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now to flat ttlrt or II inselmlil rosts.
In his fourth lccturo before lh
Lowell Institute recently, 1'rofi'Mor
ttlley discussed tlio ever timely ub
lect of household jiests. 'Ihe treat
ment of tho subject wns practical,
and the remedies nlvrn for each
particular post are worth noting by
Iho careful housewife. Tor certain
tf Iho commoner ucU, such ns the
bed-liUK, tho carpet-beetle, and tho
clothes-moth, benzine, applied In a
line upray by means of a hand atom
Izer, was stated to be tho best remedy,
as in nicxt cases It destroys the Insect
In nil stages, Including the cgif. In
uslnjr ben.lno, however, care must ba
taken that no fire or artificial llpht
Is In the room at the same time, the
apor of benzine being hlphly cxplo
live. For cockroaches, brlstle-talls,
or Hfh-moths and liens, the lecturer
recommended a liberal use of pyre
thrum powder. In the form of either
l'erslan or Dalmatian powder or
Huhach. Fleas, he said, are general
ly Introduced Into houses by dogs or
cats, and the presence of bed-bugs Is
not always a sign of uncleanllness, as
they have been found under tho bark
of trees In tho woods, and In country
houses may sometimes be traced to
this source. Keeping premises clean
and dry was said to bj In genernl a
good preventive of Insect pests. The
common house-fly, with Its compll
catod mouth and Its stereoscopic eyes
with 4,000 facets, was next dlsvusssd,
and tho lecturer then passed to an
Interesting account of tho mosquito.
Tho eggs of this Insect are laid In tho
water, and tho larva, when hatched,
pas-es through several molts In tho
same element, tho perfect nioii'iulto
finally breaking out from tho pupal
skin nnd flying away on her blood
thirsty mission. Th a female nios'iulto
is tho form which stings, tho mala
roldom leaving tho swamp where ho
dwells, and contenting himself with
vegetable Juice". In dealing with
tho mosquito ns a household lyst,
good pyrethrum powder Is probably
the best preventive of Its annoyances.
Moistened and made Into little cones,
allowed to dry and then burned in u
closed chamber, this powder will
cither stupefy or kill, an I is ono of
the best means of freeing chambers
from mosquitoes. Touching upon a
theory advanced s mio years ago
that moHijtiltoe by their stings Inoc
ulate the body will) malarial poison
the lecturer stated that In his Judg
ment tliero was no connection be
tween tho two. though tho sumo
conditions which cause malaria aro
apt to breed mi i ul too. In tho
caso of elephantiasis, however, a
dlsaso prevalent in tropical coun
tries, and due to a mlmito organism
known ns fllarla, it has boeu well
established that tho fllarla in its life
development must needs puss through
the mosquito as an intermediary
host Doston Advertiser.
In the nrrk. or floU
trf, caused me terrible
suffering, nnd I spent an
enormous amount o f
money for nieuicinos, in
vain. I began to tnks
Hood's Sarai nrlllit and
in a few weeks I found
tho swelling very much
' reduced, and I could
Mm. flifffllows
Itrrnth tt itH l'erfrt aVs,wUlch I lmd
Dot done for year. 1 continued with Unotl'n
AliiflfiAHli nnd Mm Pi'ruiSHrnf I M
wref ." Mil. J. Uiobi ow, Fremont, Mich.
ttnott'm Pill cm "Ivor Ills, constipation,
biliousness, jaundice. sick liaadaclie. Soc
TbB Best
In the
TlioFlSH l.KAND R1.IPKER li wnrnnlnt water
proof. anil will keep nn (try In the. hnrUeM torm. The
new HUMi:i, bU ktil It a purlix-l rljniii cst, snjl
mver inociiiir tuuuio. ttowuretu numinous, imii I
tsiv s mut If tlie " 'ih ItraiiU" Is nut on It. lllu.tra-
lleu tjotaioetie rree. a. J. towku. Holloa. Man.
" I havebcea afflicted with bilious
ness aud constipation for fifteen years
and first one and thou another prep
aration was suggested to .me and
tried, but to no purpose. A friend
recommended August Flower and
words cannot describe the admira
tion in which I hold it. It has given
me a new lease of life, which before
was a burden Its good qualities
and wonderful merits should be made
known to everyone suffering with
dyspepsia aud biliousness." JESSE
Barker, Printer, Humboldt, Kas.
