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li'm Big Ilumpns la Cirrus la In-
The mistlike of a careless kreppr In
the nieniiifori" of KitiirllriK Hroths-rs'
circus, while exhibiting In Km nit fort,
Intl., recently, nltnost resulted in the
killing of one of tlie nttenriiints and
the brciiklnp; loose of the wild ani
mals of the ineimgerle. "Untie," the
hlppcst elephant of the circus, was
taken with crump, unci the veter
inary surgeon of the show proscribed
a tahlcspoonful of prpperriilnt In a
fint of whisky once In half an hour,
lyan, the elephant keeper, procured
Jnsr contalnltiK a gallon of whisky,
ind Ituhc was niv n it dose. Jlyan had
Kccaslon to leave the tent, and care
lessly left the Jiitf within reach of Hi?
elephant, who had had'a taste of the
contents. When Ilyati leturned he
.41 was surprised to find the Job un
corked and empty. Fearing discharge,
should Ills carelessness he discovered,
and knowing full well where the con
teutsof the juhadn'ie, hehastftied
to a near-by sjloon lo lme It retllled
beforo the mistake should be found
Hut It was not Ions before the ele
phant bfKiin to develop symptoms ol
intoxication. The attention of olhet
keepers whs attracted by peculiar
noises, the like of which they had
never heard before. Tney hastened
lo tho tent to find the huge limit
rock Inn from side to side with a
peculiar llv'ht In its little eyes. One
of the men took an elephant hook
and endeavored to calm the excltt-u
beast, but the mcdi.dnc was not of a
soothing nature, and Kibe became
very angry. With a remarkably quick
motion the keeper was seized by the
' elephant's trunk, and after belli",
held aloft fully a minute was vio
lently thrown about, twenty-five feet,
fortunately striking against. Hie side
of the tent and narrowly missing a
f AVIth a single mighty effort the
r.hams were iirouen and italic was
free. Staggering from side to side,
the animal commenced a wild ram
page through the menagerie. Tho
other elephants were panic-stricken,
and the raged animals made mad
efforts to free themselves. The tank
of the hippopotamus was in the path
of the reeling elephant, and with
loud trumpeting It commenced at)
attack which would have shortly do
mollshed the caje had not Ihe keep
ers succeeded In entangling the legs
Of the elephant In ropes in such a
manner that it was rendered help
less. In two hours the effects of the
whisky had passed off, and- Hahe was
ts peaceable as eyer and free from
era ruis..
Australian Boreary.
A Among the natives of Flnke River,
Australia, if one falls sick or din
they at once conclude be must have
been bewitched or bitten, or hurt bj
the devil. At tho same time the.v
can bewitch others, the old ones nnd
the medicine men fostering that be
lief. For this purpose they employ a
variety of agencies as charms. Includ
ing Implements of wo:xl and hone,
which are thrown by the sorcerers in
the direction of their enemy to make
him tick or kill him, tufts of feath
ers of the emu and eagle to glvo the
wearers strength to kill their ene
mies, and a little Implement, about si j
Inches long, of bone or wood, worn
through the septum of the nose, by
means of which they also think they
can hurt others.
Mrt. A. A. M iMams
Dev. Mr. Wilt lam Heartily En
domes JfoocJ'a Samaparltla.
We arc pleased to present tins from
Rev. A. A. Williams, of the Hillsbee
Street Christian Chinch, Lynn, Muss. :
! see no reason why a t-lerfrvman. mure than
a layman, win, knows v. Hereof lie speaks,
should hesitate lo appruve an
Article of Morit
and worth, from wliliu be or bis famMv nave
been siKiially heiieAt-d, and sIujh uoimuenda
llun may nerve to extend tuoe umolll t uln
ars by Increasing- tbeir coiiftdelioe. My wife
lute fur many years been a sufferer from severe
Nervous Headache
for wlilr h sue found little help. Mie bus tried
piany tbinics I bat promised well but performed
little. Last fall a fiiend save ber a bottlenf
Hood's Harsaparllla. It aeetns surprising- v. lint
simply one bottle euuld and did dolor ber. The
atlas as of headache det-reassd In number and
were ie violent ill their in teiii.il y, w 11 lie ber
femoral bealib Is improved, her appetite bus
also been better, from our exierieiiu itU
Hood's Sarsaparllla
have nobeslOitlon In endorsing- Its mer-
HeeiTa Hills are the uesTfiirnilr i-tuaruu, sea
Us eiut sSeutlve, Try a boa. 1-rioe S6c.
f N I) S3
'Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
m Late Piiuuttml
.t Piiuuip! Ixainiutsr lT 8. J'tiuaiou UurtMu.
