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The star. (Reynoldsville, Pa.) 1892-1946, November 23, 1892, Image 3

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With gTtrnlliirt let all thanVs,
All lands, all stations, and all ranks!
'And the cry comes op along tha way,
For what ataall w gv thank to-da;
JVr peace and plenty, bny mill,
The cattle on a thousand hills,"
For taming barns, wherein is itnraJ
The golden craln, a precious hoar J
Uiva thanks!
For crchardt bearing rosy fruit,
For yielding pod and toothsome root,
And all that God declare! was goo J
In bill or dale, or Seld or woodi
I lle thanks!
For water (right an 1 sweoot and ole.ir,
A million fountains far an 1 near,
For gracious streamlets, lakes, anirilli
That flow from everlasting hill,:
. Give thanks!
For sammer dews an 1 tlm ly fro't
The sun's bright beam, not ona ray loit.
For willing h-intls to sow the sed
And reap the harvest, Croat iaile9.lt
(iive thanks!
For hearth and home love's altar tiros
For loviog children, thotightfut sires;
For ten ler mothers, gontle wire.
Who fill onr hearts an I bless our livasi
Oive thanks?
For hearen'a care, life's Journey thronejh,
For health and strength to dare anl do,
For ears to hear, for eves to sss
Earth's beauteous tilings on lan I and sis:
Oive thanks!
M. A. Kidder.
JlOST diffident
and modest
knock it was.
Perhaps because
it was so very
diffident, so very
mo-lest, irritated
all the more the
peculiarly alert
nerves of Jlr.
Uodfrcy Kirke.
"Oh, come in,
come in 1" he
An elderly woman entered the room.
Eh had a small, pale withered face; a
kind face, though, pleasant, gentle,
t-he was dressed in a worn dark t;oivn.
The net ficlm, crossed over her slender
shoulder, was clasped by an old-fashioned
"To-morrow will bo Tlianksc;ivinc(.
eve," she said; "I wished to know if I
might prepare for the day after. '
An originally baud-tomo apartment,
this in which the ' old man sat, and it
bad been handsomely furnMied. Now
both the room nnd its belongings bore
the mark of creeping poverty, or ex
treme ponuriounes. The master of the
house, seated by the center table, seemei
to share the character of the room. He,
too, had been handsome once. Now
he was expressive only of ao nnd in
digence, Irom the threadbare collar of
bit limp dressing-gown to the tips of hi
thin and shabby slippers.
"Prepare what?'1 he growled.
"Why a turkey, air; or u pie, or or
a bit of cranberry -sauce, sir "
He looked io fierce, her words died in
bcr throat.
"Turkey I And where do you sup
pose I cau get the money to spend on.
turkey? Aod piol To make us alt sick,
and bring doctors and doctor' bills
down on met And," with a sni.1 of
disgust, "cranberry suuee the skinny
stuff t No, Mr. Dotty. A bit or bacon
and tome bread will bs cojJ enough, for
poor folk like ut good enough."
His housekeeper, for that was the un
enviable position Mr. Dotty occupied i
Godfrey Kirke' household, roioivei to
make one Inst appeal.
"But I thought perhaps on accouut of
the child," she began.
"The child the child 1" he ropeatoii,
irascibly, "I'm tick of hearing about
Indignation made Mrs. Djtty quite
bold for otoe.
"She's your own granddaughter, tir.
Tliat' what she is."
"Well, I'didu't ask for her, did If I
never wanted to adopt her. What right
Lad ber mother to make such a poor
band of herself by marrying Tom Bar
rett, and then ocme baci to die here,
and leave me ber girl! Eli I 6he' an
expense, I tell you; tua'i all. Ad ex
pense!" "The Lord help us, but be' getting
worse than ever I" murmured the woman,
M, with a bang that wa dowurigbt dis
respectful, the (lammed the door behind
"Too you, MUs Bessie !"
She started, as she looked up, aod saw
Bessie Barrett standing so near her. bhe
was a slim, browu-bairei little thing, of
bout seventeen. Bhe wa clad (nan ill
made gown of coarse maroon cashmere,
Her ayes were large, gray, just now vary
Sorrowful. Her lashes and brow were
t)uit black. Tba delicate features bad a
pinched look, aod tba pretty lips wtre
(ler thaa should be tba lip of one so
"Tea; and I heard."
