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m Star-
Subscription $t.M Jrr tear, in adranre.
An liKlrncndpnt lornl on per, piihlUhrd evprjr
WcdiioKliiy lit Ki-jrniililHVtllc, .MTi'i-wii Co..
P., rirv.itod to Hie IiiIi-iwIh of KryniiMsvllle
nilJeirenMinrmimy. Non-polltlrnl. will trvHt
all wit h fnlrnp-w, itml will he pwliilly f rli'iicl
ly towuril the liihorln rliiw.
fHibwrlptlon prlifll.snniTyenr.ln ticlviim-c.
rnmniiiiilcntlim IntiMidfd for pulilli'iitloii
DiUKt he HiTompiinli'fl ly llio wrfliT's imnip,
not for piihllnillon. hut r n diiiirniitfc of
nod fultli. lnti!itlnii news Itrnvtnollr ti'il.
Alvii tlnliiK niton nmdi' known on upplli'n
tlon Rt tin-ofilcn In Arnolds llhH'k.
Lcntthty romniiinlriilloiw nnd chimtto of
rtvprllM-nii'iitH Mhonld rench this offli'O liy
Mondiiy noon.
Addrpwiall rommiiiili'tttlmm tol'. A.Clppn
imn, RpynoldsvHlp, I'll.
Kntvn-if M Hip piwlofllcp nt ItpynoldnvlllK.
Pa., b Bprond rlnw mull ninttpr.
C. A. HTKPHKI'IMVU Filllor and Pub.
"Bo not haHty to rawt off evory nuppr
ation that In cunt upon you. Lot tln-m
alone for awhile, and then, like mud on
your clothon, they will rub off of them
selves." Wm. C. Bond, Jefferson county's can
didate (or ConnrosH, during the semdons
of conference has acquitted himself like
a gentleman, and carried out the wish
of his constituents as well as the wish
of the Republicans of the county.
The Phllosophor of the Bradford Era
ays: "Lots of follows think thoy are
gelf made men, when thoy are only tho
victims of lucky strikes In oll,roal estate
booms, political accidents or something
of a similar kind. A fool can bo struck
by lightning as easily as a sago."
The Falls Creek Herald Is now a
yearling and a sprightly one too.
Bangert Is a thorougbrod "hustlor."
He gives his readers the news rcgardloss
of tho rath he may thoreby Invite to bo
exploded for his especial benefit. Tho
Herald of to-day Is a vast Improvement
over the Herald of one year ago.
The effects of the switchmen's strike
at Buffalo, N. Y., Is not confined to
that state alone, but Is felt in other
'states. 'The miners here are making
Just about half time on account of tho
scarcity of cars. How long this will
last is a question of some magnitude
It Is to bo hoped that tho matter will
soon be amicably settled.
March 7th, 181)3, the original patent
for the electrical telephone granted to
Alexander Bell, of Salem, Mass., will
expire and thoreaftor all persons will
be at liberty to manufacture and use
the telephones as they see fit, without
paying an extortionate price for them.
Telephones perhaps will not be such an
expensive convenience after that date.
The Star may be able to be attached
onto the line then.
It is worth evory man's while to study
the Important art of living happily.
Even the poorest man by this means
extract an increased amount of Joy and
Messing from life. The world need not
be a "vale of tears," unless we ourselves
will it to be bo. We have the command,
to a groat extent, over our own lot. At
all event our mind is our own poses
Ion; we can cherish happy thoughts
there; we can regulate and control our
tempers and dispositions to a considera
ble extent. We can educate ourselves
and bring out the better part of our
nature which in most men is allowed
to sleep a deep sleep we can read good
books, cherish pure thoughts, and lead
lives of peace, temperance, and virtue,
so as to secure the respect of good men,
and transmit the blessing of a faithful
example to our successors.
True courtesy strikes its roots far
below the surface, deep in the heart,
and blossoms out in all the little acts
of life. He whose pulse beats in time
with the great pulse of humanity, who
feels that "every human heart Is
human," bears about within him the
very elemental soil from which true
oourtesy spontaneously springs. Among
the manifestations of its presence are
perfectly simplicity of mannor, entire
absence of all acting for effect, and
unconsciousness of self. We see these
in persons who have traveled extensively
In our owu and other countries, and who
have thus been thrown into sympathetic
relations with people of various nation
alities and civilizations that their
oltizenship is consciously cosmopolitan.