3yialuWl u ill'. lutsjutUt'UUiJiuluiui, utlj titita.
WI?IM?'lvPCf We pftB cur your runt
f r,l l i I 1 O I ur If i.uc trua liuUia
,vm (Mrrt-vtiy. ir t !
ltC UnlU I tMi. net imc ibul
do" Hiiu llit-M ruil (or
our Ktiptiire C.tiv. prlitj
Ui. AillrfMlw K.kvcixi
I a"rV Oulile or How lo uhislil s I
fJkof FKNHIO.N ae4 UOt'XT
lATr.KTHt PKNUIOX 1-R.od foe Invent
i ntieut. neuuiuf
TV 1.4 MB.
iKMlViiiiii. it n
' ) PATENTS &i..Wr3r'A
MeivMs 4li-laae kstek Ira.
WA NTK U-Vouua eiea to handle alvertlmuaiea.
close Maaip. li.Ui klale aa.Cv.,t.wuUiK.Ioa
I IlK.NCIl 1MI hTltY.
Itnw tlin (ioticlltia Proilnrfs Are
tittle UihrlirnlFMl Patntlnua l(c
jn iiiliicpd In ttin Tnpcstt'ic-
i'rlv.uc Miinttlnt-iui'irs,
INTEHK9T In the sntiquo Industry
of tapestry-weing is KrHilunlly
mutiifesting itself in mnny (piarters
4 of the I lilted Btntes, nu I Is only
nimthf r tvidi-nce of tho development of
the American tnstcfor high art. in re
rpnne to impiiries from persons inter
ested In this f!ich:nting subject, the
Wute Department it.mo time since re
quested I'nitcd States C'onul-Uenernl
Adnm K. Kinj;, of I'aris, to gather such
infiiriimtinn hs w:is nceessihle eonrerninj
the ninnuliitture of t-ipetrics In France,
mkitig untidily nhrmt the Uubclins, nn
ettnblisliment In 1'nrii hel'tnuing to the
French O.ivernnitnt, nnd devoted to tho
pipiluctinn o tapestries and cm-pets.
The (iobclins are the Inrgcst nnd most
important 111 inufnetuicrs not only in
France, but In t lie entire world. Their
plnee Is situated lu Avenue des CnlicMor,
nnd (bites its tstiiblishtnent Irmu the
early )art of tlie llftecntli ten ury, when
two brothers, Jchuti nnd Gillei Uiihelin,
discovered an iniptovement in scarlet
dye which nmn rose into great repute.
After more than lift? years t lie p'.unt m
bought in 16l'!i by Liutis XIV.
Tlie National mnmifnetory of tl:e Gobe
lins is now divided into three distinct
(eelloi.i the dre shops, tnpestry shops
and carpet wotk lios. The dyu shops,
or works, pruduce not only every kind
of color, but twenty to thirty dilTcrent
shades of each. While tunny of the
hangings worked fifty years' ago nru
nlte.idy laded, the factory is now able to
produce any color perfectly fast. Tills
great success is due to the' labors of the
eminent chemist, Clievreuil, who was
employed by the (jnvcriituenl to instruct
the Uohelini dyers. I,ri;e rooms are
devoted to tho high warps, upon which
tue tapestries are suspcuded as t lit; work
goes on, and some idea of tlio ex piisitu
nature and delicate character of the
work mty be gained from the fact tnt
nn Of list cannot produce in one year more
thnu one-fourth of a squire yard.
