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it Star
Sulmeriptinn tl.50 r tenr, in ailrn
An liirtop-n1int IixmiI nnper, iuMUhrd nvcrjr
Wrrttipwiiiy lit. Hi'Vnililvllli, .li'lTi-i-win Co.,
Ph., dnvirtod tr tlir tnti'ro-it nf Hiyno1iNvlll
nd.li'lTiTHOiK'ouiily. Ncm-ixilltlciil, will Irt'iit
nil with fiilriii'M. nml will IxMpcHiill y frlvnil
ly townrris ll liilxirlni i-1iiw.
Pulwcrlpllim prior l..iTjriiir.hi ndvnnoc
t'ninmunlrntlonK tnti'iiileil for piihlli'iillon
miiKt tin nccompnnled liy tlin wrltor'n numo,
not few ptiWIi-ntlon. hut nn n minninloo nf
ii)od fill I". IntortMtlnn nvwn Itonw willrltnl.
Artvprtlln rnttm nindf known nn iippllcn
Won at the oftirr In ArnnlilV Hlnok.
Ii'imlity romniiinlriilloin nml oliiiniro nf
nlvir1lv'mr-nt nhoiiHl roach till" onion ly
Monday noon, i
Addro-w nil onmnuinlontloiis to 0. A. Hlopn
non. Hiiynoldvllli, Pn.
Emi-rod nt. the postoftlcp nt Hoynolilnvlllc,
Ph., m MH'ond oliuw mull mutter.
C. A. TlilHKfliSO. Kdllor mid Pub.
There i now about 7.()00,(X) In tho
state treasury. Thin nmotint will ho
considerably rt'iliuvd the next few
months when the school warrants will
be presented for payment.
Great preparations are belntf mado
for the encampment at Washington
noxt month. On the occasions of the
grand review at the close of the war,a
body of volunteer tnxips muivhed alonjr
historic Pennsylvania avenue, Washlnif
ton, D. C, the like of which the people
of the capltol never expected to eAs
atfain. In SepttfmW.motv than twenty
five years after that vl prions host
lai wieu the broad thorouKMare.another
great body of sold tern will inarch along
It, repi-esentinfr the servhors of all tho
Union forces. It Is expected that
50,000 G. A. R. men will participate In
the re-union. Something like one hun
dred and fifty thousand dollars will bo
expended In entertaining the old soldiers
and others who will take advantage of
the opportunity afforded by the encamp
ment to visit the capitol. Nothing will
be left undone to make Washington
appear in Its most attractive form.
The miners of the Clearfield district,
which represents three thousand men,
declare they will strike on September
1st unless an advance Is made In tho
price of low grade coal mining and a
change mado in the checkwelghman
system. A resolution was adopted
calling on tho men In Punxustawney
district, which adjoins the Clearfield
district, to stand firm for demands of
the same character, which they have
presented to the operators. In Funx
utawney district alone there are over
throe thousand men. It is claimed that
the men in both districts have submitted
a number of grievances and will go out
as one man, as they are thoroughly
organized and pledged to act In unison.
The Borwind White Company, which
will be principally affected, is known to
have an order to supply tho Now York
Cental railroad with 2,500,000 tons of
coal within a specified time and leads
the minors to think they will have an
easy victory, while the company
declares it will hold out against any
advances or change.
Character, one of tho grandest things
tae human family is heir to, Is something
we all must havo, none can avoid It.
There is a world's wide difference
between a good character and a bad one.
They are just what we make thorn.
What Is more sublime than a beautiful
ripe character. A ripe character is
known first by Its beauty. Hipo fruit
has Its own perfect beauty. As the
fruit ripens, the sun tints it with sur
passing loveliness, and the colors deepen
till the beauty of the fruit Is equal to the
beauty of the blossom, and in some
respects superior. So a pure ripe
character Is known by Its beauty.
Another mark of ripeness is sweetness.
The unripe fruit Is sour, and perhaps
it ought to be, or else we would eat all
the fruit while they are yet green. So
Is an unripe character very sour. Ofton
times the worm of an unbridled appetite
naughs at the core until the character
drops from the mother stem before it
ripens, or perhaps It will decay from
the effects of unoontrollublo passions
before It is ripe. Beauty, sweetness
anri tenderness, are sure marks of a
ripe character.