Lownt wtaoiulsj nttuit. Only art It-lea wenulue turrit,
Afftmta make flu a duv. Try it Circular term f rea.
Airta-outlH of tniilw,tc..flUc lHatoa.d. Write at 0110a,
Ta .!. IMtu. LULT. MT., Ualtimokr. HO.
la a scientifically prepared Liniment
and Harmless; every ingredient Is of
recognised value and in constant use
by the medical profession. It short
en Labor, Lessons Pain, Diminishes
Danger to life of Mother and Child.
Boole "To Mothers" mailed free, eon.
taininff valuable information and
Voluntary testimonials.
told y il erulu.
Peat Epochs Rttnrn.-Antlqti French
fashions Hevlved For Modern
f I fi VFl man cottlrl ever do
M PJ I such a foolish thltitf ns
"llo 10 hlghls awake
cnrrlng the fifl.loii of
n new doublet," why
should not a wnmnn.
') who, ns men ninlntnin,
dotes on foreign fnn
ciea nnd fnr-l'etchcd
folhles, he allowed to
pive tip soma of Iter
time to thoughts on
dress? Tho truth Is,
nu n tire by tiuture de
ceivers; they Riven sly
look nt n mirror, while
women walk boldly up
to It. They affect to
tltv-iilso dress, nnd yet
spend nn hour a day under tho ltiuids of
their barbers. Tholr feathers miiy be plain
er, but they ilovote tilte as much time to
pluming tliem as the women do theirs. Hut,
upon the whole, t think tho men are le
onmlnfr mora nnd more resigned to woman's,
love of finery. They struggled njralwit It for
centuries, and flnding that in cure is initios
A PltKFtt MtKW.
Ible, hnve resolved to make Its endurunee
more ngreeahle hy directing Its course and
catering to its desires. I look fnrwnrd to the
time when a husband will sny to Ms wife:
"My dear, I notice that tho fall ttvles aro
ready; suppose wogo down aud pick out a
few uew gowns for you." All married
women should educate their husbands to
tnko interest In their gowns; it makes It
ens or to pny the bills.
Spoaking of bills, thoy promise to c.tuso
groaning among thosj who hnve to pity
them this fall, for tho groat designers have
fairly outdone themselves. There will be
embarrassment of choico when you come
to gaze upon the boHtitirul gowns In which
there are at times reminders of all the great
epochs Directory, Empire, Henry II.,
Louis XV and even Louis XVI. I am quite
sure that some pur Ms in stylo will cry out
at the mixture, and others will mil against
setting meadow green besido indigo blue,
and proclaim the fashionable tone to be
linrsh and the combinations rather s' art
ling than artistic. Hut, after all, will they
not be modish, and dooi not mode make
the women, as manners make the mnn?
In the initial illustration you will find n
garment us useful us it is pretty, an artistic
wrapper with double fronts, the Under
ones being tie. I in with n ribbon and orna
mented with a cute-ado of the stuff extend
ing to the bottom of tho tkirt. The collar
ette and the cascades aro embellished by
two rows of open work. The slee ves huvo
rullles n the same stylo with bow cf rib
bon. Tho loose fronts ulso have the rows of
open work. The back breadths form a
train and aro lined with satinetto.
rAr,'. stti.es.
The dlnno? dress pictured In the lllus
tration is nu exquixito creation in a bluck
pearle I stuff, set off with a brocade corselet
and garnitured with lace. The straight
collar Is covered with a pleuted luce, fasten
od at the back with u bow, from which fulls
a liiro cascade, caught on tho edge of the
corselet with a rosette of brocade and at the
waist with u rnsetto of luce. Tho sleeves
are in brocade and oro draped aa shown."
The bottom of tho skirt has a ribbon ruche.
The picture sets forth a cburmiug novelty
In the way of fashions for the young, a
grain ytllow crepe gum tared with Russian
tulle. The skirt Is set off with a deep
Bounce run with two cords, the material be
ing doubled where it Is thus run. The skirt
is sllahtly pl'uted (rout and back. There is
a pleated collar and also yoke. The corselet
e of black moire. The lret should be lined
with silk or alpaca.