"Oh, don't don't mind, rleu!" atd
Mrs. Dotty, soothingly, putting a hand
that looked like wrinkled Ivory on the
girl's arm. "lie I just a cross, toured,
lonely old man."
"I do mind !" Bessie passionately cried.
"Oh, I dol I sha'n'asta? here I I sha'n't
be an expense to him any longer. I will
go away somewhere!"
She 'broke down ia a fit of bitter
"Now, Miss Bessie, dear, you mustn't
cry that way; you really mustn't. I
loved your mother before you, and I love
But the poor, little, old comforter was
almost crying herself.
Years before, the Kirkes were the
people of wealth and position in thai
part of the country. But one trouble
after unjther had come upon the house.
First, the wifo pf the mu?r died.
Miud, tiie daughter, marriel a hiu
whose only crime was poverty. He was
A frail, scholarly muo, quite unfitted for
a fierce struggle against adverse fortune.
He fell ill nnd died. A year later his
wifo followed him, leaving their caild
to its grandfather, Godfrey Kirke. To
the hitter had como the rl mil blow when
his only ion Uoburt, his hope and pride,
had run nwoy to sea. Then io the
houe, which since the death of the mis
tress had been a cheerless and dreary
place, began a rigid reign of miserliness
and consequent misery.
Ilessic broke from her friend nn.l ran
upstairs and into her own littlo baro
room. There was no fire in the grate,
though the day was cold with the pene
trating damp of a wind from ott the
ocean. She went to the window and
stood there looking out across the flat
brown murshrs, to where the waters
toed, greenish and turbulent.
"A horrid day," she said, with a
shiver, "but it can't be worse out thau
flio put on a short old Astrahan
jacket, a little felt hu aid a pair of
much-mended cloth gioves. Then she
i nent quickly down and out.
1 no dusk, the dreary November dusk,
was liiling the room when the old man,
plodding over his accounts, laid down
his pencil ami rang the bell. Mrs.
Dotty responded. Mr. Kire kept but
one other servant (if Mrs. Dotty could
correctly be termed a servant), and she
absolutely refused to enter the protest
ing presence of her master.
"Yes. sir."
The meek housekeeper with Ire -.v.
Ten minutes later she brought in a tray
on which were tea, bread, butter, two
cups, two saucers and two platen Mr.
Kirke pouted out his tea, shook a little
of the sugar he was about to use back in
the old silver bowl, added carefully n
few drops of milk and cut a slice of
"Butter has cone up three cents In the
lat week," he uid. "I can't afford to
use butter."
So he munched his bread drv, with a
sense of exaltation in hi sett-imposed
peuancc. He would not open tae
poorhoue-door for himself by using but
ter. But, somehow, tbo rank tea tasted
ranker thin usual. Surely the bread
was sour. And tha gloom outside the
small circle that the lamplight illumined
seemed singularly dense. What was
wrong! What was mmsing! What was
different! He paused, his hand falling
by his side. Tue child as be and Mrs.
D.ttty had always called her -the child
was not hero. She used to slip in so
quietly, take her seat, and when her
meager supper was over, glide away just
as softly. Yea, little as ho noticed her,
she was generally there. lie rang tho
bell sharply.
"Where is she!" heaskel Jlrs. Dotty,
when she popped in her mild old bead.
There was no need to pirticularizs. Mrs.
Dotty cast a swift, searching loak
"Isn't he heret"
Without waiting for a reply, she
turned and ran up the stairs to Bessie's
room. There she knocked. No
answer. She opened the door, wc-i in.
The room was empty.
Hastily she descended the stairs.
"Shs is t in, sir."
"I don't know, sir."
Impatiently Godfrey Kirke pushed bis
chair back from the table.
"You ou;ht to know; it's your busi
ness to know. But it doesn't matter
it doesn't matter in tho least."
Down to liuuna iu tho kitchen went
Mrs. Dotty.
"Did you soe Miss Bessie!''
"Yes'm. Pussin' westward a couple
of hours ag ves'm."
Mrs. Dotty breathed a relieved sigh.