The ghost which question whether
woman will not lose her womanly
qualities In the process of higher
education will not down, writes Mrs.
Lyman Abbott In the August LudM
Home Journal. It appears not only In
the quiet and the shade of midnight,
when ghosts have a right to appear, but
it stalks abroad in open daylight. The
innocent have always borne the penalty
, Of the guilty, and the clamorous women
who parade on public, platforms, and
who make themselves obnoxious In
publio conveyances, who give their
families peace at home by going abroad
wrrttrVhelr debates, these are they who
throw dncredit on their innocent Bisier.
I wish I might picture the homes in
which I am so happy as to bo a welcome
guest, where highest education for man
and for woman comblnd to make high'
est happiness and highest usefulness
Woman may dwarf hor best powers by
cultivating only her emotions, she may
do it by cultivating only hor body, and,
of course, she may do it by cultivating
only her mind; but that is not higher
education and wherever a young woman
has found a place whore she may obtuln
knowledge and also the other fruits
' whioh a perfected character should
bear, she oannoot be hurt by that
I've Changed My Mind.
It Is easy to resolve to do a thing, but
when the resolution requires action Is
the time that trys one. A temptation,
which has come before, Is pi-esented.
Good resolutions have been made only
to bo broken Into smithereens when the
temptation comes. One of the easy
resolutions to fracture Is that of Brining
early in tho morning. "Yes, I nm
going to get up early to-morrow morn
ing," has been reiniated time nnd tlmo
again, but how easily put olT until some
other morning. The following Is an
illustration of how easy a gtxxl resolu
tion Is broken:
'I'm goin' to be a soldier, ma, when
I grow u)," said Bobby, as ho crawled
Into bed, "and fight in wars and battles."
"All right, Bobby; now go to sloe)."
In the morning she sluxik him for
the fourth time nnd said:
"Bobby, you must get tip; tho Idea of
a soldier lying In bed at this hour!"
"Well, ma," said Bobby, "I've changed
my mind alxmt being a soldier."
Just so it Is with many older people.
They huvo a task to perform nnd It is
given up Ix'cause at that hour in the
morning when they should get out of
Ix'd they have "changed their mind."
Those women who devote the least
time to the study of the Important
question "how to manage a husband"
are the most successful In that line.
Woman who want to manage their
husbands, and men who are ambitious
to manage their wives ought all to lxs
sent to a lunatic asylum nt once to save
further trouble. l'nnxsutawney Npirit.
What is News?
Under the heading of "what Is news"
In AcirojKx nlom for July, Bill Nye says:
'News is fresh Information of some
thing that has recently taken place;
nnd yet there Is a kind of news that is
not news, aside from names and dates.
For instance: Henry Stanley Panirborn
blew down the barivl of an old musket
yesterday, to see if It was loaded. As
the old nre-nrm blew iwck, and new-laid
thoughts of Henry's were found spat
tered on tho celling, he no doubt
apiwased his morbid curiosity. This
sort of accident has been recorded so
often now that it is hardly nows.cxeept
Ing as to nnmes."
Two Youthful Horse Thieves.
A special from New Bethlehem to
the DoBols Cnnrirr Saturday says:
"Thomas and James Ness, of Oak
Bidgo. were arrested at Corsica last
evening for stealing a horse and buggy.
Tho culprits are mora lads, aged l.'i and
11 years, and committed the crime last
Sunday evening during church services
at West Millvlllo. W.A.Shelly.of Sugar
Grove, was attending church and whilo
inside of tho bullldiug the boys drove
away with tho horse and buggy. They
are now in Clarion jail. About two
years ago the sumo boys stole a horse and
buggy and when their pursuers came
close upon thorn they abandoned tho rig
ana iook to tno wtxxls. Tney were
afterwards captured and released on
acount of their ages, but for this lost
offence they will bo punished to full
extent of the law.
Want a Street Railway.