1 In
f life
Kail styles sre set Before yotl in the pic
ture. The figure on the left dptays a Rn
tlan blouse over a dress of apricot silk, lace
Mementerie to correspond, large black
lare hat with bows of nprieot ribbon, mak
ing up costume of charming brightness
and simplicity. The material of the dress
on ihe light Is an almond preen rnnvu',
small Test of gaum of the same shade, wttb
itrles of a deeper green.
The indications are that tho great design,
ers intend to exhaust their art on corsages
this coming season, rather than on skirts,
skirts wilt keep their present shape nnd
be shorn of their trains to a great degree.
In other words, garniture Is to be put where
It will be best seen, around the neck, arms,
body nnd wnlst. Kxn,ultte little boleros,
mere baby nfTairs, In velvet will frame n
giilpnro yoke over silk transparency, and
then between the epmlet of guipure and
lower sleevo will como n big pull' of change
ulile velvet. In some cases a !nce tunic will
drug from the Inwnr edge of the bolero,
reaching quite to tho bottom of the skirl,
nml dimly disiilnying tho outlines of the
waist. In order, too, that the empire gown
may be worn by stout llgures, a deep lnce
l erlhn will encircle the corsage, springing
Irom tho bust line nnd nn tho same levol
witlt lnce rullle of the upper sleeve.
Hut, in spite of all attempt -i to create new
s:yl' , lite inilor-mmle with its jacket cor
sug't and plain shirt grnzing tho shoes will
continue tube correct wear for the street
nti'l all Informal occasions, and with It, of
course, will be worn the ever populur felt
hut liner Intux-uro and mora graceful in
shape than ever before. The modish tones
In fi lls will be light gray, greru nnd light
beleo. Underskirts w 11 bo ornamented
flounces, rnflled bunds, and with lace when
the wearer Is not a youn miss. I.ace-trlm-meil
underskirts don't look well on a young
girl. Double and triple pelerines are to be
very much In vegua fur youngish people
during the fall, the material bring zephyr
cloth or veWet. Htout Indies should be car
ful how they luy these pelerines on their
shoulders. They should make choice of
thoe which reach below the waist
Chatelaine, bel's are to como Into vogue
again and to be made to curry a load of ar
tistic trifles, such as a small watch, a purse,
a tiny mirror, a powder box and a wishing
bone In gold or silver. This takes the place
rt ,!, nl, ft,taltli,H four liwf lnv
Floods 1st Great Britain.
Reports of damage Irom Hoods continue to
como Irom luuny UQereut parts of CI nut
lliitttiu and Iiclund.
The floods in Yorkshire are the most seri
ous (but huve ever occurred In that county
In the mumory of tho oldost lnbubitunt.
Ituilwuy trnllio bus been completely divert
ed from the tttuul channels. The damage
to proporty Is enormous. A bridge at elby,
un thu York uud Doucaster railway, bus
been destroyed by tha.Hoods. Thousands of
seres of land are submerged in tho l.'arnsley
district, and luuny peoplo uro moving their
effects from thoir homes. The flood at
Ieds caused by the overflow of the river
Aire is subsiding. Tho floods In Derby
shire are cuuaiug a large amount of dam
age. Many horses end cuttle huve been
A Train Crashes Into a Cable Car nn6
Kills Four Persona. Two Injured.
A Santa Fe passenger train ran Into a
loaded cable car at Kansas City, Mo. Three
passengers and the gripman were killed and
two other persons seriously injured. The
killed are: William Barber, gripman, Mrs.
Cynthia KevIs.Jeflerson Becrlst and Edward
Another Massscre In India.
A massucro of native Indian troops at
tached to the British forces occurred iu the
Chin Hills, India. Seventeen of the natives
wore killed by Chins.
EraBTglft that comes from God's
band is a good gift, no matter bow
uncomely it .may look
Tke Leasaelteearit.
The following table shows the standing of
the various base bull clubs:
1'ost. Ter
won. unu poned. Cent,
New York...
Baltimore. ...
I-1. Louis
Washington. .
, 63.... 0.
, 61. ...SI 0.
, 4S....33 0.
. .6117
, 43.
, 41.
, 40.
, 31)
tid.,,.38 1.
81. ...42 0.
