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Subscription tt.RO per year, in atlranct.
O. A. KTKPHKNMOM, Kdllor and Pnb.
ttritlr' OTnlbe.
. Pnssenifcr trnlns nrrlvc nl the Ucynolds
vlllc station a follows!
AVinftrrmf. llVslMvm?.
TrnlnS, - - (I.Ma m.lTniln (I,- - 7.20 a. m.
Trnln 1, - - 1.00 p. tn.lTniln 5.- 1.42 p.m.
Train 3, - - p. mlTrnln in, - .lump, m.
nr.vsoi.nsvn.i.K posT-orrics.
Mails arrive nnd and leave the post -office in
Arrive. Dtjxcii.
rnoM tii k w rsT. ro tii it r. ast.
I. 1(1 p. m. - - 7.nn p. m.llMO a. m. - - it .m p. m.
roB rnn hast, ron rnt iwr.
7.(10 m, - - 2-iiQ p. m.lr.OQ i. m. - - LIS p. m.
Arrives from Hathmel nnd Preseottvlllo
II. 30 a.m.
Arrives from Panic Tucsdnys, Tlutrdnys
and Saturdays nt p. m.
imparl ror rrcscoiiviue, iminmri, nunc
S.OO n. m.
Office hours 7.tmn. m. tos.wp. m.
Money order office open from T.OOa.m. to
T.HOp. m. KcKlster offlcn open from 7.00 a. m.
to H.00 p. m.
Legal Holiday from 7.00 to S.Ofl a. m. and
from 12.00 to 8.00 p. m.
Office open Sunday from 0.00 a.m. to 1000
a.m. .1. W. ForsT. P. M
Democratic primaries Saturday.
Men's seamless shoes $1.50 at Robin
son's. Monday was a Holy day with the
Catholic people.
A cheap four day excursion next week
to Niagara Falls.
One case of diphtheria In Aaron
Richards' family.
You will find tho best assortment of
shoes at Robinson's.
House for rent in West Reynoldsville.
Enquire at this office.
A social party was held in the club
rooms Monday evening .
fct Is better to talk about the weather
than about your notghbors.
The "is it hot enough" fiend has been
knocked out the past week.
Tho Punxsutawney electric stret cai-s
are to commence running to-day.
A new piano was placed in M. J.
McEnteer's home one day last week
Don't fall to see the grand street
parado at 2 P.M.to-morrowof Vreeland's
If you want to vote for aProsident this
fall pou must be registered before tho
. 8th of September.
Tho colored people in tho grove
relieved the streots of corner loafers
Sunday evening.
Arthur Doming, the unapproachable
comodian, will appear with Vreeland's
minstrels August 18th.
Rev. J as. H. .Telbort, of Emerlekvlllo,
preached in the M. E. church at this
place Sunday evening.
Sheriff Young's real estate sales will
take place at the court house in Brook
vlllo on Friday, Sopt. 2nd.
Six thousand dollars is the amount of
premiums to be paid in cash at the
Brookvllle fair next month.
We are thankful to MIms Cora Rooth
for some choice pieces of cake from the
Baptist Sunday school picnic.
A large congregation attended the
re-opening service at tho Presbyterian
church last Sunday morning.
L. P. Soeloy has purchased a two
third Interest in a mill and large tract
of timber land in West Virginia.
Rov. W. K. Crosby, of Garland, Pa.,
will preach In the M. E. church next
f Sunday, Aug. 21st,raornlng and evening.
"Oklahoma Jim," with his wild west
museum, showed near the A. V. R'y
station on Monday and Tuesday of this
All the Prohibitions of Reynoldsville
and vicinity are Invited to be present
at tho meeting of the club Monday, Aug.
22, at 8 o'clock sharp.
Mrs. Jim Butler, the women whose
husband left for parts unknown last
week, Is now cared for by the poor
overseers of this borough.
The lust of the Oil City and Tltusville
relief fund from this place was sent last
Thursday. The entire .amount from
Reynoldsville was till. 50.