IPiuiXHiitnwni'y Hplrlt.l
Some of tho leading business men of
Keynoldsvillo ai-o seriously contemplat
ing the construction of an electric tit rout
railroad. They are now investigating
tho matter and if it should apx.ar to
thorn to bo a paying Investment the
road will bo built. A road from Ruth
mel to the railroad doM)t is tho thing
contemplated. If an olectrto street
railroad is a gotx thing for UuBols and
Punxsutawnoy, we seo no reason why It
should not be a good thing for Hoyn
oldsvillo. Tlmo will determino tho
whole matter.
W. C. T. U. Booming Suffrage.
Mrs. Lizzie Hill Mills, president of the
Orange county (Cal.) W. C. T. U., writes:
"We are 'booming suffrage. Our local
W. C. T. U. meets every week, and has
given this last month entirely to suffrage
and will give the coming one to the
same topic. We are taking up the
United States constitution and state
laws. We send out written invitations
to those who are not members of the
union, and people are getting aroused
and enthusiastic."
List of Letters.
The following lot tors remain uncalled
for at the postofttce in Reynoldsvllle,
Pa., Aug. 13th, ISH2:
MIhm MiuhI Vounir, MIhh Corn HlmrTtir,
MIhh .Nitltlu Knupp. Mm. J. 1)1 Counora,
Edward lMdraon. ('Iiim. W. Mi-PhIIm.
j. KlhlM, Jimvpli Brown,
Ernst Anderson. MIhh PvterhurR.
When calling for the above letters
please say they were advertised.
J. W. FOUBT, P. M.'
Be sure and put a box of Ayer's Pills In
your satchel bofore traveling, either by
land or sea. You will find thein con
venlent, efficacious, and safe. The best
remedy for oostivenuus, Indigestion, and
sick headache, and adapted. to any
tttrayed or Btolon.
About the 2uth of July, a roan cow.
with large horns, strayed or was stolen
from our premises. A liberal reward
will be paid for return. .
Green & Conseh,
A crochet shoulder cape of saxony
yarn was lost last Saturday. The finder
will pluase leave It at this office.
Fob Rent Two store rooms 20x80
feet opposite Hotel Bolnap. Enquire
of J. H. Corbett.
For Male,
Celebrated Caledonia sand. No sifting
required. Tom McKernan, Drayman
Umlr Engln la a Prenhly Slaughtered
Cow Iri(ed Over the l.in of Flame.
Whoever heard of killing a horse or
an ox as the first tep to be taken toward
putting out a prairie fire? What dweller
in the Dakotas has not heard of it? For
it is frequently done by the settlers of
Hie new northwest, where prnirie fires
are a greatly dreaded mennce to life and
Every dweller of the great northwest
Is more or less familiar with prairie fires.
They have often at nightfall seen their
lurid lights in the distant horizon, or by
day their huge volumes of smoke rising
and bending with the clouds, and many
are even familiar with the consuming
march of the flames themselves. Prob
ably the first intimation the settler re
ceives of an approaching lire comes from
the falling of burned particles of grass
that have been carried long distances by
strong air currents.
Later on smoke may be seen on the
distant horizon, which increases in vol
ume and blackness nntil tho whole sky
may be darkened, or if the night be
coming on the flames will light np the
whole landscape and their glow will lie
reflected above. The wise Dakotan has
his farm or ranch protected by fire
breaks. These are usually made by
plowing two strips a few furrows wide
and several rods apart and burning the
grass between.
There is but little likelihood of put
ting out a Dakota prairie fire during the
day, as the wind, which is almost in
variably blowing, and which the fire
seems to greatly increase In force, never
lulls nntil the coming of night. Then,
though there is no dewfall in that re
gion, the fire burns less fiercely and may
be at times entirely extinguished. The
most successful method of putting out
a fire, and one frequently employed, ii
to kill a horse or cow and, splitting the
carenss, drag it along the fire line and
over the flames, which are thus ex
tinguished. This is done by attaching long wire
ropes to two limbs of the carcass, to
each of which is hitched a horse, on
which is an experienced rider. One of
these horsemen rides on either side of
the line of fire, and by skillful reining
they draw the body of the dead animal
directly over the flames. Sometimes a
fresh hide, weighted down with pieces
of iron fastened to it, is used instead of
the carcass of an animal. By this method
a line of fire twenty miles in length may
be extinguished in one night. Men on
foot usually follow after the horsemen
and put out any fire that may remain
after they have passed.