The method of manufacturing tapes
tiles is as follows: The desigu is first
painted in oil colon of the tapestry to
be ibsaufsctureJ, after which a second
one, but of natural size, is painted, per
mitting to distinguish, besides the exact
size, the colors and gradations of the
future tapestry. The design is then
traced ou the back of tho warp with
pencils. Tho colors, or wefts, are then
dyed, prepared and assorted, ami are
wound separately on a spouliu mado of
boxwood, and shaped like a canoe
man's paddle, that lias a blade at both
The warp banes from a horizontal
cylinder, and as every jsid is completed !
it is wound upon another cylinder in tho
lower part of the fritue. The artist ;
stands behind tie tapestry, aud with his
worsteds and silka at hand, begins to j
work in the different colors over the I
ground roarked with the tracings ol the
picture to be woven. The number of I
colors entering into a tapestry ntc-ssarly I
influences the quality, as upou I hi same
warp fifty different patterns tnsy be
manufactured, according to the number
of colors employed, 'ihe subjects that
the tapestnts represent also influence
their value, ordiuary shaded green land
scapes, for example, costing much less
thau portraits requiring a variety of
The vertical threads of tho warp are
divided by a little tool called a huddle,
which keeps half of tboin in advance of
tho rest, but those behind cau be brought
forward wheaever required by meant of
mall cordr, oue of wnich is attached to
each warp thread. The left hand is in
troduced between tho two sets of threid,
taking up a many as need be, and
through these the needle is passed from
lclt to right. The thread whea stretched
is plied with the pointed needle, and Is
then passed back in the contrary direc
tion through the space opened by shitt
ing the position of the iron and b.tck
threads; by ingeniously couiMuing the
woofs, the colors aie made to bleud per
fectly, and effects are obtained liketUoie
of paintings.
The characteristics of the Gobelins
tapestries are especially large historical
scenes, reproductions from celebrated
paintings, etc. The Gobelins carpet de
partment weaves velvet carpets, in which
historical and mythological subjects are
reproduced. These carpets are manufac
tured ia the same way as velvets, that is,
the wefts, alter having been woven into
warps, are sheared upon the fat of the
tissue facing the artist by measurement to
a given length, to give more or less thick
ness to the velvet effects. The warp ate
disposed in the same manner as for the
manufacture of tapestries, but the artists
work with the face of the tissues facing
them, while, as previously sbov' it is
the reverse in tbe maoufap' ,cg of
tapestries. Tue carpets are r. uarkable
(or smoothness, evenness of texture, their
strength aud fineness exceeding even tho
Persian in this respect. Some of them
require from live to tea years for their
completioo, and cost tfi.OUO to $20.0UO.
All these carpets made during the reigu
of Napoleou III. were used for tbe decor
itioDS of the imperial palace. The largest
ever made was manufactured for the
gallery of the Louvre. It consists of
leventy-two pieces, the total length being
wore than 13UU feet.
Ia tbs city of Aubusson there are pri
vate mauulaoturers 1 who manufacture
upon the same general principle as ia tbe
State establishments, but simply lying the
procedure, sod not manufacturing as line,
or with tbe same car sad time. Tbe
warps employed are always in a horizon
tal position, and tbe designs, which are
ia general but water-color, and some
times ordinary oil paintings, or merely
plsccd beneath tbs warps in such a mas
Mr that tbe workmen may distinguish
tbtjB and carry tbs dasigna and wist
In irs. ITowever, when crest attention if
given, tapestries rivalling those of shi
fctite manufactories may be made. Au
busson Is a town of about 700(1 people
The chief industry is that of tapestry
weaving. The oldest factotles were es
tablished in the fifteenth century. Twt
very different kinds of tapestry are bers
manufactured, namely, the artistic kind,
used for armchairs, furniture hangings,
mural decorations, and the like, (lit
prices of which ruu from (15 to f IOC
per square metre, according to the shndt
and fineness of designs. About
workmen are occupied in the production.
at an average wage of eighty cents pel
day. The other kind is ordinary tapes
try for floors, which are worth froif
seventy-five cents to i'i per square metre.
These workmen do mechanical weaving
with .Tacqusrd frames, and the ntmibei
of wnrkmnu employed on this class o!
goods is lflOO.
The artists employe 1 by ths French
State manufactories of tfioestries receiv
very high salaries, while those employed
at Aubusson by privnto maniifactoriel
are not very well paid. Tho time re
quired to manufacture tapestry of or
dinary dimensions at the Gobelins Is, ni
an average, three years; while at Au
basson a few months are sullicieat.
Oldest t'o;y of t le Honk of Zecliarlut
At the International Orientalist Con
gress in London, Knghnd, a most Inter
esting document was submitted by Itev.
Professor Ilechler, chiplain of the llrit
ish Embassy at Vienna, a distinguished
Orientalist. 11 is a papyrus manuscript,
discovered a few months ago in Kypt,
supposed by some to be the oldest copy
extant of portions of the Old Testament
books of Z icliariali and Malachl.