A freight train scattered a few coal
cars around promiscuously at Oak Ridge
on Monday, delaying east bound mail
an hour in consequence thereof.
Wm. Loading and Miss Annie Hughes,
of Rathmel, will be married at 10:30 a.
M. to-morrow, Thursday. They will
take a trip to Warren and other places,
Friday Fred. Tabor, a Polander,
received an ugly out in the forehead,
right arm badly bruised and wrist
sprained by a fall of ooal in the Big
Soldier mine.
On account of the inclement weather
last Thursday, the Presbyterian Chris
tian Endeavor society picnic was post
poned until yesterday. They picnicked
near Fuller's furm.
Vreeland's operatic minstrels will
appear in Reynolds opera house, Thurs
day, evening, August 18th. Positively
' the best organization of the kind that
ever appeared in this town.
Dr. Bell and Miss Nellie Ross, vocal
soloists, Howard Benslnger, flutist and
Harry Moore, violinist, all of DuBois,
will assist at the W. R. C. entertain-
' ment next Monday evening.
N. Hanau, the merchant, has been
confined to his bed several days the past
week on account of the familiarity with
which rheumatism took hold of his
The Senatorial Conference, which has
been held at Brookvllle for over a
week, adjourned last evening, without
mnking a nomination, to meet next Fri
day at tho same place.
One of the handsomest monuments in
the Catholic cemetery has Just been
placed to the memory of John Glllesplo
nnd fumily. Foley Brothers, monumen
tal dealers of Olean, N. Y., completed
tho work.
There Is a lull in the street car agita
tion at present which is caused by
waiting to get answers to a few letters
in regard to an approximate cost of tho
proposed road so that a charter cn bo
applied for.
Tho A. V. R'y and B.,R. & P. R'y will
sell excursion tickets to-day and to
morrow, gisnl to return August 20th, to
all persons wishing to attend tho
soldiers' reunion at Punxsutawney
August 18th.
Ben Hnugh, of Wlnslow township, has
a night blooming cerns, which his wife,
deceased, tenderly cared for five or six
years but never had the pleasure of
seeing it unfold its beauty,that bloomed
a few days ago.
Alex. Best, who lives at Prlndablo,
went to work at the Falls Creek tannery
Monday of last week and about the first
thing he done was to get his right hand
poisoned, which compelled him to idle
away several days tho latter part of the
John McKnight, a book agent, who
came to town the latter part of May,
had other business in this immediate
vicinity that was more pressing than
wiling books. He was married to Miss
Lomia Womoldurf, of Big Soldier last
A lawn fete was to be held at Noah
Strouse's home, near town last Thurs
day evening, but on account of tho
Inclement weather, it was an enjoyable
"house fete." Young people from Reyn
oldsville, Sykesvllle and Eleanors were
among the merry-makers.
W. W. Barc1ay,of Big Run, formerly
a citizen of Reynoldsville now an aspir
ant for the nomination for Senate
on tho Democratic ticket, was looking
aftor his political interest in this place
yesterday. Mr. Barclay thinks the
nomination is his persimmon.
Jennie, run down to Barto's and get
something for dinner. Ho koeps an
immonse line of gard en truck such as
cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes
also apples, peaches, bananas, in fact
most anything you want. And he keeps
a large stock of groceries and flour.
Tho Jefferson County Medical associa
tion will hold their regular monthly
meeting in the DuBois Electric Park on
Friday, Augtst 2th. They will invito
their wives and frtonds and the DuBois
physicians to picnic with them that day.
Tho mooting will bo for a twofold
Next Tuosday three dollars and fifty
cents will take any who may desire to
go to Niagara Falls and tho Mammoth
International exposition at Buffalo,
N. Y., and return. Train will leavo
Reynoldsville at 12 o'clock, noon, Aug.
23rd. Tickets good to return until
Saturday, 27th.
The Republican marching club met
in Centennial hall last Friday evening
and selected their new suits. The coat
and pants are mado out of white
ducking and are trimmed in red and
blue flannel and thoir pheir pates will
bo covered with a white holmet. A
number of suits were ordered.