Bessie bad probably gone to Hose Dover's
bouse. The Devers lived almost a mile
away. A a storm was blowing up she
would most likely stay there over night.
About ten o'clock Mr. Kirke' bull
again tingled out. Again Mr. Dotty
appeared before him,
"Ha toe child come in!"
"No, ir."
"Do you know why she went out!"
I suspect, sir."
"Well, speak up."
"She overheard our conversation to
"What of It!"
"Nothing of it," with a very ancrrv
flash from very faded eyes, "except that
she vowed she would be an expense to
you no longer."
"Sue aia.eui"
"She did."
"Well," grimly, "I hope she won't 1"
The child bad a sulky tit. 8b wa
probably at tbo house of some neighbor.
She would return wbeu ber tantrum had
passed off. All this be toll himself.
Still be sat la bis lonely room till long
after midnight, lUteoing, listening.
When be finally went to bed It was to
roll and moan till daylight, in the vague
wretchedness of unhappy dreams.
Moon tb noon before Tbaoksgivlog
eve, came, went. Bei did sot re
All forenoon It rained. Toward even,
log the rais ceased, and fog, chill,
smoky, blinding fog, began to creep up
from the Atlantic.
"If you don't mind." said Mr. Dotty,
making her appearance with a shawl over
her head, "I'll just run over to Dever'
and see vhat Is keeping Miss Bessie."
"Dot" he answered.
Bhe had spoken as if the distance were
not worth considering, but. it was quite a
journey for her. When she returned she
looked white and scared.
"She Isn't there hasn't been."
"Hark I" said Godfrey Kirke, holding
up one lean band.
"That is only the carrier with the
"Ask him if he has seen her!"
Mrs. Dotty went into the ball. Almost
Instantly (he returned.
"He 1ms not. He say there Is tho
body of a young woman at the town
Godfrey Kirke leaped from hi chair.
"He savs that the body of a young girl
was found In the Kast Branch to-day."
Godfrey Kirke sank back in his sent.
Mrs. Dotty smiled n hard little smile to
herself as she closod the door ami went
away. Sue knew how many friends
Bessie had. Bhe shrewdly suspected if
she wore not found at one place she
would be at another; and she was malici
ously nnd pleaantly conscious that she
had given the hnrd-hoarted old man a
genuimi scare.
Long the latter sat whero she had left
him. Thinking. For the first time in
years he was thinking, sr.dly. seriously,
solemnly. Than1 sgivingevel la bis
wife' time the house ued to bo gay nnd
cheerful on that night, ao Ailed with com
fort and bright anticipations, so odorous
with the homely fragrance of good things
in the kitchen, so delightfully merry with
the btisk bustle attendant on the mor
row's festivity. Now it was desolate,
drenry, darksome with depressing and
unutterable gloom. Whose fault was it!
II is 1 decided Golfrcy Kirke, as savagely
relentless to himself in thi moment ns
he would havo been to another. His I
when his devoted wife had drooped nnd
died under his ever-increasing arrogance.
dictation. 11 is I when Maud married the
tint man who offered himself, to escape
from her father's pretty rule. His I when
Uobert ran away to escape the narrow
obligation) and unjust restrictions laid
upon him. llisl when the child bis
dead daughter had left him could no
longer eudure bis brutality, or accept
from him the scant support ho so gru J
gingly gave. His fault all his I In
those lonely hours the whole relentless
truth dawned upon him, as such truths
will dawn, in most bitter brilliance. He
dropped hi head on hi haad with a
He looked around tbo dim, shabby
room. Ho looked at the dying tire in
the grate. He wondered of what uso
would be to him now hi twenty-thousand
in bonds, his eight hundred acres
of meadow land, the money be had out
at interest. Hu rose in a dazud kind of
way, a shalowy purpoietakiug dutinite
ness in bis miud. lie wished he had
been better to lioisc; bo wished but
what was the use of wishing now! There
could be but one satisfactory auswer to
all his solf-condumnution. A shot from
tba revolver in the drawer you Jer.that he
had always kept in readiness for possiblo
burglars. II e roso. Ho moved toward
the table. Hi figure coat a fantastic
shadow on the wall. The tear were
streaming down bis cheeks. There
might be thanksgiving for his death,
though there could nevor havo been any
for his life.
