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Perrelnry of War Klklns In resting at
Wheeling. W. Vs. He tins not yet fully re
roveml from the ' mini k of illness with
which he w as seized tome wwki nun. and
fur thnt reason did not attend the t'ultinilms
demonstration In Chicago.
At rincervllle, CI., nn entire hlock was
humeri. AmonR the property di-strnyed is
n two-story hotel owned by A. Miersou; o
two-story Inline building owned by Louis
luusi. eontiilninu two saloons, thn livery
edible of ,1. t'. (tei'hi'lii and tmtili other
During a TtrptililiRin rally at Kmnoria,
Kan., b I inn lit ii tni rt ntid I'utiilly Injured
two lin n, John Kownlskl, who lind both
Html Mown olT, ami I nn Ailnir, who hud
hi riRlit linnil blown off.
A notiro Inn been pitted In tlie(!rm mine
tunml, Wiiliiiee. Idaho, ly n b ind of nrmed
1:1' ii, to tl.c i n,".t 1 1 1 lit 1..VHI pound of .lant
poivd"r, already in the mine, would he ex
ploded before the end of the monili. The
notice eoneiuiliil: "If wn inn't work in ttie
mint t no one else shall."
(.'oliferi nie by wire between the chief of
the teleuraplieM and the nlllrliils of Hi
Atchison and Topikn Mint, has reunited ill
a settlement , and the strike Is I'lided. I' ivo
iliiye hud cost the railroad company 1 .VI,.
The Missouri, Kansas und Texas railroad
Company hns (jlven em:!i family of tb
miirdHred ritizensof l.'oflevvllle. Knn., H,
UrO and divided t 1,000 amoiii; live other de
fenders ol the town against C'C Dnllnti Kiu.fr.
A dispatch from i 'alcntta says Hint the
present U'B crop in Hie Assam valley Is the
(honest on record. The decrease in the
out-tarn, compared with thnt of 1MH, Is up
ward of 3,01X1,000 pounds. linin is much
At Vancouver, )t. P.. all the newspapers
have suspended p'lb'icntion tenipoiiii ily. in
consequence of an arbitrary demand on the
part of the printers for an inrrtusn of
l'onr children of ,Toh Matthews, near
riaremont. S. ('., were burned to a crisp.
The parents had been at church and had
locked the children in the house, which
Caught Cic.
Hio 11101 in Itvi.y. According to a re
port on the Italian harvest, all the crops are
above the average with the exception of bar
ley, which is slightly below tho average.
The yield of w heat is 12,."in,tslii busels, the
average yield beiim IiJi.iss),Oi) binhfls. The
fruit crops uro all uiiove the average in
The weather has been wintry throughout
the midland and northiveteru of (ireal I
Itritain. Hnow fell in the central part.
The many deaths from diphtheria in !
Tllifiiln IJnni I l.nrn lij l.t nn in val! t. i, !
by the State lloiird ol Health. Dr. Kl.-hir
has found that the ice used in the city con
tains Impurities to an nlnriiiing decree.
Owing to the lack of a sewerage system
the lute rains in Secetres, Texas, have been
followed by a vis tutiou of typhoid lever.
One hundred and thirty people have died
there from the lever within a week, and it
chows no sign of uhatement.
Fifty-three bodies have been recovered
from the wreck of the steamer llokhaia on
the Pescadores islands.
A granary on a (J rent Ford T.liicolnshire
farm (near London) collapsed and killed
four persons.
While Mrs. Micheal llane was attending
the Columbus exercises at Savannah, Minn.,
her house was burned to the ground with
two children, one four years old, whom
she had locked in.
While crossing Klliot's Ferry, near Mar
(hall, Texas the rope broke i nd tcven ne
groes were thro an into the river and drown
ed. At HL Joseph, Mo., J. 1 Park had his
bead rut off by an engine wliirli ran him
down in the switch yard-. I'urk was a
well-known horseman of Aver, la.
Fire destroyed the Hamburg-American
J'acket Company's warehouse at Hamburg.
The loss is 580,000 mirks with an insur
ance of uVkO.ouil murks. Wharf steamers
nd docks were damaged to the extent of
80,000 murks.
Five Villages Wlpsd Out.
..Five villages mar Kutais in Transcau
casia have been destroyed by an earth
quake. Many lives are reported to have
been lost. No fur the bodies of 'J7 persons
have been recovered from the ruins of
dwellings and other buildings. It is lieliev
ad that uiuny more bodies will be found.
Kew York his rjleasej Tiernan, Fuller
od Muiie.
Emxa has about ontUvoi bis usefulness
In Near York.
Th indoor baseball season has openej at
Ht. faul, Mian.. . .
lit thaseconi season Clevsland tbrasheJ
Ciaainaati tiva times.