!... 47 1 m
62 0 33.4
1!....6 1 310
Won. Lost, cent
Boston... 102 43 two
Cleveland Wl 61. .....624
Brooklyn t W 619
Philadelphia ' B7 6 NI7
Cincinnati Hi W 6i3
I'liUburg 80 73 6'2-1
Lliicuvo 70 70 479
New York 71 SO 4o4
Louisville 63 H8 417
Washington A 93 888
fit. Louis 67 94 374
Baltimore 49 103 811
How Cold ta RMppert.
Shipments of gold from Now Tort
to Europe are ordinarily tnndo la
very strong hard-wood keg, each ken
Cfiutnliilug 150,000. At the end oi
tho keg, four hole aro bored through
the projecting ends of the staves, and
through these holes plcuos of rod tape
nro drawn, meeting In tho renter,
where n largo wax seal Is applied,
hearing tho stamp of tho house which
mtikes tho shipment. A material
causo of loss In this hnndling of
speclo Is the ruhliliig of tho coin or
b:irs one upon another; and for this
reason 120 gold pieces aro preferred
to $10 or 85 pieces, tho surface ex.
jmsed to abrasion being less. Each
keg contains ten canvas bags, and in
eneh bag is I.VOOO. In tho United
States Assay Office tho rubbing ol
the gold bars upon ench other Is pre
vented by packing them In saw-dust
From Homestead, Pa. No Further Use
for the Troops.
Thursday morning witnessed the with
drawul of the troops and the military ep.
onnge that bns been kept over Homestend,
Pa., for the past ninety-live days is at end.
That their departure was witnessed with
pleasure by the residents could not bods
guised. Long before the hour for leaving
ihe citizens gathered upon Ihe hillsides sur
rounding the enmp nnd along Eighth
iivendf In the vicinity, eagerly watching
the preparations for breaking enmp. Al
though there wns no open
demonstration of pleasure shown by
the residents, they were evidently
cr .tided and appeared to net with greater
freedom. General Wiley wl'nesued the de
parture of the regiment. When nsked 11
be anticipated nny further trouble through
the withdrawal of the troops lie
replied that he did not, if
nny ontbreuk should occur the troops would
bo again massed here In short order. Sheriff
McCleary express the belief that bis forco of
deputies would be able to preserve peace in
the community. IlehnsnowSQ men de
tailed here as deputies. As ui'tial everything
is reported ns running satisfactorily in the
the witot.KSAt.K rnirr.s ahp oivem below,
oiuin, n.oi K and rr.Ki.
Vt HEAT No. 2 Ked I 70 & I 77
No. 3 Ked 74 71
COftX No. 2 Yellow cur... 6U 67
High Mixed ear 65 68
Mixed ear 61 65
Shelled Mixed 62 63
OATri-Xo. I White 8U 40
No. 2 White 8S B1
No. 8 White 87 88
Mixed 85 86
KYE No. 1 l a A Ohio.... G7 M
No. 2 Western, New HI 65
Fl.Oflt lancy winter paf 4 00 4 85
Fancy Spring putenia 4 78 6 00
Fancy Straight winter.... 4 20 4 85
XXX Makers 3 60 8 75
live Flour 4 00 4 25
HAY Haled No. 1 Tim'y.. 13 60 14 (0
fouled No. 2 Timothy 11 00 12 60
Mixed Clover 11 oil 12 60
Timothy from country... IS 00 20 00
BTHAW-Wluot 0 60 7 00
Oat 7 M h no
FKF.D-No. 1 W li Md T 19 IK) 20 )
Brown Middling 17 O) IS 01
Bran 15 60 111 U0
Chop 14 50 IS 00
BUTTER Elgin Creamery 2 80
Fancy Creumery 25 27
Fancy country roll 22 25
C hoice country roll 12 14
l ow grade & cooking.... 8 12
CHEESE O New cr'm mild 10 11
New York Ooshen 10 11
Wisconsin Swiss bricks.. 14 15
Wisconsin Sweitzer 13 14
I.imburger. 11 12
rnriT and vkiiktabi.es.