He had the weapon In bis band. ITe
started nervously. Was that Bessio's
voice! He turned, dropping the revolver
with a clatter. Ye, Mere she was, not
three feetawuy, froth, fair, dump, mail
ing. "It I the queerest thing," she said,
coming towaid bim a she (poke. "I
felt badly yesterday, and I went over
to Mr. Farnham' to see if ate coald get
me work. I met Mr. Nelson, and no
asked me to go borne with ber. Dicky
was ill, and she wauted me to stay over
night. She sent you a note. At least
he Mot the boy with it, but he lost it,
and only told her so this afternoon. As
soon as I knew that I started home
alone although Dicky was no better."
"Yes!" said Godfrey Kiro. He was
listening with an unusual decree of in
terest. "And to-night, when I was almost
here, (Nelsons' is quite two miles away,
you kuow), 1 got lost in the fog."
Her grandfather regarded ber in
amazarr. ent. What made be pale cheeks
so bright! What excitement bad
blackened ber gray eyes!
And a pentlemaa who was coming
here found me, and and brought me
bome. Please thank bim, grandpa.
Here be is!"
With an Inciedulous, gasping ery,
Godfrey Kirke retreated, as a big browu,
muscular fellow came dashing in Irom
tba ball.
Robert!" .
Then the were clasped in each other's
' baok froa the tea for good,
father. And I chancad to find my little
niece Bessie lost out there In the fog. A
young lady, I tow I And I wa think
ing of hern a mere baby vet! Just
think I She telll me Charlie Nelson
want her"
"No! Well, Charlie Is a fine fellow.
Ho can have ber a year from to-day."
8o now you know why the Kirk
homestead Is dazzling with lights and
flowers, and why It resounds with laugh
ter this Thanksgiving; why old Godfrey
"nonRnrl" "FATimn!"
wears a brnnn-new suit, un 1 n flower In
his buttonhole; why ltobcrt, in his
richtful place, looked so proul nnd
pleased; why dear, busy littlo Mrs. Dotty
beams benignly; why 15;sie, gowued in
snowy, shining silk, thinks this is a
lovely old world after uli; why Charlie
Nelson is so blessedly content, ami why
in each and every henrt reigns supremo
Thanksgiving. The Lodger.
Thnnksglvlitr Ko.ist Pig.
Take a choice fat pig six weeks old,
not younger, though it may be a little
older. Have it carefully killed nnd
drersed, nnd thoroughly washed. Trim
out carefully with a sharp, narrow-bin led
knife the iuside of the mouth and ear,
cit ou: the tongue and chop oil the end
of the snout. Hub the pig well with a
mixture of salt, pepper and pounded
sage, and sprinkle it rather libornlly with
red pepper, uml a dash outside, too.
Make a rich stalling of brent I crumbs
corn bread shilling is do rigeur for
pig, though you can put half ol one arid
half of the other inside of Mr. Piggy if
somebody insists on loaf bread stulling.
If you ue corn bread, have a thick, rich
pone of bread baked, nnd crumble it as
toon as it is cool enough to handle, sea
son it highly with bluck aud red pepper,
sage, thyme, fuvory marjorau, iniueed
onion just enough to ilivur it, ami
plenty of fresh butler; moisten it well
with stock, cream, ot even hot water.
Stuff the pig well and t.v it up closely.
If you have n tin roaster mid cpuu tire,
the pig will be rnatoi by that much
better. If you have not, put the pig in
n'long pau and sot it in tho ovoti, and
leave the stove door open uutil tbo pig
begins to cook, gradually clo'lng tho
poor, so that the cookiug will uot bo
done too fast. The pig must be well
dredged with flour when put in tha pan.
Mix soaio flour and butter together in u
plate, and pour about a quart of hot
water in the pan with the pig when it is
put on tho tire. Have a larding-mop in
the plate of flour and butter, and mop
the pig frequently with the mixture
while it Is roaatiug.
if a roaster is used, set it about two
feet from the tiro nt lirst, but continue
to move it nearer aud nu iror as the pig
cooks. Baste it frequently with the
water in the pun betweeuwhiles of mop.
ping with Hour and butter.