Dotlc playei during ths last hilt in six
positions tor the Near Yorkv
Mc'Cartht was the only Boston player
who play si in every gam this year.
Kelly has been relucad to ths ranks and
ItcC .irtoy now captains the Bo.tou.
All Northern Ohio is rsjjiolng witb
Cleveland ovjr tbe ;iiders' " tuoooai.
Tn ourUilmeat of the p'arlni siason
next year was a move in tbs nzbt diraotioit.
Oanzel wai tbs only Boston plavsr who
made a oatting avarage of .UJJ in tus sjo
oni season.
Battin, after twenty-flvi years on thi
ball tield, has gone back to bit old trade as a
Yorjjto pitchel wondsrful ball for ths
Cleve aud. iu tbe escjai union. His work
was of tua siuis regular orJor day attar
AK80K says baseball will list as Ions ai
Aiueriou, auJ no otber soorc can sjp.uaut
it. He also loon for a renewal iu inturst
Uext aeaaon.
Frcsiocnf Evnxc comiivn Daly, ol
Brooklyn, tus bc all-round player on ta
diamond to-lay. Uebas bia playinj seojud
Lass lua rjjuiar.
I'm Brat game ot ths championship saris,
between ttie tioitont, victors in tbe first
bait, an 1 tkia Cleveland, winner, in ths
raconl half, resulted in alevsa-luulu
BxcKLtr, ot fittsburg, hid qussr ex
perwno. He tried to hunt a ball ua Brir
ostein and fouled it in'atowu faos. lis
bad his iipcutso ba.tr No bs.swei
nn. Tebeau bad bis u la lu ltiJJ la
, prteMuy tbs ssviua ui
1 nt potato crop Is not up to the ataodr.r.1.
Kansas it having another plajus of grass
popperr, 'l rkrc nrj r.X) charitable cr;unir.atlons in
II w York City.
Hot-sin Washington hart been Injured by
tent caterpillar.
ISTAHironrj, Conn., has Just celebrated Uer
2'. 111! anniversary.
Hxl-onr ma'te it appear that gooJ cimb
boiidy will bj scaro.
Thb fruit crop of Bonthem Cslifccnls. Is
estimated this year at tHJilJ.OU).
A mm iron shattered ft tritilnilU near
tllnrkpolnr, Col., a tew days rigo.
Tim ear fauilns contlnins In the West
mvin to the linniensj grata crop,
TliF.ne hire been 1T.W1 caesnf cholera In
It miiMiiy, Uermaiiy, Willi l.VJs deatiis.
A ikw livinnal hn bn a lopted by the
F.piwojiat (ioneral Couveu'.loii at Ualtiuiore,
r- ini'RKs fr im Huron In llosta the grain
yiel i auuiic tltteeu p.-r cent, uUer than lasc
5 ear.
1'LRcriAsKr.a have ten found for man v
at tun .Mauacau-ettJ turuis leiioit.l a
sunn lone I.
1 UK llrst dl-covery of a comt by photor
rnpny has liecu lunile at L.cic (iotrvatoryt
tu California.
Homk of the new s'ilp of ths ITnlteil States
Navy are to Lava three euiotfestacai, eacti
10J leer. Di;b.
Ax epic Kitic of midn?ss has sslcd large
heels Ok ctttlt iu tluines To'Vu-hio, Iowa,
in 1 many liave died.
'fnu tax collector of New York City toois
In .",isni,( I in iw.i Ii mrs aiu a hall on the
lost nay tor payment.
Twit storage battery system Is to be
adopie 1 on the Hec aid avenue striet ran
lo in, New York C.tv .
furim'le Kst nasters tu turuisii uaiues aiu
adriressei to advertiser'.
Tiik Unite I Ktat?s cruiser Boston has ben
nileiel to reinniii at Honolulu until tils
iiawuiiau trouble Is setticJ.
SkwYom;- Board or Rstlmates tl(ture
out tuat it will cost ItO.UOn.oju to cany on
the city goveruinsnt III lM:t.
(tnt.o Im been found near Frankenber,
In Hssse, IVustia, near the old got I mines
tv.iicu were in operation a ttiousaud years
AosKon tin t'n.t'l Statos e-uls ir New
Vor hns lieen iHsyed ty tlie lai.iic ot tna
Uainegie Co.upnny lloiue-tad, I'euu., to
iifliTr tlu eijiit'jea-iuuj armor lor hjr
Amkricax interests in tin (lllturt Islanis
nn mill' -ring sine the raisin r oi tlu Hntis i
Mu.-. Hu'.inl lilanders arj syst3inaticilv
i nvive i ami sol liiit) praciicit s.avory In
Houth Aiu?c.ca.
