In Chicago Record-Herald.
Misleading Demonstration.
"You say your hearers sat through
your speech in open mouthed astonish
ment?" "I thought so nt first," replied Mr.
Tcejus. "But I have learned that most
of those fellows aro accustomed to
Bleep with their mouths open." Wish
Late of the horoueli of Honesdale, County of
Wayne. Pa. b.
All persons indebted to said estate are noti
fied to make immediate payment to the un
dersigned ; and those having claims against
the suld estate are notified to present tbem
duly attested, for settlement.
M.J. Mnrtln. 306 Fourteenth St..
Scrantnn, Pn. Honesdnle. I'n.
Att'y for Kstnte. 78eol8
( Smht by tiaatora mvtiryvihoro
Ths Atlantic Refining Company
a f,
in your family you of course call
a reliable physician. Don't Ptop
at that ; have his prescriptions
put up at reliable pharmacy,
even if it is a little farther from
your home than some other store.
You can And no more reliable
Btoro than ours. It would be im
possible for more care to be taken
in the selection of drugs,- etc., or
lu tho compounding, l'rescrip
tions brought here, either night
or day, will be promptly and
accurately compounded by a
competent registered pharmacist
and tho prices will bo must rea
sonable, O. T. CHAMBERS,
Opp. D. A II, Station, IIonebdile, 1'a.
fafaH I I I I ' 1'
' - n uunnni.uifAl'iA
Ofilco adlarent to Post OIUco In Dlnuul
unite, uunrsunic, ra.
WA1. H. Mili,
V .
Olllce over post otHcc. All local buslii.
finirn I IlkArtt. Hall K,,ll.ll. .1....
- wiutv uuurnwiiic, i u
---- Aliuium t UUUMjKIjOIlATI.A
- m . t . .. i . ...... 1 1 . .
J A I llllin KY , CIll'NNh'l.llU. IT.I a
Special and nromut attention elven tn t
Luiieciiun ui claims,
"Iff Inns TInlf T)..(1,1ln TT J 1
AiJLt AUUlt.lll i;ui.'HBKL.UK-AT-LA
office In the Court House, Honesdn
rtiiunnf.ia tuu.iHfcl,u8-AT-l,A
tti I , ..... i. .
vomica illicit utcuiHru ity Jllinje eeariw
nllESTEK A. G A It It ATT,
wiuce aujaieiii iu rosi umce, llunesclnle.l
umce v irst noor. oni Havings Hank bul
nit', uunesutiie. ra.
It. c.
1011 MAIN ST.
Citizens' Phone.
f 1 J .
Kyennd Har a snprlaltv Tim tit tint? nf i?1a
es t'lven c-irerui nuenuon
r L fl K. 9 a -fAem wem
KKi.i.uti.n iionsim
Especial Attention Given
Transit llti'dnes.s.
rrr statr.
H. F. Weave
C3lnM JP. r.i.;M.4..
nana ub t-aiiiiia lc
Rfisiripnnp. I3D2 EastSt
a Tnane ManKn
Anyone itnrtlnf a nkotrh nnd dricrlntlon mtv
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