To be sure the pig is done, thrust a
skewer through the thickest part of him;
if no pink or roddish juice oozes out it
is done, and ought to be a rich brown
all over. When tho pig is dona pour
tha gravy in a saucepan nnd cook it
sufficiently. This will not bo nccessury
if the pig was cooked in the stove oven.
The pig' liver may bo boiled in well
suited water, pour.deJ up, and added to
tho gravy, which should bo very savory
and plentiful.
Tue pig should be invariably served
with baked sweet potatoes and plenty of
good pickle and sauce, either mushroctn
or green pepper cauup, for duspite V.
tootbsomeness, roast pig is n.)t very sufe
eating without plenty o( red pepper.
Good Housekeeper.
An Informal Hipnst.
"I suppose," said Mr. Brown, "yon
would like me to wear a new dress at
this Thanksgiving dinner you are going
to give!"
"Can't afford It," growled old Brown.
"As long as you have the turkey well
dressed you will pass muster." Judgu.
The Thanksgiving Turkey.
As Thanksgiving Day walks down this way
1 lie strutting turkey is 111 at ;
"I'm poor as tba turey of Job," says us;
"Tough and unrtt to ear, you so;
I gobble no more of my po.ligre,
Lest soma poor fellow sliuuld o iul me;
Aud a turksy buzzard 1 tbinii 1 11 b
k'ur tuspraeut, if you plan,"
Uinyhaioton Kepuoliean.
Cause for ThunVfglvlnr.
Sunday-school Teacher " Willie,
have you bad anything during the week
to be especially thankful fort"
Willie "Yet'ui, Johnny Podgor
sprained bis wrist and I licxci him for
the first time yesterday.'' Uurlingtoa
! Free Press.
A Thought Fur the Srasou.
H In who store of bleuings tUsre may be
Enough, and yet to spare,
Btiwiug, with a ganU ousrity.
Upon tue poor a suar,
Br all Ibegladusw tost bis gifts provide
Will bav nisown tbankiviuj multiplied
Toiunij'a Ureiu ou Tuauksjlvlnr Night
Thr Plltuhuro IifHifr More news, more
telrernphlo and sper'nl eervUet, ttisn itny
nrwiimier between f hiladelphia anil Chi
cago. The net debt of Canada is imported to te
BTiTIOr Onto. tTTT CV TOttDO,(.
Frank 1. t'hruer nmkee oath that he !h
Senior iiartnrr of the firm ot f. 1. C'liener A
to., doing busmen !n the Oily of Tciedn.
i'vuulv mm Htate Huron Ul nnd that ald firm
wll. iwythe iun i.r tlm tor each and everv
t"ol I'ntarrh ilmt cniinot be cured By tbt
bm ot Hall's Calarrb Cure.
r'nAHst 1. rnsKtv.
Fworn to before, me and minocrlbea :n my
prrwure, this ol h day of Ut-remtw-r, A. LI, Jm.
'r-T . AnMr PtiMfe.
Hall's Catarrh fnre Is taken internally and
act directlyori the hlHd aud miiroii tmrfacea
Ot tb t.i. Send for Ic-lllln.tilHl.. free.
f. .1. i iiK.srv Co., iultuo, U
told by iii injtisUi '.tu.
More tlinn "no himrrnphlrx f Columbus
have been written In vurious liuigiinxci.
A Cninitlele Siewntinrier Pur One f'en.
Hit I'lltrliinilh l7i!inirlr-7W(i;(iiili 1iM llr
all News Aueiit himI delivered by 'nrrl'ri
ivevywlii-ve. Inr oi I Vif ii i-npy or sir ':' n
wfk. Ii cniitHin. tUlly, tlm heirs of the
world, rei-ei 1 1 lT hs it iIopm, the t-eliort or hot!
Ihc Ahwk'IhIi-iI I'le- and Him t'nllfil rrt-H'. No
oilier np.-r whloh sell for tin. iVh' reetves
loth or tliewe ifi''!. I'1 l'ortlinr, Klnxncl il,
Fiodiloii, iiii'i Hotiioliold 1H-pirtmetit nru nil
tqtltileU. Order it trom your News Agent.