The scene presented by such a com
pany of fire fighters is extremely weird
and one which a beholder is not likely
to forget. Fortunate it is if those in
terested complete their work before the
coming of dawn, for if they do not the
rising of the wind may send the fire
leaping over the area of country they
have labored to save, and blackened
plains and smoldering heaps that mark
the sites of former ranches and home
steads will tell the oft told story of the
Dakota prairie fire. Chicago Herald.
Win. Daey is suffering with a felon on
one of his fingers.
Hpruguo minors enjoyed a half holiday
on Friday and Saturday afternoons.
Ball playing is at present ono of tho
amusements which our young men
tvxort to.
Blackberries are an abundant crop
this year without any apparent scarcity
of harvest hands.
Dr. K. Q. Mellonry is again able to Ixs
around visiting his patients after a
week's illness with cholera morbus.
Geo. Hugjies is attending tho susslon
of tho Grand Lodge of K. of P. as ivpro-
sentatlve from No. 344, which Is being
hold In Pittsburg this wook.
A. L. Mayhew's family of boys become
increased from three to four Friday
night. There has boon no unpleasant
smiles visible on his countenance since.
Win. A. Loading has again concluded
that it is not good for mun to be alone
and has decided to undergo that terrlblo
ordeal of gotting married. Miss Annie
Hughes has coine to a like decision and
will also get married on the same duy,
which will bo to-morrow, August 18th,
at 10:30 o'clock A. M.
A camp of Daughters of America was
instituted In Kalfelt's hall, Ruthmol, on
Friday night by District President Jap
Mclntiro. Tho camp starts out with
forty-two charter tnemliers and the
officers eloctod for tho ensuing term an)
as follows: P. P., Mrs. C. Cameron:
Pros., Miss Mortloi Dean; V. P., Miss
Maggie Johnston; M. of C, William
Mohney; Recording Sec., Iris Johnston;
F. S., Mrs. H. E. Barton; Treas., Mrs.
A.J.Eisonhuth; Conductor, Miss Maggie
London; Guardien, Mrs. M. A. Smith;
Guard, Miss Maggie Mohney; Chaplain,
Mrs. H. J. Mllliren; Associate Conduc
tor, Miss Dorthy Henry; Asst. R. S.,
Miss Ella Mohney; Trustees, Mrs. S.
Wyant, Miss Dortha Henry and Mrs.
Maud Bowser.
The Chinese pay their doctor only so
long as he keeps them in health. They
believe In preventing rather than curing
disease. This is sound sense, and one
of the strongest recommendations of
Ayer's Sursaparilla, a medicine which
not only cures diseases but prevents
Barto's new store, in the Nolan block,
is an attractive place for people who are
looking for green truck. A fresh and
large supply always to be found where
the bust peanut roaster in town is In
See the new styles of ladies' shoes at
Robinson's. .
of rtsy vllle hnrowrli, sulijwt to the derNlon
ofthn lltmxx-rntk' voters of .Teirnrxon enmity
nt Hie enxiiliin pilninry eli'i'llon,
of flnxikvllle, xiihjeot to the derision of the
lit'imxTnllc volrrxof .tcnVrxon enmity Ht the
pnRtilng primary elertlon.
of lllii Him lxiroiiKh, snhjivt to the decision
of the llfinocrntli' voters of Jetfrixon enmity
nt the ensuing primary election.
of Wlnslnw township, subject to the decision
of the lpimx'rnlle voters of .lelferson comity
nt thei'tisi 1 1 tig primary elect Ion
OI,lHVII,l,F. itoitoriiii.
lie It ordntned nnd enncti'd hr the Htirucss
nnd Town Council of the Horough of Kcyn
nldsvllle. Pit., ntid It Is hereby ordnlucd nnd
eniicted fiy authority of the same.
