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Nsw York Celabrate. th Discover? of
a New World.
The ill days' relebratlon of trie fonr hun
dredth anniversary of th discovery of
America by Christopher Coltimbwi, began
In New York City Satnnlay after weeks f
preparation. Commemorative services tr i
held in all the Hebrew synagogues, n.d
Were Inrgoly attended.
Pundny, the second day of the qnadren
tilnl cclehrntlon of the discovery of tho new
world, ni devoted to religious services,
lioth in Romnit Catholic and I'rotcstnnt
cliurclios the services were of tho mot inv
invasive character. The more important
were held in St. I'atrick'a Catliedral, where
Archbishop Corrlgan celebrated liiitli mass;
Trinity Chtircli, tiraco Church, where the
1'cv. Dr. lluiitinfrton preached, and tho
Mndlion Fqtinre l'rosliytcrlan Church, in
which tho services wore conducted by tho
Itcv Dr. I'arkliurst.
Tt la probable that no city was ever so
lieautitiilly, an gaily, so artistically, andnlan
so universally ilccoratcd ns New York was
(leioraled on 'fmidny. The American Hag
s'en everywhere. In nil sizes anil ar
ranged ill every concctviihle form. Next to
the rttnrs and Stripe w-s mnt frequently
reen the red and yellow colors of Spain an I
Italy's cross in its tenter of preen, Into
nnd red. The Uireo llas blend well, and arc
I'lTerthciy used tor?, iber in thousands of
enses. The portrait of Columbus occupies a
prominent plnce in all the more rlahornto
ilewrations. The favorite picture represents
him lauding for the first time on the anil of
the New World, with usually u few pretty
female unlives clasping their hands over
their lirensts and peering out at Christopher
Irom a convenient clump of hushes. Tens
of thousands of cheap I rints showing inl
iimbus with a sanctilied look and earnest,
exi rcsslcm were linwked about the city by
peddlers at a dime each.
Hy all odilrt tho most interestingnn l most
beautiful thing in the Way of decorations is
the arch spanning Fifth avenue at Fifty
eighth strut. It is imitation marhlc. Two
1'nrisinn mnrlilo C"litinns on oni h siile en
close niches, in eacli of which is a graceful
sculptural representation of 1'eace. The
Iiillars are entwined with greenery and ger
unds hang from the top. Surrounding the
arch arc live at egnric female tiuures. The
central one stands bo!dlv in the prow of an
advancing hunt. On cither sidu arc two
IhtmMi with out-si retched arms. tin tlia
top of the arch is tlit) iriHcrip ion: "I'nm.d
States of America in memoriam ul'irimis to
Christopher Colninhiis." A'l day today
the arch was completely surrounded by
sitrlit-scers. It was evident that tho holiday
' crowd had hcttuu to arrive. Masses of
poop e tIowel up ami down Fifth avenue
and Hr mdwny all day long, gaiing wiih
eager interest at the decorations, "he cele
bration will continue through the entire
A magnificent reception was given in the
loan null at llui-coloiiii, Spain, Sun
day by ihe otllciala of the city
id as one of tho ceremonial recognitions
of the discovery of America. The princip.il
fenture ol the entertainhieiit was the l-er-fornmnce
of a well-drilled, well disciplined
chorus of HV slni!er, accompanied by an
orchestra of L'eX) in the great American
hymn "Columbia.", It wua received with
most thorough, satisfaction uy an immense
audience present, and louiid alter round of
applause encored it again and agdn. The
city has taken on a gala appearance, and
everything present! the appcurunce of ru
Cf.po's Troops Enter the Capital of
Ven- aaela A Period of Shameful Pil
lar Follows, but Troops Scop it.
The Herald, New York, corresponient
telegraph from Caracas: Curucas bus fullcn.
The triumph of Uen Crespo over the tiov
rrnmeut forcea la complete. After defeat
ing the army of the ttovernmrnt at Sun
I'edro, (ienerul Crespo begun his march up
on the cupitul. Three thousand of hii
troops entered the city Inst night. General
Crespo, with the balance of his army, ia at
Calvnri, a short distance from the city.
After the crushing defeat at San I'edro, Act
ing 1'resldent I'olido and Ida Cubinet tied
before the advancing hosts.
Tho news caused an Instantaneous panlo
throughout the city. I'eopts who hud been
too cowardly to light cb her for or aguinst
the tiov rnment, and muny, of 1'olido's
soldiers took ailvanlugo of tho situation to
beiii rioting mid pillaging. Sc.nes of
bouses were sucked. J'lie rioters were no
resncctois of persons, tho Spunish Mini-ter
being insulted.