Twentystovon morabers of the Daugh
ters of America, Martha Washington
Camp, No. 1, the first one organized in
Pennsylvania, wont to Rathmel last
Friday evening to be present at the
Installation of a similar camp at that
place. The new one is Martha Wash'
ington Camp No. 2.
' The school directors of Wlnslow
township mot last Saturday and let the
contracts for building three new school
houses. J. B. Young Is to build two for
following amounts: Rathmel, $1X13.00;
Kline, $-115.00. Hannibal Hutchinson
is to eroct the Sandy Valley house for
$474.00. The directors bought their
new school furniture from W.S.Tralnor,
of Brookvllle.
M. J. Farrell's little boy was having
some fun with matches Sunday after
noon and came very nearly giving
himself quite a roasting. He light a
match just as his mother came into the
room and on seeing her he quickly threw
his little hand, holding the fire, behind
him, in an instant his waist ignited and
it took quick work to save the boy from
a severe burning.
A number of illegal liquor sellers were
arrested in Washington township on
Wednesday of last week. There is a
law and order league in that section
which is composed oi citizens who are
banded together for the purpose of
doing away with illegal dispensers of
the cup .that Intoxicates. It is said
that some of the offenders will have to
answer to the government for violating
the revenue law In addition to the state
law. 3"he requisite bail was put up
and he law-breakers bound over to
"A Dwop of the Bun."
A Reynoldsville boy of about throe
summers, while looking at Mars, which
has called forth much comment recently,
said: "Aunt Katie, do you see that
bright star? It is ad wop of the sun."
' There two Years.
LoHt Thursday Dr. J. B. Neale re
moved a ploce of gloss from t'hos. A.
Grubbs right shoulder where It had
been lodged for nearly two years. Mr.
Grubbs aecldently broke a window with
his shoulder, is how tho gloss found way
into his flesh.
"All that Run May Read"
That If you are looking for a neat
store, where everything is fresh nnd of
the liest quality, don't pass Barto's by,
for ho keeps a large stoek of fresh
staple and fancy groceries in great
variety. Confectioneries and fruits are
to bo found in his store in abundance.
Fresh vegetables a specialty.
Why Not do Likewise?
IPunxsiitnwncy News.
The borough Is going to continue the
planking of tho streets until we can get
through the streets without draglng
through mud. They will issue $."i,IW0 of
borough bonds payable in ten years with
a moderate Interest. This will give
abundant time to pay the indebtedness
and no one will be burdened with the
$100.00 Side.
A championship game of foot ball
between the Eleanoraand Adrian clulw,
for one hundred dollars a side, this be
ing the third game, each club having
won one. Tho game will be played
at Sykesvllle on Saturday, August 27th.
There will also bo picnic, foot race,
mulo race, jumping match, etc., at tho
same place.
A Benumed Thumb.
Several weeks ago Ezra Ilartman
received an injury In his left wrist which
benumbed his thumb. The wound
healed up but the thumb remained
torpid and the nerves of that member
began to shrivel. Di-s. Reynolds and
Ncalo operated on the wrist last Thurs
day and found a small steel lmbeiled in
it which was doing the mischief.
The Grangers.
To-mormw,August 18th, the Grangers
of Jefferson county will hold a meeting
In tho grove near the Paradise Grange
hall. This will bo the first annual
meeting of tho Grangers of this county,
and it bids fair to bo an Interesting
mooting for our fitrmor friends. Good
speakers are expected to l present.
If the day is a pleasant ono Paradise
will have tho largest gathering of
tillers of tho soil that has ever been in
that neck o' woods.
Three lads in their teens, who seem
to have a hankering after gipsy life,
camed in Wost Roynoldsvlllo several
days last week. They started on a
camping-out tour through Jefferson and
Clearfield counties, but on account of
tho disagreeable weather while here
they came very nearly hoisting the
white (lag and seoklng tho comforts to
bo found under their parental roofs In
tho town of Clarion where Frank
Arnold, Arthur Woldner and W. R.
