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Subscription tt.M prr year, in udmnee.
An tnf1(H'ndiuit liirnl pnprr, publlthril (very
Wi'dn"ly nt livnol(lsv(lh, Ji-flVrwnn Co.
I'll., rti-voii'd to I he lnli'iiM of Hvynolilivlllo
and .liirirwnrniiniy, Non-polltlrnl, will trrat
All with ffilrni'M. nnrl will IWM'MptM'Inlly fiicwl
ly tuwrmls t tit lahorinK rln-w.
Hiitwrlprlon prlrifl.iW)MTy'nr,ln nrivnnrp.
Cnimtninlrtittonft InliMidrn for nuhlli'Htlon
mut bo mvnmpnnlrd bylhe wrftor'n nnmi
nol for mihllentlon, hut it it gutimnli'r of
good fiiltli. IntcnKlInu nnwit Iti'im Millrltcri.
Advert llnir mtt mndt known on ttppllrn
tlon nt lhool1li'i In ArnoldV Blix'k.
1,4'tiithty I'oinninnlrHtlonm nml rhnniro of
ndvertlM'mont! nhonltl romh thU office by
Alondny noon.
Addri'HH rII fommtinlrntlonK to C, A. Ktrpli
cnxon. Koynoldsvllli', I'n.
Knlert'dT nt tin MVtofll(i nt ltcynoldftvlllo,
Ph., kh NiM'ond rlns mntl tnmtt'r.
C.,. ftTKlIIKHO, Fdltor and Pnb.
Confrivwt iHinvonos on Monday, Do
comber fth.
It Is 'ttlmntd thnt thoro are ftbont
2.10,000 Chitiamon In this country.
Throo jKTHons In Philadelphia beeomo
innano lout SSundHy nltfht bopaimo thoy
foared tho world would be destroyed
by tho comot which was to appear.
Jtidgo Walpolo, of Indianapolis, Ind.,
rendered a division on a case tried
before him of an election bet as follows:
"An election Is not a gnme of chance,
and a man who lonen an election bet
must pay."
IIo who anplres to do anything well
should look upon nothing with greater
suspicion than upon that which he
seems to have done easily. It is true
that easy doing comes of hard practice,
but that samo hard practice is really
the preliminary part of the doing. Yet
even then the attainment of a measure
of ease oupht to be the signal to move
on toward that which is less easy.
If you want to know people, you must
get near them; first got down to their
level, and then bring them up to yours,
not waiting for any great occasion, or a
more, direct revelation, but taking
advantage of small opportunities, and
making your Influence felt in quiet,
unobstructlve ways. There Is always
some one to smile at, somebody to give
your chair to, somebody to whom a
book, a flowor or even an old paper
will make it possible that in need these
friends will give you opportunities to
help them which, unless you had shown
thoughtfulness and regard for them
they could never have done. A quiet,
sympathetic look or smile many a time
unbars a heart that noeds the help you
can give Josephine Pollard.
Those in the world who, it is said
"have a chance" are genorally those
who improve what chances thoy have,
and by small steps rise to high places.
"To him that hath shall be given, but
from him that hath not shall bo taken
away even that he hath." Those who,
instead of lackadaisically hanging their
hands and the corners of their mouths
and lamenting that thoy have "no
chance in life," go vigorously and
resolutely to work improving the
chances they have, by and by come out
on table-lands where wide horizons
spread around them. The great world
may know little of them, hut they bear
within themselves the proud conscious
ness of the victor, and load a life whose
bidden springs are fed from the Infinite
"Whon I receive my pay at the end
of the month and put it in my pocket,
it is my own. I don't owe any man a
dollar of It." So said a man in our
houring. He proved himself a philoso
pher und a financier. He keeps out of
debt, and enjoys life. But, probably,
he does not represent a very large class.
With the majority, shall we say? well
with a great many the statement
would have to be reversed. When they
receive their pay it is hardly sufficient
to pay their debts. Thoy are always
behind, always ioor, and always
unhappy. The difference between those
two classes of people is great. The
secret of it is debt. In many instances
people might just as easily keep out of
debt, and have their finances ahead of
them, as to have thorn always dragging
behind. Every family which has erred
in this matter should determine to get
square with the world by care and
economy, and then keep square.
How woll we all know by experience
that every day brings Its provocations,
its perplexities, it misunderstandings.