During tho three hours that elapsed be
tween the Ignominious lligbtoftho Cubinet
at the advent of tieneriil Crespo' ailvance
guard the looters simply held possession of
the town. There nits nothing to restmlii
them, and they plundered riclit nnd left,
seining wliutever profitable property ihcy
could lay their bunds on. The followers of
Cropo, as soon as they reached the city, at
once devoted their uttonliou to lesloring
l.uiiu ivra Is In tho hands of Orcspists.
General i'renpo has triiiiuphoil nil alomr the
line. The war is over. Members of the
Uuvernment have either left the country or
are trying to get out of it as fust us they can.
llefnre Crespo'a detachment got her J.a
(tuuyra was tilled will) rioters, rillugo and
plunder becume g tierul. How lur ihlngs
luiuht huve gone it it impossible to say if
Admiral Walker. C. S. N., hud not lauded
a force of sailors nd murium to hold the
mob in check and preserve order.
Twa Btamsra Collide 03 the Paolfti
Oosot Five Ltvea Ar Lost and Maay
Persona Are Injured.
A torrlfio collision occurred In a dense
fog off Whl iby Islund, about ten miles
south of Tort Townsend, Wash., between
the iteum collier Wllliainet and the Canu
(tiun I'aciflo Navigation Company's steamer
1'remler. Five persons are dead ai the re
sult of the Booident and almost a score of
others are budly hurt. The accident hap
poned during a thick foi.
Two persona in the Promier'i cabin were
crushed todeuth, as was ths seward. A
lurge number of the passenger were Jam
med in the debris and badly hurt. One of
these died shortly afterward. The fifth per
son to die wua a woman, who became fran
tic when the crash came and TMtg into the
tea. Her name i unknown.
The Wllliainut'ssumi was deeply imbeded
in the Premier, and it was found Impossible
to cle r t vessel of esch otl a - utter all o
the 1 reiuier's passengers were taken aboard
the collier, but for this t Premier would
have gone to the bottom aud the loss of lift
would bar been verv lieavv.
ltt Likely to SI.
The condition of Lotto, ths) actress, whs)
is lying 111 in New York city.ls much worst
than heretofore reported, ,and grave doubts
are entertained tor her recovery. 6ba ia
auflerlttg from a complication of cplnal aud
' intestinal trouble. Ail bar u gate
au ant lor ths season bare been cancelled.
Grafton, N. D w.is Visited by a HO.OOJ
Are set by a tramp. Rundeger's co-operative
storo, the hardware store of Djortieby A
Newgard and the jewelry store of lijorneby
were burned. Insurance, 35,000.
Hugo loowy. a Ilerlin banker, has been
convicted of embezzlement and fraudulent
bankruptcy and has been sentenced to 2
yean' imprisonment and a heavy line.
At Tolucr. In the Interior of Mexico, the
poorer classes are dying duily by the hun
dreds from starvation and hunger aggravat
ed by typhoid fever. The Inter epidemic is
making frighllul ravages in Zncntecas.
The Iliilimore ami Ohio and the Pennsyl
vania Coini any will charge one fnro for
the round trip from Columlns, O., to the
dedicatory exercises of the World's Fnlr.
This Is the first break from the regular rates,
and other roads will probably follow their
Kvery miner in I'oik county, 1st., is out
on strike, and all the mines are idle. All
the mines except that opcrntedby the Dcs
Moines Coal Company hnvc conceded the 10
percent advance demanded by the miners,
but refused the bi-weekly payment asked.
Illinois statistics, Ju-t Issued by tho Bu
reau of I-iihor, show that tho daily wag's of
co:il miners have increased 13.6 per cent.
The French troopt have won another
victory over the Dnhomcyans, losing five
killed and 20 wounded. Many dead and
wounded natives were lcfi on the field.
Two of the native lines uf intrench ment
have fallen into tho hands of the French.
Kx-proildent Cleveland hns sent his check
for t)10,0)0 to the Democrntio National Com
mittee. It is also reported that his personal
friend, K. C. Iltmcdict, V. C. Whitney and
Don. M. Dickson, huve each contributed
Martin Furlong and wife struck by an
express trnln on the Pennsylvania ruilroad
it Xcw Brunswick, N. J., were instantly
killed. Tho body cf the man was carried
live miles' on the front of the engine.
The Georgia cotton factory, near Athens,
!ia , was totullv iles!royi d hy tiro. Loss,
fl.W.OOO, and 300 employ s are t irown out
sf work.
The Omaha I'arbed Wire Fence and Nidi
Company has failed for e30,000. Creditors
will tie paid in full, while stockholders will
lose all. The barbed wire trust is blamed.