We see it in philanthropists who may
all their lives have lived in the narrow
precincts of a single township, yet
whose benevolent activities have
brought them in dlroct personal contact
, with the poor, the Ignorant, the unfort
unate, the erring, no less than with the
happy, the wealthy, the prosperous, the
intelligent. There is no need of cir
cumnavigating the earth to acquire the
largeness of heart whence true courtesy
springs, since nearly every neighbor
hood furnishes representatives of all
conditions of the race. Those who
breathe the high atmosphere of univer
sal sympathy, untainted by the narrow
prejudices that torment and gangrene
and meager souls.ean afford a kind word
or glance to all they meet, giving the
faithful laborer due recognition on
account of the manhood that is in him
and the good he rendors society, lighten
ing the heart of the humble servant
girl who honestly tries to do her duty,
and who in her sphere is as indispensable
as the sun in his, giving the meed of
Just appreciation and due respect to all,
however high or low their station or
Walking sticks have their eccentric
ities, as hnvo their human companions.
Sometimes, when tho summer is but
newly ended, and tho garrison in vase
and hat rack has been heavily reinforced,
tho entire colony will como crashing
and rattling down in tho night, and
there follows a general eviction the next
dny. Weeks afterwai-d I Himnt my days
as a tnlo thnt Is told agrcnt ninny times,
seeking to discover and collected the
scattered remnant thnt Is left. I once
hod an alder stick so crooked that every
time any ono walked across the lloor,
oven In a dlstunt room, this stick would
rock and tremble nnd lldget uneasily in
its place. This hapMnlng at ail hours
of the night nnd day drovo tho whole
family Into a nervous fever until at
length I labeled the stick and presented
It to a college museum. Homo of the
sticks come homo all right, but In the
process of domestication slowly shed
their bark, so thnt the hull carpet is
reduced to a stntoj of chronic wood-yard
chlpplness. Others, as they dry out,
develop a malodorous odor that leuds
to tho unanimous dlugnostleutlon Unit
they were plclfed before thoy were ripe,
and are stulghtway ordered forth to
cremation. Some wait until they hnvo
been carefully scraped, painted with
three or four coats, and varnished with
Infinite pains-taking, nnd then calmly
split from end to end, curling up at the
edges of the split. Others take kindly
to steaming, and straighten out until a
strnight-edge cannot find a fault In them,
and as soon as stulning and polishing is
complete, nnd expensive head fitted on,
suddenly develop Inflammatory rheu
matism and curvature of the spine,
legacies of the marsh whence they were
taken, doubtless, und hump themselves
Into more mtshu)en shapes than a wet
clothes-lino, hastily coiled in tho dark
by an inexperienced man cun imitate.
Itolxrt J. liurdrltr.
Rev.T.DeWltt Tnlmugo, although not
In favor of horse racing says: "There
Is no more virtue In driving slow than
In driving fast, any moro thun a freight
train going ten miles an hour is better
than an express train going fifty.
There is a delusion abroad In tho world
that a thing must be neccssurlly good
and Christian If it Is slow and dull nnd
plodding. Thei-o are very good people
who seem to lmaglno it is humbly pious
to drive a spavined, galled, glnndered,
spring-haltered, blind, stuggered jade.
There Is not so much virtue in a
Rosinante as there is In a Bucephalus.
At the pace some people drive, Elljuh,
with his horses of fire, would have taken
three weeks to get Into heaven. We
want swifter horses, and swifter men, and
swifter enterprises and the church of
God needs to got off its Jog trot. Quick
tempest,quick lightnings, quick streams,
why not quick horses? In time of war
the cavalry service does the most
execution; and as the battles of the world
are probably not all post, our Christian
patriotism demands that we be inter
ested in equinal velocity. We might
as well have poorer guns in our arsenals,
and clumsier ships in our navy-yards,
than other nations.os to have under our
cavalry saddles, and before our artillery,
slower horses."