These pages of papyrus when Intacl
were about, ton inches high and seveo
Inchos wide, each containing twenty
eight lines of writing, both sides of ths
sheet being used. Tlie complete litis
contains from fourteen to seventeen let
ters. The sheets are bound together In
tho form of a book, In a primitive
though careful manner, with cord and
strips of old inrcliin;nt. The Greek is
written withuut intervals between the
words, a ciKtom in old Greek and old
Hebrew manuscripts. The ptpyrus is
in lair preservation, and is believed to
date from the thityl or fourth century.
It thus ranks in age witii the oldest
Greek manuscripts of tho cptuigint
version of the old Testament in, London,
Itome and lit. Petersburg.
Toe differences iu the papyrus tend to
tbe conclusion that it was copied from
some excellent original of the Scptuaglnt
Bible, first translated about 2Hi) 11. C,
(or the use of the Hellenistic Hebrews iu
Egypt, who, haviug gradually forgottcu
the Hebrew tongue, had learned to
speak Greek. It has several new lead
lugs which surpass some of tho othet
Septuagint texts in clearness of expres
sion and simplicity of grammar. It would
appear that it was copied, and not writ
ten from dictation. A secotid scribo has
occasionally corrected some mistakes of
orthography made by the original copy
ist, distiuguiihed by the different color
of the iuk.
Professor Ilechler said it was sin
cerely to be hoped that this papyrus will
soon be published in fac simile for ths
careful examination of Iiiblical schol
ars, and that it is the pressing duty of
tbe British Government to institute ao
organized and scientific search for papyri
ia Egypt. It is impossible to forecast
what surprises may be in store or what
treasures may be placed at the disposal
of modem scholarship. New York
Didrooins of tho O.lent.
The bedrooms of the Orient are far
different from those of Christendom,
Fully half the women of tho world sleep
upou the fl'ior or the ground, and even
tlie richest of the ladies of Asia have
never knowu the luxury of hair mat
tresies and spring beds. Most of these
Mongolian bsautiut don't know what a
featiier bed moans, nnd there is in most
museums a Japanese pillow, consisting
of a piece of wood about tho siza of a
lnuf of bread, witU a piece ol soft paper
tied on the top of it, and so made that
it will just fit ioto Yum Y'utu's neck and
prop her bead off the floor.
Tho Japanese girl never needs to shake
up ber pillow, and it is her neck rather
than bead that lies upou it. Tbe same
kind of pillows are ued in China and
Siam, and as to the average woman of
Hiudostan, she doe cot kuow what a
pillow means.
Tbe Coreaa pillow is about eight
inches square and a foot long. I bava
seen somo that were two fest long, They
are as bard as though they were datirons
wrapped iu cloth, and there is nothing
comfortable about them. Tue Egyptians
use lare pillows, and tue beauties of
tbe harems sleep on big divans, whica
are oftea covered with Turkish rugs.
The ricuest woman in Cains, whose
husband died wortU tea millious, bss a
bed fully sis feet squire. It if made of
teak weed, and it is covered with ropes
instead of a mattress. Tbe old lady lie
on a canvas stretched tightly over this,
and she does not know what spriusare.
Yankee Blade.
Now It I tlie Foxi Turn.
8nme time ago it was found that the
Norway rats were multiplying; so fast on
Sable Island that they were killing oil
tue rabbits, which are valuable to tho
inbabltauts as a food. A number of
cats were, therefore, imported from
Halifax and turned loose ou the island
to kill the rats. Tbe cats disposed of
sums of the rats, but soon discovered
that it was easier to catch the rabbit
and tbat they tasted better. They mint!,
plied so fast and made such bavoa with
tbe rabbits tbat finally a lot of foxes
were brought to tbe island to kill the
cats. Tbe foxes have been doing their
work too well. They killed tba cats,
and then turned their attention to tba
sea fowl that haunt tba island, destroy
log their eggs and aatiog up tb!r young,
and bow ths islanders are begging tba
Government to rid thin af tbe loaei.
Picajfuuss) t
1Hn world has 4V 0 raper mills.
Cbioaoi) handles trains dally.
Daromrt has fallen t) the French.
Fbost In firar.il has sent coffee up.
( hh aoo Is to have a Chinese thosti-is
1tAi!sshnvt caussd flools In England.