At the Horrent ad S -el works Tuesday, a
few men were o scharued f or incompetency
and to skilled men were i iven em Inyiuent.
Tha'. the Carnegie Company mnsiileia the
strike nt an emi is evident. The dismant
ling of Fort Frick began with tho tearing
down of a large p otion of the feme nlomt
tho Muoball Mad. which hns for three
month obstructed the view of persons bent
on seeing what was going on inside the
works. The remuiiuler of the fence will be
removed at " lice.
The steamer Tine, which hns plnvcd so
Important a part in the Homestead trouble,
was mustered out of service. The company
officials state that whaUiver men ure here
after employed wi 1 go to H me-tead bv
rail. There u o nt pre-ent ubout list funiilies
living in tha company houses insi.lo the
fence, anil the IS.) lions s on the bill over
looking the works ure rapidly Hearing com
p.euon. Stevenson Aocep .e. Too.
The following lottor was received at tho
Democratic Xadonul headquarters at New
York a few days ugo and wus given out for
publication on M inlay:
IlLOOMISnTOK, ILI-.. Oot. 8, 90h
Hun. ll'm. F. llurrity. Chairman Demo
cia'i'o Au' onrif C'oinMiitfee,
Mt IKsn Km I hase reiurntsl home' after a vers
aull-tteutry vl-it to the Month, I h Te readsvllh
uieul PI -iwurt M -. ch.vrlatul's lelt .-r or aeeepianc.
Vmiii In full iHS'ool n Ith liliu iip.ui al uf the quctlur,f
tllMei sseil. Alily and tersely ntt rs-Um-la tl. vk-wt ()
la l-s noeralle parly uimi tliu etirrvnev question,
i uesl riMr.ll sn to you that 1 fully anil raruint y
Iniloisti thul parlor hla letter. He Is tli abls
exH ut ot iMimocraitc iliN-trlnes. Shonlil 1 bs
eu terl I will, to ti.e Im-sI of luy humble alillpy, c--iiHiutu
with hliu In His ltit prac-lleal el eut to the
stews uuuuatit-U III bis teller. Yours very truly,
A. B. brstssaus.
Ths Surplua Crawl' n Up.
The net surplus in the National Treasury
is gradually crawling up, being 33,774,23U,
I he highest figures reached for some months,
liccelpts continue to grow, and expendi
tures though heuvy, do not exhaust them.
So fur this month the rtcoipts have ex
ceeded the expenditures more than f 1,000,.
Frixhtful Cholera Figures.
Tho number of cholera enses
In the Caucasus during August
and Scptimber wns 137,273,
and tho number of couths 04.707. The mor
tality In Iluku wus 70 per cent, of those at
tacked by the disease At present the chole
ra Is at its worst in F.rivnn.
- ir i
Sird of A a. alio Cholera.
Dr. Rlggs, of the New York Health Board,
reported that the result of a bactcaiological
examination in the case of James Miller,
ho died in the reception hospital on Sep
tcmber 23, showod that tl.a man ;iid pf
Asiatic cholera.
Los, a Freigh'. Train.
Tho Sar.tn Fe railroad had hist a freight
train between Denver and Pueblo. The
HioUrunde that runs parallel with the hit
ter reported finding tho train in a ditch II
miles from Pueblo, mulling a sal wreck
Under the engine lay the engineer and fire
man, also Urukemau McCuue. All thriv
were dcitd.
Over an inch ot snow fell Wednesdy In
parts of Quebec province.
At Trucadlu, Antlgonlsh county, Nova
Bcotia, theTrappist monastery was burned.
t.osa, 100,000; no insurance.
Tux widow of Bundmustor P. 8-Gilraora
declures thut, while she has been importun
ed to do so, under no circumstances will she
have any iu.ther connection with the band,
either as manager or backer. She Talus
her late husband s music at 150.000
The Leaaaelteaera.
The following table shows the standing of
the various buae ball clubs:
Post. Per
Won. Lost poued. Cent.
Cleveland........ M....21 0 70)
Boston 4tf....26 0 DIN
Brooklyn 40. ...81 0 60S
Pittsburgh 41. ...82 0 Wi
New York 88. ...83 1 621
Philadelphia 80.... U5 0 507
Cincinnati 86. ...r! 0 50)
Chicago 86.. ..87 1. 4W)
Louisville 82. ...89 0 457
Baltimore 2S....42 1 878
H.Umia 25. ...41 0 818
Washington 21... ,47 1 tKW
Ovm" has written twenty-seven novels,
Louis Kossurn has finished his memoir.
' PntsiDitcT Harm-, is fond of billiards.
Ex EHpaaaa EcotKta Is number i
among the nnnle army of vegetarian.