The total ciearinsi ot tiis slxtv-ane cities
iv'.nc i have I'leai'in h ti lor tits lima
liioiirtis eii'iina Sfptj.otiir III lo it n i 4"i,
an increase of fl.H)l,:l!';.:i)l us
tmi'iai'dl witli ths co.Tetpo.i daj pjrijJ of
Tames O. Bt..viX3 now tips tbi scales at
w pounds.
jukTIcb Lamar, of ths 1'nitl States Su
preme Court, is ahuist a carjnij invalid.
TneEarlof Uunraven.lt is anuoinics-1,
will be the next cuallengar for tn Ameri
can cup.
Kev. Dn. Hosfmav, who owns the Hofl".
man House, Nw Yora City, is the ricnesc
v eryinan in the world.
Kaiher William, of Rwmanv, is only
thirty-two year, md, tbou.ii already tue
lather of seven clnl Iran.
PRF.stnEVT Mcl.K n Insists that every let.
terreceiveil at the Kil ling lliilrotd otli.n
nail be amwerel on t ie dav its arrival.
Miss Louisr Imotex Giixiv has b."i
roteii 10(l by the ald-rmen of Hoiton f ir a
poem in comiastnoratlonot tieneral William
T. Sherman.
QrcK llgasxr CHStsTitA, otKpiinhss
consent I to stand as go lmotbsi' o.' t ie
naiuhter born a sbort tirua ao to ths Im
rial House of ijjnujuy.
DzWitt, the newiy apooint3l Riitsian
Minister of Kinanc, was rlfleen years a;
a mere village st ttion master on tne railroad
line from KierT to Odessa.
The Cur of K isia has reemtly founl
time to b'couie iuteretta l in t;i g inn o."
cricket, anl has ornnir.ri tw.i elevu
amonz tbeynun; men ot bis court.
Ji l.ts Vinvc, the Freucb novelist, so far
from Iwing an athlete, as hs has bsen cillei,
is a cripple and limps sadly. This is the
remit ot a shot fru the revo'.vjr ot ail
iuiane nepuew.
A TOfCHixo fivatura of ths Tennvson fu
neral, iu Westminster Ahby, I. mtlon, was
the many Horal trihutei from the lowiy,
showin; the pjimlsr e.te n in which tue
dead poH was held.
BRSCKtN'Rtnas, of Ksntuoiy.says Ssnator
Hill, ot A'eiv Yor. is the only puolio p:k.
er he knows "who is imoatient to beg.n his
)ccll who can loik his ou.lienca rquaroly
in tlie fucj at tne v,-ry start and open witn
out elllbarrassnlent.,,
Caid Maclkax, the presmt C'jmman ler-in-Uhif
ot the Moorish army, is an Knglisii
man. and was fnriuarly a siioa'.tei'n Iu tb.
.Sixty-ninth reilment of the llritis i army.
which be left some yan a;o t j take serv.c i
under tlie K:nperor ai Morocco.
Mihs Kosx L'OuvEHruns, a granddaugh
ter and the only living dejnmdaut ot tb
great Havtian sol Iter, llve in tae village o.'
Hoirac, Kraucj. 8 is is sixty-nina years old
ani depmdent upon an annual piusiou of
M10 oaid bar by tae (iov jrn.nuut.
Loin Herscbell, ths new Lor J Cianoe!
hr of Great bVitsiu, and inouoibent ot t lat
oflloe uuder Oladstoae'a last administration
before tbis, is not directly descsndeJ from
the great catronomtrs wtio bora that name,
but is of the sains family. Tbs Her.cjells
are of lieruian or;;iu.
PdiNcxa Victoria, of HawsJi, will visit
the United States auJ ths World's Fair in
111, r.turniugto Honolulu in time to cele
brate ber eighteenth birth lay. Ojtoosr lo,
when "lbs will becsins elijibl to nuuuu
the duties of her poiition as heir apparent
ta tb Uiroas of Hawaii."
On Hundred and 8lxty Perished.
A Shanghai dispatch to London paper says
i60 persons pel isfied when tbe steamship
Bokhara wus wrecked. Among the victims
were twenty passengers. Dr. Lawson and
Lieut. Markhan, two of tbe pa'sengers. were
saved. Five commissioned officers and three
sergeants who bad been detailed for duty at
the British garrison at Hong Kong, were
ra'-'nu those who found a watery grave.
Franoe'a Cholera R-oord,
Dr. Brouursel reports that the outbreak ol
cholera in Marseilles resulted from the pol
lution ot drinking water with sewerage.
Measures have been taken to remedy tb
defect. The total number of ileuths from
Cholera lu Fiance sinus April Is 3,184.
17 A 7-ykau-oi.i) highwayman, Herbert En
ben, of Camden, N. J was sent by Judge
Miller lo tbe Huts Jtcform school. Tbe
boy had made a habit of holding up
school children und steuling their wnnics
and toys.