Unreasonable Critics.
PiinxHiitnwnpy Spirit.
People who are the principals in any
act constituting a legitimate news item
exhibit very narrow Judgment in taking
offense at it. The mission of a news
paper is to give the news. It must
either do that or throw up the sponge
and say It is afraid to, lest it offond
somebody. Then it is worthy only of
contempt. Legitimate news according
to Henry Watorson, is, "anything that
the good Lord permits to happen."
News is moat and drink to a newspaper.
It is as much its business to give the
news as for a doctor to attend to his
patients or a lawyer to look after the
interests of his clients. It Is sometimes
a dlsagrooablo task, and one that tho
editor would avoid if he could. And
news Items cannot be expected to be
infallible in all their details. When
there are conflicting reports, and both
sides are given as nearly correct as
possible, thero Is no room for reasonable
complaint. City nowspapers make the
best of everything and nobody thinks of
kicking. But a country newspaper
man, even when he tackles a subject in
a timid way, and deals gingerly with it,
is somotlmes found fault with. Truly
this 1b a queer world in which to reside.
Fatal Accident.
PunXHUtawnvy News.
Lawrence Collins, a miner at West
Eureka Minos, No. 2, was run over by a
trip of cam on Monday evening last and
had his right leg crushed at the knoo.
Drs. Grover, Campbell and Beyer wore
called In and after consultation tho leg
was amputated above the knoe. The
shock to his system was very great and
he did not fully rally from tho effects but
died at 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning.
Tho deceased leaves a wlfo and six young
children with no one to provide for
Malarial and other atmosphorlo Influ
ences are best counteracted by keeping
the blood pure and vigorous with Ayer's
Sarsaparllla. A little caution in this
respect may prevent sorlous illness at
this season. Ayer's Sarsaparllla is the
best all-the-year-round medicine in
existence. .
Sandy Valley.
Dry, warm and plenty of dust.
Our supervisor, A. T. MeClure, 1b on
tho sick list.
W, J. Boner Is busy extracting stumps
from off his farm.
Sencnr & Arnold's mill Is Idle on
account of tho scarcity of water.
Bert Cox, tho junior postmaster at
this place, Is taking in the excursion to
Niagara Falls.
H. J. Hutchinson hns commenced to
build the new school house. It Is to
bo a largo ono and will hiivo a belfry
on it.
Our future hopes are blighted as a
mining town, as the Shorwood mlno has
htm abandoned and everything moved
awny excepting a big hole in tho hill.
A goodly number of people Intend
taking In tho Presbyterian picnic nt tho
DuBois Electric Pork Tuesday. August
30th. Tickets will bo on salo at tho
All the miners thut worked In tho
mlno hero liavo moved away, but we
think thero are still enough pcoplo left
here to keep our sidu of the earth from
The young ladles of Pancoast and
Sandy Valley picnicked In W. T. Cox's
orchard last Saturday. Thero were
visitors from Beynoldsvillo, DuBolsand
Philadelphia. Among other amuse
ments was a game of base ball.
Making a Big Hole.
Dulloln I'ourliT.I
Monday morning the flint earth was
thrown up in the beginning of tho
Borwlnd-Whlto shaft. All the other
work up to thut time wus work of
preparation. Now the grent holo that
Is to reach down 300 feet und form an
opening lor tho output of millions of
tons of coul hus been commenced and
will dully grow deeper until completed.
It is the beginning of an enterprise that
will give DuBois her second growth in
Fornsiugglsh and torpid liver,nothliig
can surpass Ayor's Pills. They contain
no calomel, nor any mineral drug, but
are composed of the active principles of
tho best vegetable enthnrtlcs, and their
use always results in marked licncflt to
tho patient.
Don't miss tho train by having your
watch out of order. Take it to C. F.
Hoffman and have It put in order and
then you can rely on It for time.
fttrayrd or Stolen.
About the 2!th of July, roan cow,
with largo horns, strayed or was stolen
from our premises. A lllx-rnl reward
will be paid for return.
Grkkn tt Conskk.
For Rent Two store rooms 20x80
feet opposite Hotel Belnup. Enquire
of J. H. Corbett.