E.T Privatb Iaka, of Homes tea') ermrt-
martial lame, is now a clerk in a Pittsburg;
Thomas. SruRo.iox, a son of the dead
preacher, give promise of becoming a
famous pulpit orator.
DsNfiia Murpiit has mperlntnded the
rexrting nt United htatos Hmate debate
for forty-four years.
Sir Lvojj Playfai-.i, Just elsvatal to the
Rrltish Peerags, married In 1S) an Ameri
can lady. Miss K litis Kussoll, of Huston,
Pm Jft.IAN PArNclPJTit, British Minister
to the United Htnrt, is a musician of ability
and also has pubiishei a number of original
The first phys'c'an Milwaukee, Wis., ever
had recently died at the age of elghty-thrje.
This wns l)r Enoch Chise, who settle! on
the site of Milwaukee fi tj-ieven years ao.
Ei-ORKE FiEt.n says that William 8. Gil
bert. the lihreaisr. in his nrofesslon-tl and
j social relations with mankind is as nrro.a ll
i f nd .rJifigreooblo a person as ever wore
Chaui.ka Y. FnnxoEXVOt.'. his been se
lectel by the widow mid daughter of Pnt
lick 8. Uilmore as leader and hudnesi mtn
aer of the famous band. He was horu in
boston in lkil.
lit Biston, a few rears ags thev smkn of
''diliy" Kusasll as' tne son of "ths Hon.
Charles T.ieo lore P.ussell, but now they a
ludetotha Hon. Charles Xueolord ai th)
".atherot the (J 3V..rnor."
Dvorak, the BolieTiian comioser. who
has been enazed ns director of the National
Conservatory of Mus o at New York, with a
salary of H.YOjii, started his musical career
In Tne Pragut ar. 10 a weoa.
Tntt Uerman Kiisur's nsw dnuhtsr it a
part cularly we come addition to hit house
taiH, for tha reaion that, previous to hoc
nppeniMuee on toe Ksnr, eight i -four years
had elapsed sines a (jueeu of P.-ussia "gav
birth to a daughter.
ALVivCt-An.lv, ths last of the bit teles
eon builders ot that name, isquotsd as sav
ing that he would prooabiy n it u'ldortak
to build more thau oueothsr great temcope.
He ts now getting on toward three-score,
and such worx requires Sdvernl years' time.
Pbokess in E. E. lUnxAttn, of the I.ick
(fjtiiroi'iuul Ouservaiorv, now famous as
tne discoverer ot Jupiter's tilth sstulllte, Is
only about tony vetrs old. Duly a few
years bj.1 he was "-arnlnx a acuity llvin
as a cler in a pnotocaiMio gallery in Nash-vi-le,
Baptists, the Indian pilot, known by all
A iiericuii t jurists who have passel down
tne rapids of tne St. Ltwrence, died ar. his
home in the In linn vhmge of Cou jhnawjg.t,
Canada, a few itays agii, a?ad eiuty-two.
He was ths first, Indian to run a bolt, down
the ranidt, an 1 every one felt site wnon u
was m cbaivi-.
T.nNriox his 40'W letter carrl-r.
Aoi.itvi.tft'C employs C,d0J,0J1 Italian
FiiTF.r.st TttorsANVJ Clvda t?cotlau:)
ihinbuiim-rs are out ot worn.
( ::inzse manufacturers and laborers eo-v
troi K.must tbe entire shje industry uf Cali
fornia. Th Temescat4ln mine In California baa
paid off its thirtt-Sve employes and sum
down tor good.
Tun strimsth of the Brotherhood of To
rouioiive Firemen, aicjrdiug to the lr..est
reporr, is 20,txjn.
IfaiNOtha last financial yeir a nrofit
wssinaOH l li 1 h s Heotch prisons ot (-) lsi
cur. of the labor of the prisoners.
This year the (.ferman-Aoieric.nl Typo
rranhia'has had fltcv per cmr. more unem
ployed members to su iporr, than la-t year.
&it 8rs Bovd, ae-l seventy-eisht, is con
rluctor ou a suburban train from Oedhain,
Mas... to Host, in, nnd is pro ajly the oldest,
t-onuuetor In the country.
'T is stnted that there have been over
7 O workmen killed on the World's Fair
roiu.os, 'Ml hav n r met death in the con
struction ol the Fine Arts Bail ling.
Fiitkk:: t40usa::o otton looms in
Ghriii, li.liuin, nave been stopped in oii
ttqueuce o,' the scauuition In tra le. Tin
stopnge will causj great inis;iy amon tbi
working people.