Dr.ra are plentiful in the AdiroJsclts.
Jtalv is suffering from a lack of small
Cholera Is making appalling ravages In
Thf.re are AW) In li-it- voters in the new
State ot Washington.
APACttit Indians in New Mexico ami Ari
sons are on the warpatl-.
The Pwlss K'publlp hns been tlupsd by a
bogus Minister from Hllva lor.
Tim Pollvian Congress hs passed a law
flume, ths Presidential term at four years.
Th rallros'ls of the countrr were never
so overrun with liudnei-s as the are to-dajr.
Dvbkmtkbv Is rairini fitnlly In soma
illstrlets iu China, with 3)14 deaths in 15, -W
Tue Ohio lllver at I" Itt.slmrr. P-mi., is
lower than for yeirr, and Unfile ha been
DitKRsr.tsn p'mUful In Michigan thnt
boys have to be hired to stone them out uf
the turnip lielils.
ARorr Hki.oiK) essrs r.f unusually fine
sweet corn ami KHI.OM cis-s ot suuuutasb Is
the pack reported lor Maine.
Tnr girl lisbv lorn In the E qiilitisux
vll.BKe at the Wnrlo'ii Fair, L'uieago, has
been named Columbia Husiii.
Masv counties In Oalahonn are so poir
that tnev have been unable to comply Willi
ths Territorial Australian ballot law.
Thk Misnuri Pacific Itna l hss given 110,
no to the families ot thoss killed i.i tne
Hzht witi the Ualtou gauj ot Ccftjjrville,
The heaviest lossnmnir swin. acoor.llnj
to the Department of A-rriuuit n-al rep irta,
i fii't:!in?d in tbs Monti, tlecn-is l.-als.
with a tors of almost tn p-?r Ciiit while
Alabama, Mluisiippi anl A kaisis are tin
tar liehlud.
AnassRsr, rain throu ;h-ut ths North
west has Kivn the railroad, mvisjjers en
courage nent in t teir eftirts to raisi th
l-raiu bloulta lo. Th?y s ty the rains will
make the roid bilaul stop lurai-rs from
hauling- in iirain.
Tna original Columbus Mter, rs.'n"'y
pureiiased iu Kurops for t:ie fi'iiior. Litu-arj,
renehed the Custom Hou-e, New Yir Citr.
It was put un.tel- sifo lo-k, for ths prer-om
document bss nil Invoice vaius o. fi.UI.
There is no duty upon it.
A Manitoba Indian male a death-' is 1
ronlessiun tint he nn I n companion, wnils
at-c-onipinyin a Hu- John Franklin Arctic
relief expedition, ill'oovrti-ed on of Frank
lin's siiip. tmt were atrii t to rjpors it, fear
in ; delay at a tl m wiien provisions wera
rRjFsssoa Faxch-ixi. of New York, ba
tieen Hppomtt-d leader o the band ol th?
t'mte I .Mat Marine Corps at Valiin?ton,
to sm-cjel John I'nillp H-jus. Th new
bnnlmaster is an Italian, bivinj beii born
In Tuscany nn I educate 1 in tne Conserva
tory of Music of Kloruni!.-.
Thk hesvirst armor plats ever ma lo is
now in count ot preparation at tbs iiethle
tism tl'tun.) Iron vVoris. 'file iii;t weium
eighty-four tons, and wbm completed will
lie seventeen incnes thick. This armor will
defend the sitlo of tlin h-itclemip In liana,
now building at Cramp's snip yard, Phila
delphia. A Pimar In lian was about to shoot his
squtw near Tempe, Ai'iziua, when the 1st
ter's brother suicestsil tnit lu irate
brother had better shoot him, whir l sugtt-
Hon was promptly aJoii-.aJ, mil the tiii
brothtr dropped dead, rout- Pmias, d'.-pu-tizjd
us constables, sttlis-fpientlv pursue!
tne murderer, and as be fai.uJ to hen 1 their
warnings to stop be inol witu a similar late
at tueir baud
Tfxtium ara first in Prussian Industrie
SIiNKHM at C'arinaux, Franca, buv re
sumed work.
Tbc strike of the printers iu Pittsburg lias
lasted ovi-r one year.
'I he pas of an ordinarr British constable
is from I7.&'.) to (!) a weeli.