APPLES Fancy, tjr lbl... 2 00 2 60
Fair lo choice, V bbl.... 1 60 2 00
BEANS Select, V bu 100 2 00
l'a ft O Beans, V bbl 1 (JO 1 70
Lima Beitus 8 4
Yellow danvcrs bu..., 100
Yellow onion, V hbl 1 SO 2 00
Sp.niisli, V crate 1 25 1 40
CAllllAiiE New Vcrute... 75 100
Fancy lto"0 per hbl 2 00 2 60
Choice Hose per bid 1 60 1 75
POl-l.TRV etc. I
V Id 13 14
Dressed ducks TKIt 13
Dressed turkevs l tti 17 18
Live Spring chickens V pr 60 (10
Live Ducks V pr 40 60
I.iveiceu pr..... 70 75
Live Turkevs y 1' 13 )4
KtiliS l a.t Ohio fresh.... 19 20
Fxtru livetieese V D 60 flO
No 1 Extra live geese V Hi 48 60
Mixed 25 85
win ELLAS lot i.
TAI.LOW-Country,tb... 4
City 5
6EE0S West Med'iu clo'er 7 75
Mammoth Clover 7 90
Timothy primo 1 90
Timothy choice 1 95
llliiegrnu 2 00 2 25
Orchard grass 1 75
Millet 1 00
Buckwheut I 40 1 60
RAILS Country mixed.... 1
HONEY White clover.... 17 19
Buckwheat 12 15
FLOUR- 2 80(3 3 55
WHEAT-Xo.2 Red 71 72
KYE No. 2 60
CORN Mixed 48
OA'IS 83 84
FOGS 18 17
BUTTER 20 27
FLOUR 13 40(3 M 65
WHEAT New No. 2. Red.. 73 75
CORN No. 2, Mixed 61
OATS No. 2, White 40 41
BUTTER Creamery Extra. 24 24
BUGS l'a,, Firsts 22
FLOUR Patent. . . 4 60 6 00
W H EAT No, 2 Ked 77 78
KYE Western 64 08
CORN Ungraded Mixed...,. 61 63
OATS Mixed Western 80 88
BUTTER Creamery 15 22
feXiUS atute and 1'enn 18 18
Prime Steers...... .....I 4 73 to S 00
Fair to Good 4 00 to 4 00
Common 8 25 to 8 75
Bulls aud dry cows 160 to 8 25
Veal Calves 6 60 to 6 25
Heavy rough calves 2 60 to 8 60
Fresh cows, per head 20 00 to 60 00
Prime 05 to 100-D sheep.... 4R5to6 00
Common 70 to 75 B sheep... 8 00 to 8 60
Lambs. 6 00 to 6 25
Philadelphia hogs 6 66 to 6 70
Corn Yorkers 6 40 to S 60
Boughs -i i nun 60 to 4 24)
That's What llreatkt ihe l-nrterlei.
Cheap fuel anil low freights are the neces
sities of tnKmifftritnrlng. Tiro fuel-oil iiIihs
lines, lour rallroaUs, ono n cninpleto belt line,
give clrlllitli these nilvunlsges and Lrouglit her
four litctnrloi m soon nn the to.vn was 1hI1 out
Itf Jr.)' A. U.viKgiiis & Co.iJlilciigo News.
Epplng Forest, England, Is the largest
public recreation ground In the world.
When Nature
Koeds nsslttnnce It may be best to render It
I romptlr, but one should roracnibcr to ns
even the most porfoot romcdleo only when
neoded. The best nnd mod simple and gentle
remedy Is the Syrup of Figs manufactured by
the California Fig Syrup Co.
The London Zoolog enl Garden contains
now no less thnu .'I.Uri nufmnls.
nritate-t the Hnhr
Mrs. A. "That cough mini lire f hnnffTit TS.
tenliiv for Iw'ijr's cold mnd her vomit, nnd
then tnndo hor so stupid I feared she liiul brnln
Mrs. n. "My yonng friend. Dr. Tforsle's
Terlnln Croun 'nn, a th nnt nnH wie tnvnS
ttmrtlf for rhllilren. Vimr lrtnrgist eau gut It
of any whnlesnlu medicine house. MM."
'f lie grenterTay's run cf an ocean steam
ship was 513 nin.-ii
..,r1om'T,or "V- lximls. Iletrnlt. Mlrh.,snvst
1 he elTect of Unit's I ninrrh I tire In winiili-r.
fill." rite biui about It. ejold bf DrugUiU,
nro ln,o: miles of overhead tele
graph wires lit Ltindon.
Train l.nnitcd With Hiave Pnllsh.