A n inker at M-lboun Australtn, was
recently lined fPi,U0J and sentenced to ten
year' iiiinrisomnviit for swindling workin r
fiei.ple out o( their eui-iiuus hy Inn l deal
ugs. Another got a dosj of tiV. and four
Vau.ivsi rallroal organisation--, includ-in.-
ihj Brotherhoods of Loco n jtive Fire
men. Hallway C m iuetors an t 8wit3imen,
have oranis-xt a Railway Kmployea' In'
tlusirial linn (loir Uutou, with a gun an tee i
capital of II .-O.tSXi.
l!t Austria the w.iges p?r woe's of seven
days Hveraee as lollonvi Men, women and
young fieoplo over Hi teen years old, 41.8),
males i oeu and youu peo.ile). 2.3i"j men,
'4; lemtlos (w nun ani yoaaj womsu),
U.'li; Women, tlU'J.
Chiijs, o! Cleveland, is laid up with a
l.ilit linger.
BuHKif, of New Yoric, leads t la Ljajua in
base ruuniiic.
Cahutiiers is doinj abjut t!ia best bit
tiu (or tt. Louis.
t-'CHUiuT, Baltimore's new pitcher, is a
prommeut twirie-.
Boston won eleven straight gamss from
Baltimore this year.
DoxoVa:; lea Is the ?.ttslmr; team lit bib.
ting ana run-jettiu
BlsnBAUSit, of the Pdtsburs, his done
phenomenal woric a:texnl.
PyEireit is now playinj flr.it bate for
Louisvide, with iVdiitle:' on seooul.' .
Tax Bostons have fouu 1 in Baldwin, of fit.
touts, tbe "so.tesC pitohiaj mur" in the
The Pailadolrihias now bavs the old star
pitcaera ot tbe N jw Yor tu-tm ieefe aud
It is doubtful it New York could leoure a
more desirable or better aii-jrouna thorutop
tbau Fuller
The famous er-pltohar of Yale, Stagr,
will uave charge of um Cluioago Uuiveraity
foot ball oluu tbe coming seisjo,
Bassctt, of Louisville, has been laid up
With a broken finger, Uue to a particularly
vicious swipe troui browjln's bar.
Pitches Rf bis, ot New York, baa de
veloped iuto quit a batter, an J kuooudi out
two and three bits in every game lately.
Clkvxad appears to betlis beet disci
pline! and easiest managed team in tan
League. Every wan ou tu niue ie p.ayiug
ball to win.
Youho, ot tbe Cleveland tea-u, is the star
twiner ot the Lsagus in tbe eeooad season.
Every team tuat ue has faoea bas bad to
kuccumb to bis great pitching.
Van Haltbsk, of B tltlmore. has signed
a coutracc w.tU tne Puutourg Baas ball Club
lor tbe balance ot tbe season aud all of
neit. Ue will receive pay at the rate of
Florida Also Oeasooratle,
Chairman 8ierkiuao, of the Florida
Democratic Stale Committee, aaya bis party
has carried tbe State by over 25,000, about
18,000 more than In 1833. Both branches of
the Legislature are Democratic.
rremartna tw Asnvnets
The advocnUt of crcmatli hava
in their favor 101116 strung arguments.
They fly tho mandate that "dtmt
hall return to dust" Is Irrevocable,
ind Its fulfilment Is Inevitable; that
tve can In no way prevent It: we may
obstruct or we may assist, and reason
llctatcs the latter course. Since the
longer tho process Is delayed tho
greater Is the danger to tho health of
tho living, cremation Is a beneficent
institution. Its growth In Europe
has been surprising, and In Italy
there are largo numbers of crema
tories, and in this country the preju
dice against tho movement Is do
:rc;t8lng. It is only eleven rca'S
ilnco the Jormatlon of the New "i uric
Cremntion Society, the first Institu
tion of tho kind In the t'nlted States,
and not until tho year 1883 was tho
llrst operative crematnry Inaugu
rated, yet thcro nro now in various
part of the Ptates ntitrlj a score of
llicse incinerators in more or less
continuous scrvica. The number of
cremations which have been con
ducted each year In one of those
temples in Ituffaln gives a fair Idea of
the progress which tho sentiment In
favor of this method is iuaklt.
During 1830 eight bodies were incin
erated, and In each successive year to
tho end of 1801 the numbers were re
spectively, 17, 10, 23, .10 and 37. In
this temp'.o everything possible lia
been done to mitigate the sadness ol
tho last ritual. Ttio temple Is built
of dark-brown sandstone, and Its
square, tower and deep slanting roof
are covered with Ivy and surrounded
by sloplnj lawns. The chancel and
nave nro artistically carved and dec
orated nnd the windows nro of rich
stained glass. The Inrlncrntlon takes
place privately after tho funeral ser
vice, and tho nshes are dell vored to
tho undertaker to be disposed of ns
tho family may direct, or they may
bo left nt tho crematory. A society
formed after tho organization of tho
pioneer society has reduced to nshes
since the year 1885 upward of 750
bodies. Tho process ns carried outnt
ono of their principal temples Is as
follows: The furnace is of firebrick
throughout and separated Into two
distinct but similar comp:innents.