The Bakers' Unions of the States of Njw
York aud Pennsylvania are forming Bute
A co oprh ativ shoe factory Is about to
he escabiishe I ti' the KmgUU ol Labor in
Kochestor, N. Y.
Wages for miners have been ralsol two
per cent, by the ricuuylkill Coal Exchangr,
In Pottsvillv, Phuu.
Over seven thousand applications wers
r?ceutly recoive I in Paris, ri-auuj, lor fl.t
tive vacant positions.
Over 3,?iO,0(H) wonisn are working for
wages hi I ran.v, and nun Irtfdsoi th inunds
are scekiuj; work withsut beiaj able to llaj
Uniox bricklayers who were employed to
build an addilijii to theUader Umveriityac
Indianapolis, Ind., refusal tj wora on an
tdd foundation built ty uou-union men. Tua
trustees allowed tbsm to t-sai- down tje ulij
wall, and tbeo the wor went on.
Thk Ordr of Train Dispatchers was per
manentlT oivaoirij at Memphis, Venn.,
with 1W charter members. The coustitutiou
an-l by-.aws einbracs tue protective fealurea
which caused so muc-'i discussion at tbe con
vention in New Orleans last June.
The following are a few examples of tba
rate of pay of women In Liud n: Making
paper bags, eight rents per lOUU; p:niOl
earnings 1. '.'5 to (3. '.'5 p-r week, lititton
boles, six cents per dua n; possible earnings,
t'i per week. Htiirt, four cents; eaca worker
kading her own cotton van gat six done be
tween o a. ui. and 11 p. in.
Arran several years ot struggle, cottoa
spinuuig ot Cbiu)S4 cottoa by Caiuess nsu is
is eititilishid In rJnangbal. h'ivt buuirst
an I titty looms and 'JI.UOJ sp ndlas turo nut
weekly 130 MM yai Jr, thirty-six inches wide,
of a superior quality ot imitat.ou American
drill sheeting. Hulf ihe looms al l ot En
list) make aud half of A-Jisricau.
KoKfcHEno, In Norway, seims to be a
little paradisa for workmen. Of the 49J miners
employed there every una bas a bouse of hit
own, an I men having- worked for ten years
bava a right to pmsioa of ten par out of
their wages, wnicu incroases every year two
per cent. After thirty years toe pension
would amouut to SI'.'.) per mouth, or s.iltl
cieut for a man to live upon. 1 iienoas tro u
lack of work or through str.Kes is unkuowa
in Kousberg.
From Junuary 1 to October SI there bavs
been in Philadelphia 9,(185 coses of diph
theria. Of these 1,0115 were fatal. Twenty
six cases were reported ou Friday,
The business failures in Uerniany dur
ing the II i st six months of this year were 00
per cent, great er Ihsn during a coiiespoud
tug period iu 18UL
A. W. Bexnett, tlie telegraph operator,
whose negligence caused a freight collision
on the Fort Hmltb road, In Arkansas.killing
two wen, is now a raving maniac.
Tn cat were bii alarms of lire turned Iu
in Chicago In Ociober.a larger number thau
ever received la any mouth in the city's
Woivis have besame so plentiful la 0n.
verse Cjuuty, VVyomiiu, that S-iS esttle
ststa have offsrsi t auiacs for scalps.
tann c. coou.
the Pleneer P.bll.h.e .1 fs.aaav.siehs .1
Psvbl C. Cook, of Chicago, whose nams
has become a household word through his
Kundny school piiblicatloiis, Is but 43 years
old. He was born In East Worcjster,
K.X.. Ii. 1s-iO, a son of Mev. E. 8. Cook,
a Methodist minister,
nnd from a child an
earnest and devoted
member of the church
and rtitndHy-school.
St 11 l.i.n ImlIiIhm
In Ward's Koll'na
i Mills Sunday-school, lit
Chicago, at the age of
1. helping also In one
Slid sometimes two
Itilsidiui schools of the West MJe, meet
ing at different hours, until tht
grrnt fire uf 171 chanced his plans,
and marked the beginning of his work
on tbe North Bile. Hee.ng Ihe dis
tress and pressing need for help, ha left his
home and rented io.miis In one of the oor
eil and roughe-t nelghtiorlioo Is of t he burnt
district, where, with three other youn
men w hom he persuaded lo join him, ho
fare himself to relief and mission work,
lereon North avenue, in a (lerman theatre
end lwer hall, was started Ills "Everybody's
Mlxslon," atte t-wiird removed ti a buil ing
of its own near by. This mission, with fit
tendnuce of D.VI lo 4.V), he started, built up
and sustained without, aid from any church
or society lor flv years, until others were
able to occupy the Held, lie also nrgnnis-d
and nipt-rluteinle I on the Norih-'ide, North
Avenue Mbslon, Ijike View Mission and
like View Uidoii schools, and. In Elgin, the
lirnc Church School, besides several smaller
enterprise f bewhre .