There are ol'.'.AOO telephones In use in the
I'nited Slate
Have Y Asthma f
Pr. It. ft-hiffmiinn. t. Paul. Minn., will mall
atrial iMickiiw of xdiltfttition AniIhm t lire
fr" to nny sufTrrpr. Hitm tntntit relief In
wont fH-e. and eun-s where other fail.
Ntiiif thi IHilKr and eeud address.
BreriiAM's rn.rjs enjoy the lamest snle of
any proi-rieliti y tne.tcirt In tba world.
.Made otiiy iu t. Helens, Ktilaiid.
Cf . the equoJ of
forttye PrtHi.pt 5Md
PerineaientCiiTfe of
PeJns si7d2cl?e$
xney ail Tes-Ui&r
f5pB pr n Ti the ntncaej
... . ,h .
W Tft'V Vv'.i . . i V.oiliMienownKi
H C ' . . ..Tl 1
f rc-mufiy fro;ii tio Qi oruin
iruimii a. .tl (icl:i linn
I'ionnfi nh t l'..t a-.iilrrnir-..
' usMr.'sMi t? t '.tOfckeiJt It ii und
Cicse rr,,o iicnrutl colt fy cm t!ia
' tt.Irit which Ittl'iesmit Iminedl.-ti'lr
rrrvl lento. Fo!v-n cut won) It tttrrrlMd or tUn
mult ot vile fllspuAPfi from within all yield to tlil
fmtt-nt but itmpie rrtnrdy. It la fin liiiffpiulcil
tonic, builds tip I ho old a:nl f v1iIm ur oil dltoateii
arlfhiK from Impure blew d or ifcoltpnrd vitality,
fctuulurnrvaiue. Kxatnlnatbopruof.
Sooka on " Blood and iSkln Dfccarea " mailed frea.
lrvvvita HeH It,
Drawer a, Atlanta, Ca.
' Did you ever see a sickly
uaby with dimples ? or a heal
thy one without them ?
A thin baby is always deli
cate. Nobody worries about
a plump one.
If you can pet your baby
plump, he is almost sure to
be well. If you can get him
well, he is almost sure to be
The way to do both there
is but one way is by care
ful living. Sometimes this
depends on Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver cil.
We will send you a book
on it; free.
Scott A BowNBtChcmiti, 131 South $th Avsnue,
flew Yuri..
Fain In the Back,
Joints or lilu,Be!iment Iu tirinelllto brick-dust
f requeat calls or roteution, rueuiuatuuu.
Kidney Complaint,
JliabctAis, druiJiy, scanty or high colored urine.
Urinary Trouble,
fttlniflnc seasatlons when rnldins-.dtrtera pre.
Sure Id the ru, urethral irritation, stricture.
Disordered Liver,
Moat or dark circles under the eyes, tongue
seated, coustipatiuu, yellowish eyeballs.
Hnerejitee-lTieeonteNttorOM DoMlt. If ael fcaa
eeir4,liiuiiriUwlll IWuud you tue prltf Mt4.
At DrucUl tOe. Mae, $1.00 BlM.
'laralioV (iulile Iu Unaa' frae-Couulutloa Ira.
1H. klLUSU CO., UlaUUAMlUM, M, V,
Good Paper Hanpo:,rel,u;:
commission, or a lot'dl virenta.
SOt limn 8Tatrr, I'mvictNca, R. I,
.in itp.
.ft I I IV Jf' A . K All
1 U
III i u L'Li'J!
i. i ii l- n
, I i iw -JZ
- 1 nm . JlMiflM
a-s w nrn n n i
"."T K1DNETC LIVER & l!'
ocu iuivjoyo .
Both the method and results ithen
Byrnp of Figs ia Inken it is plewanl
aud retTerLing to the taste, nnd act
conily yet promptly on the Kidneyg,
Liver and Bowels, demise the sys
tem efU'ctnally, dinpels coldfl, head
ache and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup nf Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, plcruiiiig to the taste and ao
ceptnhle to the sloiimch, prompt io
its action nnd truly beneficial in its
effects, prcpnred only from the most
healthy ami agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend il
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Hyrup of Figs is for sale In 60o
and II bottles by nil leading drug
gists. Any reliable dniggint who
may not have it on himd will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
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OR. J. STEPHENS, Lebsncn.Ohw.
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