The botly Is traced In a chamber di
rectly abovo that In which tho fuel
Is consumed. The bottoms of the
retorts aro solid, but tho sides ami
ends are pierced with holes, through
which the heated air of tho furnace
has direct access to tho Uidy, while
the flames ore not permitted to ap
proach it. Tho heat of tho retort
toon liberates everything volatile In
tho body and these emanations are
conducted through another highly
heated chamber, and thus rendered
odorless and absolutely innocuous be
fore they pass through tho chimney
which form tholr means of egress
to the air The time tnken up In re
ducin a body to ashes depends some
what upou the size and condition ol
Itho person when nllve. In this fur
nace it Is about two hours', in many
others It is a little over an hour.
The fuel used Is coal, nnd In flvo ot
six hours from the starting of the
(Ires a temperature of from 2,000 de
grees to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit can
be obtained.
A ( onrpou.irnt Au.vrered.
T. N. The factory town of tirimth lies nlna
miles southeast ot Chicau.i and h fonr rnd
mads, one a romnlcto hell line, and two fuel-oil
ie-liites. A full ilecritinii uf this arowmu
town can limbably be had by addressing lis
tuumleiv, JayA. ilwlmriiis & Co., ul Chicsuo.
An Indiana man claimi toliove an organ
which was made in Hios.
A Complete Newspaper Par tine Cent.
JTir PKteliuroh tTininfrr-JWroi-riLu is sold by
sli News Agents and delivered by Carrier
everywhere, for One Vent a copy or siz Cent a
a-eek. It contains dully, the news of the
world, receivinic ss it does, the reiort of both'
Ihe Associated Press and the I'nited Press. No
other pan-r which sells for One Cent reoelves
lioih of these reporta. Its Hportlnir. Kimtnuiitl,
Fnshlon, and Household llepitrtilieiits are Ull
wiunleit. order it fmui your News Avent.
I Can Walk a Mile
Easily, although for a
long time before taking
Hood's Earsaparllla Jf
confrt Slot walk a
atep. I bad a terrible
running soro on my log,
resulting from milk leg.
Nothing did monnygood
till I began taking
Hood' a aarnnpuril-
tn. Tbe rain censed
wholly, the dark color airs. cans. A shell.
aisappeared, the sore has
healed, and tbe limb Is perfectly healthy."
Mlta. 0. A, Ashelu Avon, Mass.
Hoil's 11 should be in every family
medicine ol'ast. Once uaod,thur are prtturred.
f'SH BRtv
ThliTrsds Ifirk Is on ths best
gia?.?1 In the World I
I must say a word
as to the ef-
Ecacy of
German Syrup.
I have
used tt in my family tor
iv lamtly tor u
tbe result of Colds, with most ex-
cellent success. I have taken it my
isrzL iss 'im --Ti
elf for Throat Troubles, and have
derived good results therefrom. I
therefore recommend it to my neigh
bors as an excellent remedy in such
cases. James T. Durette, Earlys
ville, Va. Beware of dealers who
offer you "something just as good."
Always insist oa having Boscbee's
German Syrup. ,9
' ' ' i
Is It Aar Weader
That Tr. Ttnsaie'a Certain Cure shonld be so
enivsrsnlly popular.- Uf ronrse aotf It Is so
liure In its piopnrmtlnn, sootent lu effect, it
tt"tm a &ita frm a Ana lt tits mi( iu, tn.tfr'f.
Jt Is safe, sore, and sweet, and as defeats In
actino as it Is powerful to cure Hold by time-
tlstf. our. ilanufactured by A. f. Hoxsie,
lutlalo, N. V.
Tbe smallest chnrch in New York Is the
People's in liarlem.a r iom over a drug store.
K. A. flood, Toledo, Ohio, snya: "Itnll's Ca
tarrh Cure cured mywiroof cntnrrh fllleen
years ato and she lias bnd no return ul it. It's
m sure cure." bold by liruualsts, 70c.