Heichhold aro not strangers.
Who Carried the Clock?
Two domestics of a hotel in Reynolds
ville hied themselves to the borry
patch the othor day to seo If they were
adapt in blackberry picking. They did
not want to be detained in the woods
until the noon horn', so they took with
them a clock, not one of tho largest in
tho universe which 1b conceded to bo
ono of the eight wonders of tho world,
but one of goodly size which must have
boon a burden to the one who took the
tank of carrying said timepiece. They,
of course, arrived in time for dinner.
Gone to a Hospital.
Matthew Phillips, one of our best
citizens, who has boon subject to
epileptic fits for nearly five years, which
are becoming more frequent and severe,
went to Philadelphia yesterday morn'
ing to visit his two daughters who
reside there and also with the expecta
tion of entering a hospital of that city
with hopes of being cured from the
affliction that has caused him so much
trouble and worry. We hope he may
not be disappointed, but will receive
the help hoped for and be able to return
to his family and friends with a now
hold upon life.
Nomade Band.
A baud of gipsies came to Reynolds
ville last week and "done the town" as
professional horse jockeys. Their forte
seemed to be more for horse trading
than fortune-telling. They trade old
"plugs" until they get fairly good
horses and then they sell the good
ones. All who have any dealings with
such chaps find they are "totrick" for
honest people to meddle with. One ot
the men is on the eve of being a centen
arlan. A war cloud hovered over the
camp aftor their arrival here and in
consequence thereof one wagon load
folded their tent and "went it alone"
from this place.
Lost A moonstone scarf pin between
Cold Spring Hollow watering trough
and Tenth st. Finder will be rewarded
by leaving same at this office.
Guiding Star Picnic.
Wednesday, August 10th, a nuralier
of mombers of the Guiding Star, with
a few Invited friends, went to Sandy
Valley to picnic on the beautiful
grounds of a sister member, Mrs. W. T.
Cox. Unfortunately tho heavy rain
prevented the program being parried
out In full and the supior that was to
have been eaten under the orchard
trees, was eaten elsewhere. Through
the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Cox
their house and barn wore thrown
open and tho freedom of the place
extended to tho visitors. A luxuriant
supper was spread on improvised tables
in the barn and the smell of new mown
hoy only added zest to the apstlte. A
freezer of delicious ice cream was pre
pared and served by the kind host to
the guests. Just before boarding the
train for home the village brims bond
serenaded the ludles. This courtesy
was duly appreciated ami everyone left
with a feeling of gratitude to Mr. and
Mrs. Cox, each member of the band and
withal carrying away very pleasant
memories ot a few horn's spent in the
social little town of Sherwood.
A Visitor.
A Bear, Alias a Hog.
One day last week Robert L. Miles
and Willis Boon, a lad of ten or twelve
summers, went to the berry patch near
Hopkins mill. A lunch and basket and
bucket of berries were left In what was
suposed to le a safe place nnd the
pickers continued plucking the delicious
blackberries. Willis went to look for
his bucket of berries and he found that
the berries and lunch had been eaten
and the basket badly demoralized. The
lad could conceive of nothing less
than a lienr in that wild looking place
and he lingered not to Inform Mr.
Miles of bruins presence, but thought
he would rather he hugged by his
mother than a bear, and the little hero
of the berry patch made a quick retreat
from the bear's playground, expecting
every jump to lie his last. It was only
a friendly hog that had dined uninvited.
A Piano Surprise.
Miss Lulu Crelghton, who makes her
home with her aunt, Mrs. A. B. Weed,
received a most agreeable surprise last
Wednesday evening. She has been
longing for a piano for sometime. Mr.
Weed sent her to Weedvlllo on a short
visit for the solo purpose of having a
piano placed In the house during her
alsence, just for a surprise. There is
no one In this or adjoining towns who
gets more enjoyment out of playing a
joke or surprising the people than ho,
and ho generally succeeds In such
attempts, and this was no exception, in
fact it worked like a charm. When she
saw tho piano her vocabulary was Inad
equate for tho occasion, she just looked
in glad astonishment.