Two crowds collided on the gangway ol
tbesteamablp City of New York atib Liv
erpool dock. Many persons were thrown
Into tb water, but ouly out Ufa wm lost
TnriCBLE la feareil amonr striking coal
miners and glass workers tn France.
Thr wage of the CIiIpso Seamen's Union
base been ralssd from ft.R ) to H a day,
TfiERR are said lo he fewer suicides among
miners than among any otber class ot work
men Kxnt.AXD bad 3V.) strikes during the lat
ten month", mot of them for a reJuctlon of
the hours or labor,
8ot;iAMM In Berlin. 0rminv, ars try
ing to secure control of ths omnibus and
tramway employes,
Joiim Kixsella, a locomntlv engineer,
ws nominnrd for Assmbly at Uosbeu,
Y., by the Democrats.
Driveii on Kngllsii stre?t etrs berln nt
a little over a dollar a day and conductors
at seventy-five cents a day.
Labor organisations are to male a strong
protest against tin l'.niiisylv.inia Ktilrotid's
nttltu le ajaliHt tlii unijtis.
The cihint milcrs of Cinclnna', O'.i'n,
have minced their hours from t?u to nine
per day in several lar. j i factories.
The I'iiil i.lpl'ioin le'ter parrlers deinin I
a if.lui'tion o: wirkint hour. 'I h?ir locil
union has a :ue.no.'i-.uip o.' nboiit four hun
dred. Mo:iK nnnns nn I children nre employe I
in tliehnl- naUing iu lintrv of liermsny than
men, the I'ltler's niiiiiner b-lng 4171, while
4!'.ki women and ciiildivn work at tue
Br adopting tie rcferen Imn system the
Bi otherhiHil of Mi-iliii v Moulders is now
ensblil lo amend Its constitution and elect
ofiicers without holdui expensive auiiuil
The demsnd for skilled Inbur In the naner.
haulers, elsntrio w.rs men. stea-nflller.s
roofers and other trades Is very brik, an I
there is not ail Ills man in New York City
who is a 1400J wji'ltmaii and belongs to it
At the Llanclly (Wnlesl Conner works em
ployers dn.luct oiie eant per wsec tor coffins
iiitende.l for the work'iien. but before the
relatives or a desd man c in get the cortln
they have to pay ahou"; one dollar for trim
mings. Til operators In Ilia employment of the
Baltimore anIOiil'j telazraphic service have
demanded an increase of w itbs on a gradu
ated scale tor train dispatchers an Increase
of twenty dollars n month; copy operator.,
tllteen ilollcrs, and statiou operators, ten
Th stagnation In th shipbuilding trad
on the Cyde, in Hcotland, is appareurly
mosc serioiH. Tue North British Daily M iil
estimates tnat there arj at presfiit lieta veil
lllasgow mid lireenock over l.l.isi) men out
of work, every one of tliim willing to ac
cept any ncupation that might orTr al
though ssille I workmen at their trades.
TIIH W'llol.rsl I: l l:lrl- AUK 11IVKS IIKI.OW.
IIIMN. I U It'll AMI I'I.e.ll.
WHKAT-No. i lied
;n 0 I 00
"II 77
,M M
Xi lit
r.i fij
Cii M
:t8 3'i
87 :
;i7 Sa
; an
05 m
Hi .IB
4 10 4 75
4 73 0 00
4 30 4 .
It ,rXI 8 75
4 110 4 T
1:1 fXI 14 00
1 1 00 12 50
II (Ml U 50
10 (S) IH 00
(I .V) 7 00
;i h no
!l 00 20 0)
17(0 1M01
lo AO 111 00
I I 50 1H 00
J5 Ti
11 -a
12 14
H 12
10 K
10 11
14 15
13 14
11 12
a 00 2 50
I .vi 2 00
1 1SI 2 00
101 1 70
A 4
1 00
1 50 2 0 J
1 2) I 4.1
73 1 00
frt 70
0 '15
No. 3 Bed
Cll!N No. Yellow cur...
llii'li Mixed car
Mixed ear
Miellcd Mixed
OAi.S-o. 1 White
Vo. 2 W1.il.-.
No. While
ItYK-N... 1 I'u .V Ohio....
No. 2 Wctern, New
FI.OI'll Fancy winter p..t'
Fancy Spring p items
Faiii'V Straight winter....
NXX" linker
Hve Flour
HAY Ikiled No. I limy..
Baled No. '.' Timothy
Mixed lover
Tiinoiliv from countrv...
FFKD No. I Wh Md V T
lllown Middlings
i.aiiiy I'lionrrrs.