Skc. 1. Kverv person cnnviisslnir from house
to house In thn boroii-ib of Kcynoldsvlllu, for
the pmXHe of sclllnu or solicit lug orders for
IxMikH, pictures. iiliotoKrnnli nlbunis. cltM'ks,
watches, pocket knives, silver pbited knives,
forks or sixxins.sixs-tHcles. eye glasses, enrpet
sweex-rs, linking puns, 1mm! springs, pntetit
medicine, plaster purls gixxls, hrnne nnd
plain, soup, ten, rotree, nnd spices, tlnwnre,
gents shirts, furnishing goods or clothing by
sample, corsets, hosery, linndkerchlcfs, laces,
needles nnd thread, embroidery, blankets,
rugs, stiitlonnry, groceries to private houses,
liv wholesale or retail, peddlers nf wagons,
sleighs and carriages, whether selling by
sample or otherwise, shall take nut n license
from the lliirgessnnil pay the fees hereinafter
rcttitred lxfore doing or otTerlng to do any
nusiness in inesniu nomugn.
Skc. 2. The fees for license under this
ordinance shall he three itl.ni) dollars per day
ror each and every uny so engage a. rrovineu
thitt this nrdtnnnce shnll not npply tntliose
holding mercantile license within the
Itoroimh. nor to ix'rsons resident In the
county selling their own farm pnsluce.
:KC. .1. ir liny person sunn im1 gtiiiiy 01
vlolntlng nnv of tho provisions nf the fore
going ordinance and shall tx convicted of the
same tx-rore me mirgess or jusiice or ine
Pence of the count v. he shall lie ttned n sum
not less than Ave ikMMi dollars nor more than
twenty ifiiumi dollars with all costs of suit.
?KC. 1. I Hill tile foregoing oroiniince sunn
lx enforced ns other hnrniiirli ordlnnnces are
bv hiw enforced, and the Hues and iM-llllllltfe
aforesaid shall Ihi collected ns other Hues
and xnaltles are now aiithorinsl by law to Im
collected. All ordlnnnces or pnrts of ordi
nances Inconsistent herewith be nml the
Hiime lire hereby repealed.
in witness wnereoi iiih lown oiincii
have this first day of August A.I). Isaj.cniised
this nrdliianca to be signed by the llurgess,
nttested by the Secret nry nnd the seal of the
iiorouga amxeu tnereio
JOHN .11. 11 ays, iitirgoss.
Attest : Tlios. Scott, Hccrctnry.
Hue. 1. He It ordained liv the llurgess nnd
Town Council of the Horougli of Iteynolds
vlllc mid II Is hereby ordnltied by anything of
the slime, that, hereafter every person
whether principal or ngetit. not engaged In a
pcrmnneut. business In said Horougli, hut
entering into, la-glnnlng or dcsl,-ttig to Ix'gln
ii transient retail business In said Horougli
for the sale of any gixxls, wares or merchan
dise, wlmtsix-ver, whether the same shall lie
represented or held forth to be hnukriipt,
assignees or nlxiut to quit business or of
r:,xids damaged by tire, water or otherwise or
ly any at tractive or conspicuous advert Ish
ment. whatsiH'ver shall take out u license for
thesame from the chief of Hm-gcss or Presi
dent of the Council of said Homtigh and pay
to said otllcer for I lie use of xnld Horougli a
sum not less than twenty five dollars per
niotitn or more tiiiin one niiuurcfi uoiuirs n
month lit the discretion of the chief llurgess
or President of the Council suid license to be
renewed mont hly during t he corn Immure of
said sale, and iiimiii failure of said person or
icrxons so to secure license ne or iney snail
e lined In a sum not less limn one hundred
dollars to lie collected as nil other fines are
by law colhvtahlc in a ndiiiicv with the
ptiivislons of the Acts of Assembly of tho
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania relating
thereto and regulating the snme.
Skc. i. Any ihtsoii failing to take nut a
license or refusing to pay the license tux
required by this ordinance or who shall
violate in) v of the urovlslons thereof, shall on
conviction be lined not less than one hundred
dollars In accordance with the provisions of
the Acts of Assembly of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania relalliig thereto and regu
lating the same.
In witness whereof the Town Council have
this II CM t day of August. A. l. Ixirj.causcd "'Is
ordinance to Is' signed by the Hiirgess,
uttested by the Secretary nnd the seal of the
iiorougu ninxeu tnereio.
John M. Hays, llurgess.
Attest: Tlios. II. Scott, Secretary.