For Sale.
Celebrated Caledonia sand. No sifting
required. Tom McKernan, Drayman.
Jfor $alr, $ot, QHc.
For Sale One car No. 1 lS-lnoh
Washington red cedar shingles.
s. Shaffer.
Found A jacket bookiwlth small
amount of money. Same cun bo had by
proving property, and paying for this
notice, at The Star office.
LOST A lady's gold bead necklace
was lost Monday evening in the ofiera
house or between the opera house, Muln
or Grant street. A suitable reward will
be paid if left at this office.
Lost A large red pocket-book con
taining letters, receipts, prescriptions
for horse medicine. The finder will be
rewarded by leaving the book at my
meat shop. Ed. Schultze.
Vvtfttna with ttt erik.
Loading Huohes Thursday, Aug. 1 8,
18112, at 10.30 A. M., at the home of
the bride's parents in Rathmol, Pa.,
by Rev. H. G. Furbay, Wm. A. Load
ing and Miss Annie Hughes.
NonLE Sohreokenoost At the resi
dence of Mrs. ltepsher, Roynoldsvlllo,
Pa., August 22, 18tt2, by Rev. E. T.
Dorr, Rev. .Tames G Noble und Mrs.
Lydia C. Sehreekongost, both of
Punxsutawney, Pa.
Newoome On Sunday. August 21st.
1S!2, of cramp, a six-year-old son of
Elsworth Nowcomo, of HormUwn,Pa.
Crawford On August 22nd, of pnou
monia, Ijiura, a three-year-old daugh
ter of Thomas Crawford, of Big
Soldier, The remains were burled in
tho Baptist comotery yesterday after
noon. II ARRIOER Thursday, August 18, 1882,
of heart trouble, Mrs. Caroline K.
Harrlgor, wlfo of Henry Harrigor, of
Emerickvlllo. Funeral services were
held in the M. E. church Friday,
August 11. conducted by Rov. Jus. II.
Jelbert. Remains were interred in
Moore cemetery.
Try a pulr of Robinson's seumless
shoos only $2.00.
$1.50 PER YEAR.
A Pretty Story of Clerer French Crltl.
and HI. Two Prl.tiria.
Many odd and amusing stories are
told of the clever French critic, Jules
Janin, and his friends. ( None is mors
pleasing or more to their credit than
one in which Jan In, Theodore Burette,
the historian, nnd Leon Hatuyps, the
composer, author nnd critic, figured.
One of Janin's best friends was an old
aunt, who sent him to school when he
was a boy, kept house for hltn and took
good care of him when he, a young
man, was making his reputation, but
not much money, in literature.
It was perhaps in memory of her that
he mndo a protege of a poor old woman
whom he noticed one day in the street.
Ho placed her in a home for nged per
sons, and until her death years after
ward was her thoughtful and generous
friend. The good woman wns very ill
once, and when she was convalescing
she said:
"I want to go and call on M. Janin. I
mnst see him once more before I die."
One of the women of the institution
went with her. Janin was living then
in the top of a house which commanded
a beautiful view of the garden of the
Luxembourg. His "garret" wus filled
with books and pictures, but like any
othor garret it was reached by climbing
great many stairs. Slowly and pain
folly the old woman toiled np the long
flights. She had to sit down often to
rest. It took her nearly two hours to
reach the top. Janin was breakfasting
with Theodore Burette.
He received hnr with great cordiality
and affection, and the three had a happy
breakfast. The two men devoted them
selves to entertaining her. They In
quired all about the home, the rules, the
diversions, the food, her recent illness,
and listened with genial interest to all
she had to say. She said goodby, and
they made ready to escort her down
"We will return yonr visit soon," they
said, and placing themselves on either
sido of her they began to descend the
stairs. But the effort and excitement
had beon too much for the feeble old
lady. Her limbs failed her and she
could not take a step.
Just then Sutayes appeared on the
scene. "We must carry her down," he
said. So they placed her comfortobly
in nn armchair. Janin and Burette,
who were small men, took the back,
Satayes took the front, nnd they went
down flight after flight of the many
storied house breathless bnt cheerful.