BCTri'.r. F.lgin t'reumcry
Fancy Cicjinery
Fiincv country roll
Choice country roll
J.ow gride .V-'cooking....
CiliF.SK 11 New cr'm mild
New York lhslieii
Wisconsin Swiss bricKa..
Wisconsin Swc.ter
1 jiiihurger
Ari'LI-S-Fintcy. V bid...
Fair to clioii-e. V bid....
BF.ANS Select. V leu
1'a.V () lleana, V bbl
Mini Beans,
Yellow darners V tin....
Yellow onion, V bid
fpxnii.li, V crate
rABBAUK New V crate...
Fiincy While mt hu
Choii o Bed per lui
rot'i.riiY Kit.
V lk
Dressed ducks Jtl
Dressed turkevs ' II.
L1VK l llll Kl'.NS
Live Spring chickens if pr
Live Ducks V pr.....
Live (Iccse V pr
Live Turkevs yn
F.litiS I'u A Ohio fresh....
l.xtra livetiecso V ft.
No 1 Kxlra live g.vsc'if lb
Mixed . . .. . .
TA LLOW-Counlry, e lb . . .
8KF.DS: W est Meil'iii clo'er
Mammoth Clover.;
Tiiuuthy prime
Timothy choice
Blue gruss
Orchard gruss
KAOS Countrv mixed ...
IIONF.Y White clover....
13 14
12 . 13
17 18
no m
4u m
70 75
IK 14
10 20
50 Is)
4S 50
26 85
1 50
7 75
1 1M1
1 9.'.
2 00 2 K
1 75
1 no
l 40 1 n
17 10
12 15
HYK-No. 2
12 50(3 3 55
FLOl'R J3 40(3 i 65
WHKAT-N'cw No. 2. Bed.. Ti 74
CORN No. 2, Mixed 4H 4tt
OATS No. 2, White 88 Ml
BITTER Creamery F.xtru. 24 25
FPUS l'a Firsts.. 22
FLOl'R-ratcnts 4 50
WHKAT No. 2 Red 77
ltYK Western 04
CORN rngraded Mixed 40
OATS Mixed Western 84
lirn'KR Creamery 15
EUOH State and I'euu 10
6 00
Prime Steers $ 4 40 to 4 00
Fairtoliood 4 15 to 4 K0
Common 3 25 lo 8 75
Bulls and dry cone INI to 8 25
Veul Calves 1 0)10 U 25
llinvv rough calves 3 60 to 3 50
Fresh" cows, ier head. . . ... 20 00 to 50 00
' HIIKKl',
PrimeO.. to lOft-Ih sheep.... 4 ftl to 4 M
Coiiimou 70 10 75 tb sheep... 8 00 to 8 50
IjiiiiIw. 5 00 to 6 00
Philadelphia hogs $ 4 85 to 4 00
Corn Yorkers 4 50 to 4 00
liouglis , I Mto 4 21
Ttie Rpeed nf (he Trotter.
Thirty years bro two mlnuto and
forty geccfidg was regarded a tho ex
treme limit of apeed for a mile in
trotting rare. To have ventured
the prediction at thnt time that It
would be done even In two-twenty,
svn.ilfl havn linan t.r rr.fn1vn t..oprll.ai
derlsfbn. For a nillo to lie trotted In
two minutes, would Imvc sectnrd then I
na fanciful ns I lie fainoua flight ol
Klylnu Chlldcra In llv dnya when no1
time whs taken In England and fen
rvatdica. ex aii'd. and yet It Is not
jt',y probable that two tnlriutes will
mon be the record, but Unit the trot
'.Ing horse tuny eventually rnai'li the
ijicetl of tlit! running racer.
The time iccord of tho trotter Inn
tieen lowered iilinust by rcgiilur
Itadittltins, avet'iigln at least a set:
)iid a year, while tlr running record,
xcept In one or two rare Instance,
ruts not change 1 materially since the
Jays of lSotui, Fashion and llcnty,
sr, If tbo Flying (Tillder mylli be
leeeided, It lm vastly deteriorated
nriiliiti a hundred mid llfty year.
;f course It Is iiosslblo that the run
ning record may undergo as great
.banges as that of the trotter, but
;lie urgiinicut I. d"i ldcdly ngainst it.
ntintilng bus always been the fast
rst gait of the horse, anil tlie best ol
these animals have been forhundreds
Df .tears trained fur It. and brought
to perfection within tho limits ol
the knowledge possessed on the sub
ject, while trotting lias been taken
up recently ns a form of racing, and
by careful selection and training tli
jtalt has tieen altered until It (I I (Ton
is much from that of forty years age
is the forced amble of 11 mule from
the swinging gallop of a thorough
bred horse. The gait Is n new one,
ind Is capable of still further lur
proveinent. It Is this which dlvestt
the splendid effort of recent troltcri
it surprise.