The best rnrks come from Algeria, where
thero aro 2,fVXi,0-i0 acres of cork forest.
ironi"fr,nf"r,.VP" ,h" eommonllls
srhat. doctors I'sbasrl Take Ueeeliaro's
IllU. or sale by aU druwlsts. eeals,
Both tbe method and results when
Byrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, nntl acts
fenlly yet promptly on tbe Kidneys,
iver nnd Uowels, cleanses tbe sys
tem eflectually, dispels colds, head
aches nnd fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to tbe taste and ac
ceptable to the etnmncb, prompt in
its action and truly beueHcinl in its
elTects, prepared only from tbe most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
ninny excellent qualities commend it
to nil nnd have made it tbe most
popular remedy known.
feyrup of Figs is for sale in EOo
End $1 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on baud will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do nut accept any
thsrct KIDNETC LIVER 22 OT."
Reailaeho, foul breath, sour stouiucb, heart
buru or drsesla, constipation.
Poor Digestion,
Distress after eating, pain and bloating- in ths
stomach, shortness ot breath, pains In the heart.
Loss of Appetite,
A plmdld feel In it to-day and depronsod ono
to-morrow, nothing wcmi lo tiuto (rood, tlrod.
locploM and all uustruntr, woftknoaa, debility.
Gaarante Um rontonte of One ftnttle, If not be.
nte4, Hiutntl will reruud you tlie trlee ld.
A I ltrueuUta, 6()r. Nlio, $1.00 Nice.
'Inralldt Quid to lloaltli" frve-C'omiultalloa free,
lilt. KlLMKK CO.. DlMOIlAMTON, N. Y.
For 5 conts in stamps you can got
a sample box of
Fifty conts gets a full sized bottlo
lasting 7 to 8 weeks. .
Pleasant, Convenient, HARMLE8S.
Satisfaction guaranteed or MONEY
Alwavs BDecitv 1-J V B-.takn
OF NAME. Address
i. . HALL, Lock Box No.604, Erio, Fa.
IT IS A IMTTY ynw r rnur.
aelfand fiiiiitly lo rt lU" hvt
vain fur your money. Broo
MtiKt In your looiwenrby pur
chHMhig V. I. llouglna Hboa
whlrli raprvavnt iho bfttt
value for prlcr nkeil av
Ikouaauda will limtlfy.
0 -J
aow mm u. . .AHA. . Al AuA.A ucb ii)iiuiiona ara cru(iuini ann uiv 10 prtatcu
ASK FOR W. L DOUGLAS1 SHOES. turn by law for ootatalut moaay uadrr fa inicimi
If aol far aala t raar alara aaad dirart la Fariary, alallus klua. alaa aad width
wautrd. Taataaff fra. Will U canlaalva aala la abaa aaalara aad tirl Mtr.
abauia wbara I bava ita aaaata. Wrtta (ut talaiaca L llauf laa llracklaa lUaam
ma .n ne srsnucs
Hih VsstVs, Eiismels, and Pslnts whlcb stala
Hie hsri'ls. Inline the Iron, snd Uurn off.
TheltlshiKSnn atnvs I'nllsh Is llrllllsnt.OdnT
less, DurnlMr. and the enii-iinirr pays lot UO tla
or Risss packscs Willi every ptirrtiAse.
Pit Ull
Unlike the Dutch Process
Ko Alkalies
Other Chcmicels
ore n?1 In th
r?par:illou of
Which 4 nbgctutrty
pur nnd ofUsMe
I HbnnmorAthfmthrcttlm4
( theitrmyth ot Cmhhi iulxel
with Ktnrcb. Arrnwrooc or
9 Smears nntl in far tnoro rco
nomlcal, cotHny t'wf than on cent a rm.
It H tlelicloui, tiour'.ihlne, and t:siut
Sold bj Grorfn tverjuhert
W. BAKER & CO.. Dorchester. Mail.
iv. H'l.tf.i'Li;
ConmtMHtlfN nJ Mopl
who hav weak lunoor Ath
nm.thoaldnM riionCore for
(onaniptlon It bat nrs1
thoaiaitti. ft ton not Injur
.! one- It ! not bad to laa.
ii ip mm pen cotipn afrup.
pom eTerrwnerA. a.
t'UbliaihsxI.s.ttU rinu-kablr low iiofl
Jl ouii ai.lKl, ttuttiwt.l iliU Utxu (v.n-
tHiiM ajiam iy piiutl imupm of rlr I
t) se on exoeiMnt u-siwr u I It hn i
riwy f vt ervtcealils; tsoun t In oloth,
iKivw rMflUh worOM with ttw (Mrmtn
r.uiviiPut4i and ptMiiutielMl.iii, nn I
Uenuau wnribwitri KrurlMh deitlnlMrtn.