He It. ordained and enacted bvthu llurgess
and Town Council of the Horougli of Reyn
uldsvllle, Pennsylvania, and It Is hereby
nrd alncd and enacted by nutliorlty nf the
Skc. I. That. Iverearicr It. shall not lie law
ful for any ixrN4Hi or persons to nut uu. erect
nr liulld any wixxlen dwelling house, shop,
ware house, store, carriage house, stable or
irt her tenements nn Mala street, between Urd
street and Colo alley. All Inick, stone or
Iron building must be covered or roofed with
slate, tin or liou. Provided, that this ordi
nance shall not prevent the erection of
privies or coal houses along said street not
nearer than 11(0 feet from the line thereof.
Sko. 2. If any person nr persons shall put
up, erect or build any wooden dwelling house,
stable or other frame tenement on Main
street Ix'twccu :trd sti-eet and Colo alley In
said Horougli of Reynoldsvllle, he.she or they
so intending shall forfeit and pay a Hue or
pciinllyof three hundred dollars, for the uso
of saldlxirotigh nf Reynoldsvllln.
Sko. a. That t lie foregoing ordinance shnll
ho enforced nnd the Hue nr penalty aforesaid
shall ha collected as other fines and penalties
are now authorized by law tn Ihi collis'ted.
All ordlnnnces or parts nf ordinances Incon
sistent herewith he u nil t lie snme are hereby
In witness whereof the Town Council havo
this first, day of August A. I. Islti, caused tills
ordinance to Ihi signed by the llurgess,
attested by the Secretary and the seal of tho
Ixirougli affixed thereto.
John M, Hays, llurgess.
Attest: Thos. H. Scott, Secretary.
Flemminq MoGhee On Wednesday,
August 10th, 1h2, at tho home of the
bride's parents, by ltov. G. H. Hill,
of Boechwoods, David Flemming, of
Beechtree, and Miss Martha McGheo,
of Sundy Valley.
McKniuht Womeldukp On Friday,
August 12th, 18112, at tho homo of tho
bride's parents, near Big Soldier, by
Kov.H.G.Furbay, John W. McKnlght,
of Cunnonsburg, and Miss Lomlu S.
Womoldurf, of Big Soldier, Pa.
Weston La wson On Saturday, Aug.
l.'tili lH!r at Hotel Hoi nut) bv Esa. E.
T. McGaw, Charles Woston and Miss
Amanda Lawson, both of uioanora,
Spencer On Thursduy, August 11th,
1892, Luolndn, .daughter of George
Spunoor, of Itoymildsvlllo, aged fl
weeks and six days. Burled on tho
afternoon of the 12th at 2 P. M. in the
Baptist cemetery.
Dailey On Thursday, Aug. 11th, 181)2,
daughter of Dunlol Dulloy, of Hoyn
oldsvlllo, uged 4 months and 15 days.
Burlod in Catholic cemetery on after
noon of tho 12th.
Anderson On Friday, August 11th,
1892, daughter of L. Anderson, of
Eleannra, aged n months. Hurled
' Aug. 13th, Kov. E. ' Grossman con
ducted funeral services.
Without pchenies to entrap the public combined with being
The Originators
Small Profit System
Famous throughout Ileynoldsville and
surrounding country.
Here is another Slice .
Against Outrageous Profits
And our well known reputation for dealing
upright with the people will prove
the assertion.
Enough to close out certain lots of TAILOR
MADE SUITS at such prices that will
encourage you to buy whether you
wish to or not. All we ask is
For You to Call at Once
And the prices that we will let these suits
go at will certainly cause you to adver
tise our lucky purchase.
Merchant, Tailors, Clothiers, Gents Furnishers and Hatters
reyn-olcis'vill, Pa.
One! Two!
Bread Knife.
Cake Knife.
Pearing Knife.
AH for One
At C. F. HOOFMAN'S, The Reynoldsville Jeweler.
Just What Every Lady Wants.
Salt Meats,
Smoked Meats,
Country Produce
Everything In the Una of
Fresh Groceries, Feed,
GmmIh delivered free any
place in town.
Call on uu and yet prlven.
W. C. Schultz & Son.
Dollar, $1.00
-DF.ALF.lt IN-
Dry Goods,
Boots, and
Fresh Groceries
Flour and
Reynoldsville, Pa.

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