Hud persons fairly followed the
history of the trotting turf thej
would Lave seen no grounds for as
tonishment In the performances ol
licit animals as liexler. St. .lulien,
Maud S., Sunol, and the spieudlo
hurst of speed of Nancy Hanks. In
Iced, there need be no surprise II
his new queen of the turf bring!
down the record to the two-mlntit
mark within a year. SI10 will b
followed by others who will beat hef
rerord. Just as she has beaten all ol
(hose which have been famous here
tofore. It Is the Improvement In the
new gait, by careful selection and
I raining, which accomplishes these
wonderful results, and thn limit may
not be reachod mil 11 the speed of the
trotter equals that of the race horse.
Given all the comforts and many
if tho luxuries of life, how many
eople are discontented solely from
t habit of comparing their lot with
.hose of more fortunate, acquaint
tncesl They do not sp?clally object
lo walking they like the cxcrcl-ie
ut, whenever their next-door neigh
xir'a. carriage dashes by them, they
(row suddenly tired about tho knees
ind feel a weakness In the back with
srhicli pedestrlanlsm does not agree.
Woolen gowns would he perfectly
tnmfortuble If stlk ones never rustled
n front of them. John Smith's brick
louse Is belt?r than he ever ex
acted to own, and he would be con
sent enough with it If Tom Jones,
vlio went to school with him when
le was a boy, had n it moved Into a
toue-frontd mansion with hand
ume portico.
It Itlnkes a Difference
Wbethsr you ilnv a nstlsi.t with a nnaclc no
Iruin or a lean Un ite, scientific nrrparniion.
One ruins tbe ronatltiitimi, I he other hullili It
up. Ur. Hnsle's Corlxln ('mini Cure for nil
rente tt"i'lc - Ilirnsl '..! Iihikk 1. a IU
lfelfA trlmliHe pi titration, hii'I Is h sure
etiiY. Wold l- iJrniP'IslK. fin'. Adilrem A. 1".
lloxsir, UiiIThIo. N. V.
Tr.cob A. Kuiikel, are
lliihle farmer nf 01111 1
llnyul, York Co.,Pa',cays
thst a ruimtni;snrebroka
out 00 tbs leg of bla
nephew, Milton A.Kan
kel, when be was 0 ysrs
old. Ha eou'.d not walk.
Mllinn A. Kaiikrl. 'm rMrs ao tljrbe.
f an alvlnit him lluatl'M Aj.'i-rt.nrffrtnd
a a short 1I111 1 lis ... re l.emed u;., he revalued
piirfecl heslth, ai.d he ! no, at IM years, live
! snil riiKueil. Mr. Knnkel wits: "We all con
sider bis curs Uttlr mhurt nf a miracle."
Hood'm PHI nre liKhltnal rnnstiratlon bf
(storing actluu uf the All Jisutar J caiisl.
This Trade Msrk 1. on ths twit
Two bottles of, German Syrup
cured nie of Hemorrhage of the
Lungs when other remedies failed.
I am a married man and, thirty-six
years of age, and live- with my wife
and two little girls at IJurnam, Mo,
I have stated this brief and plain so
that all may undcrstaud. My case
was a bad one, and I shall be glad
to tell anyone about it who will
write me. - Philip L. .Schenck, P.
O. Box 45. April 2 5. itioo. No man
could aslc a more honorable, busi-
oess like statement-
I Main U netting Ttier,
A country riewspniwrcorreipondrnt
.n Maine recently wmr. this rhecrful
lilt of hew to hhi imprr: 'Hooks Is
t last provided with it nice hrnrse,
rind o'.ir rltl.ens can nott Ik conreved
to their jrnivM In decent linpe. Thlp
Is something that has long bico
needed hero."
Klevpn niillinn piutit ImtnlrrJ nnd tnrow
tlMKcnntllmtfrt ol'crtlon wer hy the
wurld lnt your.
f Inve Von AMhmit f
Tr. n. Pf lilfTirmim, hi. I'mtl, Minn., will mntt
Si rial I'm Kiitf.- of m liltlfiihMn'n AmIiimii tiro
Irrf 1 liny tmlfiTPr. Olvs'ts hifthinl nvt in
ivmi-m itHi'-, ittul rtitt-M win-in others fulL
Nuiiio t lilt impi-r himI mMid hiIiIih-hh.