Broke His Neck.
Reynoldsvllfo pooplo wore surprised
and shocked to hear of tho death of
Valentino Smith, a former citizen of
this placo. Ho hns for several years
been a resident of Guylurd, Mich., and
in company with several others had
been hueklelierrlng. He was on his
way homo on a hand car and In some
way fell off breaking his neck. His
body was taken back to his old homo in
Andover, Ohio, where the funeral took
place Monday, August 1st. Mr. Smith
came to this place when a boy of five in
the year 1835 and resided here till 18(10.
Ho was a brother of J. L. Smith, Mrs.
Francis DeLarmo, Mrs. Juliana Royn-
olds, deceased, and Mrs.Orlonda Groy,Sr.
Makes a Vast Difference.
A Reynoldsville damsel remarked not
long ago that sho thought a mustache
"a horrid thing!" A fortnight had
scarcely rolled around until she met a
young man whom she hod not soon for
some time who, when lasb' seen had a
smooth up)sr lip, now has hirsute under
his nose. The qucstlou was asked her
again what she thought of a mustache
and she said: "Oh, my! I think it is
awful nice!"
The Prohibitions held a County Con
vention in the Court House at Brook'
ville yesterday afternoon. E. L. Groblo,
of Westmoreland county, was endorsed
by the Convention for Congress. An
executive committee of three, Solomon
Shaffer, A. D. Deemerand J. Van Reed,
was appointed tp selected the candidates
for Senate, Surveyor and Corornor.
Registration of Votera.
Monday and Tuosday, Sept. 7 and 8,
are the last days for the registration
of votes for the fall election. Walter
Spry, borough assessor, will sit at the
Burns House on those days for that
purpose, when all who desire to exercise
the privilege of voting this fall, should
call and be registered.
Amputation Necessary.
The doctors have decided that It will
be necessary to amputate Charley Hart
man's finger. It will be remembered
that the lad came very nearly severing
the index finger off of his left hand
some weeks ago with an axe, which the
doctors tried to save, but have failed.
Miss May Iseman will slng"No Tongue
Can Toll" at the entertainment Monday
evening. Don't fall to hear her.
Waverly school shoes for sale at
Died at Niagara Falls.
The death of little Charley Schwem,
which occurred at Niagara Falls lost
Wednesday afternoon, was a great sur
prise to the people of this place.
'Chad," as he was called by his play
mates, was an orphan boy, his father,
George Schwem, died on New Years
day of 1888, and his mother died In May
of tho following year. Ho and on older
brothor, James, were the only survivors
of the family. Charley lived with his
mother's brother, Dr. W. B. Alexander,
at this place. He was an affectionate
boy with a sweet disposition and in
consequence not only won the love of
his uncle Will and family, but In a
magic way found a tender place in tho
hearts of the boys with whom he
played, and men and women who become
acquainted with the little chap. Being
a delicate boy he had tin) sympathy of
all who knew him, which gave him
the first foothold In their esteem and
in his quiet unassuming way he did
nothing to betray the confidence his
acquaintances had in him. He was a
bright, honorable boy, only thirteen
years old last February, yet he seemed
to fully comprehend some of the
stubborn realities of this life. He was
member of the Junior Christian
Endeavor of the Presbyterian church.
After joining tho Endeavor the little
follow never went to lied without read
ing a chapter in the bible. He went to
DuBois a few weeks ago to visit his
brother, and from there went to
Niagara Falls with his cousins to visit
an aunt. Ills illness was of short dura
tion. Peritonitis, which was the cause
of his early demise, laid hold of his
frail body Sunday evening. His remains
were brought to DuBois Thursday and
on Friday were covered beneath the
sod In the Rumbarger cemetery beside
his father and mother. The funeral
services were held in the M. E. church
at DuBois, conducted by Revs. J. V.