Irritations arise; Motions make their
appearance; hurts are received. How
hard it is amid all these conditions to
guard one's tongue, and leave unspoken
what is best covered by Bllonce. A
mosquito bite may, If properly culti
vated, develop into an ulcer. Keep the
skin thoroughly abraded, sprinkle on
a little acid, touch it with minute
particles of poison, and one may have a
cancer or u gangrene. The body will
soon discharge its impurities partially
into that sunken place, and help convert
it into an open sewer. But let a
mosquito bite alone, or apply a little
aweet-oll and ammonia, and it soon
disappears, leaving no trace. A little
wound in the spirit may be cultivated
until the whole nature is infected.
"A soft answer turneth away rath."
' 'Gantle silence prevents untold trouble."
"A word fitly spoken is .like apples of
gold in pictures of silver.
Mining Notes.
(Brorkwiiyvllle Koconl.l
No. 2 mine at Dagos, which was shut
down whon the Northwest company
reduced Its mining foreo in September,
has started up again. At the time it
was closed tho indications were that it
was not likely to resume very soon.
Last week, however, ojiorattons were
once more started and men are bing
employed as fast as they make
The Brock mines people are making
a new oiening on tho William Mi-Minn
farm on tho other sido of the Clover
ridge where they Bre now operating.
In order to reach the now mine a tunnel
Is being driven through the ridge at
No. 4 drift and a tram road will he
constructed across the intervening
ravine. The coal will be brought
through tho tunnel and loaded from
the chutes on this side.
Mr. Howells' Future Plans.
While Mr. Howells will not, during
18113, confine his literary work to any
singlo periodical. It may be authorita
tively announced that ho has entered
into a contract with The LarfiVx' llmtic
Journal whereby his most important
work will, for somo time to como, first
see print In tho pages of that magazine.
His now novel, "The Coast of Bohemia,"
begins In the Christmas Issue of the
Jotmml, and Immediately upon Its close
Mr. Howells will begin In tho magazine
a series of editorial autobiographical
paiKtrs, in which he will tract the
influence which led him to literary life,
his courso of reading and his favorite
authors and books. Tho article will
practically tell the story of the famous
noveltio's lifo, and promise to possess in
a rare degroe that attractive interest
which always attaches Itself to the lifo
of a successful man when told by
himself. Howells had his early
struggles; his early resourses were few,
and theso he tracos among other things
in these articles, describing, too, how
he mastered four dlfforent languages to
acquaint himsolf with tho literature of
the counties most attractive to him.
Mrs. John Smith has boon ailing for
several days.
The new tipple at the Henry mine
will bo completed in a week or ton days.
Mr. E. Keagle while in Tioga county
purchased himself a good driving horse.
Win. Pcnhall, a sufTerer with rheu
matics, is ablo to follow his usual
avocation again.
Our schools are moving along very
smoothly this term under the leadership
of a good class of teachers.
Tho new livery stablo that is being
erected in our town is nearing comple
tion as Is also Hotel Wylam.
David Hill, who is a sufferer with
bronchial catarrh, has returned to the
home of Mb parents in Phllipsburg, Pa.
Rev. H. G. Furbay preached in the
M. E. church on Sunday afternoon and
Rev. Stephens, of DuBols, at 7.30 P. M.
The dlnnor and supper given Thanks
giving by tho Ladies Aid Society of tho
M. E. church was a financial success and
an enjoyable affuir.
Tho infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John
Mansoll, which has boon quite sick, is
recovering as is also the infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Mayhew, which has
been Bick for several days.
Dr. Geo. Hughes appears to be the
only Democrat that wants to be ost
master of tho Rathmel postoftlce. Why
not ask Reynoldsvlllo to ah lire up her
long list of would-be postmasters.
The greatest specialty show on earth
exhibited in the K. of L. hall on Mon
day night, November 21st. Whon thoy
left town thoy left some wiser men and
boys if no satchels and unpaid bills.
Valuable Ileal Katate for Wale.
The Baptist church and grounds
containing several lota situated in
Prescottville is now offered for sale.
Very desirable for residont lots. For
terms and particulars enquire of M. M.
Davis, Reynoldsvlllo, Pa.
For Hale,
A woll finished house, suitable for a
boarding house, in Prescottville. For
further particulars, inquire at Cam,
Mitchell's office, or at the office of the
secretary of the Reynoldsvlllo Building
and Loan Association.