Thi' Inrif Htvt Milroad rniiif' rnfh r1
quiri' from )c. to 10 iiI.oih nf oil ypuny fur
To VnunK Vlvrt
A dUnnt'tMntMl Itni-liclftr tint (i!fl thnt Dome
Him' niter iiuiM'tii.'i' 11 mihii'm u ih icn- lt Im
niiriiiM:y ntlrntlv fit liim, Nf-vor wnn n
taliM-d ran n'VT Imm- thfit ihitrm ur jrlrld tlwlr
fin 11 n Thi' ti"M'rvnt inn of nnr iHi ltr lit tlicir
orlifinttl licnUtiV pM fed mil ith'l coffii'llticns tu i
Mirr.il linly. KTy oittiir mntliiT win will
lafthfiilh tarry ftn 1hi- din' titm tflvi-n witli
Midi irnttlo uf "Mutlii'r'n t rifiitl' will iivit
). tlu'tnc nr (oinitlcsioii. Tin tlnftitv Iri'l will
tiiitf 11 1 into t In tiirfimfhc rit-M-. nutl old ntv will
eml hiT Mi--tii!r titc ilnv flni flrt ii-m
" .Motlit r'n it.M l.mdnVM Itctf. Co Al
liiutu, tiu. JohI liy nil il i uuiteu
Thn 11ni;i'li "rriliro-i' l.riiuc" Utm 51,
tM iih thImt. of whom 1 l,0'Ji coinihmu the
(iritnd i oiiiicil.
A 'tMttli'li NfWNHisr Fnr On (n.
'Ihr filtrhmifti riittiitirir-'t't Utra oh i" wiiltl hf
sll Ni-W4 Aut'iiti ntid ilfiivirtt. (y rnrrl Ti
every whrri. ror thtr I 'rut h ropy or ' r (Vhj a
M-i'k. It ttititnlii fl.tlly, tlir titw( of tlm
woilil, rcet'i intf nt ll (Io.-n, the raport of holn
tliH Ar"'H'lut( I'rcHtt und lh I'nitM l I'r No
iithnr piinr M'hleli fU for ihir i'rut rt'CdVH
hotli iif tlicrn ifpirtn. It StMtrtinir, Klii.ttidul,
KHfthlon, unti lioiiorlioltl llepirttnMit hth mi
tquHled. Ordi-r lt fnun your NVwn Ant.
Ill proport'oti to their iiimihorM fcilliht?
vcelM are loMt nearly liittf n ficqiicntly
AHiert lhtrrli, Wet Tolrdo, Ohio, wiy
"IIhIIV ( utiirrh run Hiei inv life.'' AVrilu
bitn (or I'MHinilnr. hold by 1'iuKwlftn, T.'h.',
The Mrnt hook Imptirted from Kuropw wn
lirnuglit uve r by .loiui I.ubin of i'hiladel-
Ton Inflftietstton. nn1 ;pnt inn. ulr lieiid
aehe, wtnk Moinueh, dior.htil Itvfr tnkv
Hotrchaiu'i I'll a. tot Mile hy alt tlruifKUtn.
S1..rM.u,:,eY.. na r.1.1. wh.cn ...is
tin- Intnls, In lire Hie Iroe. imn iiiiiii .
The lllslnv Stun Hlose V Il I' Brllllstlt.Oftnr. I
. I . ass- f.si L'Si llir lis. 111! I
ur KIM iiih r
.t-T KIDNEY. LIVER & bcurL
Exoesslve iiusntlly and high colored urine.
La Grippe,
Cures the bud after effects of this trrlnr epl
dcmlr and restores lost Tlgor and vitalltjr.
Impure lilood,
Ecaema, scrofula, malaria, pimples, blotches.
General Weakness,
Constitution all rim down, lots of ftmbltiou,
and a disinclination to nil ivorts of work.
(l,mrntst-Mntntof Or DottW. If not b
rflitrrt, lru.vl(t will rt-fi ml juii lire price paid.
At IruuuUl, iOe. Hl.e, fl.OO Mate,
ItivliiJa I. utile to IIitiIiIi' ftw ContuHatton frv.
Pit, KlI.Mtli CO., XilNUIIAMTON, h, i.
lHalllHler Hhnrlhimrl,
No. 101 VII th avenue. Illlshiira'. Pa. fire.
bum and 1'iiiiii.n rsi..ins. I'rivHte end msll
llllriicllnli. f--c't peii ciHfcB.'B forH'i wru-
rrs. (.imhI positions for couiictent sriiuents.
Suocossfiilly ProBocutes Claims.
I Jj laliU it ur, lUljtsUia.-m llitf sVlUIIU, Mlt ftlUt.
1 a rmi'fHL
T. ritKjrrnlil,
tuliiirtiiii. il. 1'.
J. 'V 1 I J N I VmuiiuIoii, l. I
40-pHtju bunk lr.
are compounded in accordance with a medical formn'.a
known and admitted by a'l educated physicians lo be the
o'.dcst, most standard, most widely used, mo't frequently
prescribed, and by far the most v.'uable of any that the
profession bare yet discovered. In the Tabu!ca the in.
gradients arc presented in a new form that is gaining favor
all over tbe world and becoming the fashion v.iih modern
physicians and modern patients.