"Well, my good woman," gasped Sa
tayes, "I don't know of any queen who
has a carriage like yours."
The three literary workers were hardly
in training for their achievement, bnt
they placed her safe and sonnd on the
sidewalk, and saw her go awny with her
attendant, her old heart deeply tonched
and pleased with the attentions she hail
received. Youth's Companion.
Oond Fellowship Among Ant. anil lie
Never among mankind can we find so
absolute and complete an absorption et
the individual by the social group as in
the cities of ants and bees, where indi
vidual property has never, it seems
been imagined. In these republics what
one citizeness has for herself belongs to
the others. Does hungry bee meet
ono laden with booty returning to a
city, she lightly taps her on the head
with her antennas and instantly the
latter hastens in a sisterly way to dis
gorge part of the nutriment provision
ally stored in her own stomach.
Ants proceed in the same way as bees
but in addition the ant thus sustained is
very careful to show her gratitude.
"The ant who feels the need of food,"
says Huber, "begins by tapping her two
antenns, with a very rapid movement,
upon the antennas of the ant from whom
she expects succor. Immediately they
may be seen approaching one another
with open mouth and extended tongue
for the communication of the liquid
which on passes to the other. During
this operation the ant who receives nour
ishment does not cease to caress the
friend who is feeding her, continuing to
move her antenna? with singular ac
tivity." "Property; Its Origin and De
velopment." Dhowtml Their 1am from Friend.
A small boy recently brought a ladies'
gold watch into a Lewiston jewelry
store and desired to have a broken crys
tal replaced. The dealer had repaired
the watch a few days before and he had
its number and at once recognized it.
The rightful owner of the watch, as it
happens, lives neighbor to the jeweler,
and when he went home to supper that
night be called and asked them if they
had sent the watch to the shop for re
pairs. They said they had not. He
asked them if they had lent the watch
to any one and the answer was in the
They were qnite snre the watch wa
in the case where they had left it. At
the request of the jeweler they looked
and to their great surprise the watch
was not there. The jeweler then pro
duced the property and told of the boy's
coming to the store to have the crystal
put in. That was the first intimation
the family had of being robbed. Lewis
ton Journal.
The Blrd.ne.t. Thst Men Knt.
The swifts arrive in the Andaman
islands toward the end of November,
but they take their time in building the
nests, which are formed from a gelatin
ous secretion from tho salivary glands of
those beautiful members of the swallow
If there has been a wet December the
first crop of nests is generally a poor
one, being soiled by the damp and drip
pings from the roofs of the caves. Col
lectors, however, begin in January to go
around the island to the different caves
in an open boat. The best quality re
semble pure isinglass, und are worth
their weight in silver. Afterward there
are two other collections. The caves in
which the nests are found are scattered
about the islands; some are far inland,
others in rocks concealed in mangrove
swamps. JjoniqnJJewt.
Without Hchemes to entrap the public combined with being
The Originators
Small Profit System
Famous throughout Reynoldsville and
surrounding country.
Here is another Slice
Against Outrageous Profits
And our well known reputation for dealing
upright with the people will prove
the assertion.
Enough to close out certain lots of TAILOR
MADE SUITS at such prices that will
encourage you to buy whether you
wish to or not. All we ask is
For You to Gall at Once
And the prices that we will let these suits
go at will certainly cause you to adver
tise our lucky purchase.
Merchants, Tailors, Clothiers, Gents Furnishers and Hatters
Reynoldsville, Pa,
One! Two!
Bread Knife.
'.y?y - Vfc'i;;jl
Cake Knife.
Pearing Knife.
AH for One Dollar, $!L00
At C. F. HOOFMAN'S, The Reynoidsviile Jeweler.
Just What Every Lady Wants.
rocery Boomers
Salt Meats,
Smoked Meats,
Everything In the line of
Fresh Groceries, Feed,
GooiIh tlellvereil free any
plare in town.
Call on uh awl get prlcen.
W. C. Schultz & Son.
Country P
- ''f - jra:? - r. - ..
Dry Goods,
Boots, and
Fresh Groceries
Flour and
Reynol&sviUe, Pa.
1 S. lOllU I
fj 9

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