William Hoover, a Penfield jewelor,
is likely to die from a curious aliment.
Tbreo monthB ago his collar button
rubbed a little raw place on the back of
his neck. It beaame a sore which has
grown until it has oaten a hole in his
neck as large as a saucer, and the
doctors do not seem able to stop its
progress. The patient has become so
weak and emaciated that his stomach
refuses to hold food, and death stares
him in the face. Coalport Standard.
Constipation is the parent of innum
erable diseases, and should, therefore,
be promptly remedied by the use of
Ayer's Cathartic Pills, These pills do
not gripe, are perfectly safe to take,
and remove all tendency to liver and
bowel complaint.
One car feed, one car salt, one car
hay, one car potatoes. We will deliver
potatoes from car at 80 cents per bushel.
J. C. Kino & Co.
Wanted One thousand people t o
subscribe toe Tint Stab.
Tna Sword Cane In Franca
Lond cries for help were heard pro
ceeding from the end of the Rne de la
Chapelle on Saturday1 night, and on
hastening to the spot the police fonnd
three men lyirnj wounded on the pave
ment. One of them, named Francois de
Geyter, had been rnn through the body
with a sword enne and died shortly
afterward. The others were not bo
severely injured. Louis Dcsilter had
received a wonnd in the neck, and the
third, a soldier of the Third engineers,
named Henry Bonfllers, had his left
hand pierced by a sword throat.
They were taken to a chtv.ilnt to have
their wonnds dressed, and were able to
make a statement as to the cause of the
affray. They said that they wers passing
along the Rue de la Clmpelle; they met
two mon and two women who were
singing most discordantly. DeUeyter
and his companions began to imitate
them, and a qnarrel. which terminated
in a fight, was the result. The two men,
seeing they were getting the worst of It.
drew sword canes and inflicted the
wounds already described. The wound
ed men gave a description of their as
sailants and Bctive measures are being
taken to discover them. Ualignani Mes
senger. Proving Owncrahlp.
Avery amusing trial developed out
of a suit of replevin for a dog, brought
by Dr. E. T. Brady against John A.
Levi in Justice Shannon's court in
Kansas City recently. Both parties
claimed the ownership of the dog. Dr.
Brady's attorney, however, stated that
they could prove the claimantship be
yond donbt by the recognition of the
dog for Mrs. Brady, and she was accord
ingly summoned. The animal immedi
ately jumped from his place in the
prisoner's box and showed with every
demonstration of canine joy his recog
nition of his mistress.
In consideration of the adverse testi
mony this was still not convincing to
the judge, so Mrs. Brady said that if
she would sing a certain song the ani
mal, in response to bis training, would
join in with her in his dog fashion and
voice and sing the song through. This
she did, and at the first words of the
song the dog leaped for joy and fulfilled
his part of the duet. No further evi
dence was taken, and the canine re
turned home with Mrs. Brady.
The Abolition of tha Collrs "Rash."
A very sensible change in under
graduate manners and customs is the
dropping of the annual "rush" be
tween the sophomore and freshman
classes in several of the larger colleges
this year. At Cambridge the peculiar
exercises of "Bloody Monday" were
omitted by the voluntary action or in
action of the students themselves. At
Yale the faculty interposed a pro
hibitory ordor which the students re
spected. At Princeton the students
met in mass meeting and voted that the
"rush" should be abolished.
There are few who will regret the'
disappearance of this feature of Amer
ican college life. Compared with some
other customs which have survived, it
may be considered harmless; but its
abolition is an act of manliness far more
creditable than any of the exhibitions of
physical prowess which used to ac
company it. Boston Commonwealth.
A Chaap Son p.
A brilliant Belgian, "realising tha
growing popularity 4 vegetarian diet
and the desire to avoid meats as a food,"
patented the idea of making a soup from
water, into which should be put a tea
spoonful of Peruvian guano. This de
coction, he said, would give strength
and possessed remarkable nourishing
qualities. He failed to say, however,
whether or not he was a vegetarian.
New York News.
It is strange that some people will
suffer for yoars from rheumatism rathor
than try such an approved standard
remedy as Ayor's Sarsapartlla; and
that, too, in spite of the assurance that
It has cured so many othors who were
similarly afflicted. Give it a trial.