OTlicy are compact, easy to carry, easy to
swallow, tasteless Ii taken according to diicction;,
end the dose is always accurate. Every one
enjoys the method and the result. They act
gently but promptly upon the kidneys, liver, stomach nnd Intestine ; cleanse
the system effectually; dispel colJs, headaches and fevers ; cure habitual consti.
pation, mali enemas unnecessary. Are acceptable to the stomach and truly
beueficial in effects.
A single Tadi'I.r talcen after the evening meal, er Just before retiring,
or, better still, at the moment when the fust Indication U noted of an
approaching cold, headache, any symptom of indigestion or depression cf
spirits, w ill, in a large majority of cases, remove the whole difficulty in an
hour, without th: patient bcinj conscious of any other than a slightly warming;
c fleet, and that the expected illness failed to materialize or has disappeared.
The. Tabulcs nre put ud in small bottles, each containing six doses, the
whole easily can I : J in the vcjt pocket or portemonnaie. There is uo fear vl
spilling cr spoiling an;, thing w ith which they come in contact.
Sasiplt Bottle, 0 de-nt. 1 1 ssalu, Twelss Bellies. J4 rsss, . II.2B
Hi Octll.i, U ro:s, . 7( csats. I Twsaty-fsur BsUIss (ens ,rss.i, I21TJ0
'l'hoe who buy a g-oisand divide with neighbors or friends reduce the cost
of the smallest p iciuge nearly one-half, Tho Tubules are not Injured by age.
Bent by mail on recc'pt of price aottaje paid er may be ordered through
the nearest druggist.
rrr J
opji5 KisrjoYa
Both tlie mt!ind and results ivlea
fcyrtip of Figs in taken, it la pleasant
und refrrsliiiifr to the taste, nml acbj
KPnlly yet promptly on tlie Kidnr-yi,
Jivcr nml Jiowele, clonuses tbe ys
tpm encptiinlly, diapnls coldi, nead
nches and fevers and cures linliittial
constiiintion. Pi-nip of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, plciuiing to the tnsto and ac
ceptable to the ntomneli, prompt in
its action nnd truly beneficial in its
eflccls, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable subctances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it tho most
popular remedy known.
Hyrttp of Fips is for sale tn BOo
and $1 bottles hy nil lemlinjr drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
mny not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it, l)o not accept any
Silt rRAHCISCO, cu,
louismu, nr. new york. H.r.
rifiln, common n fit: t'mgm
rvlt vn origin, rnucf. nn
tnrr, vitrictiff, nronipt ri-lU'f
nml illinimf iiifrtilihle riirt,Mnt
for Ac. nickel, tin ntnmiiH.
f'KfStw JIavrn, Conn.
Unlikelhe Dutch Process"
Mo Alkalies
Other Clicmlcala
or tiwl In the
jircjiaration of
vhlrh it attlultly
pure and eo!ti.'fe.
1 fttiismnrefAtnfir'ftifffnra
I IhottrrHtjtK of C'Mioa mlxeii
.with Htsrclj. Arrowroot or
'Sinrsr. snil Is far more eco
nomical, coMtlnrf fess fia.-. one eent a etip.
jr. is ueiit'iotis, nourisuirig, ana BAsii-ir
Sold bf (Irorers ererjrwhers.
W. BAXER & CO., Dorchester, Km.
rnn7rn axle
Tt wsrlns qiullrlM are Bn.urpam.i, arlu.Hf
efjils.tlns tbree bnies r.r inv niner t.rn1. hat
tjrwi i.r iMf. irurr tiik tJKMlMt.
llluatrated Publlcat!ost,
Ml.Mt. HorlS IMtMI.
I..IM.. wusi.cm. .b one. ae
I I slTVTlMBtsAsTViMltwml.QMllUsWiTIV
EJrr..JsB.i.Mauaitlsri. MsiImI rttKi-. A44n
nmrM.unnrif swsj laasr
IMA, m. .AKOMa,taa lmm. r. a. an ms, aaasMs
('umtljsa ani pei-plm
who htva weak limp or AMi
im, fhouldui I)sH aCDr for
ronaumptlon. ll btt anrosl
thsiiMvidi, Itlm not injur
hj on?. It t not h'! 10 It; at,
ilistb bum ecu yriip.
pfild vrrwhsri, nam.
TATK'T I I'F.NstlON f-Spnl for Inwn.
or', il'il'l. or llitw iniHii.iMii I'.tiriu. in.ir
lilss'lnf 1'KNs.KIN ililU HOI' NT V I, A Wis.
fA'riUi-'K u'SAIIItKU SAMMI.N.i'f.i.X. U.0,

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