It U luvntnabl to (Ifrniaim who suvnj
Uioruiriity lmMlf witli KimlUh. or to
ntricanji who wUli lo Ustwu Uerinu
Its wearing qualities are tiusiirnaa61, aetnatTf
euilastlns tliree boxes of anr ntfmr tirand. Not
anuctist Tijr heal. tr-tJET TIIK t:KM'lNC
$5 tO $15 ISmJIT'iJ?
svnrlplftitniiit lrr.4Vletiefl
Uhle sr Me, Jtd. PlstlrS Ul
flUMt f Jrwlri- on4 u
Bs'tr, on .11 kludsof Otftssl
Wtlll f id, llvr ot nlckl.
tio -i rx-rtpner. Ns cklil.
trt Ivms h.i mods nt.t-4-
"Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Late Trlnrlpst) Examiner U.S. renaton Bureau,
iyinluiiust war, lAuiljiiUU-titliitfL'lttiiiisi, utty Mlucut
Ixi wr-it wh( fiilenittfa. Only artlcniB;f'nutnr merit
AKcntM itmlti' in a in. Try li. 'lrciilurH ft tvrnt trt-n.
ctN otirtli fr nniilt'd,ptr..fic out paid. Write ntnncp,
Tliiiliiiuii M 1'ir Cn..'lsilii.T, nt.,1Ui.tim re, Md.
Inslltnieof Klinrihanil,
No. 104 Filth avenns. I'lttslitirs'. Pa, Ora.
bntn anil IMtinan systenia. Private and mail
Insinuations. Hiee al speed rlasea for al writ
ers. I. (km I piisitiona for cmnpetent sttulenta,
1VV KU'lYtPQ Senil for -id Keaanna
I Is I j. I tllo why an InvmtiiiFiit wlih
I s will he prnaialile. MllNKY HECl'ltP. Hi erernl
illrlilelKls Ailitresa THAI. MAN MIU. CO.. 1411
llahlnmrw Street. IIALTtMOKU, MD.
1 .oiiieat and Ivirpest Karnrerlaa
W 1 lliiiiiiieaa f 'allese anil sharl
ST?st'X fentnl Hehuol, I'levflaiiil, O.
& JL-02J) FoBiKlsd In ls. S'li formot
m lis Ele'-rsnr e-?nl'i"ne fw,
XTKNTSI I'KNMMINi I sen.l lor Invent
L or s if nine nr lluw t Uliinln a t'arrnt. enU Cde
'lsl..tl'KNSINaua lltll NTV LAWS.
fATIIKJis -'AlllltU ABIilNulu., It.O,
11 A fll Cnl If d iwlueed l ll , a month, any one
I I I ULI s ,. uiake remedy. Hjiteanil sure,
is. A Fartleulars le. bos m 11.. at. Louis. Mo.
1 4 rp r.- vrmo W. T, l'llernlil,
I I'iiN 1 U'nanlnaKiii, ll, ('.
hhmhk 4U-iaae bwk Iree.
A tfnttuftftfwr4 n that trill mot rip. Ham calf, PeaniloM,
mooib luiilutt. tlvxlbie, mrv ?umr(iruit'..vliti mtil uuritltle tbao
ny ntbfr ho f vr svulU ft Uim priw lb(UiU cuuv. iuU lUuci
cuttng from $i in $S,
C A " Hnd-rwd. fln calf sshnm. Tha mwt Ptyllak,
9 f May aud Uurablu doom vr aultl at loaaa prwva, tlnvjl vtiuul
Ati4 linMrtMt .sluM-a itimg frtmi $tt lu fit.
Ci2 AO lllet Kb or. worn lijr fwmart anil all ntharawbo
tPwi waut a irtKxl bvuvy ralf. flirt wlttl. xtruihu mlsj iwt
niv to walk In. aud will ktn th li dry and warm.
CO a ' '' til.a wa J WarklMKUfru's tho
9 ssfc will stWa murw war fr lm niuuy iitau any thvr maJia.
Tb?T at mad for Mrvk. Tha uurtaaUitf wWi iltow taal wtra
nirmn havv found Ibtoouc
rtAyCI 4 aud Vautba tl.t.1 Vcbaol Hhara ar
UU 1 O wrn by turn bo ovrjrHnm. Tha musi aurUa
abla fUioM told at th prka.
I AniCQI MWwA 9J.50, 99 l
LAUICw t-noaa fur Allaava ar tuada of in I u Uoa
ula or Ana Calf, at aWalrvd. Tbrr ara rr illta. aum-
furLatil and durable. Tba 3 ba ttjuali vutioai aiada
attoria ciwttnii frsM i tn. Ladlra bow tab Wwuao
nil tn tht-lr footwear art nadluff thtanut.
C'A I TKIM. Bewara of ueaiora tubal Itutlng room with.
eutW. L. Douiflaa' aama and Mvhaimioutotua

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