Boll and Harvey Gra'ine Furbay. Nine
boys of the Junior Endeavor of this
place attended the funeral. It is seldom,
if ever, that brothers manifest so great
love for one another as Jim and "Chad."
Jim, who is only nineteen years old, has
had more than a double portion of llfo's
sorrows crossing his pathway. First
he stood by the new made grave of his
father, then tho disastrous Are of '88 at
DuBois destroyed most of their earthly
INsisesslons; then his mother's namo was
entered on the death roll of '811, and now
he is tho only ono left to mourn for
fathor, mother and brothor.
Ten Cent Entertainment.
An unusually attractive program has
boon prepared for an entertainment to
bo held In tho Reynolds opera houso on
Monday evening, August 22nd, under
tho auspices of tho Women's Relief Corp
of this place. Price of admission is put
at tho nominal sum of ten cents.
Program Is as follows:
Part I.
Music by the Orchestra.
Itei-ltiitliin Mlsa Mills IMrCrHxht
"A INIKht on a iinm limit. '
Duct CharllcTund Mamie ('mil
Itccltiitlon ftriiro Morley
mi' i ry or i o-iiuy.
Holo MIsgMuy Isciiinn
"io loiiKuei mi i i'ii.
ItOCltlltloil MISS lll'IIIC ItCMT
Solo Dr. V. II. Hell
To Do Selected.
Tableau and Music by the Orchestra.
Part II.
Itccll lit Ion John Ewlntf
Holo Alex. Dunsmore
Punt Hell and Green
es. There Is Hope."
Recitation Miss Ethel Wlnslow
Selected. -
Duet Ilr. K. II- Dell and Miss Nellie Hons
Character Honir E. Will Green
"The Young Ola Mali."
Herltatlon Irene Phllllppl
Final Tableau and Music
Manager Mrs. Miinriiret Oorsllne
Musical Director K. Will (ireen
Accompanist Miss Mlnnlo KwIhk
plute Howard HenslnKer
Violin Harry Moore
Was You Down ?
Rov. Jenkins, the highly colored man
who poses as a preacher, but Is not
tho most eloquent one in the world, in
fact those who have heard him say he is
not a glowing success as a divine, with
his five assistants, are holding a camp
meeting in the grove. He said Sunday
evening that he would talk awhile just
to give the choir a rest. They seem
more interested in dimes than in sinners,
although they generally have a large
following of- sinners to work on. Such
meetings are not very beneficial to a
The members of tho Reynoldsville
Baptist Sunday school desire to return
hearty thanks to Hon. S. B. Elliott and
Supt. Mellinger for their kindness in
giving free transportation to Falls Creek
and return on the occasion of thoir
annual plcnlo August 0th, and also to
Supt. Bostwlck, of the Electric Car
line1, DuBois, for the free use of the
Electrio Park and its accommodations,
W. S. Stone, Ass't. Supt,
A Surprise.
A number of Lyman Scott's gentle
men friends, mostly G. A. R. men, met
at his residence Saturday evening on
account ot that being his fifty-second
birthday. Refreshments were served
and a good time in generally was the
verdict of all who attended. A purse
containing fifteen dollars and other
presents were left as tokens of their
evening's enjoyment
Advertise in The Star.
Father MeUlveney, of DuBois, was In
town Friday.
I. M. Swortz went to Punxsutawney
last evening.
Miss Sue Reynolds visited friends In
DuBois lost week.
Miss Jennlo Mutter is visiting friends
at Patton Station.
Rev. J. C. Mclntlre and wife spent
Sunday in Clarion.
Miss Jennie Barto is visiting her
brother, J. C. Barto. .
Mm. W. Ford Is visiting at Apollo,
Armstrong county, Pa.
Miss Llu Crelghton is visiting at
Punxsutawney this week.
Mrs. Elizabeth Robb went to Chau
tauqua yesterday morning.
Prof. E. C. Shields, of Ponflekl, was
In Reynoldsville Saturday.
Solomon Shaffer Sundayed at the
Cherry Run campmeeting.