Ills Hrst public itions were prepared only
for his own schools, then, to divide the cost
of tyif-se1titiir, be asked t-r lers Irom others.
No one could I e more surprised than heat
the demand thus created. Afterward his
schools alforde l a place tor first testing new
helps and new Ideas. It Is In this love for
Ihe work, and close application to It, that
schools me indebted lor w bst he has dons
lor tbe cnuae of rtunday-achojl literature.
CitAfcEr Drtfw carries half a mill
ion dollars' insuranoa on his precious
lifa He do -a not kuow When be mav
be obliged to ride on some of tbe rail
roads in which be ia interested. Atw
Vrlran J'irayune.
"Do you love me V "With all rot
soul. I swear it." "Nay, do mit
swear. Speak it into the phonograph
and that will be enough.1' Han t'l an
cia.o Clirun.hdr.
Have Van Asthtnnf
rr. R. eVhlffmsmi. M. I'biiI. Minn., will matt
atrial pnckaKe of M-hirtinatin Aetlitna I lire
Inr to any sulTcrer. (lives liiUinl relief In
worst chm. aud i-tires wticte uthera fail.
Name this imuh r and ss-nd addi-eaa.
Among tjiii-en Victoria's choice rhlnn is n
Sevres dessert service valued ut SJOO.ISSJ.
Dev. H. I. f'nrwm. Scotland, I)ak., savs:
"Two iMiltles of Hair t 'ntarrh Cure complete.
Iv cured my lltlto girl." rsjid by lruuiil,
The choleru ifcrrn pronagiiles so rnpidlv
that in 44 hours one will produce 20,00 1,000
A Cnniplefe ,f wspiiper r-nr due Cent.
1'ltr I'lttHhttiyh (7il'nlili-i--7 Vlf)l tilth Is sold hy
ell News Auenls aiifl delivered by rarrlers
i-vi-ry where, for tint I'rut u copy or Sir f.'ruls a
week. II contain dally, the news of the
world, recei.-ltnr as It iIih-m. the renort of both
the AHiM-la1ed IM-ens and I he Culled Press, No
oilier pap-r which sells ror ihit i:cnt receives
ImiIIi or these rep irt. Its Siairtlng. t-'lnanidal,
Kai-hlon, anil Household Ih-partmentft are uu
squalud. Order it Iroiu your News Agent.
Ir yon are constipated, billons or troubled
with sick bealache, Itcechem'e f'HU afford
luiiueuiate relief, of Uruygista. S5oenU.
ultti tMHt-x, KiiiiiiielK, anil Pntnta whlcb lUtin
tlif .mini. In hire Urn lion, unrt Imin ttt.
The UMutt Kim (itave J-nil-h in Brilliant, Ofjor
IfsfiH, UnnililiMiml the fiMtnmr av (or LO Ull
ur films pack Hue wltli every mn huse.
I n:n a farmer at Iidoin, Texas. I
have used German Syrup for six
years successfully for Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Pains in
Chest and Lungs and Spitting-up of
Blood. I have tried many kinds of
Cough Syrups in my time, but let
me say to anyone wanting such a
medicine German Syrup is the best.
We are subject to so many sudden
changes from cold to hot, damp
weather here, but in families where
German Syrup is used there is little
trouble from colds. John F.Jones.
H BRfv
This Traits Vsrk Is tut tbs best
fliutt rated
In the World I
lemunpiliei end uple
botieve week lunjtor A it ta
me, tumid u PisHi'i Cure fur
roniuatiiilou, H bee er4
lbotjet. It ton not injur
j on, li ii nut letl to late,
ll ts i be to l count, syrup.
Si.14 arrwber. tJAe.
$5 to $15 KZfti!?
uu -ltluf jivitlrf .ttWt-lMi
lattirrtf, A. flWrl Uw
iuvsH tt it:mrtf (IA4 M
Ml ell ilbiUst U
ih r'i4. BiitsTt m ieL.