For Rent Two store rooms 20x80
feet opposite Hotel Bolnap. Enquire
of J. H. Corbott.
Fob Sale A good almost new D-room
houso near B. R. & P. depot in Punx
sutawney, for sale cheap. For particu
lars enquire ot John Matthews,
Reynoldsvlllo, Pa.
Vrtfttna with tht etlt.
Heasley Vanleer At the M. E.
farsonage, Brookvtlle, Pa., Nov. 23,
81)2, by Rev. J. W. Blalsdell, H. W.
Heasley and E. V. Vanleer, both of
Brookvllle, Pa.
Medland Lockyer On Wednesday,
Nov. 23rd, at the Reynoldsvlllo M. E.
parsonage, by Rov. P. J. Slattery,
Robert Medland and Miss Mary
Lockyer, both of DuBols, Pa.
Barr Meredith At the residence ot
Henry Chamberlain, Esq., Brookvllle,
Pa., Nov. 24, 1892, by Rev. J. W.
Blalsdoll, Thomas J. Barr, of Clur
ington, Pa., and Lydie E. Meredith,
of Brookvllle, Pa.
stray notice
There cunie to the premises of ElUha Cox
In Washington township, Jefferson county,
on November Kill. IMS, a red and white
spotted milch cow with part of right burn
broken off and a bell on. The owner la
nxiueitted to come forward, prove property,
puy charites and take her away or she will
be dUpoaud of according to law.
Elisha Cox.
Sandy Valley, Pa., Nov. 14, 'W.
Htrayed or stolen from my premise In
Wlntdow township aliout the middle ot June.
1HW, a reddish-yellow bull aliout two years
old. Any information of bU wiiereuliouts
will be literally paid for. FfcTica Cox.
Sandy Valley, Pa., Nov. IS, 'Hit.
There r&riie to mv nremlsea about the 28th
of October, ish, a white bull with red sputa
on aide. He Is about a yearling. The owner
is nMfueaieu to come lorwaru, prove property,
Kay charges and take aaine away, or be will
a disputed of auoonlluy to law.
mm. n.irwMS,
East Wliulow township, Nov. Ill, 'VS.
g to attend tne
Opening of
iVEKY LADY will be pre-
nented with a beautiful
Grocery Boomers
Salt Meats,
Smoked Meats,
Country Produce
Everything in the line of
Fresh Groceries, Feed,
GihmIh tlfllveretl free nnu
place in town.
Call on uh and get prlcea.
W. C. Sclmltz & Son
The moat important feature to our citizens at
the preBent time is
How the Returns
With marked attention and take immediate
advantage of this true Guide and Warning
regarding Returns, that are apprecia
ted by the people that work hard
For tie MMlf
But here is where the people do return and
have good cause to return. It is because.
Is thoroughly appreciated. We have inaug
urated a
Stupendous Special Sale I
Separate counters will contain Broken Lots,
consisting of odd sizes, in Overcoats. Suits
and Trousers, Underwear and, in fact,
everything where lots are broken at
The recognized Leading Clothiers, Hatters and Gents'
Furnishers of ReynoldsTille, Pa.
are all invited
oeconu Annual ,
(Successoi-s to MoKee & Warnlek,)
We carry a complete ami freh
line of Urocerie.
tlootln dcllvereil free any place In
Give hh a fair trial.
Swab Bros.,
Cor. Main and 3th St.
the Particulars
Dor Small Profit System
Marv eislf to Pies.
New York
l m-m LtUIr OunUil
ij tOWn BROS.
The Original House is
the largest in the United
States and I am their
representative in Reyn
oldsville and here is my
platform, not politically,
but my business platform
and is popular with all
parties. Here are the
planks I stand on:
For all customers from
overcharges and mistate
ments and poor values.
With every one who is
willing to pay cash for
the Cheapest Goods in
Between the buyer and
seller. I make a small
profit; you get extra big
bargains for your money.
Of shoddy goods and
unjuBt dealing and op
pressive high prices.
where all the people are
welcomed and courtesy
extended to all; bargains
given daily at one price
to all and if not satisfac
tory money is always
This is the simple and
truthful Platform given
to the people. Call and
be convinced.
Yours Respectfully,
Ed. Gooder,
Reynoldsville, Pa,
Opposite Stoke'i drug store.

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