Ijvst week Messrs. Morse Hios., proprietors
of the well known Klsmg Sirn Move Pnllsh,
Itlltsl nrders front two i-uvtomers lit the West
for twenty-t hree rnrs loads .( stove rmll.b. As
each ear eontn.ned 4i"l gr.'ss, weighing 15 tons,
thu sliiitnetit to these two houses was tUiO
grog's, or :HA t ins. The Immense business done
by this firm Is a monument tnthe Industry nnd
high grade of good for which they havuearuvd
a retmUttiou at hums and abroad.
Hindonstnn is shout 2i times as large as
the State of Ne York.
Woo scrrsim with his liver, consign tlnn,
H lous Ills, toor blood or air.zlim-e tuke
Ik)w.l.aai' I'hU Of drutgisls. SO cuius.
If afflicted with sore eye t use I)r. Isaac Thorn p.
ten's Kye-WHter. lirugglstssoll at i per bottle.
nn urvr rip ncrcivFn
wifh r.ntt's, Ktiiiinuii, nn1
tni which itato I
tin. Ii.ld IiiIiis-m tha Irmi sinrl linrti Off.
Tl.o ltilmr Null Ktfivn I'nl'.stl 13 JirllUftnt. Ortof-
1tM, Purnliit. anU lUa tnnHtifnr pnt lor Lu Uu I
or Kltt$ paCk.1i:o Willi rcry (tun int-o.
trie BtAT KIDNEY. LIVER i2 "l (
Pain in iho Hack,
Joints or hlps.reilltnnut Inurluellke brlok-dust
f reimout colls or retention, rlioumutUu. I
Kiilncy o.Giilaint9
Dlabotes, dropsy, scanty or hlita colored uriua.
Uritiary Troubles,
Ftlnulner sonsntlons when Tol.llnir, dlstorss pres.
turn In the arta, urethral Irrltaliuu, stricture. I
Disordered Uyer, I
niont or dark oirclos under tke eye, tonuo
ooatod, coniitipatlou, yollowlsk eyeballs. ,
eearant-VtnMntsstsef Ose Rsttts, If not beej.
sfllatl, I'ruinrlata wHI rtiriind ya ts arlrs sid. I
At ItrnuRlala, Oe. Sllze, !. Mw. !
'tn.lll Clulde to IImIIS" frM-CesraltsHoa free,
Uu. KiLuaa & Co., IliNOUAtiroK, N. T.
Ask your doctor what hap- '
pens to cod-liver oil when it i
gets inside of you.
He will say it is shaken
and broken tip into tiny
drops, becomes an emulsion ;
there arc other changes, but
this is the first.
He will tell you also that
it is economy to take the oil
broken up, as it is in Scott's
Emulsion, rather than bur
den yourself with this work.
You skip the taste too.
Let us send you an inter,
esting book on careful liv
ing ; free.
Scott It Downs, Chsoiists, i js South s'h Avenue,
New York.
Your rirugizUt kseps Scott's EmuUloa of cod-liver
eil ell druggists every wnsru tio. $i.
I AIllF,f y matr BfOVET eaay nl
I HUltO your own tumina, a1ilrwwt iuclutlioir iutmu.
Mil-DOHA U. fJUVT. yMlb liy5, ImS.
PATF.VTrt I PKNION- f-8eni forlnrmii
or'atJiil'lonr How toubintn n int4nr. Mrndf jf
Cfll If C reluowl lh. a mouth, any ona
w a.t -l cmi niMta rfiucty. 8uf e ami Biire,
Particular iv. Ux4tt il.. h(. Lout. Mo.
rArTIOIf.wn.wnr. Bf
T altera anVi
j. lioaicla
tltutlnff knea without V,
Burn nuDaiitutioua urt l.-uudulout au4,
aubjoct to proauoutlon by taw for obv
auiiilllV IQUVy HDS
dsr fulae proiencua.
Will i
tv DR. Kl
Ho oil
Cures Pain Promptly
kUitELY a veeetaMe compound.
made entirely of roots and herbs
e-ntHerrl frrtrvt V, a frata tt
Georgia, and has been usod by million!
of people with the best results. It
AH manner of Blood diseases, from tha
pestiferous little boil on your nasi to
the worst cases of Inherited blood
taint, such as Scrofula, Rheumatism,
Catarrh and
Treatise on nino4 and FVIn Dtsesses milled
free. bwirr Siti ipic t o.. Atlanta. Ua.
Holit the wtirnt rup
tnr whh enur un
der all ctmimntfinret.
In ik.
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