Jnmes Schwem, of DuBois, is visiting .
his uncle, W. B. Alexander.
Joseph' Cathurs and Curt Strotise are
In Buffalo, N. Y., this week.
A. G. Brown, tho miller, was in
DuBois Saturday on business.
Mrs. Will Ake, of Olean, N. Y., Is
visiting Mrs. Honry A. Reed.
II. H. Mincer and wife spent Sunday
at the Cherry Run campmeeting.
Miss Adda Brown, of Lewlsburg, Pa.,
is the guest of Miss Althea Davis.
Mrs. L. M. Simmons has been visiting
her sister at Clarion the past week.
W. C. Helmbold, of Curwensvllle,
visited Dr. W. B. Alexander this week.
Mrs. Nancy Foloy, of East Brady,
visited friends In town since our last
I. F. Dempsey, telegraph operator at
Benezette, Is visiting his parents at this
Senator S. R. Pealo, of Lock Haven,
registered at Hotel McConnell last
David Ilartman is in Pittsburg this
week attending the Grand Lodge of the
K. of P.
C. M. Powers, a DuBois jowolery, was
numbered among the visitors here
Mr M. Wise and wife and Miss Amy
Taylor, of DuBois, drove to this plaee
Will and Miss Grace McClain.of Pitts
burg, are visiting at Lawyer Cam.
Mrs. J. C. Stewart, of Apollo, Pa., is
visiting her sister, Mrs. J. L. Ewlng, on
Hill street.
Mrs. J. S. Morley, of Andover, Ohio, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Ab. Reynolds,
at this place.
Misses Mary and Flora Rew, of
Franklin, Pa., are visiting relatives in
Mrs. David 'Blakoly and family,
of East Brady, are visiting friends in
E. R. Jennings and wife spent Sunday
at DuBois with Mrs. Jennings' brother,
.Tosiuh Phillips.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Haney and daugh
ter, Jennie, of Pittsburg, are guests at
D. B. Stauffer's.
Miss Pansy Woodward, of New
Bethlehem, Pa., is visiting her brother,
A. M. Woodward.
Mrs. Chas. Montgomery, of Sllgo, Pa.,
visited her mother, Mrs. Wood Reynolds,
during tho past week.
A. T. Bing left this morning for a
weeks' visit with his mother at Unlon
villo, Centre county, Pa.
Misses Britta and Maggie Butler went
toGazzam, Pa., last Friday morning for
a weeks' visit with relatives.
Mrs. W. S. Stone and daughters,
Agnes and Florence, are visiting at
Ookmont and Allegheny City.
Mrs. Archie McDonald and daughter,
Agnes, of Driftwood, were the guests ot
Mrs. J. T. Guthrie over Sunday.
Spencer Ru msey, who ha been visit
ing his uncle, S. B. Rumsey, returned
to his home at Berlin, Wis., this morn,
R. W. Porterfield, of Oil City, presi
dent of the Oil City Fuel Supply Co.,
was in Reynoldsville several days last
G. J. Corwin, the photographer, left
Tuesday for a trip through New York
state. He will be absent about four
Miss Mamie Harding, of Summervllle,
who has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Elijah Trudgen, for a week, returned
home yesterday.
Mrs. John Frazier and daughter,
Carrie, of Punxsutawney, formerly of
this place, were visitors at A. B. Weed's
during the post week.
Miss Ella McKeen.of the Beeohwoods,
one of the school marms engaged to
instruct the youth of Reynoldsville this
winter, was in town over Sunday.
Andrew Cant, of the firm of Cant
Bros. & Co., of Buffalo, N. Y., who
own the Standard mine at this place
was In Reynoldsville several days last
Miss Maggie bchuitze is visiting
friends at St. Marys and from there aha
will accompany an aunt.Mrs. Fisher, who
has been sorely afflicted, to Erie for
medical treatment. '
Aaron Richards went to Pittsburg
Monday as a delegate from Valient
lodge No.401, K. of P., of this place, to
attend the Grand Lodge in the Smoky
City, which convened yesterday.

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