No tlpvrtt. h empltl.
Br.r Iscuw bi Ktwsla bs-
MWIU. WrtUterclKti-
llw. H. tV. BKLNe) 4
n a r t-
J m
Both tlie method and twiills riheu
Byrup of Figs is tnken; it it pleasant
nnd refreshing to the tnste, nnd acta
fr-nlly yet promptly on the Kidneya,
iiver nnd Bowels, demises the sys
tem eflecttmlly, disppls colds, head
nches and fever nnd cures habitual
constipation. Pyrtip of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the tnsto nnd no
ceptahle to the stomnch, prompt ia
its action nnd truly heticfioinl in its
efTerts, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all nnd have nmdo it the most
popular remedy known.
feyrup of Figs is for Nile In 60o
nnd 11 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on band will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. L)o sot accept any
lOUMIUt. ut. new ton. .r.
FrJI)41 .
Diisaolvcs C'rarel,
Cell stnne, hriekiliist In urine, pains In urethra,
si rummy after urination, twin In tmrknnd ljlps,
sudili-u sluupage of wau-r iih pressure.
Ilrlglit's DiKease,
Tiils easts In urine, ecantr urine, fltrtimt-nnnt
cures urinary truulileeatiil kiiluey tllffleulties.
Liver loin plaint,
Tnrplil r enlsriinl liver, foul breath, Mllons-iii-hb,
bilious heuilacbe, oor ll(iaition, sot.
Catarrh ( he madder,
Inflammation, Irritntlnn, tileeralion, dribbling,
fiueiil valla, pass blood, miieus or pus.
Guarantee tTs eontents of One IWtle, If not bear
eflteil. OriiealiiU will lefiinil yoti tlie prlea pnla.
At nruKirlMa, &Oe. Hire, SI.00 ISIae.
'lovftliile ouule to Health" fiee-conwiltsttoa free,
llli. KlLUCR CO.. BlIkOHAMTOX. N. Y.
Unlike the Dutch Process "
No Alkalies
Other Chemicpls
are nsed In tbs m
preparation of
whlrh 4 ahtotulrlit
pun nnd sefHvfe. i
I th ttrenyth tit Cocoa mixed
with Btarcn. arrowroot or
'Huirar. and is fur more ecu.
noinlcal, enntiny less fni one esnt a enp.
It Is delicious, nourishing, sod KASuhf
Sold bjrOrorers eier;wksrs.
W. EAKF.ll &"CO.,I)orchester. Mais.
laeiltaiear Hk.nbaaa.
Nn, 1M Fifth avenue. 1'ittshiirit. Pa. flra.
bam anil 1'itumn systems, private and mall
inlri:-tim. eiiec ui M-efl eliisee for all ariu
i rs. iiood os;tiona for eoin)tnt sluilenla.
Morphine, IfablS Cored In lO
to ili flays. No par till cored.
OS.J.STtl'rllNS. kSBsnen.unw.
rou WANT
svea If you tnerelr keep tbem ss a diversion, la or
der to handle Fowls judlulouely, you niul know
Kmelblna about tliem. iu meet ibla waut srnire
lelllnir aWMikflTIng the experience i fnw K
of a prcidu-oJ poultry raierr fortUHIJ i
twenty-five yearn. It wss written by aman who pus
all lits irlnl, and time, and money to maXlne, a sue
eesf Chli-SvarnlMlng nolasa rasllate. but a aj
bumuesa and If you a III pmSt Ij his Iwenty-Sva
years' wurk, yutt ws save aiaei Cbieks annually.
n4 wak your t-owia ara aoliara for jtm. Tk
noiDt u. tbat vuu uiuisi f abl to iIwh Usubl l
it Jouliry tr4 im aoou m It uppMrt, k4 fcattW
(ajw to rriiisHly It. 'Inw I ook win Utu k yuu.
It telU huw to tUtsx-t and -r dUwM; tu t4 fo
CUM anil alo fur faiuatuf ; whlcto fuarta toMvav
Wvavtitiig uriioai aa4 avrrytalna. iailvMl, yon
tktouid kmw om itita aunjael U m it brutbl.
aWnt pji)a fvr lotrutji ft tu b l. 8
Boek Publishing House,
IU Uoasae at. X . vita.

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